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2010-2011 Annual Report to Donors

It is an honor to present this annual report, which is one small way for us to thank and recognize all of the donors who have provided philanthropic support to the Xavier Foundation during the 2010-2011 fiscal year. In compiling this long list of all parishioners, alumni, parents, businesses and friends who supported our mission during the past year, it occurred to us that every time one of you opened your wallet, wrote a check, or offered a needed product or service to our students, you engaged in an act of worship. Typically, when we ask for a contribution, we mention how it is needed to keep the lights on, pay salaries, buy supplies, or provide tuition assistance to a student, but rarely do we offer it as an invitation to worship. Worship it is, though, when we offer gifts to support and strengthen the work of Christ’s body, the Church.

2010-2011 Xavier Foundation Board of Directors Officers Most Rev. Jerome Hanus, OSB, STL William McCartan John Cleavenger Conrad Baumler Rev. Philip Thompson Jody Ruff Members Gary Becker Ellen Bouchard Michele Busse Brenda Clancy Tom Hoffmann Tom Keating Dan Lynch Cynthia Sueppel Mark Watson Board Emeritus Michael Stallman Gary Streit


When you provide financial support for Xavier you help assure the perpetuation of our faith; you let us form a new generation of observant Catholics and lay leaders for our Church. More vitally, though, you give to more than 700 young people, each year, the chance to be educated in an environment that supports them as they endeavor to become faith-filled people in a world that can sometimes pull them in other directions. And so, what you find on these pages is a worship book. You won’t find hymns or a liturgy, but you will find the gifts that you and others have offered to Christ and our students as an act of worship. We thank you for your acts of worship -- your generous gifts. We hope that you will take some time to look for your name. When you find it, know that the entire Xavier community offers a prayer of thanks for you and for your generosity. As you look through the pages you will see names of people you know. They are a part of this congregation of worshippers, offering what we have to support this work of the Church. Total gifts to the Xavier Foundation topped $865,000 for the 2010-2011 fiscal year. Imagine the impact that all of these gifts, combined, have had on the young people who pursue their education at Xavier, and the further impact they will have on the world they will help lead. As these students go out into the world, to pursue their chosen fields and to raise their own families, they carry with them a greater faith commitment, one that you made possible. Whether to one of our Annual Appeals, to the Endowed Scholarship Fund, or the School Tuition Organization all gifts are needed and important. On behalf of the Xavier Foundation and the students, faculty, staff, and staff it supports, we humbly thank you for your generosity. Sincerely, Bill McCartan Foundation Chair

Jody Ruff Executive Director

Generosity OF MANY The generosity of thousands of donors made the 2010-2011 fiscal year a successful one for the Xavier Foundation. More than $865,709 was contributed to the Foundation from July 1, 2010 June 30, 2011. The chart below illustrates how gifts of all sizes from local parishioners, businesses, LaSalle, Regis, and Xavier alumni, Xavier parents, and special friends add up to make a huge difference to the students of Xavier High School. Thank you.

STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION Statement of Assets and Fund Balance

Statement of Income and Expense

Assets Cash Other Recievable Investments Pledge Receivable Other Assets Total Assets

$33,537 192 10,081,619 25,590 1,289 $10,142,227

Liabilities and Equity Liabilities Equity Total Liabilities and Equity

Income Bequests Annual Appeals Endowed Scholarships Matching Gifts Restricted Income Investment Income Total Income

$107,261 592,303 *51,461 48,574 55,500 1,720,618 $2,575,717

459,156 9,683,071 $10,142,227

Expense Distribution to High School Fundraising and Administrative Total Expenses Net Income

729,792 239,901 $969,693 $1,606,024

*Includes funds maintained by Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation

Memorial/Bequests Restricted Matching Gifts


Business Appeal

Alumni Appeal Endowed Gifts In Kind Scholarship

While it is not possible to list them all in this report, our gratitude goes out to each and every person Parish Appeal who offered their time, talent, financial support, and prayers for Xavier’s students, faculty and staff. Contributions to the annual Alumni, Business and Parish appeals made between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011 begin on page four and reflect cash gifts, pledge payments, and stock contributions. Careful attention has been given to list the names of all contributors to the Xavier Foundation. We regret any errors or omissions. Please notify our office if there is an error in your listing. AR-3

Directors: $10,000 & above Crusaders: $5,000 - $9,999 Commanders: $2,000 - $4,999 Leaders: $1,000 - $1,999

Challengers: $500 - $999 Builders: $250 - $499 Sustainers: $100 - $249 Friends: Up to $99

We are grateful to the donors listed on the following pages who donated to the Xavier Foundation Alumni Appeal. A gift to the Alumni Appeal helps continue the legacy of more than 140 years of Catholic High School education in the Cedar Rapids metro area. With your prayers and financial support Xavier can continue its mission to develop the total person in a Catholic environment. LASALLE 1964 Friends

Susan Carson Bach Mary Sullivan Bergthold Paul Christenson

LASALLE 1965 Leaders Tom Frana


Jean Zamastil Navratil


Michael Oujiri Linda Getz Williams


LASALLE 1970 Builders



Ann Carson Susan Moore Lane Gail Erusha Scott Thomas Erceg Pat McGurk Imerman Julie McGuire Parrott David Ruemmele Pam Kemble Ruemmele Carolyn Smith Silhanek Jim Tresnak

Sheila Brawner Barta Bonita Ament Calvert Mary Becker Lehner Susan Kann Patten Cathy Super Pierce Francis Prochaska Dianne Schulte Shinto Eileen Barta Sylvester James McVeigh

LASALLE 1968 Builders

LASALLE 1966 Sustainers

LASALLE 1969 Challengers

Thomas Banse* Shirley Neyens Philipp


Lana Schulte DixonMerchant Gregg Jones Joyce Jirouch Naaktgeboren Patricia Philipp Roberts


LASALLE 1967 Sustainers

James Erusha


Loras Schulte


Wesley Drahozal Margaret Hayen Fuller John Houser Susan Fisher Houser James Oujiri

Lonie Tresnak*


John Malone


John Carson Elizabeth Kemble Drahozal Diane Maloney Lorentz Mark Martin Patricia Sedlacek Parrott

Jeffrey Ford Kathy Steinbach Shelton Robert Kuhn


Coreen Etscheidt Anson Colleen Cummings Camp Anna Fandel Nancy Valant Hess Kristine Barta Jones Patrice Ennis Stamp

LASALLE 1971 Challengers Vicky Erusha Garnsey


Carol Wall Benesh Joyce Burns Duffy Lori Kluber Sheryl Erger Rogers Elizabeth Schlenk Connie Tresnak White


Susan Rehak Blome Suellen Karal Flynn Patricia Maloney Jennings

LASALLE 1972 Builders Pat Rehak Thompson


Richard Hess


Dan Claes


LASALLE 1973 Leaders

Kelly Collins* Steve Fowler Tom Kenney Mary Colbert Lancaster Sue Drahozal McCarthy* Jodi McGuire Parks Peggy Hess Saunders Kathy Krall Steffen

Jacob Fahnle


Patrick Flaherty


Jan Pape Naughton Mike Naughton Ginny Vial Ordman John Owens

LASALLE 1978 Leaders Kimberly Erusha


Terry Babor Barb Berns Van Hoeck Shelley Hotchkiss Vogel Donalyn Frimml Zvacek

Mark Kluber




LASALLE 1979 Leaders

LASALLE 1975 Builders

Gary Erger*

Dave Zipperer



Nancy Moeller Garcia

Margaret Meek Duggan Dave Ruhs



Paul Charipar Micki Schillig Feldmann Becky Albright Rydell Jack Schulte Peggy Stallman Sleichter

David Burns William Davis Sharon Petska Smith Jeff Steffen

LASALLE 1976 Builders

LASALLE 1980 Leaders

Lisa Charipar Boddicker David Ekland


Karen Moeller Thinnes*

Mary Washburn Heidrick Bill Hennessy Jan Nierling Timon Oujiri Randy Tresnak*


Denise Panek Bailey Mary Bearns Jim Brawner Connie Babor Collins* Laurie Jensen Cullen Lori Gearhart George Holmes Joan Schlenk Kevin Schulte Thomas Stepanek Christine Chmelicek Stolba

LASALLE 1977 Sustainers

Joe Hruska* Cindy Hawes Kaster

Dianne Thoman Clarke Debbie Lane Himmelsbach Jill Sharp McDermott Ann Benzer Robinson Kathy Gaskill Toczylowski Mike Toczylowski

Beth Einck Choate Mark Dvorak Jean Kollsmith Johnson Joni Sharp Keller Mary Newcomb Novak Ralph Selzer LeAnn Tudor Rita Garin White


Sharon Kenney Eyanson Rick Moeller Mark Rodenkirk



LASALLE 1982 Challengers

Thomas Ekland

Cindy Erger Zipperer

Steve Schulze

Challengers Mike Guge

LASALLE 1974 Builders

Christine Charipar Schulte


Lisa Erger Clarahan Robert Erusha Laurie Lefebure Neuhaus Matthew Teply* Peggy Wieneke


Nancy Babor Charipar Patricia Harover Erger Annette Kenney Paul Schliemann Mike Schillig Duane Schulte

LASALLE 1981 Challengers

Beth Drew Hartauer*


Kary Schulte


Joseph Barta Rich Gase

Kathleen Kleiman Mary Hickey Wilson Todd Einck Kathy Harover Ferguson Joseph Kenney Robert Malecek Annette Moeller Moore Gina Perri Karen Ormsby Ratz Deb Selzer Sullivan

LASALLE 1983 Challengers Paul Philipp*


Denise Goodell Kenney


Kathleen Ebel Harriott* James Lemke Gregory Ortmann


Bret Burkhart Teresa Nemec Lowe Therese Doyle Stussy

LASALLE 1984 Builders Jim Kenney


Martin Graff Kenneth Hartmann Jennifer Kleiman Teresa Ormsby Ortmann Darrel Schulte Christopher Stark Pamela Ruzicka Stark


Diana Etscheidt Ash Nancy LeFebure Cunningham Michael Hoffman John Volz

LASALLE 1985 Sustainers


LASALLE 1994 Friends

Melissa Kilpatrick Kolsto

LASALLE 1995 Sustainers

Erin Feye Franich Brian Peck


LASALLE 1986 Sustainers

Steve Badger


Brian Dunkel Sarah Kouri

Catherine Meek Hicks Doug Einck Eddie Kibbie Carrie Davisson Rice

LASALLE 1987 Friends

Renee Dietrich Amy Bopp Gaynor Laura Ryan Ripley

LASALLE 1988 Sustainers Patrick Davis John Stallman


Mark Jaeger Kristi Bopp Hartman Juliana Kibbie Reisner Kathy Nachazel Smith

LASALLE 1989 Sustainers Brian Amsler Tom Fox


Matthew Meter

LASALLE 1990 Friends

LASALLE 1996 Friends

LASALLE 1997 Friends

Jennifer Lancaster Kramer

REGIS 1959 Builders

Kirby Brouillard John Willenborg


Thomas Ceynar Dianne Clarkson Wagner Larry Wagner


Thomas Leahy Patricia Redmond Rustad Matthew Ruzicka Wesley Vondracek John Weber

REGIS 1960 Sustainers

Patrick Geraghty Allan Gremm Joe Zachar*


LASALLE 1993 Sustainers

Gary Brandt Joanne Happ Brown Karen Swift Burk Bill Burke Tom Dougherty Jane Fullen Haag Mary Titler Hurley Carolyn Mach Gosse Roger Konzen Marianne Harms Morrissey Rita Svoboda Tomanek Nancy Schmitt Starkweather


REGIS 1961 Sustainers

Melissa ChariparMeyers*

LASALLE 1991 Friends Sean Shea

LASALLE 1992 Friends

Katie Connor Shea Dacey Waldron

Susan Stallman Hacke Brian Banyas Julie Schons Felderman

Jill Kadera Hellmer

*We gratefully recognize these donors who secured matching funds from their employers.

Anne Locher Knudten Theresa Janaszak Williams



Earl Ernst Cathy Lundon Heng John Montpas

REGIS 1962 Challengers

Lloyd Pedersen


Mary Krotz Henderson George Hasley


Karen Collins Kludt Mary Martinson Schroeder Judy Klima Touney

REGIS 1963 Sustainers

Thomas Moore Jim Toms


John Barta Jane Spreitzer Broghammer Ronald Cosgrove Terry Krejci Patricia Willis Kurt Regis Trenda Gary Schall Mary Blake Schneider Feldie Schwab Gary Schweitzer Sandra Shay

REGIS 1964 Builders Lynn Schulte


Kathy Schulte Condit Virginia Meis Connor Elisabeth Lane Hasley Gary Stallman


Thomas Affeldt Dean Carlson Christine Blazek Cobb Claudia Drvota Dooley Robert Gradoville George Klein Donald Murphy Cathy Matus Nunemaker Mary Hayden Quamme Frank Spinler James Victor Richard Whitmore Karen Navratil Wires Dianne Wright John Zamastil

REGIS 1965 Sustainers

Cindy Cortez Carson


James Fitzpatrick Ron Godwin Mike Hanley John Riedel


Tom Donnelly Michael Erdman Larry Greco Timothy Murphy Janice Heitzman Nichols

REGIS 1966 Sustainers

Steve Andersen Anne Penne Fitzpatrick Theresa Cortez Gerdes Terrance Godar


Michael Buckley Randall Emerson Joan Pedersen Hightshoe Anne Lane Murphy

REGIS 1967 Sustainers

James Brems Mary Cooney Cooper Stephanie McCallum Dirks Mark Lorenz John Negro Mark Taylor


Jeanne Nassif Amosson Julianne O’Connell Beckett Mary Montpas Cornish Perry Kidder Louise Lis Murray Teresa Collins Pisarik Steve Rennekamp Theresa Elsner Schwab Victoria Shepard Thompson

REGIS 1968 Builders

Anne Kinney Mark Watson


Thomas Wehmeyer


David Baldridge Linda Hilley Bedell Colleen Gremm Charkowski Scott Lawlor Catherine McCallum Mary Hennessey Moran Christine Popelka Reynolds Michelle Cullinan Sweeting

Sue Vanous Wolfe

REGIS 1969 Sustainers

Larry Borst Stephen Havlik Debbie Miller Jacobs* Greg Jacobs* Joe McCaddon


Joseph Dalton Beverly Harris Dunlavy Charles Friedman Mary Kay Negro Friedman Kathleen Connor Howell Polly Mersch Hudecek Robert Johnson Sidney Severa Lutz Ann O’Neill Pisarik Stephen Pisarik Philip Popelka Patrick Ryan Julie Sullivan Schulte Herbert Staub

REGIS 1970 Challengers

Joseph Showers


Michael Sullivan


Robert Doubek Jean Jennings Kottemann


Kris Smejkal Bloodgood Debbie Tow Colozza Robert Hurych Barry Hyduk Chris Chadima James Diane Kline Johnson Tim Keeley Jeanne Parker Rammelsberg

Susan Strnad Danne Robert Gardner Barbara Gerleman Hamann Lou Greco Heng Kurt Miller Daniel O’Brien Dennis Redmond Diane Dietrich Reusch Dana Serovy Mike Stusak Thomas Taylor


Mary Hibben Connor

Robert Hanson


REGIS 1977 Builders

Margaret Quetsch-Bales William Chadima Tim Cross Rebecca Saldana Deal Dennis Flynn Maureen Froehle Keate


Catherine Disterhoft John Gregory Sandra Gibbs Heaton Michael Hook Barbara Parr Hurych Frank Maher Daniel Martin Michael Nunemaker Timothy Trcka

REGIS 1974 Builders

Timothy Houlahan*


Karen Hult Richard Ropp Peter Watson


Sara Pedersen Schreiber


Bruce Cross David Flanders Mark Loes Kimberly Smith



Janet Merfeld


REGIS 1972 Sustainers

Sarah Sullivan Duwelius Joseph Whitters

REGIS 1973 Commanders

REGIS 1971 Sustainers

Roy McClary Craig Nelson Cheryl Figge Petersen Diane McLane Ryan Debra Zobac

REGIS 1976 Builders

Susan Renner Anderson* Ann Seidl Diers* Kathy Engholm Thomas Marbach Thomas O’Donnell

REGIS 1975 Challengers

Lisa Bader Swanson

Sandra Kirby Williams

Steven Kelly

Scott Hippert John Kokontis Thomas Mochal Daniel Taylor* Mary Trainor Walsh


John Dowd Kathy Maas Klotz Janie Fagan Mills Susan Vogl Nicholson Linda Tressel Nowak Judy Miller Roedema* Kate O’Malley Sanders* Timothy Soukup

John Bryant Marcie Herzberger Bryant Daniel Hackbarth


Kathleen Donnelly Diane Rozek Flynn John Hesselmann* Tamra Fox Hingtgen Todd Hingtgen Chuck Klein Matthew Wolf


Mike Fagan Judy Vogl Hutchins Patricia O’Brien Kelly Diana Lynch Mark Seidl Peggy Stebbins Siefert

REGIS 1978 Commanders

Jill Cosgrove Von Ebers


Lynda TwoHill Rogers*


Jeffry Young


Michael Blaser Paul Martin Gretchen Wolf McCarthy Lynn Worley


Kathleen Keefe Bean Teresa Frank Richard Gradoville Thomas Hanson Jon Jensen

REGIS 1979 Leaders

David Thinnes*


Christopher Drahozal

*We gratefully recognize these donors who secured matching funds from their employers.


