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I truly believe design makes a difference in the way we understand, communicate, live and work in an environment. User centered design is essential to the success of a project. As a designer, I make it my duty to not only listen to the needs of people, but to understand them. It is my goal to create daily experiences by surpassing the needs of the occupants and excelling the productivity, livability, and likability of the place.

playground sections

playground elevation

middle school

[ lobby


creative thinking

Wobble boards: creates an opportunity for development of physical strength and balance


Get In The Action: introduces a fun, interactive wall system that inspires physical movement



Stained plywood Connected to wall support


Solid surface countertop LED lights beneath counter Custom radius Eco-Resin

Multiple nursing stations, with a shared countertop, increases communication and dual productivity

Integration of countertop into wall, softens the sharp corner and makes the wall appear taller

Rounded countertop increases visible surroundings and is more accessible to patients

Dual counter height creates privacy for nurses and is a comfortable leaning height for patients

Linoleum flooring with wood pattern is less institutional and more comforting than stark white VCT

Floorplan of Nurse’s Station Enclosed blood-drawing station increases privacy and comfort for patients

Multiple seating in offices encourage supportive participation











youth art

Exterior Building Section

Quick Floorplan Rendering of 2nd level



youth art





For your time and consideration

Digital Teaser  

Interior Design digital teaser. A small collection of samples of my work.

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