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Spring 2013

SOLUTIONS Introducing the XRO-3 Vacuum Cart!

Xanitos Focuses on‌ Training & Development EVS Week Celebrations




We already have an industry leading approach to cleaning hospitals with our XRO team cleaning and our vacuum carts. However we cannot stand still! We are rolling out a completely redesigned XRO-3 vacuum cart. Further we are moving aggressively into complementary services to EVS including management and guarantee of linen distribution and laundry costs, cosmetic maintenance, patient transport, and a new waste management and sustainability approach. We welcome Ron Glisk as our Executive Vice President for Sales, Marketing, and Training Programs. Ron has a successful career with two of my earlier companies, and his keen marketing sense and hands-on approach to training and mentoring sales directors fit him well for this new role. Joe Geromini continues to work directly with me in seeking opportunities in selected hospital systems. We are indeed “large enough to serve, yet small enough to care!”

“Xanitos is increasing its investment in our management and staff by further investment in

Xanitos is increasing its investment in our management and staff by new management training and development programs. True to our culture, these programs are no-nonsense, focusing on basics, i.e. how to clean efficiently and well using out proprietary systems, and how to get the staff we manage to become fully engaged with us in our fundamental goal – to help save patient’s lives. Debby

management training

Biller is spearheading these important new programs.

and development

Our new XRO-3 vacuum cart is finally ready for use! First in the queue is one of

programs. ... Debby Biller

our oldest clients, Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital. After five years of use of

is spearheading the development and implementation of these important new programs.”

our current XRO-2 cart, no one has developed a vacuum-cart that can safely be used around patients, so… our only competition is ourselves – the XRO-3 cart is even quieter, safer, and more user friendly than the XRO-2 cart, which in turn still has no competition! Thank You,

Graeme Crothall


A New Start at New Facilities

In the past five years since the company began, Xanitos has implemented its program at several brand new facilities across the United States. Startups at such facilities present a variety of challenges and

opportunities different from those usually encountered when going into a hospital that has been in service for many years. These include an extensive cleaning to ensure all dust from the construction is removed, all surfaces thoroughly sanitized and disinfected, and floors properly treated to withstand the high traffic encountered at hospitals. Strict regulatory documentation must also be kept for key areas such as Operation Rooms and Pharmacies, requiring specialized training for EVS personnel. In addition to these basic steps, each facility provides its own set of needs and challenges.

Montgomery Hospital Tracing its roots all the way back to 1868, this 140 bed facility is an award winning educational hospital, located in the outskirts of Philadelphia, and is part of the Einstein Medical System. Opened in September 2012, replacing an older facility nearby, Montgomery Hospital contracted with Xanitos to manage its environmental services program. The startup process included a post construction clean, support for several pre-opening events, and eventually full implementation at the grand opening of the new facility. Xanitos had to hit the ground running when, despite estimates projecting census levels to hold around 30% for the first three months and not reach full census until the ninth month, the hospital found itself at 95% occupancy by the end of the fourth week. Xanitos responded immediately by increasing EVS staffing and successfully ensured the hospital was maintained clean despite the difficulties caused by such an unexpectedly full hospital. Training also presented some challenges, because while EVS associates were still working at the old facility, they had to learn the new facility, alongside being trained on the XRO process and other Xanitos systems. This required a more intense training program along with extra supervisory oversight. Despite these challenges, Xanitos is running a successful EVS program at Montgomery Hospital, and the facility is indeed clean.


“Not the cry, but the flight of a wild duck, leads the flock to fly and follow.” — Chinese Proverb

Kaiser Permanente Anaheim Medical Center At Anaheim Medical Center Xanitos was already cleaning the original facility when the client requested Xanitos continue its contract at the new facility that was being built. This brought in the added challenge of having to maintain the cleaning standards at one hospital while preparing the new replacement hospital for licensing. Staff was hired well in advance and special training provided to those EVS associates that were selected for the post-construction clean up. More than once an area would be cleaned, with eight coats of floor finish put down, just to have a construction crew go back and make adjustments. Leaving the cleaning associates to begin all over again. Along with all the additional cleaning, a large amount of retraining was also needed. While veteran EVS associates were already trained in the XRO System, the new Anaheim facility was significantly larger than the original hospital and in a very different layout – necessitating new duty lists and extensive training in the new workflow. During the first 60 days, daily huddles were extended to up to 20 minutes and supervisors were at full force, having one stationed on every floor to work with the XRO teams to make sure nothing was missed. Now 6 months in from Anaheim’s grand opening the EVS department has really pulled through, working efficiently and effectively as a team and keeping the facility clean.



Simply awesome! I believe these are the best words to describe the participatory process which resulted in our recently released XRO-3 Cart. From the very beginning of our discussions to explore enhancements to our XRO-2.2 Cart through to the release of the XRO-3 Cart; the entire experience has been an extraordinary example of partnership and engagement. From all of our operating sites throughout the country, and from all levels, we solicited input for enhancements and improvements to our XRO-2.2 Cart. The response was tremendous and clearly demonstrated the interest, ownership and passion of our XRO System. Each and every comment and suggestion was considered, discussed and examined. I am delighted to report our XRO-3 Cart is a reality and incorporates many of the ideas and suggestions we received from all of you.

“I am delighted to report our XRO-3 Cart is a reality and incorporates

It is very rare to have the opportunity to see your ideas put into action, much

many of the ideas and

less to have someone actually listen to your suggestions. We are fortunate

suggestions we received

to be part of an organization that practices and embraces this philosophy. We can all celebrate the XRO-3 Cart and we should. Each of us has contributed in some way to this endeavor. The XRO-3 Cart is truly a remarkable piece of equipment. Thank you for helping to save lives. Regards,

Mike Bailey

from all of you.�


Introducing the...