Michael Ahart Shawn Carney Kathleen Hahn Shankwitz


Ann Erger Laurie Venteicher Konecny Laurie Sanborn Neuwohner Bernie Schuller Matthew Schupanitz Martin Steepleton

REGIS 1980 Builders

Connie Stephan Kielty


John Clarahan Cynthia Kueter Kellerman Tim Kregel


Lynn Salat Fisher Bernard Gradoville Pamela Merfeld Susan Parrish Scobell Diane Tressel Van Nest

REGIS 1981 Builders

Sarah Donnelly Cotty Mary Keefe Chizek*


Clair Lensing Catherine Kueter Anderson


Daniel Blank Jim Hanson Karen Leeland Huntington Chris Jennings Laurie Lynch Kersten Mike Staudacher Lori Takes Stock

REGIS 1982 Sustainers

Douglas Ropp


Theresa Gruenloh Fry Ann Gamsky Fuxa Jan Gamsky Hessman Kathy Weyland McCauley Scott Sanborn Robert Staudacher Brian Wilkinson

REGIS 1983 Builders

Michael Parrish* Matt Schueller Dale Schwach


Richard Breitbach John Chadima Michael Hayek Dennis Henderson Carol Steepleton Steingreaber


Patrick Collins Tim Drahos John Hasley Mary Burns Hasley

REGIS 1984 Commanders

Lisa Rater Johnson


Lisa Kokontis


Patricia Kueter Buser Joe Vondracek


Mark Behounek Thomas Breitbach Maria Himes Busch Kirk Haefner Michelle Fox Maus Rebecca Sullivan Myers Lee Ann Takes O’Keefe Chuck Parcell James Saunders

REGIS 1985 Commanders Dan Breitbach


Courtney Miller Merilatt



Liz Weiland Efting Julie Holtz Rob Waterhouse

REGIS 1987 Sustainers

Kara Denny Callanan Colleen Wendling Coletta Robert Drish Mathew Hasley


Kurt Breiling Brooke Drahozal DeWolf Mary Topf Suzanne Ryan Zahn

REGIS 1988 Builders

Patrick Callanan Patrick Cosgrove

Michele Kueter Brock Teresa Thier Grammatke Jason Hackman Toby Hoffman Gail Rochford Johnson Niall MacMenamin Lisa Bartunek Renze

REGIS 1994 Sustainers

Sara Beckman Alexander


Katherine Brandes Beihl Scott Conrad Kathleen Wendling Dunkel Brian Talyat Jeana Williams West

Robert Borelli Theodore Borelli Tricia Sullivan Borelli Heather Geraghty Hasley Jill McEnany Walsh*


Raquel Ridenour Banys* Kyle DeBrower Charles Meyer Donna Ernst Weiss

REGIS 1989 Sustainers

Julie Lynch Kimberly Menke


Edward Gruenloh

REGIS 1990 Sustainers Friends


XAVIER 2000 Leaders



John Tursi

REGIS 1993 Friends

Joseph Sullivan

Diane Fagan Ropp

REGIS 1986 Builders

Deborah Adams Topazi

Lori Simpson Brown Anne Marie Hayek Evans

Michele Matt Sean Williams*

Maria Negro Bertram Caroline Knudten Godfrey Julia Klein Griffiths William Parcell Cynthia Schuh Salyer Beth Ahart Wolf

REGIS 1992 Friends

Sarah Bruckman Klima John Lorenson Kathryn Barnts Lyon Karen Weber Rippel Tony Schubert

Ann Holtz Ogoreuc

Brian Fagan

REGIS 1995 Friends

REGIS 1996 Builders

Jason Fuemmeler

Sustainers Erin Gray


Brent Egger Bradley Joens Catherine Metz

REGIS 1997 Builders

Christopher McCarville


Shannon O’Connell Lampe

REGIS 1998 Friends

Sandra Pfeiler


Margaret McDonald Hansen Michael Hansen


Emily Peebler Anderson Kristin Ernst Golden Megan Hudak Courtney Ridge Mark Rosburg

XAVIER 2001 Sustainers

Sarah Franklin Christopher March


Shannon Geraghty Clark Eric Faurote Michael Freeman Megan Ballard Lawrence Nathan Maher Ann Bousek Prane Matt Prane

XAVIER 2002 Sustainers Drew Haase


Katie Bellendier* Jillian Louis York

XAVIER 2003 Friends

Elizabeth Blaser Brenda Negro Cronin Christopher Hoeger Rebecca Pettit Julie Soukup

REGIS 1991 Challengers

Elizabeth Metz Tyson Morio


XAVIER 1999 Sustainers

Erica Whitney Kearns Emily Nelson Brandon Paulsen Lauren Squires



XAVIER 2005 Friends

Amy High

James Martin Mary Hayek Watry Brenda Bousek Heth Barbara Sparks Klein James Klein Rebecca Seidl Lesnik Kimberly Kadolph Loffswold

John Ferguson Mark Hardinger Melissa Ballard Joseph Behmer Danielle Miller Brady Ryan Brady Katie Mills Giorgio Matthew Giorgio

XAVIER 2004 Friends

Ryan Day

XAVIER 2008 Friends

Meaghan Nelson


The financial support our business community provides helps us continue the tradition of educational excellence, in which 96% of Xavier High School students go on to pursue higher education, 100% of our students are involved in community service, and on average, our students perform better than both the state and nation on the ACT college entrance exams.


Highway Equipment Company

CRUSADERS ($5,000 - $9,999)

Cedar Rapids Toyota EduCare Learning Center, Inc.

COMMANDERS ($2,000 - $4,999)

Climate Engineers Coldwell Banker-Hedges Realty Hawkeye Electric Lynch Ford Chevrolet Nelson Electric Company RuffaloCODY Schimberg Company Theisen’s Home Farm Auto Zeppelins

LEADERS ($1,000 - $1,999)

Aero Rental Ahmann Design Bowker Mechanical Contractors – Roger and Angie Baker Cedar Valley World Travel Centro, Inc. Construction Publications The Dental Center Jim and Sue Dyer The ESCO Group Fairfax State Savings Bank FNBC Iowa Hy-Vee and Hy-Vee Drugstore, Cedar Rapids and Marion Jim Miller Nissan Subaru Joe Bertsch Electrical Sales Co. Kelly Concrete Company/Kelly Demolition, LLC Richard L. Kundel, M.D. Linn Area Credit Union McGrath Automotive Company Nesper Sign Advertising, Inc. Novak Design Group Panera Bread Seltec Sales Corporation Shey Systems, Inc.

Simmons Perrine Moyer Bergman PLC Karen Volz Wells Fargo

CHALLENGERS ($500 - $999)

Acme Graphics, Inc. B.G. Brecke, Inc. Bankers Trust Thomas and Joretta Barbee Berthel Fisher & Company Bradley & Riley, PC Brown Law Office CCB Packaging, Inc Cedar Memorial Funeral Home Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust Collins Community Credit Union Contract Exchange Corp. Custom Hose & Supplies Day Mechanical Systems, Inc. Feiereisen Inc. First Iowa Insurance Hawkeye Communication Hills Bank & Trust Co. Home Appliance Center Honkamp Krueger James T. Brems, PC. Joensy’s Restaurant - Center Point Kleiman Construction Marion Iron Co. Mercy Medical Center New Frontier Foundation Fund of The Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation Pate Asphalt Systems Pearson Personal Safety Corporation Quaker Oats Company Paul Rhines Shive-Hattery State Farm Insurance, Doug Valentine Fred and Bev Timko TrueNorth Companies, LLC Van Meter Industrial Corporate Donor-Advised Fund of The Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation AR-8

John Wollner, M.D. World Class Industries

BUILDERS ($250 - $499)

Anderson & Brown Eye Care PLC Anderson-Bogert Engineers and Surveyors Boyson Dental Brokaw Vending Brost Architects, LTD Corridor Material Placement Dan O’Brien Law Office Delaney Construction Elderkin & Pirnie PLC Erusha Dental Farmers Savings Bank, Walford Farmers State Bank, Marion Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping Future Systems, Inc. Havertape Chiropractic Hiawatha Bank & Trust Holmes Murphy & Associates House of Carpets Hybrid Transit Systems Infrastructure Technology Solutions J-Tec Associates, Inc. King’s Material, Inc. Liebovich Steel & Aluminum Company

Marlin Special Investigations May City Bowling Center Murdoch Funeral Homes Paulson Electric Company Roto Rooter ServiceMaster 380 Skogman Companies of Iowa TechniCom, Inc. The Sled Shed Trane Vector Corp. Worley Warehousing, Inc.

SUSTAINERS ($100 - $249)

7G Distributing LLC Adcraft Printing Company Air Filter Sales & Services Anderson Financial Services Anthony and Marcia Bedard Benda Financial Designs Benefits Solutions, Inc. Bob Mickey Collision Center Bouchard’s Home Improvement Brady & O’Shea, PC Buechel Insurance Agency Carpet Chalet, Inc. Cedar Rapids Truck Center, Inc. Christianson Chiropractic Connie’s Catering Conveyor Engineering Crown Trophy


Aegon Transamerica Foundation Rockwell Collins

COMMANDERS ($2,000 - $4,999) Alliant Energy Pepsico Foundation

LEADERS ($1,000 - $1,999)

Mercer (Marsh & McLennan Companies) Pfizer Inc. Verizon Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation

CHALLENGERS ($500 - $999)


Culligan Water Conditioning Cummins Central Power Dental Touch Associates Direct Impulse Design Dlouhy Auto Repair Do-it Corporation Dry Cleaning Plus Elite Lawn and Landscaping Evergreen Estates Farmers & Merchants Bank Financial Planning Services First Federal Credit Union Frew Nations Group LLC Hames Manufactured Mobile Homes Hawkeye Convenience Stores Don G. Homan – Securian Advisors Hupp Electric Motors, Inc. Inspirations Salon & Spa Joensy’s Restaurant - Cedar Rapids Junge Ford-Lincoln-Mercury, Center Point & Cedar Rapids Ted and Sara Kepros Knapp Warden Architecture & Engineering Kor Management Recruiters of Cedar Rapids Merci’s Tailoring – Carmelita Scott Moore Process Equipment

Company OB/GYN Associates – Jerry Rozeboom, M.D. Paul Revere’s Pizza Peck’s Flower and Garden Shop Philipp Trucking Premier Advisors Premier Dental Pro Video Interactive Inc. Randy’s Carpets & Interiors Rapid Refill Ink Read Photography Sattler Homes Co. Schumacher Carpets Seidl & Chicchelly Law Firm Skogman Carlson Insurance Inc. Smith Massman Landscaping Stewart Baxter Funeral & Memorial Services Suburban Lumber Company, Inc. Teahen Funeral Home TeleSolutions Consulting, LLC* Tension Envelope Corporation Terpstra & Epping Thinnes Law Offices, LLC Tom Takes Construction Unzeitig Construction Co. Voelschow & Associates, P.C. Weland Clinical Laboratories Welter Storage Equipment Co. Western Fraternal Life Association – Rudy Pino Window Depot of Eastern Iowa

Intermec Foundation Tyco Electronics U.S. Bancorp Foundation

New York Life Insurance Co. Principal Financial Group Foundation, Inc. Prudential Foundation RuffaloCODY Sherwin-Williams Foundation Sprint Foundation TrueNorth Companies, LLC

BUILDERS ($250 - $499)

Eli Lilly and Company Foundation NextEra Energy Foundation, Inc. Ryan Companies US, Inc. Schneider Electric/Square D Foundation Terex Corporation Toyota Motor Insurance Foundation Wabtec Corporation

SUSTAINERS ($100 - $249)


Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. EsterLine Control Systems Fairfax State Savings Bank Hormel Foods Millipore Foundation Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation Ryan Construction Inc. Foundation Sanofi Aventis

American Express Foundation Bank of America Foundation General Mills Foundation The Chubb Corporation *We gratefully recognize these donors who secured matching funds from their employers.

The gift of Catholic education would not be possible without the generous support of our Parish Appeal Donors. Donations to the Parish Appeal continue to pay down the bonds used to finance the building of Xavier High School, provide tuition assistance to families, and provide a resource for essential needs of the school. Thank you for your support.


Gary and Jean Wenisch*

NAVIGATORS ($7,000 - $9,999) Mr. Leonard Dolezal

CRUSADERS ($5,000 - $6,999)

Janet Merfeld and Kevin Murray Mr. and Mrs. John Ortmann Scott and Mary Zogg*

COMMANDERS ($2,000 - $4,999)

Mrs. Marie Acevedo Virginia Bailey Kevin and Diane Ballard Gregg and Christine Botkin* Gina and John Cleavenger* Loren and Patricia Coppock Donor Advised Fund of The Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation Jack and Dilla Cosgrove George and Karen Fulford* Troy Gerleman Mary Hanzelka-Leary and Dan Leary Tom and Jean Hoffmann* Dan and Donna Lynch Dale and Carolyn March* Mark Miller* Mary Orth Kay Pitlik Jeff and Kristin Schaefer* Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Schmall* John and Patrice Waldorf* Elizabeth Weland Mrs. Maxine Welch Paul and Gail Williams*

LEADERS ($1,000 - $1,999)

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Alt* Michael Ament*


Anonymous* (2) Roger and Angie Baker Conrad and Jeannette Baumler Lloyd and Carol Bean Dennis and Patti Becker* Dr. and Mrs. Bradley Beer David and Julie Bellendier* Robert and Lois Boland Mrs. Mary Jane Brandes Matthew and Jeanne Brandes Don and Mary Chizek* Matthew and Kathy Chorzempa* James and Brenda Clancy Rev. Gerald Condon Ron and Jan Delaney Richard and Barbara Donohue Mr. Dennis Drahozal David and Marla Erickson* Arlene Erusha Richard and Darla Galligan Patricia Gamsky (Deceased) Phil and Donna Garland Timothy and Janis Gaule* Brian and Beth Globokar Rev. Msgr. Karl L. Glovik Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gradoville Leone Gray Bob and Kelly Haag* Rebecca Hayes and James Ickes* Jeff and Lisa Henderson* Jim and Ethel Herring John and Nancy Herring Wesley and Lisa Huisinga Duane and Anne Jasper Philip and Kathy Jasper* Mike and Lynn Jump* Thomas and Jodi Keating Maureen and Joseph Kenney Joe and Carolyn Kirby Bruce and Sherry Kramer* Randy and Suzanne Krejci Mrs. Kathryn LaFontaine Dr. and Mrs. Carlton Lake James and Paula Levett Steve and Denise Maze Lawrence E. McGrath Peggy and James Meek

Scott and Jeani Murtha James and Kathy Nelson Rev. Ivan Nienhaus Stephen and Janet Noonan* Richard and Rita Olson James and Anne Pape Mr. and Mrs. William Quinby Lisa and Randy Ramlo Dr. David and Mary Jo Rater Henry and Jill Reicks Tom and Dianna Richardson Gary and Cathy Rozek Joseph and Lynda Schimberg Steven and Karen Schulte* Gerald and Phyllis Seidl John and Amy Sheehan Tom and Stacy Shey Mike and Dorothy Stallman Dan and Kay Sullivan* David and Karen Thinnes* Jeff and Kathy Thorsteinson Jack and Marylou Tripolino Doug and Amy Valentine Karen Volz and Lance Heeren Mark and Jan Watson

CHALLENGERS ($500 - $999)

