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Extracurricular Activities at Sem

Representing 436 years of service to Wyoming Seminary, this august group was honored at a retirement party in May. “Although we will miss our colleagues, we gather today in recognition of their enormous contribution to what makes Wyoming Seminary great,” said President Kip Nygren. “Decades of students and teachers have benefitted from your passion, wisdom and talent.” Left to right: John Morris, 42 years, business manager Joyce Ashley, 19 years, Lower School English and reading teacher Mary Ann Hopkins, 31 years, Upper School English teacher Harry Nageli, 54 years, Upper School English teacher

Marsha Costello, 30 years, Upper School Latin teacher Sally Thomas Urisko ’63, 27 years, Lower School math teacher Betsy Stankus, 23 years, Admission Office assistant Billie Kinney, 31 years Lower School English and study skills Susan Trynoski, 24 years, Lower School fourth grade and reading teacher

The Wyoming Seminary Journal is published by Wyoming Seminary twice each year and is mailed free of charge to its alumni, parents and friends. We welcome submissions and story ideas, as well as letters to the editor. PLEASE ADDRESS CORRESPONDENCE TO: Editor, Wyoming Seminary Journal Wyoming Seminary 201 North Sprague Avenue Kingston, PA 18704 (570) 270-2190

Daryl Moriarity, 24 years, Lower School French and Latin teacher Andrew Costello, 35 years, Upper School math teacher and department chair Lubomira Wilczewska Torbin, 27 years, Upper School photography teacher and dorm head Imants Gailis, 25 years, Upper School science teacher Tim Swanson, 44 years, Lower School social studies teacher

Printing: Llewellyn & McKane, Inc. Above: At a gathering in their honor, 14 retiring faculty and staff members posed for this photo taken outside the Jazz Café in Wilkes-Barre. Photo: Michael Touey. On Front Cover: The Sem Government Fourth Annual Walk-A-Thon, which raises money for government projects, is one of many activities in which students take part. Seen during the event are, from left: Evan Botwin ’12, Devin Holmes ’13, and Kristian Stefanides ’12.

Editor: Polly Mitchell ’72

On Back Cover: Students in Elizabeth Schmaltz’s kindergarten class enjoy making applesauce while learning about Johnny Appleseed.

Contributing editor: Gail Smallwood

Photo Credits: Except where noted, all photos taken by Wyoming Seminary PR Office staff.

Design: Nanette Bozentka

Wyoming Seminary Journal

A China Odyssey The best learning experience I enjoyed this summer was the three weeks my wife, Marilyn, and I spent touring the People’s Republic of China. With eight other tourists and a trip leader we visited Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Lhasa (Tibet), Chongqing, the Yangtze River and three Gorges Dam, Wuhan, and Hong Kong. I tell students that learning is a 24/7 activity and it definitely was for us on this exciting trip. Much of the time I found myself observing the Chinese people, their buildings, infrastructure, vehicles and culture.

Perhaps the most striking realization is how rapidly things have changed and how adaptable

the people have been to the pace of change. From the oppressiveness of the Cultural Revolution to today’s remarkable blend of single party governance with capitalism, the transition has been phenomenal. Yet, it is clear. Rapid advancement in one sector of society creates complications elsewhere. The dense smog is a case in point. Regulatory authorities are working on policies to get control of polluting industries and automotive emissions. Two things are certain: First, the Chinese will solve this problem. Already, the electric bicycle is growing in popularity. Second, the Chinese will become the world’s experts in nuclear energy for electricity generation, since that will

Fall 2010

In this issue ... Feature Story: 2 Making Memories: Extracurricular Activities at Sem

News and Laurels 6 Merwin named Poet Laureate 9 Board of Trustees names New Members 10 Sports Reviews 11 New Faculty

allow them to close many of their coal-generating plants.

12 Upper School Commencement

15 Lower School Commencement

Our tour guides were very open to questions concerning the culture and the government,

not nearly as reluctant to speak as I expected. They told stories about living through the Cultural Revolution. Life was drab and uninspiring, and there were food shortages from time to time. While Mao is still revered by the older generation – primarily for providing land to peasant farmers – the younger generation sees him as an out-of-favor national leader during a time that most would rather forget.

As a result of watching too many Indiana Jones movies, I expected to fly to Tibet on a twin

engine propeller airplane, but we were pleasantly surprised to find the flying experience in China even better than flying in the U.S. The airports are largely new and impressive and the airplanes and service are top quality. The same fine service and accommodations were true of our three-

Alumni News 16 News from the Alumni Director 17 Alumni Weekend 25 Reunions

day cruise down the Yangtze River from Chongqing to Wuhan through the Three Gorges and the Three Gorges Dam.

It was surprising to see English along with Chinese characters on most traffic signs. They

seem to be having a difficult time including all the new words and abbreviations invading English, so they sometimes just adopt the English. For example, on the expressway I noticed the letters “ETC” interspersed within Chinese characters. The bus driver said it stood for “electronic ticket check” for the vehicle toll charge.

Lhasa in the province of Tibet was a most fascinating city. It is built in the old style and a

mere village of only half a million people. At an altitude of 12,000 ft (3,700 m), the sparse air requires a little getting used to. I do not imagine a more Buddhist country exists and the people employ prayer wheels, beads, walking around temples and prostrating themselves numerous times on their way to a temple to increase their good karma and provide for a superior future life. The sensitive nature of the China-Tibet relationship was evident in the numerous Chinese military patrols observed throughout Lhasa, but we encountered no problems in our trip to the “rooftop of

Class Notes 35 Class Notes 37 Alumni Profile: George Stevenson ’70 40 Alumni Profile: Cindy Pearsall Sussman ’72 43 Marriages 44 Births 45 Obituaries

the world.”

In the end, we saw many very interesting locations, events and people on our China trip from

the Great Wall to the terra cotta warriors of Xi’an to the pandas of Chengdu to the Three Gorges Dam to the booming island of Hong Kong. It was an enriching journey in so many ways. Marilyn and I are enjoying our chats with students from all over Asia about their travels throughout the

Report of Gifts 51 Report of Gifts

region and about making friendships in foreign lands. Best wishes from Wyoming Seminary,



Making Memories:

Extracurricular Activities at Sem “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” goes the old proverb, but that’s a condition few Wyoming Seminary Upper School students need to fear. Sem students do work hard every day in the classroom, but the school’s extensive and diverse extracurricular activities program allows them to play hard as well. In the process, Sem students develop the time management skills, talents and interests, discipline and enthusiasm that enable them to succeed in their colleges and universities, and later still in life. Just ask Iain Flannery ’07, a senior literature and religious studies major at Stonehill College, who credits his involvement with Sem’s theater program, fencing club and the Chorale and Madrigal Singers with teaching him timebudgeting skills and discipline. In addition to serving as a resident assistant and one of Stonehill’s Skyhawk mascots, Flannery works as a teaching assistant for French literature, as a tour guide for the admission office, as an organizer for the college’s annual service trip to New Orleans and as a coordinator for the Civic Ambassador organization which brings in speakers.

Or Hannah Frantz ’09, a sophomore English major at Gettysburg College, who spent a lot of time singing with the Chorale and Madrigals and performing in the orchestra and other ensembles while at Sem. Now she serves as the program coordinator for Big Brothers, Big Sisters in the Center for Public Service. She performs with the college orchestra and chamber ensembles, works in a tutoring program and takes master classes in flute. “Being so involved in music at Sem helped me a lot,” she says. “I learned to be responsible for doing what needs to be done, how to appeal to and work with other people and how to earn their respect. Those skills helped me get the job I have now and put me a step ahead of my peers.” “The value of my experience at Sem became apparent in the first weeks of my freshman year. I felt very comfortable in college because I had the discipline to maximize my time and to choose what I wanted to do,” says Flannery. Extra-curricular activities have been an important aspect of Sem school life since at least the early 1900s, when societies such as the Independent and Plattonian held literary events and debates, and many students worked on major publications like the Opinator and yearbook. Other activities were athletic teams for boys and girls, public speaking competitions, fraternities, sororities, and chapters of the YMCA and YWCA. Today the Upper School offers more than 60 clubs, publications, and service and arts organizations to students; students attending the Upper School are required to complete a minimum of one participation (Excolo)credit per year. In addition to nurturing students’ time-management skills, Sem encourages students and teachers to create clubs that reflect their own interests. The result is that Sem has clubs and programs that are hard to find elsewhere.

International Food Night is an annual event at which students prepare native dishes to share with the whole school community. 2

Just a few examples of these include a cricket club, which competed against a local Penn State team; the film club, which hosts a film festival and has helped some

Fall 2010

students win awards at regional festivals; the tai kwon do club, which is open to students and faculty and was originally led by a student who held a high ranking in the sport; and the fencing club, which offers competition at the regional level. Jennifer Siff, Director of Student Life since 2006, oversees many of the programs and activities that students participate in, from residence life to extra-curriculars to government. She is continuously inspired by the energy, creativity and enthusiasm of the students she works with, and she enjoys watching them develop skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. “This is a time in their young lives when memories are made,” she said. “It is a time for students to try new things and broaden their horizons. We try to make it possible for everyone to explore their interests at Sem. If they have an interest in an area unrecognized by the school, students can easily start a club or group and we will support their efforts. By being part of a club, team or group, students learn to be committed and accountable, and they learn about budgeting, planning and time management. In many ways this is more than just fun and games. It teaches them to be a leader in a way that is meaningful to them. It is rewarding to see them so excited and passionate about what they do.” Interim Upper School Dean Jay Harvey, who served as activities director for eight years, sees himself as a good example of a student who grew in leadership and organizational skills because of his participation in Sem’s student activities and theater program. A member of the class of 1980, he served as a disc jockey for school dances, helped build props and sets for proms and theatrical productions, and did a lot of set-up and tear-down for many campus events. He particularly remembers the Snoopy’s Dog House set that he helped build out of cardboard for a formal dance held on campus. “The student activities program is important because it gives students something fun to do and helps them develop leadership and social skills, especially skills that don’t always fit into academic classes. It teaches student to plan and take responsibility, which are personal skill sets that help guarantee success in life,” he says. For the teachers who serve as advisors to various clubs, being a part of these activities offers them opportunities to help students develop new talents and interests that they otherwise might never have explored. Jason Sherry ’91, English teacher, drama director and advisor of the film club, notes that the club is open both to students who take his film production class and those who don’t. Club members help each other learn how to shoot and edit video, how to write and organize a script, how to

Upper and Lower School jazz ensembles enjoy unusual performance opportunites, such as this concert at Disneyworld.

direct actors and how to use images, audio and sometimes special effects to present a compelling short video. “The students begin to learn what’s good and what’s bad in both amateur and Director of Student Life, Jennifer Siff (left) professional films, and and Katie Levandoski ’09, collected and then they begin to recognize delivered food to a local food bank. film techniques that they’ve learned,” he says. “This is pure teaching: to teach students something they didn’t know before, and then see them take that teaching and do something new with it, something I didn’t expect. I am constantly inspired by what my students are doing; their learning process helps me understand more thoroughly my own craft.” History department chair Steve Ris, who advises and coordinates the Model United Nations club, notes that when students attend conferences and take on the personas of UN delegates, they become motivated to learn more about the world. Some also enjoy the competition between themselves and other delegates, presenting positions and swaying others to support their positions. “It is wonderfully rewarding to see students blossom and come into their own during these conferences. Many of them are students who are very successful academically but have never tried this sort of activity before. They learn about communication, leadership and collaboration skills and discover that they can succeed in a different area,” says Ris. Librarian and public speaking teacher Ivy Miller serves as advisor to the Opinator, the Media Club and the Action and Awareness Club. In all these activities, she encourages the students to take responsibility for their projects, whether painting posters advertising the weekend’s football game, organizing a movie night to explore diversity issues, or deciding what stories to cover for the next issue of the Opinator. 3

“Ideally students will take ownership of a project and when they do, they discover self-empowerment,” she says. Athletics is an important aspect of extracurriculars at Sem; 86 percent of the student body plays at least one sport, and many play two or three sports. Karen Klassner, Director of Athletics and varsity field hockey coach, sees athletics as a way for students to experience a complete education. Besides the physical benefits, athletics teach teamwork, discipline, and how to deal with both defeat and success. These lessons can be life-altering. “Many of our graduates credit athletics with helping them get to where they wanted to be in life,” says Klassner. Learning how to manage Sem’s challenging academic requirements while playing a sport, performing in the orchestra or serving in student government encourages many students to improve in diligence and responsibility.

Members of the SRG (Science Research Group) design experiments, coming together in the spring to demonstrate their findings to students, faculty and parents. Dominick Trombetta ’08 is seen discussing his project.

Students such as Logan May ’12 or Jessica Swoboda ’11 are among the many Sem students learning to use their time effectively. May, a member of the varsity wrestling team, spends at least 15 hours a week in wrestling practice in addition to traveling and competing in meets during the season, yet still finds time to participate actively in Mock Trial and Model United Nations and

“Toys for Tots” is just one non-profit organization supported by Sem’s Community Service Group. 4

serve in Blue Key, all while taking honors and AP classes. As a member of the field hockey and basketball teams and manager of the softball team, Swoboda also finds that sports take up many of her after-class hours. Add to that her role as government secretary and member of the government executive committee, her participation on the student activities committee, Blue Key, Peer Group and Medical Club, and her position as a Levi Sprague Fellow, and she admits that she has very little free time. But she likes it that way; she says her extracurricular activities helps offset the stress of a course load filled with APs. “Being active at school makes me more aware of what goes on here and helps me expand my horizons and reach out of my comfort zone,” she says. “I think it is really important to get involved.” Another Levi Sprague Fellow, Joshua McLucas ’11, says that Sem’s commitment to active arts and community service programs helped him reconnect to his enjoyment of music and taught him about the importance of cancer research. He’s a member of the Madrigals’ bass section, a leader in the Environmental Awareness Club, a member of the Sem Players, captain of the cross country team, and one of the leaders for the school’s Relay for Life team, a 24-hour walk to raise funds for cancer research. Noting that his participation in Relay for Life was his first experience with community service, he found that the event and its emotional candle-lighting ceremony resonated deeply with him. Since all four of his grandparents suffered with cancer, the event has led him to realize the value of becoming involved in a significant social cause. “Being involved in as many activities as I am has helped me develop time management skills. It’s helped shape me into a better person,” he says. Omeed Firouzi ’11 established a new club, the Junior Statesmen of America (JSA) Club in 2009 as a forum for political discussion and debate. By inviting area government representatives to speak to the club, he met State Representative Phyllis Mundy (D-120th District) who in turn was so impressed with his interest and understanding of politics that she hired him to be her campaign manager for her 2010 reelection campaign. Working full-time all summer and part-time in the fall, Firouzi had an inside look at what happens during a campaign for state office. “One of the most appealing aspects of Sem is that it has so many activities and has something for everyone,” said Firouzi, who also is active on the student activities committee and serves as senior class president and

government vice president. “Our student activities program supports the idea that we are a diverse school and is consistent with the message that we welcome everyone and offer lots of opportunities to try new things.” After graduating from Lower School, Dominick Trombetta ’08 was impressed with the wide range of choices available to him in student activities. While at Upper School he was very active in the Science Research Group and was a co-leader of the group in his senior year; he also worked on the yearbook staff and participated in the debate club. Now a junior neuroscience major at Franklin & Marshall College, he is a member of the crosscountry team and runs winter and spring track; he also volunteers at the Lancaster Regional Medical Center. “Knowing how to divide and manage my time put me very far ahead of many of my colleagues in freshman year,” he says. “Participating in Science Research Group gave me the ability to work independently, solve problems and plan. Also, living in a close school community prepared me for life in the dorm as well as in class and extracurricular activities.” The Sem student activities program: lots of work, lots of learning, lots of preparation for the future, and as Logan May says, “I have fun doing these things!”

More than 85% of Upper School students participate in at least one competitive sport.

Upper School students have a wide variety of sports, clubs and activities to choose from, and frequently establish new clubs in which to share their particular interests. Arts-related:

Chorale Orchestra Madrigal Singers Jazz Band Wind Ensemble Handbells Dance Company Sem Players (theater) Stage Crew Wyoming Seminary PAI Civic Symphony Orchestra

Service Organizations:

The Madrigal Singers traveled to Germany in June 2010 where they performed in numerous concerts.

“Titanic” was the fall 2009 musical and engaged dozens of students as actors, musicians and stage crew.

Government Peer Group Resident Assistants Blue Key Library Advisory Board Athletic Training Assistant Peer Writing Lab

Student Activities Committee Action/Awareness SADD Community Service

Publications/ Clubs:

The Wyoming Yearbook The Opinator Mock Trial Model U.N. Junior Statesmen of America Science Research Group International Club Spanish Club French Club Art Club Photography Club IT Club Medical Club Tae Kwon Do Club

Chess Club Improv Club Italian Club Media Club Math Club


BOYS: Cross Country Golf Tennis Football Swimming Wrestling Ice Hockey Basketball Baseball Soccer Lacrosse GIRLS: Cross Country Soccer Golf Field Hockey Tennis Swimming Ice Hockey Basketball Softball Lacrosse

Students with a passion for both sports created and nurtured the Tae Kwon Do Club (still current) and Cricket Club (2006). 5

The poem “After School” was written with his experiences at Wyoming Seminary in mind. It appeared in The New Yorker on September 2, 1985. for a long time I wanted to get out of that school where I had been sent for the best I thought of climbing down the vine outside the window at night after the watchman had turned the corner to the boiler room in the sweet autumn dark I wanted to slip through the still dining hall and down the cellar stairs in the girls’ wing

Sem alumnus named

U.S. Poet Laureate William S. Merwin ’44, recipient of Sem’s Joseph C. Donchess Distinguished Service Award in 2002, was named Poet Laureate on Wednesday, June 30. After two years as a boarder at Wyoming Seminary, Merwin graduated from Princeton University and spent the next several years traveling, tutoring and writing. He has lived in France, Mexico, Boston and New York, but settled in Maui, Hawaii in 1975. With nearly fifty books of poetry, prose and translation to his credit, Merwin’s work is considered to be among the most widely read and imitated in America. In a 1997 article, the Atlantic Monthly noted that his poems have appeared in their pages more frequently than those of any other poet. He has won many prizes and awards, such as two Pulitzers (1971 and 2009), the National Book Award (2005), the Tanning Prize, the Bollingen Prize, the Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize, the PEN Translation Prize, the Wallace Stevens Award and others, and many prestigious grants and fellowships. Although most widely known for poetry, Merwin also wrote 21 books of translation, several plays and five books of prose. For much more information about Merwin including a link to a video of Merwin reading his poem “Yesterday” at the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Poetry Festival, go to Sem’s Web site, www. 6

where I had set the waltzing in the first book of “War and Peace” I would pass unseen in that crowd into the cellar and the secret door to the steam pipes and under the street to the swimming pool I would have persuaded a girl I liked to meet me there and we would swim whispering because of the echoes while the light from the street shone through the frosted windows like the light of the moon all down the long hot room where the sound of the water made the heart beat loud to think of it but I never got away then and when I think now of following that tunnel there is a black wolf tied there waiting a thin bitch who snaps at my right hand but I untie her and we find our way out of there as one and down the street hungry nobody in sight at that hour everything closed behind us.

Wyoming Seminary Journal

Fall 2010

April concert boasted two Stradivarius violins

Ballet great featured at Celebration of the Arts

Two exquisite Stradivarius violins made their Kingston debut on Friday, April 16 as part of a special concert held at the Upper School.

Lower School students dabbled in drama, dance, music and art during a special “Celebration of the Arts” day held in May. The event, coordinated by teacher Bernardine Vojtko, featured special workshops in a variety of arts for students in primary and middle school. The event included an assembly that featured Upper and Lower School performers and an address by Barbara Weisberger, founder of the Pennsylvania Ballet. She discussed the importance of the arts in the lives of students and their communities. Vojtko is the director of the Upper School’s Dance Company and teaches creative movement to primary students at the Lower School.

The concert, titled “The Sound of the Stradivarius,” took place in the Great Hall; proceeds benefitted the music department and its programs. Violinist and alumnus John Michael Vaida ’00, an artist-in-residence at Wyoming Seminary, and Colin Maki, a renowned violinist from Chicago, performed. The Madrigal Singers and select members of the Sem string ensemble accompanied them. The evening’s program included the “Double Concerto” by Bach, the “Sonata for Two Violins” by Prokofiev, “Two Concert Etudes” by Wieniawski and the “Cantique de Jean Racine” by Fauré. “Instruments of this quality are rarely heard in live performances, and it is even more rare to hear two such violins together in such an intimate setting as the Great Hall,” Vaida said. “Both these violins are great examples of Stradivari’s work. It is a thrill and a privilege for both of us to perform on Colin Maki, left, and John Michael Vaida ’00 violins of this caliber.”

The 2010-2011 Levi Sprague Fellows announced During the May awards ceremony at the Upper School, eight juniors received Levi Sprague Fellowships, the highest honor that the school bestows for student leadership and service. Awarded annually to commemorate the 70-year tenure of Wyoming Seminary’s fourth president, the fellowship honors student leaders in academic, athletic and extracurricular life. It also fosters a close and positive relationship between the day and boarding communities of the school by bringing some day students into the dormitories. Levi Sprague Fellows are expected to serve as models to the rest of the student body. Nominations of juniors by students and faculty members are gathered in April and May and passed on to a committee of faculty and current Levi Sprague Fellows. The committee makes the final decision, selecting five to eight Fellows annually.

Seen following the assembly are, first row from left: VOJTKO; ARIKO ANDO ’13, WEISBERGER, and MOLLIE FRIEDMAN ’10. Second row, from left: AMANDA SEDOR ’13, BRIANNA WISE ’11 and SONALI VARHADE ’10.

Lower School students placed First in MATHCOUNTS Competition The MATHCOUNTS team at the Lower School took first place in the Luzerne County Chapter competition held at Wilkes University. The full day of MATHCOUNTS competition featured individual and team events, including sprint, target, team and countdown rounds. Dr. V. Ming Lew of Wilkes University coached this year’s team. Celebrating its 26th anniversary, MATHCOUNTS is a nationwide math enrichment, coaching and competition program designed to increase interest and achievement in mathematics among all intermediate school students, to assist in developing a technically literate population essential to U.S. global competitiveness, and to improve the quality of life.

