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selected graphic works 2008 - 2013

selected graphic works 2008 - 2013

Javier Pascual Giner Born 15th November 1988

I worked in

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Buenafuente Illustration / Editorial Design Barcelona 2010-2011 Freelance

 Lo que vendría a ser la historia de España según Buenafuente y El Terrat 17x24 cm  Lo que vendría a ser la televisión en España según Buenafuente y El Terrat 17x24 cm

For those who don't know, Buenafuente is a famous Spanish comedian, who for many years has been entertaining nights from the other side of the TV. His show is similar to The Tonight Show hosted by Jay Leno. The Catalan media producer El Terrat (in collaboration with Grupo Planeta) were responsible for this series of successful books. More than 40.000 copies were made of each book. In both editions I worked as a freelance, taking charge of a third part of overall illustrations of the book. I was also the author of both covers.

In these books I had the pleasure of working with great professionals like Anna Paretas, Raquel Alarcón, Oscar Noguera or Marta Zafra.

Joan Brut Illustration / Editorial Design Barcelona 2011 Freelance

Joan Brut is an infant illustration project, in which I explore particular techniques such as the halftone pattern and duotone. They are a series of a short tales where Joan Brut (Dirty Jonh) has been always the protagonist, and in every story learns something new. In the images above I show the open cover and a double-page illustration, in wich Joan had dirtied the comunitary stairs of his grandmother's house with his hands.

Carbonell Illustration Alcoy 2008 Freelance

During my time as an illustration student I was winner of a contest in which the winner would be hired by a real estate company to create a series of landscape illustrations with commercial aims. These are some of them. I have decided to keep the B/W appearance because the ink reveals its original power and lineal expressivity.

Discos Paradiso Flyer Design / Graphic Design Barcelona 2011-2012 Freelance

ďƒŁ 19 Junio 2012 15x15 cm ďƒŚ 25 Octubre 2012 15x15 cm

When I was living in Barcelona, I had the pleasure of being the graphic designer of a record store called Discos Paradiso, for more than a year. Mainly, the work was for the promotion of the parties that this store organized in the respected techno-focused discotheque Moog. Both are situated in the heart of Barcelona. This work permitted me to be more experimental and develop new designing possibilities, thing that I have missed very much.

 6 Diciembre 2012 29,7x42 cm  14 Febrero 2012 29,7x42 cm


Flyer Design / Graphic Design Alcoy 2013 Freelance Coming back to Alcoy, the city where I was born, I was in charge of designing the posters for an electronic-music sessions called Kefen for 14 weeks. Curiously, I must say that, although there is a recurrent imagotype (the electronic workshop's thunder), there doesn't exist any logotype. This fact favours the creation of a dynamic identity (in clear reference to the variety of Djs) and extremely assimilated by the people. In less than 3 months we went from around 35 assistants to nearly a hundred.

ďƒĄ All posters 29,7x42 cm ďƒ¤ Facebook Icon 300x300 px

Talking about the graphic issue, the different illustrations look for, through typographic expression, references to the Dj's character, or his music style.


Typographic Composition / Motion Graphics Barcelona 2011-2012 Oscar Noguera Studio

Working in Oscar Noguera studio I made some typographic compositions for the Spanish TV program Tres14 (RTVE2). The job consisted in representing a series of sentences, that are after animated by motion graphics techniques.

Eric VĂśkel Branding / Web Design Barcelona 2012 Snoop / Freelance

For the modern hotel company Eric VĂśkel I had the opportunity to work in two modalities: In the first time was as an art freelance, creating pictorial work for his exclusive apartments in Madrid.


Madrid appartments 300x200 cm aprox.

Apart from this, during my time working at Barcelona based studio Snoop, we redesigned their web. With this they got an increase of 400% in the number of online reservations. Thank to that we began to take charge of their graphic identity, with tasks like branding, stationery and advertisement.

 The Human League 135x200 cm  Opening Party 2011 155x200 cm

Ushuaïa Branding / Web Design Barcelona 2011 Hoy és Miércoles

Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel was born as a new concept in hotel and leisure in Ibiza. It is the first luxury hotel thought for the music and party lovers. Fiesta Hotel Group hired us for the launching of their new brand. We created their brand image, online and offline marketing, social network and events, merchandising and their website. In only three months the hotel became a worldwide reference.

PastamanĂ­a Branding / Menu Design Alcoy 2013 Freelance

PastamanĂ­a is an Italo-Mediterranean restaurant franchise which acts in the east area of the Spanish coast. My collaboration with this company lies in an image renovation. For that purpose I have done different tasks, such as branding, packaging, menu design, advertising and merchandising.

An integrated solution with the aim of communicating in a clear and precise way PastamanĂ­a's public target.

Ma Paramá  Billboard 390x200 cm  Christmas campaign 2012 145x200 cm

 Menu 22x34 cm  Home menu 15x15 cm

Typographic Typographic Design Barcelona / Alcoy 2012-2013 Freelance

ABCDEFGHIJKLM NOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890 This display type was inspired in Pinto Inline font, that was commercialized by french foundry Mecanorma during the first half of 70's, and was never digitized. This type has a robust and vintage aspect. The geometry was present in all of his characters, giving it a natural harmony between its strokes. There are numerous details inside some letters, making them very characteristic of this font, as for example the case of their capital T or the number 2.

This is my final project of graphic design career. Davy Bold is a font inspired in Barcelona with many reminiscences of hand rotulation of the middle of the XX century and the light signs of the 70's and 80's. That transmit a large personality and character. This font was made for signs, text with few words and headings. Big sizes, that makes possible the appreciation of the shapes and enjoyment of it. We can classify it as a humanist incise with grotesque licences.

Logotype Logo Design Barcelona / Alcoy 2011-2012-2013 Freelance

To finalize, a selection of logos and vectors :)

Thank you for your attention.

Hope to see you again Working together In a beautiful project

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A selection of my graphic works between 2008 - 2013.