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Best Options For Pulmonary Fibrosis Treatment - Pulmonary Rehabilitation _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Adelbert - Pulmonary fibrosis treaments work best if they are started early before a lot of scarring occurs in the lungs. Life expectancy may increase with less tissue damage. Any treatment that can reduce or control lung tissue scarring and limit inflammation is the best treatment strategy for pulmonary fibrosis. Factors such as the person's age, amount of lung damage and other medical conditions determine the physician's plan of care. Relieving symptoms, minimizing further damage, and improving the quality of life are the main goals of treatment. Pulmonary fibrosis treatments vary, but one of the best ways to reduce inflammation is with a corticosteroid. Since a high dose of prednisone can cause severe side effects such as edema and elevated blood glucose levels, it may be prescribed as a daily dose for only three to six months. Learn More About Pulmonary Rehabilitation Imuran or Cytoxin are immune suppressant medications that can be prescribed in combination with a lower dose of prednisone for the same three to six month period. If it is tolerated without side effects, it is used for a longer period of time. If a person develops serious side effects from prednisone, both Cytoxin and Imuran can be prescribed alone without prednisone.

Oxygen therapy and pulmonary rehabilitation are ways to treat and diminish shortness of breath in the person with pulmonary fibrosis. In the early stages of the disease, a person may need oxygen while sleeping or exercising. As the condition worsens, continous oxygen improves a person's sense of well being and prevent complications from low oxygen levels. Cough medications to reduce or relieve coughing may also be prescribed. Flu and pneumonia vaccines will help to prevent lung infections.

Breathing exercises improve a person's endurance and lung effiency. Energy conservation instruction gives a person more energy to use for breathing. Both pulmonary fibrosis treatmentshelp a person improve their quality of life and manage their condition. Nutritional counseling, stress reduction, depression management, support groups and physical condition improves a person's ability to deal with the challenges of this chronic disease. Other pulmonary fibrosis treatments include Serracor-NK using enteric coated enzymes that reduce scarring and fibrin levels. It relieves lung congestion, and it also improves circulation by getting rid of excessive fibrin levels that increase viscosity and slow down blood circulation. CReative protein levels in the blood are decreased. Serracor-NK supports a natural healing process by causing a diminished inflammatory response.

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Pulmonary rehabilitation  

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a program of exercise, education, a

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