Recognized students receive full room and board for their senior year and must agree to board on campus for their senior year.


Eighth-grade members of the 2010 MATHCOUNTS team are, from left: ANDREW LEVANDOSKI, SAI ABHISHEK, LEW, BEN HORNUNG and WYATT COX.


Wyoming Seminary Journal

Fall 2010

Upper School Players presented “Letters to the Editor”

SRG students on both campuses earned awards

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Issues that were important to residents of a small town 200 years ago – such as road maintenance, politics, the schools, and public safety – are much the same as those facing today’s citizens.

Members of both the Upper and Lower School’s SRG (Science Research Groups) won awards for their research projects at regional and state competitions in May. The students presented oral reports and posters of their research to panels of judges and other students.

These issues and many more, and how people feel about them,were discussed in the play “Letters to The Editor” in the Buckingham Performing Arts Center in May.

Ten Upper School students competed in the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science State Competition, bringing home six First Awards and four Second Awards. Six eighth graders competed and earned four First Awards, one Second Award and one Third Award.

Originally written and produced by the Bloomsburg Theater Ensemble, “Letters” made its world premier in the Alvina Krause Theatre in March, 1996. The show is a compilation of written correspondence to the editors of newspapers published in the Bloomsburg area over a period of about 200 years. A cast of 13 students portrayed as many as 130 different characters, each presenting his or her opinion about life in a small town in central Pennsylvania. A spare set, projected historical images, special lighting effects, silhouettes and evocative costumes set the scenes for the production including live instrumental and vocal music interludes.


At the PA Junior Academy of Science (PJAS), Northeast Regional Meeting, held at King’s College, 12 Upper School students participated, receiving two First Awards/Perfect Scores; eight First Awards; one Second Award and one Third Award. Of the eight Lower School scientists who participated, one received the First Award/Perfect Score and the Excellence Award. For much more information and a list of the winners, please go to “News” on the Web site:

PAI brings Broadway actor to stage production Robert Cuccioli, Tony-nominated actor for “Jekyll and Hyde,” played the Duke in PAI’s summer production of “Two Gentlemen of Verona, the Musical.” The actor rehearsed with PAI theater students, sharing his energy and talent with them in small and large groups. Winning Tony awards for Best Book and Best Musical in 1971, “Two Gentlemen of Verona, the Musical” is an exuberant rock musical based on Shakespeare’s play of the same name. Cuccioli is the third professional actor to be featured in PAI’s theater productions over the last several summers. Students have benefitted from working with David Canary (from TV’s “All My Children”) and Austin Pendleton (“My Cousin Vinny”).

Photo: Edwin A. Davis Photography

Sixth graders communicate with school in Thailand What is it like to go to school in Thailand? How is it different from school in Northeastern Pennsylvania? Sixth-grade students at Wyoming Seminary Lower School explored these and other questions as they communicated with a school in Thailand. The Sem students exchanged post cards with seventh-grade students at the Wang Khaem Wittakahom Secondary School, describing what it’s like to be in sixth grade and what they are studying in science. Later in the year, the students used “voice thread,” a way to combine e-mail with vocal recordings, to learn more about their Thailand counterparts.

Harvey is new interim dean



Jay Harvey ’80 has been named Interim Upper School Dean, filling the position vacated in June by John Gordon who accepted an administrative position at St. Christopher’s School in Richmond, Virginia. Most recently Class Dean, Curriculum Coordinator and math teacher at the Upper School, Harvey oversees all aspects of the Upper School’s academic and student life programs, college guidance program, registrar’s office and faculty. Harvey came to work at Sem in 1984 as a Lower School math and computer teacher and coach. Moving to the Upper School, he has filled an impressive number of roles over time including math and computer teacher, coach, Activities Director, dorm head and Commencement Coordinator. He holds a bachelor of science degree in math from Penn State University and a master of science degree in education from Wilkes University.

Wyoming Seminary Journal

Fall 2010

Board of Trustees names six new members The new members are Michael Apfelbaum, Lewisburg; Amy Valli Bennett ’94, New Canaan, Conn.; Robert Friedman ’73, Dallas; Anthony Grosek ’74, Kingston; Harry “Mike” Katerman ’71, Bloomsburg; and Catherine O’Donnell, Wilkes-Barre. APFELBAUM is co-chair of the law firm of Apfelbaum, Apfelbaum & Apfelbaum of Sunbury and co-trustee of The Degenstein Foundation. He also serves as the solicitor for The City of Sunbury and the Northumberland County Airport Authority. He is a member of the Board of Evangelical Community Hospital and a member of the Board of Counselors Michael Apfelbaum for the Penn State Dickinson School of Law. He is a 1982 graduate with Distinction and Special Honors in Political Science from George Washington University and was named to Phi Beta Kappa. He earned his law degree from the Dickinson School of Law, with induction into the Order of Barristers for Trial Advocacy. BENNETT has served as a development professional at the Charles River School in Boston, the Collegiate School in New York, N. Y., and for the Darien, Conn. chapter of the American Red Cross. She also served as a volunteer for several community organizations such as the Young Womens League of New Canaan, New Canaan Cares, the Hoyt Farm Association, and Amy Valli Bennett ’94 several area schools. She has been an active member of the Wyoming Seminary President’s Council and a class agent and reunion gift committee chair. She is a 1998 graduate of Muhlenberg College. In October 2009 she received Sem’s Class of 1986 Outstanding Young Alumna Award in recognition of her professional accomplishments and contributions to the school.

Robert Friedman ’73

FRIEDMAN is president of Friedman Electric of Exeter and owner of the River Street Jazz Café in Plains. He also is owner of Friedman Farms in Dallas. He is a member of the King’s College Board of Trustees, the Domestic Violence Service Center Board of Directors, the Temple Israel Board of Directors and the Jewish Federation Board of Directors. He received a bachelor of science degree in 1977 from Franklin and Marshall College.

GROSEK is the operator of his family’s Ramada Inn on the Square in Wilkes-Barre and manages various real estate holdings throughout Pennsylvania. He currently serves as president of the Wyoming Seminary Lower School Parents Association and previously served as President of the Board of the Wyoming Valley Montessori School. He received a bachelor of science degree in finance in 1978 from Penn State University Anthony Grosek ’74 and a master of science degree in real estate and urban affairs in 1987 from Georgia State University.

KATERMAN serves as the representative of the Susquehanna Conference of the Methodist Church to the Sem Board of Trustees. He is the previous owner, president and CEO of Magee Industrial Enterprises of Bloomsburg, a national and international manufacturer of carpet automotive systems, which included two radio stations, the Hotel Magee, restaurant franchises “Mike” Katerman ’71 and a carpet distribution firm. He is a past member of the Boy Scouts Board of Directors of ColumbiaMontour Counties, is a 15-year member of the Columbia County United Way, served on the Geisinger Medical Center Regional Advisory Board, is the chair of the Columbia County chapter of the Tocqueville Society of the United Way and is active in many other community service organizations. In 2001 he served as the chair of the Bloomsburg Bicentennial Committee. A previous member of the Sem Board of Trustees, he received the Class of 1986 Outstanding Young Alumnus Award in 1989 in recognition of his professional accomplishments and contributions to the school. He is a 1975 graduate of Penn State University with a bachelor of science degree in textile science.

O’DONNELL is a practicing attorney in Kingston, specializing in the areas of estate planning and administration, personal injury, orphans court, product liability, workers’ compensation, business, corporate and municipal law, municipal finance, elder law, Social Security appeals and disability and supplemental security Catherine O’Donnell income. She is a member of the Philadelphia, Lackawanna County, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania and American Bar Associations and has been admitted to practice law before the U.S. Supreme Court. She has been named a Pennsylvania Super Lawyer for 2007, 2008 and 2009. She also is a member of the Wilkes-Barre Law and Library Association, the American Association for Justice and the Pennsylvania Association for Justice. She previously served as the Wilkes-Barre Redevelopment Authority Solicitor and as a District Justice. A previous member of the Sem Board of Trustees, she currently serves as president of the Wyoming Seminary Upper School Parents Association and is active in St. Therese Church, Wilkes-Barre. She received her bachelor’s degree, MBA and law degree from the University of Pittsburgh and was named to Phi Beta Kappa.


Kristina Yannotta ’12

Tim Hanlon ’12 Ronni-Lynn Martinez ’10

Baseball Head Coach – Brian Kaschak Record: 4 – 13


All sports photos: Michael Touey

Matt Smith ’10

Boys Lacrosse Head Coach – Jon Siff Record: – 8 – 7

Head Coach – Ethan Lewis Record: 5 – 9

Girls Lacrosse

Boys Tennis

Head Coach – Catie Kersey Record: 7 – 2

Head Coach – Mike Balutanski Record: 14 – 1 Division Champions District AA Champions Qualified for States (lost first round to Moravian Academy 2-3)

Sunny Stirewalt ’10 Bijoy Ghosh ’11

Girls Soccer Head Coach – John Hannigan Record: 1 – 12

Leah Eyerman is Sem’s new head coach for girls ice hockey. Leah is a 2004 graduate of Wyoming Seminary where she was on the first girls ice hockey team, serving as co-captain for three years and scoring 150 points in 60 games played. She started her college career at Buffalo State University where she was co-captain of the women’s ice hockey team for two years, played in 68 consecutive games and won the Unsung Hero Award in 2005. Leah graduated from Neumann College and played ice hockey for their team, which was ranked 10th in the nation. Prior to coming back to Sem, Leah spent two years at the Rumsey Hall School teaching science and starting their women’s ice hockey program. Leah has also coached at the Keystone State games for the last three years and served as a Power Skating Specialist Coach for Northwestern Hockey Program in Connecticut in 2008-2010.

Scott Green is the wrestling team’s new head coach. Green completed his fourth season as assistant coach at Binghamton University, his alma mater, in 200910. During that season he helped guide the Bearcats to a 21st place finish in the NCAA Div. I National Championship, a 2010 Colonial Athletic Association Conference championship and a 14-7-2 season record. Prior to joining Binghamton in 2006 he enjoyed a successful six-year tenure as wrestling coach at Oxford Academy and Central School in Oxford, N.Y. He also founded and runs Shamrock Wrestling, one of the largest and most successful wrestling clubs in the country. In 2010, Green served as a coach for the USA World Wrestling Team competing at the Junior World Championships in Budapest, Hungary in July. He received the USA Wrestling FILA Junior/University Person of the Year Award in 2009 in recognition of his many contributions to the sport. He also was named the state Sectional Coach of the Year in 2004 and Northeast New York Regional Coach of the Year in 1999 and 2001. 10

Welcome to Our New Teachers 2010-11 New Lower School Faculty 2010-11 New Upper School Faculty Lisa Bailey Fourth-Grade Teacher

Bailey holds a bachelor of science degree from the University of Scranton and a master in business administration and elementary certification from Wilkes University. Bailey is a Lower School parent and worked in the front office for several years.

John Eidam Fifth- and Sixth-Grade Science Teacher Before joining the Sem faculty, Eidam taught at the Swain School, St. Andrew’s Lower School and in the Miami-Dade County Public School System. A 1990 graduate of Wyoming Seminary, he holds a bachelor of science degree in elementary education from Susquehanna University.

Nancy Federici First-Grade Teacher Federici has returned to Sem after having taught kindergarten at the Lower School several years ago. She has also served as substitute teacher and fifth- and sixth-grade field hockey coach. She holds a bachelor of arts degree with elementary certification from Wilkes University.

Antoinette Allen Math Teacher Allen is a 2000 graduate of Columbia University with dual degrees in economics and political science as well as an M.A. in mathematics education from Teachers College, Columbia (2005). She has been teaching in public and private schools since 2004, most recently at the Pine Crest School (Fla.). At Sem, Allen teaches algebra I, II and geometry, coaches field hockey and lacrosse and lives in Swetland Hall.

David Danilack Math Teacher  Following a five-week stint as a substitute in our math department last spring, Danilack returns to a full-time position this fall.  He retired from Wilkes-Barre Area in 2009 following a more than 30year teaching career. He has a math degree from King’s College and an M.B.A. from the University of Scranton.  

Erin Griffin Fifth Grade Literacy Teacher

Jim Doherty Math Teacher

Griffin has taught English, writing, oral communications and literature courses at area public and parochial schools and has worked as a free-lance writer. She holds a bachelor of arts degree in English from Villanova University and a master of education degree in English from East Stroudsburg University.

Doherty is a 1986 graduate of The University of Florida where he earned a B.S. in mathematics education and an M.Ed in mathematics education. He is currently pursuing an Ed.D. at Florida Atlantic University. Doherty has been teaching in independent schools since 1987 as well as at the community college level. He was the math department chair at the Kent Place School in New Jersey. At Sem, he is our math department chair and teaches pre-calculus honors, AP statistics and AB calculus.

Dawn Leas Eighth Grade English Teacher Previously the Lower School Director of Admission, Leas holds a bachelor of arts degree in communication from the University of Scranton and a master of fine arts degree in creative writing from Wilkes University. She recently published a book of poetry.

Renée McGowan Eighth-Grade Math Teacher

Leah Eyerman Admission Assistant and Girls Ice Hockey Coach

McGowan has served as a substitute math teacher in the Pittston Area schools and at Sem and also worked as a computer programmer/ analyst at Met Life. She holds a bachelor of science degree in mathematics with secondary education certification from King’s College.

Eyerman is a 2008 Magna Cum Laude graduate of Neumann College, where she received a B.S. in environmental science and education. She started her college career at Buffalo State University where she was a captain of the women’s ice hockey team for two years. A member of Sem’s first women’s ice hockey team, Eyerman works in the admission office and is the girls head ice hockey coach.

Marilyn Nygren First-Grade Teacher

Scott Green English Teacher and Wrestling Coach

Nygren, a 2009-10 long-term sub in one of Sem’s first-grades, taught kindergarten at the Fort Montgomery/Highland Falls School District and the West Point preschool and pre-kindergarten school in upstate New York. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Ohio State and a master’s from SUNY, New Paltz.

A 1993 graduate of Binghamton University (B.A. in literature and rhetoric), Green has taught English and Special Education at two schools and has helped to run the Children’s Home for the Wyoming Conference. He was the assistant wrestling coach for Binghamton University and runs the Shamrock Wrestling Club, one of the most successful wrestling training clubs in the United States. At Sem, Scott teaches public speaking and English and is the head wrestling coach.

Aaron Stoker Middle-School Math Teacher Prior to joining Sem’s faculty, Stoker taught math at the former Bishop Hoban High School and served as an adjunct math teacher at Wilkes University. He also served as a math teacher in the Wilkes Upward Bound program. He holds a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications and journalism from Wilkes.

Janet Thatcher Middle-School Math Teacher Thatcher most recently taught math at the Pocono Mountain School District and has served as a music therapist and a resource coordinator at Lourdesmont High School. She holds a bachelor of arts degree in music from Misericordia University and teacher certification in special education and middle school math from Marywood University.

David Klann Science Teacher Klann earned an M.S. in astronomy from the University of Arizona and an A.B. in physics/geophysics from Brown University. He has been teaching in independent schools and community colleges for over thirty years. He also taught at the Stony Brook School in New York. At Sem, Klann teaches physics honors, AP physics and astronomy and is part of the team teaching robotics.


Wyoming Seminary Journal

Fall 2010

Photography by Andy

Upper School Commencement

Steve Ris, chair of the history department, gave the commencement address urging the graduates to stay true to the child inside each of them.


Photo: Curtis Salonick

Photo: Curtis Salonick

Photography by Andy

May 30, 2010

Jakub Husek was the 2010 Outstanding Graduate.

Winner of the Maslow Award for Teaching Excellence was Lubomira Wilczewska Torbin, teacher of photography and Swetland Hall icon for 27 years.

Wyoming Seminary Journal

Fall 2010

Senior Class Officers

Left to right, Front row: Allison Considine, Pharoah Rodriguez, Nicholas Strzeletz; back row: Gia Querci, Nathaniel Tucker, Gibb Parks

Alumni Parents and Grandparents with their Graduates

Front row, left to right: Cathy McHugh ’78, Jesse McHugh, Peggy Fields ’47, Frank Henry ’50, John Henry, Scott Henry ’76; Second row: George Tsioles, Cynthia Veras Tsioles ’80, Marco Santarelli, Carlo Santarelli ’68 Third row: James Rogers ’77, Barbara Lumia Rogers ’77, Paul Lumia ’81, Olivia Lumia, Melanie Maslow Lumia ’82, Max Schwager, Gia Querci, John Querci ’68; fourth row: Emily Rogers, Blair Saba, Harvie Ruggles ’79, Julie McCarthy Strzeletz ’81, Nicholas Strzeletz, David Schwager ’80, Bob Clements ’72, Julia Clements, Jeannie McCarthy Clements ’77 13

Class of 2010 Colleges and Universities Kristina Ishimwe Adera

University of Scranton

Gina Insalaco

New York University

Pooja A. Patel

University of Pittsburgh

Charles A. Adonizio

University of Arizona

Kyle Lewis Johnson

Jesse Aaron Placourakis

Mesa Community College

Benjamin Russell Adrian

Rollins College

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Michael Carl Kachmar

Cheuk Yan Pong

Manhattan School of Music

Tachporn Akharaekpanya

New York University

Pennsylvania State University, Schreyer Honors College

Giovanna Querci

Pratt Institute

University of Tampa

Michael Anthony Kapolka

Wilkes University

Amanda Quick

Syracuse University

Nicole D. Amaranto

State University of New York, Buffalo

Courtney Hannah Karg

Wilkes University

Kathryn K. Reinert

Albright College

JaJa Kentwell

Old Dominion University

Louise Bulow Andersson

Connecticut College

Amanda Elyse Reiser

American University

Connor Michael Kincheloe

Kyun Il Bae

Syracuse University

Penn State University University Park

Beau Reznak

King’s College

Gregory M. Barber

Lehigh University

Simon M. Kitzis

University of Missouri, Columbia

Pharoah Xavier Rodriguez

Syracuse University

Igor Bayder

Randolph College

Katrina Rose Klunk

Seton Hill University

Emily Bly Rogers

Boston University

Mordechai Judah Bell

Tulane University

Artur Kochuev

New England College

Thomas Clifford Romanowski

Bucknell University

Lukas Bilek

Susquehanna University

Elizabeth Helen Kolvik

Hudson Valley Community College

Chelsea Anne Ruane

The Art Institute of Philadelphia

Caleb William Bowers

Gettysburg College

Garrett Konecke

Wilkes University

Elizabeth Blair Saba

Wilkes University

Stephen Andrew BravoBrown

University of South Florida, Tampa

Kyle Joseph Kopervas

Alvernia University

Marco J.Santarelli

New York University

Emmanuel Justin Brown

Seton Hall University

Jason Daniel Kwiatek

Marist College

Keland Sarno

Wagner College

Rebecca Nicole Bub

Temple University

Hyuck-Jun Kwon

New York University

Max Samuel Schwager

George Washington University

Bryce Edward Caiazzo

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Duc Van Le

Rochester Institute of Technology

Sarun Seepun

Pitzer College

Chieh-Mei Lee

Lehigh University

Boston University

Parsons School of Design, New School University

Sierra Marie Segear

Jee Min Cha

Kristina Seiger

Wilkes University

Penn State University, University Park

Robyn Lynn Shonk

Luzerne County Community College

Tyler Anthony Skroski

Lebanon Valley College

Emily Smallwood

Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Khalid Abdullah Al-Rashed

Han-Wei Chen

Boston University

Leah Levine

Julia Loftus Clements

Saint Joseph’s University

Yu-Jui Lin

Boston University

Allison Considine

Pace University

Olivia Lumia

Colby-Sawyer College

Emily Rose Cornett

Lake Forest College

Ronni-Lynn Aurelia Martinez

Bowdoin College

Amelie Corriveau St-Louis

Neumann University

Molly McFadden

Misericordia University

Brigid Louise Smith

Max I. Cutler

Temple University

Penn State University, Schreyer Honors College

John Jesse McHugh

Moravian College

Matthew Brian Smith

Susquehanna University

Olivia Rose Dworak

Wilkes University

Bridget Forcier McLaughlin

McDaniel College

St. John’s University Queens Campus

Michael John McMullan

Northwestern University

Sunny Marie Mericle Stirewalt

University of Pennsylvania

Marissa Egipciaco

Elmira College

Georgetown University

McDaniel College

Ambrose Jeru McMurphy

Nicholas Strzeletz

Molly Alexandra Friedman

Concordia University

Donald M. McNeil

University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Adam Thalenfeld

Joseph Fulginiti

Eugene Lang College, The New School for Liberal Arts

Brendon Rashad Gannon

Western Michigan University

Connor Stuart McRae

Concordia University

George Tsioles

King’s College

Audrianna Nicole Gavin

Drexel University

Anastasya Menaker

Wilkes University

Korey Nathaniel Tucker

Harvard University

Brandon Joseph Golden

Franklin and Marshall College

Katelyn Mericle

Fordham University

Brennan Twardowski

Merrimack College

Amber Alayna Gollhardt

Baptist Bible College of Pennsylvania

Katharine Michaels

Fordham University

Megan Elizabeth Ustynoski

Michigan State University

Dean College

Plattsburgh State University

Boston College

Vanessa Mok

Chelsea Lee VanGlahn

Katherine Granger

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Tufts University

Brown University

Christopher Michael Moon

Sonali Kranti Varhade

Kelsey Rose Grossman

Zazriel Villamor

Arcadia University

Madeleine Hackett

Boston University

William Edward Moore

Monmouth University

Kathryn Marie Voelkner

Saint Joseph’s University

Eun Young Han

Boston College

Anusorn Mudla

Purdue University

Michael Paul Voitik

Jacksonville University

Kelsey Brett Hannigan

Drexel University

Giang Hoang Nguyen

Lake Forest College

Rafiq Olufemi Wallace

Nassau Community College

Dalton Richard Harbula

United States Merchant Marine Academy

Quoc Anh Nguyen

George Washington University

Banner Matthew White

Bucknell University

Manhattanville College

Atsuro Nishiuchi

Drexel University

James J. Wieller

Drexel University

John Patrick Henry

Bucknell University

Johnathan Michael Novak

Penn State University, Wilkes-Barre

David Joseph Wimsatt

Trinity University

Chung-Hua Ho

Drexel University

Sara Iris Ouellette

Arcadia University

Yue Wu

College of William and Mary

Huy Nhat Ho

Bryant University

Gibb David Parks

Lafayette College

Xin Zi Xu

Jakub Husek

Susquehanna University

University of California at Berkeley

Danielle Michelle Harbula


Wyoming Seminary Journal

Fall 2010

June 3, 2010

All photographs this page: Photography by Andy

Lower School Commencement

Alumni Parents and Grandparents with their Grads

Left to right, front row: John Parente, John Parente ’85, Lee Turner ’62, Molly Ann Turner, Nora Fierman, Bernice Perloff Fierman ’46, Daniel Fierman ’73; Second row: Maria Agati Edmunds ’80, Scott Edmunds, Nicholas Querci, Lee Ann Earl Sedor ’76, Bradley Sedor, Julia Grosek, Tony Grosek ’74; Third row: Kayanne Vanderburg Barilla ’84, Alex Barilla, John Querci ’68, Bruce Saidman ’76, Asa Saidman.

