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April 2012 Issue

Fraser River Run XatŠúll first nation

R i c k H a n s e n 2 5 t h A n n i v e r s a r y R e l ay In this issue:

Orden Mack and Barb Dixon; Deep Creek BC March 25, 2012– Photo: Jacinda Mack

It was the perfect day as the sun was shining. We had a pretty good crowd come out to the hall to show their support for our very own medal bearers; Orden Mack and Barbara Dixon. There was quite a few of us that patiently waited along Mountain House for the medal to arrive from Quesnel. Finally it came and was then passed to Barb from the endurance athlete. We all followed her up to the Band office where Sandra,

Lauren, Jacinda & Cecilia sang and drummed a song for us. The Medal Bearers had the opportunity to say a few inspirational words. When Barb passed the medal to Orden he made his way back onto Mountain House Rd. with the crowd cheering him on. He then went to the end of Mountain House Rd. where he passed it onto the endurance athlete where the medal made its way to Williams Lake for the Rick Hansen Celebration. Congratulations to Barb and Orden.

Upcoming Events


Smart Meter Update


Housing Minutes


Community Service Code


Important Community Dates:

Community Meeting April 24/12 1pm-7pm Deep Creek Hall

Community Clean-Up. April 30/12—9am

Office Closed on April 30, 2012. All Day

E l d e r s M a r c h B a ke S a l e U p d a t e :

The elders had a bake sale at one of the meetings on March 29, 2012. We didn't

sell all the treats at the meeting so we had some help from Noella as she went and sold the rest at Pioneer Log Homes. Thank You for that Noella. We did this to raise funds for their trip to the 36th Annual Elders Gathering this year in Abbotsford July 10, 11, 12, 2012. We would like to thank everyone who helped and

supported us in this fundraiser and a big thank you the elders and community who donated their delicious goodies for the bake sale. Altogether we raised $80.03. Keep your ears and eyes open as we might have a couple more fundraisers as we get closer to the days of our big event.

Balance & Agility every Tuesday at 2pm(health boardroom)

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April 2012 Issue Flour & Rolled Oats

Sun Run In Vancouver

We have a few 50lbs bags of wheat and white flour for anyone who would like some. If 50lbs is too much for you. Maybe speak with a family member or two and talk about splitting the bag. We also have bags of rolled oats and some bran. For anyone who would like to come and take some your more than welcome to just come up to the Health Station and see the receptionist.

Lost Hard Yellow Camera Case. Pelican Brand. If anyone has seen it or found it can you please return to Soda Creek Health Station. Thank you

Community Meeting The Soda Creek Band will be having their community meeting on April 24, 2012 at the Deep Creek Hall starting at 1pm. Dinner will be served and will go until 7pm.

It was a bit chilly down in Vancouver as we walked towards to start line but boy were we sweating at the finish line. We were thankful there was no rain though. We had a total of 16 runners/walkers in our group that were from Soda Creek. The ages ranged from 6 years old right up to 64 years old. We would like to congratulate everyone that took part in this years event its such a great accomplishment and makes you feel really good about yourself. This year they had a total of 48,904 people take part in the 2012 Sun Run.

Congratulations to all Sun Runners & Walkers Keep Up the good work

50/50 Grad Fundraiser As well all know graduating from grade 12 can be a little pricey at times. One of our youth is holding a fundraiser to raise funds to help pay for grad costs. It will be a 50/50 draw so one lucky winner will split the pot. The cost is $5.00 a square or $10.00 for 3 squares. If you would like to help and support this fundraiser you can come up to the Health Station and see the receptionist.

Health Announcement We would like to wish Donna Dixon all the best in her future endeavours where ever her heart may take her. And would like to thank you for all her hard work you have done for us and the community for the past years. We are really going to miss you and your one of a kind personality. Thank You, Take Care and Good Luck.

We have some great entertainment and encouragement along the way. This picture features the Nuxalk Drummers. They really got your spirit up and going when you passed their tent.

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April 2012 Issue

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April 2012 Issue

Be Strong, Belong Building a strong community Where: Gibraltar Room When: Thursday April 26, Friday April 27 Time: High School Students (To Be Announced) Elementary Students: 9 am - 10:30, 11 am - 12:30 - 2:30, 1pm - 2:30 GRAND PRIZE TO BE WON! Guest Speakers, Informational Booths, Ethnic Finger Foods & Drinks ALL INFO NEEDS TO BE HANDED IN BY TUESDAY APRIL 24TH WITH THE NUMBER OF YOUTH YOU WILL BE BRINGING WITH YOUR SENCE OF BELONGING DISPLAY.

