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Fall 2012- Vol 2 - No 2

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Feature Story - X-Pozsed Round Up - Getting your music played on the Airwaves – Interviews with; Fray De'vore of 88.5 WRAS , Anne L./ KCRW 89.9 , Sky Daniels /88.5 KCSN Caleigh/ Radio K (KUOM) 100.7 FM.

The Art of Disc Jockeying and its Evolution Dying art form? The city of Atlanta, aka, HOTlanta is an overflowing melting pot of almost everything food, art, fashion and most notably MUSIC.

Organizing A Productive Radio Tour As daunting as it may seem, a radio promotion campaign is not an option but a must when attempting to enter the music industry. Your campaign becomes a door to many more opportunities in this competitive world of music

Chinua Hawk Interview After hearing this guy live, I knew that he was an artist that we had to have in our magazine. He sings with pure conviction, bluesy soul and a charm that exudes through each lyric that he sings.


X-Pozsed Exclusive -Music DJ & Indie Radio /Promoter Directory The key to success, if you're an independent artist is getting airplay on college or independent radio stations. You will find that this exclusive updated list of Radio DJS, Music programmers and Promoters, is a great unique resource for you. Use wisely!

IN THIS ISSUE 6. Letter from the Creative Director 8. Poetry Corner -with Soul Scribe 10. Setting up your own Radio Station 12. Rock It Ship – A new way to tour 25. X-Pozsed Feature Artist & Highlights

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The New Way To Tour Written by C. Ross



ith rising fuel prices and tough economic times at our forefront, it's time for the touring business to make a move! Over the past several years, the music business has seen numerous declines in revenue from record, merchandise, and ticket sales and all this has resulted in a gigantic hit on tour life. As this industry suffers under such an overwhelming economic landslide, the ability for bands to make that next big step onto a tour bus (or maintain “tour bus status”) is becoming nearly impossible. Rock- it Ships, as it has been dubbed, is a brand new venture that has managed to bridge the gap between the van and the tour bus. Derek Hart, the brains behind Rock-It Ships, has indeed found a green solution to the high cost of touring. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis is

equipped with a BlueTech engine—Translation for those of us not addicted to Top Gear: it's the most fuelefficient vehicle of its size ever made, combined with the cleanest diesel engine in the world. Each Ship is equipped with a cozy bunk room (astronaut's quarters), sustenance refrigeration system, inmotion satellite television control center, and super fabulous lounge area where business, relaxation, and heck, even arithmetic, can coexist without interfering with your melodic missions. With fuel efficiency through the roof and still supporting all the amenities required of a tour bus, the Rock-It Ships are sure to meet any group's financial and comfort needs while on tour. Website: Phone: Office: 850-727-8555


RADIO ROUND UP Getting your music played on the Airwaves

By Matt Schild

Even in the era of satellite radio and digital streaming, terrestrial radio remains one of the best tools to help musicians put their music in front of a wider audience. Although most commercial radio stations' playlists remain strictly programmed and out of reach for independent artists, nearly every large city supports a noncommercial signal or two, whether they're traditional college stations staffed by students, or nonprofit public radio stations with paid professional staff. Submission policies vary among stations, but many of noncommercial radio's staff members thrive on the opportunities their station provides to break up-and-coming bands or support local music scenes. For X-Pozsed The Magazine Radio Forum, we contacted several programmers and DJs at stations across the US to help you increase the odds that your recordings make it to the airwaves.


Fray DeVore Music Director

WRAS Atlanta Georgia state university P.O. Box 4048 Atlanta, ga 30302-4048 Music Director : Interviewer: C.Raymond HOW DO YOU SELECT SONGS FOR AIRPLAY AT WRAS? At WRAS Atlanta, we have an album-based format. Our regular rotation features several tracks from recently released—or sometimes recently reissued—material. Whereas this makes choosing a bit more limited, I am very fond of this approach. Not only do our listeners get a decent sampling of an album, but I believe it is more respectful to the artist's efforts. Sometimes it can be frustrating when a submission falls short, but fortunately we have many specialty shows that can put use to singles and short EPs. DO YOU CONSIDER THE SIZE OF A BAND'S FANBASE OR ONLINE FOLLOWING? It comes into play when the numbers are considerably high. We exist to help the underdog. Most artists have humble beginnings, which can include WRAS, but once they reach commercial success, it is unlikely that they will make an appearance. When it comes to bigger names, sometimes I will consider precedents set by our previous music directors, but I'm open to setting my own. WHEN BANDS DO IN-STUDIOS IS THAT AN INTERVIEW OR PERFORMANCE? We do more interviews than performances. In fact, phone interviews might be more common right now. If an artist is coming down to the station, it is always nice to get a performance in, but we do not mandate it.