XRO-3 Vacuum Cart At Xanitos, we not only strive for continuous improvement in our Xanitos Room Optimization (XRO™) process specifically designed to help reduce HAI’s, but also to provide staff with the best available tools for the invaluable work they perform. Xanitos is introducing the XRO-3, a new state of the art ULPA filtered vacuum cart. The XRO-3 is a complete re-design of the In 2008 Xanitos

XRO-2 vacuum cart currently used at Xanitos facilities. It is

revolutionized safe dust

even quieter, even safer, and a more user-friendly cart.

removal in patient areas with the XRO-2 vacuum

The XRO-3 vacuum cart is designed to be smaller yet provide increased storage space. Additionally,

cart. Five years later there

walk around to the other side, eliminating cumbersome access issues encountered when using

is still no comparable vacuum cart available except from Xanitos, yet we are rolling out the completely redesigned XRO-3 vacuum cart which is smaller, even quieter,

dual door access allows the user to quickly retrieve items from inside the cart without having to most other carts. These doors have a visually appealing design, are easy to wipe down and keep clean, and can be locked, ensuring chemicals and EVS supplies can be safely secured. The vacuum accessories, including the hose and attachments, are coated with a layer of Aegis™ antimicrobial coating to protect them from microbiological build-up and eliminating the potential of cross-contamination. These attachments are no longer mounted on the outside of the cart, but stored in a spacious drawer. This drawer has a patent-pending ultraviolet germicidal disinfection system that disinfects the vacuum accessories during storage with the simple use of UVC energy. The 30 foot vacuum hose is fully automated on the XRO-3 vacuum cart. With a push of a button on the hose handle, the hose is automatically retracted or fed outward to the desired user

even safer – and only

length. This user-friendly feature eliminates any manual hose handling. Staff absolutely love it!

available to Xanitos clients.

such as germicide or cleaning solution bottles.

The hose storage compartment also serves as additional storage to lock away open containers


NEW FEATURES: Smaller, Quieter, with More Storage

The heart of the XRO-3 vacuum cart, the ULPA filtered vacuum, underwent a complete re-design

Retractable Vacuum Hose

improvements result in an even quieter vacuum (50 decibels), leaving more storage space, and

Use of Antimicrobial Coating on Hose and Attachments UVC Drawer Square Vacuum

“Don’t bunt. Aim out of the ballpark.” — David Ogilvy

and now features a patent-pending square ULPA filtered vacuum as powerful as its predecessor. The square design is industry leading and unique to any vacuum on the market. These design giving the added benefit that both the filter and motor are more easily accessible and serviceable. We here at Xanitos, along with the EVS staff that have tested the cart, are excited to have moved this project into production. The smaller size along with the added features provide a clear advantage, ensuing Xanitos continues its tradition of providing state of the art, innovative technology to the hospitals it serves. We already have placed orders for 220 XRO-3 carts to replace or supplement existing XRO-2 carts, including 70 each at one of our first clients, Froedtert Lutheran Memorial Hospital, and at several Kaiser Permanente clients and new clients.


...What It’s All About UVA, UVB and UVC bands of

Standalone UVC devices have become very popular in the healthcare industry because of their ability to thoroughly eliminate the threat of diseases caused by microorganisms. Rutala et al

ultraviolet radiation are

published on the Tru-D UVC mobile device in October 2010. The study’s objective was to

emitted naturally by the sun.

determine the effectiveness of a UVC emitting device to eliminate pathogens in a contaminated

While UVA and UVB energies

hospital room. Following tests, they found that the UVC energy reduced 99.9% of vegetative

penetrate the Earth’s

Similar findings have been found in other studies.

bacteria on the room surfaces within 15 minutes, and 99.8% of C. diff spores in 50 minutes.1

atmosphere, UVC energy is completely filtered out, preventing microorganisms

Deactivation times for several

from being exposed to UVC

common pathogens including C. diff and MRSA, specific for the drawer

radiation and thereby inhibiting

included in the new XRO-3 cart.

development of any natural defenses. This energy has been implemented into UVC devices that work as a sanitization tool by inactivating the microorganisms through damaging the structure of their nucleic acids and proteins in the DNA, making them incapable of reproducing and so rendering them harmless.

Because of these exceptional results Xanitos has fitted its new XRO-3 cart with a UVC drawer to disinfect all vacuum hose attachments between use to prevent cross-contamination from room to room. Since attachments are kept much closer to the UVC source, they receive a much higher dosage of UVC energy and only need, at most, 3 minutes to eliminate 99.9% of C. diff spores (considered one of the hardiest common pathogens). The use of metal paneling for the drawer further increases efficiency as the energy, instead of being absorbed, is reflect off of these surfaces and back onto the hose attachments. The XRO-3 vacuum cart’s UVC drawer is just one more step to ensure Xanitos stays at the cutting edge of Healthcare EVS and continues to provide a safe patient environment at the hospitals it serves. 1

Rutala, W. A., Gergen, M. F., Weber, D. J. (2010). Room Decontamination with UV Radiation. Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology. Vol. 31, No. 10

Wilkes-Barre General Hospital: Full Service – A Win-Win Xanitos had made a significant impact at Wilkes-Barre General


Why Bring Hourly Associates onto Xanitos’ Payroll? Our client, Wilkes-Barre General Hospital was looking for cost savings. By moving their staff onto Xanitos’ payroll with their current pay rates and benefits “grandfathered”, Xanitos was still able to reduce costs to the hospital through taking on all payroll liability costs and payroll processing costs. These savings have steadily increased since Xanitos passes along to the Hospital further savings as Grandfathered Employees who leave are replaced with new hires paid at market rates.

