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On The Silk Road

Sponsorship offer

“On The Silk Road” August – September 2011 Motorcycles and trips were the two passions of ours which have resulted in this very original project. Desire to learn the new, and doing it in an unusual way, has given rise to the plan of a motorcycle trip to exotic countries of the Orient. Interesting cultures, religions, different ways and standards of living, new experiences, breathtaking landscapes as well as unknown smells, tastes and sounds - we would love You to share all those exciting experiences and adventures together with us. We would like to offer you cooperation in the project by sponsoring our motorcycle trip "On the Silk Road". The scale of the project is so huge that in order to implement it we need every kind of support, both financial and with the necessary equipment. We are looking for companies wishing to advertise their products, services or brand in an attractive and remarkable way. Our journey makes it possible! Your logo, brand or a company name could be stuck or printed on our motorcycles, trunks, T-shirts or gear, which we are going to use. We would also be pleased for the possibility to test equipment or gear that You produce. Media patronage

Our media partners have announced publications and relations from the expedition on television, in magazines and on the web. Magazines “Motocykl” and “Men's Health” will publish articles about the expedition whereas, and will regularly present the expedition members’ reports.

Description of the project The main idea of our trip is to pass the route of the ancient Silk Road on the motorcycles. In times of antiquity and in the Middle Ages it was the longest and the most extensive overland network of interconnected trade routes across the Asian continent. The Great (so it is called in Asia) Silk Road changed its routes distinctively over the centuries (depending on the political and military situation and the demand for goods). Many cities and trade centers originated and developed on the Silk Road, especially at its intersections and ramifications. The true pearls of the former Great Silk Road were and still are the most famous, ancient Uzbek cities: Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva and a few others. The historical and social significance of this project goes beyond the purely travel incentives. The objectives of the expedition -

Promoting the idea of realizing one’s dreams and awakening the passion to travel.


Popularization of Asia – its beauty, specific culture, diversity, as an alternative to everyday life that surrounds us.


Promoting the motorcycle as the remarkable form of traveling.


Experiencing an unforgettable adventure and the opportunity to share the experiences with a wide range of people.

Description of the route 4 travelers, 4 bikes, 16 countries, 16 000 km

Wroclaw (Poland) - (Czech Republic) - (Slovakia) - (Hungary) - (Serbia) -(Bulgaria) – Istanbul (Turkey) – Batumi (Georgia) – Tbilisi (Georgia) – Baku (Azerbaijan port) – ferry – Turkmenbasy (port Turkmenistan) – Ashgabat (Turkmenistan) – Nukus (Uzbekistan) – Khiva (Uzbekistan) – Bukhara (Uzbekistan) – Samarkand (Uzbekistan) – Dushanbe (Tajikistan) – Pamir Highway – Wakhan Corridor – Osh (Kyrgyzstan) – Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) –Lake Issyk-Kul - Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan) – Astana (Kazakhstan) – Chelyabinsk (Russia) – Samara (Russia) – Kiev (Ukraine) – Lviv (Ukraine) – Wroclaw (Poland)

Participants The participants of the expedition are automotive and traveling enthusiasts. They have in a considerable amount of experience and extensive portfolios related to their passions. They are also attracted to extreme sports - gliding, off-road, river rafting, rock climbing and many others. Passions that unites them are motorcycles and traveling. Piotr Ganczarski (27 yrs) - Machine design and operation engineer, journalist, editor and test


"Motocykl", motorcycle


the an

motorcycle avid



photographer, and


everything related to motor sports and offroad turns him on, a lover of nature and traveling.

Grzegorz Szczygieł (30 yrs) - explorer, who won the first prize of Wroclaw Festival of Travelers in 2008 for an expedition to the Himalayas in the Opel Kadett ("By car to the Roof of the World"), third place at the Wroclaw Festival Travelers in 2009 for the expedition to Siberia in Polish Fiat 1500, the lecturer at the “Trzy Żywioły” Travelers’ festival in Krakow in 2009, off-road enthusiast, motorcyclist.

Maciej Zatoński (27 yrs) – ethnologist and




student, the fan of extreme sports, glider pilot, an expert on the art of survival, a fierce off-road enthusiast, motorcyclist.

Andrzej Pietrzyk (33 yrs) - Quality engineer and later the application engineer. Currently, the owner of motorcycle workshop. The author of numerous professional articles. Fascinated by motorcycles and classic cars. The animator of unusual projects: “Komar” Tour (Wroclaw – Bieszczady – Wroclaw, tour on historical mopeds) and WSK tour around the Carpathian Mountains - Hungary, Romania and Ukraine. Amateur photographer, traveler. We offer our potential sponsors: -

Individual name and slogan of the expedition, specifically tailored to the needs and requirements of the sponsor


Enhancing the image of the sponsor (journeys and struggles between man and nature are associated positively)

In addition: -

Coverage of the expedition in the media:


The exhibition of sponsors’ names and logos during the preparation and implementation of the project on public television and commercial television channels, radio stations, press, popular motorcycle and traveling web sites


Promoting the name of a company


Placing the sponsor’s banner on the official expedition's website


Preparing a banner for the sponsor's website, announcing the support of the project


The sponsor's name and logo on clothes, bikes, trunks, T-shirts or gear of the members of the expedition team


The use of travelers’ and expedition’s images for the sponsor’s marketing purposes


Exclusive access to the professional photographs from the expedition


Presentations in the form of a film and a spot made by


Photographic presentation along with a map and visited places marked on it, with your company logo


Advertising your products and company on the photographs from the expedition


Invitations to the exhibitions of our photos


Presentation of the sponsors during all of our exhibitions and presentations in galleries, cultural centers and Schools


Ability to organize the presentation of the material from the expedition in your company office


Additional promotional activities discussed individually


Formal thanks

Sponsorship – costs The cost of the expedition is estimated at ~ 15.000 € (60.000 zł). The large extent of the sum is the cost of visas and fuel. In the case the sponsor is not interested in the financial sponsorship it is possible to determine the specific and areas of benefits. With the suitable commitment it is possible to establish an exclusive sponsor. Interested are strongly invited to cooperate. We look forward to comments, views and suggestions in order to determine the scope of the offer to meet your needs and expectations. Please contact us via email or telephone: Maciej Zatoński

+48 508-080-277

Piotr Ganczarski

+48 609-142-557

Grzegorz Szczygieł

+48 504-012-581

Letters of Intent:

Sponsorship offer  
Sponsorship offer  

Motorcycle Expedition "On The Silk Road" 2011