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Gov. Umaru Tanko Al-makura taking Oath of Office

Our healthcare is deficient, our education system is in dire need of reforms and our lack of power and energy threatens our economic progress. Our confidence in our ability to change all this has given way to despair,” he noted. Al-Makura who won the gubernatorial election under the platform of the Congress for Political Change (CPC) proclaimed that ascendance of the party represents; the triumph of principle over depravity, the triumph of change over reaction, the triumph of hope over despair, adding that his emergence as Governor of the State marks the end to the politics of arrogance, pettiness, division and false promises that have plagued the State in the past. He said: “So the time has come to reaffirm our faith in the democratic process; to strengthen our bond with ordinary people, to insist on the old decencies and give free reign to that noble idea that we are all equal, free and entitled to our fair share of opportunities and respect,” he announced, explaining further that, “In our quest for prosperity and freedom, it should be understood that these must be labored for with resolve and diligence. They will not come to us if we choose the easy way out, if we settle for the life of the indolent or seek the delight of easy riches and glory. Our choice, and the only choice, is the path of struggle, hard work and risk-taking, as well as openness to new ideas. Starting from here, we must pull ourselves together and begin anew the task of remarking Nasarawa State”.

Justice Badamasi Maina (CJ, Nasarawa state) congratulates Gov. Al-makura

Governor Al-Makura while reeling out some notable items in his “A Fresh Start and New Deal” package said that his Government will stimulate the Nasarawa economy for long-term growth and impart on youths, skills which will prepare them for self-employment. He said that he will undertake road constructions, inside and outside towns and villages and improve the energy capacity of the State so as to be able to meet its power needs. “We will restore education, particularly science, to its rightful place and transform our institutions of learning to meet the standards of time. In particular, we will ensure that the benefits of information technology penetrate the State inside and outside our places of learning. Our healthcare delivery has to be improved, with its reach expanded to all of our people, and at affordable cost into the bargain,” he promised. ...Now signs




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