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N I G E R I A ’ S T E N S A F E S T B A N K S In one of the world's most endowed Nation - Nigeria, with a population of over a hundred and sixty million people, twenyfive (25) Banks and an economy said to be currently growing at over 7% annually, it is ironical that only Ten (10) of these banks could hit the mark and be listed amongst the Top 1000 Global Banks in 2012 In this Special Report, XCEL presents the profile of these Ten (10) Nigerian Mega Banks as this will in no small measure help you access the strength of these Banks. It will also help you determine the safest Banks to invest and enable you leverage on the experience of others, with an overall advantage of helping you make better banking decisions.

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THE PEOPLES’ VOICE The letter by Sadiq Adeleye from Kogi State is the Star Letter of this edition and wins our N1,000 prize money. Congratulations. Dear Editor I am a regular reader of your magazine, especially the health matters page. The article “Breast Cancer part 1 on your 42nd edition was a welcome development”. The enlightenment to the public was a good thing because this disease has been a menace to the human race and to the women folks especially, I pray that you publish these articles periodically to enable the people fight back this disease and eradicate it forever. Peace Elewa Bayelsa Dear Peace, Thanks for your observation and for keeping fate with our magazine. We are quite poised to give you more on health issues so as to help you remain healthy to continue to read our magazine. Dear Editor I must commend you people at XCEL, for the good job, in educating the populace in their mode of dressing especially in the area of wearing of suits in your 42nd edition. Most people put on suits, just for the sake of wearing it with wrong combinations and when you see them step out they are like clowns in a circus. I wish they have a better understanding from this article on ways of wearing their suits. Henry Chukwuma Warri. Dear Henry, Thanks Henry for your comment. It is true that some men flaunt some very important rules about suits when they wear them that is why we took the time to put together that feature on how to wear suit. We hope to begin to see less of such errors in our society. Dear Editor Am an ardent reader of your magazine, especially the tourism page, your article, worlds most visited tourist attractions on your 42nd edition was a good one, the pictures exhibited on your magazine. Concerning some of these sites are so mouth watering but when you come to think about the ones we have in Nigeria is nothing to write home about. Because they are out dated, out of fashion etc; that is why no funds are generated in this area, but some countries generate more money in tourism, while some tourism is their main stay in their economy. I wish our leaders of this great country Nigeria will do something concerning the sector. Tamunokuro Port Harcourt Dear Tamuno, Thanks for being there for us. We appreciate your sentiments on the state of tourism in our country; they are not far from the truth. Indeed, if more attention is paid the sector, it would not only generate alternative



revenue for the government, it will equally create employment opportunities for our teeming unemployed. It is our belief that the industry would kick off, sooner or later. Dear Editor I have consistently followed your publications; one thing I seriously appreciate is your package on health matters that have been ravaging the human race, your article Heart Disease and Diabetes on your 43rd edition is a welcome development. This disease has killed most of our big men and women who thought their wealth could buy them life, but this disease is no respecter of persons. But I pray that people should seek knowledge of these diseases and look for ways to prevent them and if possible eradicate them. Prince Eleanya Port Harcourt Dear Prince, We are gladdened by the fact that you follow our publications. Even more fulfilling is the fact that you take note of our focus on different issues of the magazine. Though we must point out that heart related diseases do not attack only big men and women as you put it. Everyone is actually susceptible to them, if precautions are not taken. Thanks once again for your lovely letter. Dear Editor I must commend you people at XCEL for the good job you people are doing in the media Industry. Your tribute on one of our own freedom fighters and leader of this great country was really a good one in your 43rd edition. Your tribute to the great Ojukwu stands out more than those done by other media publications. I say kudos to you, and your management. Keep up the good works. Alvin Ikechukwu Imo State Dear Ikechukwu, The late Odumegwu Ojukwu was one significant figure that played a very strategic role in the history of Nigeria and his efforts towards building a nation bound in freedom, peace and unity would not be forgotten, especially by his people. What we did was only a contribution to honour a man who was so dearly loved by his people. We are glad you appreciate the effort. Dear Editor I commend you people at XCEL for the good job, especially on the fashion and style page of your 43rd edition. Your article appreciating our traditional wears really makes you and your company African in nature. Our traditional wears tells more about us and our culture, and it should be exhibited for the world to see, instead of those foreign wears that are causing a lot of

problems in our society especially on our young girls and boys in the form of Low-waist etc. These traditional wears make one look responsible. I wish that more of these wears should be seen more on your magazine. Sadiq Adeleye Kogi State Dear Sadiq, Thanks for your encouraging words and for taking time to ventilate on the urgent need for us to look inwards and begin to appreciate what we have. From the onset, we pledged to use our widely read medium to showcase and celebrate Africa and her excellence. 12 years on, we would not look back. We will continue to do just that. Dear Editor I read your story on Africa 40 Richest, in your 44th edition it is very interesting, but it is sad that no African woman was listed among the list of men mentioned. Is it that no woman in Africa is capable of competing with the men just like their counterparts in the U.S.A, UK etc? I wish these publications will continue periodically. Sarah Jumbo Bonny Dear Sarah, We appreciate your concern on the absence of African women on that list as shortlisted by Forbes. We must however affirm that the list is a replica of the reality on ground. You will agree that the norms of the climes you have mentioned and opportunities open to women there are quite different from what we have here. Thank heavens the situation is beginning to loosening up; bit by bit as more women are beginning to navigate their ways to positions of relevance in the society. So perhaps, you might see some women in the list in the not too far future. Dear Editor I read your last issue on XCEL People: the one concerning Stephen Biko, the South African Black Liberation Martyr. It is a picture of patriotism and shows how much has been done in the past to liberate blacks and instill black consciousness. My advice is that love for our country should drive us to shun corruption, embezzlement and senseless killing of our fellow countrymen and think of what we can do for Nigeria. Wecheonwu Kindness Azubuike Port Harcourt Dear Azubuike, Thank you for your observation and contribution. The essence of that feature on Biko was actually to make us rediscover ourselves as black people. There is need for us to begin to appreciate our values, heritage and customs as they are our identity and platform on which we can launch our comeback to relevance in the scheme of things of world politics. The moment we actually begin to look out for one another, our problems would become half solved.


Publisher/Editor-In-Chief Barth E. Emuekpere Acting Editor Obinna Ebogidi Operations (Nigeria) Dare Adesanya - Kaduna Olawale Osolo - Abeokuta Boniface C. Ihiasota - South-East Mohammed Dikko - North Business Development Akin Williams - South-West Mohammed Ladan - North Yakubu Akhagbemhe Foreign Operations Chief Otonye Igoni (UK) Weni Diffa (UK) +447944059488 Ralph Odua +13474995559 (USA) Ossai Ngozi (South Africa) +27827070039 Woods Eyituoyo (South Africa) +27765599668 Columnists Emmanuel Ameh Photo Journalists Ini Ekpo Eke Okoro Ogechi Gift Golden IT/Web Operations Syswaves Digitech Services Computer Graphics/Typeset Uzezi Elebe (Head) BUREAUX USA 100 Elgar Place,Apt. 17g Bronx NY 10475 USA, Tel: +19406031721 United Kingdom 3 Guildford Road, London, E6 5QS Mobile: +447924572640 South Africa Xcel Media SA (PTY) Limited. 130 Portobello Place, Camilla Lane off French Lane, off North Road, Morningside, Rivonia - Sandton. Tel: +27727533060, +27827927278 United Arab Emirates African Restaurant Deira-Dubai XCEL Magazine is a periodical publication of XCEL Media Limited LAGOS 10b Olufunmilola Okikiolu Street, Off Toyin Street,Ikeja, Lagos Tel: 01-8949344 SOUTHERN NIGERIA REGIONAL OFFICE 1st Floor, Left wing, 31 Aba Road, Opposite Union Bank, Port Harcourt Tel: 0803-7825667,08055181009, 08098559998

CREDITS Inspiration, Wisdom and Strength - God Almighty Special thanks - Our loyal Readers



Africa! Help Thyself


ermit me to say that Africa has in several ways come of age. Whereas I maintain this as an opinion, there's no doubt that some schools of thought are in clear variance with this. There's also no doubt that it could be a subject of an intriguing debate, and depending on which side you find yourself, and your perspective, you may just be right. However, I like to maintain that in several ways, Africa has indeed come of age though I must add in her own way. Over the years several occurrences, good and bad have played out in various parts of the continent. We have seen tribal wars, coups, political violence, religious crisis, ethnic clashes and most recently, acts of kidnapping and terrorism. These acts have in no small measure bedeviled the continent and have continued to resonate in the minds of not just the people of Africa, but the entire globe. However, in all of these, I would not be wrong to describe these varying occurrences as lessons the continent needs to brood over. This is the crux of the matter. We can recall the crop of African leaders like Mobutu Sese Seko of the Democratic Republic of the Congo who ruled his people in a dictatorial fashion. Even Idi Amin of Uganda is also not left out in the bunch of bad leaders of African descent. What about 'Libya's Strongman,' the late Muammar Ghadaffi? Liberia's warlords, Samuel Doe and Charles Taylor, Zimbabwe's incumbent President, Robbert Mugabe, Egypt's Hussein Mubarak and a host of others. These men, better described as rulers, saw the reign of power as their birthright and so became champions of the self-styled infamous sit-tight leadership syndrome now almost synonymous with Africa's style of political leadership. These are perfect examples of bad leaders who do not see the interest of their people as paramount. On the contrary, we have seen the likes of South Africa's Nelson Rohilla Mandela who had demonstrated to the entire world that Africa is not all about bad leaders. He resisted the temptation of leading the people for a second term, though legitimate and sort by the people. Even his successor, Thabo Mbeki, when accused of wrongdoings by his party and asked to step down, unlike some other African leaders, honorably stepped down. Democratic maturity came to the fore recently, on the death of the Malawian president, Bingu Mutharika, when his vice, Joyce Banda who was on suspension at the time was recalled immediately and sworn in as President. Only recently also, Ghana lost her president and

seamlessly transferred power to the vice. These are examples of democratic lessons which speaks of emerging maturity in Africa's democratic landscape. We have seen citizens rise up in arms against oppressing regimes to drive home their distaste for bad leadership and obnoxious government policies and programmes. Libya and Egypt are ready examples of nations that took their destinies in their hands, chasing away infamous regimes. Even Nigerians in January 2012, for the first time, as if the countrymen borrowed a

leaf from what happened in the Arab Spring, rose up against government's decision to withdraw full subsidy from petrol, a product which remains one of the blessings Mother Nature bestowed in the bowel of the country. The strike action unlike in the past paralyzed activities for over a week and surprisingly, gathered momentum as the days rolled bye. It did not only fasttrack the process of the emergence of her President as the most abused president on Facebook and other social media, but showed clearly that the people of Nigeria are becoming ready to take their destiny in their hands too. This again, is another lesson for leaders who take their people for granted. We must recognize the fact that the bane of Africa's underdevelopment is visionless, avaricious and inconsistent leadership. Until Africa realizes that the solution to her problems does not necessarily lie in the amount of dollars we get from foreign aids, and stop this infamous act of begging the developed nations for assistance, we shall continue as a beggarly people who will be compelled to swallow bitter and dangerous pills as long as they come from the piper. Africa must learn to be resourceful and look inwards for solutions to her problems. African nations who are not doing well

democratically should take a clue from sister nations who are doing well. We must learn from one another and be our brother's keeper.