HOW MUCH LEAD TIME DOES A BAND NEED TO SCHEDULE AN IN STUDIO APPEARANCE? No one is guaranteed an interview or performance. Sessions must be approved and then coordinated by our promotions director. If a DJ expresses interest, and a session is carried out, their recording must still be approved by other management. To be safe, I would work these things out several weeks in advance. WHAT IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY FOR AN ARTIST TO GET TRACKS ON THE AIR? Each week, we receive a hefty crate of music. Everything gets a listen. A lot of people will email me their albums, which is fine, but I prefer the physical experience. I find it's much easier to keep track of a hard copy. WHAT FORMATS DO YOU ACCEPT? Most people mail us physicals, but digital albums are also very common. Vinyl is on the decline, which is a shame. We get giddy when we see the big square packages. We do not use vinyl in rotation though, only on specialty shows and free forms. Some people still send us cassette tapes, but we are not equipped to play those anymore. Those packages are also less exciting. COMMON MISTAKES ARTISTS MAKE WHEN SUBMITTING MUSIC? You should edit your music for airplay. Legally, we cannot air obscene or indecent material. This goes beyond profanity. If you are not familiar with the FCC guidelines, there are plenty of good resources online.

You can also refer to George Carlin's “Seven Dirty Words” as a rule of thumb. For the most part, stay away from anything that would shock an elder.

Anne L. Music Programming Director

KCRW 89.9 1900 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90405 Music Director : Eric J. Lawrence

HOW IS MUSIC SELECTED FOR PLAY ON KCRW Every single DJ is also a programmer, so every DJ has the ability to choose whatever music they want to play. We're a little bit challenging in that if you're a band and you want to reach out to KCRW, you kind of need to reach out to a lot of different people. The hub music discovery at KCRW is our music library. Generally, a band will send a CD to KCRW. If that happens, it goes to the music library and it gets listened to and either added or not added. The more savvy artists out there have figured out that the chances are that I'll hear an album faster if they send it straight to me, rather than if they go through the process of the music library. DO RADIO PLACEMENT SERVICES

HELP A BAND GET ON AIR ? I don't think it's worth the money. It depends on how big you are if it's worth it or not. I'm just as likely to reply to a personal email, or probably more likely to respond to a personal email, than the super-mass sent out to 600 radio partners email. WHAT'S THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO SEND MUSIC TO KCRW? The most effective way for a band to get on the air is to be good and to get their music in our hands. It doesn't have to be in such a creative way that I can't carry it home easily in my bag. I appreciate quick efficiency. I appreciate something that gets to the point, that doesn't kill a million trees with all the paperwork and press. Send me something about you. If you know me or my show, send me a personal note. Send me the music. Highlight a couple tracks if it's a whole album. The easier it is for me to absorb it, the more quickly I'll listen to it.

about it, I haven't listened to it and I won't play it on the radio. The easiest way for me to listen to your record quickly is digitally or on a CD––good old fashioned mailing a CD totally works. If you have just one MP3, I'm cool if you email it to me. Don't email me 16 MP3s. That's an easy [decision for me to delete your email]. DO RADIO PLACEMENT SERVICES HELP A BAND GET ON THE AIR? Usually they're helpful. There are a couple of guys who do that, that I know, and they have good taste. If independent promoters or publicists send me a record, and I'm like, “Oh, I love everything else they ever sent me.” I'm going to listen to it. That's more by reputation. There are a few who are keyed into what my taste is. Yeah, it helps. Get a good one.