The Only Difference is the Name on the Pay Check! Bringing hospital EVS hourly staff onto Xanitos’ payroll was a change from the norm. The transition process involved some challenges. The hourly staff were at first apprehensive and nervous; feeling as if they were being “sold out.” Xanitos’ EVS management quickly addressed these fears by holding “town hall” meetings with the staff, representatives from the Hospital’s and Xanitos’ human resources departments, and with Diane Ljungquist, Assistant CEO. At these

Hospital. Since Xanitos

meetings fears of losing years of service, benefits, and wage cuts were addressed and debunked,

implemented its innovative

who issues your pay check!”

making it clear, as in the words of EVS Director Bryan Dyer, “the only difference you will see is

XRO system in December, 2009, HCAHPS “Top Box” scores had risen seven percentage points to a three month average of 78%, and the nursing staff strongly support Xanitos’ programs. Building on this success, the Hospital expanded its contract with Xanitos by placing its hourly EVS employees on Xanitos’ payroll. This last step, while presenting some challenges, has led to benefits both for the hospital and the EVS employees.

A Win-Win Situation Since the conversion, not only have the fears dissipated but employee satisfaction scores continue to climb. The Hospital and Xanitos management have ensured EVS staff still continue to feel like hospital employees – they go through standard hospital training, are included in performance improvement committees, and attend Hospital functions. The conversion to full service offers a clear benefit to EVS hourly staff too. By being Xanitos employees, they are given opportunity to grow within the company through promotions at Wilkes-Barre General and other Xanitos locations. This in turn improves performance, as work well done will be rewarded, resulting in a further benefit to the Hospital. The conversion to full service provides both savings for the hospital and promotion opportunities for the hourly staff – a win-win!


Xanitos’ Quick Response Leads to a...

Lasting Relationship at Olean At Olean General Hospital HCAHPS cleanliness “top box” scores average in the 80’s and Xanitos continues to enjoy high department head satisfaction throughout the hospital. A critical factor in this success is the strong relationship Xanitos has with its Olean client, Tim Finan, President and CEO of Upper Allegheny Health System. This relationship, between Tim and Graeme Crothall, along with Tom McCullough, Regional Vice President, and Evan Sirlin, Vice President of Business Development, is built on mutual respect and an open line of communication.

“Keep steadily before you the fact that all true

An Unexpected Start

success depends at last

Tim Finan, CEO, regards EVS as having a significant role in a patient’s hospital experience. It was

upon yourself.”

this belief that caused him in 2009 to select Xanitos to manage Olean’s EVS program. After a

— Theodore T. Hunger

Finan became dissatisfied with him and reached out to Tom McCullough, Xanitos’ Vice President

good start, Xanitos’ then on-site manager was talking the talk, but not walking the walk. Tim overseeing Olean. Xanitos responded immediately. Despite it being Thanksgiving Day, both Tom McCullough and the EVP of Operations flew to Olean to meet with Tim to address the situation. By the following Monday then Project Manager Evan Sirlin was appointed Interim Director, a position he held for several months while the situation was rectified and a suitable permanent Director, Bill Unger, was appointed. During this time Tom and Evan worked closely with Tim and maintained a constant open line of communication, developing the strong professional and personal relationship enjoyed today. Tim was amazed at the level of responsiveness and ownership Xanitos took as a company to rectify the situation and has been a great supporter of Xanitos ever since.

A Flourishing Relationship Over time, the relationship has continued to grow and strengthen. Tim believes that since patients are not generally medical professionals, if they walk into a hospital and immediately recognize it is clean, it gives them comfort that their treatment and care will be at the same high standards. In Tim’s eyes, housekeeping is everyone’s job, often saying to other facility CEO’s when they question him on how they can get their facility as clean as Olean, “if you want a facility to be clean, make it a priority.”




What is Environmental Service’s role in affecting the patient’s experience while they are in the hospital?

EVS’ role is very significant with respect to a patient’s hospital experience. EVS provides hospitals with a line of “first defense” with respect to infection control. Additionally, patients, while they may not understand the clinical pharmacology of a particular drug or the nuances of various clinical exams, they certainly understand “clean.” A clean and appropriate patient care environment underscores, in very tangible way, a hospital’s commitment to essential issues of patient respect and dignity. 2

How do you see this role played out at Olean General Hospital? With the help of Xanitos, Olean General Hospital’s facility is remarkably clean. In fact, our hospital has a reputation as the cleanest hospital in our region. Patients and visitors comment on the cleanliness of OGH repeatedly. It is a particular point of pride here and we believe the cleanliness of our physical plant inspires significant faith and confidence in those we serve.


What challenges do you see organizations, such as yours, having in improving the patient experience?

Improving the patient experience is a basic expectation of each and every OGH staff member.

President & CEO

We reinforce the notion that we all must be relentless in terms of this pursuit. We understand

Upper Allegheny Health Systems (Olean General Hospital)

that patients are the only reason why we exist as a hospital. Their view and perspective on their respective experience at our hospital means everything to us. Patients have an absolute right to expect every aspect of their hospital stay to be “perfect” so that’s what we strive to achieve here at OGH. 4

In what way has Xanitos’ XRO system increased the patient’s perception that their room is thoroughly cleaned?

The “team approach” utilized by Xanitos with respect to room cleaning and the multiple visits EVS staff members make to patient rooms during the course of a day impresses our patients as a “show of force” and underscores for them our commitment to work diligently to provide them with a clean and comfortable room. Xanitos is meticulous in terms of cleaning all of the various “touch points” in patient rooms and their use of vacuums to clean our rooms of dust is likewise impressive to our patients. 5

Overall, how has Xanitos most impacted the patient experience and awareness that the hospital is indeed clean?

“A wise man will make

The cleanliness of Olean General Hospital is largely a function of our partnership with Xanitos.

more opportunities than

The clean environment helps to relieve significant patient anxiety. We understand that no patient

he finds.”

anxieties. A clean facility, we believe, inspires significant confidence on behalf of our patients and

— Francis Bacon

wants to fret about a dirty and uncomfortable room. They have too many other concerns and visitors that we “know what we’re doing.” It’s a critical manifestation of our having our patients’ interests and concerns “front and center.”