Dick Alexander* Darcy and Mary Andres Anonymous (2) Mr. and Mrs. James Archibald Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Auterman Stephen and Charlene Barak Mr. and Mrs. Jim Beck Gary and Michelle Becker Robert and Jean Beer Kevin and Lori Bestick* Len and Janet Billerbeck Tim and Linda Billmeyer* Joe and Lorraine Blanck Douglas and Charla Boe* Mark and Jeanne Bornemann Steve and Lori Boyer Mr. and Mrs. Dorrance Brady* John and Molly Bredl Dr. and Mrs. Beamer Breiling Dan and Lisa Breitbach John and Lora Breitbach Richard and Kitty Breitbach Bruce and Barbara Brisbine* Mike and Marybeth Brogan Rick and Heidi Brown Robert and Jacqueline Buschette* Jeff and Michele Busse Mr. and Mrs. William Byrne Anthony Cahill Michael and Jo Cambridge Lu Canning George and Marie Chalhoub Loren and Susan Corrigan* Paul and Eileen Clarahan Lucy Dietrich

Richard and Joanne Digiantonio* Mrs. John Donnelly Michael and Jan Drahozal Mark and Monica Dunbar* Thomas and Terry Ekland Mary E. Erger David and Marla Erickson Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Erusha James and Linda Fenske* Andrew and Judith Flach* Thomas and Sue Flaherty Stephen and Judy Fuemmeler Michael and Mollie Gannon Genevieve Gatto Mr. and Mrs. William T. Gibbs* Kevin and Jeanne Giles* Jeff Goedken John and Mary Graff Scott and Lisa Griffin Joe and Patricia Gross Mike and Lisa Guge Thomas and Martha Hanley Mark Hanrahan Robert and Bev Hanson Frank and Agnes Hartmann Mr. and Mrs. Robert Havlik Mr. and Mrs. William Holtz* Arnie Honkamp Tim and Karen Ingwersen* Stephen and Kay Jackson Ray and Beth Kamin* James and Barbara Kemp Kathleen Kleiman and Michael Glavan Tim and Ann Kortemeyer Chet and Rita Koth Larry and Marlys Kula Kenneth and Paula Ladage* Julie Lammers and Scot Brown* Mr. Michel L. Langheim* Mr. and Mrs. Peter Layden Terry and Patty Leier* Rod and Stacy Leiting* Paul and Connie Louis* Darla and Dan Lowe* Robert and Kristin Ludwig Brett and Lois Mahr Robert and Evelyn Matt* Robert and Rosemary McAleer* Mary Lou and William McCartan Maureen McMahon* Merle and Mary Menzel Margaret Merideth Dennis and Mary Miller Mrs. Harold A. Miller Barbara and Jay Morrissey Ellen and Jeff Morrow Eric and Tina Mueller* Herb and Marcia Musser John and Donna Negro William and Michelle Noonan Thomas and Lara Osterhaus* John and Bethany Parker

Jim and Marilyn Podgorski* Mr. and Mrs. John Randall Gary and Patsy Roling Jeffrey and Tanya Rosencrants* Lawrence Roudabush Jody Ruff Randi Ruzicka* Patricia Sanches Joseph Schemmel* Charles and Lisa Schimberg Donald and Barbara Schmitz Dave and Corry Schreck* Anthony and Laurie Schubert Michael and Carol Schueller Mr. Curtis Selzer Ralph and Helen Spring Tom and Joy St. Andrews John and Katherine Stallman Agnes Stephan Joseph and Patty Strickland James and Ann Sullivan* Rev. Philip Thompson Jack and Lori Tibbs* Randy and Joyce Tietz* Fred and Bev Timko John and Leslie Titler* Kathleen and Gene Todd Rick and Jeanie Tomy* Mark and Susan Valliere James and Mary VanDevender* Richard and Mary Venteicher Micahel and Lisa Wallerstedt* Jeff and Cheryl Westlund Jan and Patty Wiltgen* Marian Winkie Mike and Lisa Young Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Zawada* Wilfred and Lillian Zipperer

BUILDERS ($250 - $499)

Rose and Russell Allen Steve and Erin Altheide Rev. David Ambrosy William and Akuei Anderson Tom and Pat Arp Mr. and Mrs. James Ashley Mark and Laurie Bakkum Kelly and Amy Ball Patty Barnes Jim and Sally Barry Leland and Ann Bauer Anthony and Marcia Bedard Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bevenour Arlen and Judy Blank John and Mary Blank Robert and Sharon Blaser Kerry Bolt and Jane Steele-Bolt Michael and Ellen Bouchard William and Mary Brecht* Jon and Kim Bro Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Brown Dr. and Mrs. Todd Brown Mary Lee Burgason

Terry and Cecelia Burger James and Dawn Burns Kenneth and Bonnie Cackoski Steven and Joanne Carfrae Fund of the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation Daniel and Jeanne Carter Mr. George Cavanaugh Thomas and Pat Ceynar Rev. Mr. William Cisler, Jr. William Colling Kristi and Erik Columbus Joe and Gail Conlan Mr. and Mrs. Brian Conway Dennis and Mardean Cook Loren and Susan Corrigan Sarah and Frank Cotty John and Anne Cunningham James Damisch William and Donna Davis Kyle and Jody Decker Peter and Elizabeth Deegan Mr. and Mrs. Mike Delaney Mr. and Mrs. Steve Determan Ron and Peggy Detweiler Ed and Mary Dewees David and Laura Diebold Susan L. Donohoe and Stephen Gunn Don and Barb Doudna Mary Beth Dove Bernard Drahozal Mr. and Mrs. Robert Drake Brian and Sue Driscoll Thomas and Sara Drish Kevin and Mary Ann Duggan John and Kathleen Dulle Frank and Paula Easton Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Eganhouse Ralph and Nancy Emanuel Barbara Engholm James and Denise Erusha Michael and Jody Esker Mr. Parnell Etteldorf Mr. and Mrs. Don Everist Dennis and Melissa Fagan* Jerome and Doris Ferrie Ruth Flores* Ms. Helen Flynn Nicholas and Andrea Forck John and Connie Fosdick* Tony and Eileen Foxhoven* Kim and Tom Frady Joe and Leslie French Theodore and Paula Fries Erwin and Karen Froehlich Debra Garcia and Lee Armstrong Michael and Gina Gary Michael and Nancy Glab Ken and Mary Goodell* Donald and Robin Grawe Jim and Mary Gray Roger and Angie Grobstich Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gruenloh

*We gratefully recognize these donors who secured matching funds from their employers.


Daniel and Joan Hackbarth John H. Hackbarth Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Hackman Randy and Maureen Harris Thomas and Lisa Hazelton Kathy and Duane Hepker John and Vivian Herder Steve and Joann Herndon* Dr. and Mrs. Richard Hingtgen Mary Hook Joseph and Susie House* Dennis and Peggy Hrncirik* Vernon D. Hunstad Mr. and Mrs. James Hunt* Mary Ingalls Stephen and Maggie Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jaeger David and Kathy Jasper Douglas and Jeanne Joens James and Julie Kapsch Kory Kazimour Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Kazimour John and Mary Kelchen Joseph Kennedy and Monica Straub Deryl and Pat Kilpatrick Michael and Barbara Klappholz Rev. Donald Klein Rev. Walter Kleinfehn Donald Knutson Mr. and Mrs. Stefan Koczo Robert and Deborah Kontz* Elmer Konzen Mark and Janice Krapfl Fred and Bev Krumm Robert J. Kucharski* Lawrence and Peggy Kuennen William and Linda Kuennen Dr. Richard L. Kundel Erin and Aaron LaGrange Mr. and Mrs. Alan Langenfeld Brian and Joy Long Maurice and Lynda Lynch Timothy Mackey Margie Mahoney Ms. Barbara Malina Norma Manhart Troy and Katherine Marshall* Mrs. Joan Martin Mark and Elizabeth Mathis Pat and Cathy McAllister Thomas and Sue McCartan Rev. Thomas J. McDermott David and Maureen McGraw Edward and Mary Meissner James and Sharon Menke Mr. Mike Merfeld Donald and Kathleen Michaels Mr. Robert Michalec Frank and Lyn Mickam David Miles Joseph and Terrie Mlodzik Dana and Marion Moreland


Bill and Linda Mullinex* Mary Beth Myers Laurie and James Neuhaus Larry and Tina Neyens* Michelle Nielson Erin Noah Teri Nunez* Steve and Ann Oglesby Steve Oldridge Patrick and Dorothy O’Malley Joyce Ormsby Michael and Mary Parrish* Joseph and Kathy Patten Jim and Laure Peters Lanny Peterson Jean Petrzelka Mr. and Mrs. Paul Phelan, Sr. James and Monica Piersall Jeffrey and Michelle Pitz Rev. Mark J. Reasoner Douglas Recker and Heidi Blachley John and Christi Regan Terrance and Carla Reilly Mrs. Mary Reu Anne and Ray Reynolds Vincent and Irma Rodriguez Glenn and Clara Rushworth Gary and Joy Ryan Linda Sadler Richard and Elaine Samek Alvin Sattler Sandy Scaia Emmett and Ann Scherrman David and Jodi Schimberg June Schmall Mr. and Mrs. James Schmitt Julie and Jim Schnoebelen Steven and Maria Schrader* Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Schroeder Roman and Virginia Schuh Dale and Luanne Schwach Kenneth and Mary Catherine Selzer Mr. Steven Serrot and Dr. Nancy Serrot Brian and Jessica Shoger* Michael and Marilynn Shoger Richard Siders David and Jane Siegel* Mary Pat Simmons Terry and Catherine Sindelar Stephen and Gail Sladek Max and Kathy Smith Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Sean Smith Eric and Roxann Sorenson Roger and Catherine Soukup* Matthew Spellerberg A. Daniel and Geri Stabile* Jeffery and Barb Steffensmeier Ted and Amy Steger* Carol and Paul Steingreaber Gary and Nancy Strandberg* Gary and Susan Streit

Michael and Gretchen Sullivan Paul and Laura Sundell Dan and Mary Taiber* Frank and Mary Lu Takes Donald and Judy Teply Matthew and Barbara Teply* Dennis and Kim Ternes Thomas and Rosie Traynor James and Joanne Trcka Jerome and Phyllis Trzil Joseph and Marla Tursi Michael and Bev Valant Mr. and Mrs. John C. Van Hoeck Mike and Amy Vaske Jodi and John Venteicher Carolyn Vranish Brian and Kathryn Walvoord Mrs. Ann Watson Dave and Sue Weiler* Gregory and Marci Wertzberger Bill and Penny Whitters Dr. Floyd Worth Mrs. Elaine Young Gregory and Joanne Young Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Zinkula Dave and Cindy Zipperer

SUSTAINERS ($100 - $249)

Allan and Debbie Aasen Ms. Mary J. Adams* Stephen and Holly Adams* Pat and David Airy Tom and Mary Akin Anthony and Ellen Alessio Lloyd and Delores Aller Thomas and Kathleen Aller* Jeff Alt Theresa Alt Rosanne Altenhofen Justin and Jessica Altfillisch Janette Ames Steve and Karen Andersen Patricia and Gordon Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Mark Andries James Angerer Lois Angerer Anonymous* (3) Dorothy and Dana Anson Scott and Julie Armstrong Colleen Arnold Jim Arp Regis and Barb Arp Joan Arthurs Sheryl Augustin Mr. and Mrs. John Bahning Peter and Joan Bailey Dennis and Kay Baldridge Robert and Deborah Ball John and Francine Banes Ray Banowetz Ronald and Josephine Bark* Mr. and Mrs. Mark Barnd Mr. and Mrs. Edward Barnes Art and Kathy Barron

Brent and Mary Kay Bartz Kenneth and Rosemary Bauer* Sue Beals Donald and Penny Bear Bonnie and James Beardsworth Duane and Martha Beaudry* Verlyn and Jean Beck Julianne Beckett Rev. David Beckman Robert and Regine Beer Mr. and Mrs. David A. Behmer Mr. Donald Bender Daniel and Patricia Bentley Denny and Connie Benyshek* Valissa and Jeffrey Berg Mr. and Mrs. Donald Berger Rev. Mr. and Mrs. James Berger Joseph and Theresia Berutti Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Bevins Kevin and Jean Biermann Myrnen and Joan Billett Thomas and Jolene Birkicht* Christopher and Moira Blake Janet M. Blasingame Mr. Clement R. Blong Rose Blong Craig and Joan Boche Betty Bockenstedt Daniel and Karen Boeding Patsy and Al Boeding Dr. and Mrs. Donald Bomkamp Ms. Loraine Bomkamp David and Susan Bouska Bob and Diane Bowen Margaret Bradke F. James and Mary Bradley Julia Brandt Robert and Linda Brandt Bonnie Brannan Mary Brecht Randy and Lori Brecht Richard and Jill Breitbach James and Deanna Brems Scott and Eileen Britten* John F. Brown Michael and Lydia Brown Robert and Carol Brown Robert and Pamela Brown Steven and Anne Brown Juergen and Ellen Bruckner Rev. Donald Bruggeman Carolee Bruner Thomas and Eileen Brunow James and Patricia Brush James and Christy Bryant Mr. William Buechel Barry and Patricia Buelow Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Burbach Todd and Diana Burken Alice Burns Ken and Deborah Burns Robert Burtis Gerald and Theresa Byrne Sharon Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Gary Canady

Brad and Connie Canfield Terry Canfield Ms. Evelyn Carano Laurie and Kane Carlton* Jane Carney Duane and Sharon Carpenter Dottie Carroll Jerome and Karen Carroll Christine Casey* Mike Casey* Stacy and Robert Cataldo Caroline Cavanaugh Mr. and Mrs. Robert Celichowski Fred and Julie Cernin Joyce and Jerry Cerny* Mrs. Sue Cerveny William and Sue Chadima Patricia Charipar Dennis and Colleen Charkowski Mr. and Mrs. Gene Cherrico Dan and Teresa Childers Mr. and Mrs. Jerald D. Christensen Cy and Jeanne Christenson Joseph and Diana Cira John and Lisa Clarahan Thomas and Tracy Clasen Lorraine Cleavenger William and Lisa Coester James and Evelyn Colbert Daniel and Barb Colby* Nancy and Kent Cole Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Colston Richard and Kathy Conrad David Conway Mr. and Mrs. Donald Conway James and Lori Conway James Conway Wayne and Lynda Cook* Leonard and Dorothy Cooney Helen J. Coppock Kathleen and Mike Corbett Mrs. Arlene Core Matt and Kim Corkery* Rita Cours Patrick and Sally Courtney James and Vickie Covington Jim Cox Mr. Joseph Creen Harry and Lois Cross Marc and Kathleen Cross* Richard and Gwendolyn Cuddeback Carol Cunningham Mary Curtin John and Phyllis Dale Diane Dalton Jerry and Nancy Danforth Joanne Davis Patrick and Nicala Davis* Robert and Darlene Dawson Dennis and Pat Day Douglas and Pat Dean Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dearinger

Angela and Douglas Decker Nicholas and Jennifer Decker Pat and Carol Deignan Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Deimer* Josephine Delbridge Daniel and Barbara DeMeulenaere Roger Desmarais John and Sharon Dessert Jeff and Tina Detterman Steve and Pat Dickes* Ron and Diana Digmann Jerry and Dory Dilger Mr. and Mrs. John J. Dolphin Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dondlinger Lois Donovan Arnold and Marlene Dostal Dave and Melissa Dostal Robert Doubek Kathleen Dougherty Francis and Janet Douglas Kevin and Anne Downey Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Downey Joyce Downing Mr. and Mrs. Paul Drahos James and Ronda Drahozal Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Drahozal Jeff and Kay Driscoll* Thomas and Helen Driscoll Kenneth and Jane Drish Robert and Sara Drish Randy and Diana Drummer* Bill and Jan Duffy Delores Duffy (Deceased) Mary Duffy Brad and Shanna Duggan Julie and Scott Dunkirk Greg and Wendy Dunn Dr. Justin Dunn David and Carol Dunne Mr. and Mrs. James Dunnigan Mrs. G. A. Durin Mr. and Mrs. Leon Durivage Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Dvorak Mark and Angie Dvorak Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dvorak John and Dana Ehrhart Mr. and Mrs. Dale J. Eichenberger Kay and Kermit Elam Bruce and Jo Marie Elkema Kenneth and Ginger Erger Evelyn Ehrenberger* Steve and Peggy Erusha Tim Estlund Les and Carlie Etscheidt Mrs. Mary Evers Gloria Fagan Gerald and Joyce Falta* Frank and Michelle Felser Neal and Dawn Feltman* Michael and Linda Feye* Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fiala Christopher and Sarah Fischer Charles and Laverne Fisher

