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The Little Witch’s Sure-fire Techniques Afterword Original novel by MING XIAOXI Illustrated by HUANIAN

CKM Scans – Chinatown KM 14/01/13

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Hahaha!! Let me laugh three times! Finally finished about Koizumi! I can't help being happy, but it is sad that this story's serialisation has come to an end on JJWXC online website. My Koizumi has been rather controversial as a lot of friends (online) have had an unfavourable attitude to her. Whenever I see these comments, I can't stop feeling guilty because Koizumi was born out of my nasty character. The way everyone criticised her, was like criticising me. Sigh~~~that evil Koizumi. The gossiping Koizumi. Laugh all you want, but Koizumi had courage to change anyway. Kaoru's personality was totally my type: Gentle, simple and having the fragile beauty of youth. It was easy for girls to pity him. He made my readers happy, but torturing those readers with him seems to be a little hobby of mine. Haha. Out of all the works I've written, I like this one the most. Love it. That's because while I was writing, I felt happy. I'd often grin while writing, until my mouth began to hurt. I like writing and I like giving the girls under my pen true happiness. I hope this lets me give all my readers happiness and joy. Well, let me thank all of my JWXC friends who have supported and encouraged me during this serialisation process! Without you, there would be no joy in my life, nor would there be an evil but happy Koizumi bowing before you! Thanks~~~Ming Xiaoxi 11.30.2003 Noon

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The Little Witch's Sure-fire Techniques Vol01 Afterword  

Written by Ming Xiaoxi, translated by CKM Scans.

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