Our Focus on...

Training & Development FOSTERING STRONG AND ENGAGED HOURLY ASSOCIATES AND MANAGEMENT Training of both our hourly associates and management plays a pivotal role in the quality of service we provide, and so Xanitos invests heavily in its training programs.

Hourly Associate Training NEW HOURLY ASSOCIATE TRAINING New Hourly Associate Training starts with an intense five-day training period, followed by mentoring, assessments, and ongoing instruction. DAY 1 – Hospital Orientation: The trainee takes part in the hospital’s orientation program which

Recently Debby Biller was

typically includes hospital expectations on HIPAA, fire safety, patient satisfaction/HCAHPS, etc., and

appointed as full time Senior

a general introduction to the “do’s” and “don’ts” the hospital requires all its employees to adhere to.

Director of Training and

DAY 2 – EVS Department Orientation: New hires are introduced to the EVS department at their

Leadership Development to

first huddle. After a warm welcome, they attend a department orientation where they learn the

supplement Paul Tarrant, our Director of Training. We have also designated a new key Training Hospital, Southern Regional Medical Center, increasing our

structure of the department, who they will report to, shift assignments, days on and off, etc. Then follows classroom training on customer service, communication, hospital standards of conduct, and a range of other pertinent topics. Further classroom instruction prepares them for the hands-on training that will follow such as XRO System, team dynamics, safety, chemical usage, infection prevention, and XRO cart mechanics and use. DAY 3 – Demonstrate, Practice, Perform: The trainee will shadow an hourly associate(s) skilled in training for the first half of the day, and then apply what they have observed in the second half of the day under the eye of either the hourly associate or a training supervisor. This is a comfortable way

number of Training Hospitals

for the trainee to learn and experience the XRO System with an experienced person at their side.

to six. Debby, with input

issues or concerns that may exist, and plans are made to rectify these over the remaining two days.

from many others, has

At the end of the day, an informal Q&A session between the trainee and their trainer identifies any

DAYS 4 & 5 – Perform Under Scrutiny: The trainee performs an actual duty on each of these

established additional

days, being monitored closely by the training manager/supervisor who corrects and gives

management training courses

additional one-on-one training as needed.

and an increased focus on

30, 60, 90 DAY CHECK: On the 30th, 60th, and 90th day the training manager/supervisor spends

Studer principles.

a large portion of the day observing the trainee at work, and correcting as needed.

ONGOING HOURLY ASSOCIATE TRAINING Training needs regular reinforcement to keep proper cleaning procedures fresh, and prevent bad habits from forming. This is achieved through daily shift huddles, Safety Method of the Week and Cleaning Method of the Week in which a particular item is focused on for the entire week. This ensures that all our cleaning procedures and safety rules are reinforced over a 52 week period.


Supervisory & Management Staff Training NEW MANAGEMENT TRAINING For those new supervisory/management personnel that have never worked in a hospital, managing in an EVS department for the first time can be a daunting task, and so thorough training is needed to give them confidence. Thorough training is also needed for those with previous experience to break old cleaning habits, and to learn and accept the new Xanitos way. Xanitos has extended the training time for both inexperienced and experienced hires by 50% to counter these difficulties. This extended training is given at one of our six Training Hospitals – hospitals chosen for their high standards of cleaning, smooth running XRO System, and management training time available. The four to six weeks each trainee spends at a Training Hospital enables them to experience what “clean” looks like and how to properly run Xanitos’ systems. Key components of the training curriculum at these Training Hospitals include XRO team cleaning, specialty area cleaning, in depth floor care instruction, quality assurance, a strong understanding of HCAHPS (and how to improve patient satisfaction), and employee management training. At the start of training all trainees are interviewed by Debby Biller to assess the trainee’s strengths and weaknesses and enable her to tailor our program to their individual needs.

ASSESSMENT & FEEDBACK Assessment and feedback is important. Xanitos’ programs include written competency exams along with one-on-one monitoring by the Training Hospital manager/trainer to measure the trainee’s progress. In addition, Debby Biller follows up with the trainee at set intervals to monitor progress, and if needed, make adjustments going ahead. Each Training Hospital is certified initially by either Debby Biller or Paul Tarrant, and is audited annually to ensure they are faithfully executing Xanitos’ training program.

“What chance gathers she easily scatters. A great person attracts great people and knows how to hold them together. ” — Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


Leadership Development Training While Xanitos’ new hire training provides the foundation needed to successfully manage within an EVS Department, it is vital that our management develop broader leadership skills, and continue to build on those skills throughout their time with Xanitos. To this end, Xanitos has developed

ESSENTIALS LEADERSHIP TRAINING All newly hired and existing supervisors attend four days of leadership development training at an off-site location. There they learn essential leadership skills in a group environment including topics such as Studer principles, communication, conflict resolution, employee engagement and rounding, and customer service.

ADVANCED LEADERSHIP TRAINING Advanced Leadership Training focuses on further expanding existing leadership skills of Xanitos’ account managers and regional managers. Similar to Essentials training, Advanced training is a 4-day group learning event held at an off-site location. Advanced courses cover further EVS specific topics and general leadership topics often led by external experts. These topics include subjects such as:

two new classroom programs,

w Coaching Fundamentals

Essential Leadership Training

w Goals, Roles and Guidelines

and Advanced Leadership Training, plus has available over sixty E-Learning Modules.

w Building and Sustaining Capacity in Leadership Teams w Motivating and Optimizing Performance w Further Studer Principles This Advanced Leadership Training is provided on an ongoing basis, fostering an environment where continual development is encouraged and expected, in turn strengthening the management team and providing opportunities for managers to grow within the company.