Paul and Phyllis Fisher Jack and Margaret Fitzgerald Michael and Anne Fitzharris James and Anne Fitzpatrick Patrick and Lisa Flaherty Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Flanagan Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Flaten William Fletcher Dennis and Diane Flynn Don and Jan Flynn Joseph and Lorraine Flynn Barney and Kathy Foley James and Julie Foltz Barbara and Dennis Ford Bruce and Sandy Ford Dennis and Marsha Ford* James Ford Mary Ford Dennis and Lila Forke James and Janet Fosdick Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Fox Tom and Joan Fox Bruce and Julie Frana Shea and Ken Francis Ted and Jennifer Francois Carol Frank Joan Franklin Robert and Patricia Freese* Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Freie Everett Fulmer Steven and Susan Gallagher Francisco and Maria Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Garin Charles and Amelia Gearhart David and Beverly Gearhart Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gehring Mr. and Mrs. Ed George Joseph and Julie Gerke Mary and Jeffrey Gibney Diane and Ronald Gielau James and Lisa Gignac* Maybeth Gilliam Steve Gilmour David and Cindy Glynn Janice Goetzinger Kenneth and Mary Goldsmith Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gorman James and Margery Grawe Mr. Leo Greco Elodie Greif Mr. and Mrs. Terry Gucciardo Duane and Gail Gunderson Susan and Andrew Hacke Madonna Haddy Dennis and Judy Haefner Douglas and Jane Hamilton Jeanette Hamilton Bruce and Beth Hammell Michael and Lisa Hanigan Marie Hannen William and Lori Hannen* Albert and Patricia Hanson Mr. and Mrs. David Hanzelka Mary K. Harman Margaret Harms

Mary J. Harrington (Deceased) Robert and Nancy Harrington Kathleen and Jim Harriott* Donald and Monica Harris Rose Ann Harrison Mark and Sue Hartung Louis and Diane Harvieux John and Mary Hasley Paul and Geri Hasley Scott Hassenstab and Mary Ellen Rogers Don and Frances Hatfield Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Hauschildt David and Kathryn Hausmann* Mr. Elmer Haverly Mr. and Mrs. Russ Havlik Carl and Dolores Hawkins Bernard and Roseann Hayek Carol and Janet Hayek Dr. Greg Hayes and Colleen Keating Joan Hayes Marylou and Nanae Heacock Mr. and Mrs. James Heffernen Molly Heffernen Robert and Julianna Heims John and Carol Helbling* Robert and Mary Beth Helgens John and Laura Hemann Judy and Roger Henley Darrell and Joanne Hennessey Lynn and Jane Hennings Elaine and Don Hensen Anthony and Laura Hermes Dr. and Mrs. John Hess Mrs. Mary Lou Hess Charles and Monica Hewitt* Ken and Beth Heying Dr. Kara Heying and Dr. Todd Heying Jeffrey and Lorie Hines* Mr. and Mrs. Daniel N. Hingtgen Scott and Kelly Hiserote Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hlavacek Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hoefer Allan and Kathleen Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Hoffman Mrs. William Holmes Scott and Gerilyn Holub* Jean Hopp Marvin and Catherine Hoppenworth Donald and Ann Hosch Lary and Barbara Hostak David and Robin House* Paul and Linda Huber Walter Huber Gregory and Connie Hudak Larry and Ann Hunter* Sandra Hutchcroft Mr. and Mrs. Scott Irlbeck Pete and Molly Iversen* Victorine Iyala

*We gratefully recognize these donors who secured matching funds from their employers.


Mr. and Mrs. Vern Jackson Donna Jacobi Mike and Traci Jacobi* Greg and Debbie Jacobs* James and Doris Jacobs Marion Jacobs Barbara Jandl Anthony and Laurel Janney Mr. Darrell Jansa Leonard and Marge Jansa Thomas Jantscher Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Janus Michael and Linda Jasudowicz* Kevin and Margie Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jennings James and Susan Jensen* James and Karen Joens Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Johannes Fred and Mary Jones Randy Jones and Lisa Lawler Jones Greta Jost Ed Joyner (Deceased) Jason and Julie Junge Ronald and Vanessa Junge Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kadera Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Kadlec Mrs. Dolores Kaiden Jeffrey and Kathy Kaiden James Kane Dawn and Joe Kannenberg Gregory and Patricia Kapfer Chris and Sherry Kardos Rosella Karp Jeralyn Kedley* Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Keefe Ms. Jacqueline M. Keiper Ruth A. Kelleher Dan and Kelly Kellen Mike and Marietta Kelly Thomas Kelly (Deceased) Thomas and Linda Kelly* Gloria Kenney Joseph A. Kenney (Deceased) Margaret Kenney Paul and Mary Kerr Eli and Lillian Khairallah Dale and Darlene Kilpatrick Matt and Jennifer Kinney Norma Kirby Mr. and Mrs. James Kirpes Roger and Christine Kirpes* James and Carol Klauser* Tom and Clara Kleiman Nicholas and Kathy Klein Mr. and Mrs. Donald Klimes Mrs. P. M. Kline Tess Knox Alan and Jennifer Koechner* Jon and Sharyl Kopecky Doug and Kristen Korbel* Mr. Ed Kortenkamp Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Kouri* Cindy Kovach Jeff and Lynn Kramer


Justin Kramer David and Jo Ann Kreiman Alvin and Barbara Kriegel Everett and Willy Kroeze Donald and Kendall Krouse* Joseph and Barb Kruth Mike and Kelle Kucharski* Dale and Helen Kueter Donald and Ruth Kuhn Ann Kula Diane Kula* Theresa Kula Richard and Jacqueline Kullander Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kullander Christine and Bruce Lacy Lavern Lahr Mrs. Pat Lalley David and Katie Lammers Ken and Anne Lampe Francis Lan Le James and Nancy Landis John and Pamela Lane Rita Lange* Robert and Phyliss Lange Arnold and Vlasta Langer LeRoy and Jeannine Lavely Mr. Edward Lawrence Marcus and Mary Lawrence Ms. Ruth Lawrence Donald and Peg Lefebure Mark and Lisa Lehmkuhl Roger and Judy Lemke Mr. and Mrs. Clair Lensing Richard and Carol Lensing Donald and Linda Leonhart Thomas and Theresa Leskovec Patrick and Kathy Lester Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lewis Richard and Carol Lilledahl Ed and Jean Lillis John Lilly John and Laura Locher Frank and Nancy Lochner Ted and Liz Lockhart* Ms. Kim Lord Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Lovetinsky Steve Luense Linda Lundahl Charles Luster Mr. and Mrs. John Lutkenhaus Kevin and Tamara Lux Robert and Cynthia Lynch Robert and Candi Lynch James and Cindy Lyness Bruce and Christine Lyon Elizabeth and Lucas Maas Patricia Maas Jim and Marti Maccani John and Donna MacDonald Jeanne Maher Randall and Christine Maher Steven and Leah Malerich Gene and Janet Maloney Freddie and Tammy Maneely

Lisa and Tim Manternach Rev. Neil Manternach Edward Marek Dan and Jody Marquardt Dennis Martin Mrs. Patricia Martin Daniel and Susan Martinek* Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mashek Dwayne and Bonnie May Tony and Susan May* George and Sue Maybanks Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. McClure Ms. Renalda A. McComas Mary McCullough Frank and Pauline McDonald James and Mary Kay McDonald Marjorie McDonald Cynthia and Patrick McElliott Jackie McGee

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Meskimen Herman and Sandra Meyer Joan Michels Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Micka Mr. and Mrs. George A. Miller Joel and Sylvia Miller John and Dana Miller John Miller Mary Ellen Miller Richard Miller Rose Miller Thomas and Deb Miller Anita Minor* James and Tamra Mitchell Richard and Rosalyn Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Dale Mohwinkle Joseph Molitor* Janet and Dave Monk Rick and Paula Moore

Jane McGee Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. McGrane Carol McGregor Dr. Thomas McIntosh and Sandra McIntosh Mr. and Mrs. John McIvor Timothy and Marybeth McLees David McNamara Gene and Alma McNamara Ann and Roland McNee James and Kathy McPartland Dorothy McShane Robert McShane Jon and Kay McWhinney Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mehlberger* John and Sally Mescher

Thomas and Beth Moore* Robert Mootz Tom Moran Mr. William J. Moran, Sr. John and Barbara Morio Ms. Susan Morio Alan and Julie Mroch Mary Pat and David Muhlena Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Mulherin Dennis and Kim Mullarkey Jack and Bunny Mulligan Richard and Colette Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Alan Murray Verna Murray Terrence and Joan Murrin Mr. and Mrs. Francis Musel

*We gratefully recognize these donors who secured matching funds from their employers.

Bernard and Susan Nachazel James and Helen Nagel Cecilia Navratil Mrs. Ann Negro Gary and Danette Nelsen Donald and Sue Nelson Harvey and Jeanne Nelson James and Kember Nelson Rita Nelson Margaret Netolicky Gregory and Debora Neumeyer John and Janet Neyens James and Colleen Nieman* Jeanne Noble Sally Nordstrom and Kent Cooling Dan and Cathy Nosbish Kathleen Novak Kristin Novak

Vincent and Michelle O’Connor Mark and Lynn Oehler Jay and Joyce Oehlerich Mary Oglesby Elizabeth O’Hara and Harry Ruth Peggy Oldham Joseph and Laura O’Leary Ann Ollinger Carol Olson Leonard and Margaret Olson Dr. and Mrs. Paul Orcutt Greg and Brenda Ort* Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Osborn Todd Ostwinkle Charles and Rebecca Otterbeck Mrs. Zula Oujiri Mr. and Mrs. Roger Overbeck Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Owen

Dave and Kathy Nunemaker Michael and Deb Nunemaker* Karl and Linda Oakley Mr. Robert J. Oakley Ms. Rebecca Oberhauser David and Stacey O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Ocenosak Daniel and Virginia Ockenfels Jamie and Dawn O’Connell John and Mary O’Connell Margie O’Connell Sheryl and Pat O’Connell Steve and Pat O’Connell H. Jerome and Irene O’Connor Marilyn O’Connor Patrick and Joan O’Connor Rev. David O’Connor

Steven and Christine Pace Mary Palmer Aurelia Parr Robert and Helen Parr Randy and Ann Pasker* Donald and Lorri Pate Brenda and Nick Paxton John Peloquin and Lisa Molidor Peloquin Bob and Margie Pence Eugene and Florence Penticoff Mr. and Mrs. Steve Peot* Alex and Joy Perri Betty Petersen Craig and Sue Pettit* James and Cheri Philipp Marilyn Philipp

Shirley and Tim Philipp Rebecca Picard and Dennis Waldron Larry and Keri Pilcher Robert and Susan Pinchotti* Dennis and Debra Pint* Sharon K. Piper Paul and Regina Pisarik Matt and Betsy Pithan Francis and Helen Pitlik Margaret and Richard Plasencia Paul and Dot Pospischil* Michael and Molly Potter Michael and Kourtne Powell Bob and Bonny Prucha Dr. and Mrs. John Puk Jon and Mary Quass Bob and LuAnn Radloff Kent and Cathy Ragsdale* Aaron and Jean Randolph Bruce and Myra Ray Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Ream Dennis and Jan Redmond Jackie Reeder Dr. Adrian Rehak Jan Reiger Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Reilly, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Rettig Patricia and Robert Richmond Jerzy and Agnieszka Richter* Daniel and Bridget Riedell Larry Robinson and Kay Landuyt* Thomas and Maria Rodke Shirley Rogers Gary and Angela Rohret Douglas and Diane Ropp Gerald and Margene Rule James and Lorna Rump Connie Runde Janice and Jim Russell Theresa and Robert Ruzicka Louis Ryan Patricia S. Ryan William and June Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Sabotta Mary Salmon Mary Lou Sanborn Mark and Rosann Sandersfeld Terry Santel Thomas and Pamela Satern Bill and Maureen Saul Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Phil Saunders Jane and Thomas Saxen Frank Saylor Mrs. Emma Schall-Houlahan David and Barbara Schemmel Mr. and Mrs. John Schenkelberg* Marie Schenkelberg Mr. Terrance Scherman Russell and Patricia Schirm Eric and Shelly Schmit* Dr. Germain Schmit

Jo Ann M. Schmitt Joe and Geri Schmitt Stephen and Peg Schmitz Kevin and Jan Schneider Randy and Colleen Scholer Molly and William Schrader Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Schroeder Ch. Col. LaVerne Schueller Thomas and Mary Ann Schueller Gregory and Jean Schulte John and Jolene Schulte Bill and Pat Schultz Debra Schultz* Scott and Kathy Schultz Tom and Christine Schuster Leota Schwers John Scorpil Glenn and Kathleen Scott Scott and Mary Jo Seibert Margaret Selzer Carl and Sandra Senica William and Pat Serbousek Vincent and Hilda Sevart Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Sevcik Paul and Mary Ann Shaughnessy Todd and Melanie Shaull Kathy Shebetka Maurice and Julie Siebels Jim and Carolyn Sigmon Richard and Mary Skoumal* Patrick and Lois Slater Gary and Janet Slimak Mary Slingluff Richard and Jan Smethurst* Douglas and Shirley Smith Frances Smith Gary and Teresa Smith Terrence and Marilyn Smith Ernest and Deborah Snider Kent and Sara Sodawasser* Thomas and Linda Sohner Mrs. Linda Sojka-Parman Helen T. Sorensen Albert and Pauline Soukup Lawrence and Eleanor Spielbauer Joseph and Karen Spoden Ronald Stahle Danny Stallman David R. Stallman Jacqueline Stallman Marvin and Lydia Stallman Diane and Rick Stanek Charles and Dorothy Stark Christopher and Pamela Stark Robert and Sara Stark John and Laura Staudacher Frances Stauffacher Anne Steffensmeier Marlene Steichen Roger and Janelle Steichen Shawn Steil and Jenifer Maloney-Steil

*We gratefully recognize these donors who secured matching funds from their employers.


Esther Belle Steinbach Leonard and Carol Steiner Richard and Mary Ellen Steninger Jane Stepanek Gary and Judy Stevens Jim and Patricia Stone* Glen and Donna Stouwie Michael and Connie Strabala Louis and LaVaun Stramel Norma Jeanne Stratton Michael and Maureen Streit Eleanor Streletzky Francis and Mary Stull William and Cynthia Sueppel Mr. and Mrs. Ken Sullivan Paul and Betty Supple Dr. Jean Sweat Gaylon Swehla Patrick and Elaine Sweiger David and Laura Swenzinski Dan and Julie Swick Frank and Mary Swiderski Leslie and Karen Swindler* Roger Swyter and Mary Elizabeth Guthart-Swyter Mr. and Mrs. Earl Takes Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Takes John and Karlene Taylor* Barbara Teahen Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Tentinger Joseph and Donna Terfler Dale and Ann Thier* Mrs. Joanne Thinnes Mr. Clement Thoma Kenton and Shannon Thompson David and Cindy Thul* Christine and Ed Tibesar Michael and Gloria Tilson Paul and Rosemary Timlin Timothy Tompas Philip and Dorothy Topf Kevin and Melissa Torner Robert and Judy Tosh Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tow, Jr. Sherri Tow-Selensky and Larry Selensky Marvin and Julie Trachta Thomas and Phyllis Trcka Tom and Elizabeth Trcka Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tribuno Mr. and Mrs. James Tursi Todd and Susan Twachtmann Jeffrey and Jayne Udelhoven Michael and Janice Umbarger Leroy and Lajoy Umscheid Steve and Jill Ungs Mr. and Mrs. David Unzeitig Virginia Upah Sandra and Kevin Urban Richard and Liz Valliere Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Valvoda Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Van Auken Roy and Joyce Van Dorston Dave and Eileen Van Gorp


Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Van Hoeck Marilyn Van Houten Greg and Bonnie Van Sloten Dean and Anogene Varner John and Carol Vecellio Elvira and Louie Ventura Tim and Kim Vipond William and Teresa Vogl Nick and Carol Volk Ms. Sharon Volz Thomas and Jill Voss Irwin and Marlene Votroubek Kellie and John Wagner Ms. Helen Wall Robert and Anne Wallraff Clarence and Marge Walter Mr. and Mrs. Edward Walter Mr. Mark Walter* Bernie and Jackie Walther Brad and Catherine Walz Jeanne Wampler* Gary and Geralyn Ward Mr. Richard Ward Robert Ward Mr. and Mrs. Donald Washburn Ken and Marjorie Washburn Peter and Penny Watson Paula and Frank Watters* Nancy Wauters Margaret Weepie Charles and Carol Wehage Thomas and Susan Wehmeyer Lyle and Michelle Wehr* Doug and Kristin Weih Dr. and Mrs. Jeruld Weiland Michael and Cathy Welch Dean and Kathy Welter John and Patricia Wendling Jay and Elizabeth Whannel Clark and Teresa White Terry and Janet Whitney Raymond and Linda Whittle Robert and Bonnie Whittle Ms. Darlene Wichman Mark Widmer and Jackie Niffenegger Albert and Margaret Wieneke Geraldine and Marlin Wiese William and Carol Wild Mark and Kathleen Wilden Cliff and Kathy Wiles Ms. Arlene Wiley David Wilgenbusch Mr. and Mrs. Grant Wilken Chris and Regina Williams* Patricia A. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Louis L. Winchip Dennis and Kari Winders Scott and Tracy Winker Mike and Cathy Wobbe* Dr. and Mrs. David Wolf Constance Woods Gary and Lois Woods Curt and Karen Woods

Richard and Laurie Worden Mark and Ginny Wynne Michael and Noreen Yakos Andrew and Tammy Yamilkoski Charles and Cindy Young Mark and Jamie Young Terry and Donna Zabokrtsky Joe and Marcia Zachar* Suzanne and David Zahn Dorothy Zeman Richard and Michelle Zettler Mark and Maureen Zittergruen Mary Zoll Ms. Emily Zousel Lisa and Scott Zwanziger


Mrs. Mary L. Aboud Jeanette and Alvin Achenbach Roberta Ackman Patricia Adamek James and Ruth Affeldt Claire Ahart John and Patricia Ahart David and Linda Albee Richard and Karen Alberts Sarah Alexander Austin and Alecia Allen Mr. and Mrs. Alfred F. Althoff Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Altschwager* Catherine Amborn Tom and Jeanne Amosson Benjamin and Carol Ampulski Judy Amsler Mr. and Mrs. Bob Anderson Earl and Lorraine Anderson George and Patty Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Anderson James and Janann Anderson Rachel Anderson Scott and Beverly Anderson Donald Andrle Anonymous (2) Mr. Alan Anton Joseph and Lydia Arenas Tami Armstrong Diana and Mark Ash Robert and Theresa Askelson Tammy and Mark Asplund Gary and Marilyn Baack Lowell and Sonja Baber Ellen Babich Glenn Babinat Ann and Kevin Bader Jonathon and Michelle Bailey John and Erin Baker Joseph L. Baldridge Myrna Ballard Ron Ballinger Norbert and Vera Banowetz Mr. and Mrs. Ken Baragary Della Barnett Kathleen Barnotes

Mary Barnotes Chris and Jacque Barnum Brenda Barr Mary Ann Barry Terry and Linda Barschow Beth and David Barta Robert Barta Chuck and Sheila Barta Charles and Ellen Barth Jim and Margaret Barthelme Robert and Rosina Bartosh Kaye and Charles Bassett Steve and Valerie Bauer Lorna and Terry Baugh Mr. and Mrs. Rick Beadle Chuck and Marilyn Beahm Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bean Brent and Jodee Beck Gilbert and Helen Becker James and Margaret Becthold Brett and Jean Bednar Brian and Connie Been Daniel and Colleen Beer Mr. Steve Behan Mark and Melinda Behounek Raymond and Karen Beltramea Mary Bender Mr. and Mrs. James Benedict Joe and Colleen Benedict James and Esther Benesh Rodney and Danielle Benesh Marilyn and Larry Benge David and Sue Bengford Denise and Randy Benish Richard and Pat Bennett Ruth Bensmiller Mary Benson Mary Bentley Joseph and Dorothy Benzer Jon Berger Wilbert and Norma Berns Judy Bertling Theresa Berutti Charles and Therese Beusch David and Lori Bevenour Colleen Bickford Mary Biddick Dan and Nancy Biechler Gregory and Karen Billick Sharon Binner James Birmingham Sam and Linda Black Mr. and Mrs. Darrell L. Blake Sharon Blank Teresa and Scott Blasberg Roger and Helen Blietz Judy and Larry Block Kris and John Bloodgood Nicholas and Pamela Bloom Carole Boddicker Margaret Boeckenstedt Bob and Elaine Boes Mrs. Robert A. Boettcher Mr. Gerald Bohr Peggy Bohr

*We gratefully recognize these donors who secured matching funds from their employers.

Christine and Andy Bolden Carolyn Bolin Roger and Sue Bonlander Barb Bonnet Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Bopp Greg and Bernadine Bordignon John and Phyllis Botkin Kristen and Steven Bouchett Eileen Boulet Mrs. Lucy Bouska Ronald Bouska Steve Bouska Susan Bowen Mr. George Boyd Maxine Braasch Irene Bramer Jason and Andrea Brandon Terry and Linda Brecht Mary Breen Jeffrey and Julie Brehm William and Joyce Brennan Helen Brenner Dolly Bridge-Kauffman Mrs. Rosalee Briner Bud and Denise Brinkman Phyllis Britcher Mr. Edward Brown Florence A. Brown Joanne and Fred Brown Mary and Jim Brown* Nile and Marie Brown Robert Brown Patricia Brunner Holly and Wes Bruns Mr. and Mrs. Robert Buckley Jean and John Buehner Gerald and Dixie Buisman Randy and Barb Bunge Thomas and Edith Burd Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Buresh Adelaide Burger James and Carla Burger Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Burger John Burke, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burns Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Burr Eric and Lisa Busch Leonard and Norma Buser Shirley Bush Roger and Debra Bussey Jenice Butz Sandra Byard David and Karen Byrne David Byrnes Elizabeth Byrnes Marie Cada Gabrielle and Norman Cain Gary and Sandy Cain James Callahan Steve and Mary Callahan* David Callanan Colleen and Stephen Camp Gary and Mary Campbell Mary and John Campbell Tim and Michele Canfield

Michael and Paulette Canney Cecilia Carey Lonnie and Terry Carney Christopher and Suzanne Carr Thomas and JoAnn Carstensen Ryan and Elizabeth Carter Chet and Helen Casali Kathryn Casey Marilyn Casey Mr. William Casey Thomas and Janae Cavanagh Thomas Cavanaugh Joseph and Tami Cerruto Judy Chadima Dan and Bibi Chadwick Timothy and Faye Chadwick Nancy Chapman Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Charipar Mr. and Mrs. Ken Charipar II Larry and Kathy Charipar Paul and Nancy Charipar Melissa Charipar-Meyers and Steven Meyers* Robert and Linda Charlton Anthony and Mary Chicchelly Bette Chmelicek Mike and Kathy Chmelicek Mrs. Ronald Christen David and Lindy Christensen Sue and Jeff Christensen Paul Christenson Frank and Teresa Cicela Loretta and Robert Claes Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Clair Sean and Jennifer Clark Larry and Sharon Clore Cathy and Paul Coffman Norman and Margaret Cogil Donna Colbeck Scott and Colleen Cole Bernadine Coleman Ronald and Rosemary Coleman Jack and Marilyn Collentine Kelly and Connie Collins* Patrick and Elaine Collins Tom and Dorothy Collins Karolyn Connell James Cook and Sheila Schmidt Thomas and Marilyn Cook Wesley and Kari Cooling Dawn and Daniel Cooper Mr. and Mrs. John Cooper Stan and Jean Cooper Miranda Cornell Fern Corrigan Patrick and Malora Cosgrove Tim and Karen Costello Mary Costigan Nancy Cox Mrs. Ruth Crane Terry and Kay Crist Helen Cross Kay Crowley Linda Crowley Ray and Harriet Cull

Mr. and Mrs. Bill J. Cummings Brad and Joan Cunningham Thomas and Louise Cunningham Kathleen and Richard Curphey Martin and Loma Cutter Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dahm Matthew and Leslie Dake Patrick and Susan Dale Mr. and Mrs. William Dale, Jr. Mary Daman Elsie Damisch Todd and Christy Damon Penny Danly Mrs. Karen Darling Mr. and Mrs. Marc Daubitz Anne and Raymond Davis Jack and Madonna Davis Joseph and Mary Davis Mr. Richard Davisson Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Dawson Brad and Michelle Day Ryan and Lori DeCamp Sheryl Decker Karen and Dean Dennis Jean Derby Mark and Linda DeSotel Alexander and Shirley Devereux Carolyn and Jan Dickey Marie Diebold Kenneth and Mary Dietz Sarah and Ryan Differding Marc and Lynn Dlouhy Leroy and Cathy D’Mello John Dolan Kinch and Jami Donithan Elizabeth Dooley Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dorff Shelley Dorrance* John and Diane Dougherty Mary Dozier Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Drahozal Charles and Betty Draker Dorothy Dreckman Paul Dreckman Donald and Sarah Drew Walter and Mary Ellen Drew Arthur Drtina Jody and Scott Dubishar Mr. George DuCharme Raymond and Judy Dufek Janis Duffy Michael and Carol Duggan Jennifer and Geoff Dumolien Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dunkel Karen and Craig Dunlap Sandra and Thomas Dupler Carl and Jackie Durbala Randy and Teresa Dusil Elaine Duvall Angeline Dvorak Gwen Dvorak Mary Ann Dvorak

Spencer and Ann Marie Dworzynski Teresa and Michael Dyer* Mr. and Mrs. Duane Dzingle Mrs. Margaret Easton Mrs. Margaret Ebel Gene and Maria Edelen Wayne and Darlene Edgington Charlotte and Robert Edilson Mrs. Norma B. Edleman Mr. Paul Egger Roger and Margaret Ehrke Chad and April Eich Dan and Linda Eichinger Mr. and Mrs. Ed Eichler Jeanne and Ed Eichler Radell Eiler Jane and Richard Einck Lydia Elias Rose Elliott Robert and June Ellis Helen Elsbernd F.S.P.A. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Elsner Joyce M. Engbretson Mike and Joan Engelbrecht Mr. Thomas English Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Erceg Michael and Sheila Erdman Ann Erger Dorothy Erger James and Tara Erickson Jeff and Nancy Erickson James and Carolyn Ernst Charles and Eileen Errington Nicholas and Samantha Even* Kevin and Mary Jo Evers Edward and Carol Faber Tim and Bev Faber Teresa and Gary Fabert Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fager Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fandel Dwayne Farmer Keith and Sally Farrar Judith Farrell David and Kim Fawer Joseph and Julie Fay William and Kerri Feldhaus Daniel and Barb Feldmann Patrick and Jennifer Felton Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Fergus Dennis and Grace Ferreter Michael Ferry Jerry and Sandy Fetzer Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Fiala, Jr. Steve and Jan Fick Steven Fickel Jay and Donna Fields John and Cynthia Fiester Katherine and Jim Fine John and Jane Fischer William and Joan Fishburn Tim and Judy Fisher Dan and Jacquie Fitzgerald Tim and Laurinda Fitzgerald Colin and Mary Fitzpatrick


Dennis and Teresa Fitzpatrick Jeff and Carrie Fitzpatrick Rev. Mr. LaVerne W. Flagel Mrs. Margaret Flaherty Mary Flanders Bill and Marilyn Flattery Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fleming* Melvin and Mary Fliehler Mr. and Mrs. Dewain Fluckiger Gary and Norma Ford Robert and Arlis Ford Barbara Forkner Dolores Fosdick Nancy and David Foster Julie Fowler Mrs. Mary Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Steve Fowler Jean Fox John Fox Jim Fraise Richard and Rosemarie Frajman Josephine Frank Teresa Frank Lori and Brian Franz Donald and Bonnie Freeberg Steven Freemon Mary Freese Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Freiha Mary French David and Mary Jo Frese Rachelle Frese David and Carrie Freund Matthew and Cindy Friedman Ray and Susan Frischkorn Al and Victoria Fritz Mr. and Mrs. Donald Frost Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Frost Lewis and Rita Fry David and Theresa Fry Dan and Mary Gahring John and Christie Gales John Gallagher Bruce and Mary Gangestad Scott and Susan Garbe James and Donna Gard Robert Gardner Marlene Gardner-Turner Fred and Elaine Garity Terri Garity Donald and Mary Garland John and Mary Anne Garry Merle and Leota Garwood Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gase Lori Gearhart Theresa Gehrke Dorothy Gentle Rose Gentle Scott and Lea Gentzler Patrick and Pamela Geraghty Jason and Sara Gerlach Mr. John Gerlach Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Gibbs Cheryl Gibney Delores Gifford Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gillick


Elizabeth Gillon Katie and Matthew Giorgio Ms. Helen Girard Chris and Lisa Giurato Mr. and Mrs. Tom Glanz Joseph and Jane Glass Mr. and Mrs. James Glynn Mr. and Mrs. Loras Glynn Mr. and Mrs. William Goeddel* Florian and Darlene Goedken Janice Goedken Joseph and Paulette Goedken Rhinda Goedken Mr. and Mrs. Tom Goetzman Joyce Goldsberry JoAnn Gorbatjuk Ed Gorius Jeffrey and Linda Gorkow Kyl and Seth Gorman Tim and Rose Gorton Sheila Gose Ivan and Mary Ann Grabe Dan and Kimberly Grady Christina and Chad Graham* Luis and Maria Granadillo William Grant Patrick and Joann Gray Edward and Nancy Green Jan Green Ruth Green Mary Gregor Laura and Larry Greif Nancy Greif Mrs. Loras Greif Kathy Gretter Dan and Becky Griffin Mr. John Griffin Diane Grimm Gary and Elsie Grimm M. Lucille Grobstick Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Gross Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gruber Mr. and Mrs. William J. Grundy Arvin and Gail Guckenberger Diane and Russell Gunderson Mary Ann Gureno Thomas and Christine Gust Lauri and Frank Gusta Willy and Amy Gutierrez Catherine Haage Robert and Pauline Haage Ken and Linda Haas James and Kathleen Hackney Deanna Haddy Kirk Haefner Deborah Hagedorn Barbara and Jim Hagen Michel and Marlene Halabi Peter and Mary Halm Betty Jean Hamilton Wayne Hammel Robert and Lauren Hammerberg Robert and Martha Handley Jackie and Dale Hanna Elaine Hansel

Mr. Joseph Hansen Mary and Mike Hansen Paul Hansen and Amy Salmon Janice Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hanzelka Cheryl and Thomas Happ Laura Harberts Ruth Hargin Mark Harman Mildred Harover Carol Harrington David and Jackie Harris Dr. and Mrs. Percy Harris Mrs. Rosie Harvey Roger Hasselbrink Russell and Virginia Hatch

Earl and Alma Helle Louis Helle Alan and Joan Hellmann Russell and Barbara Helms Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hennessy James and Debra Henricks Joe and Tami Hentges Kevin and Cathy Hermesch Donna Hernandez Henry Hernandez Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hickman Jim and Leah Rae Highly Barbara Himes Joan Hinton David and Cathy Hiserote Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hlas David and Kathleen Hoagland Mary Hocking

Diann Haugse Randy and Ann Hauschildt Claudia Havlicek Debra Hawes Judith and John Hawes Mrs. Liz Hawes Sue Hawn Daniel and Gail Hawthorne Helen Hayes Paul and Bryn Hayes* Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hays Michael and Kathleen Hayslett Jennifer Heeren Kevin and Kelly Hegland Joseph and Carol Heim David and Diane Heims Brian and Ivanelle Heins

James and Anne Hodges Grace Hoefing Daniel and Rosemary Hoeger Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hoffman Victoria Hoffman Jeffrey and Kathleen Hoffmann Patricia and James Hoge Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Holdgrafer Evelyn Holdgrafer Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Holladay Harry and Diana Holland Paul Holmquist and Sandy Miller Gerald and Barbara Holtz Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Holub Mel and Carolyn Holubar

Don and Laurie Homan Patrick Hook Mr. and Mrs. Charles Horn Brad and Angie Horstmann Sue Ellen Hosch Joseph and Helen Hostak Mrs. Leona Hotchkiss Jerry and Elvira Hotz Logan and Stephanie Hoxie Bernadine Hoyt Mr. and Mrs. John Hoyt Willie and Patricia Hruby Robert and Mary Jeanne Hruska John Huber Matthew and Kathryn Huber Noel and Pat Huber Polly and Lynn Hudecek Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Huerter

Amy and Dan Jabens Andrea Jackson Daniel and Dorothy Jacobi Margaret Jacobs Peter and Rae Jacobs Dr. and Mrs. Robert Jacobsen Lonnie and LaDonna Jacobson David and Linda Jacoby Mr. and Mrs. Bill Jakubowsky Ed and Joan Jamason Timothy and Koleen Janney Mr. and Mrs. Don Jansa Dena Jansen Richard and Julia Jansen Michael and Jan Jasiewicz Glen and Kris Jasper Shirley Jekerle Matthew Jengwa