Paul Burg, Director of Athletics at the Lower School, was honored with the Maslow Award for Teaching Excellence.


Wyoming Seminary Journal

Fall 2010

News from the Alumni Director

“What does

Wyoming Seminary

Owe You?”

That question was asked at an alumni focus group in Philadelphia a few years ago. After a few uncomfortable minutes of silence, a young alumnus spoke up, “All Sem needs to do for me is maintain its great reputation, so when I say I went to Sem, I can be proud.” As someone who has many affiliations with Sem – alumna, daughter of an alumnus, sister of alumni, employee, and perhaps most importantly, mother of one student and one alum – I have experienced the school on many levels and over the course of many years. To our friend in Philadelphia, I say this: “You needn’t worry. Our school is as great as it ever was!” Sem’s programs – academics, athletics, the arts and of course the multitude of clubs and activities – are impressive. Log onto our Web site and get a glimpse of all that is going on at Sem. I recommend that you click on “Sem Video: Get to Know Us!” as well as check the news, sports and other pages regularly. But more than anything else, I urge you to come back and see for yourself why you can be proud of your alma mater. Take time at reunions to see the students in action. You are always welcome to sit in on a class, watch a play practice or simply hang out on campus and observe the Sem of today. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

New Director of Alumni Programs Julie McCarthy Strzeletz ’81 reconnected with alumni at reunions in May.  Left to right, they are: Tish Mack Grosek ’80, Jessica Ross Davis ’80, Gina Cotton Simpson ’79, Susie Cockburn Bradbury ’81, Amee Alagiri and Strzeletz.

In July, Elizabeth Frosini joined the Alumni & Development team as the new Associate Director of Development, replacing Julie McCarthy Strzeletz after her move to Alumni Programs.  Liz’s responsibilities include the planning and execution of Sem’s Annual Giving campaign, communicating with all of our various constituent groups.  She will also work as a school liaison with the Upper School Parents

Julie McCarthy Strzeletz ’81 Director of Alumni Programs

Association and help to plan the annual school auction, a major school event that will take place in April.

2010-11 Alumni Events October 22-23, 2010 Homecoming & Parents Weekend April 29 ­– May 1, 2011 Alumni Weekend 16

Liz is a graduate of The George Washington University, where she earned her bachelor of business administration from the School of Business and Public Management with concentrations in international business, business economics and public policy.  Most recently she worked as an Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions at GW.  Prior to that, Liz worked in private industry and served as a legislative intern in the office of Arlen Specter.

Welcome, Liz!

Wyoming Seminary Journal


Fall 2010

Weekend April 30, May 1, 2 2010

April 30, Friday Daytime Activities

Members of the class of 1948 and their spouses enjoyed lunch in the Swetland Hall parlors. Left to right, seated: Anna Cervanak, Joyce Buckingham, Ellen Davis Bender, Jean Robbins Hughes, Tish Heffernan Ferenbach, and Mary Eagan McDonald. Standing: William Bender, Max Bartikowsky, Louis Goeringer, Bill Isaacs, Hal Buckingham, Collette Touey Kean, Nancy Jackson Hartman, Bob Hartman, George Lehman and Rebekah Nicholson Malkemes.

After lunch, members of the class convened in one of the modernized classrooms on the third floor of Sprague. Funds raised by this class supported the modernization and supported its dedication to former English teacher Helen L. Brown ’18. Standing: Hal Buckingham. Seated beginning with far left row, front to back: Jean Robbins Hughes, Anna Cervenak, Joyce Buckingham; row 2: Tish Heffernan Ferenbach, Bob Hartman, George Lehman; row 3: John Shafer ’71, VP of Advancement; row 4: William Bender and Nancy Jackson Hartman.

Seniors ate lunch in Fleck Hall with some members of the 60th reunion class. From left to right: Brennan Twardowski ’10, Ben Reinohl ’50, Kelsey Grossman ’10, Arlene Cossa, Jack Cossa ’50. 17

Friday Evening

Ice Breakers…

Class of 1950

Hostess Barbara Dykins Von Dran, Jim Dunham, Maureen Shedleski Brady

Celebrating alumni enjoyed “ice breaker” parties at various locations Friday evening. Here Sally Landau Zinman and Dottie Henry talked on the breath-taking terrace of Bischwind, a b&b owned by classmate Barbara Dykins Von Dran.

Ben Reinoehl, Patricia Judge Lewis, Frank Dunne

Class of 1960

The class of 1960 met at the Atrium in Kingston. Seated here were Lynn Sheehan, Marion Brand, Irv Brand, Nelson Banks, Susan Teller Goodman

Ellen MacCartney Warren, Bill Warren, Susan Zeller Lynn 18

Leigh Kooker Utsch, Susan Yashan, Nelson Banks, Lenore Wadzinski ‘60

Class of 1965

Charlie Shea, Georgia Dzurica, Margie Sondheim Kelk, Bob Zimmerman

Sally Sims Alinikoff, Fred Levy

Class of 1980

Class of 1975

Pearl Butera Fulton, Daun Rose Margin, Deidre Beckwith Wrenn and other members of the class of 1975 held their party at the Woodlands.

Carl Wilber, Tom Crissman, Ross Macarty and Keith Larson attended the ice breaker for 1980.

Mark your calendars for

Alumni Weekend at Sem!

April 29 to May 1, 2011 For members of the classes of 1936 to 1986 19

Wyoming Seminary Journal

Friday Evening Tower Society and DSA Reception

Fall 2010

The annual reception thanking members of the Tower Society (donors of $1,000 or more to the annual giving campaign) also celebrates the recipients of the DSA (Distinguished Service Award). Annual Giving chairs John Lopatto ’69, Mary Lopatto ’72 and Gigi Lopatto ’77 and Jane Nicholson enjoyed the festivities.

DSA recipients honored in May Sem’s Board of Trustees presented its annual Joseph C. Donchess Distinguished Service Award to four people who have demonstrated exceptional service to the community and to Wyoming Seminary. The Award is the highest honor bestowed by the board on behalf of everyone associated with the school. It expresses appreciation for the life and example, sacrifices and devotion of Alice Hughes, William Robbins ’52, Debbie Madden, Richard Hughes ’79, and Dean of Admission Jack Eidam

Jean Robbins Hughes ’48, Susan Weiss Shoval ’70, Judd Shoval and Betsy Hughes Phillips.


those who are honored.

Pictured immediately prior to the ceremony are, left to right: President Kip P. Nygren; recipients Clifford K. Melberger, John D. Mueller ’52, Marvin Antinnes and Jean Robbins Hughes ’48; and Mary A. Lopatto ’72 representing the board.

Wyoming Seminary Journal

Fall 2010

May 1, Saturday Daytime Activities

Members of the class of 1960 connected in Sprague Hall: Ellen MacCartney Warren, Bill Warren, Marcia Weinberg and Jay Weinberg.

Co-chairs of the 1980 reunion committee, Richard Johnson ’80 and Tish Mack Grosek ’80, talked with President Kip Nygren.

Blue Key student Alison Considine ’10, center, gave this group of 1960 alumni a tour of the campus.

President Kip Nygren congratulated Jay Weinberg ’60 who was named the Outstanding Alumnus during the Alumni Convocation.

These alumni represented their classes as speakers at the memorial service. Seated: Ruth Brooks Chapin ’40; Standing, left to right: Tish Mack Grosek ’80, Jon Greenwald ’60, Liesl Harder Kielp ’85, Cornelia Conyngham Romanowski ’75, Erika Funke ’70, Maureen Shedleski Brady ’50, Dave Micahnik ’55, Betsy Bell Condron ’45, Ronald Rittenmeyer ’65. 21

Wyoming Seminary Journal

Alumni Games

Alumni Baseball Left to right, front row: Jon Janerich ’07, Ryan Molitoris ’06, Jim Kersey, Irv Rivera ’70, Vincent LoRusso ’01; back row: Jack Monick ’69, Ethan Lewis, Anthony Andrews ’85, John Lopatto ’69, Jon Hendrzak ’79 and Jonathan Yoder ’01.

Boys Alumni Lacrosse Left to right, front row: Keith Mecca ’89, Scott Cooper ’89, Lindo Sabatini ’91, Pat Son ’03, Christian Switzer ’05, Matt Packard ’03; second row: Mike Hanlon ’05, Jason Young ’08, Tyler Mattingly ’08, Jon Lawrence ’08, Jeff Kratz ’08, Henry Maguire ’08 and coach Jon Siff. 22

Fall 2010

Wyoming Seminary Journal

Fall 2010

May 1, Saturday

Evening Activities

Alumni got together on campus at the homes of President Kip Nygren and VP of Advancement John Shafer ’71 for cocktails Saturday evening. Among other party-goers were Quincy Abbot, Frank Dunne, Margery Hutter Silver and Barbara Miller Scheuer, all from the class of 1950.

From the class of 1980, John Wartella, Rust Tippett, Madhu Alagiri, Amee Alagiri.

From the class of 1960, Marcia Weinberg, Susan Yashan, Jon Greenwald, Jay Weinberg.

Jack Monick ’67, Valerie Monick, John Shafer ’71, Marv Antinnes, Irv Rivera ’70

Richard Kellman, Ann Burnate Kellman ’60, Gaby Greenwald 23

Thank You

for helping us to create an accurate

Alumni Directory that will be a valuable asset to members of the greater Sem family. We appreciate your prompt responses to the postcards sent to you by Harris Connect over Announcing Our Upcoming Alumni Directory.

Find the old friends you promised you would never forget.

Even if it has been years since you last made contact, you can still reconnect with long-lost friends. We are currently compiling an Alumni Directory, an invaluable resource with personal, academic and business

the past few months. If you have any questions asbout this directory, please contact us.

information on all of our alumni. Don’t miss your chance to be included. Complete and return your directory questionnaire as soon as possible.

Wyoming Seminary Alumni Office


Thank you

for your support of the 2010 • donating items Auction! • volunteering your time • bidding online • attending the concluding gala event • participating in live bidding

The Parents Associations’ major fundraising event of the year is the much-anticipated all-school auction. This year’s successful team raised $52,000, with YOUR help. Your gifts help fund classroom projects and purchase wishlist items in support of Sem’s academic and extracurricular programs. Special thanks go out to current parents Clare McCarthy Parkhurst ’75 and Maureen Conyngham for heading the committee efforts and current parents Bob Clements ���72 and Loren Grossman who reprised their roles as the energetic and amusing auctioneers! Have something to donate to next year’s auction? Please contact Liz Frosini in the Alumni and Development Office: 570-270-2140 or efrosini@ And don’t forget to mark your calendar for the 2011 auction: online from March 28 to April 6 and live auction and party on April 8.


Reunion Classes of 1940 & 1945

Two of three members of the class of 1940 join President Nygren at Convocation.

Photo: Curtis Salonick

Left to right: Florence Austin, Jim Lurba and Ruth Brooks Chapin at lunch.

Laura Wideman, Ed Wideman ’60, Herb Weiss ’45, Joe Baicker ’45 Herb Weiss, Allan Kluger, Joe Baicker


Reunions Photo: Michael Touey

Class of 1950

Front row, left to right: Barbara Dykins Von Dran, Margery Hutter Silver, Joe Nelson, Glenn Jacoby, Natalie Cattanach Lewis, Ruth Bass Fiedler, Barbara Miller Scheuer. Back row: Maureen Shedleski Brady, Barry Iscovitz, Frank Henry, Ben Reinoehl, Susie Long, Ken Hitchner, Quincy Abbot, Auvo Kemppinen, John Moore, Frank Dunne, Sally Landau Zinman, Jake Crellin, Sally Eisen Basch, Don Bush, Priscilla Judge Merek, Richard Murphy, Neil Gutman.

Arlene Cossa, Jack Cossa and Jake Crellin at lunch.

Natalie Cattanach Lewis, Sally Eisen Basch and Priscilla Judge Merek

Also at lunch were Margery Hutter Silver, Barbara Miller Scheuer, Natalie Cattanach Lewis, Maureen Shedleski Brady and Mimi Davis Dunham.

Richard Murphy and Frank Henry


Reunion Class of 1955

Photo: Curtis Salonick

Left to right, front row: Helen Tinsley, Carol Hyman Levitin, Virginia Baner Dewey, Louise Loucks Moore, Sue Kline Kluger; second row: Sylvia Kehoe Abrantes, Donna Gay Kaplan, Mimi Hughes Carroll, Dave Micahnik; third row: Richard Goldberg, President Kip Nygren and Carl Hedden.

Helen Tinsley, Carol Hyman Levitin and Mimi Hughes Carroll

Carl Hedden and Dave Micahnik

Virginia Baner Dewey and Donna Gay Kaplan at lunch 27

Reunions Class of 1960

Photo: Curtis Salonick

At the Bell Tower

Left to right, front row: Ann Harmon Kellman, Leigh Kooken Utsch, Bill Kolb, Susan Zeller Lynn, Susan Yashan, Ellen MacCartney Warren, Mimi Rowland Murdock; second row: Steve Brandwene, Lynn Sheehan, Irv Brand, Jay Weinberg, Lenore Wadzinski Yousef, Jon Greenwald and Bill Lawry.

Jon Greenwald, former Director of Alumni Programs Liz Hibbard and Gabby Greenwald 28

Photo: Curtis Salonick

At the Evening Party

Left to right, front row: Ellen MacCartney Warren, Lenore Wadzinski Yousef, Nelson Banks, Mimi Rowland Murdock, Susan Yashan, Leigh Kooken Utsch, Ann Burnat Kellman; second row: Steve Brandwene, Lynn Sheehan, Bill Kolb; third row: Irv Brand, Jay Weinberg, Bill Lawry, Jon Greenwald and William Lawry. Not present when photo was taken: Susan Teller Goodman, Murray Ufberg, Susan Zeller Lynn.

Murray Ufberg and Mort Lynn

Kip Nygren meets Nelson Banks, again!

Rosemarie Banks, Bill Lawry, Nelson Banks

Irv Brand and Steve Brandwene

During Alumni Weekend, May 1, 2010, President Nygren discovered that he’d made a Sem connection 40 years earlier. Meeting Dr. Nelson Banks ’60 at Saturday’s cocktail reception, Nygren recognized the medical doctor assigned to his first Army unit, the 3rd Squadron, 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment located in Amberg, Germany. Serving together in February 1970, Nelson gave Nygren a physical exam required for entrance into flight school. Casually correcting Nygren’s erroneous assumption that he had hay fever, a condition that would have disqualified him from becoming a pilot, Banks changed Nygren’s life forever. 29

Reunions Class of 1965

Photo: Curtis Salonick

Photo: Curtis Salonick

Left to right, front row: Betsy Thomas Johnson, Georgia Dzurica, Marlene Lippi Furey, Estelle Andrews, Barbie Aston; second row: Charlie Shea, Gailey Teller, Kathy Montz Miller, Richard Snowdon, Sally Lowe Shea, Nancy Siegel Harris, Margie Shaffer Victor, Bob Zimmerman, Diane Giering Wasilewski, Bunky Day, Bob Anton, Franklin Coslett, Sheilah Wiener Ziccardi, Caleb McKenzie, Margie Sondheim Kelk

Left to right: Nancy Siegel Harris, Margie Shaffer Victor, Caleb McKenzie and Sally Sims Alinikoff

Betsy Thomas Johnson, Kathy Montz Miller and Richard Snowdon

Bob Anton, William Newman, Nancy Siegel Harris and Joe Harris 30

Sally Lowe Shea, Reuben Munday, Richard Snowdon and Kathy Montz Miller

Reunion Class of 1970

Bill Hall and Randy Gale

Photo: Curtis Salonick

Left Front row, left to right: Francie Baltimore Handman, Jill Jeter Tallman, Esther Gray Peacock, Marcy Goldberg Wesalo, Tina Graham Ouellette; second row: Cynthia Rudolph McClorey, Randy Gale, Pam Pethick Gale, Laney Izenberg Ufberg, Frank (Parky) Conyngham, Rob Klein, Bill Hall, Irv Rivera, Rob Buntz, Sandy Pahk

Henry Tallman, Esther Gray Peacock, Jill Jeter Tallman

Sandy Pahk, George Conyngham ’75 and Irv Rivera

Francie Baltimore Handman, Bill Hall, Cynthia Rudolph McClorey, Marcy Goldberg Wesalo

Frank (Parky) Conyngham and Henry Tallman 31

Reunions Class of 1975

Pam Pethick Gale ’70 and Ed Romanowski ’75

Photo: Curtis Salonick

Photo: Curtis Salonick

Left to right, front row: Corny Conyngham Romanowski, Lisa Weingeroff, Daun Rose Margin, Deirdre Beckwith Wrenn, Pearl Ann Butera Fulton, Clare McCarthy Parkhurst; second row: Tim Evans, Karl Arbogast, Terry Casey, Jeff Tihansky, Ed Romanowski, George Conyngham.

Left to right, front row: Corny Conyngham Romanowski, Jeff Tihansky, Deirdre Beckwith Wrenn and Pearl Butera Fulton; second row: Ed Romanowski, Lisa Weingeroff and Daun Rose Margin at lunch.

Karl Arbogast, George Conyngham and Terry Casey at the Jazz Club

Photo: Curtis Salonick

Pearl Butera Fulton, Cathy McHugh ’78, Corny Conyngham Romanowski, Jeff Tihansky, teacher Jim Kersey, Deirdre Beckwith Wrenn, Daun Rose Margin and Lisa Weingeroff at the Jazz Club. 32

Reunion Class of 1980

Photo: Curtis Salonick

Left to right, first row: Madhu Alagiri, Richard Johnson, John McCarthy; second row: Gina Cotton Simpson ’79, Susie Cockburn Bradbury, Jodie Arenberg Semel, Jessica Ross Davis, Tish Mack Grosek, Felicia Serpico, Tammy Pearsall, Kevin Bufalino, Hilary Maslow Naud, Lee McCarthy, Chris Stanisci; third row: Craig Martin, Bill Lamoreaux, Doug Murphy, Rust Tippett, Lou Butera, Jay Harvey, Bill Cebak, Carl Wilbur, Hampton Oberle, Mark Sherman, Blair Jennings, John Wartella, Mark Fields, Keith Larson, Bobby Kaslander; fourth row: Thomas (Tucker) Slattery, Matt Panich; Ross Macarty, Tom Crissman. Not present when photo was taken: Harry Sandberg and David Schwager.

Blair Jennings, Hilary Maslow Naud, Felicia Serpico, Jessica Ross Davis, Tammy Pearsall, Carl Wilbur and Keith Larson at the Jazz Club.

Photo: Curtis Salonick

Photo: Curtis Salonick

Left to right, front row: Mark Fields, Julie McCarthy Strzeletz ’81, Ross Macarty, Amee Alagiri, Madhu Alagiri, Doug Murphy, Gina Cotton Simpson ’79, Susie Cockburn Bradbury ’81, Tish Mack Grosek, Jessica Ross Davis, Bill Cebak, Hamp Oberle; second row: Chris Stanisci, Harry Sandburg, Lou Butera, Bob Kaskander, John Wartella, Richard Johnson and Matt Panich.

Former teacher and coach Gary Vanderburg, Kevin Bufalino, Lou Butera and Chris Stanisci. 33

Reunions Class of 1985

Photo: Curtis Salonick

Photo: Curtis Salonick

Ann Marie Hendrzak and Faith Jabers Matzoni

Photo: Curtis Salonick

Left to right, front row: Victoria Baran, Faith Jabers Matzoni, Ann Marie Hendrzak; second row: Toni Pitman, Corine Leoni Treslar, Anthony Andrews, Liesl (Ann) Harder Kielp, Emily Bittenbender.

Anthony Andrews and Liesl (Ann) Harder Kielp


Toni Pitman, Emily Bittenbender, Jeffrey Matzoni, Faith Jabers Matzoni and Ann Marie Hendrzak

Class Notes Class Notes printed on the following pages represent news sent to us by August 15, 2010, with the exception of several obits. Please send hard copy news and photos to: Class Notes The Alumni Office Wyoming Seminary 201 North Sprague Avenue Kingston, Pa. 18704 Digital news and images can be e-mailed to: Digital images will reproduce better if they have a resolution of at least 200 dpi and are at least 4 inches wide.