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April 2012 Issue

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April 2012 Issue

Page 15 Miriam Schilling

April 2012 Issue Community Economic Development Coordinator

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April 2012 Issue

Molly Yochmans

Support Counsellor

Happy April Community Members. I was able to attend the Easter Event here at Soda Creek. It was great to see all of the kids having so much fun searching for eggs and taking part in games. Best of all it was a beautiful and warm sunny day!

Anthony Mack

Employment Coordinator

To date, it has been five and a half months since I have been at it as employment coordinator for the Soda Creek Indian Band. Near the end of March 2012 the Cariboo Chilcotin Aboriginal Training Education Centre (CCATEC) has notified us of the outcome of our proposals we have submitted over the five month period. We have submitted a total of five proposals and we were successful at getting

Please take note that beginning Monday May 14th, AA meetings will funding for four of those five proposals. The four proposals that we were funded for are as follows: #1 – be held from 5:00-6:00pm at Soda Creek Health Station. Employment Assistance Services – this proposal went in to fund the Attendance for the afternoon meeting has been small so we are employment coordinator position here at the Soda Creek Indian Band moving the meeting back to Monday evenings. Spread the word! for the 2012/2013 fiscal year, CCATEC approved us for $23,703.92. In last month’s newsletter it was announced that a workshop for Proposal #2 – Mining and Oil & Gas Training we were successful at addictions would be held at the end of this month. Please take being approved in the amount of $17,178.85 to train 12 individuals in note that this workshop has been canceled until further notice. Due First Aid Level One, Fall Protection, Transportation of Dangerous to my part-time hours and additional work responsibilities over Goods, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System the past few months, I have not had the adequate time needed in (WHMIS), Forklift, H2S Alive Sour Gas, Confined Space, Ground Disturbance and Transportation of Dangerous Goods. preparing this workshop. Proposal #3 – Computer Training on the 2010 edition of Microsoft Lastly please take note I will be away April 30th-May 11th. If you Excel, Word and the Operating System, this proposal was awarded would like to see me or have any requests; please give me a call or $2,407.50 to train two individuals to increase their computer skill stop by my office before April 30th. levels at Thompson Rivers University – Williams Lake Campus. Finally Proposal #4 – Referral Coordinator Trainee, this is training on the job for Soda Creek’s Natural Resource Department meant to lead into a possible full-time position within the department; we were approved for $11,000.00 to fund the position for duration of 21 INDIVIDUAL CHALLENGE: This month’s challenge is to “Cut weeks. off the dead weight.” What is it in your life that is bringing you To summarize all four proposals, the Soda Creek Indian Band’s down, draining your energy, influencing you for the worst instead Employment Department has been successful at being awarded a total of the better? This could be a number of different things: perhaps a amount of $54,290.27. This has been an accomplishment that has been negative person, a friendship that is draining you, watching too patiently waited for and it finally came through. I want to acknowledge those that have helped me to secure this funding, it does feel much TV instead of taking part in more productive activities, perhaps an addiction is draining your energy and finances, perhaps rewarding to work for the community although sometimes it can be committing to too many responsibilities and not taking care of you difficult to help everyone and I always remind myself that you simply first? What is the dead weight that is holding you back? Take steps just cannot give up on anyone and to just keep moving forward. A friendly reminder to community members that there is an this month working towards cutting off the dead weight…Free abundance of employment opportunities becoming available on a daily yourself basis, come and check out our job board or our job binders to look FUN FACT OF THE MONTH: Hot water can freeze faster for jobs that may suite your skill set or your education. Many of the than cold water. posting that come in via email, fax or on-line usually have a one to two week deadline period where speed is a necessity to successfully apply. Molly Yochmans If you have any questions, concerns and/or recommendations Support Counsellor regarding this report, please do not hesitate to contact me @ Soda Creek Indian Band 250.989.2323 ext. 141 or by email at 3405 Mountain House Road Williams Lake BC V2G 5L5 250-989-2355 (ext 128) 250-989-2301 (Fax) Email: “Believe that life can change, if you are ready.”

Sincerely, “Believe in being accountable, transparent, honest and leading by example.”

Page 17 Sheri Sellars

April 2012 Issue Comprehensive Community Planning Coordinator

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April 2012 Issue

Cindy Charleyboy Weytkp! Happy Spring to everyone! I hope you are getting a chance to get out and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful sunny days we have been given. I have had some absolutely beautiful experiences so far this spring and even spent one full day down at the Xatśūll Heritage Site doing prayer ties and basking in the beautiful warm weather. I saw so many different birds and even some butterflies that day and felt very grateful for the experience.

