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Georgya is a Romanian/Hungarian alternative model based in Barcelona/Spain. She's an outgoing and open-minded person, easy to work with! She's self-confident and creative when it comes to her photo sessions, always giving the best of her.. Georgya is open to suggestions for TFCD's. If you are a photographer willing to work with her, feel free to contact her ( and let Georgya know about your ideas! Just please keep in mind that she does'nt do nudes. And now, let's see what Georgya has to share with us. Hello Georgya, I'm flattered you accepted to be interviewed for X-centric Magazine; to start this interview off, please give me some background information. Where do you live. Tell us about your childhood, your family. Georgya- Hello and thank you for asking me to do this interview! My name is Georgiana, I was born in Transylvania (Romania) on August 10, 1990, but I now live in Barcelona (Spain). Ever since I was a little girl, I felt attracted to “the dark side”. My favorite cartoons were “The Addams Family” and “Beetlejuice” and my childhood was filled with stories about vampires, strigoi (Romanian for ghosts), vârcolaci (Romanian for werewolves) coming from my grandparents and elderly people. I remember how much I loved listening to those stories as a little girl... X-centic- What are some characteristics of your personality and what adjectives would you use to describe yourself? Georgya- I consider myself as being ambitious, self-confident, outgoing and friendly. On the negative side, I can also be egoistic, sarcastic and I tend to lose my patience quickly. X-centic- How would a good friend describe you? Georgya- I would be described as a caring person, always there for my friends when they need me. X-centic- What do you remember about your school days, did you have many friends and what was your favorite subject?

Georgya- My favorite subject was Geography and I have always been interested in maps and learning about new destinations. My school days were great times, I had many friends. I remember how we all used to gather in the schoolyard during breaks and eat our sandwiches together while listening to music.On weekends we used to go to a nice a metal place. We were friends with the Dj and he would always play our favorite songs for us. We had such a great time together every time we went out!

X-centic- - Let's look back at how you started modeling, tell me about when and how you discovered this passion? Georgya- I started modeling when I was about 10 years old as a fashion model. I did a couple of runways and photo shootings back in my home town for some children’s clothing stores. X-centic- How was the reaction of your parents and friends when you decided to do these photo shootings? Georgya- Both my parents and my friends were very supportive about it. They know how passionate I feel about my style and that I’ve always loved to have my photographs taken. X-centic- Do you want to do a career into modeling? Georgya- No. Modeling is my favorite hobby and I enjoy it very much, but I only do photo shootings whenever I have some free time. I really like collaborating with photographers and I always try to give the best of me! On the other hand, the career I want is in Tourism, I’m going to get my degree next year and my dream is to have my own travel agency in the near future. X-centic- So, what exactly is your personal style? field? Georgya- I consider myself goth, but I also like the cyber-gothic style. X-centic- If you were recruited as model, what kind of modeling would you be interested in and why? Georgya- I would only be interested in alternative and gothic modeling because I love my style and I represent it with passion. X-centic- Do you remember the first time you were behind a camera for a shooting? How was it? Georgya- I remember feeling a little nervous because I was inexperienced, but fortunately it went very well and both the photographer and me were happy with the results! X-centic- How do you prepare yourself for a photo shooting? Georgya- It usually takes me about two-three hours to get ready for a photo shooting. I love to take a long bath and relax, then I prepare my clothes, shoes and accessories and I do my make-up and hair. All this when I’m having an outdoor shooting. As for a studio shooting, I try to get to the place two hours before the photo shooting with everything I need to prepare myself for it.

X-centic- How long do you work for a photo shooting? Georgya-My longest photo shooting took about 5 hours. It was done in an abandoned factory outside Barcelona. X-centic- Who is your model inspiration and why? Georgya-I wouldn’t say inspiration, but I admire Maria Amanda’s work ( X-centic- What kind of assignments, as a model, do you prefer? Georgya- TFCD’s always. I don’t accept paid assignments because I’m not trying to make a career out of modeling. X-centic- What is the most stressful thing about being a model? Georgya- I can’t seem to find anything stressful about it. I enjoy preparing myself for my photo shootings as well as being in front of the camera. X-centic- Do you feel that being represented by an agency is important? Georgya-Yes and no. Being represented by an agency might be important, but nowadays maybe less necessary.

X-centic- Which are some of your favorite fashion designers and brands? Georgya- My favorite brands for clothing are Poizen Industries and Living Dead Souls (Banned). As for shoes, Pleaser is my favorite. X-centic- What would be the title of your interview? Georgya-

Some of the photographers I have worked with: Pere Carbonell Marco Antonio MarĂ­n Alfonso Ruiz Gerard Moret Hans Miller You can meet Georgya on her different profiles: My Facebook page: Deviantart: Litmind You can see her slideshow here:

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