1941 MARJORIE TAITE AUSTIN, Steamboat Springs, Colo., writes, My time at Wyoming Seminary was spent as a 7-day boarder. My favorite professor was Leroy Bugbee and my favorite administrator was Dean Adams. My UN-favorite things were wearing hats, stockings, and skirts off campus and having only two weekends away at my grandmother’s farm in Tunkhannock. My work duty was to clean the girls’ gym and I lost one study hall each day to work in the library. Let’s see, Sem owes me ___?___ study halls! The only meal we were allowed to miss was lunch. The second floor had no bathrooms so we had to go up to the third floor. Lights were out at 10 PM and study hall was from 8 PM to 9:45 PM. But we liked most everyone and there was a respect and consideration which I hope is still there. My great grandparents met at Wyoming Seminary. They were members of one of the first classes-Benjamin Manning Hall who lived on a farm in Tunkhannock and Asenath De Witt who lived on a farm in West Pittston. He walked from Kingston to West Pittston to ask her to marry him. He walked back because he had no money for a horse and carriage. He was late for school the next day and worried that Dr. Sprague would punish him. I was born on that farm. My father Manning Taite inherited it. I started at Goucher and left there to join SPARS U.S. Coast Guard-W.R. Our first WWII training was in Palm Beach, Fla.! I continued my studies at the University of Virginia where women were allowed to study only nursing, education or attend graduate school. I didn’t want nursing so I took education and that’s how I became a teacher. I married and had two children, Robert and Jayne, and my husband Captain W.H. Austin Jr. was in the school of engineering. What do I think of so-called prep schools? I was at Sem four years. My father was a graduate of the Peddie ’14. My brother spent 4 years at St Bernard’s in N.J. My son attended Episcopal

Academy in Merion, where I taught for 10 years, and my daughter went to the Shipley School. My son-in-law was the Head of School at Lowell Whitman School in Steamboat Springs, Colo. My daughter and her husband graduated from The George School, a Quaker school in Newtown Pa. I have two grandchildren, a girl and a boy. Both graduated from the University of Virginia. I also have four great-grandchildren. Go WYO! MTA

1944 KAY JOHNSON EDGERTON and BOB EDGERTON ’42, Dallas, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on June 24 at a party given by their sons ROBERT EDGERTON JR. ’69 and Ritchie Edgerton. Many members of ’42, ’44 and other Sem classes were in attendance.

1950 JOEL “JIM” GOLDSTEIN, Bryn Mawr, writes, I’m still seeing patients although I get to my office an hour later and come home an hour earlier. I’m also still teaching residents at Drexel College of Medicine and at the Psychoanalytic Institute. We’re doing pretty much what we were doing on our 50th. Debby is retired from pediatrics, but is doing a lot of work for the College of Physicians and is president of the Franklin Inn Club – a literary club. (Miss Brown never did approve of dashes.) Paul, our son, is an environmental biologist, working in Massachusetts. I wish you well and hope you stay healthy.

1951 HAROLD “HAL” C.W. BIRTH, Santa Monica, Calif., writes, I met my wife, Shirley Lovelace, at the US Embassy in London where she was employed in 1968. We have two living children, Cynthia and Victoria. Bradley (Sem class of ’76) lost his battle with cancer in 2009. We have two grandsons, Bradley and Alexander Birth, living in Virginia. I entered the US Air Force as an enlisted Aviation Cadet in 1953. After two years of training, I was commissioned a 2nd lieutenant and jet pilot. My next two duty assignments were in 18th Air Force then in 12th Air Force Headquarters. My first operational assignment was at RAF Alconbury, England flying secret reconnaissance missions over Europe in a Douglas B-66 aircraft during the Cold War. My return

to the US was short as I was sent to Vietnam on classified orders with a Diplomatic Passport to fly military missions over North Vietnam. After flying 84 combat missions my one year tour was complete and I was transferred back to RAF Alconbury England and trained in the new Douglas RF-4C Phantom II reconnaissance aircraft. After I completed my four year tour flying classified missions in Europe I received a change of command to the Strategic Air Command flying the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress at Grand Forks AFB ND. As a brand new crew we quickly earned a top overall lead crew rank making us eligible for an Arc light tour of duty in Vietnam. As a lead Aircraft Commander, I led a cell of three B-52’s over targets in Vietnam, dropping a total of 90 tons of bombs on each of my next 58 combat missions. My war record includes: 142 combat missions over Vietnam The Distinguished Flying Cross The Meritorious Service Medal The Air Medal with 9 Oak Leaf Clusters After retiring from the USAF, I gained employment as a pilot instructor at Continental Airlines. I quickly rose to Lead Instructor on the Boeing 737 followed by Lead Instructor on the Boeing 747. After receiving many accolades in innovative pilot training techniques from classroom computer based facilitator to simulator training instructor, I retired with 25 years of full time employment. Following my retirement I was called upon to do part time training at Continental for four more years. I now remain active as President/CEO of Princeton Villas Homeowners Association, Inc in Santa Monica, Calif. JOHN B. FASSETT, Fort Meyers, Fla., moved to Ft. Meyers in 1960 and has practiced law there for over 50 years. Shortly after moving there, he married Gloria A. Ankers of South Bend, Ind. They have two daughters: Jane, an attorney in Alamo, California, and Anne, who was employed as a counselor with the Department of Juvenile Justice of the State of Florida until her untimely death from a stroke at age 33 in 1999. John is a member of the St. Lukes Episcopal Church in Ft. Meyers. He is on the Board of Directors of the Fort Meyers Community Concert Association. He is past director of the Prince Gardner Company, an originator, past president and member of the Board of Directors or Southwest Florida Self Help Housing, Inc., past chairman of Lee County Muscular Dystrophy Association, past secretary and current Vice President of the Fort Myers Optimist Club and a member of the organization’s Board of Directors for over 40 years. Mr. Fassett was president of the Lee County Association for Retarded Citizens from 1980-1984. He helped Barbara Mann create the Lee County Alliance of the Arts and served on its Board of Directors for years. He is a former Municipal Judge, being sworn in by the County Clerk in 1964 and in that capacity served as Director of the State of Florida Municipal Judges Association. All municipal judges, in every city in Florida, were retired in 1972 and the courts were merged into County 35

Class Notes Courts in each county. He was past secretary and treasurer of the Lee County Bar Association and is a member of the Estate Planning Council of Lee County. His present law firm limits its practice to Wills, Estates, Probate and Corporations.


RICHARD RIVERS, Benton, writes, Senecing [sic] nicely, and escaping the heat wave at 2500 feet on the shores of Lake Ganoga with nothing specifically wrong, just general decrepitude.


1953 JOANNE PEMBERTON ANDERSON, Hamden, Conn., and her husband Gerald celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with family and friends at a gala dinner party in their new residence at Whitney Center in Hamden, Conn., on May 1, 2010. Our new mailing address is: 200 Leeder Hill Drive, #407 Hamden, CT 06517 Email:

1955 DONNA GAY KAPLAN, Mt. Gretna, writes, Mel and I love living in idyllic Mt. Gretna where we are active in leading and participating in many fine programs throughout the year. PEG SMEDLEY, Cleveland, Ohio, writes, Not much has changed since my last submission of ‘notes.’ I am currently a professor in psychology at Cleveland State University specializing in workforce issues in the 21st century. I am also a training consultant in many areas that include brain research and workforce and the boomers. I still ‘brag’ about my prep school education in my college and graduate school courses ... seems like just a few years ago. Keep up the great work you all do.

1956 FREDERICK FARBER, Montclair, Va., writes, After 34 years in Naval uniform, I retired as a captain and then worked for a Washington defense contractor for nine years, directing business development. Now retired for the second time, my spouse of 46 years and I live in Dumfires, Va. Patty enjoys tennis and I coach soccer and do some fishing. We have two sons and one daughter. Four grandsons and four granddaughters are our blessing. All are doing well…happy and healthy. Hello all of you in the class of 1956. KELLY MATHER, Sebastian, Fla., suggests classmates look out for the coming web page:

JUDITH SCHIFFMAN HOLLAENDER, Philadelphia, reports the passing of her husband, William, on February 23, 2010.

MARY RUTH CURTIS, Mount Dora, Fla., writes, Visiting China was not on the bucket list, but when the choral director at nearby Stetson announced that Stetson University Choral Union was teaming up with the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir to do a concert tour of Shanghai and Beijing, I signed on. Our nine-day visit to China was illuminating as well as productive. We sang six concerts, two of which were the Brahms “Requiem.” The other concerts were Americana, some spirituals, some standards and the proverbial “Take Me out to the Ball Game.” After our first concert at the Great Wall, our Chinese guide told us she especially liked “Take Me out of the Ball Game,” and the term “lost in translation” took on new meaning for me. We toured cloisonné, silk and jade factories, saw the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace, climbed the Great Wall, and toured the World Expo where we sang three concerts. The Chinese are very curious about Americans and want to talk to and be photographed with us, using their cell phones. Since the children take English in elementary school, it is easy to carry on conversations with them and their parents, while the children translate. As I have found in other foreign countries, when language fails me, smiles are universal and infectious. I enjoyed speaking with the people and eating most of their cuisine, which lacks sweets, except for fresh fruit. In both cities we were told to drink only bottled water; but in the restaurants Chinese beer, Coke, and Sprite were abundant. Beijing was shrouded in smog for the five days we stayed there. Even though they removed the factories for the Olympics in 2008, their emission standards are higher than ours are, and they allow only light trucks, cars, and cycles in cities, the number of vehicles precludes healthy air. If you still doubt the effects of carbon emissions on air quality, I would suggest you make a visit to Beijing. Although I enjoyed my visit to China and I am encouraged to visit other countries to sing, something about this trip continues to make me realize I am not only very proud, but also very grateful to be an American.


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JOCELYN SHUPACK, Irumbai Tamil Nadu, India, writes, Sorry that I did not make it to the reunion. I have a non-fiction book on and Barnes and Noble titled “The Antithesis of Yoga.”

1961 HOWARD GARDNER, Cambridge, Mass., writes, I moved to Cambridge and Harvard in 1961 and been here ever since—as a college student, graduate student, researcher and professor of psychology and education. I’ve had a wonderful professional and personal life with four great children, a lively grand child, and my wife Ellen, with whom I share work and play. PETER JOHNSON, Oro Valley, Ariz., writes, Rick Geisinger was my best friend and I really miss him. We loved Wyoming Seminary and the excellent education we received from the outstanding faculty. Sports played an important role for us in developing our competitive spirit and sense of sportsmanship. Life keeps us moving towards maturity, wisdom and contribution to community. We value the life lessons afforded by our Wyoming Seminary experience. DALE MOSES, Port Townsend, Wash., writes, Susie and I are enjoying life in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. With both of us now retired and our two kids out of the house, it leaves plenty of time to use our 41-foot trawler to cruise the many waters of our area. In addition to being our yacht club’s Commodore, [I am} starting [my] second year as President of our condo association while Susie keeps busy with AAUW, singing, book clubs and needlework. We are also doing more traveling long distance (usually by air) and enjoying not doing the 8-5 routine. CHARLES ROMANE, Fort Myers, Fla., writes, I am retired, living in Florida. Enjoying life but not enjoying new things like “The Doughnut Hole.”

1965 CALEB MCKENZIE, Hoboken, N.J., was named “Technical Advisor” to the City of New York’s sponsored UrbanSHED International Design Competition as a part of Mayor Bloomberg’s sustainability program. Caleb represented the Illuminating Engineering Society of New York (IESNY) on a team made up of design experts and construction industry stakeholders. His responsibility on the team was to meet and advise, critique and encourage the semi-finalists to formulate final proposals which would include lighting and energy concepts that were sustainable, cost-effective, but also would enhance the quality of life of visitors and citizens alike. The competition included 175 international submittals from architects, engineers and designers as well as students. Caleb is a member of the International Association of Lighting Designers, a board member of the IESNY as well as chairman of the Richard Kelly Grant. The Grant provides funds for young people whose ideas illustrate ways in which the conceptual or applied use of light is used in innovative ways. Caleb is a senior associate at T. Kondos Associates, Inc. in New York City and lives in Hoboken, N.J.

Alumni Profile

George Stevenson

producer/cameraman for the

World Series of Poker Written by Polly Mitchell ’72

eorge Stevenson ’70 has never had a job that required him to wear a tie. His non-traditional journey has taken him from bar coowner to ranch hand to videographer, from Delaware to California to Las Vegas, almost always in jeans and a t-shirt. One could certainly say that George inherited some of his freethinking, carpe diem attitude towards life from his creative, supportive mother. When he was still a student, his mother bought him his first camera. Throughout the year, on the “perfect fall day” (or winter or spring), she’d say to him, “No school today. Stay home and take photographs. You need to capture this glorious day on film.” After three years as a boarder at Wyoming Seminary (1966-1969), George finished high school in his hometown of Hawley, Pa. Following graduation, he took his first steps away from a suit-and-tie lifestyle when he moved to Newark, Delaware to work with his brother, Bill Stevenson ’68. Bill had purchased an old inn and turned it into a legendary rock’n’roll bar. The Stone Balloon became a prime destination for live rock music concerts featuring the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Pat Benatar, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Manhattan Transfer, The Pointer Sisters and Hall and Oates. George, initially too young to have a drink at his own bar, kept the books, cleaned and made his first contacts in the television industry when the co-hosts of MTV came to film concerts. After ten years working at the Stone Balloon, George moved to northern California and worked on a 500-acre ranch, helping to turn it into a retreat for video game executives. Gravitating to southern California and living on a boat, he gained enough knowledge of boats and boat-

owners to be offered a job on ESPN’s “Boating World.” At the beginning George set up interviews but he soon established a friendship with the cameramen. One day when an audio technician was unable to work, George jumped in. Over time, continuing to work for ESPN, he learned audio and camera techniques from the pros, honed his skills and earned a good reputation. In 1989, a producer from ABC called. He needed a video crew to work on a show called “Primetime Live” with Diane Sawyer and Sam Donaldson. George grabbed this opportunity and cultivated audio and video skills in the field of investigative reporting, winning three Emmy awards and a Peabody during his years on Sawyer’s personal crew. Among the first people to put cameras in buttons and smoke detectors, George was later hired by NBC to shoot “To Catch a Predator.” Many years of investigative video work brought George an expertise in working with small cameras, and that expertise led him back to ESPN and the World Series of Poker (WSOP). Shot in Las Vegas in June and July, the WSOP consists of 57 events and calls for an enormous crew of people working with dozens of pieces of equipment. The concluding two games require 27 cameras and a threeday set-up time. These are arduous days and nights, but the crew gets a glimpse of a real-life drama worth millions of dollars. Producers of poker tours around the world have hired George to shoot their events as well. “Filming the poker shows has given me the opportunity to travel to China, the Philippines, Australia and many other places,” George says. “It’s been quite an adventure.” Looking back on his extraordinary life path, George comments, “Although my experiences have been somewhat colorful, they are just the way my life turned out, and it’s kind of like the song ‘Live Like We’re Dying’ - Live each day like it might be the last, and hope it’s not. “Would I do it all again the same way? ‘You bet cha’ I would, but I’m also envious of the much smarter people in my life who accomplished more important things in their journey, and I hope my daughters (Rachel, 14 and Jessica, 17 ) follow in those footsteps. But I truly have had a great time!” Look for George’s work on ESPN, and contact him at To read more of George’s impressive videography, go to  A large team works behind the scenes at the World Series of Poker. 37

Class Notes RONALD RITTENMEYER, Plano, Texas, has been appointed by the Department of the Treasury to serve on the AIG Board of Directors. The Treasury Department has the right to appoint directors to AIG’s Board under the terms of the Series E Fixed Rate Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock and the Series F Fixed Rate Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock issued by AIG to the Treasury Department 2009, in the event that AIG does not pay dividends on those series of the Preferred Stock for a total of four quarterly periods. Ron was also named Chairman of the Army War College Board of Visitors and has joined the Board of Directors of IMS, a $2B privately held company specializing in Health Care information.

1966 KAREN NIELSEN BEVAN, Bronxville, N.Y., recently celebrated her 30th wedding anniversary with husband J. Stuart Bevan. Her son, Andrew, graduated from Duke University last May. She spent the summer in Newport, R.I. working on a new musical to be performed at charity functions, clubs and private homes. JILL BLUM SHERMAN, Amherst, Mass., had a granddaughter born to daughter Kimberly Sherman and son-in-law Steve Mardon. Kimberly is a school psychologist in the New Orleans schools. Steve is a science writer.

1970 LIZA ROOS LUCY, New Hope, Pa., writes, The fourth book I co-authored has just been published: “Simple Shape Spectacular Quilts.”

1971 CAROL WASNICK DOMSKY, Blue Bell, writes, I have been working the last few years for Miraclesuit, Naomi and Nicole, and TC Fine Shapewear- a division of Cupid Intimates. I am the mid-Atlantic coordinator covering Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington. I am pleased that my job also brings me to the WilkesBarre/Scranton area so I have the opportunity to visit with my wonderful parents and family. JAMES DUGAN, Hanover, was awarded the Knight Foundation grant in 2001 and attended the Media and American Democracy Forum at Harvard University. In 2003 he was selected to attend the ASNE (American Society of Newspaper Editions) High School Journalism Institute at the University of Maryland’s Philip Merrill College of Journalism. In 2009 his granddaughter, Abigail Kelly, was born to stepson Noah Kelley and his wife Lois Kelley. JACK EVANS, Washington, DC, writes, On July 30th, John Shafer and I went to our fifth annual Nationals Baseball game. The Nats won 8-1. John and I celebrated with a cold beer.


HARRY “MIKE” KATERMAN, Bloomsburg, sent in updates about himself and his family. His son Eric Katerman graduated from Williams College. He received his Ph.D. in Math from University of Texas, Austin. Presently working in a new partnership with company name, Hurricane Party. His daughter graduated from Wake Forest and lives and works in Washington D.C. She is presently attending graduate school for her masters degree. Wife, Yvonne, is the head of Bloomsburg Hospital’s gift shop. She also holds an officers position with P.E.O. As for himself, Mike sold his international business five years ago. Today he is director of four different boards. He is an avid fly fisherman, enjoys his old mahogany wood boat, travels, plays golf, and camps. He enjoys snowmobiling and skiing and relaxes in his home on the beach in Hilton Head, S.C. DOROTHY GRASSO SESCILLA, Easton, writes, David and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary this past June. In March, our second granddaughter arrived.

1976 JOHN LICATA, Locust Grove, Va. The National Wrestling Coaches Association announced the addition of John Licata to their staff as of July 2010. He will be filling the coaching development coordinator position recently vacated by coach Neil Turner. In this role, Licata will manage the NWCA coaching development programs and services for youth, high school and college coaches. Licata’s two main duties will include the oversight of the NWCA State Chairman program which is designed to help ensure the NWCA is receiving important feedback on the unique needs and challenges of high school wrestling coaches in each state across the nation. He will also work closely with the NWCA College Coaches Leadership Academy, where he will serve as the primary oversight person for the mentoring component of the Academy. Licata currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Virginia State Chapter of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. He is also part of the alumni group that is working to support wrestling at West Chester University. Licata owned and operated one of the largest North American Van Line companies in the nation, which he recently sold. He now wants to apply his business expertise toward helping coaches strengthen their CEO skills. Licata will be working remotely from Virginia and can be reached by email at

1978 JOSEPH DIRENZO, Suffolk, Va., writes, On May 19, my wife Captain Karen DiRenzo, NC, USN, and I watched our son, now Ensign Joe DiRenzo IV, walk across the stage and receive his diploma at the United States Coast Guard Academy in New London, Conn. A few minutes

later Karen, with then USCG Commandant Admiral Thad Allen, handed Joe his commission. As I write this, Joe is already underway as the ANAV on CGC VIGILANT a 210’ medium endurance cutter home-ported in Coco Beach, Florida. On top of the excitement of graduating from the academy and heading to sea, Joe was also selected for a Fulbright Scholarship. In 2011, he will depart VIGILANT and head to Iceland where he will enter a program that will result in a master’s degree in renewable energy science. He will study hydrogen cell design and its application to cutters. Following completion of his studies, Joe is slated to return to VIGILANT to finish his Deck Watch Officer tour. It was pure joy for both Karen and me to watch Joe enter “the family business.” As for Karen, she is still stationed in Newport R.I. as the Director of Nursing and Director of Branch Clinics for Navy Health Clinic New England. In addition, with the current OIC deployed to OEF, she is tripled-hatted as the acting OIC of Naval Branch Clinic Groton where she has run into a few members of the Class of ’82 in both Groton and Newport! Karen has one more year left on the tour. Being in New England has worked well as Joe and our daughter Lauren (who just finished her freshman year at Mitchell College) were an hour and twenty minutes away from Karen’s apartment in Newport. As for me, with Coast Guard modernization came a small change. I am now the Chief of Operations Analysis at Coast Guard Atlantic Area. Our branch does all the ops research work, modeling, simulation and technology interaction with our R&D center supporting the Commander of Atlantic Area who is a three star. Little bit of change from my former job which was Chief of Operational Planning and Anti-Terrorism Coordination. The new billet is exciting, wonderful people and a challenging environment every day. I get to work with the Navy Labs, and the DHS Academic Centers of Excellence. I am still teaching for American Military University online and as an Adjunct at the Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk.

1979 DON FLICK, Charlotte, N.C., received his masters at Virginia Tech and has become an architect with SFCS in Charlotte, N.C. He has studied further in “green building,” using recycled and environmentally friendly materials. He and his wife, Linda, bought a second house in Charlotte to renovate which is allowing him to expand his creativity. SFCS deals mainly with college campus buildings and nursing homes and has not allowed the creative expression he craves. He needed extra land to expand the footprint of the house they are working on. It is now a two story with many personal touches and handcrafted details. It is within walking distance of the Panther’s Stadium.

