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Featured Model — June 21, 2013 at 10:00 am

Fay Ferocity reveals all! by Daragott

Her name is Sophie Saunders. Fay is a semi amateur model based in Coventry in England, however she has had professional photoshoots before. She is hoping to gain more experience with photographers so that she becomes even more comfortable in front of the camera, then eventually become a professional alternative model. Her hair color changes frequently, Fay occasionally wear extensions depending on what look she's trying to achieve. If you are a photographer looking to have a photoshoot with her please contact Fay via inbox. If you have an idea that she does'nt really like, she will do it for a small price (depending on assignment) and her travel expenses covered. She is a student so money is a little tight especially in that department. Now. Let's see what Fay can tell us about her. Hello Fay, thank you for this privilege you give me to accept this interview for X-centric Magazine; to start this interview off, please tell Tell us about yourself. Your life, your family, your school/job.

Fay- Well I tend to spend most of my time with my best friend Callum. He is always there for me when I need him, we pretty much do everything together, go to conventions, gigs, go to restaurants and randomly catch trains to different cities. He is essentially family to me. No friend can ever compare to him. He says I am like his family because he doesn’t really feel comfortable with his family because they don’t accept him, but we love him to pieces. I have three younger brothers, Noah is

two in August. He has such a temper but is adorable and really loving. Then there is Corbin who is eight, and he is the most odd child I have ever met and dresses like a girl and likes pink and snorts randomly. Yeah, he is strange but I love him. Then there is Toryn who is nine and has the temper of me, my Mum and Noah put together. It is so funny to tease him, but he is so loving, and every once in awhile he comes over to me, hugs me and tells me he loves me more than anyone in the world and it makes my heart melt. Lastly there is my Mum who is possibly the coolest person ever. She is more like a best friend than a Mum and she has always stuck by me, no matter what trouble I get myself into. She used to be a goth which is oober cool, and a trainee tattooist, but now she is settling down to be a counsellor. Oh, and she is beautiful. I love my family. And me? Well I love painting and I also train at eight limbs muay thai. Haha, I hope you enjoyed my life story.

X-centic- What are some characteristics of your personality and what adjectives would you use to describe yourself? Fay- I would say I am quirky, I can be very odd sometimes. I don’t even realise it the majority of the time. I just blurt out things like “itchy ribcage” and hope no one heard me. I could also refer to myself as a violent person sometimes. Not mean violent, I just like to fight and hurt people haha, but only in a playful way. X-centic- What sort of childhood you had? Fay- As good as my Mum could have offered. My Dad left home when I was young (boohoo yeah ok) because he was cheating on her with her best friend. My Mum looked after me through the depression, taught me good manners and respect. She got a boyfriend called Scott when I was about 6 (the Father of two of my brothers) and he was nice at first. Then he started doing drugs and being violent. It got to the point where he used to beat my Mum and one day I saw it. She was pregnant with my brother Corbin. I have never forgave him to this day. 5 years after the split of my Mum and him he wants to see me. I was “like a daughter” to him. Not a chance. Apart from those little blips in my childhood I would say it was damn fantastic. My Mum gave me everything I needed, but didn’t spoil me. She loved my like no other Mum ever has and I love her so much for the life she has given me. X-centic- How much support do you get from your friends and family? Fay- Well I can’t be more grateful for that. All of my family ( the ones that I am in contact with ) are as supportive as I could hope for, and the past six months I have gotten much closer to Callum and he as been here for me through the thick and thin, hugging me as I cry, helping me through breakups. He is the best friend I could ever wish for.

X-centic- When and why did you get started into modeling? Was it for the glamour? The money? Pure kicks? Fay-Hmm… It was January 2012. I wanted to model before, but I was going through my “ugly kid” stage, which I am sure everyone went through at some point. But yes, I looked like a young butch lesbian haha! I loved Leda Muir, she was my idol and every move I made as that 14 year old girl was to look like her. It didn’t work. But now the only resemblance I have to her is my hair, and I love who I have become. I don’t see anything wrong in loving who I am as long as I am not conceited haha. But yes, modelling has always brought me confidence in who I am which is what I lacked as a young teenager. X-centic- How was the reaction of your family and close friends when you decided to do modeling? Fay- My mum mocked me at first saying things like “ ooh look, this is a picture of me from THIS angle. Ooh, I am looking away from the camera”, but it was all good natured fun. They have been supportive I guess. Callum comes to all of my photoshoots which is handy, and my brothers tell me I look beautiful in the pictures which makes me melt inside.

