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January 2013 • Volume 14 • Number 6

Catholic Schools Week The week of January 27, 2013 has been set aside as Catholic Schools Week. This is a national celebration of Catholic Schools and their importance as a part of the mission of the Church. There will be special opportunities throughout the week to share in this celebration at all of the Catholic Schools in the Cedar Rapids / Marion area.

The 2013 theme supports the recent launch of the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools, that ensure

Guidance News

“It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community to educate the total person in a Catholic environment. We thank God for the incredible community that is Xavier and that community starts with our parents.”


ACT Prep Seminars & Scholarships


Xavier Student Profile, Austin Wille Responding to Sandy Hook Knowledge Master Open State Champs Know Your Constitution Finalists

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March for Life, Kairos #14, Lent 2013

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Alumni Hall of Fame Alumni Basketball Tournament Parish Appeal Update

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Xtravaganza Booster Club and XPX notices

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The highlight of the week for Xavier High School will be the Mass with grades 6-12 in the Ron Thillen Gymnasium on Tuesday, January 29. The Mass will begin at 10:00 a.m. Students from St. Joseph, LaSalle, and Regis Middle Schools will join with the high school in what promises to be a special moment. Parents are encouraged to join in this opportunity to give thanks to God for Catholic Schools!

The Principal‘s Corner


Xavier Features

the effective operation and responsible governance of Catholic schools across the country, thus promoting high academic standards and Catholic identity.

We at Xavier hope that you and your family were able to enjoy a happy and holy Christmas and we extend our wishes for


a very happy New Year. Certainly this wonderful season is a reminder to all of us of God’s magnificent presence in our world.

7 School resumed on January 3 and second semester began. There is always something fresh about that start – a new beginning so to speak. Classes and grading start from

8-9 3

scratch. Many students will experience new courses, encounter new teachers and share time with new classmates. As is the case every year, the end of January marks our annual celebration of Catholic Schools Week. We will join nearly 8,000 Catholic schools nationwide from January (continued on page 2)


Dates to Note Jan. 4: Mass in the Chapel (7:00 a.m.) Eucharistic Adoration Jan. 9: In-Service 12:30 p.m. early dismissal Jan. 10: Quarterly and semi-annual tuition payment due Jan. 11: Mass in the Chapel (7:00 a.m.) Eucharistic Adoration Jan. 15: 1:30 p.m. early dismissal Discover Xavier Night (6:00 p.m.) Jan. 16: College Financial Aid Night (FAFSA) (6:30 - 7:30 p.m.) Jan. 18: Mass in the Chapel (7:00 a.m.) Eucharistic Adoration Jan. 21: Snow Day Make-up. 12:30 p.m. early dismissal. No afternoon bussing. Jan. 22: $50 2013-2014 Scheduling fee due Jan. 23-26: March for Life Jan. 24: School Board Meeting (7:00 p.m.) Jan. 24-27: Kairos 14

Student volunteers sorting through more than 1,700 books donated for the Four Oaks Book Drive.

Principal‘s Corner (continued from page 1) 28 through February 1 to celebrate the gift of Catholic education. This year’s theme is “Catholic Schools Raise the Standard.” This wonderful gift of Catholic Education is only possible through the financial, emotional and prayerful support of parents, parishioners, benefactors, faculty and staff. When we celebrate Catholic Schools Week, we are in fact celebrating Catholic School Communities. This year’s celebration, as always, will include our Catholic Schools Liturgy (celebrated with our middle school students) on Tuesday, January 29 at 10:00 a.m. You are all welcome and encouraged to attend. As I have in the past, I encourage all of you to visit with your students during that week about the value of their Catholic school education. In what ways has that education strengthened their faith? In what ways has it prepared them for the future? In what ways have they been challenged? Ask them to share their experiences at Xavier. You might share some stories from your own days in school and compare them to your students’. The gift of Catholic education is not something students should take for granted. They should reflect on just how special a gift this is.

Jan. 25: Mass in the Chapel (7:00 a.m.) Eucharistic Adoration Casual dress day

And what better time than during Catholic Schools Week for all of us to spread the word

Jan. 27-Feb 2: Catholic Schools Week

bassadors. You have seen first hand what an education at Xavier means. Without a

Jan. 29: Catholic Schools Week Mass (9:50 a.m.) Jan. 30: In-Service 12:30 p.m. early dismissal The complete Xavier High School calendar can be viewed on the Xavier website or by clicking here.

about our outstanding school? As parents, you are our finest and most important amdoubt, an education at Xavier requires sacrifice. Parents of prospective students need to hear that the experience is worth that sacrifice. At dinner parties and other social gatherings, at youth ball games, concerts and recitals, whenever you have a chance, share your belief in what we do and in the importance of a Catholic education. Encourage those who are interested to attend “Discover Xavier Night” on January 15. The event will include information sessions, living tours of the facility and an activity fair. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community to educate the total person in a Catholic environment. We thank God for the incredible community that is Xavier and that community starts with our parents. Thanks for all of your help in making Xavier High School a place of which we can all be proud!

