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WYSE Tech Table Using Tech in the Work Abroad Sector Friday, September 20th – 14:30 – 15:00 Presented By


Don’t Get Left Behind by Progress •

Select flexible technology that can keep pace with the constantly evolving landscape – Cloud – Web – Mobile – APIs


…it’s not about using servers, it’s about serving users…

Looking for answers in the cloud

Your business is seasonal. The cloud is elastic and can expand and contract as needed.


‌the web is a conference call that the whole world is on‌

An effective web strategy filters the irrelevant

Your audience is on the web. Find out where and how they like to receive their communications.


‌mobile is the lifeline that goes both ways‌

Mobile: a lifeline for your business & your customer The only always-on sales & support tool, which does not require anyone to dramatically change their behavior.

Application Programming Interface (API) …APIs are the new dial-tone, they’re the connective tissue of everything you do…

APIs: the tech you use, how you want to use it Select & build applications that allow you to introduce new, disposable modules, as outside tech and your business needs evolve.

Development & Design …if you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late…

Avoid Death Spiral of Development & Design

• Don’t fear imperfections –A

working product is a sellable product

• Technology is flexible, evolving – Continue

refining after deployment

It’s all about Filters & Communications • You know your message Storage is cheap. Collect • You know where to find business & analyze customer data.

• You know your market

• Communicate your message • Filter out irrelevant noise • Establish ongoing dialogue

A Selection of Valuable, Cost-Effective Services

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Wyse tech table using tech in the work abroad sector  

Friday, 20 September