Audrey and Brad Huff Terrence and Terrie Huff David and Mary Hughes Terrance and Sandra Hughes Scot and Marcia Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Loras J. Huilman Denise and Harry Hunt Patrick and Candace Hurley Denise and Don Hurt Glen and Marie Hurt Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Hutchcroft Paul and Rita Hutchins Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Hyberger Jim and Lynn Hynes Mrs. Jean Imoehl Rachel and Mark Ipsan Mary Elizabeth Ireland

Arlene Jennings Chris and Suzanne Jennings Mr. and Mrs. Donald Jennings Gwili Jensen Harry and Colleen Jensen Mrs. Katherine Jerde Joseph and Lori Jiacinto Patricia Jindrich Frank and Janice Joens Grant and Lezlie John Cathy and Lynn Johnson David and Kathryn Johnson Mary Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Sam Johnson, Jr. Juanita Johnston Phyllis Johnston Story and Delbert Story

Donald and Catherine Jones* Kathleen Jones Mark and Tina Jones Ronald and Rhonda Jones Angela and Dennis Jordan John and Kellie Jorgenson Paul and Leanne Junko William and Mary Jurgensen Jay and Kathleen Kacena Michael and Jill Kach Steve and Carole Kadlec Kenneth and Janet Kaliban Mr. Sylvester Kalina Beverly Kanak Larry and Carol Ann Kane Mark and Amy Kane Patrick Kappes Ralph and Mary Ellen Karlan Gay and Norma Karr Keith and Phyllis Karr Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kayser Timothy and Carol Kean Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Keating Daniel and Katie Keefe Jayme and Tami Keiper Mr. Eldon L. Keller Richard and Audrey Kelley Judith Kelly Michael and Mary Ann Kelly Arthur and Joyce Kelsey Steven Kensicki Michael and Cecelia Kepros Mr. Stephen Kepros David and Janice Keyes Sleiman Kherbaoui and Liliane El-Haddad Michael and Sue Kies Victor and Marilyn Kies Marvin and Marlene Kilberger Michael and Judi Kilburg Mrs. Judy Kindig Barb King Julie and James Kinkead Ryan and April Kinn* Carolyn and Walter Kinnan Mr. Frank Kinney Mr. and Mrs. George Kirby Mr. Randall Kirby Jerry and Debra Kiwala Christopher and Tammie Klaiber Gary and Barbara Klawiter Mr. and Mrs. Dale Klein Mr. and Mrs. James Klein Susan and Kenneth Klekar Thomas and Janet Kleopfer Ronald and Berniece Kleppe Daniel and Barbara Klimesh Marjorie Kline Mr. and Mrs. Don Kloos Brian and Margo Klosterman Rita Klostermann Cliff and Karen Klouda Shirley and Paul Knapp Sheila Knoot

Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Koenigsfeld Gregg and Vickie Koeppen Jason and Sara Kohl Juanita and David Kohoutek Mrs. Cheryl Kolar Melissa and Daniel Kolsto Laurie and Scott Konecny John and Tammy Konzen Roger and Sharron Konzen Eugene and Sally Kopecky Peter and Angela Kopecky Ralph Kopecky George and Barbara Kopetsky Carol Kosek Gary and Beverly Kotowske Regina Kotowske Reed and Rachel Kovach Donald and Debbie Krall John and Bette Krall Larry and Kim Kram Joann Kramer Joseph and Angie Kramer Mary Kraus Robert and Patricia Kraus Mary and Steve Kray Terry and LaDonna Krejci Kevin and Lori Krezek Marie Krueger John and Mary Krumbholz Dustin and Carrie Kruse Robert and Constance Kruse Joseph and Karri Kruser Anna Kuck Phyllis Kuda Thomas and Cindy Kuennen Kristine Kuester William and Deborah Kueter Al and Gloria Kuhn Edward and Janet Kulhavy Scott and Christine Kullander Mr. Martin Lammers Ruth Lancaster Mr. James A. Landherr Ronald and Audrey Landherr F. Gordon and Paulette Lane James and Mary Jean Lane Mr. and Mrs. Roger Lang Jerry and Karen Langfitt Kent and Angela Langholz Amy and James Lansing Larry and Brenda Lansing Jeffery and Sheila Lara Emily Larkin Stephanie and Kevin Laska Jeremy and Lauri Latteyer Donald and Adella Laue Richard and Deborah Laue Gilbert and Marita Lawrence Rosemary Lawrence Le Nguyen and Phuong Nguyen Thomas and Sonja Leahy John and Tammi LeClaire Bonnie Lederle Joan Ledesma

*We gratefully recognize these donors who secured matching funds from their employers.


Douglas and Jennifer Lee James and Linda Lehmann Mrs. Mary Ann Lehner Sara Lehner Mrs. Shirley A. Lemon Daniel and Peggy Lengemann* Donald and Lois Lent Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Lesnik Mrs. Ann Lester Rick and Patty Lewin Connor and Jennifer Lewis Frank and Lorraine Light Maureen Lilly Scott and Rachael Lind Mr. and Mrs. Michael Linnan John and Mary Locher David and Sharon Loecher Kimberly and Chris Loffswold Bill Loftus Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Logan Bill and Sharon Long Michael and Barbara Long Lorraine Longwell Mr. and Mrs. John Lorei Kenneth and Betty Luzum James Lyall Thomas and Jackie Lynch James Lyons James and Nancy Macek Jerry Mach Richard and Barbara Mackey Robert and Mary Sue Madrick Mr. and Mrs. Joe Maerschalk Barbara Magner Kevin and Nancy Maher Linda Maher Larry Maiers Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Majerus Dick and Wilma Makinster John and Traci Malecek Donald and Margaret Malik Kevin and Pam Malloy* Loras and Arlene Maloney Scott and Sheryl Manchester Francis and Betty Mangold Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Manning Todd and Sue Manternach Mary Marion Mrs. Carol Markley Bill and Ruth Marling JoAnn Marshall Tracie and Jason Marshall Cindy Martin Clair and Rosie Martin David and Stacy Martin* Edward and Karen Martin James and Rosemary Martin Katie Martin (Deceased) Mark and Kim Martin Mrs. Mary Martin Robert and Mary Martin Tyler and Beth Martin Justin and Laura Marxen Donald Mathes


John and Barb Matias Judith Matias Dennis and Karen Mauss Jeffrey May Mary May Herbert and Esther Maynard Mrs. Irene McAleer Stephen and Kim McAleer James McAllister Jamie and Tammy McAllister Therese and Marvin McAllister Leo and Alice McCarthy MaryAnn McComas Cindy McCormick Delores McCormick Patrick and Susan McCormick Mr. and Mrs. Harold McCoy Robert and Janice McCusker Jill and Scott McDermott John and Charline McDermott Charles and Kathleen McDonald David and Mary McDonald Jill and Cory McGarvey Dennis McGivern Linda McGuire Mae McGuire Mary McGuire Mrs. Sheila M. McGuire William McGuire Mrs. Donna McGurk Larry and Deanna McNabb Mr. and Mrs. Jerry McNamara Kate and Daniel McNeal Linda and Larry McVay Donna Meeks Maxine Meeks Michael and Karole Meese Bob and Mary Mefferd Leon and Vera Mehring Frederick and Linda Meineke Edward and Janet Melichar James and Lou Ann Mentzer Fern Merfeld Merle Merritt David and Sharon Meskimen Jerry Meskimen John and Mary Mettenburg Dale and LeElyn Metz Christopher and Erin Meyer Kent and Grace Meyer Dollie Meyers Robert and Barb Michel Norma Mikkola Mrs. Patricia Mikulas Thomas and Jane Milcoff Mrs. Betty Miller Gerald and Linda Lee Miller Gregory and Diane Miller James and Kathryn Miller Jesse and Julene Miller L. Marie Miller Maureen Miller Pam Miller Janie Mills Randy and Kristie Millsap

Bonita Mincy George Minor Mark and Denise Mitchell Mark and Patricia Mittauer Elsie Mochal Mary Mockler Joseph and Annette Moore Terry and Bonita Moore Mr. and Mrs. Terrence J. Moran Charles and Pat Morgan Lewis and Shirley Morris Thomas and Barbara Morris Marie Morrison D. L. Morrissey Allen and Diann Morse Steve and Vicki Moshier John and Dorothy Moynihan William and Judith Mrozinski Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Mulherin Jerome and Joyce Mulka Ms. Patt Mulligan Jesse and Rose Mulvaney Elena Murillo Alvina Murphy Brendan and Sarah Murphy Dennis and Gail Murphy Donald and Maureen Murphy Mike Murphy Patrick and Sandy Murphy Bruce and Mary Murray Richard and Marilyn Musser Phyllis Mussman Rebecca and Michael Myers Brenda Naaktgeboren Donna Nagel Roxanne Nash Linda Nassif Scott and Gail Nau Beckie Naughton Dennis and Corinne Nebraska* Robert and Sharon Neilly Andrew and Renee Nelson Phyllis Nelson David and Joanne Nemec Nancy and Terry Nemmers Ed and Carla Neuhaus Paul and Kim Neuhaus Anthony and Victoria Neuzil Angie Newberry Dave and Julie Newcomb Allen and Rosemary Newton Thomas and Jeannette Niccolai Bette and Rich Niccolls Mr. and Mrs. John Nickel Dr. Thomas Nickels Carol Nilles Ann Noonan Dennis and Betty Northland Heidi Northland Mary Novak Otto and Mary Novak Aldo and Teresita Nunez Harry and Lora Oakley Margaret Oberreuter

Craig and Jane O’Brien Michael and Katherine O’Brien Ms. Theresa Ocenosak Donald and Phyllis Ocheltree Gregory O’Connell Mr. Burton Odell Pat O’Donnell Christopher and Brenda Oehler Bette Offerman Pamela Oldham Michael and Lori Oldorf Brian and Michelle Olesen Jeff and Charleen Oligmueller Mary Ann Olinger Eric Oliver Phyllis Oliver Keith and Beryl Ollinger Andrew and Sherri Olsen Mark and Annette Olsen Ann and Thomas Olson Dwight and Debbie Olson Penny L. Olson Mr. and Mrs. William O’Malley Mrs. Sallyann Orf Matthew and Shari O’Rourke Donald and Loretta Orris Dale and Jane Ortner Cheryl and David Oshel Kevin O’Toole Ron Ottaway Sharon Otte Judith Overett Mr. and Mrs. Fred Overmann John and Mary Pacha John and Clara Pallo Mr. and Mrs. Dan Palmersheim Ms. Rose Palumbo Julie and Scott Pameticky Ruth Pape Michael and Karen Papich Jim and Kathy Parent Jodi and Dan Parks Loren and Dolores Parks Julie Parrott Steve and Marlene Pasker David and M. Jane Pasterski Susan and Douglas Patten Helen Patterson Mary Patterson Darla and Ken Paxton Sylvia Pecinovsky Brian and Heidi Peck Daniel and Mary Peck Donna Peck Dennis and Carolyn Peiffer Gary Peiffer Thomas and Joan Peiffer Ronald and Kay Pelusi Mary Kay Pence (Deceased) Douglas and Maurita Penn Chad and Sandy Pereboom Cecil and Katherine Perkins Edna Pesek Christopher and Roberta Peters John and Maryann Petesich

*We gratefully recognize these donors who secured matching funds from their employers.

Arthur and Ann Petrzelka Margery Petrzelka Richard Petska Alma Pettit Maribeth S. Peyton Jennifer and Cory Pfab Diane and Randall Pfeiler Joshua and Christel Philipp James and Rose Ann Phillips Edward and Dallis Piccard Andrew and Sandra Pickart Matt and Dana Pieper Anne and Jack Pilling Victor and Delores Pilsner Denise Pinchotti Rodolfo and Barb Pino Heather and Troy Pins Jeannette Pins Chris and Tina Pipkin Rita Pisarik Mr. and Mrs. Roger Pitzen Donna Plotz Rick and Jane Poell Mark and Lana Poole Sally Pospishil Ilene Powell John and Kim Powers Mark and Diana Powers Steve and Judy Powers Richard and Mary Prendergast Thomas and Jeanette Prideaux Edward and Vondell Prime Ronald and Marlene Primrose Mrs. Dolores Prucha Mrs. Mary Pruden John and Rose Pudil Jeff and Janice Puffer Donald and Barbara Pulkrab Stephen and Sandra Putman Dr. and Mrs. Richard Quetsch Mike and Maureen Quint Robert and Diane Raftis Charles and Patricia Rainwater Nick and Kim Rakers Lois Ralston* Gerald and Betty Ramm Robert and Pam Ramoska* John and Marlene Ramsey Matthew and Judith Ramsey Cory and Brooke Rath Patricia Ratz Thomas and Cathy Rawson Jerry and Lois Rayman Mrs. Esther Reding Cecilia Regan Evelyn Regan Virginia Regan Anthony and Ann Regennitter Milo and Virginia Rehak Mrs. Sheila Rehak Luke Reichert Christopher and Lisa Reid Ms. Roberta Reid Kevin and Judy Reilly Renee Reilly

Sharon Reilly and Robert Naujoks Doug and Karen Reiman Mr. and Mrs. Elton Remington Mrs. Florence Renner Velma Repstien Jerry and Donna Reth Dale and Debra Rettenmeier John and Diane Reyland John and Mary Ann Rezabek Angie and David Rhinehart Dale and Kathy Richards Jerry and Carolyn Ridenour Margaret Ridler Debra Riech Michael and Jean Rieff Dan and Patricia Ries Mr. Stanley Riha Gary and Debbie Riley* Kathleen Riley Edwin and Wendie Riniker John and Mary Ann Rink Timothy and Kim Rion Charles and Dorothy Ritchart Dr. and Mrs. John A. Ritchie Joanne Robe Harold and Theresa Roberts Patricia Roberts Todd and Jennifer Roberts Mrs. Dorothy Robertson John and Patricia Robertson Ann and Mark Robinson Jeff and Monica Robinson Matt and Shelley Rocca Charlotte Rodenkirk Joseph and Denise Rodenkirk Mark and Patricia Rodenkirk Mike and Sherry Rodenkirk Allan and Diane Roderick Judy Roedema* Chuck and Judy Rogers Jean and Jim Rogers Ivan and Eleanor Rohde Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Rolfes John and Juanita Roling Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Roloff John and Monica Roltgen Mr. and Mrs. John W. Roltgen Paul and Roberta Romitti Jim and Karen Rooney Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Rotert Donna Roth Dan and Jayne Rouse Don and Ann Rowe Corey and Elizabeth Rubin Shirley Ruedy Myron and Gwen Rupp Bernard and Claire Russell Kenneth and Mickey Rutherford Mr. and Mrs. James Ryan Paul and Maureen Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Ryan Mr. William R. Ryan William and Ellen Sabin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Sadilek, Jr. Benedict Safourek and Feng Wang John and Cindy Salat Wilbur and Patricia Salzbrenner Frank and Marion Samec Scott and Donna Sanborn Mark and Kris Sargent Norman and Karen Sasek* Frank and Dorothy Satariano Michael and Mary Scallon Larry and Karen Schall Eugene and Arlene Schaufenbuel Stanley and Ann Scheiding Frank and Theresa Scherrman Mary Scherrman Howard and Sheryl Schiffer Charles and Elsie Schillig Mr. James H. Schiltz Donna Schlampp Mr. and Mrs. Bob Schlegel Joan Schlenk Mary Schlenk Unita Schliemann Jerry and Martha Schlueter Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Schmelz Allen and Karen Schmidt Catherine Schmidt Eugene and Karen Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Gary Schmidt Lee and Darlene Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Schmidt Lee and Dorothy Schmitz Mariella Schmitz Mr. Melvin Schmuecker Jerome J. Schneberger Charity and Terry Schneekloth Douglas and Nancy Schneider Jessica and Jeff Schneider John and Paulette Schneider Paul and Mary Schneider Barbara J. Schnipkoweit Eugene and Sharon Schoeberl Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Scholbrock Josephine Scholtus Mr. Tom Scholtus Allan and Dianne Schons Dean and Beth Schrader Philip and Kyle Schramp Mr. and Mrs. Roger Schreder Renee and James Schreiber Darren and Michelle Schroud Clifford and Kathleen Schueler Thomas and Ann Schueller Bernie and Marcia Schuller M. Ruth Schuller David and Linda Schulte Dean and Christine Schulte Jim and Jennifer Schulte Karen Schulte Kevin and Beth Schulte Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Schulte

