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How To Install a Security Camera Monitor CCTV camera systems are quite common nowadays in both residential as well as corporate setups. Basically, a CCTV camera system consists of a network of cameras that are placed at different sites and are monitored from a common security camera monitor. The person monitoring the cameras may or may not have the control over camera motion and other different aspects like zoom, focus etc. Depending upon the type of monitoring system in use. There can be up to 16 cameras per setup that can be monitored from a single monitoring system. Security camera monitoring systems can be setup both in a wired as well as a wireless networking system. Wireless setups are increasingly getting popular these days because of the freedom of placement they provide and the tangles of wires they avoid. A wired system is more cumbersome to setup at first too and concealing those wires requires extra work. However, a typical wired security camera network connected to one or more security monitors provide much more range in comparison to a similar wireless network. Also, the chances of disruption are far less in a wired setup as the wireless cameras talk to each other and the security monitor on a wireless frequency that may also be in use by other equipment thereby creating a possibility of interference. CCTV monitor systems can also be distinguished based on their usage location, outdoor security systems and indoor security systems. Systems designed to be used outside are made with more robust choice of materials to protect the components from effects of weather, dust, sun etc. Indoor systems on the other hand can be made more delicate and small as these are not affected by the aforementioned issues. Security monitors are usually bundled with a controlling device which also provides hard drive storage of up to 1 TB these days for storage of video. The security monitor systems comes in two flavors, the LCD panels of sizes ranging from 17 inches to 21 inches and the No monitor systems. It is always advisable to go with a system with LCD panels included unless you have your own LCD lying down for use with it as without the LCD panel, usually there is very limited monitoring possible and that too of the status of cameras, not the actual image. The controlling device usually comes in both tower as well as horizontal form factors like the traditional PCs. Setting up a security monitoring system requires following steps. It may vary a little with the type of system in use however, the basics are always the same: 1. Install the cameras using the screws or vacuum pumps provided. 2. Wire the cameras in case of a wired system or turn them on in case of a wireless system. 3. Install the base controlling devices and tie up the monitor to the VGA or HDMI port on it. 4. Power up and boot the device, initialize the software system and let it detect your camera cluster. 5. Once setup using the on screen setup, save the setting and start working.

That's it, the system is ready to protect you day in and day out.

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