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, American Edrtion comprises Student Book, Teacher's Book, Workbook, Cassettes andTests

More information on the components of

Streamline can be found in the back of this book.




An intensive English course for beginners Student's Edition

Oxford University Press I


Russian & English Languages Open Doors Cultural & Business Centre Moscow


Russian and English Languages Open Doors Cultural and Business Center UI. Khmelova, 15/17 Moscow 103051 Russia PO Box 50 Tel: (095) 924-6717 Fax: (095) 331-0189 ISBN 5-89973-048-X Oxford University Press Walton Street, Oxford OX2 6DP Oxford New York Toronto Madrid Kuala Lumpur Singapore Hong Kong Tokyo Delhi Bombay Calcutta Madras Karachi Nairobi Dar es Salaam Cape Town Melbourne Auckland

and associated companies in Berlin Ibadan

Oxford and Oxford English are trade marks of Oxford University Press ISBN 019432382 X

Š Bernard Hartley and Peter Viney 1978 First published 1978 First published in this edition 1994 This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, re-sold, hired out, or otherwise circulated without the publisher's prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of Oxford University Press.

Illustrations 1Jy: David Ace Alun Burton Paddy Mounter Jill Watkins

Michael Brownlow David English The Parkway Group

Photographs 1Jy: Billett Potter

The publishers would like to thank the following for their time and assistance: Roy Ackerman Associates Laura Ashley British Rail Browns Restaurant City of Oxford Motor Services Debenhams Ltd. [emi-i-ni Oasis Trading Post Office Telecommunications Radio Taxis Randolph Hotel, Oxford A. Woodward. Printed in Hong Kong

The authors would like to thank all the people who helped in the development of this book. In particular we are grateful to the Directors of the Anglo-Continental Educational Group, and Chris Goodchild, Director of Studies, Anglo-Continental School of English, Bournemouth, for all their support and encouragement. We also wish to thank all our colleagues in the ACEG schools who provided invaluable comments and criticism.


Students can buy a cassette which contains a recording of the texts and dialogues in this book.



1 Hello


o ;11Q /I11 IVOT

/~1 c/:;V/[JCL/l/?K

/~;. r-~ __

Ex orc iso 1

Ex e r c ise 2


John Green Carol Green

. . ..

Is she a teacher ? No she isn't. Is s'lle a student? Yes, she is.

. . . a stude nt ? No..

• .


• • • a teacher . Yes, • • • .


/VLJ, //11 Or.

Exarcills 3


Is he from England ? 0 , h~ isn' t. Where's fr e's ro


No, ••• ~

• • •? ?

.. .. .. ?

pa .



2 Excuseme! I Excuse me!

J Yes?

I Are you English?

J Pardon?

I Are you English?

J Oh, yes. Yes, we are. I Oh, I'm English. Are you on


J No, we aren't. We're businessmen.

J Please, sit down.


I Thank you.

J Tea? I Yes, please.


; J Sugar? I No, thanks.

J Where are you from? I I'm from London.

J Are you a businessman? I No, I'm not. I'm a tourist.


Where are you from?

4 . • Russian.

2 She's from Paris. She's French. 1 He's from New York. He's American.

6 •

• Mexican. ~

3 They're from London. They're English.

8 ••

• •• Chinese.

'10 • • • • Japanese.

• Italian.

7 • • • • Spanish.


9 •• • •• Iranian.

What is it?

,.." ,

. I





n c


re m , l


CUp • • •

n umbrell a . n wind ow ••• w tch •••

spoon •• • an orange •• •

fork ••• shelr ••• lorry . • • pen ••• door ••• lemon ••• taxt • • •

What are they? Exercise 2

1 They're forks.

2 •

3 • 4 • 5 • 6 • ,. • .

7 •

8 . Use th ese wo rd s: watc hes cups knives keys lorries cars glasses

Ex ercise 3

1 What is it ? It 's a clock ,

2 What are they? Th ey're radios,

3 . •. ? • asht ray.

r '7\, ..

'-- ~


4 .. ...


• beds.

5 ••• ? • •• houses.



6 • • • 7 • •• to wel.

4 Whafs your name? Mr Dean Good evening~ Receptionist Good evening, sir.

What's your name, please? Mr Dean My name's Dean. Receptionist Ah, yes. . . Mr

Dean ... Room 15. Here's your key. Mr Dean Thank you. Porter Is this your case? MrDean No, it isn't. Porter Oh, is that your case over

there? MrDean Yes.jt is.

Mr Brown Good evening. Receptionist Good evening.

What are your names, please? Mr Brown Mr and Mrs Brown: Receptionist Ah, yes ... here's


Porter Are these your cases here? Mr Brown No, they aren't. Porter Oh, I'm sorry. Are those

your cases over there? Mr Brown Yes, they are.

Mrs Brown Is this our room? Mr Brown What's the number? Mrs Brown 14. Mr Brown Oh, no, it isn't. That's our room. . . number 13.

· b?. What's your)o Exerci.e1 Look at 13.

What's hisjob? He's a manager. Look at 14.

What's herjo1?? . She's areceptionist. Look at 15.

What are their jobs? They're waiters. Look at 16. • •• ?

·... ·...

Look at 17. • •• ? Look at 18. • •• ?

··.. ....

Look at 19. ?

Use these words: cleaner;s

cook secretary porter

Exerci.e2 Look at 20.

What's his job? He's a pilot. 21 ••• ?

·... ·... · ... ·...

22 ••• ?

23 ••• ? 24 ••• ? Use these words: pilot policemen air-hostess taxi driver mechanic

Exercl.e3 What's your name?

Wha;'~ your job?



C ir« big.

, cold

F •

D It's '3 l/tall.


K • • • •

L ••• -

o .


. . .. .

Q • • • •




. . ..




t ose words :


G • • ••

H ••

s .... .



full m y

old n


t c t



s in

. . .,


beautif ul ugly I


x ci





"""', {/

Look t St v Kin g. Now write fou r senten ces for : He's w k. He's sm II. He's light.


th n. • youn

a Big Joe Freezer

He's heao». b Mrs l o ot "' c Fred Penny

Mrs Loot

Fred Penny

6 A nice flat Agent This is a nice flat, Miss Wilkins. Here's a plan ... Miss Wilkins Mmm ... Agent There's a living-room. There's a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, and there's a toilet. Miss Wilkins Is there a balcony? Agent No, there isn't. Miss Wilkins ... and a telephone? Agent No, there isn't a telephone.





Agent Well here's the kitchen. Miss Wilkins Hmm ... it's very small. Agent Yes, it isn't very large, but there's a cookerand a fridge. There are some cupboards under the sink. Miss Wilkins Are there any plates? Agent Yes, there are. Miss Wilkins Good. Are there any chairs in here? Agent No, there aren't, but there are some in the living-room. Miss Wilkins Hmm. There aren't any glasses! Agent Yes, there are! They're in the cupboard. Miss Wilkins ... and ... er ... where's the toilet?



There's a sofa in the living-room. radio

There isn't a radio in the living-room. Write sentences with: , telephone 3 cupboard 2 chair 4 table Exerciae2





There are some books on the shelf.

Is there a magazine on the table?

Where are the bottles? They're on the shelf. Where's the chair? It's in the livi ng-room.



There aren'tany cups on the shelf.

Are there any books on the shelf?

Write sentences with: , glasses 3 magazines ,4 bottles 2 records

Write questions with: , radio/shelf 2 bottles/table 3 records/table

Answer the questions: , Where's the television? 2 Where are the glasses? 3 Where are the books? 4 Where's the sofa?


7 Everyday Conversation A Excuse me. post office bus stop BYes? A Is there a post office near here? bank cats B Yes, there is. telephone box A Is it far? supermarket B No, it isn't very far. First right, first second left. second A Thank you very much. third B That's all right.

C Mrs Connor, could you pass the salt please? . D Certainly. C Thank you very much. D And the pepper? C No, thank you.

salt sugar bread vinegar

E Good evening. F Good evening. E Half of bitter, please. F Here you are, sir. E Thank you very much. How much is that? F 15p.

a pint half a pint a whisky a double whisky

G Are you on the phone?

23306 66880 087432 72258

IJ Yes, I am. G What's your number? H 23306

pepper? milk? butter? oil?

with lemon with soda with Coke

10p ÂŁ1.15 ÂŁ1.50

10443 90537




9 Whos is it?






c. Ex





-. e 3

1 W"OSl~ ci~ar is it?

Irs M r c:Jrsml', d:,:ar. 2 Who '~ Klasse:; arelt : 'II ? TlIt'Y',e J/m e s Xlll:;~l'i. Writo sentences lor :3-1 2. Lookatthi

Look at Dlcl< ; He's Anna's husband. He's Mike's fath er. Look at Anne: Sho's Dick 's wife. She's Sue's moth er, Lo ok at-Mike : He's thei r son. He's Sue 's brot her, Loo k atS ue: She's th eir daught r. She's Mike's sis! r.





10 Is there any wine in the bottle?

There's some rice in the jar. There's some milk in the bottle. There's some sugar in the jar. There's some oil in the bottle. There's some water in the jug. There's some wine in the bottle.

There are some apples on the table. There are some eggs on the table. There are some oranges on the table. There are some bananas on the table. There are some lemons on the table. There are some onions on the table.



A There's some butterin thefreezer. B How much is there?

A There's a lot. There isn't any butter,

~ .. "


Write conversations with: ice-cream meat

There isn't any cheese.

There isn't any beer,

~ There aren't any tomatoes. There aren't any mushrooms,



Is there any cheese in the fridge? Yes, there is. Is there any butter in the fridge? No, there isn't.

A There are some hamburgers in the


B Howmany are there?

A There are a lot.

Are there any eggs in the fridge? There aren't any eggs. Yes, there are.

The fridge is empty!

I (O!j Ihamb~rgem

Are there any tomatoes in the fridge? No, there aren't.

Write conversations with: peas chickens


11 An English Restaurant Customer Waiter! I'd like the menu, please. Waiter Here you are, sir. Customer Thanks ... I'd like some soup .... Waiter Tomato soup? Customer Yes, please. . . and I'd like a steak. Waiter Rare, medium, or well-done? Customer Medium, please. Waiter Which vegetables would you like? Customer I'd like some potatoes, some peas, and a salad, please. Waiter Certainly, sir. Customer Oh, and I'd like some wine. Waiter Which wine would you like, sir? Customer A bottle of red wine, please.




lton ash


Ii ~


. he' 1

Exorciso E rtOIl'S

hpop stnr . ,'VI r Wifs(JP1 '~ 1/ h'i1c!wP'.

Elton's rich. Elton's car's Americ n. Elton 's house Is tar and expo nsiv , He'd li ke a Rolis-Royc .

.. . . :3!!1I

14 At the hairdresser's

Jane ... Oh, yes, my husband's wonderful! Sally Really? Is he? Jane Yes, he's big, strong and handsome! Sally Well, my husband isn't very big.jor very strong ... but he's very intelligent. Jane Intelligent? Sally Yes, he can speak six languages. Jane Can he? Which languages can he speak? Sally He can speak French, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic and Japanese. Jane Oh! ... My husband's very athletic. Sally Athletic? Jane Yes, he can swim, ski, play football, cricket and rugby. . . Sally Can he cook?

