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Did your partner just break up with you? It's easy to still feel in love in such a situation, since you probably didn't see the breakup coming. But does your partner still feel the same way towards you? It's hard to tell, since common logic would say that since they broke up with you, they're not really in love with you anymore. But it's actually possible that your ex still has some feelings for you, particularly if the breakup was forced or unavoidable.   To find out whether your ex is still in love with you, try to think of the reason behind their decision to break up with you. Was it because they couldn't stand a certain bad habit of yours? Or did you make a bad, relationship-wrecking mistake like having an affair? Or was it a simple misunderstanding? Whatever it is, finding out will help you decide what to do next.   But even if you don't know the reason behind the breakup, it's still possible to get the relationship back on better grounds. To do this, you'll need to stop pestering your partner about the breakup. In other words, don't keep asking them for the reasons why they broke up with you. Instead, withdraw and put a little distance between you and your ex. Cut off all communication for a few weeks. The short absence will make your next meeting with your ex a bit more genial, since you'll both want to know what you've been up to in the past few weeks.   Before you meet your partner again, though, it's important to focus on a bit of self-improvement during the few weeks that you'll be away from each other. By now you probably have an idea as to why your ex left you. If you want to keep that from happening again, try to correct your bad habits if possible. This is much harder to do if you did something incredibly ridiculous, such as get into an affair, but it's still worth a shot.   When you meet your ex again, try not to bring up the topic of your past relationship too much. When they do insist on talking about it, try to only talk about the good times. If this isn't possible, then just stay as neutral as you possibly can. Bringing up past hurts and grudges can undermine everything you've worked on over the past few weeks, so be very careful with the things you say.   It's not enough to tell your ex that you've changed yourself for the better during the time you were apart. Remember that actions speak much, much louder than words when it comes to situations like this. You'll need to show your ex, slowly and consistently over a period of time, that you're a different person. Only then can you hope to get them back and give your old relationship a new lease of life.   So if you're still in love with your ex, but wondering whether they feel the same, follow these tips and find out for yourself. Good luck!   

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==== ==== Now you can stop your break up, divorce or lovers rejection..... even if your situation seems hopeless ! Check this out for further help and tips. ==== ====

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