Tom Keating, Principal


Guidance Department News Xavier Tuition Assistance Reminder

ACT Special Testing Any student with a current, document-

If you would like to apply for tuition assistance for the 2013-2014 year, Student Aid Forms will be available in the Main Office in mid January 2013. Completed Student Aid Forms must be mailed directly to Private School Aid Service on or before March 22, 2013. A copy of your tax return is mandatory; therefore, it is critical that you have your 2012 return prepared promptly. For more information or to request to have a Student Aid Form mailed to you, please contact Shea Francis at (319) 739-7307.

Scholarships Scholarships take time to locate and to prepare: completing applications, gathering recommendations and evaluations, writing essays, etc. You have to be prepared to work hard to earn a scholarship. Students are encouraged to check the scholarship folders and college catalogs and folders in the guidance office or specific college websites to locate scholarship opportunities. Consider family employers or organizations of which you are a member as resources for scholarships. Check the public library, too. Be willing to take the time to ask questions of the financial aid officers of colleges in which you are interested.

ed disability, who has been professionally diagnosed as physically, psychologically or learning disabled, may request special ACT testing by completing a Request for Special Testing form. To be current, the diagnosis must have been made in the last three years. For further information, contact one of the counselors.

ACT Prep Seminars EduCare Learning Centers will hold ACT prep seminars beginning Sunday, February 24 in preparation for the April

College Planning & Financial Aid Night

ACT. The EduCare program features five

Plan for your college education. Do you have questions about college planning and financial aid? Students and parents are invited to attend the Iowa College Access Network presentation on Wednesday, January 16 at 6:30 p.m. in the RegisLaSalle Theatre at Xavier High School.

1:00-4:00 p.m. at EduCare. Parents may

Sunday class meetings scheduled from register online at or call EduCare at 832-1965 for more information. Students are enrolled on a

Earn College Credit in High School Kirkwood’s Regional Centers will feature innovative programming provided through partnerships with several local high schools. The unique cooperation puts high school students in hands-on technical programs and college-level arts and sciences courses individual districts probably could not provide alone. High school students get hands-on career experience and at the same time earn valuable college credit at NO COST to their families. These fully-transferable credits fulfill college and high school requirements, and mean an overall savings of hundreds of thousands of college tuition dollars annually. In the next few months we will be asking students if they are interested in taking courses at Kirkwood’s Regional Center on Boyson Road. In guidance classes, particularly Junior Guidance, we will be providing info about course offerings and registration for these courses.

first come, first served basis. Enrollment is limited.

Zaps Learning Co. ACT Preparation Workshop Zaps Learning Co. ACT Preparation Workshop will be held at Xavier High School on Saturday, February 23, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Registration information will be mailed to all juniors. To take advantage of this opportunity you may enroll and/or pay on-line at www.zaps. com or call toll-free 1-877-927-8378.


Xavier HS Student Discovers Evidence of a Great Career! Nanci Young, Workplace Learning Connection Xavier junior, Austin Wille, took a big step toward his future this month by participating in the Mini Police Academy job shadow at the Marion Police Department coordinated by Workplace Learning Connection. Officer Tom Daubs led the effort that included several other Marion police officers and two groups of students this October with a combined attendance of 23 students from 13 area high schools.

Wille (center in the picture on the left) first took a tour of the station. Students were able to sit in the driver’s seat of the police cruiser as Officer Daubs described the technology in modern police cars. He also explained to the students that they would be much happier sitting in the front of a police cruiser rather than the back seat! Officer Daubs explained that his ‘desk’ is at the driver’s seat of the vehicle, and his ‘office’ is anywhere in the city of Marion. The students were encouraged to practice their written communication skills while still in high school. Although reports are now done by computers, police officers still need the ability to write concisely and correctly because reports can be seen by anyone, including judges, lawyers, and the media. Sometimes cases don’t go to court for several months or years, so the details have to be accurate and well-expressed to stand up to the test of time. The high schoolers then met with a member of the Tactical Team who described his role on the squad and displayed his weapon and gear. He showed the students the difference between a shotgun and a rifle shell as he passed around rifle ammo to examine. Then, an officer who works with accident investigation and reconstruction brought in his equipment and described the job he does whenever there’s an automobile collision where the police are called. He explained how he uses math in his work and suggested that students who like math may want to consider this police specialty. After planting one pound of TNT in the room, a K-9 officer came in with his dog Ricco, who sniffed out the explosive almost immediately. The officer explained the dog’s role with the department and what it’s like to be responsible for this very expensive police asset. One interesting piece of information – only K-9 officers are assigned their own police car to take home. This Xavier student learned a lot about a possible career in law enforcement through an up-close and personal job shadow experience. Work-based learning is one tool in the belt of Xavier High School’s Guidance Department. The partnership with Workplace Learning Connection gives Xavier students an advantage in a competitive job market in their near future. For more information, contact Mrs. Kemp in Guidance or log on to