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Class Notes

1980 WENDY FLICK, Cambridge, Mass., completed a masters in public administration at Harvard Kennedy School with a specialty in “International Sustainable Development.” This interest came from the 10+ years with the Pond Foundation in Santa Fe, which led her to international projects in Kenya and Haiti. In the winter of 2010, she accompanied a church director in the Boston area who needed to deliver donations to Haiti but spoke no Creole. Wendy has been there 14 times and has become fluent. She had to get permission to skip a week of classes but promised to report back! Her ease with languages came from the early lessons in French at Wyoming Seminary Day School and continued into high school with (teacher) Herb Quick. She graduated from Harvard on May 27th. DAVID SCHWAGER, Kingston, a partner in the Wilkes-Barre law firm of Chariton & Schwager, began a three-year term on the Pennsylvania Bar Association Board of Governors at the close of the organization’s annual meeting, May 14 in Hershey. One of 12 zone governors who serve on the PBA board, Schwager represents Bradford, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Monroe, Pike, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Wayne and Wyoming county lawyers. Schwager is a past chair of the PBA Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section and a past chair of its Financing of Real Estate Committee and Real Estate Taxation Committee. A member of the PBA House of Delegates, he served as chair of the PBA Statutory Law Committee and vice chair of the PBA Bylaws Committee. He is also a Life Fellow of the Pennsylvania Bar Foundation. Named a 2010 “Pennsylvania Super Lawyer” by Philadelphia Magazine, Schwager is a member of the Advisory Committee on Real Property Law of the Joint State Government Commission of the Pennsylvania General Assembly. He is a past vice chair of the Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Committee of the American Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division. He is the treasurer of the Middle District (PA) Bankruptcy Bar Association and also served as a past president of the Luzerne County Bar Association Young Lawyers Division. Schwager is president of the Jewish Community Center of Wyoming Valley and president of the Board of B’nai B’rith Apartments. He is a past president of Temple Israel of Wilkes-Barre, the S.J. Strauss Lodge of B’nai B’rith and the Wyoming Seminary Alumni Association. He served as chair of the United Hebrew Institute School Board and the 2007 Jewish Federation campaign.

Schwager is a graduate of Lafayette College and the Dickinson School of Law of the Pennsylvania State University. He serves on the executive committee of the Lafayette College Alumni Association and on the board of the General Alumni Association of The Dickinson School of Law of the Pennsylvania State University.

1984 RANDY DOMOLKY, Fairfax, Va., writes, I am pleased to report that I have successfully completed my first half-marathon, raising over $5,600 for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) and finishing the 13.1 miles in 2 hours and 15 minutes. This race pace was 7% faster than my revised goal and only 4% slower than my original goal of running the entire race at a 10 minutes per mile pace. The huge hills on the course (ouch!) slightly more than equally offset the cool temperatures, the race day adrenaline and my proper training. As far as fundraising goes, the $5,679 in supporter contributions exceeded my fund raising goal of $5,000. Thanks so much to everyone who helped the CCFA raise over $1,800,000 from this race alone toward finding a cure for Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis!

1985 GERRY GUNSTER, Washington, D.C., has been promoted to partner at Goddard Claussen, a political strategy and public-affairs firm. He most recently served as senior vice president and has been a deputy to co-founder Ben Goddard for the past 10 years. Goddard is perhaps best known for creating the “Harry and Louise” ads that helped sink health care reform during the Clinton administration. Gunster also has some film experience: He was associate producer of HBO’s “Last Best Chance,” a thriller about nuclear war, and he wrote the documentary “Our Land, Our Future,” about the Shinnecock Indian Nation.

He completed his advanced Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplantation fellowship at Jefferson and is now one of the hospital’s advanced Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplant physicians. Bonita, a Plains native, holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Franklin and Marshall College, a master’s degree in immunology from Johns Hopkins University and his M.D. from Drexel University College of Medicine.

1993 STEPHEN ROSENTHAL, Kingston, and partner FRED LEVY ’65 are pleased to announce the formation of a new Merrill Lynch team to be known as Levy Rosenthal & Associates. Steve joined Merrill in May 1997. He specializes in investment management, corporate and small business retirement plans, banking and lending. He is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, board member of the YMCA and Leadership Wilkes-Barre and vice president of the Jewish Community Center.

1995 SANDRA DAVIS CHISHOLM, New York, N.Y., writes, I was recently married, November 21, 2009 in Key West, Fla. Classmate, APRIL BAKER, attended my wedding. I am enjoying my new career [psychotherapist] and life as a newlywed in New York City.


KIMBERLY CORNELL McWATT, Winnetka, Calif., writes, I recently left the entertainment world to return to news. I am now the Executive Producer of Special Projects for KTLA News in Los Angeles. My greatest love and joy is our 6 year old son, Cade.

ANNA MICHALKOVA, Bratislava, Slovakia. In her correspondence with Jack Eidam, Anna writes, Much has happened since the last time we saw each other in Stockholm. For one, I have successfully completed my graduate studies, so now I am officially master of social science. I have also moved from Sweden and live in the Netherlands now. In fact, I moved back in April, as I was finishing my master’s thesis. I got an offer from the Hague Center for Strategic Studies to work as a policy analyst – intern for a period of five months. It was a tough choice to make, as I had a temporary job in Stockholm as well, but I felt ready for a change and for new challenges. It would be me though, to make things just a bit more complicated, so instead of ‘only’ working on my thesis and working (full time) at the Hague Center, I was also working (remotely) for about 10-15 hours a week for my Stockholm job. I was only able to have these three jobs until the end of April, and then I had to start really focusing on my thesis while working in the Hague. So, now that it’s over and I ‘only’ work full time, it feels almost like a holiday. My contract expires in early September, and I am not exactly sure what will happen after that. I enjoy living in the Netherlands. It’s a really beautiful country, certainly worth a visit at least!



Joining Goddard Claussen allowed Gunster to return to Washington, where he had worked for Rep. Paul Kanjorski, D-Pa., shortly after graduating from college. Gunster, 43, also sits on the board of Brighter Day Care, a center in Loudoun County, Va., that helps children with autism.


RAPHAEL BONITA, Philadelphia, Pa., recently joined the Philadelphia hospital as assistant professor of medicine in the Cardiology Division.

MATTY ABRAHAM, Missoula, Montana writes, Hey Sem! Sorry I can’t make it to the class of 05 reunion, but I just wanted to touch base and let 39

Alumni Profile

Cindy Pearsall

Sussman Alumna Cindy Pearsall Sussman, former director of Emergency Services at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in Hamilton, N.J. and her family – husband Steve, a ll Sussman ’72 gynecologist with Lawrence By Cindy Pearsa l mission to Ob/Gyn Associates in fabulous medica a m fro ck s! ba nd t ie HI Fr I just go ura, Brian and Lawrenceville, N.J.; daughter ! ow that Steve, La kn l ely life changing al iv u sit yo po let as we met I wanted to ys, and it w da ht Laura, 24, recent graduate eig r dro Sula. There fo e er ere th urs from San Pe ho ntist and ur fo de t onduras. We w a , H ou es ab rs of Rhode Island School of and three nu a, a small city – n eib C tio za La ni in ga ed or of the rt, we arriv ear-old founder After a rocky sta Design now starting her s – one the 86-y or ct do r he ot o had a our team: tw gineer. store. We each second year of the masters wyer, and an en nearest grocery e th m any snacks fro y s bu his assistant, a la ur to village was ho so were told r al e ou in architecture program at W as . irs od pa fo y in r lists e did was bu d we tackled ou The first thing w University of Pennsylvania; e nurse leader, an th by up ) e e! ad on m that was shopping list derestimate on so much dust it and son Brian, 20, a junior (Boy, did we un s that kicked up ad ro Limon. rt d di lle to ca we might want. n on f we went coastal tow of l al d an sm , a , ck ge tru at Boston University – hatched lla a vi our Laura into a van and ter, we arrived in rls on the other; We loaded it all g. Four hours la s on one side, gi fo oy e (b y the ns a plan. s nl de m O a . oo h irs dr ug ta be c downs d eight iving thro


They would spend eight days on a very unusual “vacation.” Inspired by what she heard about Carolina Honduras Health Foundation,* Cindy proposed a trip that would allow the entire family to help people who desperately needed it, sharing an experience that would be lifechanging for the entire family. Because Cindy had maintained her board certification, she and husband Steve would be able to bring medical help to a small village in Honduras that sees doctors only 18 weeks out of 52. Laura and Brian would help in a variety of ways, assisting their parents and working with the villagers. The following is what Cindy wrote to friends on Facebook:



like dr beach and ha n with the clini d slept with fans oks a gorgeous g a central kitche in nk fla n) ia cold showers an The clinic overlo Br of d t lo an a e e up ev ok St to e e er ies as w -hot, so w e menu was mad and I were room d it was hot-hot l women, but th an ca n” lo d, ne ica by er tio ed m di A ok on ll e air-c od was co served “a exam rooms wer ng! All of the fo nd anyone, she tti fe of ne p to ito m t ca qu no os at rt g m fo an ef h our e eatin blowing throug e said it was lik as our leader. In ’t “bug juice.” Stev ian nurse who w d in ol an ar h well, we weren O C O llh s. Je ut in en ta So by the tato chips, ev fish and plan po sh s, fre ke of ca ls d ea xe m bo e locals’ food: spaghetti, drooling over th e! We ended up ad k gr h nt ve se in om, there is a sic ! gently, saying, “M ur up ith e w m , e irs ok sta there for the food ura w n the d sleep when La d tumbled dow t, I was in a soun pair of scrubs, an a gh ni g room was an to st in tin d fir ai r w pe e ou m th g ju Durin the team?) In my backpack, of d st be re ab e erly pulled the gr th I as !” e! Where w in a towel. I ging els e ed baby downstairs on pp ra no w ut s, (B m sick?” I asked, behind me. ild in her ar i Baby, are you lding a small ch “H my whole family . ho es ey om n m a ow ith br , warm, exploded into a n family w tions. Her face e most gorgeous entire Hondura ua th sit of e ol os we po th a in to ns looked in stinct reig am room where towel back and mily into an ex e English, but in fa ok le sp ho w em e th th t of ell none we brough knowing full w ” I laughed, as don’t look sick! ou “Y . hew!) roseola! ile (w d sm m a 12 year brilliant and diagnose n io at in am ed everything fro ex at gh tre e ou W or th ll! a ba r a gave he seen (the poor ce. We had scalp I have ever at high ever sin a th of on n d io ye ct fe sta in n ob/gyn. Laura and have orst fungal I was euphoric, to see an America achete, to the w ed m ht a tlig ith de w e f er of w lopped en who in the packed, ho old’s toes being y pregnant wom ing blood sugars pp do 160 t ha d ou to an ab g, s), in w pu ag sa st ir, ju tal signs, tri slaught. We vi on ng y’s ki ta da child had no ha ne xt yo ne e round them gs for th d harder than an the morning to lls into Ziploc ba in pi t d ou rte and Brian worke nt so se e as w w t, w group was school bus room. At nigh ath water!), a ne broiling heat. A e (b hot-hot waiting th h ac in be ly e nt th tie to get there. d swam on l waiting pa ople rode horses tter and jelly) an pe patients a day, al e bu t m So nu . ea ay (p h aw hour es! we ate lunc ose Clorox wip t clinic about an up, then, while ge. Gotta love th ent to an outpos w len e al w ch y a da as ne w O s the fast brought in. between patient and Brian liked er, so washing up t the trip. Laura ou ab do. st to be No running wat bs ed jo h-needed what they lik here we had muc ked our family w as ck into n I ba tio k, ca ng ee tti va w e a ge th I just adored e were taking d At the end of w an at , th sts ct te fa n e io th r a mill ork, and t having to orde pace, the teamw together. patients withou of re family working ca le ng ho w ki r ta ou ith w e nc Steve loved rie expe n, and I would and having this was very well ru n, tio da un medicine again Fo Health olina Honduras n, called the Car ge lives! an ch to n tio The organizatio It was a vaca . ne yo an to it recommend

How did your experiences at Sem affect your educational, career or life journey? CPS: Hmm. Well, I think I first decided on a career in medicine in about seventh grade when I had my first real science class with Mr. Landau, an excellent teacher. At the Upper School I absolutely loved my biology classes with Mr. Flick.  He allowed me to do extra projects like following the course of developing egg embryos and preserving them throughout an entire growth cycle, to helping me dissect a frog to its bare bones.  I wonder if that skeleton is still in the lab somewhere?  He helped me mount it and I was inordinately proud to have it displayed in his lab.  But it was really Mr. Nageli who most influenced me in high school.  He taught the best English class I ever had, where we learned more about ourselves than we did about literature.  Mr. Post (history) guided me to Kenyon College where I was able to pursue my love of science and still remain a determined English major. So sure, it all adds up to make a life!  Who knows where we get our biggest influences?  Sem certainly reinforced a sense of needing to “give back,” and (then President) Wally Stettler boosted my confidence immeasurably when he gave me the President’s Award at the end of our senior year. I have been so lucky in life!  Now I am proud to see the ideals I was invested with as a child being reflected back at me through my own children.  It is incredibly gratifying!


Class Notes everyone know what I’ve been up to. I graduated from Temple University in the fall of 2009 with a degree in entrepreneurship, and plan on starting an adventure tourism business out west in the next few years. In September, I wrapped up my third summer in Maine as the head of the Outdoor Tripping program at Camp Laurel, the premier summer camp in the country. Following camp I outfitted and prepped my Land Rover Defender 110 for a month-long cross country adventure trip, which will include lots of biking, sailing, snorkeling, surfing, climbing, mountaineering, and backpacking. I will eventually settle in Montana in late fall. Follow my travels on my blog: http:// Hope everyone is well! SASHA ANSELMI, Shavertown, writes, I hope to be attending culinary school in 2010. ABIGAIL FRIED, Jamaica Plains, Mass., writes, I spent the year after college backpacking around Africa. This year I’m entering the Peace Corps and will be spending two years teaching English in Africa. ARIELLE WAITE, Center Valley, graduated from Denison University in May 2009 with a B.A. in history and theatre. She will be spending the next year working for OTZMA’s Israel Teaching Corps. During this time, she will participate in the grassroots/volunteer organization by teaching English in an under-served Israeli public school.

2006 JESSIE HOOKER, Winchester, Va., is in rehearsals for the national tour of the Broadway musical “Legally Blonde.” Jessie and the rest of the cast will head to Chattanooga, Tenn. for dress rehearsals and then open the tour in Jacksonville, Fla. Hooker will be back in the Wyoming Valley when “Legally Blonde” comes to the Scranton Cultural Center in November. Jessie graduated from the Shenandoah Conservatory of Music in May. During the last month of school, students audition for talent scouts and distribute their resume and head shot. That led to three auditions for Jessie before she was finally cast in the show as a featured ensemble member and understudy to one of the leads. She has a 16-bar solo in the opening number. NICHOLAS MILLER, Scranton, graduated with a degree in Linguistics, Summa Cum Laude and was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa at Georgetown University. During his rising sophomore summer, he participated in the Princeton-in-Beijing immersion program. The following summer he participated in the seventh Chinese Bridge competition at the international level and placed third. He spent his junior year at the International Christian University in Tokyo. After he returned, he and NORA MARIAN 42

’06 spent several weeks exploring Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris. In summer 2010, he won the State Department’s Critical Language Scholarship in Korean and studied in another immersion program. His favorite part is staying with a host family. When he returns, he will travel back to China to study Chinese and education taking advantage of the year scholarship he won as part of the seventh Bridge competition. His plans after that are to take part in the Jet program (teaching in Japan) and will then concentrate on a doctoral program. JILLIAN NATAUPSKY, Collegeville, graduated from Connecticut College in May of this year. At UConn, her studies focused mainly on culture, but specifically on American and gender studies. She is looking forward to beginning her career as an undergraduate admissions counselor at Ursinus College. ERIC SAM, Berkeley, Calif. is a first year law student at the University Of California Berkeley School Of Law. JESSICA WILCOX, Annapolis, Md., is one of 19 women who were selected this year to serve aboard the all-nuclear-powered submarine fleet. Wilcox will join the pioneering group of women after a Navy policy change in April that opened the door for them to serve aboard submarines. The issue of women on subs was considered and rejected several times since 1994 when women were allowed to serve on surface ships. RACHELLE ZAFRANY, New York, N.Y., has joined Chanel, Inc. as an Executive Assistant for the New York 9 West Office and will be reporting to Doug Ostling, Director – Events and Training. Rachelle recently graduated from Yeshiva University with a B.A. in International Business and previously interned at Chanel in both the Fashion Sales & Marketing and Fragrance & Beauty Education departments.

2007 MARINA CSERMELY, Pécs, Hungary, writes, I was at Sem in 2005/2006. It was one of the happiest and most fantastic years of my life so far. Through this life changing experience, I have become more open to other cultures and other people. Thank you! COREY KONYCKI , Hunlock Creek, is in his senior year at Robert Morris University majoring in business. He is starting his fourth year as right tackle on the RM football team. JACK MORTON, Moscow, a senior physical education and exercise science major at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio, was granted the prestigious Congressional Award Gold Medal by United States Senator for Pennsylvania Robert P. Casey, Jr. in August. The Congressional Award Gold Medal is the highest honor legislated and presented to young Americans by the United States Congress. Jack enrolled in the Congressional Award Program in

the summer of 2004 and completed 400 hours of voluntary public service, 200 hours of personal development, 200 hours of physical fitness and 12 days of expedition/exploration activity. Jack first learned of the Congressional Award program while he was a student at Sem, where he played varsity basketball and served as a photographer and photo editor for the Opinator. This fall Jack is student-teaching at Kelvin Hall Science College in Kingston upon Hull, England.

2008 Jacob (Jake) Cole surprised friend and Sem classmate Paul Anderson at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in August when Jake arrived for his “exchange” (fall semester 2010) from the U.S. Naval Academy. Friends since Lower School, Paul and Jake are now both in the third year at their respective service academies. They will be commissioned as officers upon graduation.

Jacob (Jake) Cole, left, and Paul Anderson JONATHAN MICHAEL DOBLIX, Hanover Township, received the Dorsey Scholarship for the 2010-2011 academic year at the University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, Va. Undergraduates selected for the scholarship are outstanding students from diverse backgrounds who demonstrate a commitment to community, service, good citizenship and leadership. CHRISTINA INSALACO, Philadelphia, writes, I did a two-week study tour in Amsterdam in May. I then spent the summer in Philadelphia as an intern at Career Wardrobe where I helped counsel people going from welfare to the workforce. AMANDA MADDALENA, Cortland, N.Y. is a junior at SUNY Cortland and is still playing ice hockey. She was named one of the assistant captains for the 2010-2011 season. IVORI ZVORSKY, Charlottesville, Va. is studying abroad in Lille, France for four months.

2009 MASON ASTENEH, Dallas, transferred from LaSalle University to Misericordia in fall, 2010. LEE MOLITORIS , Scranton, writes, Wyoming Seminary made college easy! NEIL O’DONNELL, Baltimore, Md. won second place in Business Competition at Johns Hopkins University, which included graduate students.


1971 JACK EVANS married Michele Seiver Saturday, September 18 in Georgetown. Evans, the Ward 2 councilman, and Seiver, an interior designer, tied the knot in front of 100 family and friends at Grace Episcopal Church, followed by a reception at Jack’s Boathouse under the Key Bridge. The couple are D.C.’s version of the Brady Brunch: the blended family has three girls and three boys (ages 13-21), who all served as bridesmaids and groomsmen.

1987 ROSE ANN SERPICO, Brooklyn N.Y. married Frank Powers on June 5 at the White Elephant Hotel in Nantucket, Mass. A wedding celebration was held on July 17 at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park, New York, N.Y. The couple honeymooned in Rome and Positano, Italy.

1998 LAURA BONITA, Plains, and Richard Charles Roloff were married on June 6, 2009 in Tarrytown, N.Y. Laura is the daughter of Barbara Bonita, Plains Township, and the late Dr. Raphael Bonita. The wedding party consisted of the bride and groom’s family and friends. The bride’s sister, DIANE BONITA ERAYDIN ’95 served as the matron of honor and the bridesmaids included MIRIAM ALINIKOFF ’99, NAOMI GREENWALD ’98 and BRIDGET MORIARITY ’98, originally of Kingston. The bride was given away by her two brothers, DR. RAPHAEL BONITA ’92 and DR. DAVID BONITA ’93, who were among the seven groomsmen.

1998 MATT LAPINSKI, Washington, D.C., and Mary Sumpter Johnson were united in marriage on January 2, 2010 in a private outdoor ceremony on Exuma Island, Bahamas. Members of the bride and groom’s immediate family observed as Rev. Kendal McKenzie officiated the ceremony. The couple chose sister of the groom AMI LAPINSKI ’00, and brother of the bride, David Johnson III as witnesses of the ceremony. A post wedding celebration was held at the Meridian House in Washington D.C. The bride is a graduate of the Westminster School and Vanderbilt University. She is Policy Advisor for Health and Labor, HELP Subcommittee on Children and Families with US Senator from Tennessee, Lamar Alexander. The groom is a graduate of Georgetown University, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. He is managing director with Sonnenschein, Nath and Rosenthal in Washington D.C. The couple honeymooned in Cabo San Lucas. They reside in Washington D.C.

2001 EMILY BLAUM and THOMAS JAMES BRADSHAW ’01, Scranton, were united in the sacrament of marriage on Aug. 21, 2009, at St. Therese’s Church, Shavertown. The bride chose Sameera Desai as her maid of honor. Bridesmaids were Nancy Germano, friend of the bride; KENDRA SIRAK ’07, cousin of the bride; CAROLINE BLAUM ’04, cousin of the bride; Chriselle Bramante, friend of the bride; and Lindsay Mazzocco, friend of the bride and groom. Ella McWilliams served as the flower girl. The groom chose his brother, Jonathan Bradshaw, as his best man. Groomsmen were Christopher Swales, Nate Martian and Sal Carroll, friends of the groom, and Louis Blaum III and BRIAN BLAUM ’95, brothers of the bride. Sean McWilliams served as the ring bearer. The bride earned her bachelor of science degree in psychology from the University of Scranton in 2005 and her master of science degree in occupational therapy from Thomas Jefferson University in 2009. Emily is employed by Fox Rehabilitation as an occupational therapist. The groom earned his bachelor of science degree in finance from Lehigh University in 2005. T.J. is a branch manager and senior financial adviser for Ameriprise Financial, Center Valley. 43





MARK KULBASKI, Wappingers Falls, N.Y., writes, Our son Joseph Mark Kulbaski was born August 2, 2010, 7 lb 4 oz, 21 inches. Mom and baby are doing well.

LUKE TILLEY, Philadelphia, and his wife Micki welcomed their third child, Elizabeth Mary, on March 31, 2010. Ellie weighed 6 lbs 13 oz and is adored by her older brother and sister, Sam and Charlotte.

EILZABETH ROSENTHAL HOFFMEISTER, Milton, Vt., writes, I thought you might like to see a picture of my baby Annie in her Seminary bib!



