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Established on 12 September, 1925, the Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce is a member based not-for-profit organisation overseen by members, for our members.

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president’s pen My belief for a long while now is that Chambers of Commerce should not get involved in planning or zoning matters, but when it comes to securing key infrastructure that’s another matter. During the latter part of the Council amalgamation process, a costly report was commissioned about options for the Warnervale Airport. Work commenced at the airport and the opportunity to create an aviation hub with supporting businesses started to take shape. However, at an ordinary meeting of the new Council on the 27th of November 2017 Council stopped all work at the airport and redirected the allocated budget. Contracts were paid out, and opportunities were lost. This site had an opportunity to bring fresh new businesses to the area and would have created employment for our community. Its future is now uncertain, but once infrastructure of that nature is lost, it can never be replaced. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact me at 0407434547. Ron Stevens - President


SHOUT OUT! 06 Meet the Board!

10 Finding Equilibrium

In the World of Social Media - Jo Hilder

16 The Entrance to Silicone Valley

At the Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce

- Andrew Paton-Smith

18 Game Changers

What Do You Have Planned After the Awards?

- Georgia talks to Leon Black


President’s Pen

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OUR VOICES 14 Writing and Your Business Why You Need to be Creating

Content - Lee McCaffrey

22 Trade Mark Myths

And Why it’s Important to get the Facts- Georgia Thomas

24 Increasing Repeat Business

- Patrick Zuluaga

CHAMBER CHAT 25 Calendar of Events 26 SEEN!

4 | Northern Voice | Issue 1 - February 2019

FROM THE EDITOR So here we are, three big months in to our Northern Voice adventure. Firstly, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has contributed articles or gotten in touch to express interest in writing for us so far. Without you we wouldn’t have a magazine because the Northern Voice is the voices and stories of our local business community. So keep them coming! So if you have an article or even just an idea you’d like to talk over, we want to hear from you! We hope you enjoy Issue 3 of Northern Voice! PS: Don’t forget to follow our new Facebook Page or subscribe to Northern Voice on ISSUU to make sure you never miss an issue!

Editor & Creative Director Lee McCaffrey

Content Supervisor Georgia Thomas

Advertising Katrina Woolcott


©Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce, 2019 Northern Voice is an initiative of the Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce, however the opinions expressed by Northern Voice contributors are their own. This publication can be shared across networks in its entirety, and printed for the personal use of readers. It cannot be repurposed in full or in part for commercial gain. Permission for all other uses must be obtained in writing from the editor of Northern Voice. Northern Voice contributors retain ownership of their articles and unauthorised use of their content will breach their intellectual property rights.

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MEET THE BOARD! MEET THE BOARD AT THE WYONG REGIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE TIM OLIVER You may not realise this, but our Board is made up of volunteers. This top bunch of people invest a lot of time planning events, representing our business community, and coming up with new ways to support our members. In a recent change, each of our board members now head up specific operational areas of the Chamber. And each one is now looking to build a team from among our Chamber Members. So, read on and see if there’s something you’d like to be more involved with. 6 | Northern Voice | Issue 1 - February 2019

Tim is the Business Services Manager at Tuggerah Business Hub – Australia Post, and also heads up our Social Media, Marketing & Website team for the Chamber. If you’d like to be a part of helping to promote our events across social media and generally work on ways to expand our network, talk to Tim on 0408 606 249 or introduce yourself at the next event.

KLARA KAYE Klara is the clever woman that produces Your Guide Central Coast, and she also now looks after Fundraising and Promotions for our Chamber. If you have a knack for organising special events and clever fundraising ideas, contact Klara on 0414 405 999.

GLENN ZOCHER Glenn runs Studio 2 You and looks after welcoming our New Members, introducing them to helpful contacts and getting them connected with our various activities. If that sounds like something you’d

like to be a part of, say ‘hello’ to Glenn at our next event or call him for a chat on 0401 556 333.