Sky Daniels Programming Director

DO PERSONALIZED SUBMISSIONS HAVE A BETTER CHANCE OF AIRPLAY THAN MASS MAILINGS? Especially if it's something I've never heard of. If somebody writes me a really nice note––I was looking at a CD this morning and someone said, “Hey, I'm a big fan of your show. I was listening last weekend when you played blah-blah-blah.” It was this personal note. I was like, “Oh my gosh!” Even if this CD doesn't look like something I would listen to, clearly they have a sense of what I like and what I listen to because they listen to my show. Something like that will make me give a record a second look that I wouldn't otherwise. WHAT ARE COMMON MISTAKES ARTISTS MAKE WHEN SUBMITTING MUSIC? These aren't mistakes, but we don't need 8 x 10 glossy photos. We don't need posters. We don't need 2-inch thick press kits. We don't need all the extra stuff. We just need for you to make it super easy. If it's kind of creative looking, if it's a handwritten scribble on a burned CD, that's ne so long as you give me a little information, to give it some context. Don't give me a hard time. Some bands send me mean emails, “Why haven't I heard back from you?” Now I'm definitely not going to listen to your record. Be cool. Don't be mean. WHAT FORMATS DO YOU ACCEPT? Digital is good. I think some DJs would disagree with me on that. Definitely not cassettes ! I got a cassette the other day, although there's something lovely and retro

88.5 KCSN 18111 Nordhoff St. Northridge, CA 91330-8312

HOW DOES MUSIC GET CHOSEN FOR AIRPLAY ON KCSN There's a couple of levels of curation. One, for the weekday program, the Monday through Friday AAA mix, I select the music for that. That's something that comes through me. In addition, we have our weekend hosts. They're genre specific in many cases. They select their own music. IS IT A GOOD IDEA TO CONTACT A SPECIALTY SHOW DJ DIRECTLY? That's something that if someone were to do that, I think it would really help them. In sheer number of submissions, I get overwhelmed. I probably get 200 a week, and that's local and independent submissions on top of all the acts that are signed to labels. When you consider that, it's a pretty daunting task to be able to assimilate that music. The specialty show weekend hosts, they're really devoted to their genre, and if

artists were to tap into those respective hosts if their music is aligned with those shows, that's going to give them a heck of a lot easier opportunity to be heard and assimilated and noticed instead of falling into the 200-a-week box that I have. IS IT IMPORTANT TO BUILD UP A FOLLOWING BEFORE SUBMITTING MUSIC? Absolutely, radio still remains the most powerful platform in music discovery for a lot of people, for 65 percent of people. This platform is what I like to call an accelerator. It's an amplifier. It's not necessarily the agent of discovery, but it takes bands that have created a certain amount of awareness in the marketplace, that have built a certain amount of an active fan base, and it merely validates that commitment and amplifies it to the next level of potential fans. The idea of radio stations singularly starting to play and build an audience alone as the only vehicle that a band uses to become “discovered,” … with all the competitive media going on, you really have to build a fan base. A base can be a lot of different ways. It doesn't need to be a playing base, you don't need to be a club band that's built an audience up. WHAT'S THE BEST FORMAT FOR SUBMISSIONS? CDs. I still believe, only because of the ability to go back and find a physical CD. I don't like an MP3 because I like to play WAV quality material. I may listen to an MP3 that is sent to me via email and get a sense of, “This is a good song. This band is pretty good.” But I'm always going to want to have a WAV _le for broadcast quality, which gets us back to FTP or Dropbox, or get the CD with a little bit of collateral information, a one-sheet and a bio. HOW MUCH LEAD TIME DO YOU NEED TO GET SOMETHING ON THE AIR? That one, I don't think there's a bad answer to. I could get something today and say, “Oh my God, this is great!” That's all the lead time you need. That's certainly the exception to the rule. It could be months. I know people have submitted stuff to us and thought, “Oh, they don't care.” That's certainly not true. It's not that we don't care, it's just it's really tough to wade through and absorb and assess everything that comes in. ARE THERE COMMON MISTAKES BANDS MAKE WHEN SUBMITTING? Not knowing the station. If a metal band


sends me an album, why? We don't play any metal. A jazz act will send us something. While we're eclectic, we're pretty much a smart AAA radio station. We're kind of a hybrid between an alternative station and AAA. If you're not making music in that space, sending me a hip-hop record is [ a waste of time and money].