Jane Pardon? . Sally Can your husband cook? My husband can't play sports ... but he's an excellent cook. Jane Is he? Sally Yes, and he can sew, and iron. . . he's a very good husband. Jane Really? Is he English? Questions

1 Is Jane's husband big? 21s he ugly? 3 Can he play football? 4 Can he speak French? 5 Can he ski? . 8 Can he sew? 7 Is Sally's husband athletic? 8 Is he intelligent? 9 Can he speak Arabic? 10 Can he play cricket? 11 Can he play rugby? 12 Can he iron?



I candrive. I can't swim. Write ten sentences.

15 Everyday Conversation I Please come in. J Thank you. I Please, ... sit down. Would you like a cup of tea? J Yes, please. I How about a biscuit? J No, thanks. I'm on a diet.

a cup of tea a cup of coffee a glass of milk a glass of beer a glass of water

K Excuse me ... L Yes, Can I help you? K Yes, I'd like some information about trains please. L Whereto? K ... to London. L When? K Tomorrow. L Morning or afternoon? K In the evening. About six o'clock. L There's one at 6.40. K Thank you.

trains buses planes boats excursions

M I'd like a pair of shoes, please. N What colour would you like? M Brown. N And what size are you? M Five. Can I try them on? N Of course.

a pair of shoes a raincoat a pullover a cardigan a pair of jeans

o How about dinner, tonight?

dinner afilm a walk a concert a drink

a biscuit a sandwich a piece of cake an orange a chocolate

f 1.

P I'd love to. o Where can we meet? P How about the square? o All right. What time? P Is seven o'clock OK? o Yes, that's fine.


_ _lI


6 Gloria Gusto, Tom Atkins and Terry Archer

r. ra • r;


I haven'


ut h · 1 a n't


x rei


xample : flat In LOll on


x mpl : a job

Has s}/C gOI 11 flat in London ? "',. III' uas.

Ha» 111' gof B Job? .~'(), Ire hasn 't,

1 2 3 4 5 6


house in Ho llywood . swimmi ng-pool. Rolis-Royc , lot of mo n y. husband. three chi ldren.

Exe r c iso 3

Exampl e ;

brother l'u« gU / II broth r, Roll s-Royce / I Ul VI' II " got (/ Ro ll Aoyc . Write four sentences ; 1 watch 3 blcvcl 2 sister 4 umbr II

1 a ho use -


3 n wife. 4 ny mo ney. S ny chlldren.


1 What' s his name ? 2 Wh er 's he fro m ? 3 Wh at's h 5 Job? 4 Has he got a ood ob ? 5 Has ho got a car ? 6 Has he gol a f lat or ' nou s ?

7 Has he got a wit ? 8 Has he got a ny c hlldrn n?

7 At the custom


FI "

ard n? 'n yu ur case, please. p -n it n \",,1 Oh , dear! Look at 1I isl Y( lI' V ) got three bottles of wh isky, four hundred cigarett es nil 1,, 1 t f perfume!




18 Which one? George How about some more wine? Charles Please. George Which glass is yours? Charles That one's mine. George Which one? Charles The empty one!

George Well, good night ... Charles Good night ... thank you for a lovely evening. George Now, which coats are yours? Charles Oh, those coats are ours. George Which ones? Charles The black one and the grey one. George Ah, yes ... I've got them. Charles Good. The grey one's mine, and the black one's hers.

Exerci .. ,

Which one would you like? I'd like the classical one.

Exercise 2

Which ones would you like? I'd like the expensive ones.

Exercise 3

Exerci.e4 Example: It's my pen. They're our books. , It's his car 2 It's their house 3 It's John's coat 4 It's her hat 5 It's you r flat 6 It's Mary's bag

Which house is theirs? The big one's theirs.


Which house is his? The small one's his .:

It's mine. They're ours.

.. ..

19 Everyday Conversation o Can you show me some cameras, please? P Certainly, sir ... this one's very good. o Yes, it is .... How much is it? P £85, sir. o Oh, dear. That's very expensive. P Hmm, I see. . . that one isn't expensive, sir. o What make is it? P It's a Kodak ... it's £47. o Hmm. . . Can you show it to me, please?

£85/£92/£78/£63 £47/£39/£26/£51

cameras (Kodak) radios (Sony) watches (Timex) cassette-recorders (Philips)

Q Oh, excuse me! R Yes, sir? Q Could you bring us some more tea, please? R Of course, sir. Q ... and could you bring me the bill, please? I'm in a hurry.

tea coffee cream brandy

S Taxi! T Where to, madam? S Can you take me to the airport, please? T Certainly, madam'.... Have you got any luggage? S Yes. Can you get it for me? It's over there. T All right. ... Ooh! It's very heavy. S Yes, it is ... I'm very sorry.

airport station bus station International Hotel

U Goodnight, Andrew. V Goodnight, Colin. U Have a good holiday! V Thanks. U Don't forget. . . send me a postcard! V O.K. ... Oh, I haven't got your address. U That's O.K. You can send it to me at the office. V All right ... 'Bye. U 'Bye.

at the office at school at work here



pos·.. . _..d



!ri;:;t ~ishCS.N1a~ De r

" ..

J • nne,

Mother, Fa ther, e

is a pi

I'm in lass



R1 7. B3 .

RSO. verv

cheap. The f od is expen ·ive.

r alot

German ltaiians

inmy c



s. ly


Mexican!> Brazilums



nd English p ople are v(''Ty

fri -ndly. rescrt.te.'d. U lfJnJ ,

huish •

l is v

• you

soon. in 3 wi.'f!ks. in 4 W ~ks . , u

1 Whatare

ey doi

? •


o . e re 1181

. R. .

. ..

E•• rei


G Wh t ' la' doin.~ _ H I" s H • • • I • • • .

noritnt,' .

J • dr &

-n /typ in!J/r; d n



rea in

ri 'ng




nc e




d rink

sin 5







22 Can you help me? Thomas is a student. He's staying with the Taylors, an English family. Thomas Hello, Mrs Taylor. Can you help me? I'm doing my homework and I can't understand this word. Mrs Taylor Which one? Oh ... that's difficJlt. I can't help you now I'm watching something . Thomas Oh? What are you watching? Mrs Taylor I'm watching a cowboy film. Thomas Can Mr Taylor help me? Mrs Taylor No, he can't now, Thomas. He's reading. Thomas What's he reading? Mrs Taylor He's.reading a magazine. Thomas What about Kate? Mrs Taylor Oh, she can't help you now ... she's phoning someone. Thomas Oh?Who'sshephoning? Mrs Taylor She's phoning her boyfriend ... you're asking a lot of questions tonight, Thomas! Thomas AmI? .. Well, I'm' practising my English!

.Jill and John


Exercise Jill and John/tennis.

What are Jill and John doing? They're playing tennis. Mr Smith/his car Mary/a letter Mr and Mrs Jones/television Bob/a letter Arthur and Mike/a box Mrs Brown/the dishes Tony/beer

Mr & Mrs Jones

drinking watching carrying writing typing cleaning washing Bob

George is lonely and unhappy. His friends are busy today.

Mrs Brown

23 Everyday Conversation A Would you like to come to a party? B Well, I'd like to. . . but when is it? A On Saturday evening. B What a pity! I'm busy on Saturday. A What are you doing? B I'm doing my homework. A Really! . . . Another time perhaps? B Yes, thanks anyway.

C Excuse me, is this seat free? DYes, itis. C Is it O.K. if I sit here? DYes,ofcourse. C Er, ... is that your newspaper? DYes, it is. C May I borrow it for a minute, please? D Yes, certainly.

E Good morning. F Good morning. Can I help you? E Yes, I'm looking for a book. F What's the title? E Instant English. Have you got it? F Yes, we have. E How much is it? F £5. E May.I see it? F Of course, here you are.

a party a dance a picnic a pop concert a football match Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

newspaper pen lighter umbrella magazine

book (Instant English) record (Love Story) magazine (Today) cassette (Instant English) dictionary (Oxford English Picture Dictionary) £5


£1 £4 £7 £3

25 At the cinern



26 Whafs on television tonight? John Hello, darling.... I'm home! Anne Hello, John. Are you tired, dear? John Yes, lam. VVhattirneisit? Anne It's six o'clock. John Oh ... VVhat's on television tonight? Anne There's a good programme at quarter past eight ... 'Paul McCartney In Concert'. John Yes. . . and there's a good film after the news. Anne Ooh. . . and 'Mary in Love' at quarter to seven before 'Police Story'. John Oh, I can't watch that! There's a football match on IlV at half past six. Anne But, John, it's my favourite programme! John Well, go and watch it at your mother's!

International time

It's oneo'clock in

New York


Rio de Janeiro


The Azores




Abu Dhabi



.. .


London Exercise









What time is it?

It's three o'clock.





4 5


27 In prison Tom Well. ... Tomorrow we're

going to leave this place! Fred Yes. What are you going to

do first? Tom Hmm ... first, JIm going a big car, meet my girlfriend and take her to an expensive restaurant. We're going to have steak and drink champagne. What about you, Fred? Fred My wife's going to meet me outside the prison. Then we're going to have tea with her mother. Tom With her mother! You're joking! Fred No, I'm not. I'm going to work for my wife's mother. Tom Really? You're not going to work for your mother-in-law! Fred Yes. She's got a little cafe in London. Tom What are you going to do there? Fred I'm going to wash up. Tom What! Wash up! I'm not going to work! I'm going to have a good time! Fred You're lucky.... I'm going to rob a bank next week. Tom Why? Fred Because I'm happy in prison! Exercise 1 prison

He's going to leave prison. Write sentences with: 1 car 2 girlfriend 3 good time

Tom Exercise 2

Exercise 4

Exercise 3




He isn't going to renta car.

They're going to havesteak

They aren'tgoing to drink champagne.

Write sentences with: 1 steak 2 champagne 3 good time


Write sentences with: 1 car' 2 champagne 3 good time

Tom and his girlfriend

Write sentences with: 1 good time 2 steak 3 car

An . . . . . ...' L...


1 2 3 4 5

What are they going to 9 t Into? Wher r they go ing to drIve? What r th ey goin g to cut ? What ar th y go ing to d rln ? at t 0 ers g ol to do ?

, 1 Whal lime are t h y goi ng t o leave th r captlon? 2 Where are t hey going t o drive to ? 3 Wh re are th ey goin to fly to ? 0 spend the r W re are hey go l h OI1eY moO

? :t rn th.""



Ex re ls 1


p ort phDtogr


Pas p ort phDtograph

Look nt John Bull:

DPr'., III' /ikl' beer,

Surn om . First N me 5) : ge: OCCU lion'

Writ 5 questions.




Lao at Virginia Ch rt)l' 1 Sill' fikl'~ dilltcilt~ . 2 Sfrl' d(1c~II ' l likt" I I ·Ir · li.'ih)l/ . Writll I n sentences.