Education Coordinator(pt.1) Post Secondary Program Update Deadline Applications for full time Post Secondary sponsorship are due by May 31, 2012 at the latest. Applications for full time college and university programs can be found at

Language Program Update We continue to have a fun and exciting Secwepemc Language Program every Monday morning at the Hall taught by Cecelia Derose and Minnie Phillips. This happens from 9am to 12pm which was the best time of the week for Cecelia and Minnie. Everyone is welcome to attend at any time and staff in particular have really enjoyed knowing that this is a time where we can all come together and learn as partners. It is a great start to the week and with the weather warming up we are anticipating many field trips this year.

Please note there are a couple slight errors on the website application form!

The correct email to contact is

The correct deadline is May 31, 2012 NOT June 1, 2012

High School Program Update Another good experience recently was spending the day at WLSS with Education Coordinators from other Bands getting to know the staff and visiting with the students. The staff really made us feel welcome and did a great job explaining what students go through when it comes down to selecting courses for their upcoming school year. Students are given a listing of courses for the next year in early June and are expected to attend “arena scheduling day” mid June to select their courses. The most important courses happen between Grade 10 and 12. There are 12 required courses (such as English 10, 11 & 12 and Math 10 & 11) during that time and students get an opportunity to take 12 other courses which can be any courses that they want. We found out that the optional courses must include a Fine Arts Or an Applied Skill (such as Woodwork) and students can even get credit for being in Cadets. Getting a chance to review report cards and meet with the students one-on-one was very informative and I discovered that most of our students are doing very well and certainly are totally capable of doing the work that is expected at their grade level. One of the biggest factors that influences student success is attendance… showing up is more than ½ the work! Showing up is directly related to the marks students receive; for example, a student that misses only a few classes in the first semester might get a B, missing lots in the 2nd semester they may only get a passing grade. If they miss too much class time, they could ending up failing and having to re-do the whole course. The easiest way out of that situation is to show up, ready to pay attention and do as much work in class as possible. It’s up to the student to find out what makes them want to show up for school. The best way to catch up when behind in school is to do both the easiest and the most important assignments first, that way those things are out of the way and your marks start climbing up quickly. This is also the best way to take a test. Do the easiest questions first, the ones worth the most marks next and then you can work on the hardest questions last.

We will be correcting the application on the website asap! It is very important to submit your application sooner than the deadline if possible so any errors or questions can be caught before all information is entered into a final application to AANDC on June 1st. Information for all eligible students must be included in that June 1st application, there is no extending that deadline and this application influences whether or not the Band will receive any additional funding above the regular amount provided each year. Standard factors used to assess Post Secondary Applications according to AANDC Funding policies include: Complete and Correct Information Eligibility Requirements – for the institute, the program and the individual student Available Funding Cost of the Program or Institute 1.Complete Application Forms Any missing information can affect the processing of your application. Be sure to review your application and check that everything is filled in to the best of your ability. If you do not have certain information at the time of submission, be sure to state why that information has not been provided and when it will be. For example, a Letter of Acceptance from the Post Secondary Institution must be included and yet it may have not been received yet. If so, state why the letter hasn’t been received and state the date it will be expected in the application form. Then remember to follow up and provide the letter to the Education Department as soon as it is received. 2. Eligibility Requirements

Three basic areas are always assessed to determine “eligibility” of an application – the institute, the program and the student. The word eligibility means “to meet the appropriate conditions”. These conditions regarding eligibility of the institute, When you show up to class regularly, the things that may seem hard at first, program and student are determined by the funding agency – AANDC. may become the very things that are fast and easy for you.

And if they don’t ever seem fast and easy, that’s ok because slow & steady progress will also get you to your goals. We have to realize that school is not the best route to success for everyone, sometimes it takes a while to make it through and you can still have fun in your life in other healthy ways, such as through sports or art. The most important thing is doing your best and finding things you love to do. And remember, schools really do have a lot of unique courses now and great extracurricular activities are available such as Band and Drama.

Eligible Institutes are also determined by Canada’s Student Loan Program. A list of eligible institutes is found at welcome.htm#eligible Eligible programs must be considered a college or university level program, have a Grade 12 requirement and be considered a year in length. Eligible students are Band Members that have not exceeded funding limits. Normally all students are eligible that have been accepted by the college or university. A member that has exceeded funding limits is no longer eligible.