Caleigh Programming Director

Radio K (KUOM) 100.7 FM University of Minnesota 610 Rarig Center

330 21st Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55455 Music Director: Chase Mathey HOW ARE TRACKS CHOSEN FOR AIRPLAY AT RADIO K? First, we go through all the submissions that get sent to us. Our station gets anywhere from 20 to 200 CDs a week, from promotional companies or the bands themselves. Our music director and volunteers go through and listen to all the CDs. Whatever we like, we choose our 10 favorites and add them to rotation that week. HOW LONG DOES A TRACK USUALLY REMAIN IN ROTATION? It depends on how our DJs react to it. We have an internal DJ poll and a listener poll called the Top Seven. If it's in the Top Seven for a long time, we'll keep it in. Usually, it's in there for about a month to a month and a half. Then DJs have free access to play it whenever they want after that. DO YOU CONSIDER THE SIZE OF A BAND'S FOLLOWING? Nope. Around Radio K, we mainly focus on the music. We really get excited if a band is brand new, it's their first demo or something and it's really great. We like to play it as soon as possible and help create a following for them. WHAT FORMATS DO YOU ACCEPT? We accept digital as well as CD format. If you want to send tapes or records, that's 20

okay. We understand the economic price of it, so the digital format is 100 percent okay, but CDs are nice. (CDs) just take one less step out of adding it to our library. WHAT'S THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY FOR AN ARTIST TO CATCH YOUR ATTENTION? Actually, not trying to catch our attention. We've gotten a lot of folders and huge press kits. A couple people have sent us shot glasses and crazy stuff like that. Trinkets are fun, but we mainly focus on the music. If you send in a big folder or a big press kit, it's kind of like you're focusing on promoting yourself rather than just the music. IS THAT A PROBLEM WITH A LOT OF ARTISTS WHO CONTACT YOU? A little bit, especially with bands who are trying to do a similar sound or trying to follow a trend. Right after chillwave came out, we got a bunch of bands that were trying to do the chillwave thing. They'd have big promotional things, thinking that the big, _ashy trending music will get them airplay. We prefer originality. DO YOU INVITE BANDS FOR INSTUDIO PERFORMANCES We actually do a lot of in-studios. We do from one to six a week, six is our most. We love doing in studio sessions. We have them perform live. We have a really nice studio,

actually, and they get to come in, perform two or three songs, and do an interview. We usually go live to air. HOW MUCH LEAD TIME DO YOU NEED TO SCHEDULE AN IN-STUDIO? Anywhere , from a month out to a couple weeks out. At least two weeks, because we have video and photo sessions, so we have a team that runs the sessions and we need enough time to notify everyone. DO YOU HAVE SPECIALTY SHOWS? Our specialty shows range from electronic dance music to hip-hop, soul. We have a local show as well, a couple pop shows, a UK pop show, an oldies pop show. We pretty much run the gamut of any specialty show you can imagine. IF AN ARTIST FITS A SHOW'S FOCUS, CAN THE ARTIST CONTACT THE HOST? Definitely. All their contact info is on the specialty show area on our site. You can either reach out to the DJs directly, or go through the music director, because the music director handles dispersing music to specialty shows. See X-Pozsed exclusive College/Indie Radio Directory in this issue.


Stop The Press!

Not everyone can be in our magazine. Our music editorial department here at X-Pozsed The Magazine, takes finding the future stars of tomorrow very seriously. The artists that grace our pages are not only very talented,they also recognize that music is a business; they’re very serious about their craft and already have a following that could rival their established well-known celebrity competitors. Over time, industry professionals, including record labels, film executives, managers and other entertainment insiders, have recognized that the opinions and articles presented in X-Pozsed The Magazine are legitimate, unbiased and, most of the time, dead on the money. So securing a feature, highlight or a review in our magazine can possibly lead to that converted opportunity that you have been looking for. In every issue of X-Pozsed, we’ll introduce you to tomorrow’s next “Rising Star,” the majority of whom have been plucked right out of our own backyards. No matter what your musical taste may be, we’re positive that you will be interested in the talents you will find in this edition of X-Pozsed Magazine: ALL STARS!

