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Causes and Effects of

Xander Melkonian

Cause #1 One of the Causes of WWI is the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, by The Black Hand. Franz Josef & Kaiser of Germany decided that Serbia had to be punished. The assassination was a direct cause of the war because it cause Germany to team up with Austria. Russia came to Serbia’s defense, France & Russia were joined by treaty since 1882.

Cause #2 The second major cause of WWI was the size of the British Empire. They had over 11,400,000 mile of territory, and ruled over 410,000 million people. This is also a cause of the war because it caused Germany the desire to grow just as strong. Germany formed alliances, became more imperial, and tried to build a military to match England's.

Effect #1 One effect was, changes in the types of government. After the war republics became more popular. For example, before the war most countries in Europe were monarchies with only three republics. After the war there were 14 republics in Europe. People now were more passionately expressing their desires for a better way of life.

Effect #2

A second effect of the war was disillusionment. The war killed between 10 to 13 million people. Many of those were civilians. The future didn’t look promising. People felt their governments couldn't take care of their best interest. I feel that this caused difficulty because to govern you need your people on your side.

Causes and Effects of WWI  

Analysis of some of the causes and effects of world war I.