X-centic- Did you always want to be a model? Fay- Not really, I don’t see modelling as something I will be doing when I am older. It is more like a hobby. I have always wanted and will always want to be a graphic designer like my Dad, making characters and objects for video games using Maya and things like that. Modelling is more like a hobby and my source of confidence than a career for me. X-centic- What experience do you have into modelling? Fay- I am not massively experienced I will admit that. I do a little merchandise modelling and a little modelling for fun but I have only had about 8 professional photoshoots. I like taking my own photos and doing my own makeup because I can see for myself what the picture needs. Of course, that isn’t very practical unless the only pay you expect to receive is merch. X-centic- If you have a chance, would you do modeling as a career? And why?

Fay-No, I would like to pursue my creative talent. I don’t mean to ‘toot my own horn’ but I think that I am much more talented at my art than at my modelling, and with art you don’t have to conform to what the photographer or agency want you to do. Art is my freedom, and I think I prefer it to conforming. X-centic- What is your view on the modelling industry? Fay-The professional modelling industry? Horrific. I would never enter myself into it. It is just models starving themselves, girls conforming to stereotypes, agencies trying to find perfection within normality. As you have probably guessed, I am not good at conforming to ‘normal’ and I never plan on it. X-centic- What are your goals as a model? How do you see yourself progress in this field? Fay-I don’t really have any model goals. I would say that it would be nice to introduce alternative style into the mainstream media, but by saying that, I don’t want to do that. I like to stand out from society. I just enjoy my photoshoots, meet some new friends within group shoots, and try to ave my own individual style. X-centic- How do you prepare for a modeling shoot? Fay-I go to Mcdonald’s. It isn’t a conscious decision, but every single photoshoot I go to, I tend to arrive with a paper bag of burgers and fries. It raises a few eyebrows.”What kind of model stuffs her face with greasy food pre-photoshoot?” I do.

X-centic- Tell me about your first photo shooting, did you feel comfortable in front of the camera? Fay-Actually, yes. It was a photoshoot with my Mum, and the photographer was an adorable gay guy who was sliding around the room shouting out poses. My mum looked so awkward but I really enjoyed myself and let myself go haha.

X-centic- What's your favorite outfit you already used for a photo shooting? Fay-My alice in wonderland costume definitely. It was so cute. The problem was that the photoshoot was in a public park, and people were giving me odd looks. Oops. X-centic- Out of all of the photos the photographer took of you, which is your favorite and why? Fay-I like the image where I am sat on a collapsing wall, my arms slightly raised, and plants are framing the image. I think I look like an elf in it, and the way that the photographer edited it made it look like something from a fairytale.

X-centic- What motivates you to do your best when you have a photo shooting? Fay- Callum pulling funny faces behind the photographer. Last time, I was posing for a shot and I saw him bend over and scratch his rear end. He left me in a fit of giggles. The photographer was not impressed.

X-centic- Do you have any limitations? Would you model any kind of clothing at all? Fay- If it stands out I wear it. I don’t like normal clothes, I like to stand out, so if I am asked to wear a shirt and jeans, I feel SO uncomfortable. Unusual I know but it’s true! X-centic- What do you like most when you work with a photographer? Fay- Confidence most of all. If they are confident then so am I! They have to be happy as well. That may seem a given when you have a photoshoot, but trust me, I have had some miserable photographers in my time/ X-centic- Who is your favorite female model and why? Fay-Leda Muir. She is so beautiful and individual. I love her! X-centic- Which Fashion capital is your favorite: Paris, Milan, London or NYC? Fay-London, I love London, and considering I live in England it is a massive convenience. Thank you for answering my questions, it was a gift to me and to all my readers! You can meet Fay on her Facebook profile:

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Fay Ferocity reveals all!