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Intro to Retargeting In the right place at the right time: getting your message across to a tech savvy audience

What if you could buy just your audience, across the web?

Types of Retargeting •

1st Party Retargeting

3rd Party Retargeting

Behavioral Targeting

Profiling/Modeling/Lookalike Targeting

1st Party Retargeting


of visitors leave your site without converting


first-visit conversion rate

Re-engage the 98% that leave

Improve conversion rate 3x

Drive repeat sales

Increase lifetime value

3rd Party Retargeting

Bob searches for flights to Paris on Kayak

After leaving, Bob starts seeing StudentUniverse ads for flights to Paris

Bob clicks and searches for flights to Paris on StudentUniverse

Behavioral Targeting Products viewed

Browsing patterns

Time since last visit

Online shopping habits Interests

Social data


Selected behaviors from aggregate data generated by thousands of websites and interactions

Education level

Purchase history

Household income




Frequented websites Search history

Between 18-25 years old

Searching for travel

Frequently shops online

Target with ads

Profiling/Modeling/Lookalike Targeting

Newsletter signup


Lead form conversion

Signup page

Abandoned shopping cart

Product search


Purchase path

Tag conversion events on-site

Build a profile

Target similar users across the web

Drive traffic back to site

Where do ads appear?

Integrate with major ad exchanges

Ads appear on content sites

Important Points •

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Monitor CPA, not CPM

Monetize your website

Utilize in-house data and resources

House Retargeting Examples

Paul Jacobs

Vice President, Marketing StudentUniverse @_pauljacobs

In the right place at the right time by studentuniverse  
In the right place at the right time by studentuniverse  

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