MARK ANTINNES, Tunkhannock, and his wife Michelle announce the arrival of their third child, Jack Oliver on July 6, 2010. Jack joins brothers Matthew and Kyle in the family. Mark writes, He is healthy and happy and so is mom.

LINDA STEELE VAN SICKLE and husband, John, live and work near the Harrisburg area. They have two children: Matthew, 2 years old, and Adam who was born in May 2010.

GAEL ZAFRANY New York, N.Y. and her husband Richard Malish welcomed Raviv Shimon Malish on July 7, 2010. Raviv is seen with Uncle Beau Zafrany ’12.

1993 JENNIFER and BILL SORDONI ’93 welcomed Samuel Edward on June 16, 2010. He weighed 9 lbs. 6 oz. and was 21.5 inches long. He joins sister Caroline ’24 and brother Will.

1997 KAREN SUMMERHILL O’DONNELL, Mystic, Conn., and her husband Thomas welcomed baby Sarah Elizabeth on May 12, 2010. She weighed 6 pounds 9 ounces and was 18 inches long. “William and Anna Kate are thrilled with their new baby sister!”

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1928 HELEN BUHLER, Greer, S.C., formerly of North Main Street and North River Street, WilkesBarre, died Sunday, Feb. 28, 2010, in McCall Hospice House, Simpsonville, S.C., following an illness. Miss Buhler was born in Baltimore, Md., a daughter of the late Albert and Rosalie Fontan Buhler, and lived in Baltimore, Md., and Hazleton before moving to Wilkes-Barre. She was a graduate of the class of 1926, James M. Coughlin High School, Wilkes-Barre, and of the Wyoming Seminary Dean School of Business. She had been a secretary and had been employed by the Miners Bank of Wilkes-Barre, Miners National Bank, Midlantic Bank and the United Penn Bank, all of Wilkes-Barre, and had retired in 1973. Miss Buhler was a lifelong member of Calvary Episcopal Church, Wilkes-Barre, and of its successor, Holy Cross Episcopal Church. She was very devoted to her church and was a member of the choir and the altar guild and had been parish financial secretary for many years. She was preceded in death by her sister, Blanche Anderson. Surviving are several nieces and nephews, including Albert Anderson and his wife, Muriel, of Taylors, S.C.

1931 MILDRED SPEICHER, Dallas, died August 16, 2010, at the Meadows Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Dallas at the age of 100. She was born in Plymouth on October 30, 1909, and was a daughter of the late Augustav and Anna Schiefler Speicher. After graduating from Larksville High School, she attended Sem’s Dean School of Business. When the Plymouth Presbyterian Church closed after the flood of 1972, she became a member of the Cherry Street Bible Church. She was a member of the Eastern Star Plymouth Chapter. Two brothers, Frank and Ralph, and two nephews, Dr. Frank Speicher and Forrest Speicher, preceded her in death. Surviving are great-nieces and nephews, great-great-nieces and nephews; and great-great-great-nieces and nephews.

1932 ARTHUR KUSCHKE, Dresher, died July 1, 2010. He was 96 years old. He was born in WilkesBarre, a son of the late Arthur Wyndham Kuschke Sr., and Mildred Parkhurst Kuschke. His only sibling, Mary-Carson Kuschke, died in January of 2010. Mr. Kuschke received his early education at Wyoming Seminary. He obtained a bachelor’s degree from Wheaton College, Wheaton, Ill., in 1936. He then attended Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, from which he received a bachelor of divinity degree in 1939 and a master of divinity degree in 1940. Upon graduation, Mr. Kuschke served the seminary as a field

representative. In 1942, he became librarian of Westminster Theological Seminary, a position he filled with distinction until his retirement in 1978. During his long tenure, the library’s collection was greatly expanded and a library building was erected. Rev. Kuschke was an ordained minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. He served the denomination faithfully and well on denominational committees and as a member of its Philadelphia Presbytery. He was a member of the committee that produced the Trinity Hymnal for the denomination. In 1951, Rev. Kuschke married Charlotte Milling. They were blessed with three children: David (Carol), John (Kristin) and Margaret Cowell (Jesse, Sr.). They have five grandchildren. Summers at their home in Prouts Neck, Maine, were memorable times for the family.

1933 DOROTHY JAMES SINON, Harrisburg, passed away on Friday, Feb. 19, 2010, at her home. Born on January 19, 1915, in Plymouth, she was a daughter of the late Governor Arthur H. James and Ada Morris. She was also preceded in death by her twin brother, Morris; another brother, Arthur Jr., and in 2003, by her husband of 60 years, Frank A. Sinon. She leaves behind a daughter, Leslie Sinon Powell and son-in-law, William R. Powell, of Harrisburg. During 1939, Mrs. Sinon’s father, Arthur H. James, a widower, campaigned for and was elected Governor of Pennsylvania. Shortly after taking office, acting First Lady Gracie Hainey Morris, his motherin-law, died. As a result, Dorothy’s career took an unexpected turn. Headlines read “Promising Career on Stage Interrupted To Become Governor’s Housekeeper,” “Efficient Clear-eyed Business Woman Tends to Job of First Lady.” During the ensuing two years of her father’s governorship, Dorothy served with distinction as First Lady. Then one night at a Supreme Court dinner, Dorothy met a distinguished young lawyer serving as a Deputy Attorney General in her father’s administration, Frank A. Sinon, of Austin. The following year on November 14, 1942, Dorothy and Frank were married. Dorothy became the first daughter of a war-time governor to marry in Pennsylvania history.

1935 CHARLES LAYCOCK, Beverly Hills, Fla., June 9, 2010, at home. Born in Wilkes-Barre, Charles spent the first 36 years of his life there and always considered the Wyoming Valley his true home. He graduated from the Hill School, 1935; Princeton University, 1939; and Cornell Medical School, 1943. In 1942, he wed Elizabeth Crook in Bucks County, Pa. She predeceased him in 2001. Surviving are children Elizabeth Aumack, Charles Laycock,

Frederick Laycock and Margaret Holtsclaw; four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. He spent his working years as a general surgeon in Wilkes-Barre and Long Branch, N.J.

1937 CHARLES EPSTEIN, Dallas, died at WilkesBarre General Hospital on February 25, 2010, at the age of 90. He was born at home on South Franklin Street, Wilkes-Barre, on January 15, 1920, to the late Charles M. Epstein Sr. and Helen Levi Epstein. He was educated at Harry Hillman Academy, Kingston schools and Wyoming Seminary, graduated from Horace Mann, N.Y., and attended the University of Virginia. He served in the U.S. Army from November 1941 until October 1945, when he was honorably discharged as a first lieutenant. During his service, he earned the bronze star and five battle stars. It was during his service that he met his future wife, Juliette Glesener of Wiltz, Luxembourg. They married on May 28, 1945, and enjoyed 55 years together until her death in September 2000. Upon his arrival back in Wilkes-Barre, Mr. Epstein began his professional career with the family business, Liberty Throwing Company. He served as CEO of Liberty and remained active in the business, going to the office every day until his death. During his life in Wilkes-Barre, he took an active interest in the community and served on many boards as board member and/or officer/chairman including the Boy Scouts, Westmoreland Club, Penn State Wilkes-Barre Campus, College Misericordia, First Eastern Bank, United Fund, North Mountain Club, Wilkes-Barre General Hospital, SPCA, Children’s Service Center, Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce, Planned Parenthood and the Heritage House. In addition, he chaired the United Fund Drive, the Wilkes-Barre Industrial Fund Drive and the Planned Parenthood Drive. He was an avid fisherman from the time he was a young man and throughout his life. He particularly loved to fish at the North Mountain Club and counted his times there with friends and family as some of his happiest. At age 62, he decided to take up flying, earning his pilot’s license and instrument rating with his small Piper Cherokee that he kept at the Forty Fort Airport. His sister, Dorothy Sicher Roberts, preceded him in death. Mr. Epstein is survived by three daughters, LINDA EPSTEIN ’65, Baltimore, Md.; SUSIE FISHEL ’68, Lexington, N.C., and SALLY EPSTEIN ’71, Santa Fe, N.M.; five grandchildren, Laura, Stephen, Brandon, Charles and Michael; six great-grandchildren; and two nephews. MARY NELSON JAMES, Fort Myers, Fla., passed away on March 3, 2010, at the Barrington Terrace Nursing Home. She was born on February 18, 1916, in Plymouth, a daughter to the late 45

Obituaries Thomas and Amelia Nelson. She graduated from Plymouth High School and Wyoming Seminary School of Business with honors. She was extremely proud of her long employment with UGI Utilities Corporation in Kingston and Lancaster, and never failed to tell anyone she met that she was “secretary to the president.” Mary was preceded in death by her parents and sisters, Isabelle Nelson Powell and Ruth Nelson Weaver. Mary is survived by her husband, Archie James, of Barrington Terrace, Fla.; a nephew and nieces. She was a member of UGI’s Quarter Century Club and the First United Methodist Church, Lancaster. MARGARET HUTCHINSON PETROSKI, Kingston, died on February 24, 2010, at the Laurels, Kingston, where she was a guest. She was born in Mount Holly, N.J., on January 20, 1922, a daughter of the late Howard and Sarah Purcell Megee. She graduated from Kingston High School and Wyoming Seminary. Prior to her retirement, she worked as a seamstress in the garment industry. Her husband, John Petroski, preceded her in death. Surviving are her son, Allan Jones, Kingston; grandson, Andrew Jones; and granddaughter, Dawn Jones.

1938 GLADYS KURLAND COHEN, Forty Fort, died August 30, 2010, at the Manor Care Nursing Center in Kingston. Born in Edwardsville, Gladys was the daughter of the late Isadore and Sarah Kaplan Kurland. She graduated from Edwardsville High School and Wyoming Seminary Business School. For many years, Gladys was employed as secretary at Temple Israel. Gladys played world-class bridge and enjoyed telling stories to her grandchildren. She was a member of Temple Israel. She was preceded in death by her beloved husband, Samuel Cohen; and her brothers, Dr. Albert Kurland and Leonard Kurland. She is survived by her two sons: Mark and his wife, Lillian Cohen, Wilkes-Barre, and Paul and his wife, Traci Azer, Newport Beach, Calif.; and five grandsons: Benjamin and his wife, Carla Cohen; Isaac Cohen, Daniel, Jeffrey and Gabriel Azer; and two great-grandchildren, Julian and Sophie Cohen.

1939 BARBARA (BOBBIE) PAYNE ACHTLEY, Acton, Mass., died March 4 at Lifecare of Nashoba Valley in Littleton, where she had lived for the past six years. She was 88 and had been a resident of Lincoln since 1956 and a summer resident of Edgartown since 1967. Barbara Standish Payne was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., on Dec. 16, 1921; her parents were Bruce Bullard Payne and Marion (Monnie) Woodward Payne. She grew up in Wilkes-Barre and graduated from 46

Wyoming Seminary in 1939. She enrolled at Wheaton College but left because she felt she was not contributing to the war effort. She later enrolled at the Katharine Gibbs School where she received her degree. She worked in the pathology laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital. In the summer of 1953, she met Dana Winslow Atchley Jr., and they were married on May 1, 1954. They had four daughters: Marion (Quita), Abigail, Cornelia and Katherine. An avid tennis player, sailor and horsewoman, Bobbie loved to ride her horse, Joplin, at Pimpneymouse Farm on Chappaquiddick, and sail her Herreshoff Jumpstart during summers on the Vineyard. She was mother to all. Her expansive family of children, stepchildren, grandchildren, stepgrandchildren and their friends filled her house during winters in Lincoln and summers in Edgartown, always to her great delight. She loved having young people around her and unfailingly took a keen interest in what they were doing with their lives. Her daughter Abbie died in May of 1977 at the age of 21, and the loss profoundly affected Bobbie for the remainder of her life. Following Abbie’s death, the Atchleys founded the Anorexia Bulimia Care Organization, known as ABC.

1940 WARNER COOK, Whiting, N.J., passed away Feb. 25, 2010. He was born on December 15, 1920, in Warren, Ohio, and was a son of the late Ethel Athey Cook and Benjamin J. Cook, of Kingston. He attended Wyoming Seminary and Bucknell Junior College. He owned and operated the camera concession in Fowler Dick & Walker Boston Store, Wilkes-Barre. He was a member of Christ Evangelical Church, Whiting, N.J., and served as a trustee, a steward and on the official board. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge No. 531, Dallas. Warner was a U.S. Army Air Corps veteran of World War II, where he served as a Staff Sergeant. Warner was preceded in death by his son, David, in 1973 and his daughter, Damaris, in 2008. He is survived by his wife, Gwyneth Sturdevant Cook; two sons and their wives, Warner Jr., and Linda Cook, and Thomas and Jeanette Cook; one sister and brother-in-law, Anne and Maurice Dickerson; and six grandchildren, Erica, Julie, Allison, Kevin, Jonathan and Stephanie.

1942 DONALD MCELROY, Dover N.J., passed away on March 24, 2010. He spent only one year at Wyoming Seminary, but spoke of it often and fondly. After graduation, he attended Dartmouth College and served in the Navy in the Pacific during WW2. After the war he attended the

University of Maryland School of Dentistry and practiced dentistry in Dover, N.J. for 55 years. He was widowed in 2003 after 58 years of marriage to his wife Jeane. He is survived by a son (also a dentist as was Donald’s father), a daughter, six grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

1943 MARGARET FREDERICK EATON, Chesapeake Va., and previously of Forty Fort, died May 19, 2010, at Chesapeake Regional Medical Center. She graduated from Briarwood Junior College in New York. She was a fashion consultant, bookkeeper and housewife. She was married one week shy of 50 years to Raymon M. Eaton Jr., also from Forty Fort. Surviving are their two daughters, Ellen W. Eaton and Jayne H. Eaton of Chesapeake, Va., and formerly of Forty Fort. JOHN GREGSON, Brownsville, Vt., died April 28, 2010, at the Springfield Health and Rehab Center, where he had been a resident for the previous 14 weeks. John was born in Troy, N.Y., May 1925, son of the late George Chadwick Gregson and Noeline Vernon Gregson. The family moved to Dallas in 1932, where he attended school, graduating with the class of 1943 from Wyoming Seminary. He joined the U.S. Navy V12 program and attended Princeton before OT school at Cornell. In 1946, on his 21st birthday, he became commander of his ship as he outranked a second young officer by one day. John would say “and that’s how we won the war.” An attractive offer from Texaco brought him into foreign sales with a five-year assignment to Nicaragua and Honduras. On his first leave back to the States, he proposed to Abbie Buckman, who joined him in Honduras. Their next move was to Connecticut and export sales of heavy equipment for Thew Shovel Co. In 1960 he became an insurance agent with Mass Mutual. Several years later, he became interested in the large corporate insurance market, joining Alexander & Alexander Inc., where he was vice president and sales manager in the New York office. Soon, in partnership with John Alden, he founded the Alden Gregson Co., an all-purpose insurance agency operating statewide. He directed AG until he sold it in 1981 to found J.V. Gregson Associates with his wife, Abbie. For many years, Hartland, Vt., where he served as Justice of the Peace, was their home. They moved to Brownsville, where he was an active participant in the Men’s Breakfast, delivered Meals On Wheels and was a member of the First Universalist Society of Hartland Four Corners. He was a loyal Rotarian both in Honduras and in Woodstock, Vt. John was preceded in death by his parents and both sisters, AGNES ’35 and BETTY GREGSON ’37. He is survived by ABBIE ’47, his wife of 60 years; his son, George, and his ex-wife, and their

Obituaries children, Taylor and Edith; daughter Barbara and her husband, John Himmelien; and her two children; daughter Bonnie and her husband, Louis Coakley, and their children; as well as a daughter, Phebe, and her husband, Burton Miller; and their children. JOHN JAMES, Kingston, passed away on May 22, 2010. Born in Kingston, he was the son of the late John and Florence Koch James. John was a graduate of Kingston High School, Wyoming Seminary Dean School of Business and University of Pennsylvania Extension School. He was a U.S. Army veteran of World War II. John was employed by the former Harris Hardware and Supply Co. and retired from Pennsylvania Gas & Water Co. John resided in Kingston most of his life. He was a member of Church of Christ Uniting, Kingston. Preceding him in death was a sister, Mary Louise James. LUCY HYDOCK SHERMAN, Plains, died May 26, 2010, at the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. A lifelong resident of Plains Township, she was a daughter of the late Thomas and Pauline (Wolanski) Hydock. Lucy was a graduate of Plains Memorial High School and Wyoming Seminary Dean School of Business and was employed as a server for the Golden Palace, Parsons, and last for the Plains Ambulance Association Hall. She was a member of Ss. Peter & Paul Church, Plains Township, and the church choir and church quilters group. She was an avid sports fan cheering for the Phillies, Eagles and Penn State. She was preceded in death by her husband, Joseph A. Sherman, in November 1969; brother, Joseph Hydock; sister, Angela Naber; and grandson, Jonathan Boris. Surviving are her daughters, Susan Eustice and her husband, Eugene, Shickshinny; Marie Boris and her companion, Leonard Schall, Plains Township, and Jane Stewart and her husband, Edward, Plains Township; son, Paul Sherman and his wife, Barbara, Wrentham, Mass.; grandchildren and great-grandchildren; sister, Helen Rutkowski, Kingston; as well as nieces and nephews.

1944 ALBERT GROBLEWSKI, Captain Cook, Hawaii, February 2, 2009. SUSAN SAYES MCGHEE, Homosassa, Fla., died at Tuscany House in Ocala, Fla. on March 31, 2010. She was born on April 2, 1927 in WilkesBarre, Pa., the daughter of the late Brinely and Louise Sayes. Susan was a member of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Crystal River. A lifelong educator, Susan taught at the high school and university level before completing her career at St. Anne’s School. She enjoyed golf, bridge, and New York Times crossword puzzles. She graduated Phi

Beta Kappa from Dickinson College in Carlisle. and earned her master of arts degree at West Chester University in West Chester. Susan was preceded in death by hr husband, John McGhee, sister Margaret J. Van Zandt and granddaughter, Heather L. McGhee. She is survived by sons Dr. J. Robert McGhee of Ocala, Fla., and Michael E. McGhee of Belle Mead, N.J.; daughter Susan M. Davis Westminster, Md.; grandchildren.

1945 RITA GOLDSTEIN WOLBERG, Kingston, passed away on April 12, 2010. Rita was the daughter of Sara and Sol Goldstein of WilkesBarre. She was born in 1928 and attended Wyoming Seminary, graduating cum laude in 1945. Rita attended the University of Chicago and married Don Wolberg in 1948, and was divorced in 1975. Their two surviving daughters are Judy (Mrs. Ron Michaelson) and Sally Wolberg, a psychotherapist in Metuchen, N.J. Initially, Rita taught a Dixieland jazz class in the Wilkes University Music Department. She had an avid interest in music, art and literature. With the passage of time, she became active in the community, focusing on the League of Women Voters. Other interests included the YZA, (young Zionist Association) and the Jewish Community Center Drama Guild. In 1985, Rita was appointed to the newly formed Board of the Luzerne County Commission for Women. Rita was affiliated with many local academic institutions. She maintained lifelong participation in the Wyoming Seminary Alumni Association, supported fundraising projects at King’s College, and was a student of Wilkes College theatre classes. Mrs. Wolberg was the President of the Wilkes-Barre Philharmonic.

1946 JESSIE POWELL SCHOECK, Las Vegas, Nev., passed away Aug. 15, 2010. She was born to Cyrus and Edna Powell, Aug. 11, 1927, in Scranton. Jessie, a retired registered nurse, was a graduate of Meyers High School in Wilkes-Barre, Wyoming Seminary, and the Nesbitt Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in Wilkes-Barre. She worked as an RN for 61 years with many of those years being at Sunrise Hospital. Jessie enjoyed playing golf, bingo, going to the beach and spending time with her children and grandsons. Jessie was preceded in death by parents, Cyrus and Edna Powell; husband, Raymond Hoover; husband, George Schoeck; and infant grandson, Kyle Hoover. She is survived by her loving daughter, Denise Olsen (Stan); sons, R. Scott Hoover (Lori) and James P. Hoover (Sandra); grandsons, Cameron, Eric and Christopher; and many nieces and nephews.

1947 STEPHEN LUKAS, Forty Fort, passed away August 28, 2010, at the Wilkes-Barre General Hospital. Born in Tichy Potok, Slovakia, he was a son of the late John and Martha Rejnic Lukesh, and immigrated to the United States with his family at the age of 5. Stephen was a graduate of Swoyersville High School, Class of 1941. He also graduated from the Wyoming Seminary Dean School of Business and the Williamsport Technical Institute. Stephen served in the United States Army Air Corps during World War II, where he sustained injuries. He also worked in maintenance at the Tobyhanna Army Depot. Stephen was facilities engineering supervisor in the engineering department at the Wilkes-Barre Veteran’s Administration Medical Center, and retired in 1981. He was a life member, past commander and served on the board of directors of the American Legion Post 644, Swoyersville. He was also a life member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars 283, Kingston, and the Disabled American Veterans Chapter, Wyoming Valley. Stephen was president of Region 11 of the National Slovak Society, a member of Assembly 617, N.S.S., Ashley, and Tatra of Luzerne County. He was a member and past president of the American Federation of Government Employees. He also served on the board of directors of the VA Credit Union. As an immigrant from Slovakia, Stephen recognized the importance of people finding their ancestral heritage. He made eight trips to Slovakia and other areas of Europe, and assisted many in finding their relatives and hometowns in Slovakia. Stephen was a member of St. Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church, Swoyersville. He is preceded in death by his sisters, Mary Smith, Anna Jakubczyk, Catherine Pitcavage, Martha Skerchak and Helen Zaterick. Surviving are his wife of 60 years, the former Margaret Zaterick of Swoyersville; his daughters and sons-in-law, Stephanie and John Kurilla of Larksville, Jeanne and John Barilla of Swoyersville, Cynthia and Michael Russo of Pipersville, Patricia and Robert Grande of Lansdowne, Mary Ann and Robert Wagner of Rock Tavern, N.Y.; and his eight grandchildren, Susan Kurilla, Jared Barilla, Stephen, Rebecca and Matthew Grande, Zachary and Renee Russo, and Emma Wagner. Also surviving are numerous nieces and nephews.