JOANNE CHO Joanne runs the Organic Property Group and also schedules regular Social Events for our members. These are low key lunch gatherings at various locations each month. Getting to know one another and chatting about all-things-social, is a great way to build relationships. Talk to Joanne on 0413 087 340 or email organicpropertygroup@ if you’d like to support these events, and work with her to develop other activities with a social focus.

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GEORGIA THOMAS Georgia is the Executive Secretary for the Chamber and Principal Solicitor at Legal HQ Pty Ltd. Since January she has headed up Northern Voice with Editor Lee McCaffrey. Northern Voice is keen to build a team of regular writers and contributors, so if you have an idea for content our readers would appreciate, speak with Georgia at our next event. Our Events are the other Chamber responsibility Georgia now looks after, and we have some exciting changes on that front. If you’re interested in presenting at a Chamber function or would like to talk more about developing your speaking skills, contact Georgia on 0448387696 or email gthomas@legalhq18.

SUSAN RODAK Susan is the Chamber Treasurer and Proprietor of ANZ Mobile Lending Central Coast North AND Battery World Wyong! In addition to those hats, she also vets any money spending ideas we bring to the table and regularly supports our events. I think that’s quite enough, don’t you? Make yourself known (and perhaps slip her a Berocca) at our next event.

DARREN HOOPER Darren is the Vice President of the Chamber and General Manager of Central Coast Unity Bank. He is now looking after the Sponsorship area of our Chamber and making sure we do all we can to support our valued sponsors. If you have some input into new Sponsorship

8 | Northern Voice | Issue 1 - February 2019

opportunities or would like to know more about our various Sponsorship packages, talk to Darren on 0418 618 530.

RON STEVENS Ron is our Chamber President and the proprietor of Danalis Motor Body Trimmers & Upholstery. He manages all other aspects of the Chamber including many hours of emails, correspondence and attending meetings across the Coast on the Chambers behalf. He is a strong advocate for local businesses and a wealth of knowledge about the Chamber’s involvement in the region. If you haven’t already, make yourself known at the next event and talk to him about your business and why you’ve joined the Chamber. Join a team – Get involved – Be a part As a member of our Chamber you are a valued contributor to every aspect of our activities. We appreciate your support of our events and are continually looking to improve the way we support you in return. You are always welcome to provide feedback, but if you’d like to be more involved in any of these specific areas speak with the relevant Board member and be a part of what we’re creating on the Coast.

Becoming a member of the Wyong Chamber has so many benefits. The Wyong Regional Chamber opens up a world of opportunity for individuals and businesses alike. Support through networking events, business tools and resources is just the beginning. There is no better time to become a member!

Join the Wyong Regional Chamber today! The Wyong Chamber of Commerce mission is to foster business growth in the local community. Members of the chamber have the opportunity to contribute and participate in a range of business and social activities to improve skills, provide knowledge and strengthen their connection with the local community. | Phone 02 4352 2643 Connecting our business communities... Since 1925.




n the wake of the recent tragedy in New Zealand, a great many people are deciding to withdraw from social media either for a while or altogether. Many are citing the fact - and it is a fact that social media has increasingly become a tool for some to spread an antisocial agenda, sometimes with words and sometimes, to our horror, with pictures. Thankfully, many social media platforms have taken steps to limit access to such content, however, the sad truth is many companies are struggling to control who uses their social media platform, and for what. I remember a few years ago I read an article written by an employee of a major video social media platform whose job is to watch numberless submissions each day, deleting those contrary to the guidelines. The descriptions this employee gave of acts she’s seen human beings perpetrating upon others will stay in my imagination forever. What Do You Do When Social Media is Part of Your Business?

10 | Northern Voice | Issue 1 - February 2019

How many of us have declared we were withdrawing and taking a break from social media? Such pauses are undoubtedly healthy and nourishing for body, mind and spirit, as is paring down what we call the “friend” list. Typically, most peripheral social media contacts are individuals with whom we have no contact, connection or commonality. All those groups, articles and ads, the current affairs, all those darling puppies and kittens. Pulling ourselves away from the little screen in our palm has proven more challenging than simply unfriending the stalky ex-boyfriend or leaving the spam-laden group. There is no doubt social media can be toxic, and despite it being a virtual world, many of us have learned first-hand how platforms can be used to harm, vilify, and damage people in tangible ways. Like many of us, I’ve considered withdrawing from social media, especially in the wake of recent events, but have decided not to. I have however limited the platforms I use and what I use them for. Whilst I can’t control what others put out there, I can control what I am exposed and have access to.