E-LEARNING MODULES In addition to these group learning events, supervisors also have access to E-Learning courses to further enhance their management skills. These e-modules can be taken at the employee’s discretion or they can be selected by their manager as part of their development plan.

An Engaged Work Force Hourly associates who are “fully engaged” in what they do are key, and will indeed “help save lives.”

Debby Biller

To be “fully engaged” an hourly associate needs to be convinced that their jobs do this. This conviction comes partly through thorough training, partly through an understanding of how Xanitos’ methods achieve this, and most importantly their belief is reinforced daily by supervisors who are themselves true believers that Xanitos’ systems, well executed, will help save lives.

Paul Tarrant

At the turn of the century a small town in England had a construction project in its town square. Two men were shaping stone as a part of the building project. A bystander came up to them and asked one, “what are you doing?” The man replied, “Can’t you see? I’m chipping rocks.” The other man paused, pointed to the large hole in the ground in the middle of the town square and said, “Can’t you see? I’m building a cathedral.”…….. For a workforce to be fully engaged, they need to understand that they are not just mopping floors but are indeed “building a cathedral” – the cathedral of helping save lives.

Employee Engagement

15 Devoted to engaging and developing its hourly associates, Xanitos has implemented several key programs that support these goals: Rounding for Outcomes: Supervisors “round” on their hourly staff, initiating conversations in which they ask relationship building questions; inquire if there are any persons that the employee feels deserve recognition; seek feedback from the employee on any problems they have seen

A Better Approach to Staff Engagement Employee engagement is critical to a successful EVS program. It is essential therefore that an

or systems and processes they believe could be improved; and provide positive reinforcement to those staff that are preforming well, while coaching those that are not. Stop Light Reports: This tool is used by supervisors to track and report results from their rounding. The report is broken out into three categories: Green, for concerns or problems raised by the employee that have been addressed and/or accomplished; yellow, items that will be completed in 90-days; and red, items that the staff may want but cannot currently be achieved. This enables supervisors to track their staff’s needs and ensure follow through on “yellow” items, so that the staff can be confident that their concerns are addressed. At staff meetings yellow items are raised

EVS training program engages

and a collaborative approach is taken to solving these issues so that the yellows can be moved

its staff and teaches them the

cannot be done. This fosters a sense of trust and support between the leaders and hourly staff.

pivotal role they play within the hospital; both as a liaison

to greens. Reds, while not being immediately achievable, are discussed as to “why” something

HML Conversations: HML (High-Middle-Low) Conversations are used to guide communication with employees at various performance levels. High-performer conversations consist of positive

between the EVS Department,

reinforcement aimed at re-recruiting the department’s strongest employees. In middle-performer

patients, and other hospital

an area of development that the employee can improve upon. For low-performer conversations,

staff; as well as in their role in preventing the spread of dangerous pathogens. At Xanitos, employee engagement is achieved through developing a strong line of communication and support between hourly associates and their supervisors and integrating that into the

conversations, supervisors provide positive feedback to their mid-level employees, but also go over supervisors discuss observed problems with poorly performing employees, along with what steps need to be taken to correct these behaviors, and consequences if the behavior does not improve. These three levels of conversations ensure that high performers are aware that they are a valued asset to the company, middle performers are provided with the necessary means to become high performers, and low performers improve their performance if they wish to keep their jobs.

XANITOS TRAINING PROGRAM Xanitos has taken these programs and integrated them into multiple levels of their training curriculum. Supervisor Training: Supervisors are thoroughly trained in the above discussed rounding techniques, HML conversations, and in best techniques for communicating with their staff. This assists the supervisors in building the critical relationship of mutual trust necessary for strong staff engagement.

hourly training program to

Hourly Staff Engagement: Xanitos’ hourly staff are engaged through training that teaches the

ensure the EVS staff have a

employees the purpose behind the tasks they do and how doing that work makes a difference;

strong understanding of the vital impact the work they do has in saving lives.

in fostering positive relationships with supervisors and between coworkers; by recognizing, appreciating, and rewarding success; through providing opportunities for development; promoting active participation and input in decision making; and through timely and transparent communication with the EVS staff. All of these combining to build an hourly work force that is engaged, knowledgeable, and invested in the success of the organization.

A SUCCESSFUL EVS PROGRAM By integrating these programs in both its training and as a part of its daily cleaning systems, Xanitos creates an engaged workforce of high performers that support the mission, vision, and values of the EVS department and the hospital. This high engagement in turn is rewarded with higher HCAHPS, higher morale and higher productivity – creating a population of employees who want to come to work!



Michelle Mellon Enthusiastic and bubbly, Michelle Mellon, Xanitos’ Director of EVS at Metro Health Hospital, lightens up the work place with her contagious smile and affable personality. Her excellent management skills can be seen not only in how she relates to her EVS staff and other hospital personnel, but also in Metro’s high level of cleaning. And while managing an EVS Department to such high standards is enough to keep anyone busy, Michelle does it all while juggling a household of six children and pursuing an MBA degree!

Her energy and drive has been a constant in her life. Before joining Metro Health Hospital, Michelle started up and ran a residential cleaning company for newly constructed homes. While challenging, the business provided stability for the family and allowed Michelle to be at home with her children prior to their entering school. As Michelle describes it, “…I loved the freedom that owning and operating my own cleaning company offered me while allowing me to still be present and active with the kids at home and school.” Once all her children were in school, Michelle decided to get into the healthcare industry and joined Metro Health’s in-house EVS Department as a third shift supervisor. With a background

“The important thing for me is being content and happy. Continuing education is important to me and so is my job.

in Biology, Michelle was drawn to the science of healthcare. Metro proved a great fit with its emphasis on “green” technology, as she explains, “understanding the basic ecological issues has been huge in tying in our sustainability and green cleaning program.” In addition, Michelle has a background in education which has provided her with many of the intrapersonal skills necessary in being a strong manager – helping her connect with clinicians, infection control, and managing the EVS training program. Recognizing her skills and natural aptitude in managing, Xanitos brought Michelle onto its payroll and promoted her to Director of Environmental Services and Patient Transport when Metro

I hope that my kids see

contracted with Xanitos to manage its EVS Department. Despite the difficulties of implementing

and appreciate the hard

the XRO team cleaning system to an EVS department accustomed to traditional cleaning methods,

work that is required to

new methods and cleaning procedures, bringing all staff onto the Xanitos’ payroll, and introducing Michelle ensured a smooth transition through the strong relationships she had built with the EVS staff and by providing an open environment where the EVS employees were continually kept

provide for a family and

informed of the process. “The transition and new processes were challenging to all of us, but I

be successful in a career.”

experience it would be for me in terms broadening my knowledge of healthcare management.”