RIU71~ ~



Dal Si


D." e :


Signa ur :



30 I want you, Fiona Charles Please marry me, Fiona. I want you, I need you, I love you. Fiona I'm sorry Charles, but I can't. Charles Oh, Fiona. Why not? Fiona Well, Charles. Hike you ... I like you a lot ... but I don't love you. Charles But Fiona, love isn't everything. Fiona Oh, Charles, you don't understand. . . for me love is everything. Charles Do you love another man Fiona? Fiona Yes Charles, I do ... James. Charles Not James Milton! Fiona Yes, James Milton. Charles But he doesn't want you. He's engaged. Fiona I know. Charles But Fiona, James isn't a rich man. I can give you everything. What do you want? Oothes? Money? Travel? A big house? Fiona No, Charles. I don't want those things. I only wantJames.

au..tlona Who wants Fiona? Does he love her? Does Fiona like Charles? Does she like him a lot? Does she love him? Does Fiona love another man? What's his name? Does James want Fiona? Is he rich? Is Charles rich? What can he give Fiona? Does she want clothes? Does she want money? What does she want?

Ex.rei.. , Who wants Fiona?

Charles wantsFiona. Who loves Fiona? Who needs Fiona? Who wants James? Who loves James?

ex.rciâ&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘ Z Who does Charles want?

Charles wantsFiona. Who does Charles love? Who does Fiona love? Who does Fiona want? Who does Charles need?

31 Everyday Conversation t

G What are you doing this weekend? H I'm going away. G Oh, where are you going? H I'm going to London. G How long for? H Just for two days.

I Have you got a car?

J Yes, I have.

I What kind is it?

J It's a V.W.

I Do you like it?

J Yes, Ido. I Why?

J Because it's very economical.

K Excuse me ... L Yes? K Have you got any change? L What do you need? K I need some tens. L Oh, how many do you want? K Well, can you change a pound note? L Yes, I think so.

this weekend on Saturday on Friday tomorrow next week London Wales Scotland Ireland Paris

VW. Ford Datsun Fiat Jaguar economical big comfortable modern fast

Coins: 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p,50p Notes: £1, £5, £10, £20 a pound note a five-pound note a ten-pound note a twenty-pound note


M Good afternoon. N Good afternoon. M Could you repair these shoes, please? N Yes, certainly. When do you want them? M As soon as possible. N Is Thursday afternoon O.K? M Yes, that's fine.

these shoes these glasses these boots this camera this watch this radio Thursday afternoon Tuesday evening Wednesday morning


thirt . Robin 'And t ft 'r lunch? uchess Oh, I r st u nt il six ,






• • • br eaktast,

C • ••


He has lunc h in a rl afe, 10 He comes home . t fiv . o'clock. 11 In the evening he go 5 In the pub. 12 lie goes to b d al l ' n • I k.


i I II I

t lo



••reba 1 Now sk (and answer) qu th e peo ple:

tio n

b out


Cel l

Peter and Paul


1 sc


2 2 5 days

3 4 5 6 7

.. 7. a

Ing ng e-julce p rents the office/B.1S If'! th e canteen ho me/S.30 evening classe s I ven o'clock


7 8 10 11 12


9 10 11 12


oo 'S

eig I o'cloc co rnfla milk mother schooll8.45 at sch ool home/f our o'c loc k television nin e o'c lo ck

vod 7 fifth wi f 8 Ih publtwelve o' clock 9 1n pUb 10 not/corn home 11 c Ino 12 flv o'c loc k in the morni ng

35 Never on a Sunday Vicar Ah, good evening, Mr Benson. I never see you in church nowadays. Benson Oh! No, Vicar ... but my wife always goes to church. . . she goes every Sunday. Vicar I know ... but you never come. Benson Well, I sometimes come, Vicar. I come on Christmas Day and at Easter. Vicar Hmm ... But what about Sundays, Mr Benson? Benson I usually wash my car on Sunday morning. Vicar I see. Why don't you wash your car on Saturday next week, MrBenson? Benson Oh ... I can't do that, Vicar. Vicar Why not? Benson It's my son's wedding next Saturday ... I'm going to church!

Exercise 1 He/someti mes/football. He sometimes plays football. 1 They/often/potatoes.

2 She/usually/a skirt. 3 I/never/a hat. 4 He/occasionally/radio. 5 We/rarely/vodka. 6 You/never/cigarettes.

Exercise 2 coffee

1sometimes drink coffee or

1neverdrink coffee or 1 often

drink coffee

Now, write true sentences: 1 coffee 7 a newspaper 2 television 8 cinema 3 golf 9 new clothes 10 a tie 4 spaghetti 5 wine 11 cigarettes 6 caviare 12 pop music

1 Every morning he cleans his teeth. Hes/ways cleans his teeth in the morning. 2 She gets up at 7 o'clock from Monday to Saturday, but on Sunday she gets up at 11 o'clock. She usually gets up at 7 o'clock. 3 They like films. They see all the new films. They often go to the cinema.

4 He's got a radio and a television. He 8 He doesn't usually smoke, but at sometimes listens to the radio, and he Christmas, after dinner, he has a cigar. He rarely smokes cigars. sometimes watches television. 5 Her brother lives in London. She 7 She doesn't like whisky. She never doesn't. She sees him four or five times drinks whisky. every year. She occasionally sees him.

u ually 0

y u


e â&#x20AC;˘ 1 o.


n'. Ii -

h. ns yo



ynu do in ycur



mond I ask qu istion. â&#x20AC;˘ Mr . I n ever an w r

Norris. . them . r 0

37 Wha does he d

very day?

This man is a champi on jn k ~y . Hi Hnam e's Gord on L " 1 'I' , I Ie rides racehorses, but h ' isn' t ridin g a raceh orse at th • mom ent H 's dan ri n w ith hi -j th wife.



t ions

Wh o arc they ? Do they teach ? VVhatdo lhoy tcach ? VVh re re they now ? VVh t re they doing ?

Exercise Kevin Shannon , lo otba ller. Exam pt :

• What doc» h ~ " b

i t's I .

J lc pl£l


l tmll.

n _

..... . .

. ..

Lucy, typ l t. 8 •

. .. .

b •

. .. .

38 Well or badly? There's an international football match on television. England are playing against Scotland. They are good teams. They usually play well. But today England are playing very well, and Scotland are playing badly. Questions What's on television? Which teams are playing? Are they good teams? Do they usually play well or badly? How are England playing today? How are Scotland playing today? 'i 'I



I r

Tom Morgan often has accidents. This is his fourth accident this year. He's a bad driver, because he's a fast and careless driver. He drives fast, carelessly and badly. Questions What's his name? Does he often have accidents? Is this his first accident this year? Is he a good or a bad driver? Does he drive well or badly? Is he a fast 01" a slow driver? Does he drive carefully or carelessly?

Bill Morris is a gentleman. He always drives slowly, carefully and well. All his friends say, 'Bill's a good driver! He's very careful.' Questions What's his name? Is he a gentleman? Is he a good driver or a bad driver? Does he drive well or badly? Is he a fast driver or a slow driver? Does he drive carefully or does he drive carelessly? I 0,


Mr Johnson works very hard. He's afast worker. His boss often says, 'Johnson works fast for 10 hours every day. He's a very hard worker.' Questions What's his name? Is he a hard worker or a lazy worker? Does he work hard or lazily? Is he a fast or a slow worker? Does he work fast or slowly?

Exercise Kevin's a good player.

How does heplay? He plays well.

1 You're a bad swimmer. 2 She's a careful driver. 3 John's a slow learner.

4 They're hard workers. 5 He's a fast walker.

Look at this: bad badly slow slowly careful carefully careless carelessly

happy busy noisy

happily busily noisily

good fast hard

well fast hard

_ _I

T i

39 Everyday Conversation o How do you come to school? P Bybus. o How much does it cost? P Only20p. o How long does it take? P About twenty minutes.

bus train tube taxi

Q Is Maria Italian?

Italian Portuguese Venezuelan Mexican Iranian

R Yes, I think so.

Q Does she speak English well? R No, I don't think so. Q Is she coming to the dance tonight? R I hope so!

S What's the matter? I've got a cold. Why don't you see a doctor? I don't know any doctors. Why don't you ask your landlady? T Yes. That's a good idea. T S T S

Would you like to dance? Yes. Do you come here often? Sometimes. Do you live here? Yes, I do. U Where do you work? V Ina bank. U Do you like it? V It's O.K. U V U V U V

twenty minutes an hour half an hour quarter of an hour

dance party discotheque pub club

acold a sore throat stomach-ache back-ache a temperature your landlady your teacher the principal your friends

sometimes once a week twice a week every night occasionally abank an office a factory a shop a hospital

41 Whe

were you yesterday?



re you

Ex rei 8 1 S

to e. s hool. wo _ t pub. he clnema, the up rmark et,


l oo k at this example: Ii ore.!two o'clock

I 'lL~S here at ttooo'ckxk . 1 Homaly/July 2 T ey/homeiSunday 3 Yo u/he re/one o'clock 4 Sh e/scnool/yesterday 5 It/cold/January 8 We/London/Wednesday


When were you In Eng land? I w 9 ttl rain Ja nuary. Eu rop ? ebru ary , M xico? March. London ? April . Sp ll ln? May , Holland ? June. Italy? Ju ry. August , S pt rnber ,

October. Nov ember. D co mber.

Look at th is example : You/New York/February?

Wac YOl/ in ,".lew York in [ ('btl/aryl 1 she/ho me/T h u rsday? 2 1t/hotiJune? 3 th ey/at .....orklfive路thlrty ? 4 he/Engl and /Novembe r ? 5 yo u/t here/fou r o 'clo c k? S they/ Russia/ Decem ber ?

/ I

42 Holidays Donald Hello, John! Where were you last month? John Oh, I was on holiday. Donald Oh, really? ... but you were on holiday in January. John Yes, I was in Switzerland in January. Donald Where were you last month? John I was in Florida. Donald Florida! What was it like? John Fantastic! The weather was beautiful. . . the sea was warm. Donald What was the hotel like? John Excellent! There was a swimming-pool and private beach. There were three restaurants and two bars. Donald What were the people like? John They were very friendly. Donald Was your wife with you? John No, she wasn't. She never comes with me on holiday. Donald What about the children? Were they with you? John No, they weren't. They were with their grandparents.

Exercise 1

There wasa swimming pool. There were three restaurants. Now you write sentences. Exerci8e2


What wasthe weather like? restaurants

What were the restaurants like? 1 service 2 shops 3 food

4 beaches 5 hotel 6 people

43 Everyday Conversation W Can you change this pullover, please? X Why? What's wrong with it? W It's the wrong size. X Is it too big, or too small? W It's too small for me. X What size are you? W I'm not sure. Can you measure me? X Yes, certainly. . . . You're a thirty-six. This one's the right size.

pullover cardigan nightdress T-shirt blouse

Y I'd like a room, please. Z A single room or a double room

a private bathroom a shower a balcony a colour television

sir? Y A double, please. Z With or without a private bathroom? Y With, please. Z For how many nights? Y Just for one night, please.

A Excuse me! BYes? A I think my change is wrong! B Are you sure? Let me see. Oh, yes. . . you need another SOp. A Yes, that's right. B I'm terribly sorry. A That's O.K.