Owning Your Power and Taking Control For many of us it’s taken the realisation social media is as much an arena of power-play and politic as real life to make us want to simplify our lives and get rid of it. The sugar coating has well and truly dissolved. What is seen and heard cannot be unseen and unheard, even if it’s merely on a 4” x 2” screen in our hand. Whilst we often behave as if we have no power over social media in our lives, we can realistically constrain our accounts without fear of missing out. There is life beyond the refresh button. I do not blame those now withdrawing from social media, citing it as wholly toxic. But perhaps social media is like

paint. Sure, it’s probably toxic, but it probably depends how you’re consuming it. Selective use of social media renders it a useful tool for connection, communication and yes, even beauty. Like many, I welcome a resurgence in social media of a wholesale enhancement of positivity, authenticity and humanity. For it to become this, we need to rethink the strategy of self-exclusion, instead voting with our inclusion. After all, social media does not exist in a vacuum. We can be the change because social media is essentially made of us.

Jo Hilder is a Writer, Published A u t h o r, Co m m u n i t y Advocate as well as the Founder, and Chief Creative at boutique store Sister Jo Bangles.

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Be a star in your field of expertise. Register for the Wyong Regional Chamber Business Awards. The Wyong Regional Chamber Business Awards are designed to recognise business who have excelled in their field of expertise. It’s just one more way we help to support our business community. Get your nomination in today.

To submit your nomination! Members of the Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce are invited to submit nominations for the annual Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. There are a range of different categories to enter so now is your time to be recognised. Visit our website for more details on how to submit your nomination.

12 | Northern Voice | Issue 1 - February 2019 | Phone 02 4352 2643

Connecting our business communities... Since 1925.




If you’ve been following our journey here at Northern Voice, you’ll know that we are always on the hunt for writers, so I thought it would be a great time to share how I got into the world of business writing, and why. Many years ago we fell into business writing, or content marketing really by accident. My husband and I had just started a local IT business from scratch with him as our tech, and we were pounding the pavement with flyers trying to get some momentum. 14 | Northern Voice | Issue 1 - February 2019

Pretty soon we had a few repeat customers on our books, one of those the editor of a locally distributed magazine. It was at the same time a page opened up in that magazine. One thing led to another and we were offered that space for a small monthly IT column. Needless to say, we jumped on it. My husband was the face and the brains behind the topics, and me being a writer, became the editor and polisher who made sure the topic spoke to our target market. We wrote for that magazine for just over a year and it was a great eye opener into the world of content marketing, and why as a business, creating good relevant content is almost essential to growth and long-term success. So Why Would I Share My Knowledge….For Free?


And yep, you’re sharing this for free. But why?

Build trust and establish yourself as an expert in your field. When we started our column we were new to the area and didn’t know many people. There was an IT guy on every corner, and we were operating in an industry that didn’t have a great reputation.

The monthly visibility allowed us to showcase our knowledge. We wrote about simple, common issues that empowered our readers to be able to ask the right questions of their IT guys. By doing this we established our business, and my husband, as the local IT authority. Get visitors returning to or subscribing to your website. We also used the magazine as a vehicle to drive people back to our website where we had more content waiting. And by consistently refreshing and providing relevant content, we ensured visitors returned to our site or subscribed to our newsletter.


Build your brand and promote your brand awareness. In the increasingly competitive world of Small Business, brand awareness and recognition is a key component to your standing out in the crowd. Content marketing lets you say, in your



Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Different.

words, who you are and what your business is about. Our message was that we made IT easy to understand. We cut out the tech talk, meaning our customers could understand us, what we were doing to their computer and why. So How Do I Get ‘Column Space’ for Me and my Business? All you need to do is get in touch with me here at Northern Voice with your idea or your article, and we can have a chat about including it in an upcoming edition.