There is no lesson we deserve that we cannot find in our continent. For every African leader, there is a choice to make between the Mandelas of Africa or the Ghadaffis. For every nation, there is a choice to make between the Libyas of Africa who took their destiny in their hands and returned the power of decision to the people as against nations where the power resides in the bosom of a select few in their self-styled democracy, characterized by pockets of selfish cabals. Africa must stop looking for solutions in far way lands as these solutions abide with us in our continent. In Africa we have seen Presidents who performed creditably and selflessly and yet did not perpetuate themselves in office, even when the opportunity offered itself. Is that not a lesson to emulate? Must we look up to America to teach us that we could learn from our brother president? We have also seen a Ghaddaffi who despite all pressures refused to quit office as though it was his birthright? Are we not all living witnesses of the consequences that followed? If for nothing, today he is an epitome of a leader who was not only disgraced out of office, but died like a rat on the street. Our leaders must decipher between these options and decide which path will be more honorable and dignifying to toe as that will be the beginning of reinventing our leadership style. We do not need to import lessons from Europe when our political, social and economic peculiarities require solutions in line with our custom. Lessons abound here with us. It is important that Africa learns from her good lessons and bring glory and honour to the continent. Africa! My beloved continent, HELP THYSELF. * * * In our usual manner of serving you mouth-watering and interesting packages, we debut in this edition a department which will consistently bring within a sharper framework the men and women with the responsibility of making laws for the Nigerian nation. Aptly tagged The Lawmaker, this department will feature profiles of these men saddled with this herculean task which many argue, is the pivot on which a strong democratic institution is built. Also, we x-ray the personality of Nigeria’s first female CJN, Justice Aloma Mukhtar, Katsina State governor, Ibrahim Shema’s turbanning as the Sarkin Yarkin Hausa, the superlative wedding of the NBA President, Okey Wali’s daughter, and a host of other events which will certainly wet your reading appetite. Enjoy it!


Nigeria’s Chibundu Onuzo & Emmanuel Ohuabunwa ...Exemplary Role Models For Africans In The Diaspora


n a period when the most populous black nation on planet has been busy hugging newspaper headlines for the most debilitating reasons albeit the terrorist tendencies of some of its citizens, a few, has however decided to toe a different path. Two of such worthy few are Chibundu Onuzu, a 21 year old Nigerian author of The Spider King's Daughter who was voted the UK's No.1 Best Black student of 2012 and 22 year old Nigerian Emmanuel Ohabunwa who graduated top of his class at Johns Hopkins University, thereby making history by becoming the first black man to do so in the university's history!

garnering critical acclaim including being long listed for the the £10,000 Desmond Elliott Prize for debut novelists alongside a Booker prize-nominated Oxford professor. When she started writing at ten, her first inspirations included English classics like Jane Eyre and David Copperfield, after which she discovered the rich literary tradition of Nigeria in her favourite authors Wole Soyinka,

Having an Igbo father as a child gave Christmas a traditional razzmatazz as it meant going to the village, and going to the village meant family, udala (or agbalumo) and masquerades for the charismatic Chibundu. Unfailingly the masquerades came out on Boxing Day and she and her cousins would drive down to the village square to be scared out of their wits. There was the rare female masquerade, glittering with mirrors and very difficult to catch sight of. Then there were the dancing masquerades which raised small clouds of dust when they hit their wooden heads on the ground. Then last and scariest were the evil masquerades that chased people down and flogged them. According to her, all these were reminisense of her growing up as she recalled how once she ran into a stranger's house and hid under his table because maoun na bia (masquerade is coming).

Chibundu Onuzo has since 2010, captured the world's consciousness for accomplishing feat after feat. At only age 19, while still an undergraduate student at King's College London, she made headlines from BBC to CNN by signing a two novel deal with U.K. publishing heavy weight, Faber & Faber which has published books by 12 Nobel Laureates and 6 M a n B o o k e r prizewinners. By clinching the deal, she became the prestigious publisher's youngest ever female author. CNN did an extensive profile on her inspiring achievements as its way of joining in celebrating Nigeria's then 50th year of independence. According to CNN, Chibundu found an agent before she had even finished writing, and sealed the book deal on her first meeting with a publisher. She started writing The Spider King's Daughter when she was 17, got an agent at 18, signed with Faber at 19, finished editing while 20 and got published at 21. “I wrote the book in my last year at school,” Onuzo told CNN. “I've been writing since I was 10, but this was the first novel I finished, so it was very liberating to be able to write 'The End.'” Two years after signing her book deal with Faber and Faber, she recently published her book, “The Spider King's Daughter.” The book has already started



Full named Imachibundu Oluwadara Onuzo, Oluwadara because her mother is Yoruba; Imachibundu because her father is Igbo; Chibundu grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and attended Corona Gbagada and Atlantic Hall Secondary School. She thereafter attended St. Swithuns, a school in Winchester and after that, attended King's College, London. Chibundu who recently completed her first degree in History is blessed with both parents who are doctors and are still practicing.

Chibundu Onuzo Chinua Achebe and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. And yet another feather was added to her long list of achievements. In June this year, Chibundu was voted the UK's No.1 Best Black student of 2012 by a panel of leading black Britons at a glittering ceremony at the Houses of Parliament on Thursday 7th June 2012, in front of an invited audience of MPs, senior business heads, family members, friends and press. By winning the award which was given by Rare Rising Stars, she also became the first woman to come out tops in the list of the U.K.'s Best Black Students.

Chibundu also loved going to her maternal grandfather's house in Isale Eko, though he died before she was born. He however left a worthy legacy for his children yet unborn. Chibundu's grandfather left in his house, shelves and shelves of books. Every time the family visited home, she would go to the shelves and rummage through them. Most of what she gathered was old and musty, yet she gained many classics from this foraging of Baba's shelves. As a Nigerian citizen living abroad, Chibundu says she has no vested interest in seeing Nigeria portrayed positively rather what she wants to help build is a Nigeria that is actually a positive place. She blames the thriving

platform created for corruption and all other forms of atrocities in the troubled Giant of Africa on the misplaced priority of the citizens who are so engrossed in fighting for a good image abroad. She also advocates for a vibrant media that can actually play its traditional watchdog role just like the BBC and CNN in the West. To curb the volatile Boko Haram upsurge in Northern Nigeria, the 21 year old advises that the economic inequalities that have fuelled the insurgency be addressed adding that Muslims and Christians should present a united front against the menace. Though paying taxes by citizens is necessary for economic development, Chibundu insists that Nigerians have civic duties towards the nation that go beyond just paying taxes, even though it is always a good place to start.

the several thousands of young Nigerians who travel to the United States and other parts of the world to study. While many do well, only a very select few graduate top of their entire university class. 22 year old Emmanuel Ohuabunwa is one of these select few. However, his story doesn't stop there. Not only did he graduate top of his class at Johns Hopkins University, he made history by becoming the first black man to do so in the university's history! For the records, its important to state herein that Johns Hopkins University is acclaimed worldwide as a leading university in the field of medicine. It pioneered the concept of modern research in the United States and has ranked among the world's top such universities throughout its history. The

She plans to finish writing her second book and in doing so, work on her craft. She also plans to do a Masters in a degree that will enable her to effectively and efficiently assist with the development that is going on in Nigeria. For Emmanuel Ohuabunwa, he is one of

Secondly, discipline. Though he was constantly bullied, Emmanuel knew that he wanted to attend the best school for undergraduate students interested in medicine in the United States. He studied hard in high school and took advanced courses to prepare himself. During graduation, he was given an Award for the Most Outstanding Senior Young Man at DeBakey High School. He subsequently won a full scholarship awarded to him by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to study at any university of his choice in the United States. Luckily for him, he got into the Neuroscience program at Johns Hopkins University. Emmanuel studied Neuroscience, because he was fascinated with the brain, its control of our behaviours and how various diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, lead to a decline in its activity. He also minored in Psychology because according to him, he wanted to understand disorders in the psyche.

The versatile Chibundu who appears to have solutions for almost all the troubles bedeviling Nigeria have identified the now obsolete options of tribalism and ethnicity as the major obstacles holding the Federal Republic from truly living out its dreams. She regrets that it is incredibly saddening that a man with a Kenyan father, with a name like Barack can be President of the United States of America but if a Mohammed who has grown up in Imo state wants to be even a local government chairman in Orlu West L.G.A., there would be such an uproar. People would tell him to go back to Kano, or Katsina or Kaduna if he wants to get into politics in Nigeria. She wonders what could have become of Obama had the American electorate asked him to go back to Kenya. The Igbo, Efik, Ijaw, Nupe cultures are all to be celebrated accordingly, she maintains, but it is not the ethnic identity that gives citizens a share in the Nigerian polity. She also affirms that it is because she is Nigerian not because she is Yoruba or Hausa or Ibira that she can exercise her rights as a citizen in any part of the country she finds herself in. Chibundu insists that if Nigerians are to begin to see lasting changes in the country, then there needs be a paradigm shift from the yardsticks of ethnicity and tribalism to nationalism and patriotism.

right even when the opposition seemed insurmountable. I also learned to look at the positive in all situations.

He brought his discipline and work ethic to Johns Hopkins University and kept working hard, eventually graduating with a 3.98 GPA. This made him emerge top of his graduating class and made him the first black man to emerge top of any graduating class in Johns Hopkins University's history.

Emmanuel Ohuabunwa National Science Foundation has ranked the university #1 among U.S. academic institutions in total science, medical and engineering research and development and as at 2011, about 37 Nobel Prize winners have been affiliated with the University. So, one may wonder how this young Nigerian, Emmanuel Ohuabunwa manage to come out tops from such a prestigious academic institution? Resilience! When Emmanuel was 13 years old, his family moved to the United States. Though he was taunted and bullied for being African while in Middle School in the United States, he persevered. Hear him “My experience during that year gave me a thick skin. I learned to stand for what I thought was

Emmanuel will be attending Yale University Medical School later this year on a full scholarship and easily got into all the medical schools he applied to including Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Columbia and Cornell. Emmanuel will eventually like to come back to his home country Nigeria to help shape the nation's health policy. Chibundu and Emmanuel serve as exemplary role models for Africans in the Diaspora, especially, the youths whose generation they represent. From an enthusiasm for writing and hunger for success, they harnessed their talents and accomplished what many could have only craved. We can't wait to see what more they will accomplish in the coming years! For their diligence, foresightedness, and resilience; three virtues they deployed efficiently and effectively to bring glory to their fatherland, we at XCEL consider them as worthy Role Models and consequently, decorate them with the XCEL SEAL of EXCELLENCE on our XCEL People Page. XL



Mohamed Morsi sworn-in as Egypt's President M

ohamed Morsi has been sworn in by Egypt's highest court as the country's first freely elected president, succeeding Hosni Mubarak who was toppled 16 month ago. He took the oath before the Supreme Constitutional Court in their courthouse near the Nile River built to resemble an ancient Egyptian temple. Morsi became Egypt's fifth head of state since the overthrow of the monarchy some 60 years ago. Morsi has vowed to reclaim presidential powers stripped from his office by the military council that took over after Mubarak's overthrow. But by agreeing to take the oath before the court, rather than before parliament as is customary, he is bowing to the military's will, an indication that the contest for power will continue. "Today is the birthday of the second republic," said one of the judges in a preamble to the ceremony, which was broadcast live by state television. Morsi had wanted the ceremony to take place in

parliament, in keeping with the country's interim constitution, but the ruling military had dissolved the Islamist-dominated house after a court order. He pre-empted the court ceremony by swearing himself in at Tahrir Square and warning of generals trying to curb his powers.

Morsi praised Muslims and Christians alike in front of crowds that packed the birthplace of the revolt that overthrew his predecessor Hosni Mubarak last year. In a rousing speech, he promised dignity and social justice and swore to uphold the constitution and "the republican system", reciting the words of an oath which he formally took in front of the supreme constitutional court. "I will look after the interests of the people and protect the independence of the nation and the safety of its territory," he said and promised to preserve a civil state.

