Xavier Review 35:1

Page 80

Xavier Review 34.1

Mona T. Lydon-Rochelle

Into The Desert Before the world existed, the holy people made themselves visible by becoming the clouds, sun, moon, trees, bodies of water, thunder, rain, snow‌ that way, they said, we would never be alone. Luci Tapahonso

He was alone on the coast, a snow owl of the Dungeness. He lay awake in winter silent with the night. Prey to the Cooper Hawk, he hid in broken woodland. Like a warbler near blue-shadowed waters he took flight. Days drifted as white clouds within black clouds. He wept red Spanish wine in the gray dawn. Lost in desolation’s shadow, he pitied those who fell prey to the peevish stupour of psychopharmaceuticals: Temazeslam, diazedamn, clonazespam, roads to apodictic habituation, 80