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Vol 1 - Issue 1 | July/August 2012

One of ATL's Hottest Music Producer


The “Producer” Issue INSIDE X-Pozsed - New Artist Features How to make a winning demo Tip's from Industry insiders And much much more …..

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On the Cover Grammy Nominated - music producer “Blue“ – ATL Music Producer - Studio Mix pages (33-39 ) Cover Photographer – Michael Andre ; Stylist – Mello Dyme ; Make up – Donaldo Taylor

How to put together a Winning Demo In a world where music thrives & influences many on a daily basis, for several artists their start came with the creation of the ultimate demo! The demo was clear cut, professional, and straight to the point enough to get them noticed

The difference between ASCAP, BMI and SESAC As an artist it's important to understand your rights and is able to read and understand them for yourself.

How to Put Together a Less Expensive Recording Studio that Rivals Professional Studio Sound – OK, so you're ready to Record? Perhaps you have just written a fabulous song or complied a new collection of songs and are now ready to record your album. Or maybe you're a seasoned musician, tired of paying someone else to produce your music. Whatever the reason may be, the quality of your demo heavily depends on the studio in which you chose to record and, to be honest, most of us just don't have a major recording budget available to us.

X-Pozsed Music Producer & Engineers Directory – Anyone that is looking for a particular producer or the agency that represent them. You will find that this exclusive updated list of producer and engineers is a great unique resource for you. You will also find listing of Indie producer

IN THIS ISSUE 6. Letter from the Creative Director 8. Gear Up 10. X-Pozsing the Knowledge 12. Theater 13. Biz and Opportunity REVIEW AND FEATURE 25. Feature – Rising Stars 31. CD Reviews

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Not everyone can just be a feature artist in our magazine. Our music editorial department here at X-Pozsed The Magazine, take finding the future stars of tomorrow very seriously. The artists that grace our pages are not only talented, they look at themselves as a business; they're very serious about their craft and already have a following that could rival their already well know celebrity competitors. Industry professional such as ; record labels, film executive, manager and other entertainment insiders, over time came to feel that our opinions are legitimate, most of the time- dead on the money and unbiased . So a feature or a review in our magazine can possibly lead to a converted opportunity. In every issue of X-Pozsed, we will introduce you to tomorrows next “Rising Star�. Mainly plucked, right out of our own back yards, in Atlanta, Ga ! No matter what your musical taste maybe, we are positive that you will enjoy the talents of this issue of X-Pozsed Magazine ALL STARS!

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The Producer Issue  

SO YOU WANT TO BE A MUSIC PRODUCER ?? Get TIPS and contact information from those that are already there !! Also check out our ' ARTIST TO...

The Producer Issue  

SO YOU WANT TO BE A MUSIC PRODUCER ?? Get TIPS and contact information from those that are already there !! Also check out our ' ARTIST TO...