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FASHION Fashion is the style and custom prevalent at a given time

MEN’S Anthony Men’s clothing byTEAMISO&ROCKITSCIENCE

The Life Of An Entrepreneur


Music is an art form whose medium is sound. Common elements of music are pitch (which governs melody and harmony)



Fashion 2010



MODELS: Elizabeth Granados & Christina Castillo Clothing By:Forever21

MODEL: Elizabeth Granados Clothing By:Forever21

MODEL:Christina Castillo Clothing By:Forever21


Isolated and beyond. To Confuse is to awe. To Baffle and Intrigue” Team ISO is a group of entrepreneurs establishing their company in the Fashion and Music industry Powered by the CEO’s Ryan “L.R” Jones and Keoni Marcelo


Clothing:TEAMISO photoBy:510Media


Designer:Neexsantana photoBy:510Media





SanFrancisco whose sole purpose is to

throw exclusive parties at the latest and hottest venues - from the Bay to LA and even to Hawaii. Anthony Schlander has not only made a name for himself but also for his company - TONIC LIVE.For five years, Tonic Live has been successful and decorated as one of Northern California’s premiere Special Events company. His work ethic, drive and determination are shown through the parties he throws. With sold out events and venues closing in at a 8,000+ attendance – Anthony has proven to be a veteran in the Bay Area’s Nightlife Industry.

Anthony Schlander





egends Live Forever is a group of 4 young African American which consists of three rappers & 1 singer (Lyrical Tone, DB, Troy & Rosario), who all grew up in San Francisco California, Fillmore district. We all grew up around each other. We’re all close, we’re like brothers. Its not just about music with us, we’re a family. XCI:When did you form your group What inspired you to make music together? LLF:Legends Live Forever was formed in 2005, it Didn’t start as a group is started as us being solo Artists with all of the common goal to become Something, as time progressed, so did our similar ties and in the long run decided to form a group. XCI:why is the group name legends live forever who came up with it and why?

XCI:What has been your biggest challenge as a group ? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? LLF:Our biggest challenge as a group sometimes is communication ha. Might seem hard to believe, but we have a problem wit talking about things ahead of time.. But we’ve been working on it.. It gets better all the time. XCI:What has been your strong influence to continue performing?

LLF:The Fans. The feeling you get on that stage is priceless. LLF: Legends Live Forever was actually supposed to be our Especially when people love you, and rock wit you.. It makes Label Name. Lyrical Tone Started the name back in high school it feel that much better to be able to see the positive reactions 2003. We used Legends Live Forever to be the name for our to your music. Label and also to be the name for the 4 of us and no one else. XCI:What is your wildest story with the group? XCI:How do you describe your music to people? LLF:The wildest story.... The wildest story might have to be

atTones Birthday Party a couple years back. We had a Fat House Party.. Shit was going down... Rosario Lost His Pants, his shoes.. Almost got it poppin wit 2 different chicks... DB was carrying drunk girls out.. Our Patna Ant was waisted throwing drinks on people... smh. It was Definitely Bigga! Cannon was in the Bathroom keeping it lit on the sink feel me.. XCI: How has your music evolved since you first began mak- Haha what a night! ing music together XCI:Do guys have any other interests or talents you would like LLF:Well, when we first got serious in like 2006 it was right to share with us? when the “Hyphy” Movement was taking off. We were kinda LLF:We train Monkeys to wrestle midgets! Haha. Naw, but in a Different lane at the time, but we felt like that’s what was we all play basketball.. So anybody that want it..holla at us! hot, lets try to get with it. But we realized that wasn’t us you We get it in! know... we Stayed in our lane and made our own success, and XCI:How would you define the word “success”? to this day we have created our own lane and stuck to it. It was a time where every body was doing gangsta shit, then it LLF:We see success as a self measuring tool. Success is what ever was the songs for the ladies.. Then it was the movement where you want it to be. If being successful consists of your name being everyone had a But we stayed in our lane and I jus known or success is you getting on MTV, then that is ok. Because you set a goal and executed that goal. We define success as acdid us, and I think that’s what keeps us consistent. complishment and happiness. We have a lot of goals for ourselves XCI:What are your music career goals? (Legends Live Forever) and we plan on executing every single goal LLF:Legends Live Forever, that’s our goal. Once they let us in and with that said we plan on Legends Live Forever becoming very the building were coming with our remodelled, and blueprints successful. XCI:How can fans gain access to your music? Do you have a ready to change the game XCI:What advice do you have for people who want to form web site with sample songs ? their own bands? LLF:google Legends Live Forever,,, LLF:Make sure everyone is on the same page. If the legendsliveforever1,, facebook search plan is to get to the top then everyone in the group has to have that same mission. If you REALLY “Legends Live Forever” want to be the top one, stop trying and just do it. LLF:The thing is you cant put Legends Live Forever in a box. We don’t do just one kind of music. We are for four different men, and with that comes a sense of creativity. 4 different views, 4 different styles, 4 different sounds etc. We can do hiphop, r&b, gangsta rap, soul, and so on.


