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After all, it’s myWorld! A recap of the myWorld Program in August, 2010

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January, 2011 | Volume 3

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After all, it’s myWorld!

An one-week environmental program for girls

Last summer, twelve amazing girls participated in our myWorld Program – a oneweek environmental program for girls between 9 and 13 years old. myWorld students, from across Connecticut, engaged in fun and interactive workshops and field trips that ignited their interest and passion for the environment and its conservation. Each day, students learned about topics including Ecosystems, Watercycle, Seasons, Recycling, Plants and Animals.

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A Special Thank You

President’s Message

Board of Directors: Tricia Brunton, President Kenyetta Banks, Training Makeda Keegan, General

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The Mentoring Program is a unique program that unites female professionals and students based on any career or educational path. The next Rotation begins on June 11th… [Apply Today]

Happy New Year! As we close the chapter on yet another amazing year, our organization looks forward to a new year filled with collaborations and initiatives that focus on and support the advancement of women. In 2010, we hosted myWorld and A Networking Series Programs in Hartford, CT. These programs were offered at no cost to participants thanks to the support of volunteers, in-kind and financial donations and a grant from Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation. myWorld is a FREE one-week environmental program for girls between 9 and 13. Twelve girls participated in the program last August. Also, over 110 women (and men) participated in A Networking Series which included topics such as Your Personal Brand and Knowing Your Worth. Our first 2011 event is myRetreat which is a FREE overnight retreat for women between 18 and 25. It will be held on February 26th/27th at Wisdom House in Litchfield, CT. Click here to apply. (Deadline: February 11th) The 3rd Annual A Networking Series will be held on the third Tuesday of each month, from April to September, at Wood N Tap in Hartford, CT. Additionally, we are launching LinkHer, a new initiative to centralize and make accessible opportunities that promote the advancement of women on March 1st. We hope you can join us! In closing, our Board of Directors and Staff would like to thank you for your continued support and look forward to working with you in 2011. Sincerely, Tricia Brunton Founder and President Xcel, Inc. Pg 1

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After all, it’s myWorld! Continued from Cover

As most first days begin, students were a little shy. However, after a few icebreakers, which allowed students to learn more about each other and their co-facilitators, they were ready to begin. On this day, we discussed eco-systems, animals and plants, energy and water cycles. Each student created their own eco-systems and participated in team building activities including, the food web game and a water-sill experiment.

On the second day, students presented their eco-systems, learned about natural resources and watched scenes from the documentary, Home, which showed them the impacts of global warming. In the afternoon, students learned how to reduce their carbon footprint by car/van pooling in a workshop led by Nanci Fitzgerald and Angie Canova from the Rideshare Company. Students also learned creative ways to recycle. In a workshop led by Volunteer Facilitator, Kelieda Copeland, students were taught to create coin purses from chip bags.

On Day three, students visited the CT Science Center in Hartford, CT. They explored various exhibits including Energy City, where they learned about alternative energy sources and conservation of non-renewable energy. In the Planet Earth exhibit, students learned about weather and visited the Climate Change Theater. Students also visited the River of Life exhibit and participated in Wet Lab where they explored the different ecosystems along the Connecticut River. We had lunch at the Riverfront and continued exploring other exhibits at CT Science Center.

The next day, each student presented what they learned from the field trip to CT Science Center. We also continued our discussion on Global Warming and the 5Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover and Rethink). In the afternoon, we visited the Trash Museum in Hartford, CT. During this visit students learned about the recycling process and played Recycle Bingo and “I spy” in the Temple of Trash. They even learned about vermi-composting worms; one student named her worm “Justin Bieber”. Pg 2

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myWorld Program

Continued from page 2 On the last day, students presented what they learned at their trip to the Trash Museum. They continued to learn about additional ways they could help their families, schools and communities reduce global warming. In the afternoon, students paired up in groups of four and presented a play focused on how they could reduce global warming. One of the plays featured two girls that used aerosol hairspray and their friends talked to them about its impact on the environment. At the end of their play, the girls decided to use environmentally friendly hair products. To wrap-up the myWorld Program, each student wrote an essay or poem about everything they learned during the week. At the end of the day, each student received a myWorld Certificate to congratulate them of their successful completion of the myWorld Program.

The myWorld Program received rave reviews from parents and students alike. Parents noted that the students were actively using what they learned at home and that they also learned because their daughters were excited to share the information with them. We are currently seeking sponsorships and donations in support of the myWorld Program. For more information, please contact Taleya Hamilton, Fundraising Associate, at

Woman of the Month 2010 Awardees

Awarded for “Her vivacity and relentless enthusiasm for life."

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Nithya Sivaram August, 2010 Awarded for ”Teaching women how to defend themselves against rape, dating and domestic violence…” [Read Interview] Jennifer Lownik

September, 2010

Kashia Cave

October, 2010

Awarded for "Founding a nonprofit organization and recreational culinary program targeted towards children that are obese or overweight...”. [Read Interview]

Awarded for "Her

aptitude to pursue both education and dance, without compromising on either...”.

[Read Interview] Kirti Ramgopal November, 2010 Pg 3

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The Females’ Center of Excellence and Leadership, Inc.|

The Females’ Center of Excellence and Leadership, Inc.|

Food For Thought

2011 Calendar

“You don’t act your age.”


Does that make sense? Are we all expected to act, speak or dress a certain way at a particular age?

1st/2nd – myRetreat Program

The answer is “No”. Each of us experience life stages at different times. With so many women starting families, going back to school and changing careers later in life, we can no longer use age as an indicator of where we should be.

1st – LinkHer Launch

Age vs. Stage

What’s Up Next?


April 19th – A Networking Series May 17th – A Networking Series June 11th – Start Jun-Dec Mentoring Rotation 21st – A Networking Series July

So, if you find yourself changing diapers at 50, cramming for a Biology exam at 40 or planning to retire at 30, know you’re going through a life stage and there is no specific age for it. Submitted by Xcel, Inc.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011 Travelers Claim University Windsor, CT Need a power boost in your career or business? Attend WIB Summit - March 26th to expand your network and your knowledge. This year’s theme is “Power to Change”. Let us help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

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