Liberia Returns Impounded Vehicles to Cote d'Voire it was little surprising because our office was never informed by any of the authorities in Monrovia, and so we could not just get up and say take those vehicles", Williams explained and added, "I had to get in touch with the proper superintendent and she too had to call some agencies of government for confirmation.� Besides the vehicles, a generator, television set and cell phones among others were also seized from the Ivorian rebels. Commenting on the whereabouts of these items, the Maryland County Acting Superintendent said he had no idea.

Mohamed Morsi

"It is true, I know about generator, I think TV set, but I have no idea. Since they are interested in the vehicles, we gave them the vehicles; if they come back and request for these things, maybe where they are somebody can locate them" he added. In response, the Ivorian Ambassador Accredited to Liberia Kapieletien Soro commended the Government of Liberia for its kindness and cooperation in the turnover of the vehicles. "Thank God, the Liberian government has been kind enough to cooperate with us and turn over the vehicle to us" he said. According to Ambassador Soro, some of the vehicles belonged to the government of La Cote D'Ivoire, while others are owned by private entities in his country. He expressed happiness over the exercise and lauded all authorities that cooperated with the process.

Nelson Mandela celebrates 94th Birthday

Mvezo clinic. "We say long live Mandela," she added.

Liberian President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf


elson Mandela, who served as president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999 and was the first ever to be democratically elected, celebrated his 94th birthday last July. Mandela asked the public to perform charity work as his birthday gift.


iberian Government joint security apparatus and local authorities in Maryland County have turned over six vehicles that were confiscated from Ivorian rebels during the 2010 post- elections conflict in La Cote d'Ivoire. The vehicles were officially turned over, August 7, 2012, to the Ivorian government at the Liberian National Police sub-office in Harper City through the office of Ivorian Ambassador. It can be recalled that Liberian security forces along the border with Cote d'Voire reportedly arrested the vehicles from some rebel elements, who sought refuge in Liberia. Representing the Liberian authorities at the handover ceremony, Maryland County Acting Superintendent Daniel Williams described the exercise as a demonstration of the cordial bilateral cooperation between the two countries. Mr. Williams expressed delight that the vehicles were delivered with all parts intact. He however apologized to his Ivorian counterparts for any inconveniences the bureaucracy involved with releasing the vehicles may have caused them because his office had by then, not received any formal authorization. The ambassador went to my office this morning and told us that they were here for the vehicles, but then



Villagers in Nelson Mandela's birthplace of Mvezo were, Wednesday July 18 2012 showered with gifts to mark the icon's 94th birthday, in a day dedicated to charity work and giving.

Mandela's birthday was in 2009 recognised by the United Nations as the International Mandela Day, aimed at getting people all over the world to volunteer for good causes. His granddaughter Tukwini Mandela told CNN from the family compound that he was his old self and making jokes.

"He had his breakfast, he always has his breakfast late in the day. He looked really really really good," she told the news network. Generally, he's looking good and he's joking, he's his old self".

Chief Mandla Mandela, the family's head, led a delegation that planted trees at schools and donated wheelchairs to the village's only clinic in the impoverished Eastern Cape region. "I am humbled by the work that has been done here with the people and different organizations in changing the lives of the people during my grandfather's birthday," he said. Nelson Mandela has asked the public to perform 67 minutes of charity work as his birthday gift, each minute representing a year he spent in active politics. The chief said his grandfather was "relaxing at home and doing fine" at his residence in the village of Qunu, near Mvezo, where the revered statesman grew up and currently resides. "This day always brings joy to us. It is important, it reminds us of the importance of the great man who is still with us," said Nokusa Linda, a patient at

Nelson Mandela

Ethiopian Prime Minister, Zenawi dies E thiopian Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi, regarded by the West as a bulwark against Islamic militancy, died while being treated abroad for an undisclosed illness, government sources say. Speculation that Meles, 57, an ally of Washington who twice sent troops into neighbouring Somalia to help crush rebellions, was seriously ill had grown after he failed to attend an African Union summit in Addis Ababa in July. “After attending medical services abroad, the prime minister passed away around midnight. It's time for his remains to come back in Ethiopia," government spokesman and Meles' righthand-man, Bereket Simon, told reporters in the capital. He said Meles had been

Bakassi Residents Declare Independence from Cameroon and Nigeria


undreds of residents of the Bakassi peninsula say they have declared independence, days before Nigeria was to start transferring control to Cameroon. The Bakassi Movement for Self Determination would reject Cameroonian sovereignty, the residents said. They have also refused a Nigerian government offer to relocate them elsewhere in Nigeria. Nigerian forces are due to start leaving the region this week, after the government agreed to the handover. "The people have declared their own republic, known as the Democratic Republic of Bakassi. We will no longer have anything to do with Nigeria, since Nigeria does not want anything to do with us," said Tony Ene, the interim head of the movement. The AP news agency reports that supporters waved new blue and white Bakassi flags, while Nigerian soldiers watched. In June, Nigeria's President Olusegun Obasanjo said he would abide by a 2002 World Court ruling to transfer the potentially oil-rich Bakassi peninsula to Cameroon. Mr Obasanjo has tried to reassure Bakassi residents that their safety would be guaranteed even when Nigerian troops leave. The territorial dispute sparked military clashes between Nigeria and Cameroon during the 1990s.

recuperating well before being suddenly rushed to intensive care but did not say where he was being treated, highlighting the secretive tendencies of the tightly-controlled state.

Meles seized power in 1991 from Mengistu Haile Mariam's military junta and went on to become a towering political figure on the continent. He was considered a leader the West could count on in its fight against al Qaeda-linked groups. He was also widely credited for steering one of the world's poorest countries to sustained high economic growth but he cracked down hard on dissent and his image abroad was tainted after he jailed opposition leaders following the disputed 2005 election. State media said Deputy Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn would be sworn in as acting prime minister by parliament. National television broadcast footage of Meles against a backdrop of solemn, instrumental music. Ethiopia's government had in July said Meles was taking a break to recover from an unspecified condition. Most of those who live in Bakassi are Nigerians and are strongly opposed to coming under Cameroonian jurisdiction. A special transitional arrangement will be in place for five years. Cameroon has pledged to respect the culture, language, beliefs, property and fishing rights of the peninsula's people, and not to impose "discriminatory" taxes. Bakassi juts into the

Late Meles Zenawi

Diplomats in Addis Ababa had said Meles was being treated in Brussels for an undisclosed illness, while others said he was in Germany. Gulf of Guinea, an area which may contain up to 10% of the world's oil and gas reserves. It is also rich in fish. The 2002 International Court of Justice ruling was based on a 1913 treaty between the former colonial powers, Britain and Germany. The agreement also settles the border between Nigeria and Cameroon for 1,690km (1,056 miles) up to Lake Chad.

GHANA: Shock Greets 'Untimely' Death of President

officially confirmed. He and Mahama assumed their posts 2009 after a narrow electoral victory. He is the first Ghanaian president to die while in office.


hana is mourning the passing of President John Evans Atta Mills, who was succeeded in office last July by his vice president, John Dramani Mahama. The president died at the 37 Military Hospital "while receiving medical attention after taken ill a few hours earlier," according to a statement released by the presidency.

Late John Atta Mills

Mahama, who is 53, was sworn in as the country's fourth president by Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Wood during a solemn ceremony in Parliament. He will serve until elections at the end of this year. The 68-year-old leader's death was termed "sudden and untimely" in the statement signed by presidential chief of staff John Henry Martey Newman. RadioXYZonline reported that the president's death apparently of acute cardiac arrest - came hours after Parliament was informed that he was leaving on an official trip Nigeria. Mills recently returned from the United States after undergoing medical treatment in New York. He was reported to be suffering from throat cancer, but his illness was never

Last July, Mills won nomination as the ruling National Democratic Congress party's candidate in the presidential contest slated for December, 2012 defeating Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, wife of former military leader and President Jerry Rawlings, under whom Mills served as vice president. In apparent anticipation of a long period of incapacitation, the President had written to the members of Parliament with his last wishes. His letter, read today, to the MPs said: “In accordance with Article 59 of the Constitution of Ghana, I write to inform you that I shall be away in the US from Saturday, 16 June to Monday 25 June, 2012 for a routine medical check-up. “During my absence the Vice-President of the Republic of Ghana, H.E John Dramani Mahama, shall in accordance with Article 60 (8) of the Constitution act in my stead. Kindly accept, Right Honourable the assurances of my highest consideration”. Mr Kwesi Bekoe Amissah-Arthur has been sworn in as the new Vice President. XL


Message to My

BRODA Akpojiomie Akpojiomie My beloved President, I bring you greetings from my wife and children. Judging from the challenges that have been troubling our country, there's no need asking how things are over there at Aso Villa. I know it is hot. But I must ask: how is your health and our beloved mother, pei pei? Indeed so many things have happened between now and the last time I wrote to you. Bros, I am happy with the amazing allround transformation of Madam. The other day, I could barely recognize her picture in front of a national daily. See how our own Patience was dazzling like Agbani Darego. Who said the hotness of Aso Villa does not perform miracles! My Bros, there are some issues I think you need to look at critically. First, it is not impressive seeing Madam making media headlines for so many very controversial reasons. In fact, I am yet to find any good reason behind her appointment as a permanent secretary because, in the scheme of things, a permanent secretary by any name, whatsoever even an executive governor, for that matter must perforce take a back seat to the First Lady of the Republic. Now, Her Excellency Dame Patience Goodluck-Jonathan is much more than First Lady of the Republic, as pointed out by one commentator. In her capacity as Chairperson of the African First Ladies Peace Mission (AFLPM), she is literally and figuratively the First Lady of Africa. Bros, as I see it, the purported promotion is an insult, the object of which is to humiliate Madam and bring her exalted office into disrepute. For, to call it by its proper name, the whole thing is at bottom a demotion. Bros, come to think of it, how can the African First Ladies Peace Mission President be said to have been promoted to a position of permanent secretary. Just imagine the First Lady of first ladies in



Beloved President

Nigeria and the whole of Africa, having to share an office space in a State Secretariate, as it were, taking instructions and directives from a Commissioner, who in turn reports to a governor who knows what it takes for him to see the First Lady in Aso Villa. Heavens forbid! My beloved President, by purporting to promote our mummy to the position of permanent secretary, Governor Dickson is distracting her from taking her gospel of peace to vast stretches of Nigeria riven by violent conflict because in the real sense of it, Madam is supposed to resume work and handle mails with despatch so that the works of the ministry do not suffer. Well, Bros J, if you ask me, I think it will be more dignifying for Madam to resign from the ministry now to avoid this ridicule, especially the one that will follow next, when the issue will become how she did her job as a Permanent Secretary.

that piece of property before it stamps a very negative impression on you even after you have left office. Only recently, I received a call from a friend in Kano and our discussion opened my eyes to the damaging insinuations that Madam's action is already generating in the North. The long and short of it is that many people view it as a calculated move by you to bring the family of your late boss to public ridicule, probably as a vengeance mission for whatever may have transpired in the past. Please bros, this issue is as important as you can imagine. I know that the everloyal Jona that I shared much of my adolescent early adulthood would never think of disrespecting the honour of his boss, whether dead or alive, let alone attempt to ridicule his family. That makes me believe that all these show of shame is being orchestrated by someone else, perhaps even against your instructions. Because I still find it difficult to believe that you, of all people, would allow the exalted office of the First Lady to be dragged into such defamatory permanent secretary position.

