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Mad Elaine, Underneath the surface This week I welcome Mad Elaine. A brilliant interview with this awesome model. She put a lot of time and effort into this interview and I’m sure everyone who reads it will learn a lot. Mad Elaine is an alternative model from Sweden, living in Gothenburg. She grew up in Dalecarlia, Borlange, the hometown of music festival Peace & Love, and lived a few years in Norway, her mum´s from there.

Her modelling career started a few years ago when she got the chance to star in a music video for The 69 eyes from Finland, thats the start of her modelling adventure, and what the future holds, well, we´ll see, won´t we?

To start this interview off, please tell me, how would you describe yourself?? Elaine- I would say I’m a pretty laidback person. I'm social and outgoing, and I like challenges. I do really appreciate the comfort of spending a whole evening with games and movies. And I love clothes and shoes, got a bunch of them. X-centic- Tell me about your family. Elaine- My family's partly from Norway and Sweden. We’re really close and they always support me in my doings. And I got my boyfriend, whos just awesome. X-centic- How was your childhood? Elaine- Well I guess it was pretty normal. I moved around some, which always amused me, the opportunity to discover new surroundings and meet new people. X-centic- What has disappointed you in your childhood?

Elaine- Ah, the lack of unicorns in my christmas gifts. And maybe that I never got into any sport, I was just too easy-going. X-centic- Let's look back at how you started modeling, tell me about when and how you discovered this passion? Elaine- Oh, it was probably a mix of an alternative community and the googling of digital artists such as Luis Royo, Julie Bell and more, that gave me the inspiration. And I had friends with cameras, s책 it started at home, using whatever light we had, fabrics for backgrounds and home crafted clothing. And then it just went on and on=) X-centic- How was the reaction of your relatives when you decided to do modeling? Elaine- They have been truly supportive all the way, dad helped me financially in the beginning, when I couldn't afford the journeys. They accepted my choice of style and clothing and now they're always anxious to see the newest pictures. X-centic- Do you want to do a career into modeling? Elaine- I want to go on modeling, and well, lets just see where it takes me. I love the challenges and the opportunities that comes with it. And all the great people you meet and get to know. X-centic- What attracts you in the modeling industry? Elaine- Its the art, I'm an artist. I love to create, not just the modeling, but I sew and I paint. And Its just fascinating to see a work of art take form. And off course its a blessing to get to work with such talented artists, I mean the photographers, the stylists and the clothing. Gah I love the clothes, and the shoes. X-centic- What are some of your goals as a model? What kind of campaigns would you like to do? Elaine- I would love to do more catwalks, its really fun. And also it would be awesome to shoot more latex. Just finished a shoot, so pictures will be up soon. X-centic- What do you think it takes to be successful into modelling? Elaine- Well you need to be creative and outgoing. And you need to believe in yourself. Just hold on to the dream and go on networking and opportunities will appear.

X-centic- Please describe your favorite experience as a model so far and what made it so special? Elaine- Oh, thats hard. The artistry is always unik. But I would say, my first catwalk. My legs trembled so hard. But when I first went out there, I didn't want to go back. I had beautiful clothing, corset and kickass shoes. And the place were crowded, it was a great night. X-centic- How do you prepared yourself for photo shooting? Elaine- I'm eating right, I rather eat after a shoot then before. And off course I prepare body and looks and I don't show up late or sleepy. Then its the inspiration, movies and music will help me get in the mood. X-centic- What was your first impression when you had your first photo shooting and was there anything that surprised you or that you didn't expect? Elaine- The first impression I guess would be that it was all that fun as i imagined. I realised that it was harder than it looked. Its like, yeah just look pretty, but its so much more, to get the feeling and emotions right and stuff. X-centic- What has been the funniest photo shooting that you have done? Elaine- Oh, its one of the latest. The picture isn't up yet, but I can say, it was messy. X-centic- How would you describe working with the photographer? Elaine- Its like preparing a dish with someone, if you do not agree on the taste or ingredients it will taste like shit=P When you feel the chemistry is right and you've talked over the ideas well then you're good to go. I like to check a preview after a few shoots, just to check makeup and stuff.

X-centic- What is your dream photographer to work with (Famous or not)? Why? Elaine- I would say Josefine Jonsson. Shes just incredible versatile and talented. She really brings out the beauty in everything. X-centic- What is the most stressful thing about being a model? Elaine- Its to get the balance in time, when you got another job, your friends and family, you get the feeling that its not enough time for everything. Thats a challenge, you just have to plan and to prioritize. X-centic- Do you have sponsors? Elaine- I have some partners in crime=P And hope to get more of them soon. X-centic- Who are some of your favorite models you admire? Elaine- Elegy Ellem is an all time favorite. She's classy and she just delivers every time. And Starfucked, I love her attitude and her looks. X-centic- Who do you think is most proud of you and your success as model? Elaine- I think its mom, haha=) Thank you for answering my questions,I appreciate the time you took for this interview. Elaine- Thanks for the opportunity to perform this interview. Mad Elaine works with these different photographers: Belinda B채rtsner Peter Gaudiano Peter Pandapod

Moa Pettersson Emelie St채ngnings David Marques Daniel L You can meet Mad Elaine on her Facebook profile:

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Mad Elaine, Underneath the surface