Responding to Sandy Hook Father Phil Thompson, Xavier High School Pastoral Coordinator The quiet Friday morning of December 14 inside Sandy Hook School in Newtown, CT, was shattered by another tragic act of gun violence. When it was over, twenty first-graders and six teachers were dead. Schools are meant to be havens of safety, sort of a “home away from home.” Unfortunately, no one is immune from the violence that exists in our society. As Msgr. Robert Weiss, the local pastor of St. Rose of Lima Church, said, there is simply no explanation for the tragic carnage that took place on that Friday. It is literally “senseless.” It doesn’t make sense, and no amount of reflection or thought can make sense of it. But we must remember that tragedy, violence, and death are not parts of God’s plan. If we reflect on the opening chapters of the Book of Genesis, we find that death is the result of sin. God is a God of goodness and love, and sin is his opposite. God has created us for life. But sin is a reality that must be confronted on both a personal and a systemic level.

On the Friday after Christmas, the Church celebrated the feast of the Holy Innocents, children who were killed by King Herod because he saw the Christ-Child as his rival and a threat. The 20 children of Newtown are also holy innocents, killed long before they should have died. We believe that they are now embraced in the loving arms of God. Let us pray for their teachers who sacrificed their lives for their students. Let us pray for the families who must deal with this loss every day of their lives. And let us work for an end to senseless violence all around us. Governor Dannel Malloy of Connecticut said it very well; “In the coming days, we will rely upon that which we have been taught and that which we inherently believe: that there is faith for a reason, and that faith is God’s gift to all of us. Those educators, and those innocent little boys and girls were taken from their families far too soon. Let us all hope and pray those children are now in a place where that innocence will forever be protected.”


Xavier Takes First Place in State-Wide Knowledge Master Open A team at Xavier High School competed with tens of thousands of students in the United States and several foreign lands in the Knowledge Master Open academic competition on December 4, 2012. More than 3,000 middle school, junior high and high school teams faced their computers to answer 200 challenging questions in the event, earning points for the speed and accuracy of their answers. The 28 students on the Xavier team scored 1,424 of 2,000 possible points to place first in the state and 83rd overall in a field of 950 high schools in the contest. Academic coach Matt Farrell described the event as “Serious fun... students practiced hard for this event, and it paid off. We’ve finished second in the state two years in a row, so it was great to break through and get first.” Student captains and key contributors on the Xavier team were: Noah Hagen, Grace Busse and Josh Steffensmeier. Designed to stimulate learning and recognition for academic achievement, the Knowledge Master Open runs on classroom computers to allow all students the opportunity to compete in a large academic event without the expense of traveling to a central site. The competition is presented twice each school year by Academic Hallmarks, a Colorado software publisher.

Discover Xavier Night: January 15, 2013 An evening for 8th graders and their parents to explore all that Xavier High School has to offer! The Night Will Include: Information Sessions at 6:30 or 7:30 p.m. Information will be presented on Xavier‘s, academic and spiritual programs and will include testimonials from faculty, students, alumni, and parents. Living Tours of Xavier High School from 6-8 p.m. Topic Rooms: 6-8 p.m. Topics include Tuition/Financial Aid, Technology, and Meet the Guidance Counselors) Activity Fair: 6-8:30 p.m. Students can meet and visit with the coaches, directors, and moderators who lead our outstanding athletic teams, fine arts performers, clubs and organizations.

Come for Some, Come for All! Questions? Call (319) 294-6635.

XHS Updates Post Prom Happy New Year from your Post Prom Chairs! Committee Chairs are meeting and the balls are rolling for all aspects of our 2013 Post Prom celebration. Made a new year’s resolution to volunteer - to get involved? Then contact one of our volunteer chairs Pam Barta at or Nancy Charipar at ncharipar@cr-cath. pvt, or p_ncharipar@mchsi. com or send an email to our Post Prom email address xhsprom2013@gmail. com There’s lots of fun ahead!! All Junior and Senior parents, watch for more information regarding donations and volunteer opportunities!

Get Your 2012-2013 Yearbook! Xavier 2012-2013 Yearbooks can still be ordered. Visit www.jostensyearbooks. com to place and pay for your order. The cost of a yearbook is $70.00.