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Romiah Armstrong Genre: R&B/Neo Soul Status : Unsigned Visit Website

CARRINGTON Genre : R&B Status : Unsigned Manager: Christianne Wilson Visit Website To Hear Artist Scan Now ! arrington", born Carrington Marceau Wiggins, was born in Raleigh N.C. to Raquel and Trevis Wiggins. He has two brothers, Marchant Wiggins and Cameron Martin. Carrington began displaying the musical gifts that were present as soon as he was able to pick up drum sticks. He would beat on pots and pans, the kitchen table,and anything and everything else he was tall enough to reach. Later he began playing drums and piano in school band and church, as well as singing in the school chorus. He began receiving attention as a soloist at school, church and among his peers at various social events. Carrington began sitting in on studio sessions with family member AK of Writers Block Music Group, Inc. His ability to write and produce began to surface at this time. Within a few years, Carrington's development as a solo artist began to flourish under the guidance and mentorship of WBMG. Carrington possesses a strong individual musical background and has a variety of influences, such as Prince, Michael Jackson, Sting, Debarge, The Beatles, Phil Collins, Kim Burrell, George Clinton, Alan Jackson and many others. This young man is a melting pot of many styles and genres. With all that being said, Carrington is set and ready to make his own imprint on the music industry!


X-Pozsed By Fred.G 28

To Hear Artist Scan Now !


hen I first heard Romiah amazing voice, I knew I had to get him and his story in X-Pozsed ! Listen to his CD 'Upright Soul' his music send you on an instant romantic vacation. His truly one of Atlanta's 'Star Jewels', that definitely needs to be on display so everyone can see ! This remarkable Florida born artist, is undoubtedly a rising star in the Atlanta music scene. As a songwriter, instrumentalist and vocalist, Romiah Armstrong has garnered the attention of the music industry and soul enthusiast worldwide. Romiah's fan base consists of music lovers from Atlanta, Georgia to Sao Paul, Brazil. Romiah Armstrong's sound infuses Neo-Soul, R&B and Rock influences. To nurture his talent, Romiah has carefully crafted his stage presence at some of Atlanta's most well known venues and events, including the legendary Kat's Cafe' open mic. Possessing the vocals of a modern day Smokey Robinson, the rhythmic styling of the Stylistics and the lyrical skills of Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, Romiah Armstrong is working hard to carve his place amongst the industry elite. His songwriting ability has earned the respect of many veterans in the industry, including singer/songwriter Montell Jordan and 2x Grammy Award Winner Eshe of the ground-breaking group Arrested Development. Never the type to wait for things to happen, Romiah has been proactive by spending countless hours in the studio preparing his debut album entitled, “Upright Soul”. Upright Soul pays homage to the values Romiah has built his life upon. Amongst his uniquely crafted repertoire is the song “The Rose” which is a brilliant example of his extensive vocal range, songwriting ability and instrumental skills. Most recently Romiah recorded “Vintage Love”, along with songstress Eshe of Arrested development. Romiah wrote, composed and recorded the infectious “Vintage Love,” set to be released on his upcoming album. “Vintage Love” is the epitome of what soul music has been missing. With all of the work and effort this independent artist has placed in his craft, there is nowhere to go but up for Romiah Armstrong. He is a true talent and exactly what the industry needs, Real life music. X-Pozsed By C.Ross


