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‘The Xcinquemila, a XP50 build by X-Yacht is seen here in shop drawing rendering. Specially equipped with the latest state of the art electronics by B&G and sails of North Sails. The boat will have solar powered battery banks enabling it to have long haul self supporting green power supply‘

XP50 construction We have chosen the XP50 as the racer for one design class: "With a similar look and styling to XC50, the XP50 has more spike above and below decks, is fast, thus shortening leg-time, carries larger tanks, employs a 24V system and has the option of an extended galley solar systems". "Sail Inventory (preliminary):XP50 •Mainsail: fully-battened, three reefs •J1: good for 8-15 knots upwind, •J2: good for 13-20 knots, •J3: good for 20-30 knots •J4: good for over 30 knots •Masthead Code 0: used in 0-6 knots upwind, or downwind in more breeze •Masthead A2-A3-A4-A5 spinnakers. It is

enough to get the 12-tonn vessel moving at up to 250 miles/day reaching in 90 degree A (130 degree T), a respectable speed to knock off miles. This made for short handed sailing and with the two-speed powered Andersen winches. Close reaching (9.2-10.5 knots at 70-90 degrees A in 17 knots). The big rudder brought firmly into play, it provides a pleasant sensation". "Winches are included in an impressive spec, which also features discontinuous rod rigging, hydraulic backstay, stainless steel and independent steering quadrants". Below deck; "The finish of the XP is Spartanic, throughout. But where this model differs, bona fide branding point to long-distance cruisers is the option of a large galley ensuite an area for corporate entertainment program".

Aims and Objectives To advance and promote generally to compete against short-handed sailing in Ocean Racing and to: Bring together parties interested in the advancement of or participation in affordable sailing and to exchange and advance sailing techniques and technologies. Promote X racing and to increase its acceptance by the yachting community and the general public, by racing against full crewed boats in the same class.

Model XP 50 Xcinquemila

SMARTER BRANDING: Experience vs. Discipline

The boats are geared to drive sales, to be an extremely potent promotional branding tool.

Model XP 50 Xcinquemila (above) – Teams competing in the race will lease the boat from 22North, on a first-come first-served model. – The boats produced will compete in the following two editions of the race. – The boats will be delivered with everything included and "ready to sail", on a strict One Design rule. – The boats will be delivered with the latest technology on board. – The boats will be launched at a rate of one every seven to eight weeks from September 2013 to July 2014.

Some key facts: Rating Certificates-IRC XP50 shall produce a valid measurement or class certificate according to class rules (mandatory). For XC50 a valid certificate is mandatory. The certificate shall be provided upon final deliver of the boats. Crew lists All participating yachts shall fill in this crew list with the required data such as name of crew members, weights etc. The list shall be returned to the Race Office Measurement and Inspection All yachts and equipment inspections are conducted prior Beijing China. PAULUS P. SNOEREN

to, between races and after racing each stopover to check for compliance with the NOR, the 2012-2013 ISAF Offshore Special Regulations, Category 1 and Class Rules. Random checks on crew weights may be conducted prior to the races. The XP50 Xcinquemila class will be handled according to Class Rules C.2.2 “Weights”.• The 2012-2013 ISAF Offshore Special Regulations; Category 1.

Key characteristics of the  Race:  ‐ To be world's most  prestigious clean energy  race round the world  sailing race  ‐ Top class professional  sportsmen and women  sailing the most  technically advanced  ocean racing yachts  ‐ Endurance test,  thousands nautical miles ‐  "The Great Wall of  Sailing"  ‐ 5 stopovers delivering  unique global reach in  Asia, North & South  America, Africa, Middle  East & Europe, design to  fit corporate profiling  ‐ Mass media exposure  via a multi‐channel  communication strategy  spanning TV, press,  internet, mobile phones  and an extremely  successful online sailing  game  ‐ The 1000 mile runs, 5 of  them takes place every  year, the next edition  running ARC , Spanish  coast, the run to Cuba.   ‐ The long run, 5000  miles, takes place every  two years, the next  edition running from  August 2014 to July 2015

X-Yacht The boat builder Sponsorship geared to driving sales can be an extremely potent promotional tool.                                            

The Xcruising Range The X-Yachts Story In 1979, one of today’s most successful and quality orientated production yards was established in Denmark. During the 1980’s, X-Yachts designed and built winning IOR yachts for World Class Racing. Our success with this market attracted the attention of the cruising market, which was then looking for fast, high quality and comfortable sailing yachts. It seemed very clear to us that we should use our boat building experience from the fast racers and combine this with building high performance cruising yachts.

The Xcruising range was designed for sailors who want to cover sea miles in style and comfort, yet retaining the same design and build qualities that X-Yachts performance designs are renowned for. The first in the family, the Xc 45, was awarded the 2009 European Yacht of the Year the year of its launch. It was soon joined by the Xc 42 and in 2010, the range was doubled by the introduction of the Xc 50 and the Xc 38. Only a couple of months after the launch of the Xc 38, it was awarded the 2011 European Yacht of the Year.

Every model in the Xc range offers the same enjoyable sailing experience that X-Yachts owners are familiar with, but with deeper, more 'V'-shaped hulls that give greater interior volume and high stability, with only a marginal reduction in light airs performance. The Xperformance Range "They started work on the new Xp 44 models back in the spring of 2010" explained Niels Jeppesen, Director of Design. "We decided to begin a new Xperformance generation because our existing performance range was originally developed back in 2002 and 2003".

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Xcinquemila ocean race issue1 v3 2013  
Xcinquemila ocean race issue1 v3 2013  

Xcinquemila Ocean Race The Boat XP50