“Know Your Constitution” State Finalists! Congratulations to the state finalists in the Know Your Constitution Contest, sponsored by the Young Lawyers Division of the Iowa Bar Association! Students completed a multiple-choice test and wrote an essay involving knowledge of the United States Constitution. 100 state finalists were selected and Xavier qualified 8: Lindsey Blair, Joshua Blanck, Shelby Christensen, Noah Hagen, Bianca Kesselring, James Krouse, Patrick Mullin and Daniel Pape. The students and their teachers, Mr. Mike Goldsmith and Mrs. Donna Winter, will be honored at a luncheon in Des Moines, where five names will be drawn to determine the winners of the weeklong study tour of Washington, D.C.


Campus Ministry Update March for Life: Twenty five students and

six adults from the Xavier community will be attending the March for Life in Washington D.C. January 23-27. This pro-life pilgrimage includes Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and the Rally and March up Constitution Avenue to the steps of the Supreme Court. The March for Life will be held on January 25th. Those who attend send a powerful message to our legislators, Supreme Court Justices, and our President about overturning the decision to legalize abortion. This also is a powerful witness to other students about the importance of standing up for life. Tune to EWTN to see live coverage of the March.

Kairos #14: will be held for Xavier juniors

on January 24th-27th at the American Martyrs Retreat House in Cedar Falls. Please pray for the juniors making the Kairos retreat as well as the seniors and adults leading the retreat. Fr. Juhl will serve as the spiritual director for the retreat. There are two spots available on K-14 and four spots on K-15 (April 18-21) for juniors who would like to attend. Applications are in campus ministry.

Mass to celebrate the Christmas Season: will be held Wednesday, Janu-

Quest Retreat for freshman and sopho-

ary 9th, 2013 at 9:50 am in the Ron Thillen Gymnasium. Father Ressler will preside. All are welcome to attend. We will be taking a collection to support Birthright and Bridgehaven.

mores will be held January 26th and 27th at LaSalle Middle School. The cost is $35. There are applications in the Campus Ministry office. It is a popular retreat and space is limited, so if you are interested get signed up ASAP

Catholic Schools Week: Catholic

Senior parents: Please encourage your

Schools Week will be celebrated January 25th-February 2nd. Activities for the Week include: January 29th – Metro-Catholic Liturgy 9:50 a.m. Students from LaSalle, St. Joseph, Regis and Xavier High School will gather at Xavier to celebrate the Catholic Schools Week liturgy. Father Reasoner will preside. This year’s theme is: Catholic Schools Raise the Standards Further activities are being planned. Watch the Xavier web site for updates. The community is welcome to join us at all events of the week.

student to attend one of the TEC (Teens Encounter Christ Weekends) held throughout the Archdiocese of Dubuque. This three day retreat centers on the Paschal Mystery. TEC is a great opportunity for seniors to reflect on their relationship with Christ as they complete their high school career and move forward as young adults. Dates for upcoming TEC retreats can be found at www.Arch. Registration forms are available in the Campus Ministry office at Xavier, on-line and at all of the local parishes.

Lent 2013: Reconciliation in Preparation

for Lent – Feb 7th and 8th at 12:25-2:45 p.m. Ash Wednesday Liturgy – Feb 13th at 9:50 a.m.

Saint Thomas Aquinas: Feast Day January 28th XPX Spiritual Committee Born of noble Italian birth in 1225, his parents made sure that Thomas received an excellent education. After his studies at the abbey at Monte Cassino, he decided to pursue a religious vocation. His parents hoped that he would enter the prestigious Benedictine Order at the abbey but instead he chose to join the Dominicans and become a poor friar. His mother had Thomas kidnapped and locked up in a castle with the intent to persuade Thomas to change his mind. She even tempted his virtue but Thomas was single minded in his desire to serve God and grow in holiness. He used this opportunity to read and unite his will to God. After two years his mother realized that his imprisonment was futile and released him. Thomas took his vows and was sent to Cologne to study. His professor, St. Albert the Great, proclaimed in his defense “We call this young man a dumb ox, but his bellowing in doctrine will one day resound throughout the world”. Before receiving his Doctor of Theology Saint Thomas

successfully argued a case before the Pope. In 1273, on the feast of St. Nicholas, Thomas had a mystical revelation while celebrating mass. This greatly changed his life. Afterwards he neither dictated nor wrote again, not even to complete his greatest work, his Summa Theologica. He responded “ The end of my labors is come. All that I have written appears to be as so much straw after the things that have been revealed to me.” St. Thomas took ill and died a few months later at the age of 50. St. Thomas Aquinas came from a wealthy family and he could have lived a life of leisure. Instead, he chose a holy life in service to God and poverty against the wishes of his family. But with his natural gift and passion for theology, he became one of the most important theologians in the Catholic Church. Like St. Thomas we too can ask God to give us the courage to follow our calling regardless of the pressures from the secular world. By listening and responding to the voice of God in our life, we will find true joy and peace. Saint Thomas Aquinas was a humble man of large stature. He was called a “dumb ox” yet his many brilliant writings and gifted speech later earned him the title doctor of the Church. Thomas Aquinas, a philosopher, priest, theologian and saint, is the patron saint of students and Catholic schools. In our mission of educating the total person in a Catholic environment as we are learning today, leading tomorrow and serving forever, we ask St. Thomas Aquinas “Please pray for us”.


