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NVEUS “Its just not a magazine



Its a Lifestyle “

s the match strikes and dances into flame, you bring the luscious light toward your eyes and feel the sting it draws closer. You bring it near enough to consume your heart but just before you touch its edge you kiss away the flame and watch as the smoke slithers into the sky. You wish you could move the way the soft whipping grey does, or even grasp it for a moment, but as you twirl your fingers into the insatiable smoke, it only eludes you, and you are left with nothing but ENVY. NVEUS Magazine is the match with which the modern man and the femme fatale are consumed. NVEUS represents the very sin for which it was named, the dreadful guilty pleasure of which we are all convicted. NVEUS isn’t just a magazine, she’s alive, and she breathes music, bleeds fashion, and spits culture. Knowing no boundaries of genre, NVEUS is always searching out the sexiest voices, the sharpest rappers, the unbearably talented and the just plain musically insane. When it comes to fashion, page after page of sexy silhouettes are decorated with only deliciously designed attire that will leave all the boys and girls nothing short of spellbound. But NVEUS is no superficial schoolgirl; she’s culturally conscious and socially aware. NVEUS isn’t afraid to mix in the taboo topics or talk about the challenges facing soci


Fashion isn’t defined solely by our clothing choices, but is also conveyed through the way we carry ourselves, our personalities and our views of the world.

NVEUS Fashion photo by 510Media


hat can NVEUS bring to fashion? We’re so happy you asked. NVEUS knows that normal can only mean one thing: dull. That’s why NVEUS isn’t afraid to take risks when it comes to trend. Forget picking one style and sticking to it, NVEUS allows its eager onlookers to recreate themselves every day through up to date fashion modeling and trendsetting. While NVEUS knows how to stick with what works, the magazine is always on the lookout for new designers as well, for the guy and girl who would rather look less like today and more like tomorrow.


NVEUS Entertainment photo by 510Media


VEUS magazine knows what’s at stake when music is on the table.NVEUS features artists from hip-hop, to pop, to the downright funky, because why limit your taste in music when you can have it all? From Q&A’s, to investigative reporting, to one on one interviews, artists are dissected for your viewing pleasure. NVEUS does the dirty work to deliver more than just the music, however. Every artist is given the opportunity to tell the story behind the notes; the inspiration, the drive, the muse, in attempt to not only to capture the tune, but find the essence of their own creativity and passion


NVEUS Aims to tap into the urban sensibility of the Bay area by combining High Fashion with some of today’s Hottest up and coming Artist into what we like to call The “NVEUS”State of mind. NVEUS isnt JUST A MAGAZINE.Its a way of Life


We target the 18 and up Market and plan to build brand awareness with Giveways at 18 and 21 and up clubs in the Bay area.We also Have A street Team That will Distribute The Magazine at Events where we Expect our Target Demographic will be well represented. Lastly. we will Have a prescence at like-minded Boutique shops in a further Effort to cross -Market


Race Black 40% Asain-25% White-15% Hispanics-15%

AGE GROUP 18-25:70% 26-34:25% 35-up:5% Employed:95% unemployed:5%

Education College grad-35% Currectly in College-40% HighSchool-Ged-25%


For Terms & Conditions & Add space page Layout info

For Terms & Conditions & Add space page Layout info please contact us @Info@NVEUS.COM Thank you. please vist our website and subscribe for NVEUS MAGAZINE !!!!!!!

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Nveus Magazine  

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