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Lion Medal : Describe your music making process from start to finish. Whats the first element you start with when creating a piece? What are the final signs of its completion? J-1 : My music making process varies sometimes its recording in studios live with the drums or if its on the solo vibe its just me some records my MPC some good weed and some Tequila and we get it goin like that.

LM : Where did you get your musical education or comparable experiences? J-1 : Most of my musical

experience started in my hometown Cleveland OH. where my mother and my brother were very musical so they had the most influence on me growing up..

I'm really just stickin' with the fam like I Ced Coultrain, and Jimetta Rose. The main focus is getting' with my brothas': Computer Jay and Dam Funk finishin' up the Master Blazter recordings.

LM : How were you influenced musically by growing up in and around your city?

LM : What inspired you to become involved in music, as a musician or in some other capacity? When did that moment of inspiration strike?

J-1 : My city is a tuff place on alot of levels its really but its a very soulful place so just like growing up in any hood I got to hear all kinds of sounds and with my mother bein involved with the church it gave me the chance to be around musicians and just vibe and my brothe was a dj so I grew up with music all around me at home.

LM : Who would you like to collaborate with next and why? J-1 : Right now as far as collabs

J-1 : I just love music, flat out. And I think that moment happened when I was a kid and I saw a drummer. In front of my face for the first time it was a wrap. I knew from there "that was me."

LM : Who / what are your main influences? J-1 : My main influence is the funk. Just the idea of it. The idea of hitting' hard and takin' chances, but always being on the "one," is just the concept that Im rocking' with consistently.

LM : Whats in the lab? J-1 : Beat making MPC 2000XL, Dan Electro Echo, and tremolo pedals, my record collection drums, random percussion instruments and some old school microphones.

LM : Tell us about Starship 27. What was the concept behind it? J-1 : My most recent works are The compilation Starship 27 which features exclusive production from all the homies like Ras G, Dam Funk, Dibiase, Eric Lau, Houseshoes and many more. Out now on Insect Records. Next we have my solo, "The Yellow EP' which will be out on RecordBreaking Records. Its my solo production which I like to call Electro-Slump.

LM : Five albums you feel you must share with others. J-1 : Eddie Hazel Games Dames and Guitar Thangs, Miles Davis On the Corner, D'Angelo Voodoo, DJ Shadow Endtroducing, Dam Funk Toeachizown

LM : What are you most proud of about your craft?

you'd consider learning? J-1 : Painting!

J-1 : MPC 2000XL Fender Rhodes & Records.

LM : If you had to remix the original score & soundtrack of any feature film, which film would it be? J-1 : Napolean Dynamite!

LM : One thing you can’t live without ? J-1: The Drum

LM : Ideal destination to make music? J-1 : Its really Los Angeles. The energy is just right for me there and just the openness of it allows me to let my thoughts breathe and I get to push further.

LM : Whats next?

LM : Ideal space to make music?

LM : What's another skill

J-1 : Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. Hell yeah!

LM : You are locked in a basement for 300 days. You are allowed three (musical) LM : What was the first song you performed? tools/equipment. What are they?

J-1 : Just the fact that my style is based on technique just as much as emotion is a part of it. I love the drums. I love music. And I want that to come out in the music more than anything.

J-1 : The future is bright we can take this wherever we want to take it. We don't put any limits on ourselves.

LM : What is your guilty pleasure song?

J-1 : In a studio with a view over the cliffs of Jamaica, along with a big room full of instruments, an engineer, a bunch of homies, some good weed and a hit record.

J-1 : The first song I remember playing live was Mr Magic by Grover Washington Jr.

LM : Whats your most memorable tour experience? J-1 : There have been so many! Most memorable was in Warsaw Poland. The spot was super cracked. I remember hearing everyone on full blast singing the words to "Mirrors." I'll never forget that moment.

LM : Whats your source of inspiration? J-1 : Just life. I go tough everyday so we find inspiration at all times. J-1 : Black Smoke.

XARIUSOUND Ferdinand-Noel Bacani Lion Medal Magazine 2011

I just love music, flat out. And I think that moment happened when I was a kid and I saw a drummer. In front of my face for the first time it was a wrap. I knew from there "that was me."



On the Drums with J-1

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