Alumni Hall of Fame

Note from the

Friday, February 1, 2013 at Xavier High School

Nurse‘s Office

The 2013 LaSalle – Regis – Xavier Alumni Hall of Fame inductees have been announced! Congratulations to Greg Hawthorne (R92), Kristin (Jennings) Kahn (X03), Ryan Sweeney (X03) and Xavier supporter Fr. Donald Bruggeman.

Important Reminders For Cold and Flu Season!

Come support these deserving Hall of Fame inductees on Friday, February 1, 2013! They will be inducted into the Hall of Fame during half-time of the boys varsity basketball game against Linn-Mar. A reception in honor of the inductees will take place prior to the 7:30 p.m. game, beginning at 6:00 p.m. on the “X” at Xavier High School. All are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Influenza can spread easily from person to person. We continue to take precautions at Xavier to reduce the spread of influenza and other viruses among our students and staff.

Fifth Annual LaSalle, Regis, Xavier Alumni Basketball Tournament Saturday, February 2, 2013 at Xavier High School The Fifth Annual LaSalle Regis Xavier Alumni Basketball Tournament will be held on Saturday, February 2, 2013 in the Ron Thillen gymnasium at Xavier. The tournament, sponsored by the LaSalle – Regis – Xavier Alumni Board will take place from 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Teams will be organized by decade of graduation. (Team 60s - 80s, Team 90s, Team 2000s, and Team 2010.) The consolation game will start promptly at 1:00 p.m. and will be immediately followed by the championship game. This fun and family-friendly event is free and open to the public. For more information about the tournament contact the Xavier Foundation at (319) 378-4571 or visit

2012 Parish Appeal Lynn Jump, Xavier Foundation Annual Appeal Director Xavier volunteers are exceptional! The Xavier Foundation annual Parish Appeal would not be successful without the time and efforts of Xavier parents and students. Together we have raised $421,123, which is $6,123 over our $415,000 goal to benefit Xavier High School! We would like to acknowledge our campaign chairs, Xavier parents John & Dana Miller (St. Elizabeth Ann Seton) and Dave & Maureen McGraw (St. Pius X) for their leadership in support of this fundraising effort. We are grateful to the following volunteers who stepped up and served as parish chairpersons for the Appeal: All Saints: Gary & Shelly Zaugg and Matt & Corinne Miller; Blessed John XXIII: Jim & Amy Lansing and Ken & Donna Charipar; Immaculate Conception: Donald & Kendall Krouse and David & Jackie Harris; St. Elizabeth Ann Seton: Greg & Marci Wertzberger and Jim & Kelly Nachman; St. Joseph: Ken & Rosemary Bauer and Mark & Kelli Becker; St. Jude: Lou & Carla Montuoro and Kevin & Nancy Maher; St. Ludmila: Sara Baldus and Julie Roe; St. Matthew: Jeff & Mary Scherrman and Dick & Kathy Curphey; St. Patrick: Dan & Shelley Helms and Mike & Courtney Hoffman; St. Pius X: Brian & Kathy Walvoord and David & Laura Diebold; St. Wenceslaus: Dave Martin and Patti Jansa. Thanks to all who shared their time to make the 2012 Parish Appeal a success. “It is in giving oneself that one receives.” - Francis of Assisi

Here are a few things you can do at home to help us reduce the spread of influenza and other viruses: • Remind your children to wash their hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer • Remind your children to not share items such as drinks, cell phones, and food • Teach your children cough etiquette— cough into tissue or elbow • Recognize signs and symptoms of the flu. Typically, fever over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, cough, sore throat, headache, body aches, and fatigue. Seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY with any breathing concerns. • Keep sick kids home until fever free without medications for 24 hours • Encourage your kids to take care of themselves by getting plenty of rest, eating nutritious meals, and staying physically active to keep their immune system strong. • Remember the 3 C’s: Cover your cough, Clean your hands, Contain germs For more information about the flu visit or Reminder: Xavier reports absences daily to Linn County Public Health. We appreciate your diligence in calling in specific symptoms when you report your child sick to help better track illnesses in our community.