My beloved President, another story making the rounds that mummy is now involved in a power struggle with the wife of our former President and your former boss, Turai Yar'Adua over a piece of land she had reserved for a pet project while she reigned supreme as the Commanderin-Chief of women matters is to say the least regrettable. Yabe! like the other matter, I did not see this one coming because it is highly unbecoming of Madam to even imagine it. Permit me to ask if that is the only or remaining piece of land or open space she can utilize for her much vaulted Secretariat for the AFLPM. I could never have imagined that our own epitome of patience, who cried ceaselessly on the laps of Turai when your former boss died, would engage her in such an open show of power obfuscation.

My beloved President it is imperative that you tell Madam to look elsewhere to site the AFLPM Secretariat. It might not also be totally out of order if an apology is tendered to the loving family of the late peaceful President for the inconvenience caused them because of the brawl. Bros J, I seriously think you need to address this issue before it mars the good name you have built over the years. Bros, I say this because I know you in all our years of association, as a firm believer of the biblical injunction which admonishes us to do unto others what we wll have them do unto us.

For heaven's sake, the person we are talking about here is the wife of your former boss, whose misfortune turned into an unbargained fortune for you and all of us here in the Delta. I can imagine how the peaceful spirit of the late President would react to this development. My advice is that you act fast and decisively too to get her to remove her eyes from

I thank you once again for taking time to read this letter and urge you to extend my greetings to your mother, our First Lady and your brother and co-worker, Namadi. Until next time, I pray that the good Lord will help you to navigate this country away from all its present troubles. I remain your Kinsman, Akpos

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Nig eria : 08037825667,, 08162339596, 08055181009, 08098559998, 08027234045 Unit ed Kin gdom: +447924572640 U.S.A: +19402381145 South Afric a: +27765599668, +27733788844

Bad Brushing Habits That Harm Your Teeth A

re you hurting instead of helping your teeth when you brush? We pinpoint common brushing mistakesand how to protect your pearly whites. It's not exactly a newsflash that one of the most important reasons to brush your teeth is to fight off cavities (not to mention prevent bad breath). But what if the way you brush your teeth actually makes you more susceptible to cavities, tooth decay and gum disease? Scary! Turns out, there are a host of common mistakes that many of us make morning and night that can damage teeth and turn a healthy smile upside-down. Find out what you're doing wrongand how to break these bad habits for better teeth. You do not brush long enough Most people do not spend nearly enough time brushing their teeth. Most dentists recommend brushing for two or three minutes, but few people ever make it to that. Next time, check your watch and see how long your routine takes. Chances are whether you're rushing to get to work or ready to collapse into bed you are only brushing for a minute or so. To go the distance, bring an egg timer into the bathroom and set it for two or three minutes before you get started, or use an electric toothbrush (like Sonicare) with a two-minute timer. You are not watching what you are doing Make a point to look in the mirror while you brush your teeth and see where the brush is actually going. It is easy to miss the area right at the gum line, which is the most important part. That is where plaque, tartar and bacteria can build up, which cause the gums to become inflamed and infected (aka gingivitis). Also keep a close eye on the back molars. If the brush head hits your cheek before you get to them you could miss them completely. Bonus: Paying better attention to your chompers will increase the likelihood that you will notice if something is awry, like chips, cracks or “bruxisms,� which are cupped out or overly shiny areas where your upper and lower teeth might be wearing into one another. Wearing away can also be a sign of TMJ problems, clenching or sleep apnea. Mention any unusual observations at your next dentist appointment. Your technique needs a major makeover Enamel is made of tightly packed, glasslike rods that extend out toward the



surface of the tooth. When you brush side-to-side, these brittle rods can break, leading to cracks and weakening teeth. This can be likened to sawing down a tree. Remember: Teeth are not trees. Hold the brush so the bristles are at a 45-degree angle to the surface of the teeth and brush in small circles. Focus on a few teeth at once, then move on to the next set, continuing around from one side to the other, top and bottom, front and back. It is okay to brush in straight lines on the chewing surfaces. After completing your circles, brush away from the gum line to clear off loosened plaque and bacteria. You are brushing too hard The chances of enamel breakage are

greater when you brush too hard. And if you have a tendency to clench or grind, the stakes get even higher. Those habits combined with hard sideways brushing can cause notches near the gum line called abfraction lesions. With continued pressure, they can deepen into the tooth's inner dentin and cementum layers. What's more, aggressive brushing can be traumatic for sensitive gums, causing irritation and recession. You're using the wrong brush Be sure to buy soft or ultra soft brushes to minimize damage. Though, even soft bristled toothbrushes can cause abrasions if used incorrectly. Oral B or Sonicare soft brushes are recommended. All of the electric toothbrushes are great tools if they help you brush longer and get you to the right places. If you're willing to investto the tune of nearly $189 then the newly released Emmi-Dent, which look like an electric brush, but uses ultrasound pulses to kill bacteria without any brushing at all is ideal. If you have a Water Pik, keep it on the lowest setting, even if it doesn't feel like it's doing much. Anything higher can erode your gum line. If your dentist gives you a special brush for cleaning implants

or crowns, only use it as directed so you don't disrupt proper gum growth. As horrifying as it may sound, your toothbrush can be a veritable haven for germs, including strep and staph. You should replace a regular toothbrush every three monthssooner if the bristles look worn, frayed and bent. Over time, the bristles get damaged, like split ends in your hair, and bacteria nestle in those tiny tears. To minimize germs' day-to-day growth, rinse your brush with hot water after use and allow it to dry completely. You have the wrong toothpaste Baking soda toothpastes are good at getting stains out because they are abrasivebut that also means they are hard on enamel. It's a trade-off that might not be worth it. As for whitening toothpastes, they don't hurt your teeth. You are failing at flossing Flossing gets between your teeth where toothbrushes cannot reach. Cavities form most often on the surfaces where two teeth touch. Bacteria get stuck there, feed off the sugars from food particles, colonize and produce chemicals that eat away at enamel and can work into the soft layer of dentin underneath. This can eventually lead to tooth decay. In other words, as odious as it may be, flossing is not optionaland it is the best way to keep these cavity-creating colonies at bay. Start with a full foot of floss, twirling the ends around the middle finger on each hand. Use your thumb and forefinger to gently work the floss between two teeth, being careful not to pull it roughly or saw it back and forth, both of which can injure the gum. Wrap the floss around one tooth and wipe up and down to loosen and remove plaque. Then do the same on the next tooth and repeat. Once you have got the correct flossing technique down, you do not have to do it standing at the sink. You might try flossing in front of the TV to make it feel like less of a chore. You do not rinse Effective brushing and flossing unbind bacteria-laden plaque from the surface of teeth. Rinsing afterward is a key step to make sure that bacteria leave your mouth for good. Swish with a germ-killing, alcohol-free mouthwash, such as the new Listerine Zero, which does not burn like regular Listerine. Or use a fluoride rinse to strengthen and fortify tooth enamel and prevent cavities. If you do not have mouthwash, a good rinse-and-spit with water is better than nothing.


H i s t o r y A t L a s t !

. . . A s J u s t i c e A l o m a M u k h t a r S t e p s i n a s 1 3 t h & F i r s t F e m a l e C h i e f J u s t i c e o f N i g e r i a


estiny has a way of playing roles in the affairs of man and woman particularly when the role happens to be a positive one. Adam Adedimeji writes in the June 14th 2012 issue of the Nigerian Daily Independent that this was played out last year when Justice Emmanuel Ayoola, a former

Supreme Court justice and an ebullient jurist and pioneer chairman of Independent Corrupt Practices and other Offences Commission ICPC was making a remark at the 25th anniversary of Gani Fawehinmi's Nigerian Weekly Law Reports on August 11, 2011.

“I wish to thank Justice Mariam Mukhtar for her presence at this occasion. She has always been somebody I admire and respect so much for her disposition and excellent way of handling cases. A lot has been said about her today by many people who know her and that she has always XL



President Jonathan congratulates Justice Aloma Mukhtar

emerged as first in all her callings and achievements on the bench. But I want to assure those of you present here today that Justice Mukhtar's accomplishment has not ended. She is going to score another first before her retirement from the bench,� Ayoola said. With that statement to which the audience that included Justice Muhammed Lawal Uwais, former Chief Justice of Nigeria; Justice Ayo Ajomo, former Director General of Nigerian Institute of Advance Legal Studies and Mr. Ade Ipaye, Lagos State Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice responded with a loud applause, Justice Ayoola thus predicted what history has confirmed on Justice Mukhtar, Nigeria's

Out-going CJN, JusticeGuaranty Dahiru Musdapher with the new CJN, Justice Aloma Trust Bank plc

newly sworn in 13th Chief Justice and the first female to be so honoured in the country. Justice Aloma Mariam Mukhtar succeeded Justice Dahiru Musdapher following the confirmation of her appointment by the Nigerian Senate upon the recommendation of President Goodluck Jonathan. Justice Mukhtar recorded her first when she became the first female lawyer from the Northern part of the country. Born in Kano on November 20, 1944, she attended Gibson and Weldon College of Law, London, and was called to the English Bar in November 1966 as well to the Nigerian Bar in July 1967.

A thoroughbred professional, Justice Mukhtar served as Pupil State Counsel, Ministry of Justice, Northern Nigeria (1967); Draftsman, Office of the Legal Draftsman; Interim Common Service Agency Magistrate Grade I, North Eastern Government (1969 1973). Her many firsts: Justice Mukhtar has a double record of being the first female to be promoted to the Court of Appeal bench, as well as, the first female jurist in the annals of the country. She was also the Chief Registrar, Kano State Government Judiciary (1973 1977); Judge in the High Court of Kano State (1977); Justice in the Court of

Justice Aloma flanked by President Jonathan & Vice, Namadi Sambo with Senate President, David Mark & Speaker, Aminu Tambuwal



Appeal (1987) and Presiding Justice of the Court of Appeal (1993 2005).

Musdapher dismissed the Buhari appeal and upheld the election of Yar'Adua and Jonathan, Justices George Oguntade, Mukhtar and Walter Onnoghen, gave a dissenting judgment, held that there was substantial noncompliance with the Electoral Act 2006 which vitiated the election.

Justice Mukhtar has in her credit as the first female to be promoted to the Court of Appeal bench, as well as, the first Nigerian female jurists. She became the first female to be elevated to the Court of Appeal on September 24, 1987, while at the appellate court, she was a presiding justice between 1993 and 2005. And when the Senate confirmed her appointment and elevation to the apex court on May 10, 2005, she became the first woman to sit as a justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria and was subsequently sworn-in as the Justice of the Supreme Court bench, on June 8, 2005. Thereafter it took four years for another female judge, Justice Olufunlola Oyelola Adekeye to ascend to the apex court bench, while Justice Mary Peter Odili, on June 23, 2011, joined the two women against eleven men on the Supreme Court bench. Justice Mukhtar became more popular when she joined the likes of respected Justice Oguntade in giving a dissenting judgment that is widely acclaimed in legal circles and the academia in the President Umaru Yar'Adua Vs Muhammadu Buhari presidential election result dispute in

Justice Tobi, who read the lead judgment, said: “In my view, the most important complaint in an election petition is the disenfranchisement of eligible voters who reported within the statutory time to cast their votes but could not for reasons of violation of the Electoral Act.� Justice Oguntade, who delivered the minority judgment, differed with Justice Tobi and other jurists and insisted that the failure by the electoral commission to use serialised ballot papers, bound in a booklet, meant that the election was not conducted substantially in compliance with the Electoral Act. Although Justice Mukhtar was the first woman at the apex court, she quickly ascended the judicial Justice Aloma taking Oath of Office ladder to become the most senior ranking justice of the Supreme Court beside the immediate past 2007. CJN, Justice Musdapher, who in-line While Justices Niki Tobi, Idris Legbo with section 291(1) of the 1999 Kutigi, Aloysius Katsina-Alu, and Constitution, as amended, bowed out of i m m e d i a t e p a s t C J N , D a h i r u the judiciary on July 15 2012 upon

Justice Aloma Mukhtar with Justices of the Supreme Court




President Jonathan decorates Justice Aloma with National Honour of GCON

President Jonathan & wife Dame Patience with Justice Aloma

clocking the 70 years mandatory retirement age for judicial officers within that cadre. Mukhtar recently rejected an offer for an international appointment when nominated as the Chief Judge of The Gambia. A Life Member of the International Association of Women Lawyers, Justice Mukhtar would spend about two years and four months as CJN and retire on November 20, 2014 when she will clock 70 years. In 2003 she was again honoured by the International Association of Women Lawyers, and in 2004, the Fellowship of the Nigerian Law School was conferred on her. Justice Muktar had her primary education at the St. George's School, Zaria and also at St. Bartholomews' school, Wusasa, also in Zaria from 1950 and 1957. She furthered her education at Rossholme School for Girls in East Brent,

Somerset, England for her GCE O' Levels in 1962 and went for further education at the Technical College, Berkshire England.