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April 2012 Issue

Cindy Charleyboy

Education Coordinator(pt.2)

Examples of a student exceeding funding limits include

Wanting to take a Certificate or Bachelor’s program when you have already completed a Certificate or Bachelor’s Program. Even if it is in a different field, the student that has completed is no longer considered eligible through AANDC’s Post Secondary Program.

Other Post Secondary Funding Sources include:

Wanting or needing to take a program you have already been funded for but did not complete. If a student has not completed for any reason and has to re-take a course or a program, they are not considered eligible for funding through the Post Secondary Program. In this case they need to pay their own costs

Loans and Grants: and http:// Aboriginal Learning:

3. Available Funding Each year the Band receives an amount based on population of both on and off reserve members. The total amount is normally approximately $150,000. This is enough funding to provide support to approximately 8-10 full time students. Any additional funding is based on the number of eligible applications the Band receives. The more members that apply for funding, the more likely it is that the Band will receive additional funding. Students that are already funded and doing well in programs will continue to receive supports from the Band. As they graduate, this opens up space for new students to receive funding or sponsorship. This is a cycle that can also be influenced by other changes, for example, if a student has to take a break in their studies due to life circumstances, funding normally budgeted to go to that student will become available to others. Getting your complete, eligible application in on time is the best way to ensure you will receive funding if and when it is available. 4.Cost of the Program and/or Institution The cost of the program and/or college or university you choose could affect whether or not your application is approved. For example, if a program at a Private Institute costs three or four times more than average, this would affect the overall number of students the Band can support. Students that want to attend such programs are encouraged to fully research Public Institutes that have comparable programs at reasonable costs. This way an average cost can be budgeted for all sponsored students rather than one student getting the majority of the funding. Examples of Public Institutes in Canada are UBC, UVIC, UNBC and TRU. They offer great programs, teachers and technology at reasonable costs. Even more important is that if a student decides to transfer to a different school, all of the work they’ve done will likely transfer with them, which isn’t always the case with Private Institutes. While Private Institutes are marketed really well and made to appear as the best options, they are not necessarily the best or most accessible options. Summary of Post Secondary Update The Band wants to be able to fund as many students as possible. We encourage all eligible students to apply for Post Secondary Funding. When more students apply we are able to show how large the need is for our membership and the greater the need is, the more funding the Band can apply for. Although it can seem difficult to get sponsored, once you are selected you will be able to complete a program that will change the circumstances of your life and for that of your family. Please apply, encourage family members to apply and if you have any questions, please call or email and we can help you understand the requirements, find a program you would be successful in and complete the application process. I can be contacted at 250-989-2323 and

Aboriginal Bursaries: openview Canada Student Loan Information:

Find your passion and pursue it without delay! Kukwstsetsemc, Cindy Charleyboy Xatśūll Education Coordinator

Brandi Phillips Housing Coordinator Trainee Weyt-kp, Well I am hoping that everyone out there is enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having on our side of the country. Only thing that bothers be are the wood-ticks; and it seems by boy is a magnet for those since he loves being outside as much as possible. I would like to apologize for the lack of reports on my end for the community newsletter; but the last few months have been really hectic. I have been holding bi -weekly Community Housing Meetings, when all schedules coincide, where we have been going through our Housing Policy. I had done the Introduction at the AGM and since then we have been going through the Housing Policy page by page. It is mostly to educate our membership, but I also receive constructive questions and concerns from those in attendance and I am so grateful to have their feedback. I am striving to have this Common Housing Policy meet the needs for our community as a whole. At these meetings Sheri Sellars and I gather the input received as to how they see the Housing Policy could be changed and become more effective for SCIB. I am gathering information and hope to soon have a package ready to go that I can present to Chief and Council and from there we can ratify the Housing policy and amend where it is needed. Before I do that though, I have to also bring the package forward to the Housing Alliance Committee to notify them of any changes we see that may need to be made and just show them our membership’s input and see if there would be anything that would be missed and maybe they could also look at making those changes as well, it is all purely advisory. I would like to stress the fact that these meetings are open to all community members and that their attendance and input would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to note that our Housing Policy meetings are supposed to be every second week but due to the Hall’s schedule we are having to move the first meeting for the month of May to the second Wednesday, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. I also would like to extend an invitation to any community members that have any questions or concerns to please feel free to stop by my office. Just a notice to all that I will be out of the office from Monday April 23, 2012 until May 4, 2012 due to my son’s surgery, so please bring any Housing Emergencies to the attention of my Supervisor Rhonda Phillips. Kukwstsétsemc.