— Michelle Mellon

had tremendous support,” Michelle explains, “I never imagined what an amazing learning


“Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and

While challenging and time consuming, serving as the Director of EVS and ensuring the deparment’s success isn’t Michelle’s only ‘job.’ With six children aged 6-15, Michelle and her husband, Mike, are in a constant

make them great.”

flurry of violin classes, swim lessons, softball

— Orison Swett Marden

of other extracurricular activities. Despite all

games, theater performances, and a throng this, they still find time to get out into nature, hike, and enjoy some of the more peaceful aspects of life. For Michelle the important thing is, “being content and happy. Continuing education is important to me and so is my job. I hope that my kids see and appreciate the hard work that is required to provide for a family and be successful in a career.” Michelle is indeed continuing her education and is working on her MBA degree at Northwood University’s DeVos School of Business. Michelle’s hard work certainly has paid off at Metro. Today the EVS Department continues to excel

Pictured below from left to right: Michelle Mellon, Kathy Goodell, Richard Burchett, and Sarah Acker

under her leadership with HCAHPS “Top Box” cleanliness scores averaging 80 percent, and department head satisfaction is up in the 90’s. EVS employees that have worked at Metro for the past several years agree that the facility looks and is significantly cleaner today.



EVS Week Celebrations! The hourly EVS employees are the backbone to Xanitos’ programs and the most critical component to providing excellent service at the hospitals Xanitos cleans. During EVS Week last September Xanitos recognized all their hard work. Here’s how a few of Xanitos’ EVS Departments celebrated.

Cortland Regional Medical Center EVS staff at Cortland Regional Hospital were presented with gift bags.

Memorial South Bend At Memorial South Bend they celebrated EVS week with a different activity and celebration each day including a nice dinner, pizza party, and raffles. The Hospital also provided on-site chair massages for every one of the EVS employees in recognition of EVS week and continued

Pam Machukas, Lucinda Youngblood, Cindy Gower, Melissa Brown, and Lori Quail

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin At Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin the EVS team celebrated all week

improvement of patient satisfaction scores.


Altoona Regional Medical Center At Altoona activities were held each day in celebration of EVS week, including raffles, a lunch, and gifts to the EVS employees. Additionally, several nursing units had lunch or breakfast provided for the EVS staff.

with plenty of food including pizza, potluck, subs, cake, ice cream, and so much more.

Mary Landers, Theresa Griffey and Willie Jackson



Southern Regional Medical Center

David Denson, an Outstanding Leader

At Southern Regional Medical

Excellence Award for Outstanding Leadership and

Center outstanding employees were

Training at our Jackson Hole 2012 Conference. His

recognized with gift cards.

exemplary management of Adventist LaGrange

Congratulations to David Denson who received Xanitos’

Memorial Hospital’s EVS Department has led to HCAHPS cleaning “Top Box” Scores averaging in the mid to high 70’s and extremely high Nurse Head satisfaction in the upper 90’s. As a part of the award, Xanitos covered the costs for a trip to Hawaii for David, his wife, Julie, Anisha Carter

Awa Camara

and daughter, Olivia; a well-earned vacation to an outstanding Xanitos EVS Director. Thank you for all your hard work in making this company a success!

HCAHPS “Top Box” Reaches 100%! Cynthia Harris

Dwan Elliotte

Altoona Regional Health System is a 399 bed Level 2 Trauma and Stroke Center Acute Care hospital located in Altoona, PA. In November 2012 Altoona achieved a perfect score of 100% Top Box for the HCAHPS Cleanliness score. This is the first time a 100% Top Box Score for “was your room always clean” has been recorded for a hospital of this size.

Joyce Watson

Kongpheth Thongsavath

In addition to this achievement, the EVS Department received a letter from the hospital’s Senior Management celebrating the EVS Department’s achievements in both outstanding HCAHPS and Nurse Satisfaction scores, which average around 95%. An excerpt from this letter:

“You can take great pride in knowing that your work and cleaning responsibilities help to decrease infections for our patients; there is nothing more important than that! Kyle Wigfall

Niah Boydkin

In summary, we just want to say “thank you” for everything you do for our patients and the hospital. You have made great progress and continue to raise the bar for patient satisfaction in our hospital. We are confident that we will continue improving. You are a vital part of our team and goal of making sure all of our patients have an exceptional health care experience when treated at Altoona Regional.” Robert Lewis

Roseanne Wigfall

CHOW Finds Waste Alternative Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin (CHOW) and the EVS Department managed by Xanitos made Shaterica Jones

Stacey Edwards

Thanks for all your excellent performance that makes Xanitos the success it is today, keep up the good work, and remember, you save lives!

it into an online publication in Milwaukee’s Pulitzer Prize winning Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee Wisconsin, through the innovative recycling program implemented at CHOW. This program, a joint effort between doctors, nursing, and the EVS team; involves transforming more than five tons of polypropylene surgical sheeting (“blue wrap”) used in operating rooms from waste into recycling each month. This rerouting of unwanted materials has led to reducing 6% of the hospital’s monthly waste. A great example of the impact EVS departments can make to reduce hospital costs while doing their part to improve the environment. (The full article “Companies are finding more money in recycling” can be found at


A Great Recovery Xanitos would like to welcome back one of its own, former EVS Director of Memorial Hospital of Chattanooga, Roy Haynes, who has made a miraculous recovery from illness and rejoined Xanitos as its new EVS Director at Southern Regional Medical Center, Atlanta. Roy was found unconscious in his house on a Monday morning after failing to show up to work. He was immediately rushed to the hospital where he was confirmed to be in a diabetic coma. The situation was bleak, and he even received last rites, but after 17 days, he regained consciousness.