Artist:High Definition Photo By:510Media


Born and raised in Oakland CA I been doing music Since I was 7 years old, I didn’t start music taking it serious Until I found out I had the talent to become a artist at the age of 14, that’s When I started recording

XCI:What has been the biggest challenge for you? FAME:My biggest challenge was working on my album trying And get everything together and put it out myself. XCI:What has been your strong influence to continue Performing? FAME:Going out there and giving the crowed what they been waiting for And the most part giving the supports back the same love that they Give me and a little more if I can. XCI: If you could perform with anyone in the world, either dead or alive who would it be? Why? FAME:Jay-Z because when he perform he brings that Feeling that you could vibe to. Lil Wayne because when he’s on stage he brings energy and keep the crowed rocking Through out his whole performances. Drake because he real Calm and laid back and everybody listen to what he is saying but at the same time he still rock the show.

XCI:What does your family think of your performance and do they support you? FAME:My family like my performance a lot, they believe in me and support and stand by my side 100 percent. XCI:Do you have other interests FAME: Acting maybe later on in the future would like to do some movie additions. XCI:What makes you different from any music artist coming up in the bay area? FAME:My music doesn’t sound like I m from the bay area not saying That everyone in the bay area sound alike. I have my own sound and my swag that separate me from other bay area Artistes. XCI:How long have you been performing live? FAME:I been performing live for 2 years. XCI:What has been the biggest challenge for you? FAME:My biggest challenge was working on my album trying And get everything together and put it out myself. XCI:What’s your favorite quote ? FAME: My favorite quote is “DON’T NEVER LET ANYONE TELL YOU THAT YOU COULD NEVER MAKE IT. AND ALWAYS BE YOURSELF, AND DO YOU



Photo By:510Media


Is a 20 year old individual born in Manhattan, NY, raised in North Carolina, and now currently resides on the West Side of the hemisphere, California. Surrounded by music at an early age, it was destiny for him to pursue any association with music. He was always influenced by Hip-Hop, nevertheless, the knowledge for music filled his mind, making him multi-dimensional. He was never provided with much help to record music, so he grew to learn how to produce his own music. Now this up and coming sensation is being spotted by numerous producers, DJ’s, and other artists resulting in offers to feature on their song or mix tape. Being part of also an up and coming major movement, Team ISO, he’s continually surrounded by positive aura within his music. Standing out with his own style and talent definitely puts him in his place. The lyrical content that he continues to unleash are remarkable and always improving. Major figures that continue to motivate him are artists to the likes of Nas, Jay-Z, J.Cole, Lupe Fiasco, and a few exceptional others. He’s definitely a figure in music that must be placed in the center, his talent can’t be overlooked. His music is full of emotion and many people can definitely relate to it. Music to him is more than just melodies, words, and rhythms. Music is a lifestyle and a deep feeling that must touch an emotion inside your brain and heart to paint a masterpiece. Don’t overlook this prospect, he’s definitely going to be part of history. Look out for his mixtape “Jay-K’s World” dropping this year. Listen to some of his music at



etta Brielle is a uniquely gifted and talented performer. A true “total package entertainer”, she is a singer, songwriter, dancer and actress, not just a pretty face. Her soothing voice, electric performance and dominant stage presence constantly gains her new fans & catapults her towards success in the music industry.

Being introduced into performing arts at the age of 5, Netta has always known that she wanted to be an entertainer. Starting out as a young rapper, she found herself in the studio with legends such as Tupac Shakur and dancing on stage at the Oakland Coliseum with MC Hammer. She was able to witness the work ethic and methods of some of the elite talents in the industry at an early age. Growing up with an older sister she was influenced by the music, movies, and style of the 80’s. Netta especially liked Sheila E and Janet Jackson and as time went on she began to focus more on singing. Over the years, Netta Brielle has evolved into a powerful vocalist and performer; developing her own style, which she has coined “Urban Pop”, taking elements from R&B, Jazz, 80’s pop, and Hip Hop and fusing them into her own sound.

XCIMagazine Artist:PRETTYSLICK Photoby:510Media

xci: How did you get the name PrettySlick: I got the name Just growing up in the Neighborhood and school house being called Different nickname from several Different people. People would see the way I carry myself, clean cut”FRESH DRESSED, Charming personality, Ladies Loved me So they called me Pretty boy ,Also growing up I was Always getting myself into trouble , But I always found A slick way to get myself out of it by either talkingMy way out of it or some other slick way, so I Combined the two and came up with it and also All pretty slick really describes how my flow is howMy Appeal is, IT’S PRETTYSLICK XCI:What been the biggest challenge for you PrettySlick: I’D have to say the Biggest challenge For me as an artist is just having to deal with ignorant People who have the power in this business because Instead of these people helping or working with XCI: What Inspires you to do what you do PrettySlick: I am inspired by everything I hear Everything I see,everything I do,everything I think Of and just personal experiences, I can be inspired By a SEXY CHICK walking by,That alone could Conjure up a hook or a concept mentally then I’ll write that down in my phone then later go back Write a whole song of that, so I really inspired by Anything and everything and everything that Goes on around me. I jus a product of my Imagination. XCI:Any last words Pretty Slick: First I wanna thank God for given Me the strength to do this interview, I wanna thank All my supporters that been rocking with me, and all One love to my team GMFB INC. Been grinding like its no tomorrow and with out GMFB there is no me . The City is mine sac stand up, Big ups to all the homies in My city, I aint gon drop no names cause its to many. LOVE IS LOVE. To listen for Prettyslick music please vist



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K AY, S , J AY P h o t o g r a p h y

FEATURED Anthony Sc hla nde r Legends Live Forever NETTA BRIELLE PRETTYSLICK DEEAnt





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XCI Magazine first issue comes out MARCH 5.2010 THE MAGAZINE BASED ON FASHION AND Entertainment.

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