Justice Aloma flanked by Female Ministers cutting the Cake

Those who know her antecedent say she is a nononsense person, firm and independent minded. Mukhtar knows how onions when administering justice and her track record lends credence to this. However, history and the rot in the judiciary have placed a new demand on her.

Rt. Hon. Tambuwal congratulates Justice Aloma

History beckons on Mukhtar to rebuild the hope and trust of Nigerians in the judicial system which over the years has been seen by many as abused and bastardised by the rich and influential. It is an opportunity for her to send a strong signal that justice is for all and not for a select few. As the first Nigerian woman to attain such prestigious status, she cannot afford to fail as Nigerians expect much from her.

Gov. Musa Rabiu Kwakwanso of Kano State & Justice Aloma

Justice Aloma with Female Justices of the Supreme Court



“W e H a v e S e e n T r a n s p a r e n c y I n E v e r y t h i n g S h e H a s D o n e ” Five months into her reign as Nigeria’s first female CJN, mindful of Justice Mukthar Aloma’s antecedence as a firm, independent and nononsense person, XCEL, set out to find out how well she has fared in her new task. In this interview, with the President of the Nigerian Bar Association, OKEY WALI, SAN, we sort to know the perception of the Bar about her reign so far. Excerpts Sir, what is your perception of the new Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) as it relates to her focus, and potentials for delivering in the judiciary? We sure trust that she will do a lot for the judiciary. The Bar has waited patiently for her to ascend the CJNSHIP of this Country because we knowing her, we trusted that she will make remarkable improvement. Today, so far so good, the appointments she has made, the processes, have been very transparent. As a matter of fact, more transparent than we have known in the past. She has accepted when the Bar paid a courtesy call on her, two principal things. First, she has agreed to look into the establishment of the administration of Justice Commission, a body which was created by the Act of 1991. No CJN has established it since that law was promulgated in 1991. The CJN established it and it is a very important commission that will bring together Stakeholders in the Justice sector, with the Police, the Prisons, the AttorneyGeneral’s office, the Bar and the Judiciary. So that's a bold and major step. She has also setup a BAR-BENCH forum where the Bar and the Bench will meet at quarterly intervals to look at the issues sorrounding the system. So there are a lot of promises from her and we pray that God gives her the strength to continue in that wise. Sir, it's widely perceived that the Judiciary is not living up to it's bidding, would you say that she has made any impact in this direction? It is not a function of the Judiciary not living up to its bidding; the problem with the judiciary is multi-faceted. For instance, if you look at the criminal justice delivery system, that is where you see the importance of this commission that the CJN has accepted to set up. It's a problem that comes from the Judiciary, the Police, and the Prisons, because if you go to court and the Prisons have not

brought the accused persons to court, the trial will not go on and it happens frequently that you come to court and they are not able to bring the accused because there are no vehicles, and all sort of problems. Sometimes, the Police is not ready to prosecute, what do you do? Investigations have not been thoroughly done, what do you do? And again, yes even for the judiciary, we have at the Bar called for an independent and self-accounting judiciary over the years. This is because the funding of the judiciary is very adequate and glaring. How can you be talking about taking note in long hand in 2012? But that's what happens here, where a Judge as a human being sits down writing, writing and writing from 9am. There is very little you can do as a human being. These are some of the issues, and moving forward with a determined Chief Justice of Nigeria, the way we are seeing the new CJN, we believe that things will improve and of course, not without the willingness of Government to support and co-operate with the judiciary.

O k e y W a l i , S A N

P r e s i d e n t , N i g e r i a n B a r A s s o c i a t i o n

Recently, the CJN refused to swear-in a newly appointed Court of Appeal Judge against popular opinion. What's your take on that? Well, regarding the CJN’s refusal to swear-in a new judge, we have sort audience with her because the Bar will like to speak from an informed position. As soon as I meet with the CJN and get an informed position or rather informed reason why the justice of the court of

Appeal was not sworn-in, we will take it from there. That will be when I can be in a better position to react to that. Sir, could you give us one or two specific things she has done because you have told us of the things she has agreed to do? I have talked on that before, I said the processes of the appointment she has made, and the appointment that has been made under her of course. Though she doesn't make the appointments but she is the head and a critical part of the process of the appointment of Judges, Justice of the Court of Appeal and the superior court. So we have seen transparency in everything she has done, we have seen a focused person. Remember she has only been there for a few months, so all we can be talking about now are her plans and vision that we see. However, we have keyed into it as a body, assuring her of our corporation and support. Conclusively Sir, do you think the CJN can deliver? Sure! She has started well and there is every reason to believe she can deliver. XL



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Hon. Chimbiko Akarolo (Mayor of Port Harcourt)

TEARS AND THRILLS AS AKAROLO HONOURS LATE WIFE It was a week of ceaseless purgation of emotions, good company, beautiful reminiscences and bounding goodwill. About a year after her unexpected and untimely departure to the great beyond during childbirth, the Late Mrs. Caroline Nne Akarolo, deceased wife of the Mayor of Port Harcourt, Hon. Chimbiko Akarolo was being remembered and eulogised. Though it is already over 365 since the unfortunate incident, memories of the late glamorous Caroline remained fresh in the minds of the family, friends and relatives who turned out in their numbers to join the Mayor and his family to honour the memories of his beloved wife. To effectively observe the day, a week long programme of events which also featured the unveiling of Safe Motherhood for Caroline Akarolo Initiative, to check high rate of maternal mortality in the state climaxed on September 2, 2012 with a one year memorial service in her honour at the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) Diocese of Niger Delta North, Elekahia Archdeaconry in Port Harcourt. Hon. Chimbiko Akarolo with sons

Speaking at the launch of the event earlier in the week, the wife of the Governor of Rivers State, Dame Judith Amaechi said it was very sad that the late Mayor's wife could die due to human and unethical practice, adding that proactive measures must be put in place to check the loss of life due to human recklessness and unethical practices. Hon. Chimbiko’s Sons

She urged wives of local government chairmen and religious organisations to begin advocacy campaign to enable pregnant mothers attend antenatal at the healthcare delivery centres built by the Rivers State Government. The week was however not exhausted in mourning the Late Akarolo. Relatives, friends and sympathizers also found time to celebrate with the Akarolos, the birthday of the twins she left behind. XL



The Mayor arrives

Mayor with Hon. Maurine Tamuno (Chairman, Ogu-Bolo LGA)

Hon. Chimbiko & Hon. Amadi Oparaeli

Chief Tony Okocha (COS, Govt. House) & Hon. Okon-Nte (left)

Mayor with twin daughters



Prayers for Mayor’s family

The Clergy

A array of dignitaries

A cross-section of the Akarolos

Hon. Felix Nweke, Hon. Ikechukwu Kalagbo & Chike Wami

Prof. Emenike Wami (c) & others A cross-section of guests




Chief Tony Okocha (c) with Hon. Theo Akugbo (Phalga Council Secretary)

Hon. Kingsley Uti (left)

Sir. Theo Owhonda, Hon. Elenwo & Hon. Awoye

Mayor & family members

A cross-section of guest during the service

Sir. Welendu Amadi & Chief Anthony Akarolo



...accept my condolence


Barr. Ajunwo (NULGE State President) & Sir. Amadi & wife

...with celebrant (One of Chimbiko’s twins)

Hon. & Mrs. Angelus Ogbonda with Hon. Emmanuel Owhorodu (Centre)

Chima Opara & Hon. Nancy Stevens (Deputy Mayor)

Hon. Richmond, Akaoma Akarolo & Kingsley Uti (CSO)

Azubike Amadi & Mr. Ogoloma Rex

Chijioke Olowu, Mrs. Tina Owhonda & Hon. Kingsley Owhonda

Hon. Olilianya Etitinwo & Hon. Theo Akugbo




A Clergy & guest

Eugene Abels (left) with friends

Sir. & Mrs. Ephraim Etitinwo

Hon. Angelus Ogbonda (right) & others

Mrs. Tina Owhonda (r) & friends


Chief Tony Chukwu & friend

More guests

Senibo Cookeygam, Hon. Marshal Uwom, Stephen, Mayor & Hon. Henry Aguma

Hon. Byk Nwanjokwu with Chikwe



Chike Worluchor, Hon. Oliver Worlugbom, Hon. Ken Chikere (r) & others

Hon. Lucky Worlu (r)

Hon. Glory Nwokam & Mr. Elenwo

Mr. Gbanabo, Barr. Ransome Westt (c) & others

Elegant ladies

Hon. Fenco (c) with others




Wise H

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THE LAWMAKER In keeping with our culture of celebrating excellence, we present to you an exposé on the National Assembly coined THE LAWMAKER. It is a series of documentaries twirling about the personalities and biographies of the nations Lawmakers at the National Assembly. Regrettably, only a minute percent of the Nigerian population know ‘ a thing or two about their elected representatives. hence, “THE LAWMAKER” department seeks to close the Knowledge vacuum between the towering personality existing between the Lawmaker and members of his constituency. In this maiden edition, we present documentaries on the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Aminu Tambuwal as well as Honourables Bello Mohammed Matawalle, Emmanuel Udende, Rafiu Ibrahim, Emmanuel Jime, Yakubu Dogara, Bashir Adamu, Aminu Suleiman; all Honourable Members of the House of Representatives. Happy reading. 28


Rt. Hon. Aminu Tambuwal degree in 1991. He completed his one year compulsory legal studies at the Nigerian Law School, Lagos, obtained his BL and was called to the Bar in 1992. Besides studying for his law degree, Rt. Hon. Aminu also attended several courses abroad, among which are the following: Telecoms Regulatory Master ClassBath UK, 2004; Lawmaking for the Communications Sectors BMIT, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2004; Regulating a Competitive Industry-UK, Brussels, 2005; Tulane University International Legislative Drafting, 2005; Stanford Graduate School of Business Influence and Negotiation, 2008 and KSG Harvard Infrastructure in Market Economy.


he Rt. Hon. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal is the incumbent Speaker of the House of Representatives, the 7th Assembly, inaugurated in 2011. He was born on 10 January 1961 in Tambuwal Village in Sokoto State to Waziri Tambuwal. He attended Tambuwal Primary School, Tambuwal, Sokoto State, where he obtained his First School Leaving Certificate in 1979; and Government Teachers' College, DogonDaji, where he obtained the Teachers Grade 11 Certificate in 1984. He proceeded to Usman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto, where he studied Law, graduating with an LLB (Hons)

