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Editorial Dear delegates, When reading the session papers, one always skips the editorial because it is less likely that something worthwhile is in it. At least that is what people think. A rookie mistake maybe it was, but we left this part to the end and it was 2 hours before the wake up call when we were done with it. Brain dead and exhausted, we decided to listen to a random song and choose a quote from it, relate it to EYP somehow and then finally go to bed. Because that was the only way we could stay away from writing an editorial which would not involve sleep deprivation and coffee consumption - yet one can be pretty whiny when the mentioned things happen thus that plan had the possibility to fail. ‘‘ So take the best of this test and don’t ask why, For what its worth, it was worth all the while’’ In the end what we could come up with were these lines from Good Riddance by Green Day, for we kept singing it in Taksim whole day long. What we know is that whatever we do, it will be worthwhile. This session, this paper, the times we have... You will soon realize that it will be the same for you, too: You will take the best of your days in here and it will be worth all the time and energy you invested in it. INC is an attempt to provide a reminder of the worthwhile times you had at this session after it ends. It is for those who will keep the issues somewhere near them at all time and take one out to read it even 8 months after the session. This is a concrete proof that you have been a part of this amazing session. That you have been a part of EYP. Welcome, you will love it.

Ezgi and Max.





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8 > 6 How to survive an EYP session? Zita Praskova gives tips to the newbies.

> 13 Who is who? EYP terminology is brought to you by Ali Kerem.

> 7 Walk walk fashion baby : Seyma shares her wisdom on how to dress.

> 14 EYP and love... Saga Eriksson explores what EYP is in the land of metaphors.

> 8 A never ending story: the EU and Turkey. Eoin O’Driscoll touches upon the long discussed.

> 15 Happening now: Czech Nationals.

> 10 Today’s centerfold: Your press team!

> 16 Exploring Taksim: Arda points out the best places to hang out in this district. University students...

> 12 > 18 Alexandre finds himself in the midst of an uprising. We asked, they delivered: Deniz Kartepe shares the experience our team had when they had to inter� view people on the street.







Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby Seyma Tasel plays the fashion cop and makes sure you dress up properly during the session.


s the session approached, one of the questions that might have popped to your mind is what to wear during the session. During these 4 days you are going to have different occasions like teambuilding activities, Opening Ceremony, Committee Work and General Assembly. Different occasions means different outfits. “The perfect outfits” for the session contains the right choice for the event, a balance between chic and comfortable and your style. Also, you must consider the weather in order to keep away from the cold. So what are tips for the perfect outfits for the session?

white. But I suggest you to wear colorful pieces. Wear pink shoes, blue sweaters! Be colorful! Remember, the contrast of the colors is always in fashion and just a touch of any color can make an outfit stunning and different.

Casual, casual, casual! On the third day, your word is smart casual. You’ll be spending 9 hours of the day with Committee Work. About the casual clothes there’s nothing much to say since the choice differs one to another but I suggest you to consider 9 hours of sitting and working indoors before choosing your The first day of the session is the teambuilding activi- clothes. ties where you get to know each other by playing icebreaking and energizer games. You are going to run, Last but definitely not least, the fourth day of the of jump, crawl, hug, lift and bite each other and without the session will be spent in the General Assembly and hesitation. I advise comfortable, casual clothes like t- the in the evening there is a farewell party. As you can shirts, tracksuits, leggings, anything you feel comfort- understand these are the signs of formal clothes. Girls, able in. But still, keep in mind that at the evening you keep in mind that while partying, you might have difficult times with the high heels. If you think you’re gohave the committee dinners! ing to suffer and sit in your seats just because of this, The second day will start with the Opening Ceremo- I hereby remind you that wearing flats is always the ny and Panel Discussion, followed by the Committee plan B. Don’t forget that and ruin your night. Also, Work which calls for formal clothes meaning skirts, as I previously mentioned, be well prepared for the dresses and, not necessary but always chosen, high weather. Boys, well,you know it: Suit up! heels for girls; suits, shirts and ties for guys. (You can always go the traditional way and wear a tie but wear- Those are the tips for the dress code of the session. ing a bowtie won’t hurt! Girls like it.) Usually the for- However, keep in mind: Reflect your character and personality to your outfits and create your style. mal clothes are seen as if they are only black and




Turkey and the EU Never Ending Story While Turkey has been a fully acknowledged member of the European Youth Parliament for more than 4 years, Turkey still is not a Member State of the EU. Eoin O‘Driscoll gets granular on that matter.


