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==== ==== A Great Selection for all your Egyptian Cotton Bathroom Towels, Face Cloths and Bath Mats ==== ====

When it comes to bathroom decor, towels should be given top priority. They are the one item that comes in contact with your body everyday, and the towels you choose make the difference in whether your daily bathing ritual is luxurious and relaxing or not. Everyday, we all have stresses, whether from our jobs, driving commutes, pollution, weather or other forms of stress, and we all need that short period of time when we can relax and de-stress. Most of us, find that time when we do our daily bath or shower, our bathing ritual. And towels become a big part of that ritual of relaxation and de-stressing. How to select a towel that will give you the feeling you desire, requires understanding the different type of fibers used to construct today's towels. Egyptian Cotton - the long fibers provide softness and durability making them feel good for a long period of time. These are relatively easy to find, and inexpensive to purchase. Supima Cotton - has the same properties as the Egyptian Cotton towels. Long fibers that provide softness and durability, making them feel good for a long period of time. However, Supima Cotton in grown in the USA. Again these are easy to find, and inexpensive to purchase. Turkish Cotton - has longer fibers, therefore giving the towels a more luxurious softness and durability, allowing them to feel good for a longer period of time. These are a bit more in price and are becoming more available everyday. The cotton is grown in Turkey. Bamboo - this is the newest craze for towels. Bamboo has several inherent properties that are not found in Cotton. Namely, they are naturally anti-microbial (reduces mildew), plus they are a huge renewable resource and do not require much maintenance during the growing that Cotton does. Bamboo when woven into fibers are very soft, and durable. These fibers also absorb moisture 1 ½ times quicker than Cotton, plus they dry quicker than Cotton. Bamboo towels are more expensive but over time could roughly cost the same as Turkish Cotton, as it doesn't require as much when it comes to laundering. Again these are becoming more available. GIZA Cotton - the newest cotton to be used in the making of towels and other linens, until the last few years, this Cotton has been used only for Men's fine dress shirts. This cotton has the longest fibers, making it the softest and most durable on the market. This represents only 0.4% of Egypt's annual cotton production. It is grown in the fertile region of Kafir S'Ad near the Great GIZA Pyramids and Nile River. The GIZA Cotton towel will be only available at select retails, and is the most expensive towel on the market today. It is best to go touch and feel these different towels to find what works best for you. Some of us

like soft towels while others like a little more roughness to get that loofah feeling especially when drying our backs.

written by S Kelley, President of Kellsson Home Linens I have been in the Wholesale Linen business for over 30 years. I am currently the owner of Kellsson Home Linens. Please visit our website to read other articles I have published regarding towels and other home linens. If you want information on good quality towels, see

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==== ==== A Great Selection for all your Egyptian Cotton Bathroom Towels, Face Cloths and Bath Mats ==== ====

Egyptian Cotton Bath Linens can Give you that Relaxed Feeling  

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