Tambuwal has been a very active member of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), over the years. He started off as Public Relations Officer of the NBA, Sokoto State chapter between 1996 and 1997. He was a member of the Constitution Review Committee of the NBA (1997 - 1998). He was the Sokoto branch Secretary of the Association (1997 - 1998) and Assistant National Financial Secretary of the NBA (1998 - 2000). From 2000 - 2002, he was the 1st Assistant National Secretary of the Association. He is also a member of the Body of Benchers, Nigeria; International Bar Association, and the American Bar Association among others. Tambuwal started learning the legislative ropes from 1999 to 2000, while working as Personal

Assistant on Legislative Affairs to Senator Abdullahi Wali, the then Senate Leader. In 2003, he decided to run for a legislative seat as representative of the Kebbi/Tambuwal Federal Constituency, and fortunately, he was elected into the House of Representatives on the platform of the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP). Few months to the 2007 general elections, he defected to the Democratic People's Party (DPP), alongside the former governor of Sokoto State, Attahiru Bafarawa. But when the DPP denied return tickets to former ANPP legislators, Tambuwal swung back to the ANPP, where he eventually succeeded in picking up a ticket for the election. But then again, when the ANPP governorship candidate for Sokoto State in the 2007 election, Alhaji Aliyu Wamakko dumped the party for the PDP, Tambuwal also followed suit. The charismatic Tambuwal has held several offices in the House. In 2005, he became the Minority Leader of the House until he defected to the PDP. Upon his re-election to the House in 2007, he was also elected the Deputy Chief Whip. At various times, Tambuwal has been a member of several committees including the House Committees on Rules & Business, Communications, Judiciary, Inter-Parliamentary and Water Resources. He was also a member of the House Ad-hoc Committee on Constitution Review. He was chairman of the ad-hoc committee that reviewed the report of the controversial power probe committee headed by Ndudi Elumelu; chairman, House SubCommittee on the Bill for an Act to Amend the Land Use Act, and acting chairman, House Committee on Power. He was leader of the Nigerian delegation to African, Caribbean, Pacific & European Union Parliamentary Assembly (ACP-EU) and served as Vice-Chairman, Economic Committee ACP-EU, held in Prague, Czech Republic in April 2009.

Hon. Bello Matawale n astute businessman and exceptional administrator, the people of Bakura/Maradun Federal Constituency of Zamfara State, Northern Nigeria has a lot to celebrate about Hon. Bello Matawalle. Now serving a third term at the House of Representatives due to his immense contributions and visible developments which he has attracted to his constituency, the detribalized lawmaker has become a source of joy not just to members of his constituency but to the entire legislative community since his election in 2003.


Hon. Matawalle is widely celebrated by his people for his award of scholarship to Bakura and Maradun University students, sinking of boreholes in parts of his constituency lacking water, provision of streetlights, assisting

widows and women by providing food, clothing and cash gifts, providing cars and motorcycles for unemployed youths as a means of livelihood and several other constituency projects. A PH.D holder of Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration from Caroline University, United States of America, the journey to the House of Representatives for Matawalle started in 1996 when he contested for a seat in the House of Representatives under the UNCP. He won the election which held under the Abacha regime. Fate however had other plans in stock for the maradun born son of Alhaji Muhammad Sharu, as Gen. Abdusalami Abubakar took over after Abacha's sudden demise and nullified the elections. Due to the nullification, he he returned back to business and was able to build an XL


THE LAWMAKER empire within a short period of time. Still determined to serve his people, Hon. Matawalle who is also the Magayakin Zamfara returned to politics in 1999 and contested for the Chairmanship position of Maradun Local Government Area under the platform of the All Peoples Party (APP), but lost. The Magayakin Zamfara did not however lose entirely as he was called to serve in the Zamfara State Executive Council where he performed meritoriously to the admiration of all. He occupied several portfolios in the Zamfara State Government and brought his vast experience to bear in each of them. Some offices he occupied in the State Executive Council between 1999 and 2003 are: Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Commissioner for Rural Development and Cooperatives, Commissioner for Environment and Solid Minerals, Commissioner for Youths and Sports and Executive Chairman, Youth Empowerment.

As reward for his good labour over the years, the his House of Representatives dreams eventually materialized in 2003 when he re-contested for a seat and won for the Bakura/Maradun Federal Constituency. While in the House between 2003 and 2007, he was made the Chairman, House Committee on Ethics and Privileges. Under his administration, he improved and strengthened the House Code of Conduct as well as enforcement of strict discipline. He also sponsored and supported various Bills and Motions during House sessions. In 2007, Hon. Matawalle was returned by his constituents to the House of Representatives where he held sway as the Deputy Minority Whip of the 6th Assembly. He was again re-elected to serve his people in the 7th Assembly at the 2011 General elections owing to his immense contributions to the development of his constituency. He is the current Chairman for the committee on National Security, Intelligence and Public Safety. Born into the Sharu royal family on February 28, 1962, Matawalle started his educational career at Township Primary School Maradun, from where

he proceeded to the Vocational Training Centre Bunza in present day Kebbi-State. Thereafter, he attended the Federal Technical College YabaLagos and then to the Tafawa Belewa University in Bauchi State for an Advance Diploma in Business Management. He is also a bearer of a Certificate of attendance in Advance Management for Senior Government Officials from the Thames Valley University in London. Between 1989 and 1993, worked as a Teacher during which he was at Government Girls Secondary School Raba, Government Girls Secondary School Kotonkoshi, Government Girls Secondary School Talata-Mafara and Government Girls Secondary School Moriki. Thereafter, in 1993, he received an appointment into the Federal Ministry of Water Resources Abuja where he served till 1996. As grassroots mobiliser who has touched the life of his people in diverse ways, he has been conferred with several traditional titles by his people, some of which are: Mutawallen Maradun, Magayakin Zamfara, Danmadamin TalataMafara, Sarkin Kudun-Bwari FCT, Tafidan Kwali FCT, Saudana Gwagwalada and Garkuwan Matasan Hausa.

Hon. Emmanuel Udende Nigeria gained her independence, October 30, 1960, Hon. Udende is the member representing Katsina-Ala/Ukum/Logo Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives. A thorough legal practitioner, Udende is an alumnus of the University of Maiduguri in Borno State, where he obtained a Bachelors Degree with honours, in Law in 1985. Thereafter, he attended the Nigerian Law School and was called to Bar in1986.

rimming with experience from Katsina State politics and training as a lawyer, Hon. Emmanuel Memga Udende, from the onset, had been identified as a potential significant asset for the 7th House of Representatives; an expectation he has lived up to since the inauguration of the House in June 2011.


Born on the same year and month



Hon. Memga Udende's story is one enmeshed in between three extremes: the world of legal dexterity, public service and politics. He started his professional career during his National Youth Service Corp year in 1986. Thereafter, he went into private legal practice when he set up Memga E. Udende & Associates, a reputable law firm based in Makurdi, Benue State. In recognition of his legal adroitness, he was appointed the Legal Adviser to Katsina Ala Local Government Area in March 1991 and rose to become the Deputy Chairman, Ukum Local Government Area where he served till 1993. He returned to private practice in 1993 but was again elected the non-party Chairman,

Ukum Local Government, a position he held from 1996 to 1997. It is on record that during his tenure, the Local Government witnessed tremendous development in the areas of Agriculture and public service reforms. Between 1997 and 2001, Hon. Udende returned to his legal practice but was appointed into the Executive Council of Benue State, first as the Commissioner for Information and later as Commissioner for Local Government Affairs: portfolios on which he served creditably well before returning once more to his first love, legal practice, in 2007. In 2008, he attended the Leadership for the 21st Century: Chaos, Conflict and Courage programme at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University where he was adjudged as one of the most brilliant participants. Politics cannot however be taken away from Hon. Udende who in a recent chat with newsmen on the 2012 Democracy Day Celebration identified corruption, lack of respect for the law, sycophancy, negligence of duty, tribal and religious sentiments as areas Nigerians must effect changes in order to move the nation forward. He was elected into the House of Representatives on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party in April 2011 to represent his constituency in recognition of his contributions to the people of Benue State. His legal background and wealth of experience from public service was brought to bear weeks after the inauguration of the 7th House of Representatives in his role as a member of the

Committee empowered to review the Standing Orders of the House. The reviewed Standing Orders have since been adopted by the House. Currently the Deputy Chairman, House Committee on Drugs, Narcotics and Financial Crimes and Committees-member: Airforce, Rules and Business, Petroleum

Resources (Downstream), Labour, Employment and Productivity, Justice, Public Service Matters and FCT Area Councils, Hon. Udende's legislative focus is on legislative Budget Process, Constitutional Reforms and Rural Development. Hon. Udende had his preliminary and secondary education at the N.K.S.T Primary School, Pevikaa (1967-1973) and Marmara

Government Secondary School, Wukari in Benue and Taraba States respectively. He has a great passion for playing Table Tennis and Badminton and has a strong flare for philanthropist activities, in line with his legislative focus on Poverty Reduction and Rural Development.

Hon. Jime Emmanuel he Benue State bred gregarious and dazzling politician has been treading the corridors of the Legislature for a long time. Born June 20, 1962, and representing the Markurdi/Guma Federal Constituency in Benue State, Hon. Emmanuel Jime has been one of the leading icons of the House since the 6th Assembly till the incumbent 7th Assembly.


A member of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), he was elected member and subsequently, Speaker of the Benue State House of Assembly in 1993. He has since then, been within the purview of the Legislature until his election into the Lower rung of the National Assembly in 2007. The House has been benefitting from his wealth of experience as he has on several occasions sponsored bills and initiated motions of immense importance to the nation. Jime, who in a recent interview with some newsmen, asserted there are no standing committees in the House of Representatives that are called juicy Committees as election into the House is a privilege to serve, is the incumbent Chairman of the committee on Federal Capital Territory. He is also a member of the Committees on Customs and Excise, Human Rights, Legislative Budget and Research, Media/Public Affairs and Power. An alumnus of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Hon. Jime attended the Nigerian Law School, Lagos between 1983 and 1984 after his graduation from Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria. He received his West African School Certificate from Community Secondary School, Markurdi between 1968 and 1974. He recently led the debate on a bill for an act to amend the treaties (making procedure etc) act cap. 20 laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004, to make consultations with relevant committees of the national assembly as a mandatory treaty-making procedure relating to all treaties entered into between the federation and any other country or body and for matters connected to it.