urkey straddles both East and West wıth territory both in Europe and in Asia. It is the inheritor of a rich, mixed, cultural heritage. Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul was both the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire (as Constantinople), the second city of European civilisation and also of the Ottoman Empire, the Turkish Empire that almost brought Europe to its knees with an invasion culminating in the 1529 Siege of Vienna. Turkey has, however, traditionally been very close to Europe, this being seen most clearly in its association with the intergovernmental organisations linked to Europe, NATO and the EU. Turkey contributes the second largest military force to NATO and is an associate member of the EU, having striven for membership since 2005. Turkish desire to join the EU is understandable. As a large and rapidly developing economy, the access to the world’s largest market that EU membership brings can only be beneficial. If the precedent of 1990’s Eastern Europe is anything to go by, Turkey can expect rapid economic development and expansion upon becoming part of the EU. Many within the organisation would also see Turkish accession into the EU as a huge coup for European soft power in the foreign policy arena. The EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) under High >>



politics Commissioner Catherine Ashton has largely failed to meet expectations. It has been only through soft power that the EU has been seen to have any success as a global actor. By virtue of the European successes, non-EU countries have wanted to join in and share in the benefits that EU member states have reaped from the organisation. To join the EU a country must fill a certain set of criteria including a functioning democracy and a liberalised market economy. They must also comply with the Acquis Communautaire, the accumulated body of EU legislation. This sees countries desirous of accession adopting the legislation of the EU, membership of the EU indicating a nation that has adopted the norms and values of the European Project.

However, there are elements within Europe opposed to Turkish accession. They are concerned about the power that Turkey would wield within the organisation. Turkey possesses the second largest army in NATO and would be the second largest country in the EU (set to overtake Germany and be the largest by 2020). Those who want to see a deepening rather than a widening of the European project also point out the EU’s difficultly in agreeing on coherent policies as it is, adding another nation, with interests at times likely to be quite different to those of other major powers in the EU would only make further integration less likely, in their view.

Both Turkey and the EU have much to gain from closer cooperation. Negotiations on Turkish accession have Therefore, the accession of Turkey would see the sprea- been ongoing now since 2005 and a decision on the ding of EU values and legislation. It would show that issue is likely in the near future. Can EU and Turkish Europe still holds appeal to those outside its borders leaders work to get their differences and seek cooperaand that its values are applicable outside the small tion or will they sit back and just accept the status quo? landmass that is Western Europe where they were first espoused and thereby would legitimate EU efforts to > Eoin O‘Driscoll spread them through the CFSP.



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And the world around us won‘t stop turning Alex reminds us life is not all about teambuilding games by summing up the current crisis in Libya.


ince 1969, Muammar El-Gaddafi has prevailed on the Libyan country and its citizens. But from February 2011 on, the whole country is about to collapse.

UN Security Council resolution authorises „all necessary measures“ to protect Libyan civilians from the dictator’s terror campaign.

Starting with a well-organised opposition based in I think at this point we all agree with the message Benghazi, the anti-Gaddafi movement spread to the which Admiral Gortney gave: “Our message to regıme troops is simple: stop fighting, stop killing your own main cities and to the capital Tripolis. people, stop obeying the orders of Colonel Qaddafi.” Initially, the opposition won quite some ground and started creating provisional administrations. By blo> Alexandre Narayanin cking strategic ports, the rebels wanted Gaddafi‘s troops to run out of oil and gas to continue their terror campaign. However, the governmental troops fought back and recaptured the lost ports and advanced to a few hundred kilometers to Benghazi. Fearing the risk of the civilians getting hurt by Gaddafi’s aggressive tactic against the rebels, France and the United Kingdom pushed for the implementation of a no-fly zone over the Libyan country. Yesterday, the NATO agreed on a no-fly zone, as Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen told. After having consulted with the 28 members from the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, Turkey, the only Member State wıth a majorıty of muslım citivzens, gave its green light.




...That‘s Not My Name A president, VPs, Orgas, Journos .... Ali Kerem wonders who all those people around us are


Journalist (Journo):

The one and only person who presides the session. A president is a master of being cool, he/she knows how to have fun and has very creative ideas (especially when determining the session theme). A president contributes to the preparation of committee topic and helps the selection process of the officials’ team.

Journalists are the ones who are mostly around but at the same time isolated. They always take photos in the session and write articles about EYP, the session itself as well as the current issues. In other words, they can be called as the ones who save the memories of the session in the form of session newspapers.