1948 CHARLES J. BUFALINO, JR., West Pittston, passed away on June 21, 2010, surrounded by his loving family. Born in Pittston on April 17, 1931, he was a son of the late Attorney Charles J. Bufalino Sr. and the late Gaetana Volpe Bufalino. He was a devoted member of the St. Anthony of Padua Church in Exeter, where he served as 47

Obituaries a eucharistic minister. Charles was a graduate of Wyoming Seminary, Villanova University and the University of Pennsylvania Law School. In 1954, he began his distinguished legal career out of the Pittston law office that was founded by his father in 1930. In his storied and accomplished 54 years of practicing law, he was part of litigation that set precedents in areas of First Amendment rights and the freedom of the press. At the age of 75, Charles personally argued a matter before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania that set a precedent on behalf of workers in the area of Workers’ Compensation. He was a zealous defender of the rights of those with mental health issues and intellectual disabilities. Charles served as a Special Assistant Attorney General, Luzerne County Solicitor and Solicitor to many municipalities, including the Borough of West Pittston, of which he was a lifelong resident. During his tenure as a Luzerne County Solicitor, he was an integral part of the team that brought minor league baseball to Northeastern Pennsylvania. He was active in countless charitable and community organizations, including the Pittston Rotary Club and the Wilkes-Barre Chapter of Unico. Charles and his wife, the former LORETTA ANN KNORR ’54, enjoyed 51 years of marriage and have five sons, Attorney CHARLES J. BUFALINO III ’78 of Dallas; DR. KEVIN T. BUFALINO ’80 of Philadelphia; JAMIE C. BUFALINO ’83, a Senior Editor for People Magazine in New York City; Attorney BRIAN A. BUFALINO ’87 of Shavertown; and Attorney MARK W. BUFALINO ’88 of Trucksville. He is survived by his wife and sons, as well as by his daughters-inlaw Maureen Bufalino and Kathy Bufalino and grandchildren. CHARLES MOFFAT, Scranton. Born 1934, he was the son of the late John G. and Jane M. Scull Moffat Sr. He was a longtime resident of the Abington area and a member of The Church of The Epiphany in Glenburn. Prior to his retirement, he was the superintendent of the Dunmore Cemetery. He had been employed with Hirman Walker and J.H. Brooks & Co., and owned his own stock option business early in his career. He attended Wyoming Seminary before graduating from St. Paul’s Preparatory School. He attended Duke University and New York Institute of Finance. He wrote a column for The Abington Journal in the 1960s, dealing primarily with political issues. Charles served in the Navy where he was a golden gloves boxer. He was a manager for several local boxers and a partner at the original Century Boxing Club in Scranton. He is survived by three daughters, Melette Elizabeth Moffat, Glenburn; Christina Louise Moffat, Cape Coral, Fla.; and Julia Jane Moffat Wanat, Newton Lake; a grandchild; two sisters, Jane Mueller and Margaret Young, and several nieces, nephews and 48

cousins. He was preceded in death by brothers John, David and Stanley and a sister, Grace. ROBERT POLLOCK, Portville, N.Y., passed away Feb. 14, 2010 in Sisters Hospital, Buffalo, after a brief illness. Born June 1, 1927, in Portville, he was a son of the late Arthur and Christel Comes Pollock. On Sept. 17, 1949, in the First Presbyterian Church of Kingston, Pa., he married the former Lila K. Garrahan, who survives. A veteran of World War II, Bob served with the U.S. Army Air Corps in Florida. He was a design draftsman at Clark Bros. for 10 years, and then operated the family oil lease until his retirement. He was a member and elder of the First Presbyterian Church of Portville, was one of the oldest members of Portville American Legion Post 814 and was a member of the Ismailia Shriners of Buffalo and Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in the Valley of Jamestown. Surviving besides his wife of 60 years are three sons: Garry A. Pollock of Portville, Thomas C. Pollock of Orlando, Fla., and Christopher A. Pollock tof Portville; five grandchildren, six great grandchildren; a brother, Thomas C. Pollock of Portville; a niece; and a nephew.

1949 ROBERT FRANKLIN, Chatham N.J., died at Garden Terrace Nursing Home in Chatham on Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2010. Born in Kingston, Mr. Franklin lived in Chatham for 53 years. He received his bachelor’s degree in English from Upsala College and later his master’s in psychology from Montclair State University. He worked as a lab technician at Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill from 1954 to 1960; and from 1961 to 1971 as a development engineer at Tung Sol Laboratories in East Hanover, where he held two patents for electron multipliers. He spent the remaining years of his working life, from 1971 to 1997, as a commercial lines underwriter at Chubb and Son, Inc. Robert Franklin was an active member of the Chatham United Methodist Church, where he volunteered as an usher and Sunday School teacher for many years, and with the Steven Ministry. He was also a member of the Kiwanis Club. He is survived by his wife of 56 years, Dona, née Weaver; his sisters Jean Newman and Elizabeth Ridall; his children, Amy Richter and her husband Eric of Garrison, N.Y.; Fred and his wife Joanne of Chester; Paul and his wife Karen of Chatham; Tom and his partner Jonathan of Chatham; as well as seven grandchildren.

1955 MARYLIN KEEFER CARTER, Mountain Top, passed away on Saturday, July 3, 2010. Born October 8, 1937, in Askam, Pa., she was a daughter of the late Samuel P. and Minnie R.

(Rowe) Keefer. A graduate of the Bloomsburg State Teachers College, Marilyn taught English in the Crestwood School District from 1962 until her retirement in 2003. During her years there, she established the Independent Study Program, served as English department chairperson, was an advisor to various student groups and was active in the Crestwood Education Association. Marilyn was a member of the NEPA Writing Council and worked with the Wyoming Seminary Alumni Association for many years. She was also a member of the Christ United Methodist Church of Mountain Top. Marilyn is survived by her children, John Carter and Jacqueline Fine; sonin-law, Howard (Sam) Fine; and grandson, all of Mountain Top.

1957 WESLEY FRANKLIN, Moscow, passed away February 19, 2010, at Mercy Hospital, Scranton, surrounded by his loving family. His wife is the former Carole A. Galardi. The couple celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary on January 5, 2010. Born in Scranton, he was a son of the late J. Wesley and Hannah Charlotte Franklin. A graduate of Wyoming Seminary and Amherst College, Wesley received his master’s degree from Syracuse University. He retired as the executive director of the Advanced Technology Center at Luzerne County Community College, Nanticoke. Wesley was a member of Moscow United Methodist Church, Masonic Lodge No. 504, and Moscow Sportsman’s Club. He was a quintessential sportsman who enjoyed hunting, golfing, and spending time outdoors. Wesley was a member of the North Pocono School Board, serving one term as president, and was also a member of the Moscow Borough Council. He was an avid baseball fan and coached the Moscow Little League and North Pocono Babe Ruth baseball teams. A beloved husband, father, grandfather, and friend, his quick wit and sense of humor will be greatly missed by all who knew him. His love for his grandchildren, literature, music, and baseball provided him endless joy. Wesley’s compassion and understanding touched the lives of many; he gave freely and without hesitation. These traits he passed on to his children. A sister, Jean F. Birchard, of Reno, Nev., preceded him in death. Also surviving are two sons, John Wesley II and his wife, Andrea, Moscow, and Daniel Joseph, Denton, Md.; a daughter, Sarah A. Sobotor and her husband, Thomas, Warwick, N.Y.; two granddaughters and two sisters.

1967 JAMES R. WEISS, Potomac Md., passed away suddenly on June 27, 2010. Beloved husband

CO l abs ist uNaor ti e s of 38 years to LYNN ’68; devoted father of Allana Kelly (Mike) and Tessa Hicks (Dan); adored grandfather of Jonah; cherished son of NORMAN ’43 and the late ZELDA WEISS ’45; loving brother of SUSAN ’70 (Judd) Shoval and JEFFREY ’73 (Nancy Freeman) Weiss. Also survived by many caring nephews, nieces, cousins, friends, partners and colleagues. James spent his childhood in Wilkes-Barre and was a graduate of Northwestern University and Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law. He practiced antitrust law for 36 years. He was trial attorney with the Antitrust Division of the United States Department of Justice for 14 years, ultimately serving as its Chief of the Transportation Energy & Agriculture Section. He was the first recipient of the Antitrust Division Harold M. Stephens Award in 1988. Since 1988 he had been a partner in the law firm of K&L Gates LLP and its predecessor firms and co-chair of the firm’s Antitrust & Trade Regulation Practice. James was an avid biker, tennis player and outdoorsman.

1976 BRADELEY BIRTH, Sterling Va., died on October 6, 2009 at his home surrounded by his family. He was born on November 24, 1958 in Waco, Texas. Brad was the beloved husband of 25 years of Kathleen P. Birth, devoted father of Brad J. Birth and Alex C. Birth both of Sterling, and son of HAROLD ’51 and Shirley Birth of Santa Monica, Ca. Brad was a 1992 graduate of Drexel University and spent the last 27 years working as an electrical and computer engineer for Lockheed Martin. He volunteered as a Boy Scout leader for five years in the Sterling area and was an avid Dallas Cowboys fan.

1982 DANIE BISHOP, Harding, passed away on April 14, 2010, at the Shoemaker Animal Hospital, where he was an associate veterinarian. Dr. Bishop was born in Altoona, Pa., in 1964, moving to Harding in 1967 where he spent his entire life. He attended Wyoming Area Schools until the seventh grade, and he then transferred to Wyoming Seminary, where he graduated in 1982. He attended Wilkes College and graduated magna cum laude with a degree in biological science. He attended St. Matthew’s School of Veterinary Medicine, Grand Cayman Island. During the past year, he completed his clinical studies at the University of Illinois in Champaign, Ill. He graduated January 19, 2010, passed his National Boards and received his Pennsylvania Veterinary license just three weeks before his death. Though it was to be short-lived, he realized his lifelong dream of joining his father in practice. Dan was preceded in death by his paternal grandparents,

D.C. and Camilla Bishop, of Harding; maternal grandparents, Robert and Daisy Leverett of Manteno, Ill.; and his father-in-law, Stephen Simko, of Harding. He is survived by his wife of 20 years, the former Theresa Simko, of Harding; his parents, Dr. and Mrs. Robert Bishop of Harding; his mother-in-law, Dorothy Simko, of Harding. His sister DEVON BISHOP ’84 passed away on May 6, 2010.

1984 DEVON LEE BISHOP, Swoyersville, passed away May 6, 2010, after a courageous battle with colon cancer. She was born August 16, 1966, in Altoona. She moved with her parents and brother to Harding, at age one. Recently she had resided in Swoyersville. She attended Wyoming Area Schools and Wyoming Seminary, where she was active in musical and theatrical productions. Devon was a member of a musical family and began performing as a child with her mother and brother. At age 14, she appeared with her mother and uncle in a production of “South Pacific” at Enchanted Hills Playhouse in Syracuse, Ind. She was a member of the Music Box Players and appeared in many productions. She also played “Yenta” in the Jewish Community Center’s production of “Fiddler on the Roof.” She played in several pool leagues and had been a part of a bowling team. She had been office manager at the Shoemaker Animal Hospital, West Wyoming, for over 18 years. She was preceded in death by her brother, DR. DANIE MARK BISHOP ’82, who died suddenly April 14, 2010. She is survived by her parents, Dr. and Mrs. Robert Bishop. KURT REISINGER, New York, N.Y., died on June 29, 2010. Born March 22, 1966, in WilkesBarre he spent the better part of his first 30 years growing up in the Wyoming Valley. Kurt attended Meyers Junior High School and graduated from Wyoming Seminary where he was a member of the lacrosse team. Kurt attended King’s College and graduated magna cum laude with degrees in political science and business administration. After graduation, Kurt was employed locally in the commercial real estate business, developing and managing substantial rental housing. He then relocated to New York City and earned his MBA in commercial real estate at NYU’s Graduate School of Business. Kurt focused his career on substantial commercial real estate leasing and sales transactions in the Wall Street area. He was preceded in death by his mother, Kathleen Fortune, of Wilkes-Barre. Kurt is survived by his father, JOSEPH R. REISINGER, Esq. ’63, of Wilkes-Barre; his brother, Joseph Reisinger Jr. and his wife, Kim, of Redding, Calif.

2002 EVAN JUNOT, Wynnewood, passed away suddenly, on June 30, 2010 at age 27. He is predeceased by his father Elvin Webber and survived by his mother, Hope Junot; stepmother, Diann Webber; grandmother, Addie Webber; grandparents, George and Jean Junot; a multitude of aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and dear friends. Evan was born and lived until age 3 in the Washington, D.C. area before moving to upstate N.Y., where the majority of the Junot family has lived for generations. He completed primary school years in Pittsford, N.Y. and went on to Canandaigua Academy for high school. He attended Wyoming Seminary for one college prep year in Wilkes Barre, Pa., attaining a football scholarship to Wagner College to study as a physics major. Evan excelled in various sports and was an extreme musical talent.

Former Faculty THE REVEREND BRIAN LEE CLOUD, Rydal, died Aug. 5, 2010. He was 68. Born Nov. 7, 1941, Brian was raised in Philadelphia, where he graduated from Frankford High School. He subsequently attended Lycoming College and Lancaster Theological Seminary, where he received his masters of divinity degree. Brian was the minister of several United Methodist churches in Pennsylvania located in Lansdowne, Mahanoy City, Allentown, and Doylestown. He also served as chaplain at Wyoming Seminary. In addition to his ministerial work, Brian was active in the community serving as president of the Allentown Center City Ministries, and a member on several boards, including the Allentown School District board of directors, Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association, Board of Pensions and Council of Finance and Administration of the Eastern PA Conference of the United Methodist Church, and the board of directors of Evangelical Manor and Heritage Towers. Brian is survived by his loving wife, Jacqueline Lee Davis Cloud, whom he met at age 10 and lived happily with for 47 years. They were married in 1963, and have three children: Blaine and his wife, Michelle, Christian and his wife, Lynda, and Noelle and her husband, Sean Dugan. He also is survived by six grandchildren, a brother, Bruce, and sister-in-law. BRENDA DYMOND, Shavertown, passed away August 17, 2010. Born in Birmingham, England, on May 9, 1932, she was a daughter of the late David and Annie May Pugh Scott. Brenda graduated from business school to work as executive secretary to the president of Baldwins of Birmingham, England. She met Franklin M. Dymond of Wilkes-Barre during his military 49

C lbai st su aNr oi et se s O service in England and moved to the United States in 1955 to marry him. She was a resident of the Wyoming Valley for the rest of her life sharing her British voice, experience, gracious smile, talent for theater and music, and a passion for reading. Brenda sang in church choirs and used her talents for entertaining at luncheons and teas around the Valley, later gathering together a new group called the “Harmonaires” to continue this tradition for many years. Just after the Agnes Flood in 1972, Brenda joined the library staff at Wyoming Seminary where she remained employed until an early retirement in the early 1990s. While at Sem, Brenda often went beyond her duties such as being a guest classroom lecturer on “Growing up in World War II England & Wales,” participating in faculty-student drama performances and creating a student audio-visual club. Brenda is survived by her husband, Franklin, Shavertown; daughters and sons-in-law, Daryl and Donald Knott, Virginia, and LESLIE DYMOND MARKS ’84 and Kevin Marks, California; as well as grandchildren.

Mission Statement Within an exponentially changing world, Wyoming Seminary dares to teach our students to honor and strive for the True, the Beautiful, and the Good.

ELIZABETH (BETTY) HOPKINS MOSES, Bear Creek and Medina, N.Y., passed away on Sunday, August 8, 2010. She was born in Cazenovia, N.Y., on November 20, 1911, and was a daughter of Edith (Burden) and Merritt J. Hopkins. Her husband, DR. BENJAMIN HOPKINS MOSES ’30, died in 1983. She is survived by three children, DALE ’61 (Susan) Hopkins Moses of Port Townsend, Wash., GAARD HOPKINS MOSES ’64 of Aspen, Colo., and the Yukon, and MEREDITH ’61 (the Rev. James) Maxwell of Medina, N.Y.; five grandchildren; and her sister, Barbara Judson of Bonita Beach, Fla. Betty graduated from Nottingham High School in Syracuse, N.Y., as valedictorian, then from Syracuse University in 1933 where she majored in fine arts and was inducted in Eta Pi Upsilon (Senior Women’s Honorary), Phi Kappa Phi (National Scholastic Honorary) and Sigma Chi Alpha, (honorary public school art fraternity), and then pursued graduate studies. She was also an active member of Kappa Alpha Theta (the

oldest women’s fraternity). While at Syracuse, she excelled in artistic and athletic ventures. After college, Betty was an art educator in Skaneateles, Fulton and Syracuse, N.Y. and was active in Girl Scouts. Betty and Ben were married in 1939, and lived in Syracuse and Endicott, N.Y., and then Woodbridge, Conn., where Dr. Moses served as registrar of Yale University. In 1959, they moved to Kingston when Dr. Moses became president of Wyoming Seminary and then later registrar at Wilkes University. At Wilkes, Betty started the Foreign Students Organization and was president of the faculty wives club. She and her husband spent summers at Bear Creek and later retired there. She was an active member of the First Presbyterian Church in Wilkes-Barre and played tennis into her 90s! In 2006, Betty moved to Medina, N.Y., to be near her daughter.

At Sem, we value these words and know they mean a great deal to you. As we move forward as an institution, we depend on your help to fulfill our mission. Throughout our history, the school has been fortunate to receive bequests from many generous and far-sighted alumni and friends. There are various ways to provide for Sem in your will or living trust as well as to maximize income and reduce taxes. Although it is essential for you to consult with your attorney or tax advisor, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. For more information, please contact John Shafer ‘71 Vice President of Advancement (570) 270-2140


Report of Gifts Wyoming Seminary



Message From the Development Office With a Little Help from Our Friends It was a year of great challenges and big accomplishments. The 20092010 academic year began with economic uncertainty for the country, our school community, our students, and their families. If it is true, however, that in tough times you find out who your friends really are— then this year was further confirmation of what we already knew. We are blessed with great friends. Over the course of the year, we received continuous encouragement and support from all of you, and each of you did what you could to ensure Wyoming Seminary’s continued success. We are grateful. Despite the unique obstacles presented by the economic downturn, the Wyoming Seminary annual giving program surpassed its goal of $1.2 million, reaching $1,453,000. Also noteworthy, $3,139,000 in cash was raised for the School—the seventh highest total in school history. These achievements are the direct result of your generosity and support. In the face of this year’s challenges, Sem had to identify and focus on those priorities that are most essential to our mission. To that end our alumni and friends could choose to designate their gifts to annual giving in support of financial aid, faculty resources or a specific program area. This change highlights the importance of your support in providing students with the financial support they need and the quality of teaching they deserve. The following is a comparison of giving for the last five fiscal years:

of the gifts that have helped to grow the School’s endowment to a market value of $40 million on June 30, 2010 have come in the form of bequests and deferred gifts. Since 1982 Wyoming Seminary has received more than $18 million in estate gifts. We are honored the following alumni and friends continued this legacy during the 2009 fiscal year with bequest distributions coming from each of their estates to Sem:

Sarah Barr ’34

Mary Keeler Beacham ’35

Agnes Gregson ’35

Elizabeth Sickler Lampp ’33

R. Willard Reese

Frederic Salzman ’28

Dorothy James Sinon ’33

Phyllis Smith

Throughout its 166 year history, Wyoming Seminary, like most educational institutions, has relied on these three pillars of support – annual giving, endowment and capital support. The School continues in the “quiet” phase of a capital campaign with the dual focus of significantly increasing the School’s endowment as well as creating some new campus facilities while also providing major renovations on others. Specifically in terms of facilities it is important to celebrate all that has happened in the past five years all geared toward the strategic vision and master plan of the institution: • Klassner Field, a new turf field for field hockey, lacrosse and soccer, was constructed in 2006. • A comprehensive exterior structural renovation of Swetland, Fleck and Darte Hall was begun in 2007 and will be completed this October.

2005 – 06 2006 – 07 2007 – 08 2008 - 09

2009 - 10

Unrestricted Annual Giving






Restricted Annual Giving






Total Annual Giving






Gifts For All Purposes






• The modernization of classrooms and the hallway on the third floor of Sprague Hall to include the addition of interactive whiteboards completed in 2009.

On behalf of the entire Advancement Team, I want to thank John ’69, Mary ’72 and Gigi ’77 Lopatto for chairing our annual campaign. They and their team, especially the members of the Leadership Gifts Committee, did an outstanding job.

• The creation of a new third floor classroom lab in Nesbitt Hall and the installation of interactive white boards in most rooms were completed this summer.

• A complete renovation of the Kirby Library in 2008.

Wyoming Seminary has been approved since October 2001 by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a “Scholarship Organization” under the guidelines of the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program. Through this program, Pennsylvania corporations who pay certain state taxes can make a gift to the scholarship program at Sem in lieu of paying up to 90% of those state taxes if the company makes a two year commitment. We are most grateful to the following companies for their support during the current fiscal year: Almo Corporation, Benco Dental Company, Diamond Consolidated Industries, Diamond Manufacturing, First Liberty Bank & Trust, First National Community Bank, Frontier Communications, Lackawanna Insurance Group, Luzerne Bank, The Martz Group, Masonry Preservation Services, Medico Industries, Inc., Medico Rental Inc., National Penn Bank, Petroleum Service Company, Pride Mobility, Sordoni Construction Services and Straub Metal International. A school like Wyoming Seminary has not been able to grow and develop the way it has, however, by current gifts alone. Indeed many 52

• Resizing and modernization of the entire first floor and entryway at Lower School accomplished over the past two years.

• The construction of the Lull Tennis Center was completed in 2009. Over this five year time period, $10 million has been contributed by the members of the board of trustees and loyal benefactors of the institution to achieve the above objectives – yet another indication of the generous support of our friends. There are ambitious and exciting goals for the next five years to move Sem – we know we can count on our friends once again. On behalf of the Alumni/Development Office staff, I thank you for your commitment to and generous support of Wyoming Seminary. I look forward to seeing you in my travels around the country or on campus in the near future.

