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Fast Charging Dual USB Car Charger If you are like a growing number of people these days, you will likely have a collection of portable electronic devices. These can range from mobile phones, tablets and iPods. Of course, these devices need to be constantly charged so that you are able to make use of them and sometimes there just isn’t enough time to charge them one after the other every evening. The solution to this problem is to buy a Dual USB Car Charger, especially if you spend regular time in your vehicle each and every day. It also comes with a two year warranty so provides excellent value. The Duo31CC This is a charger you can use in your car and it fits neatly into the cigarette lighter outlet of your car. It powers up from here and you can actually charge up two devices at once, such as your cell phone and a tablet for example. The Duo31CC charges up your devices very quickly and reliably so that they are always ready for you to use. It doesn’t lose charging speed either, regardless of whether or not you charge up one device or two at once. It also does not affect your car radio, Wi-Fi devices or Bluetooth devices in the car. Additionally, it will safely charge in cold and hot temperatures. Smart Dual USB Car Charger The Duo31CC is a smart charger too because it knows exactly when to stop charging your devices. The charger will automatically cease charging when your devices are fully charged so there is no danger of damage to your cell phones or tablets. The other thing it will regulate for you is voltage. For example, if the charger detects a higher or lower voltage, it will also automatically stop charging and in this way, prevent accidental damage to your devices. Compact Design To make it easy to take the Dual USB Car Charger with you, the Duo31CC has been designed to be compact. This means that storing it is very easy because it is small and lightweight. You can easily keep it right there in the car, or keep it in a handbag or other luggage storage options. It’s a stylish piece of equipment that you can carry around easily with you so it is on hand whenever you need to charge up one of your portable devices. The other really neat thing about it is that it is that it is RoHS compliant so as to be energy saving clean and green.

Fast charging dual usb car charger  

For hassle free on the road travel.

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