Vice-president (VP):

Organiser (Orga):

A vice president is somebody who is as well experi- The ones who contribute to the preparation of a sessienced as the president. With the president, vice presi- on. With team spirit and harmony, they overcome the dents direct the General Assembly. difficulties of organizing. Chairs:

Head-organizer(s) (HO):

The ones who have the ability to make a team out of 10-15 different people. They also direct/guide their committees by asking questions but without interfering the discussion of their delegates.

The one(s) bearing the heavy burden of creating a session out of some limited resources (as well as other organizers). He/she determines what will be done and directs the other organizers.



The majority of the participants of a session are de- People who show up in Selection Conferences in orlegates. They are divided into committees to prepare der to select the delegates to be sent to some future a resolution for the problems in their committee to- conferences. pic. They play Teambuilding games, get involved in the discussion during the Committee Work, prepare > Ali Kerem Araboglu a resolution and defend it during the GA.




You Had Me at Goodbye Saga Eriksson hopes you will go on to fill the world with silly EYP love songs.


ove at first sight. A concept we all have been introduced to one way or another. You may not believe in its existence, some of you have experienced it first hand. Most of you are probably still waiting for it to happen; waiting for it to accidentally pass you on the street or catch you in line at the supermarket. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but the most likely scenario is that EYP will not turn out to be your first ever love at first sight. It sure wasn’t for me. You see all these people wandering or rushing around, and some of them smile at you; stop and stare for a while and then go on rushing. These people will later on intro duce themselves as officials. They



are there for you, but at first they still seem to be having more fun without you. Rest assured, that will change once they see your faces and learn your confusing yet endearing Turkish names. Then there are the people who look at you like deer caught in headlights: your fellow competition, the other delegates. Even though this is a selection conference, it’s good to remember that EYP is not a competition; it’s a lifestyle. It’s a place where you are forced to expose yourself and put yourself out there. Learn to trust these people and develop yourself through that.

you a better person at least during the session; maybe afterwards you notice a change like I did, but during the session EYP makes you the worst version of you. It catches you sometimes hungry, cranky and sleepy. In the heat of committee work or a challenging problem solving game you become demanding, irritated, nervous and selfish. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of, it happens to all of us. All of the things you normally censor from others surface here. But the great thing about that is that the people in EYP don’t like the sugarcoated version of you. They don’t like the perfect version; they like the version that has The beauty of EYP lies in the fact all the bits you leave out of your Fathat these people see you at your cebook profile. >> worst. EYP doesn’t really make

eyp After the session you may feel numb and hollow, you have barely taken two steps out of the building and you already feel like you’re miles away from where you want to be and you can’t get back. Some call it post-EYP depression, but I like to call it a case of love at first departure. EYP is essentially like a relationship. Some, namely myself, have even gone as far as comparing it to sex. But just as in other relationships, there is more to it than just sex. There is love. During the session you grow fond of your committee. EYP becomes like that per

son you confess your undying love to, say you’ll do anything to be with them, and then hope that it loves you back too. It becomes like the person you write silly love songs for. The tricky thing about this love is that the full force of it hits you only once you leave. So maybe an expression better used to describe EYP would not be “you had me at hello”, but rather “you had me at goodbye”.

> Saga Eriksson

Czechs and The Keg ‘‘I

n the spirit of the Nobel Peace Prize? With China as the EU’s second largest two-way trading partner, how should Europe seek to negotiate future agreements with China whilst seeking to promote and respect human rights?’’ This is the topic of the Committee INTA, but it has one special thing about it which is that we are sharing the topic with the INTA Committee of the Czech Nationals as well. Yes, you didn’t think that our session was the only one in the world, right?

As we have shown you today, EYP is such a big family which is very widespread and has many different conferences all around Europe. Dozens in a year, all simply wonderful, full of enthusiastic EYPers.

So this will just be a great example to show how closely bonded the National Committees are.

Tea, Zita and I will be in full cooperation with the officials of the Czech Nationals’ INTA and will make So our conference began at the sure that you will be fully informed same time with the Czech National by all the things that are discussed Conference and the arrangements there as well. Thus we will humbly were made to share the topic to try to take a further step in creating have more fruitful debates by coop- a resolution, international cooperaerating via internet and discussing tion and EYP spirit. our ideas with each other, sharing what we have and in the end to prepare very good resolutions.