Lee is the Director of Kaleidoscope Systems, Editor of Northern Voice and the Author of ‘Once Upon a Time in Small Business’

Transforming businesses into trusted brands.

And, connect with your customers. MARKETING | DESIGN | DIGITAL | SALES

We take the time to understand your business. Through marketing, design and digital solutions, we provide strategies to help solve your business challenges.

Tel. 02 4329 4209




t the end of 2018, our tech startup Jazoodle, was invited as one of nine top startups to be a part of the UNSW Founders 10X accelerator program. The program runs over an intensive ten weeks, exposing potential high growth startups to lean startup methodologies. It culminates in a sevenday trip to Silicon Valley in the USA, and a highly prestigious demo night in Sydney, in front of some of Australia’s top investors and potential partners. For Jazoodle, and myself personally, the program has instilled a number of amazing techniques that we are applying to our business and I believe are applicable to all businesses, startup or not. This is what I learned. The business world is changing dramatically, and competition is getting fiercer. At the same time, markets that were once not open to local businesses, are now becoming open. As business owners, we all try new marketing messages, new stock lines, even new locations. But often, trying new things is costly and don’t always bring us nearer to understanding the results. 16 | Northern Voice | Issue 1 - February 2019

However, if done in a methodical and scientific way great rewards and insights await. Think about your business. What assumptions does your business run on? Is it that your business relies on local foot traffic? That assumption can be easily confirmed – particularly if you earn revenue from it currently. But another assumption to test could be “you have a product that could reach new segments of the market, and possibly a segment which is not local”. Most businesses have a web and or social media presence. So you could test this out quite simply by creating a message or landing page on your web site specifically directed at that new segment, possibly even asking them to register their interest. The hypothesis could go: I believe that we could increase our revenues by 5% if we marketed [a specific message] to segment Z. The post or landing page is then boosted or you create a low cost Google ad and the key is to measure response. For a couple of hundred dollars, you could indeed test the likelihood of such

message and segment success. What we are saying, is that businesses could implement a Build, Test, Measure approach for new ideas and market segments. Some of the most impressive startups in Silicon Valley, such as Box, LinkedIn etc have used this methodology – the beauty of this, is that you are not betting your business on an assumption or hypothesis, and is a very low cost way of testing the market – customer’s actions are a far better way of market testing than possibly biased questions in market research. Our trip to Silicon Valley was a real eye opener and confirmed to us that not only is success possible on a global stage, but there are opportunities way bigger than we had thought

possible. They are possible using a structured and agile approach to finding your most lucrative customers. Andrew Paton-Smith is the Founder and CEO of, an online platform created to help small and medium businesses plan and control their future.

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LEON BLACK TALKS TO GEORGIA THOMAS With a lot of focus on our annual Business Awards, have you thought about what you’ll be doing after the winners are announced on 22 June? If your business name is called out on the night, what plans do you have in place to leverage that win? This week I spoke with Leon Black from Inspired Techs about his experience with the award process and the key points we can learn from. Inspired Techs are located at Berkeley Vale and provide an international standard of IT 18 | Northern Voice | Issue 1 - February 2019

support, business technology management, and solutions. In 2015 and 2017 they entered the Young Entrepreneurs Category of the NSW Business Awards and won both times. Leon used the Business Award Winner logo on their email signature block, website and across their social media platforms. It’s also been used in the intro to podcast interviews, and acted as a form of ‘social proof’ that instilled confidence in those choosing to do business with them. Following the wins, Leon says Inspired Techs achieved, “some pretty dynamic and consistent growth of around 50% year on year” which

Annual Business Awards applications close at midnight May 19th 2019”

enabled them to bring new services and strategies to their client base.