50p 21p 32p 43p 54p


food coffee beer butter cheese

I think English food is excellent. Really! I don't think so. Why not? I prefer French food.

French Turkish German Danish Swiss

en....... fro

L . . . 'U, ...........


e American

Reporter W -11, Phil . . . W I orne hom e! Phil Th

Repo roblems Phil


, d ? \'Vas

Quest io n.

x rei. e 3

E•• rei•• ' Ilbreakfastl Ight o'clock.

J lrad lm.'ak/a. t III eight 0 ' dock. , You/coff

1 I v n o'c loc k




3 4

S lIt:,I;Ll:'<II'"





d ar!

)'l Sf


_ t C.l i


r Br w

o, lea r, l J~)



l umburg -rs,

rs 11 ro n i l ':Ut g( t l th • I . ke • , Ir Bro n Y : , l. r ... bul l d idn 't g 'l . n bn.·, d , Mrs Bm n ( LI did ' 1 't .m ' brea d! Mr Brow n No , d l\ r . Th e didn't 7

huve : n . bn x d, so I ~t lt some ro lls,

Mrs Brown I low numv rolls did yo u ~~t't?



'r hey bad "orne t amburgers.

Mr Brown Icun' t r -n t -rnbur, dear , 'riley didlr 't hat»:rilly steak, Dit! /frey !1fI7'(' rwy c h fck ~ n? Mrs Brown John ? Mr Drown Y(' ~. d ear?

Mrs Brown I id yn ll go 10 til ' pu b .lg. in? Mr Drown Yl' S . d 'ill". Mrs Brown J low m.m v drink did

vou have?

Mr Brown


)1l 1\! ou r ( r II\! " d .. , SIll,lll on ~' s ,

\ 11",

1 He carne home by taxi, • • • (Jrl foo t. • •• by bus ? 2 Ho went to the butcher's • •• ch emist 's. o • baker's? 3 He golsome rol ls. 0




bread . hamb urg ers ?

46 In the office Good afternoon, Mr Smith. Mr Smith Good afternoon, Miss Wild. Did you finish those letters? Secretary Yes, sir. I typed them and signed them for you. Mr Smith Did you photo-copy them? Secretary Yes, sir. I photo-copied them and posted them. Mr Smith Did Mr Jackson arrive? Secretary Yes, sir. Mr Smith What time did he arrive? Secretary About two 0' dock, sir ... buthe didn't stay. He didn't have time. Mr Smith What did he want? Secretary Oh ... I didn't ask, sir. Mr Smith Er. . . Did you telephone Mrs Smith? Secretary Yes, I did ... but she wasn't in. Mr Smith Hmm. . . And the table at "Mario's" for tonight? Secretary Yes, sir, I reserved a table for two, at eight 0' dock Mr Smith Good! Did Lulu . telephone? Secretary Yes, sir. Secretary

Exercise Who typed the letters? Miss Wild typed the letters. Mr Smith didn't typethe letters.

Did Lulu type the letters? 1 Who signed the letters? Miss Wild •••. MrSmith •••. • • • Lulu. • • ? 2 Who posted the letters? Miss Wild •••. Mr Smith •••.

• • • Lulu. • • ? 3 Who photo-copied the letters? Miss Wild •••. Mr Smith •••. • •• Lulu ••• ?

47 The Story of Willy The Kid ~1











TOWN 15 1"00 SnA\..1- FOR. BOTH OF US.




Exercise 1 1 He walked into the saloon. 2 He didn't ••• into the Sheriff's office. 3 Did he ••• into the bank?

Exercise 2 1 They carried Willy away. 2 They ••• carry the Sheriff away. 3 • • • they ••• the barman away?




-_· .i da

..... _a...&

Ann ,'s 1 S rden t at Loi do r Unive -ity, he stu dies Spanish. a n d _he gOt~H to Spni n I.' VC I')' s um me r. S he lies in the sun , she drinks a lot l lf wi ne, a n I ea l a lo t f Spanis h c d . S c alw ~s flies b • B itish


e - r lop ins tea ~h

(\ 1 :>

i1 1 Lond un nive rsitv . I h.' went t India last yPM . IIe S<1 VI,' the Ta]

Mu ha l, and


id e o n an cl ' p h.1 n t.

I ll' w ro te p stcards to .,11 his .ends _H ' \v b Air In I• .

t is n 2 Docs 3 As .

4 5 6 7

Does h 010 France v ry summ r? Ask " Wh reT What d oes she do In Spain? How d o s she travel to Spai n '?











e B


sp i b He dMII" SlJ

tI l

Spain ,


c Did

you ,,\0 Irl

Spain ?


Th 'i i n't have uch \ t • and th ey didn't ha ve many th ings to ea t. au_tion. little The.



A Did they h ve any cnocc tat ? B Y a, t hey d d. but U., y didn 't have . uch. • d Od


Exerd .3 He hasn't gotlllll d l mon y, a's got on lya Utile m ".





3 4

50 Robbie and the Rebels

Jill Good morning, Shirley. . . Shirley Hello, Jill ... Jill Oh, I'm tired this morning! Shirley Are you? Why?

Jill Well, I went to the concert last night. Shirley Which concert? Jill The popconcert, the one atthe Town Hall. Shirley Oh, which group did you see? Jill I saw 'Robbie and the Rebels' . . . they're a new group. Shirley Are they good? Jill Hmm ... they usually play well, but last night they played badly. Shirley Is Robbie a good singer? Jill Oh, yes, he usually sings well. Shirley Did he sing well last night? Jill No, he didn't ... he sang very badly. Shirley What about the group? Jill Oh, the guitarist played beautifully ... but the drummer was loud. Shirley Yes, pop drummers always play loudly. Jill I know! I had a headache after the concert. Shirley Hmm. . . I never go to pop concerts. I prefer classical music.


Exercise 1

What are their names? Who's tired? Ask "Why?" Which concert did she go to? Which group did she see? How do they usually play? How did they play last night? How does Robbie usually sing? How did he sing last night? How did the guitarist play? Do pop drummers always play loudly? Did Jill have a headache before the concert? Ask "When?" Does Shirley prefer pop music or classical music?

He's a good singer.

He usually sings well. 1 They're beautiful dancers 2 She's a careless writer. 3 He's a hard worker. 4 He's a bad player. 5 They're good drivers. Exercise 2

He usually sings well, but yesterday he

sangbadly. 1 2 3 4 5

She usually writes carefully, •••. She usually types slowly, •••. They usually play badly; •••. He usually works fast, •••. He usually answers carelessly, • • •.


51 Everyday Conversation


E Excuse me ... I lost my handbag this morning. F Where did you lose it? E On the bus. . . I left it on the number 28. F Well, you're lucky, the conductor found it. E Thank goodness! I was worried. F Here it is. . . he gave it to me an hour ago.


handbag camera wallet purse umbrella an hour ago two hours ago three hours ago half an hour ago 25 minutes ago



What did you do las t weekend? I went to Oxford. Really? How did you go? I went by car. How long did it take? It took about two hours.

I Hello, John! I thought you were

in Brighton! J I was. I drove there on Friday. I Yes ... ? J . . . and I came back on Saturday morning! I Oh? Why did you come back? J Well, I went to a casino, and spent all my money! I How did you do that? J Well, I won a little at first. then I lost everything!



last weekend last Saturday last Monday last Friday



by car by train by bus by taxi

Brighton Bournemouth London Torquay Saturday morning Sunday evening Monday evening Tuesday afternoon this morning

Have a cigarette. No, thanks. I'm trying to stop. Oh, corne on! I insist! No, really ... I've got a terrible cough.



eight O'Clock News

Joo d eve nin g. And h 'r ' is th •

Eigh t 0 ' I lck New s.



. . . and next footb, II, Thi s aftern oo n a t W nn b l 'v tad iurn , Englund play id «g.l ili ' l WnleH. Engl. nd lo~ l by four '0. Is to nil.

The E n gl i~ h captaln broke his I \g. The vVelsh learn played well, David Ev nn ~ HCorcd thrc ' goil l ~ for Wales .

t ·o •


Who did Eng land pi y aga ln~t ? Ask " W here?" Did they win or did U, II lose? Wh ich team played woll ? Ask " How many go al!l?" Who brok e his leg ? Who score d thr ee g oals


- 976 ........~ e

54 The boss and the secretary Mr Gibbon Welt Miss Smith ...

this is a change! I usually have water with my meals, you know. Miss Smith Yes, MrGibbon, but tonight we're having champagne! Mr Gibbon Please don't call me Mr Gibbon. My friends always call me Horace. Miss Smith All right ... Horace ... and we're having fillet steak! Mr Gibbon Isn't it wonderful! I normally have egg and chips on Mondays ... you see, my wife doesn't like restaurants. Miss Smith Oh, your wife. . . what's she doing now? Mr Gibbon Er ... she's watching television at home. What perfume are you wearing, Miss Smith? Miss Smith Please ... call me Dorothy. I'm wearing "Night of Passion". Mr Gibbon It's lovely. My wife never wears perfume. . . Miss Smith I don't always wear it, but this is a special occasion. MrGibbon Of course it is. I never come to restaurants like this. Dorothy, I want to ask you something. Miss Smith Oh, Horace, go on . . . I'm enjoying this evening so much. Mr Gibbon Well it's difficult. Miss Smith Please ask me. Mr Gibbon Well, you know we've got a lot of work at the office.... Miss Smith Yes? Mr Gibbon Well, can you work on Saturdays until we finish it? Miss Smith Oh!



What's he drinking tonight? What does he usually drink? What's he eating tonight? What does he usually eat on Mondays? Is Miss Smith wearing perfume tonight? Does she always wear perfume?

He usually drinks water. tonight/champagne

But tonight he's drinking champagne. 1 He usually eats eggs. tonight/steak 2 He usually drinks beer. tonight/whisky 3 He usually smokes cigarettes. tonight/cigars 4 He usually eats at home. tonight/in a restaurant

55 An accident



Rolls-Royce, and a foreign student was driving a V.W. The Englishman was driving slowly and carefullv. The student wasn't driving carefully ... he was looking at a girl. She was walking ..;.,::::: along the street. She was wearing ::1t111~: a short skirt, ,1I1d she was carrying ~1~~11:: a handbag. The traffic-lights were 111:~1: green. A dug was sitting beside !::~:::: the traffic-lights. A cat was sitting ~t11' on the opposite corner. ;1:;::::

~ ~ ~ ~;:

The dog was thinking about a bone.

Suddenly the dog saw the cat.

It ran across the road.

The English driver saw the dog.

He braked quickly.

The V.W. crashed into the Rolls- Royce.

The girl saw the accident.

She ran to a telephone box.

The police came immediately.

56 An investigation

Qu _


car, wh en s the head . Polic man Di

yO ll S p


atta k 'r?

Mr Snow N , h was weuring a s tocking ov 'r hiHhead . Policeman T 11m ', M r S no w . . h ow did you br ea k your leg? Mr Sno W II, when they we re p utting n â&#x20AC;˘ into th a m bul anc , th ey d ro . d '!