> Zita Praskova & Deniz Kartepe



the city

The Ultimate Taksim Guide W

ell, in fact I should be writing about where to go and hang out or give you some tips about Taksim Square, but I assume some of you would know these stuff maybe even better than me. However, I’m still taking a chance on it for those who haven’t had a wild night in Taksim. First,, let me introduce some of the well known parts to you. Numero Uno: Küçük Beyoğlu For this one, you wouldn’t need an introduction. You all know where it is. So, this is a place that I think is the most crowded and popular place in Taksim. Cute place indeed, but for a place that popular, it’s never enough space. If you want to go there you should prepare yourselves to push people and be pushed. But there is another problem, which I think is the biggest; forget about the weekend, you wouldn’t find a table or even a seat on week nights to chill with your friends. You need to send a scout ahead to reserve a place for you. You need to pay him as well so that he can fight for your right to have fun - and then of course get rid of the scout. One other thing that you would be concerned about is the tunes I guess. Well, music’s not awesome but, let’s say good because everyone has different taste. And here are the tips: Always try to find a table outside, to watch people passing by and have fun seeing them desperately trying to find a place. That gives you a

mean pleasure. Another tip goes for the drinks, personally I would have the shots first and slow down with beer but you can have your own way of course. Hönönö is a must. Don’t stick to the same drink and always try a different one. .

the city

Numero Due: Nevizade:

want to go, that iss a big problem because you can make circles in the same place and you won’t even This one is a popular place also but with its narrow notice. You can sit around and drink beer all night streets and little tables it gives you a hard time mov- to have fun, but that would give you a beer-belly. Or, ing around. If you dont know the exact place you you can go to a place with live music and sip your rakı at the same time. If you are looking for a more traditional place this is the best one for you. Numero Tre: Asmalımescit If you are walking through Istiklal, you would probably think that this street has no end. But there is one. Just when you start to think there is nowhere to have fun, Asmalımescit appears on the right side. This has been the very place to drink and be cheerful for a very long time. Again this one is better when its warm out there, yet the streets are full of tables at any time of the year. If you are hanging out when it’s summertime and if you go there frequently you can see some street musicians playing the piano and cello. These streets are not just for drinking. With its galleries and street musicians, Asmalımescit is a place where fun and art is combined. Although I have a lot of places to write about: Galata, Çiçek Pasajı, Cezayir Sokağı, or maybe my favourite places such as Machine or Pixie, but those are for you to discover and fall in love with the area all over again.

> Arda Erdeniz




First I Was Afraid, I Was Petrified


The worst thing you might be facing is tiredness. For years EYPers has been wondering how to avoid this unwelcomed condition of body and mind. So far nothing more efficient has been discovered than a regular sleeping schedule. Yeah, we now, sometimes it’s hard Maybe you’ve already heard about that bunch of peo- to miss the epic moments at EYP cafés but the survival ple called EYPers and about the sessions they so much guideline is strict, at least 5 hours of sleep every day. love to attend. Maybe you also have a clue how such sessions look like. But maybe (and most probably) you Don’t underestimate the importance of coffee breaks have no clue what it really means to drift on the waves too. A short break helps you to concentrate and come up with smart, fresh ideas. Could there be better reof an EYP session. freshment than a cup of savoury coffee and a piece We won’t hide this fact from you - fully enjoying the of cake? And last but not least don’t forget to drink session is an exhausting activity. Loads of new faces, enough water. academic debates, crazy games, laughing, arguing, strikes of emotions. These four days are simply so Well, let’s stop with this cheesy (but true!) advices. intensive. How to survive all this without destroying Our survival guideline will give you the last but the your sleeping schedule or getting crazy? This a ques- most important one. It’s simple: Enjoy everything tion which is better solve before than after. Since the what the session brings. Find friends, discuss whatsession has started, you have enough time to follow ever you like, play like crazy and feel the spirit. Go for it, we know you can! some basic rules. inally. It’s here. Your first EYP session. You’ve arrived to this place in order to spend 4 days and now you are here with your luggage packed ready for tasting the famous so called “EYP spirit” for the first time.




We Know, Do You? From the very first day the press team, went to the streets to make a decisive survey about the average knowledge of Turkish people about the EU. We asked random people on Istiklal Street and participants of the conference, including our session president Emre Tekisalp.

< Sun glass guy representing Istanbul citizen

Emre Tekisalp as himself >

18,75 stars

How many stars are there in the EU flag?

As many as one can wish for.

Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Holland (The Netherlands - ed.), United States, Austraila, Israel

Name Member States of the EU?

UK, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia

50% yes 50% no - who knows?

Is Switzerland a Member State of the EU?


Yes, but without loss of national identity.

Should Turkey join the EU?

I would do EVERYTHING to get Turkey in the EU. Cathy here I come!



Istanbul National Conference 2011 Issue 1

INC - Istanbul National Selection Conference  

1st issue of Istanbuls's NSC papers

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