Michael and Mary Pat Schulte Rick and Ann Schulte Marjorie Schultz James and Kathy Schumacher Dr. Gerald Schupanitz John Schupanitz Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Schuttloffel Rita Schweitzer Catherine Scott Marilyn Scott Mark Seber Joan Sebetka Robert and Patty Sebetka Charles Seda (Deceased) Frank and Katherine Sedlacek John and Sharon Sedlacek Mrs. Rosetta Seery Jerome and Mary Seifried Mr. and Mrs. Greg Serbousek James and Lara Serbousek Mark and Sandy Serbousek Sue Serbousek Tera Serbousek Becky and Rick Serovy Anne Sever Julia Sexton Jennifer Shadle Gene Shebetka Charles and Pat Shedek H. Michael and Barb Sheehan William and Cathy Sheka Fred and Patricia Shilhanek Matthew Shimak Daniel and Sue Shulgin Art and Sherry Sibold Mr. and Mrs. Larry Sickles Scott and Jill Sievers Jane Simkavitz Ann-Marie Simmons Keith and Kim Simoens Brett and Tara Simonsen Karri Simpson Michael and Cecilia Simpson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sina Jean Sindelar Mary Sindelar James and Mary Jo Sires Robert and Roxanne Sisneros Nancy Siver Mrs. Stella Siver Gary and Lori Skala* John and Michelle Slusarek Alfred and Virginia Smith Mary and Curtis Smith Dan Smith David and Jodie Smith Doug and Julie Smith Frank and Jennie Smith Mrs. Jean L. Smith Joanne Smith Kimberly Smith Ronald and Maxine Smith Dean and Mary Smorstad Lorraine Snell


Martha Snyder Teresa Sopousek Carol Sorg Judith Soukup Virginia Soukup Steve and Bonnie Sovern Mr. and Mrs. Bob Sowadski Elizabeth Spaight Adam and Kelly Spencer* Mrs. Marie Spieler Shawn and Donna Spooner Linda Spratt Kevin and Sheri Springman Jim and Sheryl Stallman Joseph and Sharon Stallman Marcella Stallman Mr. and Mrs. Marvin J. Stallman Rob Stallman Daniel and Carol Stammeyer Ann Stanek Ralph and Janice Stanek Terry and Erin Stanford John and Renee Stapley Mr. Raymond Stark Robert and Kay Staudacher Gertrude Steele (Deceased) Gerald and Colleen Steepleton Rick and Michele Steepleton Donald and Lorraine Steffen Wayne and Maxine Stein Andrew Steiner Douglas and Joan Steinmetz William and Barbara Stepanek Anna Stevens Jerry and Theresa Stevens Richard and Teresa Stevens Tom and Coleen Stevenson Barbara Stewart Martin and Janet Stimson John and Margaret Stirniman Lori and Dave Stock Peter and Betty Stoffel Robert and Micki Stoffel* Suzanne and David Stoltenberg Christopher and Lana Stone Mrs. Rose Stoneking Mr. and Mrs. Lynne L. Strabala Clyde and Mildred Straka Gary and Gloria Strauss Randy and Kay Strauss Louis and Deborah Stroschein William and Anita Strouf Cal and Cathy Struchen Mr. and Mrs. R. Ray Struve, Sr. Mike and Connie Stusak Mr. and Mrs. James Styers James and Mary Jane Suchan John and Joanne Sullivan Kathleen Sullivan Michael and Pamela Sullivan Melissa Summers Roxanne Sundell Louellen Svec Angela Svoboda Conrad and Diann Svoboda Paul and Mary Swanson AR-22

Stacy Swanson Dan Sweeney Gary and Shelley Sweet Harlan Swehla Barbara Szucs Scott and Patricia Szymanek Jeanette M. Tadewald (Deceased) Regina Takes William and Lillian Tallier Grant and Kerry Talyat Gene and Rhonda Tang Joan Tatarka Sharon Tauke Sharon and Carl Tawney Madonna Taylor John Tenhundfeld Sarah Tenley Julia and Steve Terpstra Dean and Angela Tesar Joshua and Emery Tew Mary and Tom Tharp Thomas and Virginia Theis Anne Marie Thing Agnes Thomas Susan Thomas Renee and Scott Thompson Christopher and Patricia Thoms Dan and Aniko Thraen Raymond and Pam Thys Mr. and Mrs. Mike Tiernan Marvin and Debra Tieskoetter Brian and Michelle Tigges Mr. and Mrs. Ray Tigges Fred and Pattie Toplikar Mike and Lisa Tortora Robert Tracy James and Melanie Trainor Audrey and Paul Trasak Paul Tresnak Michelle Tressel Juan and Linda Trevino Mrs. Linda Trosky Madeline J. Trpkosh and Delbert Usher Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tudor Richard and Diane Tuominen Rosemary Turnis Mr. and Mrs. Dean Twaddle Mr. and Mrs. Tom Twohill Dr. and Mrs. Mark Tyler Elizabeth Underwood Joanne Ungs Tammy and Jay Urquhart Barbara Vajgrt Mrs. Mary Valenta Paul and Frances Valliere Cornelius and Georgia Van Berkum Thomas and Kathy Van Berkum Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Van Cleve Martin and Tammy Van Erdewyk Albert and Mitzi Van Gampleare John and Pat Van Steenhuyse Mrs. Mary Van Voltenburg

Gerald and Ernestine Vander Sanden Emily and Seth Vander Tuig Bernadine Vandewalle Patricia VanSickel John Varn Laverne Vaske James and Nancy Vavricka Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Vavroch Susan Vecerka Sara and Dan Veerhusen Lois Verdow Larry and Barbara Viktora Mr. and Mrs. Frank Volesky Janet Volesky Kenneth and Catherine Volz Joe and Karen Vondracek Kristin Vondracek Elaine Voss (Deceased) Mike Votroubek Frank and Shirley Vozenilek Quoc and Au Vu Scott and Joan Wagner Jeannie Waite Mary Walke Janey Wall Leta Wall Marjorie Wall Lynda Walleck Ronald and Annette Wallerich Stacey Wallerich and Jascon Schares Cecelia Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Waters Betty Weaver Jerry and Ruth Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Michael Webber Donna Weber Linda and Keith Weber Mark and Margaret Weber Diane Weimer Donna and Greg Weiss John and Susan Weldon Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wells Cheryl Wernimont Alexander and Angela Wery Bill and Cassie Wessels Catherine West Carol Westcott Elbert and Joyce Westpfahl Kathleen Wetherell Anne N. White Jim and Lori White Mary White Mary Anne White Rita and Jeff White Babs Whitecotton Mr. and Mrs. Richard Whitmore Michael and Margaret Whitson Sarah Whittle Mary Whittlesey Peter Whittlesey Ms. Carla Wiedemann Melvin and Patricia Wiederhold Larry and Twila Wiley Philip and Heidi Wiley

Craig and Allison Wilhelm William and Mary Wilkinson Seth and Lily Willenborg Bryan and Laurie Willger Annette Williams Mr. and Mrs. Dale Williams James and Donna Williams Rose Williams Veronica Williams James and Pat Wills Melbourne and Margaret Wilson Mr. and Mrs. John Wilts Eric and Marianne Wink Joann Winker Michael and Julie Winker Mr. Marcellus J. Winn Debra Winter Mrs. Leah Winter Jennifer Winterhof Joseph and Rosalie Wolf Mr. and Mrs. Lynden Wolf Timothy Wolf Sue and Richard Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wolfe Margi and Brad Wolter E. Thomas and Christina Wood Robert and Wanda Worley Ms. Beverly Wren Michael and Sara Wright Robert and Joyce Wright Kim Wyatt Susan Wylie LaSheila Yates Richard and Cyndee Yoder Jillian M. York Julie and Matthew Young Mary Young Michael and Julie Young Chuck and Mariellen Youngdahl Todd and Michele Younggreen Ray and Jan Zamastil Christopher and Barbara Zaugg Beuna Zeman Harold Zenisek June Zenisek Eljean Zogg Marian Zupke

CRUSADERS ($5,000 - $9,999)

John and Marsha Schulte

BUILDERS ($250 - $499) Lori Jantzen

SUSTAINERS ($100 - $249)

Gorden and Kathy Jacobsen Rodney Jiruska Tom and Sandy Kaloupek Barbara Slinker

Thank you to these donors who restricted their contribution to the Archdiocese School Tuition Organization (STO) to Xavier High School.

TRUSTEES ($25,000 & ABOVE)

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ballard Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Becker Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Biermann Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Boyer Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Brandes Mrs. Lori C. Brecht Mr. and Mrs. Rick Brown Mr. William R. Colling Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Decker Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Deignan Mr. and Mrs. David Fischer Mr. and Mrs. James J. Giese Mr. and Mrs. Brian Globokar Mr. and Mrs. David Glynn Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Hanley Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hayek Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Henley Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Hoffmann Mr. and Mrs. Marvin V. Hoppenworth Mr. and Mrs. Peter Iversen Mr. and Mrs. David Junge Mr. and Mrs. James Justice Mr. and Mrs. James T. Kapsch Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Keating Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Kirby Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kluber Mr. and Mrs. Douglas P. Korbel Ms. Susan J. Krewson Mr. James P. Kullander Mr. James Landherr Mr. and Mrs. Alan Langenfeld Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lynch

CRUSADERS ($5,000 - $9,999)

Lisa Manternach Ms. Joan C. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Martinek Mr. and Mrs. Anthony F. May Dr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Maze Mr. and Mrs. William McCartan Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McLees Mr. and Mrs. James Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. John J. Morrissey III Mr. and Mrs. Herman Noronha Ms. Sallyann Orf Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Pitz Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Pregler Dr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rozek Mr. and Mrs. Richard Samek Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Schmall Ms. Kathy M. Shebetka Mr. and Mrs. William E. Shepard Mr. Scott Sievers Marvin Smith Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Testin Mr. Emery Tew Mr. and Mrs. David Thinnes Rev. Philip E. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Jeff C. Thorsteinson Mr. and Mrs. Randy R. Tietz Karen Volz and Lance Heeren Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Weepie Mr. and Mrs. F. Richard Whitters Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Wynne

Jack and Dilla Cosgrove

Nesper Sign Advertising, Inc. – Phil & Donna Garland

COMMANDERS ($2,000 - $4,999)

Cabinets Galore KMRY Radio Tracy and Julie Schloss* Target Stores Sue Warner and Tom Miller

LEADERS ($1,000 -$1,999)

Anonymous Aegon Transamerica Foundation Hills Bank & Trust Co. Mr. Thomas E. Olson Matt and Teppie Schueller

CHALLENGERS ($500 - $999)

Anonymous* Peter and Joan Bailey Dr. Holly Brown and Jerry Brown Patricia Charipar Midwest Janitorial Service-Supply Dr. and Mrs. Brad L. Stovie


Cabinets Galore Dostal Catering Service Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc. Panera Bread

LEADERS ($1,000 - $1,999)

Aero Rental Alan Stevens Associates, Inc. Hawkeye Communication

CHALLENGERS ($500 - $999)

Hills Bank & Trust Co. Tomaso’s Pizza

BUILDERS ($250 - $499)

Anonymous Leo and Norma Drilling Kathleen Kleiman and Michael Glavan Knights of Columbus Bowen General Assembly Mercer (Marsh & McLennan Companies) Teri Nunez Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Schroeder

SUSTAINERS ($100 -$249)

Bank of the West Robert and Nicole Beaman Allan and Mary Thoms Paul and Gail Williams*


Lyn Chiaramonte Colleen Cahill Holmes Catherine Putensen Margaret Rose Williams Briana and Andrew Wilson

BUILDERS ($250 - $499)

Carlos O’Kelly’s Perfect Game Read Photography Dean and Mary Smorstad Paul and Gail Williams

SUSTAINERS ($100 - $249)

Winifred’s Catering and Event Planning



Donald Ament

By Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus Bowen General Assembly

Edna Banse

By Arlene Erusha

Msgr. Edmund J. Becker By Betty Bockenstedt

Nate Borelli

By Ted and Tricia Borelli

Michael Brandes

By Greg and Debbie Jacobs Dr. William Olin, Jr.

Joe Breunig, Jr.

By David and Julie Johnson

Robert Burns

By David and Karen Thinnes

Kenneth Charles Charipar

By Regis and Barb Arp John and Anne Bender David and Teresa Bennett Janet Blasingame Kevin and Stacey Bowden B.G. Brecke, Inc. Rick and Heidi Brown Cedar Rapids Lodge 262 W FLA Cathleen Chambliss James and Ronda Drahozal Mrs. Elizabeth Ekland Kenneth and Ginger Erger Arlene Erusha Friends and Family of Kenneth Charipar Kevin and Jeanne Giles Hugh and Una Goldie Jack and Kathi Harville Betty and Donald Hass Karen Himmelsbach Greg and Debbie Jacobs & Family Eugene and Beverly Kadlec Mark and Julie Kluber Tom and Ann Kopatich Tim and Ann Kortemeyer Cindy Kovach Randy and Suzanne Krejci


Maurice and Lynda Lynch David and Joy McCulla Terry and Kim McGinn Metro Sports Report Inc. Mrs. Harold A. Miller Tim and Kris Miller & Family Theresa Montoya Phyllis Oliver Matthew and Megan Ostrom Paul and Regina Pisarik Julie and Thor Rastetter & Family Milo and Virginia Rehak & Family David and Barbara Schemmel Michael and Carol Schueller Duane and Sherry Schulte William and Catherine Sheka Dinah Sink Sondra Smith John Streif Donald Thomas Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Van Cleve John and Susan Weldon Albert and Margaret Wieneke Becky Williams Dr. and Mrs. John Wollner

Marilyn Dorrance

By William and Mary Anne Dale Dennis and Melissa Fagan Timothy Heinrich Connie and David Kielty Sally Nordstrom and Kent Cooling Marla Wardell

Jennifer Drew

By Beth (Drew) and Kerry Hartauer

Mary Ehlen

By Mike and Lynn Jump

Milver and Alma Erusha By Arlene Erusha

Robert C. Erusha

By Arlene Erusha Kimberly Erusha and John Kunnert Jill and Paul Von Ebers

Dick Fauchier

Catherine L. Quint

Charlotte Hanley

Sally Sattler

Rosemary Emma Hines

Robert “Bob” Schmitz

By Jennifer Fauchier By Michael and Carol Trueg By Greg and Debbie Jacobs

Eric Hoffman

By Sharon Campbell

Rita Hoffman

By Tom and Jean Hoffmann David and Karen Thinnes

Dorothy Hotchkiss

By David and Julie Johnson

Carl Kintzle

By Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus Bowen General Assembly

By Milo and Virginia Rehak By Alvin Sattler By Friends and Family of Bob Schmitz Robert and Jeanette Schreiber

Mary Lou Shimek By Joe Shimek

Raphael “Ray” Snitil

By Randy and Suzanne Krejci

Harley Squires

By Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus Bowen General Assembly

Mary Jo Koranda

Andrew and Lenora Svoboda

By Karen Volz

By Arlene Erusha

Dolores Ann Kramer

Charlotte Diaz Torrez

By David and Barbara Glass David and Julie Johnson Mike and Lynn Jump Barbara and Jim Kemp Steve and Denise Maze David and Karen Thinnes Carolyn Vranish Xavier Parents for Xcellence

Teresa Krumbholz

By Tracy and Larry Wolfe

Rev. Msgr. William P. Leonard By Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus Bowen General Assembly

Jerry Loesch

By Milo and Virginia Rehak

By Greg and Debbie Jacobs

Richard and Teresa Tegler By J. Patrick and Pamela Geraghty Mark and Betsy Larson

Dr. Wayne and LaVonne Tegler By J. Patrick and Pamela Geraghty Mark and Betsy Larson

Don Underwood

By Elizabeth Underwood

Jim Van Berkum

Scott and Mary Jo Seibert

Cinda Wehrman

Lisa M. Musel-McCoy

By David and Barbara Glass

By Xavier High School Math Department

Mary R. Pence

Vicki Wilgenbusch

By Greg and Debbie Jacobs

By David Wilgenbusch

Emma Altheide

Caitlyn Herndon

Ethan Morisette

Andrew Thing

Abby Bedard

Caitlin Himmelsbach

Jennifer Murtha

Kyle Tietz

Devin Olson

Aaron Van Hoeck

Alex Pick

Jared Volz

By Steve and Erin Altheide By Tony and Marcia Bedard

Korbin Berger

By Don and Vicki Berger

Richard Blanck

By Joe and Lorraine Blanck

Lynette Bordignon

By Greg and Bernie Bordignon

Alex Boyer

By Steve and Lori Boyer

Amanda Brecht

By Randy and Lori Brecht

Ashley Burns

By Ken and Deborah Burns

Andrea Driscoll

By Brian and Sue Driscoll

Chloe Eulberg

By Matthew and Diana Eulberg

Ross Glanz

By Tom and Michele Glanz

By Steve and JoAnn Herndon By Debbie and Michael Himmelsbach

Rachel House

By Joseph and Susie House

Mackenzie Jacobs

By Paul and Pamela Morisette By Scott and Jeani Murtha By Mike and Kelle Kucharski