Ex.rel Now rile ten sente I s! i ten , 1

11- ,1

len , 1

58 A spy story

M This is a very important mission, 006. 006 What must I do? M You must go to Moscow on tonight's plane. 006 Ah, Moscow! I've got a girlfriend there! M We know that ... but you mustn't visit her! 006 Where must I stay? M You must go to the Airport Hotel, stay in your room and wait. 006 Which passport must I use? M Your Swiss passport. . . and you must speak Swiss-German all the time. They mustn't know your nationality. 006 What must I take with me? M Well, you mustn't carry your gun. . . but take a lot of warm clothes. Good luck, 006!

X Now, Olga. You must check into the Airport Hotel tonight. Olga Must I reserve a room? X No, you needn't. We reserved one for you. . . next to the British agent's room. Olga Must I stay in my room? X No, you needn't stay in your room, but you must stay in the hotel. Olga Must I ... be nice to him? X No, you needn't ... but you must discover why he's here. Olga Must I contact you every day? X No, you mustn't! It's too dangerous for you. Olga Why? X Because 006 is a very dangerous. man.



Is it an important mission? Must he go to Moscow? Ask "When?" Ask "How?" Who mustn't he visit in Moscow? Must he stay in a hotel? Ask "Which hotel?" Must he stay in his room? What must he do there? Which passport must he use? Must he speak English? Ask "What?" Ask "Why?" What must he take with him? What mustn't he take with him?

Must she check into the hotel tonight? Must she reserve a room? Must she stay in her room? Must she stay in the hotel? Must she be nice to 006? What must she discover? Must she contact 'X' every day? Ask "Why not?"


I'm on a diet, so

I mustn't eat bread. I mustn't drink beer. I mustn't go everywhere by car.

I'm a millionaire, so

I needn't work. I needn't savemy money. I needn't worry about inflation. Write six true sentences. Begin I mustn't •• I needn't ••

59 Everyday Conversation M Bournemouth 18233. N Hello. This is Tom Piper here. Is Mary there? M Hang on a minute. I'll see. N O.K.

M Hello. I'm sorry, but Mary's out. NOh! Could you take a message? M Yes, of course. Just a minute. I need a pen.

18233 50079 61443 88220 74597 Tom Piper Guy Black Alan Heath Nigel Thatcher Chris Owen

Have rnonev r e adv



Lift receiver Listen for continuous purrinq Dial number or code and number When you hear rapid pips. press in a coin To continue a dialled call put in more 11wiley d 1I ring co nve r s ation or

when you hear rapid pips aq ain

o Hello. Directory Enquiries. Can I help you? P Yes. Can I dial direct to Zurich? o Yes sir, you can. P What's the S.T.D. code number, please? o It's 010411. P Thank you.

Zurich/010411 Paris/010331 Rome/010396 Chicago/0101312 Teheran/0109821


Opera t or services Emergency calls : -I>' pp,. , iA~~

Enquiries [lnd '),lllculh- ,I,


999 ',I'




I can



192 191

路)lleL!Ofv ~r"l,li'i'"

OU1f'r E'-'l,,, ''',''







Q Hello. Radio Taxis. R I'd like a taxi, please. Q When do you want it? R As soon as possible. Q Where are you? R On the corner of London Road and Strouden Street. Q Where do you want to go? R The station. Q What's the name? R Johnson. Mr Johnson. Q O.K. Thank you.

the station the airport the hospital the bus station the ABC ci nema

S Hello. International Service. Can I help you? T Yes, please. I'd like to make a three-minute call to Madrid. S What's the number, please? T Madrid 65.43.21. S What's your number, please? T Oxford 56767. S Please put 拢1.56 in the box and I'll call you back. T Thank you.

Madrid 654321 Lisbon 974483 Athens 107233 Vienna 449505 Brussels 1678901

MrJohnson Mrs Taylor Miss Baker Dr Steele

60 Another perso all tter

0.. ... ,'ct.




I 'lie


lunch in

In th afternoon \ te



smm.' I ,

too l1W II nne. English man Englis/l girl tim . Did y uu have a


rd en

nd val ed

th rough t

aT, und lit

I nice weekend? 11 mi ss you a lot.

I meta '

, 10 L'II .

alotlg l1w ri tr.

blue eye. . [didn't practise my English becau Q heard. ltl/lg hair .

good week?



l7)j 11/ ri lIt r in the pat ];


he spoke



Arabi(' JaJ1an e~c




ro u

• • • ?

• • • ?

· .... • •• ?

62 Where's he gone? Beryl Hello, Janet '. .. what's the matter? Janet It's my husband ... he's gone! Beryl Gone? Where's he gone? Janet He's gone to Paris. Beryl Has he gone on business? Janet No, he hasn't gone on business. He's gone with Dorothy. Beryl Dorothy? Who's Dorothy? Janet She's his secretary. Beryl Is he coming back? Janet I don't kn10iw~.ii::=~~=:==

, Paul Can you lend me £5? Bill Sorry, I can't ... I haven't been to the bank today. Paul Oh dear ... I haven't been either, and I need some money. It's too late now ... it's four o'clock. Bill Why don't you ask Peter? Paul Oh, has he been to the bank? Bill Yes, he has. He always goes on Mondays.


He's been tothe bank. She ••• shops.

They • • • church.

She's gone tltParis. They ••• London. He ••• hospital.

He • • • hairdresser.

He ••• on business.




I 1.::=---------=----===""'===========-

. .__

63 Everyday Conversation





U Oh, dear! V What's wrong? U I can't find my pen. V Really! U You mustn't laugh ... it isn't funny. V Oh, yes it is. U Is it? Why? V It's in your hand! U Oh.yes,

pen pencil address book diary

W Are you a foreigner?

foreigner tourist student holiday-maker teacher

in your hand in your pocket on your desk under your elbow



X Pardon? W ARE-YOU-A-FOREIGNER? X You needn't shout. I'm not deaf. W Oh, I'm sorry. X That's all right. I just didn't understand. What does 'foreigner'mean?

Y Be careful! Z Why? Y I've just painted the door.

Z It's all right ... I haven't touched it. Y Haven't you? What's that on your arm?


I'm bored. Well, do something! What, for example? Wash your hair. A I've already washed it. B Brush your shoes. A I've already brushed them. B Why don't you dean your room? A I've already cleaned it. B Well, . . . perfect your English! AHmm....

door shelf desk chair wall arm hand leg shoulder elbow

wash your hair finish your homework brush your shoes iron your clothes clean your room telephone your friend perfect your English study your English

64 Town and Country



lIulion. 1 • • • 2 . II. 3 • • P opl • ctors. 4 .


opa Tours


. Vi nn Day 10. 8 elgr


Day 1,. A thens Day 12. Ro e

wn~'" u..., Ex , cl I' l

t~ .

SJBI'IU;lno3S abOut

2 to I'll



i.~. pI/I 1h 'l'~I 'f l .",

I-LIHaoP1 vd . n\1) 1oUf sen J'\ S

ur yo urs It.


66 A call from home .PRAGUE


Mrs Colt Hello. . . Elmer? . . . Is

that you? Elmer Yes, Momma. Mrs Colt Where are you now, Elmer? Elmer I've just arrived in Prague, Momma. Mrs Colt You haven't sent me any postcards yet. Elmer Yes, I have ... I've sent one from every city. Mrs Colt Have you been to Paris yet, Elmer? Elmer Yes, I have. Mrs Colt Have you been to Vienna yet? Elmer No, I haven't. We're going to Vienna tomorrow. Mrs Colt Elmer! Are you still

there? Elmer Yes, Momma. Mrs Colt How many countries have you seen now, Elmer? Elmer Well, this is the eighth day, so I've already seen eight countries. Mrs Colt Have you spent much money, ElmeJ;'?' Elmer Yes, Momma, I've bought a lot of souvenirs. . . and I want to buy some more. Can you send me a thousand dollars? Mrs Colt All right, Elmer.


Mrs Colt Elmer, are you listening

Exercise 1


Howmany postcards hashe sent? He's sent onefrom every city. Write questions and answers with: 1 capitals 2 money 3 souvenirs 4 photographs 5 rolls of film

tome? Elmer Yes, Momma. Mrs Colt Have you taken many photographs, Elmer? Elmer Yes, Momma; I've taken a lot. I've used three rolls of film. Mrs Colt Have you met any nice girls yet, Elmer? Elmer Oh, yes, Momma ... there's a girl from Texas on the tour. We've done everything together. Mrs Colt Elmer! Elmer! Are you still there, Elmer?

Exercise 2

Have you ever bought a souvenir?

Yes, I have. No, I haven't. Answer these questions: Have you ever seen the Queen? Have you ever been to Paris? Have you ever sent a postcard? Have you ever spent a lot of money on a holiday? Have you ever met an Englishman? Have you ever taken photographs on a holiday?

67 Have you ever. .



A Have you ever studied a language before? B Yes, I have. A Oh, which one did you study? B I studied French at school. at school at college at evening classes at home

C Have you ever been to a wedding? D Yes, I have. C Whose wedding was it? D It was my brother's.

E Have you ever seen a fire? F Oh, yes, I have. E When did you see it? F I saw one in Manchester in 1976.


Have you ever drunk too much? Yes ... I have. Where did you drink too much? I drank too much at my brother's wedding.

brother's sister's cousin's friend's

in in in in

1975 1969 1977 1973

at a wedding at a party at a dinner party at a night club

I Have you ever eaten at the Royal Hotel? J Yes, I have. I When did you eat there? J Mary and I ate there two months ago.


Have you ever had flu? Yes, I have. When did you have it? I had it last winter.


at the Royal Hotel at the Station Hotel at the Hong Kong Restaurant at the Taj Mahal Restaurant

last spring last summer last autumn last winter

Have you ever broken a bone? Yes, I have. What did you break? I broke my leg.

leg arm finger shoulder

68 Comparisons



nc nl nd co ld, but

32 C

Co rcen land'»colder,

8ermud •

ut ••

Can, d ' I rg , bU llh

l B nc



" ~=:="'---l

750 FlU I • In per ear

A r(/ r',~ nuir« l '.l', lc'/ r:;i l ll' tluin u molorcl/L!" /1111 II 1IIi1letn tclc'< Ic~ ...

mlJlm·illlJ/r· 111r/ll (/ filr .

8 :!0 III



3000 mm rain per r e m

Engl nd' w I. ut , • • .

Mo t BI nc o h

b t • • ••

ing th IOU I


w ords : ornlca l.

69 A'hard li e

)tr.lOeJ[a ther i sn' svrnpa t h t~ ti· c:

'e •



h en I was sixtv-five. da S I on' t "v ork 'and I

d m't hav • to et up earl y. But [ h. v to Iiv • on my p r siun, and life is still difficult. I don't feel sorr for y iu."

t lon.

au •

70 Comparisons Sweden - 16° C

Canada -20° C

Saudi Arabia 40° C

Mary's the tallest. Margaret's the shortest.

Greece 28° C They are all cold, but Greenland's


Make sentences using these words: light/heavy old/young fat/thin small/big

Seacombe School Report

They are all hot, •

coldest. They are all large, .



China 9,561,000 square km.

English Maths History Geography French Science Biology Music

Canada 10,032,485 square krn'i'"






A '1'"





E .B E













In English, Mary's thebest. In Maths, Margaret's theworst.