Jessica Kenney

y r t n u Csoation n e S ig B t x e N The


essica Kenney is a high energy country artist based in Mason, OH. She has the 'young attitude' of Taylor Swift, the 'rockin band' of Jason Aldean, and the 'pop production' of Carrie Underwood. Jessica began performing at fairs and festivals. This Rockin Country band is guaranteed to bring high energy and an impressive stage show that keeps the audience on their feet. Jessica has developed quite an impressive resume including sharing the stage with Nashville Recording artists, Josh Thompson, Kip Moore, Zach Paxson and Chris Higbee at the Ohio State Fair Convention in 2012. Jessica also shared the stage with Grand Ole Opry regular Sarah Darling. She has performed before Billy Ray Cyrus, John Michael Montgomery, and Julianne Hough at the Flag City Music Festival. And enjoyed opening for Daryl Singletary in Renfro Valley, KY. Jessica worked with Grammy nominated music producer, Gary Earl, and vocal producer Robin Earl on her self titled CD, Jessica Kenney. Jessica has decided to include her first co-written song with Trina Harmon on the CD, “It Won't Be For You”. Jessica writes from her experiences and although the motivation behind this song was negative, Jessica started the healing process through writing. That's what country music is all about! So if your looking for great country music that is fresh, real and rocks, check out Jessica Kenney! Jessica was born in Austin, TX and relocated to southwest Ohio with her family. “I've really enjoyed growing up in the rolling hills of southwest Ohio. I live on the outskirts of Cincinnati so I had the best of both worlds. Nice country living and just a half hour away from the bigger city, what could be better?” Even though Jessica loves Ohio very much, she always remembers her Texas roots. Jessica knew at an early age that she wanted to pursue a career in music and she wasn't shy about stating her ambitions. “I've always wanted to sing. When I was 8, I remember having a sleep over with my best friend and together we wrote songs. I still remember 2 of the songs. One was titled 'Best Friends' and the other one was 'Detention, Detention Rocks, It Ain't my Fault That My Teacher Sucks!' Mom always said I have a little bit of rebellion in me. I guess she might be right!” When Jessica was 10, she sat her mom down and showed her a talent showcase on the internet and convinced her mom to let her go. “I just had to go,” Jess said. They promoted it as getting your talent seen and attending seminars to learn more about the business. “That was exactly what I needed.” Mom didn't know what to expect, but away we went to Orlando, FL to the showcase.

Jessica not only attended all of the seminars she could, but she absorbed everything she heard.

Jessica's determination to be around music never swayed. She would seek out community theater shows, talent shows, contests, vocal lessons, any opportunity to learn and perform. “That's what it's all about. Finding people that are successful at what you want and then doing all you can to learn from them. It's amazing how much talent and resources were in my backyard. I've been so lucky to be coached by amazing artists, composers and vocal coaches. All of these people have a special place in my heart!” Jessica continues to write songs. “I love writing. It's my way of coping with what I'm going through at the time.” Jessica at age 15, co-wrote a song with Trina Harmon, who is a life coach and song writer. Together they wrote a song titled, “It Won't

Be For You”. “As I was having a coaching session with Trina one day, we were inspired to write this song . I had just endured a very negative situation in my life and needed some help working through it. It's amazing how music can be healing. Together we wrote this song and I started the healing process.” Jessica feels she has been blessed to be put in the presence of Gary and Robin Earl. Gary is grammy nominated for his mixing and producing; as well as, considered one of the best producers for recording an album or film/TV music. Robin Earl is an excellent music supervisor and vocal producer. She brings the creativity of the artist and the music to life. Not only is Robin supervising the music but she is also an accomplished singer/songwriter. Her writing and vocal arranging credits include numerous songs in a variety of styles for feature films, HBO, Disney and Showtime. Robin and Gary have been producing the highest quality vocals for many years. Gary's creativity in CD production and Robin's diligence in music supervision and vocal production has led to an amazing all original CD self titled “Jessica Kenney”. Jessica is so excited about the CD and is also excited about the close relationship she has developed with Gary and Robin. Jessica is a high energy live performer. “I have been playing the Ohio fair and festival circuit for the past few years,” she says. “It's amazing and such a great experience! I love the feeling of being on stage and interacting with the crowd. The feelings I have when I'm performing are the best and it's where I always want to be. I get nervous before I go on stage, but once I'm there it's like being home.” Jessica says it's hard to explain but something she wants to do for the rest of her life!


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KCSB 91.9 FM University of California P.O. Box 13401 Santa Barbara, CA 93107-3401 805-893-3757 E-mail: general.manager



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