By Greg and Debbie Jacobs

By Jeffrey Pick and Amy Godwin

Alex Jasper

Johanna Reicks

Alex Jasper

Holly Rodenkirk

Alanna Junge

Brittani Ruhd

Bailey Kaloupek

Kelsie Sargent

Lucy Kapsch

Christy Schueler

By Duane and Anne Jasper By Krysti Jasper By Ronald and Vanessa Junge By Tom and Sandy Kaloupek By Jim and Julie Kapsch

Anthony Khairallah

By Eli and Lillian Khairallah

Christine Kherbaoui

By Henry and Jill Reicks By Mark and Patricia Rodenkirk By Karen and Jeff Ruhd By Mark and Kris Sargent By Clifford and Kathleen Schueler

Mary Sheehan

By John and Amy Sheehan

By Sleiman Kherbaoui and Liliane El-Haddad

Tori Shepard

Rahul Gomez

Chase Kleopfer

James Stabile

Wyatt Hagen

Tony McDermott

Erika Sulentic

Kathleen Henely

Ryan McGraw

Michael Tessmer

Grant Goldsmith

By Ron and Kathleen Goldsmith By Fred and Gwen Gomez By Todd and Jacqueline Hagen By Steve and Nancy Henely

By Tom and Janet Kleopfer By Shea and Ken Francis By David and Maureen McGraw

By Bill and Rocki Shepard By Dan and Geri Stabile

By Anne Thing

By Randy and Joyce Tietz By Ronald and Janet Van Hoeck By John and Ellen Volz

Jacob Wallraff

By Robert and Anne Wallraff

Matt Watson

By Mark and Jan Watson

Samantha Wehr

By Lyle and Shelly Wehr

Benjamin Williams

By Paul and Gail Williams

Rachel Wiltgen

By Jan and Patty Wiltgen

Stephanie Ann Winders

By Dennis and Kari Winders

Ellen Zittergruen

By Mark and Maureen Zittergruen

Emma Zittergruen

By Mark and Maureen Zittergruen

By David and Kristi Sulentic By Earl Tessmer

Conrad Baumler Retirement By Shive-Hattery

Bradley Blaser

Volunteer Recognition By Cargill Corn Milling

Don Chizek

Volunteer Recognition By Pepsico

Arlene Erusha

Christmas By Kimberly Erusha and John Kunnert

Dennis Fagan

Dan Frazier

By New York Life Foundation

Leslie Anne French By Amgen PAC

Lori Karas

Volunteer Recognition By Verizon Foundation

Rev. Neil Manternach

Silver Jubilee By Mark and Lisa Lehmkuhl

Mark F. Rodenkirk

20 Years Service Award By Alliant Energy Foundation

Volunteer Recognition By Pfizer Inc. AR-25

Gifts to the Scholarship Endowment Fund of $10,000 or more may be designated in your honor, the honor of a family member or a special friend of Xavier. Named Endowed Scholarships not only benefit generations of Xavier students, they also serve as a lasting gift that perpetuates your name or the name of a family member, friend, or organization. Founders (100,000 & Above) Charlotte Taylor Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Phil and Donna Garland Family Endowed Scholarship

Bob and Arlene Erusha Endowed Scholarship

Dick Rozek Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Fred and Bev Timko Family Endowed Scholarship

Jacob Giles Memorial Endowed Scholarship Given by Kevin and Jeanne Giles Family

Rev. Donald Schmitt Memorial Endowed Scholarship Given by Joe and Gladys Oppold

Benefactor Level ($50,000 - $99,999)

Betty Wurdack Memorial Endowed Scholarship Given by Robert Wurdack

Jennie E Basile Memorial Endowed Scholarship Given by Columbus “Cal” Basile

Director Level ($10,000 - $24,999)

James and Brenda Clancy Endowed Scholarship

Roger and Angie Baker Endowed Scholarship

Jean Hagen Memorial Endowed Scholarship Given by the Hagen Children Monsignor Donald P. Heineman Endowed Scholarship Richard Lockwood Memorial Endowed Scholarship Mitch McWhinney Memorial Endowed Scholarship Given by Dr. Jon and Kay McWhinney

Rita M. and Charles E. Whitters Memorial Endowed Scholarship Given by Joseph and Greer Whitters Anonymous (1)

Charlie and Tina Weepie Family Endowed Scholarship

Trustee Level ($25,000 - $49,999)

Conrad and Jeannette Baumler Endowed Scholarship

James P. Burke Endowed Scholarship

Robert L. and Mary Frances Cattoi Family Endowed Scholarship

Janet Merfeld and Kevin Murray Endowed Scholarship

TRUSTEES ($25,000 & ABOVE)

COMMANDERS ($2,000 - $4,999)

BUILDERS ($250 - $499)

DIRECTORS ($10,000 -$24,999)

James P. Burke James and Brenda Clancy Estate of Robert Erusha Estate of Gilbert “Gib” Klein

CRUSADERS ($5,000 - $9,999)

Janet Merfeld and Kevin Murray Friends and Family of Robert Schmitz Joseph and Greer Whitters AR-26

Rev. Msgr. Donald P. Heineman Cecilia Navratil Robert L. and Mary Frances Cattoi Family Foundation Xavier Parents for Xcellence

CHALLENGERS ($500 - $999)

Rev. Msgr. Russell Bleich Rockwell Collins Joe and Geri Schmitt

William and Joanne Thinnes Endowed Scholarship Marie Trachta Memorial Endowed Scholarship Given by Bob and Jean Beer and Joseph and Greer Whitters

Norma Barrios Endowed Scholarship Given by Thomas Olson

Josephine Pecolatto Cook Charitable Trust

Larry & Claire Sharp Family Endowed Scholarship

Richard and Donna Flynn Fund of The Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation Larry and Claire Sharp Fund of The Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation Ann Volz* Tracy and Larry Wolfe

SUSTAINERS ($100 - $249)

Kimberly Erusha and John Kunnert Terri Garity William and Rosann Nolte

Kelly Ruff Mary Sheka and Don Piper Toyota Motor Insurance Foundation


Robert and Jeanette Schreiber

The Archbishop’s Circle was initiated to recognize and thank donors who have demonstrated their commitment to Xavier High School by supporting the Foundation with generous undrestricted annual gifts of $1,000 or more during the Foundation’s fiscal year. Gifts at this level support the Foundation’s mission and help Xavier plan for the future.

Mrs. Marie Acevedo Aero Rental Ahmann Design Alliant Energy Mr. and Mrs. Mike Alt Michael Ament Anonymous (2) Virginia Bailey Roger and Angie Baker Kevin and Diane Ballard Conrad and Jeannette Baumler Lloyd and Carol Bean Dennis and Patti Becker Dr. and Mrs. Bradley Beer David and Julie Bellendier Robert and Lois Boland Gregg and Christine Botkin Bowker Mechanical Contractors Mrs. Mary Jane Brandes Matthew and Jeanne Brandes Dan and Lisa Breitbach Cabinets Galore Cedar Rapids Toyota Cedar Valley World Travel Centro, Inc. Don and Mary Chizek Matthew and Kathy Chorzempa James and Brenda Clancy Gina and John Cleavenger Climate Engineers Coldwell Banker-Hedges Realty Rev. Gerald Condon Construction Publications Loren and Patricia Coppock Jack and Dilla Cosgrove Ron and Jan Delaney The Dental Center Mr. Leonard Dolezal Richard and Barbara Donohue Mr. Dennis Drahozal Jim and Sue Dyer EduCare Learning Center, Inc. Gary and Rochelle Erger David and Marla Erickson Arlene Erusha

James and Denise Erusha Kimberly Erusha and John Kunnert The ESCO Group Jacob and Theresa Fahnle Fairfax State Savings Bank Feiereisen Inc. FNBC Iowa Tom Frana Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc. George and Karen Fulford Richard and Darla Galligan Phil and Donna Garland Patricia Gamsky (Deceased) Timothy and Janis Gaule Troy Gerleman Brian and Beth Globokar Rev. Msgr. Karl L. Glovik Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gradoville Leone Gray Mike and Lisa Guge Bob and Kelly Haag Mary Hanzelka-Leary and Dan Leary Hawkeye Electric Rebecca Hayes and James Ickes Jeff and Lisa Henderson Jim and Ethel Herring John and Nancy Herring High Development Co. Highway Equipment Company Hills Bank & Trust Co. Tom and Jean Hoffmann Wesley and Lisa Huisinga Hy-Vee and Hy-Vee Drugstore, Cedar Rapids and Marion Duane and Anne Jasper Philip and Kathy Jasper Jim Miller Nissan Subaru Joe Bertsch Electrical Sales Co. Joensy’s Restaurant - Center Point Lisa and Robert Johnson Michael and Lynn Jump Thomas and Jodi Keating

Kelly Concrete Company Kelly Demolition Maureen and Joseph Kenney Joe and Carolyn Kirby Kathleen Kleiman and Michael Glavan Bruce and Sherry Kramer Randy and Suzanne Krejci Dr. Richard L. Kundel Mrs. Kathryn LaFontaine Dr. and Mrs. Carlton Lake James and Paula Levett Linn Area Credit Union Dan and Donna Lynch Lynch Ford Chevrolet Dale and Carolyn March Steve and Denise Maze Lawrence E. McGrath McGrath Automotive Company Peggy and James Meek Mercer (Marsh & McLennan Companies) Janet Merfeld and Kevin Murray Midwest Janitorial Service Supply Mark Miller Scott and Jeani Murtha James and Kathy Nelson Nelson Electric Company Nesper Sign Advertising, Inc. Rev. Ivan Nienhaus Stephen and Janet Noonan Novak Design Group Richard and Rita Olson Mary Orth Mr. and Mrs. John Ortmann Panera Bread James and Anne Pape Pepsico Foundation Sandra Pfeiler Pfizer, Inc. Kay Pitlik Mr. and Mrs. William Quinby Lisa and Randy Ramlo Dr. David and Mary Jo Rater

Henry and Jill Reicks Tom and Dianna Richardson Matthew and Jeannine Rissi Rockwell Collins Gary and Cathy Rozek Jody Ruff RuffaloCODY Jeff and Kristin Schaefer Schimberg Company Joseph and Lynda Schimberg Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Schmall Anthony and Laurie Schubert David Schulte John and Marsha Schulte Steven and Karen Schulte Gerald and Phyllis Seidl Seltec Sales Corporation John and Amy Sheehan William and Rocki Shepard Shey Systems, Inc. Tom and Stacy Shey Simmons Perrine Moyer Bergman PLC Mike and Dorothy Stallman Dan and Kay Sullivan Terry-Durin Electrical Co. Theisen’s Home Farm Auto David and Karen Thinnes Jeff and Kathy Thorsteinson Fred and Bev Timko Jack and Marylou Tripolino Doug and Amy Valentine Verizon Foundation Karen Volz and Lance Heeren Jill and Paul Von Ebers John and Patrice Waldorf Mark and Jan Watson Elizabeth Weland Mrs. Maxine Welch Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Foundation Gary and Jean Wenisch Paul and Gail Williams Zeppelins Scott and Mary Zogg


The Heritage Society was established in 1992 to recognize donors who have made a commitment to making Catholic education affordable to all who desire it, by including the Xavier Foundation in their estate or deferred-giving plans.

Mario Acevedo E. (1918 - 1971) LaDonia Asmussen Joan Bahning John Bahning Angie Baker Roger Baker Columbus “Cal” Basile (1910 - 2005) Conrad Baumler Jeannette Baumler Rev. Msgr. Edmund Becker (1911 - 1996) Carol Bean Gary Becker Michelle Becker Ruth Berry (1918 - 2005) Alice Bevenour (1930 - 2002) Robert Bevenour Alice F. Bizulis (1916 - 1998) Beverly Bizulis (1942 - 2003) Matthew Brandes Rev. Donald R. Bruggeman Joanne Carfrae Steven Carfrae Caroline Cavanaugh Dan Childers Teresa Childers *Brenda Clancy *James Clancy Gina Cleavenger John Cleavenger Rev. Gerald Condon Josephine Cook Sutherland Cook (1915 – 2005) Loren L. Coppock Patricia Coppock Mary Lucille Creighton (1905 - 1990) Annette E. Cunningham John P. Cunningham Evelyn Dolezal (1925 - 1999) Leonard Dolezal Jane Drish Kenneth Drish Rev. James Duster (1933 - 2001) Kenneth Erger Arlene Erusha Denise Erusha Dr. Jim Erusha


Kimberly Erusha Robert C. Erusha (1924 – 2009) Susan Flaherty Thomas Flaherty Donna Flynn Richard Flynn Ken Francis Shea Francis Genevieve Gatto John Gatto (1918 – 2005) Vincent C. Gatto (1902 - 1986) Thomas Hanley Beverly Hanson Robert Hanson Mary A. Hanzelka David Hardinger Mary Kay Hardinger Jeff Henderson Lisa Henderson Andrea Henley Jamie Henley Ethel Herring James Herring Jean Hoffmann Thomas Hoffmann Rev. Msgr. Robert Hogan (1933 - 2006) Jeannette Holtz William Holtz Dr. David Johnson Julie Johnson Rosella Karp Catherine Kaup (1929 - 2006) Harold Kaup (1926 - 1999) Helen Kaup-Carnes (1949 - 1987) Janis Kazimour Robert Kazimour Jodi Keating Thomas Keating Loretta Kinzie Carol Klauser James Klauser Gilbert Klein (1927 – 2010) John L. Krall (1891 - 1982) Dale Kueter Mary Helen Kueter John Kunnert Rev. Msgr. Charles Lang

Peter M. Layden Leo Lucas (1908 - 1988) Lynda Lynch Maurice Lynch Denise Maze Steve Maze Joan Martin William D. Martin (1928 - 1995) Rita Masterson (1915 - 2004) Mary Lou McCartan Susan McCartan Thomas McCartan William McCartan Rev. Msgr. John McClean Paul McDermott Lawrence McGrath James J. McPartland Jon McWhinney Kay McWhinney James Meek Peggy Meek Richard Meerians (1922 - 1998) Dorothea Meyers (1906 - 2002) Bernard J. Mullaley (1920 - 2004) Cecilia Navratil Donna Negro John J. Negro *Debora Neumeyer *Gregory Neumeyer James A. Novak Kristin Novak Mary Orth Jean Petrzelka Ray Petrzelka Stephen Pickart (1933 – 2007) Mary Quass Janis Quinby William Quinby Kathryn Reiter (1915 – 2010) Rene Ridge Stephen Ridge Cathy Rozek Gary Rozek Richard Rozek (1927 - 2001) Jody Ruff Anthony Schubert Laurette Schubert Karen Schulte

Margaret Schulte (1916 - 1993) Leta Seehusen (1907 - 2001) Gerald Seidl Phyllis Seidl Audrey Shank Dr. Raymond Shank (1924 - 1998) Claire Sharp Larry Sharp Charles Sheehy Dorothy Snitil Raphael Snitil (1914 – 2010) Dorothy Stallman Lydia Stallman Marvin Stallman Mike Stallman Gary J. Streit Gary Sundell (1939 - 2005) Charlotte Taylor (1929 – 2007) Ronald Thillen (1926 - 1997) Gloria Tilson Michael Tilson Beverly Timko Fred Timko Jack Tripolino Marylou Tripolino Nicholas Volk Karen A. Volz Jan Watson Mark Watson Charlie Weepie Tina Weepie Maxine Welch Ted Welch (1920 - 1996) Joan Whitney (1909 - 2003) Charles Whitters (1926 - 1987) Rita Whitters (1930 - 2000) Helen Whittington (1908 - 2001) Rev. Msgr. Lyle Wilgenbusch Betty Ann Wurdack (1928 - 1989) Robert R. Wurdack Elaine Young Rev. Msgr. A. L. Zachar (1911 - 1999) Anonymous Donors (9) *Indicates new members

Xavier Foundation Annual Report  

The Xavier Founation Annual Report from September 2011

Xavier Foundation Annual Report  

The Xavier Founation Annual Report from September 2011