U.S.S.R. 22,402,200 square km.

England - 750 mm rain per year


Make sentences about: Maths/History/ Geography/French/Science/Biology/ Music. Mou nt Everest - 8848 metres

Mont Blanc-4810 metres




Mount Fuji - 3776 me'.,:.:tr..::.e:::..s__ I

Vietnam - 2,500 mm per year


'C'is themost expensive. 'A' is theleast expensive.

Bangia Desh - 3,000 mm rain per year They are all wet, • • • .

They are all high, •

Make sentences using these words: modern/beautiful/interesting.


71 Brutus Cray - the Greatest Brutus Cray I'm the greatest! Reporter You were the greatest, Brutus ... but you're ten years older than Joe Freezer. Cray Joe Freezer! I'm not afraid of Joe Freezer! Rep. Really? Cray Listen! I've beaten him twice, and I'm going to beat him again. Rep. Are you sure? Cray Sure? Of course I'm sure. Rep. Some people say he's better than you. Cray Listen! I've beaten all the best boxers, and Joe Freezer's one of the worst! Rep. Yes, but he's better than h was. Cray Listen! I'm stronger, faster, fitter and more intelligent than him!

Rep. Yes, but he KO'edLen Korton two months ago. Cray Len Korton. I've KO' ed him three times! Rep. O.K., O.K., Brutus. Are you going to retire after this fight? Cray Retire? No. I've been the champion for ten years. . . and I'm going to stay the champion for another ten. Rep. Joe Freezer doesn't think so! Cray Joe Freezer? Joe Freezer's the ugliest man in the world. . . after tonight he's going to need a new face! Questions Is Brutus older than Joe Freezer? Is he afraid of Joe Freezer? Has he beaten him before? Ask" How many ti mes?"

Has he beaten other boxers? Ask "Which boxers?" Is Freezer worse than he was, or better than he was?


8 Rockefeller/rich b He/the teacher c He/the world

Has Freezer beaten Len Korton? Ask "When?" Is Brutus going to retire? How long has he been the champion?

Write sentences like this:

Concorde/fast b Itla Boeing c Itlthe world


A Joe Freezer/ugly B "He/Brutus Cray C He/the world

A Joe Freezer is very ugly. B He's uglier than Brutus Cray. C He's the ugliest man in the world.

Mou nt l:verestl high b It/Mont Blanc c It/the world

Rolls-Royce/ comfortable bit/Mini c Itlthe world



Brutus Cray/ good b He/Joe Freezer c He/the world 8

72 G eo e \ iI '



arlin . ~ BTe da nurse I will,



George ls th t a promis '1 Brenda f co urse it is .. . 1lo ve you .

Blend tired l Geo e


, darlin \:U, 'it d

WI .

J'lJ . 0


washing-up. Brenda hi thank 'O ll U rling , , , a nd J r 111 thirs ty ,

George All rig ht, I'll rnak â&#x20AC;˘ y Oll a cup of t '.1.

ea Bren a go? George I l ~/S go to th at ne w Italian r\est. u rr nt!

h, II r

O .K. I'll . ri ,. /uu w o n' t.

lve me


73 Everyday Conversation


C What's the matter? Why has the bus stopped? D There's been an accident. C Has there? Again? D Yes, there have been three here this week. C Yes, I know. And it's only Wednesday. D Yes. It's the most dangerous corner I've ever seen.

this this this this this


Look at that girl! What about her? Look at her dress! What about it? It's the same as mine! That's what! F No, it isn't. It's different from yours. E Is it? F Yes. Hers is shorter than yours.

dress skirt coat raincoat jacket

G Are you a new student? H No, I'm not. G Oh. How long have you been here? H As long as you. G Why haven't I seen you? H I've been ill.

student teacher typist secretary

I Can I borrow £10? J Why don't you go to the bank? I My cheque hasn't arrived yet. J Well, I'm sorry, but I'm broke. I What can I do? J Ask George. He's as rich as Rockefeller.

£10 $10

week month year summer winter

corner bend hill roundabout junction

shorter cheaper longer more expensive

ill sick away on holiday


$5 George Stuart Jeffrey Charles Arthur

74 Something, nothing, anything, everything --_._---

A I want some seats for Tuesday night. Are there any left? B No, there are no seats left. Every seat is reserved.


C Doctor, I think there's something in my eye. Everything looks funny. D Let me have a look ... I can't see anything, .. No, I'm sure there's nothing there.

E There's somebody in the other office! F I didn't hear anybody, E Well, just have a look. F ... No, there's nobody there, Everybody's gone home.

G What are you looking for? H My pen. It's somewhere in this room! G Where have you looked? H I've looked everywhere ... and I can't find it anywhere! Exercise

1 There'ssomething in my soup. What is it? There'ssomebodv in the other room. . Who is it?

2 Is there anything in the fridge? I'm hungry. Is there ••• in the bathroom? I want to brush my teeth.

3 There isn't anything in the fridge. There isn't ••• in the bathroom. It's empty. 4 Everything's expensive. Nothing's cheap. ••• 's in the garden.••• 's here.

Study this some something somebody someone somewhere

any? anythl: ,; anybou. .

anyon anywr

/not ... any anythinq thing/not body/not anybody one/not anyone where/not anywhs

ev(!'y ev,!(yqing evwy!)ody ev l'YJ!le ev !'YJ\her~

75 Four lives

Herbert Burke, James Stephens, Mary Foot, and Charlie Phillips all went to the same school. They left school in 1960, and they've had very different careers.


Herbert Burke became a politician ten years ago. He's very successful. He bought a country house five years ago, and bought a Jaguar at the same time. He's been a Member of Parliament.for ten years. He's had his house and car for five years.

James Stephens is a criminal. He robbed a bank in 1971, and escaped to a Pacific island. He bought a luxury yacht the same year. He's still on the island. He's been there since 1971. He's had the yacht since 1971.

Mary Foot and Charlie Phillips fel in love at school. He gave her a ring when they left school. She wears it every day, and she's never taken it off. They got married in 1963and they arestilli love. They moved to Australia in 1968.

Questions Questions

When did Herbert Burke become a politician? When did he buy a country house? When did he buy aJaguar? How long has he been a Member of Parliament? How long has he had his house? How long has he had his car?

When did James rob a bank? Where did he escape to? What did he bUY? When did he buy it? Where is he now? How long has he been there? How long has he had his yacht?


When did Mary and Charlie fall in love? When did he give her the ring? Has she ever taken it off? When did they get married? Are they still in love? When did they move to Australia? How long has she had the ring? How long have they been married? How long have they been in Australia?


He's been there since 1969. They've been there for five years. Complete these in the same way: 1 She's had that watch ••• three weeks.

2 3 4 5 6

We've been here ••• January. I've had my camera ••• two years. They've been married ••• 1971. He's had his car ••• two months. John's been in London ••• March.


76 A night out


77 The election r sult

Ihc • r as [u t ann u nced th • . tI . Lab ur candida te as \ nth ' le tion. Some uf th Tt. wd : re leased , butthe oth -rs are n ~ry. All of the Lab o u r sup ort r li r e happy. All of them <1 ' s h l lting and ( heeli ng. The I

'ons -IV , tive supporters arc booinu . Ncmc of lhem are sm ili ng, 'I'h unse rva lives hay n' t won

an ( I -U in in Bamford for man ", V~ rs . l'h o Labour Par ty ha s ~ v I 'lc ~ li n in th e t \vn sine





ill!'r t! ti l rna '


• ••

u rses,

• ••



So",... tl{ them arr

• •• fat.

h ppy .

A /t


111(1" an:

h pp y. NtIIl 'It 11/f1

h p Y

I nn'

• • • fat.

• • • fal

78 The Daily News



Wednesday May 20th



ÂŁ50,000 STOlEN


There was a fifty thousand pound jewel robbery in central London yesterday. The thieves threw a stone through the window of Carbunkie & Company and stole necklaces, rings and watches worth ÂŁ50,000. Mr Goldsmith. the manager of the shop. was working in his office when it happened. The police are looking for three men. The men drove away in a stolen Ford Cortina. The police have not found the getaway car yet.

Everest Expedition Fails Three British climbers in the Himalayas wanted to reach the top of Mount Everest yesterday, but they failed because' the weather has been too bad. They had to postpone the climb until next week. The weather has been the worst for two years.

Hollywood Divorce Case Richard Taylor, the British actor, is going to divorce his wife. Liza Bertram. They have been married for thirteen years, and have lived in Hollywood since 1978. Several people have seen Taylor with film starlet Judy Bowes recently. He has been married four times. He refused to speak to our reporter yesterday.

Police Notice

Have you seen this girl? Maria Roberts, a 15-year-old schoolgirl. left her home in Leeds last week and nobody has seen her since. She was wearing a blue raincoat, green trousers and black

shoes. She has blonde hair an blue eyes. Please telephone: 0202-17414 with any information.

79 Everyday Conversation t K Can I help you? L Yes, I want to send some flowers to my mother in Germany. K What kind of flowers would you like? L Well, what do you recommend? K Well, roses are very nice at this time of the year. L O.K. ... a dozen roses, please.


Mrs Connor? Yes, Paul? This is a present for you. A present? What a lovely surprise! Shall I open it now? M Yes, of course. N Ooh! Chocolates! I love chocolates. . . Thank you, very much indeed! M Thank you. You've been very kind.

o I'd like to say goodbye to everybody. P When are you leaving? o Tomorrow morning. P Let's meet for a coffee tonight. o I'm afraid I can't. P Oh ... come on! o No, really ... I've gotso much to do.


Q It's been a lovely party. Thank you very much. R But you can't go yet! The party's just beginning! Q I'm sorry, but I must! R Why? Q Because I have to catch the last train. R Don't be silly! I'll give you a lift. Where are you going? Q Caracas! R Oh!!

roses tulips daffodils carnations a dozen (12) half a dozen (6) two dozen (24) ten (10)

chocolates sweets perfume fruit

tomorrow morning tomorrow afternoon tomorrow evening tomorrow night

Caracas! Tokyo! Istanbul! Rio!

80 A fourth letter

3 ""~ p ; u I\{o ~1Itt4. ytNe. ,

j) ~W"" Jo",""'- , I ' '/Q.. ~i.u~ b ~e.M It> M~ ilM.! ~~




lJ Cf'"


f~~ ~ kD.ofu./ I:" b

bDl :~


().. 1..:1

-PQ.V.1 . A:u.\} ~ t ~ ~ ..c\ (j 0"\0\. vC2..~ ~~ . I

J:.. . • .





rtl rCUA. V'Q.....ts


\.t . CMA.d. So



~'jw~ o~


.. .

~ .

kl ,


L.o~ ,






b~t C-4

)"CL.. .1. kAAI ~' t MO "'" t k . I J ole. It.e:t"'" ltrt





t~"'C.CA l~ . .

a '.s


Hu.... C-a .

~ ~

~a I


I' e


I m

. I ha 'n' t Ii I and I'm

. Lon on

T yo, Ri , Paris,

m re

cheaper ilion,

bu t it's

more less

interesting. exciting.