“It’s been used in the intro of podcast interviews, on our website and in our signature block.” Leon Black Despite that success, Leon commented that if he had the time over, he’d be better prepared to leverage the win and have a marketing plan in place. His tips for those considering the process are:

1. Start your application as soon as you can. Put your best foot forward and use figures and numbers to show how you are succeeding and the results you’re achieving. 2. Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to show your personality and your businesses personality in your application. 3. Have a marketing plan ready to go. Make the most of the opportunity to leverage the win, and follow up on offers of interviews or anything that will highlight your business.

The Annual Business Awards close at midnight on 19th May, so get your application together and start planning for your win well before the big night. Georgia Thomas is the Executive Secretary for the WRCoC and Principal Solicitor of Legal HQ Pty Ltd.

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2019 Annual Business Awards Nominations

Now Open! This is your invitation to apply to become an Award Winning Business!Reward and showcase your business at our Annual Premier Awards Night to be held on Saturday 22 June 2019, at Mercure Kooindah Waters Central Coast. Nominate your Business! Once again the streamlined process and the continued alliance with the Central Coast Business Excellence Awards and the NSW Business Chamber has made entering so much easier with one simple application: Categories this year are as follows: 1. Outstanding Young Employee (aged 18-35) 2. Outstanding Young Entrepreneur (aged 18-35)

20 | Northern Voice | Issue 1 - February 2019

3. Outstanding Business Leader (aged 36+) 4. Excellence Enterprise



5. Startup Superstar (trading less than 2 years) 6. Excellence in Innovation 7. Excellence in Micro Business (less than 5 employees) 8. Excellence in Small Business (5 to 20 employees) 9. Excellence in Business (21 or more employees) 10. Employer of Choice WRCoC Award Categories The Business of the Year The Business of the Year Award will be chosen from the nominations in all categories. Kevin Faulks Award The chamber will recognise either a business or person who has made a significant contribution to the Wyong Regional Business Community,

judged and awarded by the Chamber President. Nominations Close Midnight 19 May 2019 For further information on the awards or membership, please contact Katrina in our Chamber office on (02) 4352 2643 or

Start Your Application Here! Our Partners




aking comfort in trade mark myths could cost you dearly. So, for anyone who has poured their heart and soul into the creation of their business, let me set the record straight on the top 3 fallacies.


Registering my business name will protect me.

When a new business owner goes to register their business name, they check its availability on the ASIC site and that’s usually the end of it. But does that mean they now ‘own’ the name? The simple answer is, “No.” The ASIC register is completely separate to the Trade Mark register. They have different purposes and don’t cross-reference listings at all. So even though a business name may be registered with ASIC, there is a chance it’s already owned by someone else as a trade mark. And if it is, the new business owner would be in breach of the other persons rights if they continued to use it. So, at the very least check the IP Australia Trade Marks list before registering a new business name.

22 | Northern Voice | Issue 1 - February 2019


Trade Marks are only for business names and logos.

No, they aren’t. Anything that uniquely identifies your products or services can be considered a trade mark. It might be a signature scent in a range of toiletries, or a sound used to introduce your product (the Windows start-up chimes for example). It may also apply to a slogan you use quite separately to your logo, or the names of individual products or services. While your business name itself mightn’t be anything special, you may run a workshop or sell a uniquely named product that is. A good way to appreciate the value in protecting those marks is to imagine seeing them used by someone else. How would that impact on the value and identity of your product? 3.

I’m just starting out, so it’s not important.

In the initial stages of launching a new venture there’s often no commercial value in the name you’ve chosen. Perhaps only a handful of people have even heard of you, and while you intend to

build a solid reputation within your niche, you’re certainly a long way from being a household name. The thing is, almost every household name we know started in that position. At one point in time they were virtually unknown. It was the investment of time, effort and hard-earned money that built a reputation. Imagine having to stop a couple of years into that process and fight for the right to use the name of your core product… Imagine having to start again. A small outlay in the early days is worth the peace of mind it buys. And it may not be as expensive as you think. The IP Australia website provides solid information about fees and how to lodge a trade

mark application, and if that still makes your eyes boggle, contact a professional who can walk you through it.