Xavier Basketball Schedule KMRY Broadcast: Advent Food Drive organizers Grace Winker, Mary Esker, Kelsi Fuller

Jan. 3:

Girls vs. CR Washington

Jan. 4:

Boys at CR Washington

Jan. 8:

Boys at CR Kennedy

Jan. 18:

Boys at Linn-Mar

Jan. 22:

Girls at CR Prairie

Feb. 1:

Girls at Linn-Mar

Feb. 8:

Girls & Boys Doubleheader

at Iowa City West

Feb. 14:

Boys vs. Iowa City High

Xavier Hosts Girls K-8 Pom Camp The Xavier Pom Camp will take place on Saturday, February 9, 2013 from 12:00 - 3:00 p.m. at Xavier High School. This camp is for girls in grades K-8. The application for enrollment is due on Wednesday, January 30. The $30 fee includes a t-shirt. All campers will perform for family and friends at the conclusion of the camp at 2:45 p.m. Use the following link to register: Pom Kid Camp 2013 February Contact Pam Barta at pam.barta@

XPX volunteers at Xavier‘s Thanksgiving meal

Gifts collected for XHS Angel Tree

Booster Club News “Let us not grow tired of doing good, for in due time we shall reap our harvest, if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9 Thanks!

The Booster Club would like to thank all our winter concessions volunteers. Your support is greatly appreciated! Thanks also goes out to all who purchased tickets and congratulations to our many X-Game winners. The proceeds have helped the many Xavier student activities supported by the Booster Club. A complete list of X-Game winners can be found on the Xavier High School website at under “Booster Club.“


Volunteer Coordinator for school year 2013-14 (this position will change from current position) Contact or Laurenhammerberg@gmail. com. NOTE: This position can shadow Gretchen Swanke for the remainder of this year for training.

Next Meeting

The next Booster Club meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 6, at 6:30 p.m. Get involved in 2013!

Become a Member!

The Xavier Booster Club is a volunteer organization dedicated to supporting Xavier academics, athletics and fine arts. We help facilitate, promote, and provide funding for all school related activities. We provide hundreds of volunteer hours and thousands of dollars a year to enhance the high standards and success of Xavier High School and its students. Support our efforts by becoming a member today! A 2012-2013 Booster Club Membership form can be found here: with any questions.

XPX News Save the Date! Mark your calendar and save the date for the Xavier High School Children’s Theatre’s production of “The Jungle Book” February 1416, 2013


A Christmas luncheon for Xavier faculty and staff was held on Wednesday, December 19 in the Xavier Commons. The luncheon, sponsored by XPX, was attended by over 80 faculty and staff members. XPX Hospitality chairwoman Dianna Richardson organized the event, with catering by Dostal’s. The luncheon was paid for with proceeds from the Saints Shop. Thank you to those that shop in the Saints Shop; your patronage allows XPX to host hospitality events for the Xavier faculty and staff such as the Christmas luncheon.

Saints Shop

The Saints Shop will be open Friday January 4 from 11-1 for exchanges and will then close for the remainder of January. Join us in February on our new day - Friday’s from 11-1 beginning Friday, February 1st! Please consider volunteering! You will be paired with an experienced worker every Friday and we would so appreciate the extra help.


Art Trip to Paris, Rome and Florence

From the Trainer:

The Xavier Art Department is hosting an Art Trip to Paris, Rome and Florence in the Summer of 2013. The trip is open to all Xavier students and their parents and siblings.

Prevent Colds!

Highlights of the trip include: Rome, Florence and Paris sightseeing, Vatican museums, Colosseum, St. Peter‘s Basilica, Roman Mosaics and Impressionist Painting workshop, Accademia, Uffizi Gallery, Louvre, Versailles Chateau, Notre Dame, and more! Contact Miss Finley for more information!

2. Have a positive attitude and decrease

1. Get a good night’s sleep of 7 to 8 hours.


3. Eat healthy - Avoid sugar (60% of

immune cells are in your gut so keep it happy.)

4. Drink plenty of water. 5. Increase your body’s natural viruskilling cells with EXERCISE.

SAVE THE DATE: Xtravaganza Middle School Show Choir Competition on March 2, 2013! Mark your calendars for March 2nd, when Xavier High School hosts Xtravaganza, our annual middle school show choir competition, featuring top show choirs from the metro area and beyond, along with showcasing the talents of our own Xhilaration and Xuberance! Xtravaganza is Xavier’s largest show choir fundraiser, and we invite you to be a part of it. By making a donation, you help cover our expenses and free up funds for choreography, costumes, and other show choir needs. Your contribution also provides you with a complimentary program* with your name inside as a patron and our everlasting gratitude for your support.