I thi nk it' . th •


city I've ever





's arc




• n to. sec p,.

• •• t oromise


ish n

". I'

Vocabulary This vocabulary contains all the words in the student's book, and the number of the unit where they first occur.

A a1 about 15 Academy Award 53 accident 38 accommodation 64 across 25 action 12 actor 12 actress 12 address 19 address-book 63 afraid 47 after 26 afternoon 29 again 45 against 48 age 29 ago 51 agent 6 air 64 air-force 52 air-hostess 4 airport 4 album 57 all 28 all right 7 along 25 always 35 am 1 ambulance 56 American 1 an 3 and 1 angry 5 announce 77 another 23 any 6 anybody 74 anything 16 anyway 23 anywhere 74 apple 3 apple-pie 11 April 41 Arabic 14 are 1 area 52 arm 56 army 69 arrive 32 as 31 ash-tray 3 ask 22 asleep 47 astronaut 8 at 12 athletic 14

attack(v) 52 attacker 56 August 41 autumn 67 average 68 away 31


back 48 backache 39 bad 38 badly 38 baker 45 balcony 6 ballet 36 banana 10 bank 7 bath 5 bath-room 6 be(v) 12 beach 42 beard 29 beat(v) 71 beautiful 5 because 25 become 53 bed 3 bedroom 6 beef 11 beer 10 before 26 begin 52 behind 25 belt 24 bend 25 Ben Nevis 52 beside 5 best 40 best man 28 best wishes 20 better 68 between 25 bicycle 9 big 5 bill 19 billionaire 53 biography 53 Biology 70 birthday 44 biscuit 11 black 8 blonde 78 blouse 8 blue 8 boat 15 boiled 11 bomb(v) 52 bone 55 boo(v) 77 book 23

boot 31 boring 60 borrow 23 boss 9 both 28 bottle 6 bottom 78 box 22 boy 25 bra (brassiere) 53 brake(v) 55 brandy 19 Brazilian 20 bread 7 break(v) 52 breakfast 32 bride 28 bridesmaid 28 briefcase 9 bring 19 bring (back) 48 broke 16 brother 9 brown 8 brush(v) 63 build(v) 53 bullet 47 burn(v) 52 bus 3 (on) business 62 businessman 2 bus station 19 bus-stop 7 busy 20 but 14 butcher 45 butter 7 button 18 buy(v) 25 by 29, 60 bye 19

C cafe 7 cafeteria 60 cake 7 call 4 call(v) 5 calmly 47 camera 5 can 14 Canada 1 canteen 33 Captain 8 car 3 cardigan 15 career 75 careful 63 carefully 38 carelessly 38 carrot 11 carry 22 case 4 case (legal) 78 cashier 25

casino 33 casserole 11 cassette 23 cassette-player 13 cassette-recorder 19 castle 60 cat 29 catch(v) 32 caviare 33 centigrade 68 central 41 certainly 7 chain 24 chair 3 champagne 27 champion 37 (a) change 54 change 31 change (v) 31 cheap 5 check into 58 cheer (v) 77 cheese 10 chemist 45 cheque 73 chess 29 chicken 10 Chinese 15 children 8 (a) chocolate 15 chocolate 18 Christmas 19 church 20 cigar 9 cigarette 17 cigar-lighter 13 cinema 20 class 20 classical 18 clean (v) 22 cleaner 4 clearly 61 clock 3 close (v) 12 club 21 coach 48 coal 69 coast 40 coat 18 cocktail-cabinet 13 code 59 coffee 11 coin 31 cold 5 (a) cold 39 college 67 colour 8 come 8 comfortable 13 company 36 competitor 34 complete (v) 29 composition 80

computer 29 computer-dating 29 concert 23 conductor 51 Conservative 77 contact 58 continuous 59 cook 4 cook (v) 14 cooker 6 corner 55 cornflakes 33 cotton 24 cough 51 could (request) 7 could (ability) 57 country 64 country- house 75

cousin 67 cowboy 22 crash (v) 49 cream 19 cricket 14 criminal 75 crowd 64 cry (v) 28 cup 3 cupboard 6 customer 11 Customs 17 Customs officer 17

D daffodil 79 daily 78 dance 39 dance (v) 14 dancing 29 dangerous 58 Danish 43 dark 24 darling 26 date 29 daughter 11 day 23 Dear ... 20 deaf 63 dear 22 December 41 declare 17 deep 68 degree 68 dentist 34 design 53 dessert 11 dial 59 diamond 24 diary 63 dictate 32 dictionary 23 did 44 die (v) 53

diet 15 different 73 difficult 22 dinghy 49 dinner 32 dinner-party 67 diploma 34 direct 59 direct (v) 53 director 12 Directory Enquiries 59 disco 20 discover (v) 58 dish 22 dislike 29 divorce 78 divorce (v) 53 do (v) 12 doctor! Dr 8 does 30 dog 29 doing 21 dollar 53 done 61 door 3 double 7 down 2 dozen 79 draw 21 dress 5 dress (v) 32 (a) (drink) 15 drink (v) 11 drive (v) 14 driver 33 drop (v) 56 dry 70 dust 69


early 60 earn 69 ear-ring 24 Easter 35 eat 21 economical 31 egg 3 eighth 26 either 24 elbow 63 election 53 electric 13 elephant 48 eleventh 26 emergency 59 empty 5 end 47 engaged 30 engine 13 England 1 English 2 enjoy 47 enormous 33 enough 64


l escape (v) 75 Europe 65 evening 18 ever 36 every 33 everybody 12 everything 16 everywhere 74 example 29 excitement 64 exciting 20 excellent 14 excursion 15 Excuse me! 2 expedition 78 expensive 5 eye 12

foreigner 63 for ever 28 for example 7 forget 19 fork 3 form 29 fourth 26 France 1 free 23 freezer 3 French 4 Frenchman 60 fresh 64 Friday 23 fridge 6 fried 11 friend 22 friendly 20 from 12 (in) front (of) 25 face 71 fruit 11 factory 16 fruit salad 11 full 5 fail (v) 78 fall (in love) (v) 75 funny 63 family 8 famous 13 far 7 gamble (v) 53 farmer 29 fashion 24 General Election fashion-show 24 77 Geography 68 fast 13 fat 5 gentleman 34 father 9 get 19 favourite 26 getaway car 78 February 41 get into 28 feel (sorry for) get married 75 (v) 69 get up (v) 32 few 28 girl 56 fifth 26 girlfriend 25 fight (v) 71 give (v) 30 film 12 glass 3 film director 12 glasses 9 go (v) 12 find (v) 51 goal 52 film star 12 going to do 27 fine 1 fine (weather) 78 gold 24 finish (v) 40 golf 29 fire (v) 47 good 6 fire 59 Good afternoon first 7 29 First World War Good evening 4 69 Good morning fish 49 17 fishing 29 Goodnight 18 fit 71 (a) good time 27 got (have got) 16 flag 61 granddad 69 flared 24 grandfather 69 flower 28 grandparent 42 flat 6 fly (v) 28 grandson 8 food 20 great! 16 foot 39 green 8 football 14 grey 8 football match 4 (bride)groom 28 for 31 group 50 guess (v) 34 foreign 48




1 I

guitarist 50 gun 47

H hair 78 haircut 44 hairdresser 14 half 7 half-past 26 hamburger 10 hand 12 handbag 3 handsome 14 hang on 59 happen 56 happy 13 hard 38 hat 9 hate (v) 80 have (got) 14 he 1 head 56 hear (v) 59 heavy 5 Hello 1 help (v) 22 her (poss) 4 her (obj) 12 hers 18 Hi! 16 high 68 The Highlands 52

hill 73 him 12 his (poss) 4 his (pronoun) 18 history 68 hit (v) 56 hitch-hike (v) 48 hold (v) 28 holiday 2 holiday-maker 63 home 26 homework 22 honeymoon 28 horror 36 hospital 56 hot 5 hotel 4 hotel room 20 hour 39 house 3 housewife 8 How 31 How are you? 8 How about 15 How do you do? 8 How many? 10 How much? 7 How old? 29 hundred 17 hungry 5

(a) hurry 19 hurry (v) 47 husband 9

I I 1 ice 7 ice-cream 3 identity card 17 I'd like 11 I'd love to 15 if 23 ill 73 immediately 55 important 34 in 6 indeed 79 inflation 58 information 15 inherit 53 insist 51 intelligent 71 interesting 20 international 19 In ternational Service 59 interview 32 interview (v) 32 into 12 investigation 80 Iranian 2 iron 14 is 1 island 75 it (pronoun) 3 it (obj) 12 Italian 2 itinerary 65

Jjacket 8 January 41 Japan 1 Japanese 2 jar 10 jazz 29 jeans 8 jewel 78 jeweller 78 job 4 join (v) 69 jockey 37 joke (v) 27 journey 44 July 41 junction 73 June 29 juice 11 just 64

K key 3 kill (v) 47

kilo 5 kilometre 68 kind 79 kiss (v) 12 kitchen 6 knife 3 know 30 KO. 71

L Labour 77 ladder 61 lady 34 lamb 11 landlady 39 language 14 language school 37 large 6 last 34 late 25 later 41 laugh (v) 47 laugh (n) 12 learn 40 least 70 leather 24 leave (v) 27 leave (money) (v) 53 lecture 44 left 28 leg 52 lemon 3 lend 62 let me see 43 letter 39 less 68 lie 25 life 16 lift (v) 19 lift (n) 59 light (adj) 5 light (n) 12 light (colour) 24 lighter 23 like (v) 29 likes (n) 29 like (What's it like?) 42 line 25 listen 47 litre 17 little 27 living room 6 lock 56 London 2 lonely 22 long 5 long (time) 73 look (v) 12 look at 12 look for 23 look into 12 lorry 3

lorry driver 33 lose (v) 51 lot 10 love 30 lovely 18 L.P. 18 Ltd. 36 luck 58 lucky 27 luggage 19 lunch 32 luxury 75


Madam 19 magazine 6 main course 11 make 13 man 13 manager 4 manufacture (v) 53 March 41 Market Research 36 married 20 marry 30 match 49 May 41 me 2 meal 54 mean (v) 64 measure (v) 43 meat 10 mechanic 4 medium 11 meet (v) 15 mend (v) 72 menu 11 message 59 metre 68 Metro 40 Mexican 2 microphone 12 midnight 77 milk 7 millimetre 68 million 53 millionaire 9 mine (pro) 18 miner 69 minus 68 miserable 80 Miss 8 miss (v) 47 mission 58 Mission Control 61 modern 31 moment 37 Monday 23 money 16 month 41 moon 44 more 18,68

T r

morning 17 morning suit 28 most 70 mother 9 mother-in-law 27

motorcycle 68 moustache 25 move (v) 12 M.P. 75 m.p.h. 53 Mr 4 Mrs 4 mushroom 10 music 29 my 4