“The support I received

He has since undergone multiple surgeries and spent several months in recovery, returning to

from the company

managerial duties with Xanitos at full capacity. We are glad to have such a high caliber director

and my co-workers

his words, “the support I received from the company and my co-workers was nothing short

was nothing short of exceptional.” — Roy Haynes

back on board, along with such a great team that was able to support him through it all, as per of exceptional.”

SAFETY MOMENT OSHA’s New Standard for Chemical Labeling Cleaning solutions are engineered to eliminate pathogens in order to provide a safer hospital environment. The strength of chemicals needed to kill pathogens can also be a risk for humans when not properly used. It is therefore extremely important all cleaning solutions are clearly labeled and the instructions on these labels are followed. OSHA has just come out with updated standards including a series of new standardized pictograms and signal words that must be clearly visible on all chemicals containers indicating any hazards the chemicals present. All Xanitos employees are trained in the new labeling system. Training on these new standards is also carried out with new hires, once annually for all staff, and as new chemicals are introduced. This ensures the hospital is a safe environment for both patients and the EVS staff that are serving them.

One Year of Success at St. Joseph Hospital On November 28th Xanitos celebrated its one year anniversary at Presence Saint Joseph Hospital – Chicago. Celebrations included a party for the EVS staff, joined by members of Administration including Carol Buer, VP Professional Services, William Duffy, CNO and Robert Mueller, Director, HR. The EVS staff have come a long way this year to make up the professional, respected department that it is today. We are looking forward to further progress and another great year in 2013!


OUR PEOPLE With Xanitos’ continual growth, several new positions have been added within the company, and along with those positions, the promotions of some Xanitos veterans. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the new roles of several faces you may already know.

Tom McCullough Regional Vice President Tom joined Xanitos in April, 2009 and has been promoted to Regional Vice President. In this role he continues to be directly responsible for several clients as well as

Xanitos welcomes Ron

Glisk as

overseeing Monika Farkas, and the soon to be appointed Regional

Executive Vice President! Having been

Manager Northeast.

Graeme Crothall’s first Sales Director for Crothall Services Group when it began, Monika Farkas Senior Regional Manager With over 20 years’ experience in Hospital

and later spearheading sales in GCA’s Education Division, growing it from

EVS, Monika joined Xanitos in early 2012

organically from $60M in sales to

as one of Xanitos’ Directors of EVS. She has

$400M in 8 years, Ron has extensive

since been promoted to Regional Manager, and now, due to her continued outstanding performance, promoted

experience in Environmental Services.

again to Senior Regional Manager.

Ron joined Xanitos on April 1st. Jose Feliciano

Based in Xanitos’ Corporate offices in

Senior Regional Manager, Kaiser Permanente

Newtown Square, he heads up Xanitos’

Beginning his Career in Hospital EVS in

Sales & Marketing department along

1985 with Marriott, Jose worked for one of Graeme’s companies before joining Xanitos

with overseeing the Training and

in 2009 as Resident Regional Manager,

Productivity divisions.

and then later serving as Regional Manager. Jose has recently been promoted to Senior Regional Manager where he oversees Xanitos’ Kaiser Permanente System business in Northern California.

We are very excited Ron has joined us!


Debby Biller

David Crothall

Senior Director of Training and Leadership Development

Regional Manager

Having worked for one of Graeme’s previous

January 2011 supporting start-ups in Southern

companies, Debby joined Xanitos in 2009 as Resident Regional Manager at Froedtert Lutheran Memorial Hospital. Debby has recently been promoted to Senior Director of Training and Leadership Development where she is responsible to develop, improve, and oversee current training programs for hourly staff, supervision, and management. Debby will also be

David joined Xanitos’ operations team in California. He later took on the role as Vice President of Sales in the Central region where he also played a part in developing marketing material. David has recently transitioned back to operations where he is supporting our Kaiser Permanente business as Regional Manager.

applying her knowledge of the Studer principles to these programs. Her skills and experience will be a huge asset to Xanitos’ Training Department.

Alex May Project Manager

Craig Hodges Director of I.T. Craig joins Xanitos with over 20 years in the IT industry, including providing technological support to one of the largest global consulting firms; founding a web design, development, and technology consulting company; and serving as

After building a successful career in hospitality management, Alex moved into the healthcare industry in 2004 where he has quickly progressed over the last 9 years, serving as EVS Director, Project Manager, and a Resident Regional Manager at a 600+ bed facility. Alex joins Xanitos as Project Manager, where he will be assisting with start ups and supporting current business.

Director of Operations at an IT Services company, ITDATA. Craig serves as Xanitos’ Director of IT, managing and running all IT services and systems, in addition to providing IT support to both Corporate offices and to the on-site staff at the Xanitos’ EVS departments.

Sal Racobaldo Regional Manager, Kaiser Permanente Starting as a supervisor in 1995, Sal has over seventeen years’ experience in hospital EVS

Edward Crothall Corporate Counsel Edward has provided legal services to Xanitos as an outside legal counsel for the last two years. He now joins Xanitos as Corporate Counsel. He will be overseeing

management services. He has experience as Regional Manager over a seven hospital system, Philadelphia Tenant Health; and later went on to become Regional Vice President of the Mid-Atlantic region, both under one of Graeme’s previous companies. Sal Racobaldo joins Xanitos as a Regional Manager for the Kaiser Permanente business in California.

general legal matters at Xanitos, including contract management, non-disclosure agreements, corporate governance and employment agreements. Edward received his law degree from Temple University Beasley School of Law, and his BA from Cornell University.