YES, count me in as an Xtravaganza patron! Patron opportunities include: Standing Ovation: $100; Center Stage: $50; and Curtain Call: $25. To participate, just fill out the form below, and send it to the Xavier Business Office with your check so it arrives no later than February 16th. Contact Joe or Terrie Mlodzik at 378-4003 or with questions. Your support is very much appreciated! *Complimentary programs will be held at the registration table until 4 pm on the day of the event, March 2nd. __ Standing Ovation: $100

__ Center Stage $50

__ Curtain Call $25

Name to appear in the program: ____________________________________ Phone: _________________ E-mail: _________________________________ Patron Donation: $____________

(so we can acknowledge your contribution)

6. Increase Vitamin D consumption -

found in tuna, salmon, eggs, beef and mushrooms and SUNLIGHT!

7. Practice good hygiene. (Wash your

hands, don’t sneeze into your hands and stay home if you are sick.)

The Importance of Safe Weight Loss and Maintenance: It‘s the same story every year - come January 1, we‘re bombarded with messages about losing weight and getting in shape. Unsafe weight management practices can compromise athletic performance and negatively affect an individual‘s health. Athletes and physically active individuals often attempt to lose weight by not eating, developing poor body image due to the influence of others, or engage in unhealthy weight control behaviors and restricting fluids. It is critical for all athletes to work with an athletic trainer, nutritionist or other qualified health care professional to establish a balanced diet and approach to weight gain or loss in keeping with their level of activity. Read more: health-safety/general-health-safety/fifteenways-parents-can-help-prevent-sportsinjuries#ixzz1ic9XWm2L


Business Office News Tuition Tax Credit Tuition statements will be mailed to parents and guardians on January 7, 2013. This statement serves as an acknowledgment of the tuition and registration fee payments you have made to Xavier High School for calendar year 2012. Please remember to utilize the tuition tax credit. Section 422.12, subsection 2, Code 1997, “A tuition credit equal to twenty-five percent of the first one thousand dollars which the taxpayer has paid to others for each dependent in grades kindergarten through twelve, for tuition and textbooks of each dependent in attending an elementary or secondary school situated in Iowa, which school is accredited or approved under section 256.11, which is not operated for Shea Francis profit, and which adheres to the provisiController ons of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964 (319) 739-7307 and chapter 216. As used in this subsection, ‘textbooks’ means books and other instructional materials and equipment used in elementary and secondary schools in teaching only those subjects legally and commonly taught in public elementary and secondary schools in this state and does not include instructional books and materials used in the teaching of religious

Health Links Xavier provides a number of resources on the Health Links page at http://www.xaviersaints. org/services/health/1147-2/ Topics include: • General Health Resources • Influenza Information • Staph Infection (MRSA) • Mononucleosis Information • Strep Throat Information • Mental Health • Bullying and Violence • Greif • Nutrition • Health for Athletes • Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drugs • Tobacco Cessation • For Parents of Adolescents

tenets, doctrines, or worship, the purpose of which is to inculcate those tenets, doctrines, or worship. ‘Textbooks’ includes books or materials used for extracurricular activities including sporting events, musical or dramatic events, speech activities, driver’s education, or programs of a similar nature. Notwithstanding any other provision, all other credits allowed under this section and section 422.128 shall be deducted before the tuition credit under this subsection. The department, when conducting an audit of a taxpayer’s return, shall also audit the tuition tax credit portion of the tax return.” “As used in this subsection, ‘tuition’ means any charges for the expenses of personnel, buildings, equipment, and materials other than textbooks, and other expenses of elementary or secondary schools which relate to the teaching only of those subjects legally and commonly taught in public elementary and secondary schools in this state and which do not relate to the teaching of religious tenets, doctrines, or worship, the purpose of which is to inculcate those tenets, doctrines, or worship. ‘Tuition’ includes those expenses which relate to the extracurricular activities including sporting events, musical or dramatic events, speech activities, driver’s education or programs of a similar nature.” Please provide this documentation to the person who prepares your tax return. Thank you for your support of Catholic education. If you have any questions regarding your statement, please contact Shea Francis at (319) 739-7307.

Parents Are the Most Important Influence in a Child’s Life DRUGPRX If you suspect or know that your child has been drinking or using drugs, take action to stop it as soon as you can. Research shows that parents are central to preventing teen drug use. In fact, kids themselves say that losing their parents’ trust and respect are the most important reasons not to use drugs. As a parent, your actions matter. When you suspect, or know, that your child has been drinking or using drugs, take action to stop it as soon as you can. It may be the most important step you ever take. DRUGPRX (Drug-Parent Request Xavier) is an ongoing service for parents of Xavier students who question if their child is under the influence of drugs. This is a collaborative program with Mercy Medical Center and Sedlacek Treatment Center. Instructions for having your child screened can be found on the Xavier High School Web Site under Services/Health. Please print off the DrugPRX form and bring it with you to Mercy when you use this program. Any questions, please call Kris Naeve at 319-294-6635 x 318.


