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==== ==== Tips on Zumba For Beginners, Start out with a little knowledge ==== ====

Zumba is a cardio exercise program that combines dance and fitness moves. With a party-like atmosphere, a zumba class inspires you to keep moving and exercising with a smile. However, the fast pace and high impact moves may be too much for some people. Zumba also uses basic steps of salsa, merengue and cha-cha. For people who are not familiar with latin dance it may be intimidating. So Zumba fitness created the Zumba Gold program for beginners which is catered towards those who are deconditioned, new to exercise and dance, or just want to exercise at a moderate pace. A Zumba Gold class or beginners zumba class can be distinguished by the following characteristics.

The steps may be instructed separately before actually doing them to the song. In a regular class you would just follow the instructor and hope to learn the steps as you repeat them over time. The music selection may be more varied and geared towards the members of the class. For example in a regular zumba class attended by young people you may hear more hip-hop or reggaetone music. In a beginning zumba class with older adults you may hear a few swing and Broadway tunes. The moves will have less impact and no jumping. In regular zumba the moves may be more plyometric using jumps up and down or side to side. The music may not be quite as loud as in a regular zumba class where the music creates the high energy and so the music is amplified. The instructor may use vocal cues and a microphone rather than just visual cues. Zumba instructors are taught to use visual cues so that the emphasis of the class is on the music and not the voice of the instructor. However it is easier to guide a class of beginners using a combination of vocal and visual cues. Zumba Gold may be taught in chairs. Chair exercise is very popular with seniors and the dance and fitness moves may be modified to do in chairs.

Because of its low impact, modified moves and slower learning pace, Zumba Gold is an exercise program that anyone can do and have fun doing it. Most of all, because of the fun atmosphere it is an exercise program that most people will stick to, and that is the best exercise of all!

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==== ==== Tips on Zumba For Beginners, Start out with a little knowledge ==== ====

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