Mike Perry Director of EVS, Modesto and Manteca Mike Perry joined Xanitos with more than 7 years hospital housekeeping experience. Most of Mike’s experience comes from several locations in California where he’s worked with SEIU. Mike moved his wife and son in October when he accepted the position with Xanitos in Modesto.


Roy Haynes

Bobby Dorsett

Director of EVS, Southern Regional Medical Center

Director of EVS, Kaiser Permanente, San Diego Medical Center

Roy brings over 25 years diversified

Bobby brings over 20 years’ experience

experience to his role as Xanitos’ Director of EVS at Southern Regional in Atlanta. He has led management teams in a variety of healthcare settings from single unit facilities to multi-unit systems, serving as a Supervisor, EVS Director, Area Support Manager and District Manager prior to joining Xanitos as Director of EVS at Chattanooga, and then transferring to his

directing hospital environmental operations both in in-house and outsourced operations, in addition to managing patient transport and laundry/linen distribution. Bobby joins Xanitos as Director of Environmental Services at Kaiser Permanente’s San Diego Medical Center, and its 14 corresponding surgery centers and medical office buildings.

current position at SRMC.

Joseph Quinn

Frank Zamudio

Director of EVS, South Shore Hospital

Resident Regional Manager, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Joe has 25 years of experience in hospital

Frank has over twenty years’ experience in

housekeeping, working in numerous Boston area hospitals; most recently Boston Children’s Hospital and Beth Isreal Deaoness Medical Center. He also has experience managing patient transport, laundry/linen distribution and hospital call centers. Following two years of sales in the healthcare industry, Joe joined Xanitos as Director of EVS

hospital housekeeping, managing multiple hospitals and clinical areas throughout Minnesota. Before entering the healthcare industry, Frank spent several years in the United States Navy as an Aviation Electronic Technician. Frank joins Xanitos as the Director of Environmental Services at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

for South Shore Hospital in Weymouth, MA.

Sherry Zamudio Chris Renz

Project Manager

Director of EVS, Kaiser Permanente, Walnut Creek

With nearly ten years’ experience in

Chris will be reaching his five year anniversary

under one of Graeme’s previous companies,

with Xanitos this September, where he has served as Director of EVS at several of Xanitos’ facilities including his most recent move to Kaiser Permanente’s

environmental services as Project Manager Sherry has extensive experience training and implementing EVS programs on the field. Sherry is joining Xanitos to serve as Project Manager in its north central region.

Walnut Creek Medical Center. Chris is very excited about his opportunities in California as EVS Director.

Nu Nu Girma

Dennis Casey Resident Regional Manager, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland & Richmond Medical Centers

Director of EVS, Kaiser Permanente, Woodland Hills

Dennis has over 17 years of experience in

Nu Nu has worked in Healthcare for the last

operations and at one of Graeme’s previous

30 years. Before joining Xanitos Nu Nu was District Manager at Sodexo for Government Services. She has also served as Vice President of Support Services for Daughters of Charity Healthcare System. Nu Nu is currently Xanitos’ Director of EVS at Kaiser Permanente, Woodland Hills.

Environmental Services, both in in-house companies. He has also managed linen distribution and facility painting in his career. Dennis has been with Xanitos for the over three years, recently being promoted to Resident Regional Manager of both Kaiser Permanente’s Oakland and Richmond Medical Centers.

Orbio, A Green Cleaning Solution

The Orbio device is available to Xanitos clients on request.

The Tennant Orbio system is a new environmentally friendly system that enables the EVS department to reduce the volume of conventional chemicals used in several cleaning processes. Orbio uses an electrical charge to create an alkaline solution from tap water and salt. This solution can be used daily in place of all-purpose/multi-surface cleaners. Orbio can also be used for the daily scrubbing of hard surfaces, corridors and for carpet extraction. In addition to the reduction of chemicals in waste water, Orbio also helps to reduce the amount of packing material that goes back into the waste/recycle stream. Xanitos has tested Orbio at several sites and has found it to work very well particularly in the area of carpet care. Orbio is currently being used at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and is under consideration at other hospitals as well.

HAI PREVENTION CORNER C. Diff, An Increasing Problem Hospital acquired Clostridium Difficile Infections (C. diff) are becoming an increasing problem worldwide. Some concerned hospitals are looking at new technologies or a different approach to cleaning in an effort to reduce/eliminate C. diff. Studies have shown that C. diff spores can be aerosolized and so can travel to high and low surfaces and collect in dust. The 2003 CDC Guideline for Environmental Infection Control in Health-Care Facilities states that “Housekeeping surfaces require regular cleaning and removal of soil and dust.”1 S.J. Dancer, a microbiologist, writes, “Vacuuming up dust from floors is probably one of the simplest methods to remove [C. diff] spores from the environment.”2

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” — John Quincy Adams

It is clear that dust removal is very important in the fight against C. diff. Xanitos has recognized this from the outset with its use of vacuum carts for dust removal. Our latest XRO-3 vacuum cart is ULPA filtered, and offers a proprietary tool that can effectively and efficiently remove dust from high surfaces and patient areas, and so also remove the C. diff spores this dust carries. References: CDC Guideline for Environmental Infection Control in Health-Care facilities, 2003. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services , Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) , Atlanta, GA 30333 Dancer, S.J., Mopping up hospital infection, Journal of Hospital Infection, 1999, 43:85-1000.

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Xanitos Solutions (Spring 2013)  
Xanitos Solutions (Spring 2013)