N name 4 nationality 2 near 7 nearly 45 necklace 24 need (v) 30 neither 77 never 35 new 5 news 26 newspaper 23 New York 2 next 27 nice 6 night 18 nightclub 21 nightdress 43 nil 52 ninth 26 No 1 no (not any) 74 nobody 74 noise 64 none 77 normal 44 normally 54 nose 74 not 1 note 31 nothing 33 notice 78 November 41 now 12 nowadays 35 nowhere 74 number 4 nylon 23


obey (v) 69 occasion 53 occasionally 35 occupation 29 ocean 49 o'clock 26 October 41


of 11 off 12 office 19 officer 69 often 35 Oh! 17 oil 7 oil-drilling company 53 old 5 omelette 11 O.K. 12 on 2 once 36 one 18 onion 10 only 49 opera 29 open (v) 12 operator 59 opposite 55 or 35 orange (colour) 8 orange (fruit) 3 orchestra 42 ordinary 32 other 60 our 4 ours 18 out 12 out of 25 outside 25 over 56 over there 4

p paint (v) 63 pair 15 palace 52 pan 6 pardon 2 Paris 2 park (n) 60 party 23 pass (v) 7 passenger 53 passport 17 past 26 patient 52 pea 10 pen 3 pencil 63 pension 69 people 25 pepper 7 per cent 11 perfect (v) 63 perfume 17 personal 29 phone 7 phone (v) 22 photo-copy 46 photograph 29 piano 57 picnic 23

picture 20 piece 15 pilot 4 pineapple 49 pink 8 pint 7 pip 59 place 27 place (v) 61 plaice 11 plain 18 plan 6 plane 5 plate 3 play (v) 14 playboy 33 please 2 pleased 77 plug (n) 72 plus 68 police 52 policeman 4 politician 75 politics 29 pollution 64 poor 5 porter 4 Portuguese 11 post (v) 29 postcard 19 post office 7 possible 31 postpone 78 potato 11 pound 31 practise 22 prefer (v) 43 present (n) 28 President 52 press (v) 59 prison 27 private 42 problem 44 produce 53 professor 34 programme 26 promise (n) 72 promise (v) 80 protest (v) 52 pub 45 public 53 pull 47 pullover 15 purring 59 purse 51 put 12


quarter past 26 quarter to 26 Queen 37 question 22 questionnaire 5 queue (v) 25 quickly 55

quiet 20 quite 36



sad 5 sail 57 salary 34 saloon 47 salt 7 same 73 sandwich 15 Saturday 23 save (money) 58 scene 25 school 19 schoolboy 33 schoolgirl 78 Science 68 scientist 34 score (v) 52 screen 25 screwdriver 72 sea 28 seat 23 second 7 secretary 4 see 20 sell 53 send 19 sensational 78 sense 75 September 41 service 11 seventh 26 sew (v) 14 shampoo 79 shave (n) 44 she 1 shelf 3 sheriff 47 shine (v) 48 ship 49 shirt 8 shoe 8 shoot (v) 52 short 5 shorts 8 shoulder 63 shout (v) 25 show (v) 19 show (n) 24 shower 20 sick 73 sign (v) 46 signature 29 silly 79 silver 24 sing 14 single 20 sink 6 sister 9 sit 2 size 15 sixth 26 ski (v) 14 skirt 8 sleep (v) 21 sleepy 80

racehorse 37 radio 3 rain 68 rainy 20 rapid 59 rarely 35 read (v) 21 really 14 rebel 50 receiver 59 reception (wedding) 28 reception (hotel) 4 receptionist 4 recommend 79 record 6 recreation 29 red 8 refuse (v) 78 regards 40 remember 80 rent 27 reply 32 reporter 32 repair (v) 31 rescue (v) 49 reserve (v) 46 reserved 20 rest (v) 21 restaurant 11 result 23 retire 24 return 44 reunion 8 rice 10 rich 5 ride (v) 37 right (opp. left) 28

right (opp. wrong) 43 ring 24 river 60 road 55 roast 11 rob 27 robbery 78 roll (bread) 45 roll (of films)

66 room 4 rose 79 rose 11 rosette 77 round (prep) 18 royal 37 rubber 49 rugby 14 run (v) 12 rush (v) 47 Russian 2

slow 13 slowly 38 small 5 smell (v) 74 smile (v) 12 smile (n) 28 smoke (v) 21 smoke (n) 25 snow (v) 52 so 31 soap 79 sober 76 sock 8 soda 7 sofa 6 some 9 somebody 56 someone 22 something 22 sometimes 35 somewhere 74 son 9 soon 30 sore 39 sore throat 39 sorry 19 sound (v) 74 soup 11 south 69 souvenir 66 Soviet Union 52 space 44 Spanish 2 speak (v) 14 special 54 speech 28 spell (v) 20 spend 28 spoon 3 sport 14 spring 67 spy 58 square 18 square km. 68 stadium 52 stand (v) 21 star 13 start (v) 12 starter 11 stay (v) 22 steak 11 steal 78 steps 25 stereo 13 still 64 stocking 56 stolen 78 stomach-ache 39 stone 78 stop (v) 51 story 47 stranger 63 street 40 striped 18 strong 5 STD 59




thick 5 thief 78 thin 5 thing 20 think 31 third 7 thirsty 5 this 3 those 3 throat 39 throw 78 Thursday 23 ticket 17 time 15,36 tired 5 title 23 to 12 tobacco 17 today 21 together 66 toilet 6 tomato 10 tomorrow 15 tonight 22 too (also) 24 too 43 top 78 top hat 28 table 3 touch (v) 63 take 12 tour 48 talk (v) 40 tourist 2 tall 5 towards 47 taste (v) 74 towel 3 taxi 3 town 45 tea 2 town hall 50 tea (meal) 27 traditional 28 teach 37 traffic-lights 35 teacher 1 train 3 team 38 transport cafe 33 teenager 29 travel (n) 30 telegram 79 telephone (n) 6 travel (v) 34 telephone (v) 46 trip 60 trousers 8 television 6 trouser suit 24 tell 31 temperature 39 tryon 15 T-shirt 8 tenth 26 tube 39 terrible 16 Tuesday 23 terribly 72 tulip 79 terylene 24 Turkish 43 test (n) 80 thank goodness! turn off 12 turn on 12 51 twice 36 thanks 1 type (v) 14 thank you 2 thank you very much 4 that 3 ugly 5 the 3 umbrella 3 theatre 20 uncomfortable their 4 44 theirs 18 under 6 them 12 understand 22 then 32 unhappy 22 there 4 uniform 34 these 3 United States 52 they 1

student 1 studio 12 , study (v) 47 successful 75 sugar 2 suit 24 summer 67 sun 48 Sunday 23 sunglasses 24 sunny 20 supermarket 7 supper 44 supporter 77 sure 43 surname 20 surprise 8 survivor' 49 sweet (n) 79 swim (v) 14 swim (n) 44 swimming pool 13 sympathetic 69








until 32 up 25 us 12 use (v) 58 usually 35

V vanilla 18 V.A.T. 11 vegetable 11 Venezuelan 39 very 1 vicar 35 villa 28 village 60 vinegar 7 visa 17 visit (v) 36 vodka 17 vote (n) 77 vote (v) 77


wait (v) 25 waiter 4 wake up 32 walk (v) 12 Wales 52 wallet 51 want 30 warm 20 warplane 53 war 69 was 41 wash 22 wash up (v) 27 washing up (n) 72 water 10 watch (n) 3 watch (v) 22 we 2 weak 5 wear 24 weather 20 wedding 28 Wednesday 23 week 23 weekend 31 well t well (adv) 38 welcome (v) 32 well done 11 Wembley Stadium 52 were 41 wet 68 what 3 what about 22 what a pity 23 what colour 8 what kind 15 what make 13 what's the

matter 39 what time 15 wheel 13 when 15 where 1 which 12 which one 18 whisky 7 white 8 who 8 whose 9 why 25 wide 68 wife 8 will 72 win 51 window 3 wine 10 Winter 67 wishes 20 with 7 woman 25 wonderful 14 won't 72 woollen 24 word 22 work (v) 21 worker 16 work for 27 world record 53 worried 51 worry about 58 worst 70 worth 78 would 7, 15 write 48 wrong 43


yacht 75 year 38 yellow 8 yes 1 yesterday 41 you 1 young 5 your 4 yours 18

Irregular verbs Infinitive Past form tense be beat become begin bite break bring build burn buy catch choose come cost cut do drink drive eat fall feel fight find fly forbid forget freeze get give go grow have hear hide hit hurt keep know learn leave

was/were beat became began bit broke brought built burnt bought caught chose came cost cut did drank drove ate fell felt fought found flew forbade forgot froze got gave went grew had heard hid hit hurt kept knew learnt left


Past participle

Infinitive Past form tense

Past participle

been beaten become begun bitten broken brought built burnt bought caught chosen come cost cut done drunk driven eaten fallen felt fought found flown forbidden forgotten frozen got given gone grown had heard hidden hit hurt kept known learnt left

lend let light lose make mean meet pay put read ride ring run say see sell send shine shoot show shut sing sit sleep smell speak spend stand steal swim take teach tear tell think throw wake wear win write

lent let lit lost made meant met paid put read ridden rung run said seen sold sent shone shot shown shut sung sat slept smelt spoken spent stood stolen swum taken taught torn told thought thrown woken worn won written

lent let lit lost made meant met paid put read rode rang ran said saw sold sent shone shot showed shut sang sat slept smelt spoke spent stood stole swam took taught tore told thought threw woke wore won wrote



I 1



Level 1 Departures Units 1-40


oc I, I I)


1\00 \ 1

A man wakes up in a beautiful room in a strange house. The door is locked. Who is he and why is he there? And who is the person in black clothes? Slowly the man remembers ...

George is the manager of the Happy Holiday Hotel. He isn't very clever but he is happy and excited because a famous TV star is going to stay in his hotel. But poor George makes a terrible mistake ...

.\ SO:,\(, lOR HI \.

1111 :'\1 \\ 1\0 \1)

Beth Armstrong is a photography student and her favourite place is Raintree Wood. But people are going to build a new road through the middle of the wood. Beth and her friends want to stop the new road, but her brother doesn't agree-he wants a job. What will Beth chose?

An American pop-singer, Katie Brown, visits Britain. She meets nine-year-old Ben and they become friends. One day she is teaching Ben her new song. Some strange men arrive and push Ben into their car. Katie follows them and her new song saves Ben's life.

Level 2 Departures Units 41-80



1I1I \ lSI I

Police Constable Harry Evans is driving along a country road when he suddenly sees some bright lights in the sky. There is something very large and strange in the road ahead of him. Is it a UFO? The experience changes Harry's life ...

S I 1\ \ \ \ IH 1\In vx I) I III SI :'\ S \ I Ir Âť, S

Strawberry and the Sensations are a rock group on tour. Just before their last concert, a police officer arrives with a strange message for them. Is there a crazy killer somewhere in the audience? 3,000 fans are waiting to see Strawberry-will she stop the show?


Peter's best friend is his grandmother. When she dies he can have one thing from her house. Peter chooses the picture of an old lady. When Peter's life is very unhappy, the picture brings him good luck.

1111 I"" I S 01 \10:'\ II /L \1 \

Shelley Marn is a student from California. She is on holiday in Europe. Clare and Nick Harman invite Shelley to lunch ... but Shelley never arrives.

01 streamline english departures  
01 streamline english departures