For more information visit IP Australia: To read Georgia Thomas’ article ‘Playing it Safe: If it’s worth copying, it’s worth protecting click the image:

Legal Toolkit

G e o r g i a Thomas is the Principal Solicitor of Legal HQ Pty Ltd, and Author of The Small Business

WRCoC | | 23



Moving on from last months article where I talked about Defining Your Target Market, this month we are focusing on how you can increase your on-going repeat business. First and foremost, your business must deliver to the satisfaction of your customers. This is the threshold level to remain in business. But even when you run a good business, will a satisfied customer return when you want them to, at the frequency you would like them to? Not likely, you absolutely need to give them a reason to come back for more! So here are some ideas to entice them to return: 1. Consider including a thank you coupon with every purchase that provides an incentive or discount that they can receive on a future purchase. Don’t forget to include an expiry date for the coupon.

24 | Northern Voice | Issue 1 - February 2019

2. Engage with them on new products being developed, keep them informed about innovative ideas and information about how others are using your products and services. 3. Reward your loyal customers with exclusives and privileges to demonstrate their importance and esteem. 4. Maintain relevant communications with your customers. Continue to nurture the customer relationship by keeping in touch and offering value. One of the most costeffective communication channels to stay in touch with your customers and drive repeat business is with permission-based email or e-newsletter marketing, and it is one that every business should have in their toolbox in today’s internet connected world. Also, consider how you can use alternative communication

channels with your customers. Encourage them to like, follow or subscribe from your social media channels and use these mediums to engage and harmonise your marketing messages and offers in enticing your satisfied customers to return.

Patrick is the Director of PMZ Marketing, a consultancy focused on Small and M e d i u m Enterprises to help you succeed in business with better marketing results.





Mother’s Day Luncheon Hosted by Your Guide Central Coast Special Guest Speaker Melinda Schneider Lake View Room Entertainment Grounds Gosford 12-3pm Tickets $55 Call 0414 405 999 or Book Here!

New Members Lunch Join us for lunch and a tour of the Nexus Smart Hub, while we acknowledge and welcome our newest members. Nexus Smart Hub 12-2pm Tickets $25 Book Here!

WRCoC Social Lunch Bring a friend and join us for lunch! Wyong Milk Factory 12-2pm No need to book, just turn up and order. Contact Glenn Zocher au or Joanne Cho joanne@ for further details.

15TH MAY Northern Voice May Edition LIVE Save the date!

28TH MAY WRCoC Dinner Pullman Magenta Shores Resort 6pm Save the date!

22ND JUNE Annual Business Awards Kooindah Waters Resort Don’t forget to enter! Click Here to Apply!

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CASUAL MEETING ROOM HIRE RIGHT HERE ON THE COAST. Nexus Business Hub in Wyong leads the Central Coast in modern, stylish meeting spaces for your business appointments. Our rooms come fully equipped with state-ofthe-art video conferencing, incredibly fast internet and access to all the facilities on site, including our concierge service. Choose from several different sized rooms including our large boardroom and with all connections tested before your start time; it’s as simple as plug and play.


> Casual drop in > Plug ‘n’ play > Tech Support > Modern Space > Large Boardroom > On-site parking

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To make a booking visit



On 11 April the WRCoC was treated to drinks and canapes at The Entrance Lake House with special guest speaker Edward Zia.

26 | Northern Voice | Issue 1 - February 2019

WRCOC EVENT On 26 March, Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce held a lunch at Wyong Race Club with guest speakers Dan Farmer and Emma Barbato from Southern Cross Austereo.

WRCOC MEMBERS SOCIAL On 10 April the Chamber’s Social Lunch was held at Glee Coffee Roasters in The Chapman Building at Wyong

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Northern Voice - Issue 3 April 2019  

Welcome to the April edition of the Northern Voice! A monthly e-magazine brought to you by the Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce, showcasin...

Northern Voice - Issue 3 April 2019  

Welcome to the April edition of the Northern Voice! A monthly e-magazine brought to you by the Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce, showcasin...