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Getting more activity out of Xbox360 Every year gaming consoles get more and more advanced. They are no longer just for playing games on. Now they have become whole media centers and even work out devices. When you think of working out and moving around while playing games the first console you think of may be Nintendo's Wii. With the release of the Kinect, Xbox360 now offers you the freedom to get off of the couch and have fun with your games. Microsoft has gone one step further than Nintendo and is controller free. You do not have to worry about accidentally letting go of the controller and it hitting and breaking something, or about Xbox 360 Controller Skins. You also do not have to worry about staying on a small little board while playing. The Xbox 360 Kinect literally turns you into the controller, rather than having a Xbox 360 Steering Wheel. If you want to drive your car simply put your hands up like they are on the steering wheel and drive it. If you need to jump, run, or kick in your game all you have to do is make the movement. Without the restrictions that Nintendo's controllers place on the gameplay, Xbox360 has opened a whole new realm of possibilities. Kinect The Xbox 360 Kinect is not as limited on things such as weight, balance, and space in your living room. Plus, with the Kinect you do not have to store a heavy board. The Kinect is sleek and the design will fit right in with the rest of your home electronics. When you are done playing with it you do not have to look around for somewhere to hide it from your guests. Although, with the fun that can be had you may want to turn it on for parties. You can have a lot of fun with your friends doing racing matches and many other things. It may just become the center of attention at the next party that you throw. You would be amazed at how much fun a room of adults can have with Kinect. Also, with the freedom of no controllers you do not have to worry about purchasing three or even four of them to have fun with. If you do not have a house full of people that normally play it, that could be a large investment for just a party. You have the freedom of many people being able to play at the same time off of one device.