A vocal voice for the entrenchment of democratic fundamentals and benefits therewith, the House Committee Chairman on F.C.T recently lashed at proponents of the convocation of a Sovereign National Conference (SNC) describing them as people that are arrogantly arrogating to themselves the power and authority of knowing everything that is good for Nigeria to the exclusion of other people. He urged the citizens to focus on the positives of Nigeria and as much as possible try to reduce or minimize the incidences of things that can only threaten the country's hard-earned national unity. Just as the House has been benefitting from his persona, same can comfortably be said, also about his constituents, the people of Markurdi/Guma Federal Constituency. Since 2008, when he invited Governor Gabriel Torwua Suswam, to commission the first set of classroom blocks he built and donated to a select number of schools and to award scholarships to undergraduates and those at law school alike, Hon. Emmanuel Jime has not looked back in fulfilling his campaign promises to his people. Every year, since 2008, he has continued to pay the sum of One Hundred Thousand Naira (100,000.00) each to every constituent at the Law school. He has single-handedly undertaken the construction of classrooms and principal's offices at Community Secondary School in Mbayer/Yandave Council, Yogbo, Guma Local Government Area; Nyiev Community Secondary School Igungu-Adze, Guma Local Government Area; Mbawa Community Secondary School, Daudu, Guma Local Government Area, LGEA Primary School, Ucheen, and Modern Market Council Ward, Makurdi Local Government Area. He has also constructed an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Centre and Principals Office at Community Secondary School, Makurdi, sponsored the scholarship of twenty thousand naira (N20,000.00) each awarded to 105 students of Makurdi and Guma extraction. He also funded the registration of SSCE for all final year students of 2009/2010 academic session in Mbawa Community Secondary School, Daudu, Guma Local Government Area plus the Production and distribution of note books to students and pupils within the constituency. Hon. Jime has equally attracted some laudable

projects to his constituency. Some of these include: the construction of Community Secondary School, Apir, Fiidi Council Ward, Makurdi Local Government Area, an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Centre at St. Mary's Primary School, North Bank, Makurdi Local Government Area, a block of 3 classrooms and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) centre at Community Secondary School, Tatyough, Mbalagh Council Ward, and Makurdi Local Government Area, a block of three classrooms and a VIP Toilet at Community Secondary School, Ukpiam, Mbabai Council Ward, Guma Local Government Area, a block of three classrooms and a VIP Toilet at Community Secondary School Iye, Uvir Council Ward, Guma Local Government Area, and a block of three classrooms and a VIP Toilet at St. Athanasius Secondary School, Gbajimba in Ndzorov Council Ward, Guma Local Government Area. Others are the construction of a Health Centre at Anter, Mbalagh Council Ward, Makurdi Local Government Area, Health Centre at Ginde, Saghev Council Ward, Guma Local Government Area, Two boreholes in Abinsi, Guma Local Government Area, a borehole in Daudu Hospital, motorized borehole at Imande Akpo, Agan ward, Tse-Kighir, Bar ward Makurdi Local Government, a borehole in Ukpiam, Tse-Ikyo, Tse-Ahor, Ter-Gwer and several other such poverty alleviation projects.




Hon. Comrade A. Suleiman on. Aminu Suleiman is representing Fagge Federal Constituency of Kano State at the 7th House of Representatives. Born July 10, 1965, he attended the Kurna Primary School, Kano between 1973 and 1979 before proceeding to the Government Technical College also in Kano, 1979-1985.


In 1998, Suleiman, one of the brightest lights from the North, went to the Lagos State University (LASU) to pursue a Bachelors Degree which lasted till 2000. But he intermittently pursued an International Diploma in Industrial Labour Relations at the International Labour College Turin in Italy while the LASU programme lasted. Suleiman, who aspires to impact on the well-being of his constituents by taking good governance and dividends of democracy to them so as to arrest youth restiveness through empowerment programs and fight poverty to the barest minimum is the Deputy Chairman, House Committee on Labour, Employment and Productivity and was a Member, House Ad-hoc Committee on Resolution of disputes between labour and federal government over the withdrawal of oil subsidy. He is currently Member of several House Committees like House Committee on Power, Defense, Police Affairs, Solid Minerals, Customs and Excise, Public Service as well as Media & Publicity Hon. Aminu Suleiman recently received accolades from concerned

individuals in the North when he, in a motion of urgent national importance, condemned an initial decision taken by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board to shun Northern States in the conduct of the 2012 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, describing it as not only selfish but also wrong. The House approved the motion and mandated its Committee on Education and Security to look into the matter while directing the JAMB Registrar to reverse the decision. Comrade Aminu Suleman who is the immediate-past secretary of the Kano State branch of the Nigeria Labour Congress, (NLC) equally sponsored a Motion for relief materials in Fagge in respect of the 2011 flood disaster in Kano and motions for the construction of Overhead fly-over at Kurna/Kandahar, Rijayar lemo. He has also sponsored a motion asking the federal government to consider amnesty for Major Hamza Al- Mustapha, a motion to investigate security brutality on innocent citizens in the name of peace keeping by the joint task force in Kano, and a motion for the retention of sovereign wealth fund and the need to return it back to our commercial banks in Nigeria. In 2003, he received an Advanced Diploma in Public Administration from Bayero University Kano and in quick succession, received a Higher National Diploma from Kano State Polytechnic in 2007 as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration from Bayero University Kano. In 2010, he received a Master's Degree in Public Policy and Analysis from the same University.

Deputy General Secretary Nigeria Textile Workers Union, Member, National Executive Committee of Nigeria Labour Congress 2000-2010, Member, Nigeria Labour Congress Constitution Review Committee, Board member, Kano state Local Government Pension Board between 2003 and 2007, Board member, Kano State Pension Board, Trustees 2007-Dec 2010 and Member, Kano State Government Transition/ Handover Committee in 2011. His hobbies and interests include football, travelling and reading.

Before his election in 2011, Suleiman had worked as the Welfare Officer, Gaskiya Textile's mills, Kano 1985- 1993,

Hon. Bashir A. Kazaure he years of near neglect and underfunding of military medical services in the country may have finally come to end, should the vigour and zest so far showcased by the House Committee Chairman on Defence be put into consideration.


Since his assumption and subsequent appointment as Chairman of the Committee on Defence of the 7th House of Representatives, Hon. Bashir Adamu, the member representing Kazaure Roni Gwiwa and Yankwashi Federal Constituency of Jigawa State, has registered



his resolve and resoluteness to drive a campaign for a better deal for the sector. He recently led other members of the committee on oversight visit to Defence Health Maintenance Limited (DHML) and lamented the demise of the days when military hospitals used to be the centre of excellence in health care delivery. Adamu asserted that he wants to see a situation where nobody will have to go abroad for treatment, stressing that the some military hospitals were specially designed to provide specialist treatment but that some of them have been stalled. “We have to come up with special intervention fund to rehabilitate military hospitals and their barracks. Hon. Bashir Adamu, a member of the Peoples Democratic Party and a Bachelors Degree holder in Political Science has been the Chairman, North-West Caucus in the House since 2007 till

the point of writing this biography.

2003, before his recent return in the 7th National Assembly.

Born April 12 1960, he attended Kudu Primary School in Kazaure and later went to Barewa College in Zaria in 1978. He attended the Bayero University Kano where he received the Bachelors Degree in Political Science in 1983.

With strong legislative interest in Education, Agriculture, Health and Water Resources, Kazaura in a recent oversight visit to the Nigerian Armed Forces Resettlement Centre in Oshodi, Lagos express displeasure at the abandonment.

Adamu had worked respectively as Manager, Executive Director and Managing Director of Matasa Travel Agency before his election to the House of Representatives. He has a vast knowledge on the rudiments of the legislative business, having been in the House between 1999 and

Speaking at the center, he reminded the people that the centre was critical to job creation in Nigeria and ought to have been completed in 2009. Kazaura said the committee cannot tolerate a situation whereby some contractors are paid money and turn around to abandon the project. “We will first of all get the culprits to book before we now look at getting the

projects completed,” he said. Hon. Bashir Adamu also belongs to the committees on Aviation, Federal Character, Foreign Affairs, Marine Transport, Navy, and Public Service Matter. He was House Committee Chairman on Inter-Governmental Affairs, 1999-2003, Chairman House Committee on Population 2003-2005 and Chairman House Committee on Navy 20072011. Recently turbaned Matawalle of Kazaure Emirate, Hon. Adamu has pledged to improve the economic and educational standards of his constituents and Nigeria at large.

Hon. Rafiu Ibrahim fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria and an Alumnus of the prestigious Lagos Business School, Hon. Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim is a versatile banker and financial expert with experience spanning over 15 years in banking practice, specializing in investment, Treasury Management and Project Finance.


He ventured into governance carrying with him a vast knowledge of public service management in 2009 when he contested and got elected under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, in a Bye-election into the Kwara State House of Assembly to represent Oke-Ogun Constituency in Oyun LGA. This marked his initiation into the Legislative Arm of Government. Born on December 12, 1966 in Ojoku, Oyun Local Government Area of Kwara State, Hon. Ibrahim was the Chairman of Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria, Kwara State Branch. He was the Managing Director of Ibrafunds Holdings Limited. He is also a Director of companies with interest in Financial Consultancy/Services, Marketing, development/Concessionairing and management. He holds an MBA from the University of Ado-Ekiti and his Ph.D is in Business Administration from Leadcity University, Ibadan. An astute politician who has his teeth fully cut in financial administration, Hon. Ibrahim has a very keen interest in youth development. This, he has demonstrated, through the countless youth development programmes he has been sponsoring over the years. He believes that the youths as the hope of the country must be given the necessary impetus to stimulate their creativity. Hon. Ibrahim's philosophy was recently re-echoed at the seventh Rafiu Ibrahim public forum organized by the Junior Chamber International,

University of Ilorin chapter. The forum, themed "Youth in the 21st Century; Self Empowerment and Creativity" and held at the Business Lecture Theatre of the University of Ilorin, played host to many important dignitaries from the nation's political arena, academicians, and financial experts among others. Rafiu Ibrahim's public forum was redolent of old possibilities and refulgent with new probabilities for the youth in the country. The forum, without mincing words, was another opportunity for Kwara youths to realize their potentials, in view of the daunting challenges confronting the nation. The lectures also asserted the long standing believe that "an idle mind is the devil's workshop.” He has been Patron of the Junior Chambers International University of Ilorin Chapter for the past eight years. Hon. Ibrahim attended the Wesley Lea School, Ojoku 1973-79 and received his School Leaving Certificate. He attended the Erin-Ile Secondary School in Erin-Ile for his secondary education and then proceeded to the Ojoku Grammar School, Ojoku for his West African School Certificate. He received a National Diploma in Banking and Finance in1987 from the Kwara State Polytechnic before proceeding to the University of Ado-Ekiti for Masters in Business Administration in the year 2000. In 2005, he got the Owner Manager programme (OMP-7) from the Lagos Business School before proceeding to Lead City University in Ibadan in 2009 for a Doctorate in Business Administration. Hon. Ibrahim was elected to the House of Representatives of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in April 2011 to represent Ifelodun/Offa/Oyun Federal Constituency. He is a member of the following committees in the House: Appropriation, Works, Banking and Currency, Navy, Constitution Review, National Planning and Economic Development, Constituency Outreach and States and Local Governments. He is Appropriation Sub-committee Chairman on

Power and Steel and a standing member of the Nigeria Delegation to ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly. A member of the Ojoku Descendant Progressive Association, Premiers Club of Ojoku, Ikoyi Club 1938, Ibadan Golf Club, Lagos Business School Alumni Association, Financial Market Association of Nigeria and a host of others, Hon. Ibrahim has attended and taken several courses and seminars at choice conferences in different parts of the world. He participated on a Legislative tour of the United Kingdom in December 2009, for instance. He also attended the Offshore Technology Conference, OTC, Houston Texas, United States of America in May 2007. He was at the annual Ex-IM Bank Conference of the United States of America in April 2006, Sub-Saharan Africa Project and Trade Finance Forum Global Trade Review and Export, London in the United Kingdom in November 2005 amongst many others. Hon. Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim is married with Children. XL



Hon. Yakubu Dogara Federal Government entered into about 183 undertakings with individuals and corporate entities granting them waivers, concessions and exemptions running into billions of naira that ought to have accrued to the Federation Account as revenue. Dogara whose legislative interests are the regulation of monopolies, tenancy, corporate crimes and company law, intellectual property further lamented that the practice of illegal and indiscriminate granting of waivers to “totally undeserving firms and individuals� was yet to abate in spite of repeated resolutions of the House urging government to put a stop to the practice.


ntil recently, the House of Representatives was unaware that the nation had lost a whooping N276, 943,087,154.09 in eight years due to indiscriminate granting of waivers, exemptions and concessions by the Federal Government.

