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Personal Plan: Week Week 1: 9-15 October

Plan 1. Read last chapters again and look out for Samneric dialogues and their behavior. 2. Ideas on events I want my characters to be involved in.

Evaluation 1. I made a few notes on the two characters. 2. I want them to be involved in a conversation with Ralph about the future.

Week 2: 16-22 October

1. Discuss my events with my group and see how I can combine my ideas with the other characters. 2. Transfer notes on google-docs document. 3. Start working on passages of the script.

1. We decided to include my idea of Samneric and Ralph. 2. Everything is written on the docs. 3. I wrote the passage about Ralph and Samneric and posted on the docs.

Week 3: 23-29 October

1. Work on script

1. Since my character is not so much involved since it’s not a major character I wrote two other passages: Roger and Jack talking about taking back power and Roger and Ralph talk about Piggy’s death.

Week 4: 30th October- 3rd September

1. Record my part with the group.

2. We finished the entire recording and I was Jack and Samneric.

Group Plan: LOTF Sequel Audio Book Week Week 1: 9-15 October

Plan 1. We will decide on who is doing what character and who will be responsible for the technical stuff. 2. Evaluate character and start brainstorming ideas that should be included in the script.

Evaluation 1. Amanda: Jack; Johan: Roger + Group Leader; Rehan: Technical; Caroline: Samneric; Bhaarghavi: Ralph 2. Main ideas: Jack apologizes; Roger stays crazy, Samneric support Ralph.

Week 2: 16-22 October

1. Look at all the ideas that each one of us has created. 2. Make a google-docs document where we can share ideas. 3. Start script

1. We discussed it in class and changed some ideas or developed them. 2. All group members can access the document. 3. We started an outline on the document. Just key points.

Week 3: 23-29 October

1. Finish script 2. Start recording

1. We put the bullet points into paragraphs with dialogues etc. 2. We didn’t manage to start recording this week, but we will next week

Week 4: 30th October- 3rd September

1. End recording 2. Do editing

1. We were able to finish the recording. 2. Rehan did the editing

Personal and Group Plan.  
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