Important Dates for Housing Department:

May 9, 2012: Housing Policy Meeting 5:00 pm Doors Open May 24, 2012: Housing Policy Meeting 5:00 pm Doors Open

Le7-cwiye ell me7 wiktelmen. Also, please remember that the Band is not your only source for Post Secondary Funding

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April 2012 Issue

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April 2012 Issue

Page 22 Rhonda Phillips Band Administrator Report; Rhonda Phillips Hello everyone, I hope you are all enjoying our April showers… and pray that it will bring May flowers. I know I am enjoying that the winter weather has left us. I want to state that we have made some amended changes to the Community Service Code; and have included it in this newsletter. So take a look at it, and if you have questions about the form, you can contact me at the office. A month ago, I included the Soda Creek Indian Band’s Organization Chart, and I just wanted to give you some information about it. This chart is not a hierarchical chart, however; we want to highlight the communication lines. Chief and Council have one employee which is the Band Administrator. This is where the “Policy Development” occurs. The Band Administrator has the role of implementing policy within the staff. Staff have their respective supervisors; therefore, all communications flow through them. If community members have concerns with an employee, it is expected that the community member will address it with that employee. If the community member feels this is not resolved, they can bring their concern to that employee’s “DIRECT” supervisor. The supervisor will then deal with the matter. However: if the community member still feels this is not resolved; it would then go to the next supervisor, which would be the Band Administrator. Chief and Council and Administration are here to support our staff; as well as provide services to our community. Thus; all complaints need to go through the proper channels before it goes to the Council. In March we had a Lateral Violence workshop for our Staff. Lateral Violence is very destructive; yet very common in First Nation Organization and communities. “Lateral Violence occurs within marginalized groups where members strike out at each other as a result of being oppressed. The oppressed become the oppressors of themselves and each other. Common behaviours that prevent positive change from occurring include gossiping, bullying, finger-pointing, backstabbing and shunning.” This workshop was a great workshop, to show our staff that we care for them, and the concerns that they also have. Sometimes, we tend to forget the hard work that they put in, to help serve our community. Thus, recognizing them is an incentive to retain them within our organization. Soda Creek Indian Band is too small of an organization to give financial incentives; so we decided to present each staff member

April 2012 Issue Band Administrator and Council with a jacket as a token of our appreciation for the services that they as staff provide. Many times, our staffs have a million different things that are going on at once, or off the side of their desks, and people do not see that. So we wanted to stay “hey, we recognize you for all the hard work that you do for our community”. Even just a small gesture as a pat on the back, goes a long ways. The cost of the jackets came out of an administrative budget; and not from the Treaty dollars. We plan to hold the same workshop for our community members in the near future, and I really hope that you take the time to attend. It would greatly benefit you individually, as well as how you interact with others and how others interact with you. You may have noticed our poster that’s hanging up in the hall. This is from the workshop that our staff attended. The main points are: 1.)Confidentiality 2.)Stay and Participate 3.)Nobody gets to be wrong and everyone is right partially 4.)2% Truth 5.)Willingness to be influenced 6.)Willingness to resolve conflict without BLAME 7.)Take care of yourself and for what you need I invite community members to keep an eye out for a posting for the workshop and to attend and learn what all these mean. We have been quite busy in our offices, but I invite you to stop by and ask questions; or just visit. Our community meeting will be this coming Tuesday, April 24 th, 2012. We have Chief and Council meetings every 2 weeks, Monday evenings. Next one is April 30th, 2012. Sometimes our agenda is always changing, so it’s hard to get them out in time. My apologies for that. Brandi has been holding “Housing Policy” sessions each month. I am unable to attend all these sessions, because I do have Council meetings 2 evenings a month, which can be tiring as well. However; I will be able to attend one a month. This Housing policy has been in the works for the past couple of years; and has been passed at Leadership, as well as at our respective Councils. The Family Steering Committee then reviewed the document to share with their respective families. It is now up to Housing to hold “Educational” sessions to membership, to ensure everyone understands the document. So I want to commend Brandi for taking this on, thank-you. We will be having a community clean-up day on the 30th to assist Miriam with getting the Heritage Village and the Campsite ready for opening, so I hope to see everyone out there. Well until next time, I hope all is well with everyone. Don’t hesitate to give me a call at the office, 250-989-2323 ext 106, or send me an email

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April 2012 Issue

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