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Now, it's reasonable for you to ask how the Krups espresso maker saved my marriage. That's probably an unusual statement. Maybe I should have said the Krups espresso machine will help put my granddaughter through college! I think I need to explain. I'm a coffee junkie. I tell myself this is okay because I drink decaf. But, it is still true, the Unnamed Coffee House is making big bucks on my habit. This was my routine: Stop by on the way to work, daily, for a vanilla latte. Then again on the way home. And, often, someone from the office (usually me) would make an afternoon run, since it was just across the street. That's somewhere between $6 and $10 a day for my habit, times 7 days per week. (I'd stop on Saturdays on both ends of my errands, and on Sundays after church.) That means I was spending somewhere between $40 and $60 every week. Think about that. Around $200 a month for my junkie habit. Is it any wonder my husband was upset? I hope you aren't doing this, because there is no need. You can buy a Krups espresso machine for less than half a month. Thai's right, less than $100. Not only that, you can have another latte after dinner, or for breakfast if you want. And several times on weekends. How 'bout that! Tip: Make a latte without frothing the milk, pop it in the freezer over night, then take it to work with you next day. Works great! Told you I'm a junkie! Now, I'm putting a good part of that monthly money away for my grand daughter's education. She's only four and I figure there will be some good help there when she is ready for college.

You can make your hubby happy, too. I've put the information you want about the Krups Espresso Makers all in one place for you so you won't need to spend time searching when you could be drinking coffee! Go to and you'll find what you're looking for. Enjoy!

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==== ==== Check out this information on Krups Coffee Machines and where to get the best deal. ==== ====

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