Born December 22, 1966, Hon. Yakubu Dogara is representing the Bogoro/Dass/Tafawa Balewa Federal Constituency of Bauchi State. Prior to his re-election into the 7th House of Representatives in 2011 by his constituents, Dogara had participated in significant House activities since his assumption in 2007. He was the Chairman, Nigerian Customs Service Probe Panel, member of the House Scam Probe Panel and the Hijack of fishing vessels and Maritime Security Probe Panel. Hon. Dogara also sponsored the Corporate Manslaughter Bill 2010 and Data Protection Bill 2010.

The fact only became revealed via a motion sponsored by the Chairman, H o u s e C o m m i t t e e o n Services/Welfare, Hon. Yakubu Dogara, one of the very vibrant members of the House of Representatives since the 6th Assembly, in which he expressed worries that the practice of granting waivers by the executive arm of government indiscriminately amounted to Executive Appropriation contrary to Sections 80 and 162 of the 1999 Constitution.

He holds a Bachelor's Degree in International Commercial Law from the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland in the United Kingdom. He had earlier received his Bachelor of Laws, LL.B (Hons), Second Class Honours, Upper Division from the University of Jos in Nigeria, 1988-92, before proceeding to the Nigerian Law School, Lagos Nigeria between 1992 and 1993 for his Barrister-at-Law (BL).

According to him, available records show that between 2000 and 2008, the

The father of two attended the Gwarangah Primary School and received his First School

Leaving Certificate in 1982 and later proceeded to the Bauchi Teacher's College for a Grade II Teachers' Certificate. Hon. Dogara is a member of the House Committees on Federal Capital Territory, Information and National Orientation Agency, Judiciary, Labour, Employment and Productivity, Land Transport and Legislative Budget and Research of the current 7th House of Representatives. During his first term, between 2007 and 2011, he was Chairman, House Committee on Customs and Excise and Chairman House Services Committee (2010-2011) He belongs to several professional associations, clubs and Non-Governmental Organizations. Dogara is, for instance, a member of the Nigerian Bar Association. He is a member of the Cyber Bar Association, Chartered Institute of Mediators and Conciliators and Development Studies Association. He is also an associate member of the World Jurist Association, Institute of Environment Management and Assessment and Social Policy Association. Before his current relation with the Legislature, Hon. Dogara was interestingly a class teacher at the ATBU Staff School in Bauchi. But this was so many years ago and it lasted for only seven months, i.e, April 1988 to November 1988. After his National Youth Service with NCCF in Akwa-Ibom State (1993-94), he focused his attention in private legal practice. He once was the special assistant to a former Honorable Minister of State for Transport. Hon. Dogara has outlined, the repeal of obsolete laws, a sound tenancy law that will encourage private and commercial property developers and a sound competition law regime in Nigeria as some targets he intends to achieve in the lifespan of the 7th Assembly. He enjoys reading and writing, listening to news and working with the computer. This is in addition to his basketball and volleyball hobbies.

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Nigeria: 0 8037825667,, 0 8162339596, 0 8055181009, 0 8098559998, 0 8027234045 United K ingdom: + 447924572640 U.S .A : + 19402381145 South A frica: + 27765599668, + 27733788844

Tressess I

had a chat with a friend some days ago about how I would love to re-live childhood experiences of my mother carving out lines on my scalp with a wooden comb as she prepared to plait the “tie-tie” which was a common hairstyle of Eastern Nigeria those days. After that inspiring discussion I began looking forward to the weekend when I would relive that experience with my own daughter whom at several times expressed her displeasure with her hairdresser in the salon just down the street. When Sunday came and I made my daughter sit between my knees the way I used to sit between my mother's as a child, I realized how much my five-year old relished this opportunity for motherdaughter bonding. As I began the weaves I also came to realise how much our priorities have evolved so much over the years that we risk losing traditional value systems that influenced our choices, what we eat and what we wear. As a modern working woman, I have worn hairstyles ranging from long braids to silky straight weave-on made perhaps from the hair of Indian women or maybe even those gotten from dead horses. . urghh! I will never really know where they originate. However, it fulfilled my fantasy of having very long hair straight hair which gave my natural 5 inch, mildly processed (oppressed) hair a chance to grow out. The other reason many black women like me wear these styles is that

the natural curliness of our black hair is not quite appreciated by a society where standards of good hair are judged from the straightness, length and bounce of your hair.

of Distress

I loved the tresses because my own hair grew healthy under the "extensions," as the lengths of hair are sometimes called. For one I did not have to deal with my hair daily except once every two or four weeks. Still, eventually they would have to be removed and redone another seven to eight grueling hours. Hair has always been a troubling terrain for the working woman. African women wear their hair in creative ways underlying the fact that a black woman's hairstyle is important and even symbolic, so she had better get it right. This may be a reason why emerging hairstyles are being named after successful celebrities like Beyounce, Niki Minaj and why Rihanna's hairstyle is a signature of her look. Over the years entrepreneurs have invented a myriad of products in their attempt to meet women's need to style their hair into looks more fitting for society. The first African-American female millionaire, Madam C. J. Walker, earned her riches from developing and marketing a successful line of beauty and hair products for black women. These efforts of replicating human hair have been misinterpreted such that we often do not distinguish between society's standards of beauty and our own way of looking at and evaluating ourselves. While I was concerned about what would be the lifestyle of Indian or Korean women who grew their hair expressly to be sold to the growing market of African women, the greater worry for me was the distress of hair and beauty ideals in modern fashion that have become a barrier to self esteem of many African women. A broad range of these hair products are sold today from Brazillian, to Indian to Peruvian (and did I hear about a Bolivian one the other day?) and with prices ranging from five to one

hundred and fifty thousand naira (approximately one thousand US dollars). The energy, time and money expended in women's quest for skills to understand how to use all these foreign hair types indicates that the peculiarity of our own hair texture is perceived to be inferior in the minds of not just whites (including other races from where human hair originates) but even among us blacks. I can appreciate that for our own selfesteem we strive to appear our best by copying practices of mainstream American society but when we spend more of our productive hours and resources debating the differences between Indian, Brazilian or Peruvian weave-on, in the midst of economic empowerment challenges we face at the workplace and society generally, we diminish our potential to engage with more serious issues. The message I hope this article will send to our young women and girls is not to care less about their appearance. Rather, it is to make them realise that how they wear their hair, stretched or as tresses, must not overshadow what they think, imagine and their potential to contribute to the world. Parents should teach their daughters that “beauty is only skin deep” and if this proverb appears a bit old-school-ish for this generation to appreciate, I'll recommend you get an iPod loaded with India Arie's 2006 Grammy nominated song featuring Akon - “I am not my hair”. This might inspire someone to overcome her tresses of distress!

Contributed by I’zuma Okoroba, a Gender and Development Practitioner and Presenter of Rhythm 93.7FM’s Gospel Vibes XL



Glitz and Glamour as Jasper weds Jennifer


he beautiful dreams of Jennifer Emuekpere and her heartthrob, Lucky Jasper came alive, Saturday 16th June, 2012 on the threshold of ecstasy as they went down the aisle in joyous abandon to be joined in holy matrimony to the admiration of friends and relatives. The colourful wedding ceremony took place at the banquet hall of Safari Hotels, Rumuokoro, Port Harcourt. Radiant and ruddy, Jasper and his family had earlier performed the traditional marriage rites of the Ayogwiri people of EtsakoWest, Edo State at the abode of the Emuekperes at Rebisi Gardens in Port Harcourt. Friends, colleagues and relatives were treated to a glitzy reception immediately after the wedding at the Safari Hotel Banquet Hall.

Couple Mr. & Mrs. Jasper

Couple receiving Certificate

Father & Daughter

Parents of the Bride, Mr. & Mrs Thomas Emuekpere



Couple with Groom’s Parents

Mr. Austin & Family, Couple with Barth

Couple with Officiating Ministers

Lt. Col. Andy (Rtd.), Barth & Albert Amachree

Lt. Col. Andy (Rtd.) Spraying the Couple

Couple with Martins

Shadrick Adowei & Madam Pamela

T.J & Kingsley Jeremiah

Couple with Bestman & Chief Bridesmaid


Couple with Members of Deeper Life Church

Couple with Bride’s Family


Fred Akpomera


Samuel Adekpolo

Elder Ibe


Omini Funky (Comedian/MC)

Couple with Emuekpere’s Daughters

Jah-Love & Funmi Jasper

Golden Chinda & Ebahoro Obor


Happiness & Vivian Lemeke

Derick Okotete


Couple with Bride’s Friends from Bori Polytechnic

Couple with Multiplan Staffs


Bride’s father blesses Couple

The Couple looking splendid in their traditional outfit

Groom’s father hands over Bride to his Son

Bride is covered with an Umbrella in line with the Afemai tradition

Bride’s Dad, Thomas Emuekpere, Elder Osi Omogbai, Uche Eke & Barth

All for the Bride

...With Bride’s family ...With Groom’s family




Moving Up The Ladder


ou know, it's funny that most people aren't comfortable with dreaming dreams. Most people seem afraid to let themselves dream dreams or at least to take them seriously. The problem is that for many people a dream seems impossible to achieve. It's so big and overwhelming that it almost seems ridiculous. “You mean me, a millionaire”, people are afraid to take their dreams seriously because their dreams are larger than anything they've dealt with before in life. Of course, that's what makes a dream a dream! It should be bigger than life. Just imagine yourself in the best situations. Just let your mind go. Your dream must be big. It should seem impossible to achieve. It should be worth striving for. It should take your breath away. The secret that many people haven't discovered is the secret of defining their dreams. Most people haven't discovered the secret of defining their dreams by breaking it down into smaller, manageable, achieveable units. They haven't learned the art of defining goals. Here are a few tips to help you do that 1. Write down your dreams: Writing down your dreams makes them more practical, more immediate and less abstract. The act of writing becomes a committement on your part that takes the dream beyond the pie-in the sky

stage and puts it right on the table in front of you.

2. Divide each dream into smaller, achievable, immediate goals: You must turn your dreams into goals; small, measurable, achievable and realistic targets are the building blocks of big dreams. You should wake up tomorrow and do something about your dream, no matter how small. It is said “a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”.

When you discover your motive, it will clarify the steps in your plan and provide fuel to fulfill your dream 3. Create an action plan: This means beside each of your smaller goals you need to write down the way that you will actively achieve your targets or sub-goal. If for example you want to lose weight, you must define how many kg you want to lose. Then you break it into smaller kg that you will loss over a period of time; let say you want to lose 10kg over a period of five weeks. You divide that into 2kg per week and in five week you will have achieved the 10kg.

closer to y o u r dream. Your action plan must have a deadline. “A goal is said to be a dream with a deadline”. You have to be careful to make sure your deadlines are realistic, though you need to push yourself enough so that you are aggressively pursuing your dream.

4. Write down the kind of man or wo man y o u n eed to b e, to accomplish your goal: Identify what changes you need to make in your lifestyle, what new habits you need to develop so that you can be able to achieve your goal. 5. Imagine yourself already having reached that goal: Visualize yourself, paint a vivid picture in clear terms what it is you really want. You create an intense picture of where you are going. You see yourself having accomplished your dream. Put that picture constantly in front of you; feel it, touch it, mentally, see it and live it! 6. Discover your motive: Why do you want what you want? What will happen when you reach your goal; will it be worth it; is the motive positive? Your motive will be the driving force that will propel you to accomplish your dream. When you discover your motive, it will clarify the steps in your plan and provide fuel to fulfill your dream You shall succeed.

By creating an action plan you do something everyday that moves you Real Success Radio Broadcast

Real success radio broadcast is packaged to communicate scriptural success principles to empower you to discover your purpose, use your gift and talent maximally, unleash your potential and be all that God designed you to be. Every one needs a dose of inspiration. Inspiration paves way for revelation, and revelation is the key to transformation. This motivational program will help you move to a higher life that leads

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you will never remain the same.

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