Growing Outward By Molly McDonald, English Teacher

God doesn’t care what I look like, if I’m wearing the latest fashion, or if I’m up to date on my celebrity gossip. He cares about whether I am using the gifts and talents He gave me, and that I’m sharing them with others. Another new year has rolled around, and with it comes new resolutions and reflections of the 2012 year gone by. As I look back on the past year, I have come to realize that a lot has happened in the last twelve months. And I would like to think that as I have gotten another year older and grown up more, that I have also grown outward more. In 2012, I came to realize that spending less time shopping and planning what I was going to wear to school each day, and spending more time on lesson plans and what I would be teaching each day, was a much better investment. Helping to ensure that my students would be engaged in learning and actively participating in class, was a much wiser investment. An investment in education is one that will appreciate in value each year and not depreciate with next year’s trends. It is my goal that students will come to realize how priceless a good education is. In June I realized that planning an elaborate birthday celebration was not nearly as enjoyable as spending my birthday with 27 Xavier students and chaperones in an airport on the way to Guatemala. The excitement that was in the air as these students and adults prepared themselves for ten days’ worth of service, was much more rewarding than birthday cake, presents, and parties. Each day of the Guatemala service trip was a gift as I interacted with the people of Guatemala and saw their gratitude. Each day was a blessing as I got to know my own students and co-workers on deeper levels. And each day brought me a realization of all of the presents and blessings that God has provided me with in my life. I could not have asked for a better birthday, nor a better group of people to spend it with. Throughout the current school year, I have learned that watching the skills, talents, and hard work of Xavier’s student body is much more entertaining than any reality show or television show out there. Instead of going home and vegging out in front of the TV or

staring at the computer screen all night, I have been lucky to be the moderator of the Bleacher Creature club in its first year here at Xavier. How truly blessed we are that a group of Xavier students have the desire to create a club that takes time to attend a variety of Xavier performances in order to show their support for one another. Being a part of this club has opened my eyes and helped me expand what I thought I knew about Xavier students. I never knew that a marching band competition could be infused with amusing antics down on the field, or that a bowling meet could be filled with such nail biting suspense. My growing out this year is in part due to me putting down my roots. This is my second year teaching at Xavier, and while I have always been a part of the Xavier community (being a 2003 alumni), I have come to truly realize that this is the place I was always meant to be. When I lost my job in the 2008 flood when my parents’ business (Wholesale Tire) flooded, I felt just that, lost. Something pushed me towards heading back to college and attaining a B.A. in Education to compliment my existing degree in English. Now, I’ve learned that it wasn’t something, but someone who was nudging me, God. I feel that I have grown into the person God had always intended for me to be. And while I know that I still have a lot of growing and learning to do, I feel confident that I am headed in the right direction. So in 2013, while people may be making resolutions to shed those extra pounds and slim down (perhaps right in time for their ten year high school reunion), I’m going to keep trying to grow out. God doesn’t care what I look like, if I’m wearing the latest fashion, or if I’m up to date on my celebrity gossip. He cares about whether I am using the gifts and talents He gave me, and that I’m sharing them with others. In this world that is so concerned with what we look like, and whether we fit into “the mold”, I challenge you to break out of that mold and take this year to grow into who God intends for you to be. Happy 2013.

Sixth Annual Band Garage Sale Save the Date! Saturday, April 20, 2013!

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to simplify your life and clear the clutter, please consider setting aside items for donation to the Xavier Band’s seventh annual Garage/Bake Sale Fundraiser! Donating is much easier than having your own garage sale! No need to mark prices, haul stuff out to the garage, worry about the weather or dispose of what doesn’t sell. The sale will take place at Xavier High School on Saturday, April 20, 2013 from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the Commons. Accepted donations will include clothing for infants, children and adults. We also accept toys, games, household items, small appliances, and hand-held electronics. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept large furniture items. All donations can be dropped off at the school on Friday, April 19th between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. A tax receipt will be available for those who offer donations. Proceeds from this sale will assist the band in purchasing new equipment. For additional information contact Shanna Wille at 378-8829 or

Students and Faculty of the Month

Ben Helms “For his outstanding leadership with school spirit and his work on Student Senate.“

Alison Pitz

Tom Lilly

Jaclyn Richmond

“For her outstanding work in the choral music department and for serving as a cantor at St. Pius X. “

“For assisting Xavier students with the youth build through Habitat for Humanity.“

“For her classroom technology innovation, her work with elementary students in Spanish and her work on service trips.“

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Xavier High School Navigator: January 2013  

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