John H. Shafer’71 Vice President of Advancement

Leadership Recognition Giving Donchess Society

Zelia and Quincy Abbot ’50 Charlotte and Charles Alexander ’58 The Estate of Sarah Barr ’34 Paul Beane ’52 and Barbara Fassett Oski Beane ’53 Shirley and Howard Beane ’49 Ralph Beane ’45 Benco Dental Company The Bergman Foundation Justin Bergman ’38 and Cordelia Trethaway Bergman ’42 Joyce and Harold Buckingham, Jr. ’48 Laurel and Richard Caputo, Jr. ’84 Marcia and Frank Carlucci, III ’48 Charitable Gift Fund Rebecca Binder and Charles Cohen ’84 Lawrence and Sally Friedman Cohen ’59 Ann Mueller Coughlin ’47 Degenstein Foundation First Liberty Bank and Trust Kathi and Charles Flack, Jr. ’72 Frontier Communications Carl Grivner ’71 Dottie and Frank Henry ’50 Linda Famiglio and Jonathan Hosey ’74 Estate of Ruth Hosey Leonard and Lita Insalaco F. M. Kirby Foundation, Inc. Ki-Yeon Kwon and Seo Young Lee LACE Foundation Estate of Elizabeth Sickler Lampp ’33 The Lenfest Foundation, Inc. Mary Ann Lopatto ’72 The Luzerne Foundation Luzerne Intermediate Unit McCole Foundation, Inc.

Medico Industries Lawrence and Nancy Medico Robert and Kim Mericle Mericle Properties Scott Meuser and Susan Talbot-Meuser Corliss and John Mueller ’52 Joan Powell Flack Nusbaum ’49 PAI Special Support Hilary and Charles Parkhurst ’79 Barbara and Benjamin Reinoehl ’50 Hedy and Ronald Rittenmeyer ’65 Thomas and Erica Romanowski Richard and Virginia Simms Rose ’81 Estate of Frederic Salzman ’28 Estate of Dorothy James Sinon ’33 Estate of Phyllis Smith Andrea and George Sordoni ’64 Rebecca and Alex Steinbergh ’58 The Paul D. Wasserott Foundation Beth and Paul Wasserott ’49 The Wight Foundation, Inc. Wyoming Seminary Alumni Council Wyoming Seminary Lower School Parents’ Association Wyoming Seminary Upper School Parents’ Association

Allan Kluger ’45 and Sue Kline Kluger ’55 KNBT Beverly and David Lauderbaugh ’59 Hilary and Ethel Evans Lipsitz ’51 Doris and Patrick Loftus ’72 Luzerne Bank Marjorie Henry Marquart ’78 Martz Group Medico Rental, Inc. Daniel and Shelley Meuser The Nabi Foundation Bette and Stanley Nabi ’48 National Penn Bank National Philanthropic Trust Neil and Catherine O’Donnell The Philadelphia Foundation Pride Mobility Products Corporation Paul and Avalyn Quick Estate of Willard Reese Dorothy and Frederick Rudolph ’38 Rhea and Ronald Simms ’56 Sordoni Construction Services, Inc. Straub Metal International Doug and Barbara Straub Mikiya and Miho Teshigawara Nancy and Jeffrey Weiss ’73

President’s Anniversary Circle

President’s Cabinet

Anonymous Almo Corporation Max Bartikowsky ’48 Black Horse Foundation Robert and Judith Casper Bohorad ’59 James and Barbara Bruno Eugene and Roslyn Chaiken First National Community Bank Nadine and Steven Foldes ’66 Sumit and Martha Ghosh Gabriele and Jonathan Greenwald ’60 Estate of Agnes Gregson ’35 Alfred Gross ’41 The Merritt L. Harding Educational Trust Sharon and David Hourigan ’71 Zeinulla Kakimzhanov and Mierkue Kundauletova

Recognition Giving Levels Donchess Society President’s Anniversary Circle President’s Cabinet The Founder’s Society Nelson Tower Associates Levi Sprague Fellows 1844 Club Dean’s Society Blue & White Club

$10,000 or more $5,000 to $9,999 $2,500 to $4,999 $1,844 to $2,499 $1,000 to $1,843 $500 to $999 $250 to $499 $100 to $249 $1 to $99

Editor’s Note: The Donchess Society was established in the mid90s to recognize the philanthropy of individuals who had contributed at least $10,000 a year to Wyoming Seminary. This premiere giving level is named in honor of Lucille and Joseph Donchess ’26 who made very generous gifts to Wyoming Seminary in their lifetimes and who also remembered the school in their estates with bequests totaling $5.9 million. Persons listed on these pages - grouped by constituencies and ordered according to giving levels - have generously supported Wyoming Seminary’s programs and services and institutional needs. Recognition reflects gifts to the school recorded between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010.

Acorn Hill Foundation James and Amy Valli Bennett ’94 Sara and Edward Brewster ’43 Maureen and C.J. Bufalino, III ’78 Leslie Turrell Bullock ’63 Yvette and Frank Carlucci, IV ’81 HiYoung and Helen Chung Citi Smith Barney Datar Corporation Patricia and Stanley Davies ’42 Diamond Manufacturing Company Jeffrey and Lisa Doggett John and Elaine Eidam, Sr. Tina and William Evans, Jr. ’81 First National Community Bank Janet Flack Interiors, Inc. Charles and Viola Gommer, Jr. Anthony and Helen Grosek, Jr. Loren and Lisa Grossman Robert ’48 and Nancy Jackson Hartman ’48 Mary Ann and William Hinko ’82 Charles Holman, Jr. ’49 Jean Robbins Hughes ’48 Lackawanna Casualty Company Tracey and James Levey ’81 Chin-Feng Lin and Shin-Yu Liao Ludwig and Heike Luehl John Magagna ’52 Richard Maslow Masonry Preservation Services, Inc. North Star Consulting, Inc. Kip and Marilyn Nygren Charles and Mary Parente Petroleum Service Company Akemi and Thomas Price ’71 Larry and Faith Edwards Sarratt ’56 Jennifer and Arthur Sherwood ’56 Judd and Susan Weiss Shoval ’70 John and Suzanne Simon Annelise and Robert Smith ’56 Jeanette and Daniel Sneberger ’44 Margaret and William Sordoni ’63 David Wallace ’97 Marcia and Jay Weinberg ’60 Virginia and Alexander Williams ’39

The Founder’s Society

Albert and Barbara Albert Barclays Bloomsburg Metal Company Leon Bonner, Jr. ’61

Shawn and Michele Casey Woon Young Cha and Young Sook Moon Joseph Flanagan, Jr. ’42 and Mary Elizabeth Mayock Flanagan ’42 Freddie Mac Foundation Robert Friedman ’73 Ellen Winner and Howard Gardner ’61 David and Mary Granger Susan Grumbacher Gregory ’60 M.S. Grumbacher Foundation Kiseung Lee and Ock-Kyung Chu Sandra Lloyd ’48 James Long ’48 and Rosemary Waverka Long ’52 Jeanne Lopatto ’77 James Lord ’52 and Audrey Radler Lord ’54 Suzanne and Kelly Mather ’56 Mary Jule McCarthy Mario and Jill Nardone Mary Beth and David J. Oblon ’65 Gary and Cynthia Olenwine Richard and Marion Pearsall James Revie and Susan Powell Edward Romanowski ’75 and Cornelia Conyngham Romanowski ’75 Adina and Stephen Rosenthal ’93 Michael Rupp Nancy Shafer Barbara S. Soyka ’58 Charles Strome, Jr. ’46 and Margaret Strayer Strome ’46 SKM Industries, Inc. Shanta Syal United Methodist Church Board of Higher Education & Ministry

Nelson Tower Associates

Anonymous Norma and Hervey Ahlborn ’49 Mary Berninger Allan ’47 Fred and Estelle Andrews ’65 Harold and Marian Berk Barr ’49 Estate of Mary Keeler Beacham ’35 Bell Foundation, Inc. Anthony Berger ’73 and Catherine Evans Berger ’75 Estate of Gwendolyn Black Brennan Electric Incorporated Matthew Bruno ’94 and Sarah Sordoni Bruno ’96 David Bujnowski ’89 Paul and Elaine Burg Christine and Donald Bush, Jr. ’50 John Butts ’63 Bonnie and John Capone, Jr. ’55 Gus and Susan Cuscela Carlson ’84 Philip and Miriam Hughes Carroll ’55 Wendy and Terrence Casey ’75 Daniel and Mei Castor ’78 Central PA Conference of the United Methodist Church Centris Consulting, Inc. Sheng-Ju Chang and Hsiu-Mei Tseng Chung-Cheng Cheng and Li-Wen Chu Rosemary Chromey and Richard Goldberg ’55 Wayne Clements Betsy Bell Condron ’45 Helen and Harry Croop, Jr. ’38 David and Melanie Damico William and Esther Davidowitz ’51 Davidowitz Foundation Diamond Consolidated Industries, Inc. Louise and John Dixon ’50 Norman and Adele Dressler

James Dunham ’50 and Miriam Davis Dunham ’50 Phyllis Eckman Ruth and James Edwards ’58 Tracy and Robert Eggleston, Jr. ’87 Claire Conlon Evans ’52 Thomas Evans ’51 Tim Evans ’75 and Margy Simms ’79 Gloria and John Fassett ’51 Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund Bryson and Linda Bryan Goss ’58 Patricia and Frederick Graboske ’62 Paul Griesmer ’43 Kristi and Gerald Gunster ’85 Marny and Howard Harris, Jr. ’65 Hemmler Camayd Architects Kristen and Marc Holtzman ’78 Seymour and Evelyn Holtzman Ruth and Richard Hughes, III ’79 Mary and Alexis Iszard ’69 Won Jae Jeong and Maria Park Carole and Richard Johnson ’80 Carol and Morgan Jones ’57 Karen Klassner Harvey Klein ’49 and Judith Raub Klein ’47 Jeffrey Klein ’74 Amanda and Joseph Kluger ’82 John and Beverley Davies Kolb ’43 David and Mary Kolessar Charles Laycock ’35 Gerald and Ann Levandoski Jaye Ellen Hindin Lewis ’72 Kenneth Leyshon ’62 Kuan-Shou Lin and Pei-Jung Chen Llewellyn & McKane, Inc. Susan Long ’50 John Lopatto, III ’69 Lynne Lord Melanie Maslow Lumia ’82 Thomas Mack ’51 and Judith Mills Mack ’56 Regina and Frank Maguire ’73 Kevin Marks and Leslie Dymond Marks ’84 James Matysczak ’95 and Jennifer Savage Matysczak ’95 Donald and Ellen Brenton McAllister ’70 Mary Eagen McDonald ’48 Margaret Fischer McGroarty ’60 Gail and Marvin Metzgar ’52 Robert Montgomery ’57 Kathlene Morgan Stephen and Kimetha Morris Cheryl and Reuben Munday ’65 Janet Murray ’76 David and Cynthia Nape Mark and Hilary Maslow Naud ’80 Northrop Grumman Foundation Daphne and Sanford Padwe ’57 ParenteBeard LLC John and Marjorie Passan Foundation Penn State Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Howard and Dorothy Funke Perley ’53 Bill Plante and Robin Smith Kim and Donald Reiff ’88 Steve and Nicole Browning Rifkin James and Annabelle Rogers, Jr. Richard and Kim Ross, Jr. Phillip Roth ’71 John and Georgette Sampson ’47 Robert and Susanne Sunday Sanderson ’56 Irene Santarelli Philip Santarelli ’67 Schwab Charitable Fund


Laurie and David Schwager ’80 Mary and William Scott ’54 Richard Scott ’60 Scranton Area Foundation Catherine and John Shafer ’71 Jin Shik Shin and Min Ja An The Shoval Foundation Elaine and Leonard Silverstein ’39 Eva Campo and Matthew Sordoni ’95 Gregg and Lois Spath The Spencer Foundation Wallace Stettler Lawrence Stirewalt and Penny Mericle Timothy and Lisa Swanson The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation The Tambur Family Foundation Trust Robert Tamburro ’91 Lillian Thalenfeld Ellie Kay and Alfred Thomas, III ’62 Thomson Reuters Robert Tippett ’42 Carolyn and Joseph Torsella ’81 Lillian and Stuart Uram ’52 Verizon Foundation Elizabeth Stevens Walter ’35 William and Ellen MacCartney Warren ’60 Grace White Whidden ’43 Laura and Edmund Wideman, III ’60 Wilkes-Barre Law and Library Association Woodlands Inn and Resort Carolyn and Orville Wright, Jr. ’52 Jill and Bernhardt Wruble ’59 Ken and Etsuyo Yamashita Joanne and William Yoder ’62 Chuanwei Zhang and Jing Li

Trustees Donchess Society

Barbara Fassett Oski Beane ’53 Harold C. Buckingham, Jr. ’48 Charles D. Flack, Jr. ’72 Carl J. Grivner ’71 Frank M. Henry ’50 Jonathan P. Hosey ’74 Leonard Insalaco Mary Ann Lopatto ’72 Scott Meuser John D. Mueller ’52 Charles H. Parkhurst ’79

Erica Romanowski Richard A. Rose, Jr. George B. Sordoni ’64

President’s Anniversary Circle

Sue Kline Kluger ’55 Marjorie Henry Marquart ’78

President’s Cabinet Charles J. Bufalino, III ’78 Leslie Turrell Bullock ’63 Frank C. Carlucci, IV ’81 Stanley S. Davies ’42 Charles F. Gommer, Jr. Anthony Grosek, Jr. John F. Magagna ’52 Kip P. Nygren Arthur W. Sherwood ’56 Robert H. Smith ’56

David Damico Karen Klassner Mary Kolessar John H. Shafer ’71 Timothy Swanson

Levi Sprague Fellows Charles Carrick Jill Carrick Sharon Conway Andrew Costello Marsha Costello Ben Schall Heidi Schukraft Megan Thomas

1844 Club

Anthony L. Berger ’73 Richard M. Goldberg ’55 Richard M. Hughes, III ’79 Joseph E. Kluger ’82 Janet E. Murray ’76

Kayanne Vanderburg Barilla ’84 Elizabeth Blaum Kevin J. Blaum Laning J. Harvey ’80 Claire Hornung John Hornung Brian Kaschak Dawn Leas Polly Mitchell ’72 Raleigh W. Myers Barbara Lumia Rogers ’77 Lucille Marie Shick Alicia Kay Young

Levi Sprague Fellows

Dean’s Society

The Founder’s Society

Richard L. Pearsall Cornelia Conyngham Romanowski ’75

Nelson Tower Associates

Wesley R. Crompto ’43 A. John Dimond ’57 Stephen B. Killian ’66 Charles D. Lemmond, Jr. Joanne Santarelli

1844 Club

Paula Chaiken Collette Touey Kean ’48

Dean’s Society

Christopher Hackett Harry F. Lee ’53

Faculty and Staff President’s Cabinet Elaine Eidam John R. Eidam, Sr. Kip P. Nygren

Nelson Tower Associates Elaine Burg Paul Burg

Denise E. Barber Rachel Bartron William Davis John J. Dickinson Toni Filipczyk Carolyn Foran Christine Gasper Judith Golumbeski Sally Graham Sprankle M. Elizabeth Hibbard ’69 Catie Kersey Christopher J. Kersey ’90 D. James Kersey Patricia Kilyanek Concepcion Kopec Philip Liva Janel McCormick Ivy Miller Laurie Morgan John T. Morris Harry Nageli Cassandra Ouellette Patricia Paciotti Edward Plaksa Rebecca Rosengrant Nancy Sanderson Elizabeth Schmaltz Jennifer Siff Jonathan Siff Heidi Sims Jeffrey Sims Jane Slaff Gail E. Smallwood Elizabeth Stankus Jill Stretanski Julie McCarthy Strzeletz ’81 Robert Tarud Susan Trynoski Bernardine Vojtko Peggy Zinkavich

Blue & White Club Regina Allen Joyce Ashley Colleen Ayers Jill Bradbury Adam Carlisle Craig Cirelli Maria Coons


Patricia Ann DeViva Michael John Fedak Elizabeth Gover Sheila Hartman Lisa A. Iskra Terry W. Karg, Jr. Billie Kinney Mona Lawrence Robert Lawrence Anne K. Lew Courtney Lewis Ethan Lewis Justin Naylor Joyce B. Ostrum Jean E. Ris Steven A. Ris Jason Thatcher Sara Thomas Urisko ’63

Friends Nelson Tower Associates

Mr. Wayne Clements Ms. Lynne D. Lord Mrs. M. Kathlene Morgan Mr. Bill Plante and Ms. Robin Smith Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rifkin

Levi Sprague Fellows Mrs. Barbara Weisberger

1844 Club Anonymous

Dean’s Society

Mr. Steven M. Adam Mr. and Mrs. Al Battaglino Mrs. Elizabeth Burgess Mrs. Shirley T. Butler Mrs. Dorothy Cohen Mrs. Patricia Conlon Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Disney Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ehret Mr. Joel P. Gardiner Mrs. Helen Hazinski Mr. Alan Hughes and Mrs. Polly Pentecost Hughes Mrs. Susan Simione Mr. and Mrs. John Storb Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Williams Ms. Ann Woodland

Blue & White Club

Ms. Linda Brown Drs. Mark and Eleanor Capeless Mr. Richard Counts Mr. Alan B. Crocker Mr. Walter J. Cybulski, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Durst Mrs. Ann Evans Mr. and Mrs. Stanley E. Fleming Mrs. Dona E. Franklin Mrs. Mei-Ling Fry Mr. Ralph J. Greco Mrs. Howard Y. Harris Ms. Joan Huber Ms. Elizabeth W. Hughes Ms. Kathryn F. Hughes Dr. and Mrs. Richard Kaufer Ms. Janet Kosek Mr. Hank Krok and Ms. Marge Weller Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Lennon Mr. R. Titus Leo Ms. Joan Lupinski Mr. Dave Martin Ms. Karen A. Mason Ms. Kathleen McGrann Mr. Guthrie Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Morgan Ms. Patricia A. Rindgen

Mr. E. Bryan Rutledge Mrs. Helen Schieffer Ms. Susan Smith Ms. Starr Snead Mr. and Mrs. Richard Spotts Rabbi and Mrs. Arthur F. Starr Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Stringfellow

Current Parents

Upper School Parent Fundraising Committee:

Cathy O’Donnell, Chair, Lydia Charney, Rosemary Chromey, Tricia Considine, Sharon Hourigan, Joanne Santarelli, John Simon, Lois Spath, Mindy Zafrany

Grade 12 – 2010 Participation – 32%

Donchess Society

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Insalaco Mr. Ki-Yeon Kwon and Mrs. Seo Young Lee Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Mericle Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Romanowski

President’s Anniversary Circle Mr. and Mrs. Paul Quick

President’s Cabinet

Dr. and Mrs. Loren J. Grossman

The Founder’s Society Mr. Woon Young Cha and Mrs. Young Sook Moon

Nelson Tower Associates

Dr. Kuan-Shou Lin and Mrs. Pei-Jung Chen Ms. Melanie Maslow Lumia Atty. and Mrs. David E. Schwager Mr. Lawrence Stirewalt and Dr. Penny Mericle Mr. and Mrs. Ken Yamashita

Levi Sprague Fellows

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Clements Ms. Sheryl Maher Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Santarelli, Jr.

1844 Club

Wanchai and Manee Akharaekpanya Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Henry Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kachmar Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kopervas Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kwiatek Mr. and Mrs. James Rogers, III Mr. and Mrs. James Coulter Rogers Drs. Henry and Catherine Smith

Dean’s Society

Mr. and Mrs. William Adrian Mr. and Mrs. Charles Barber Dr. and Mrs. Ivan Bub Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Caiazzo Mr. and Mrs. John Considine Mr. and Mrs. Harris Cutler Mr. and Mrs. Seth Gollhardt Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hackett Mr. and Mrs. John G. McMullan Ms. Paula Michaels Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ouellette Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Reiser Mr. and Mrs. Steven Smallwood Mrs. Julie McCarthy Strzeletz Mr. John Thalenfeld Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Villamor

Blue & White Club

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Adonizio Mr. and Mrs. Scott Byers Mr. and Mrs. John M. Hannigan Mr. and Mrs. Nevelle R. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Terry Karg, Jr. Mr. Richard Novak Mr. and Mrs. William Reznak Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Smith Mr. Michael Twardowski and Ms. Ann Brennan Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. VanGlahn Dr. James Wimsatt and Dr. Rebecca Beal Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Zoranski

Grade 11 - 2011 Participation – 41%

Donchess Society

Dr. Jonathan Hosey and Dr. Linda Famiglio Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Medico Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Rose, Jr.

President’s Anniversary Circle

Drs. Sumit and Martha Ghosh Mr. and Mrs. David P. Hourigan Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Meuser Mr. and Mrs. Mikiya Teshigawara

President’s Cabinet

Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig Luehl Mr. and Mrs. John J. Simon

The Founder’s Society

Mr. Gary and Dr. Cynthia Olenwine

Nelson Tower Associates Mr. and Mrs. Paul Burg Ms. Melanie Maslow Lumia Mr. Chuanwei Zhang and Mrs. Jing Li

Levi Sprague Fellows

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Clements Mr. David Corson and Mrs. Dianne Thomas-Corson Mr. and Mrs. Rick Kornfeld Mr. and Mrs. Scott P. Parkhurst

1844 Club

Mr. and Mrs. Aminderjeet Aulakh Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Charney Mr. and Mrs. Laning J. Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Leas Dr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Saidman Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Santarelli Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Sokach Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Wallace

Dean’s Society

Mr. Momoun Bader and Ms. Phuong-Truc Pham Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Baker Attys. Matthew and Marion Cartwright Mr. Edward Charney and Mrs. Deborah Cooper-Charney Dr. and Mrs. John J. Curtis Drs. Masoud Firouzi and Fariba Modares-Firouzi Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Seth Gollhardt Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Kijek Mr. and Mrs. James Michael Kopec Mr. and Mrs. Scott Linde Mr. and Mrs. Steven Magaziner Mr. and Mrs. John G. McMullan Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O. Onwunaka Mr. and Mrs. David J. Perry Mr. Krisana Sriratanaban and Mrs. Wichuda Wongluang

Mrs. Julie McCarthy Strzeletz Mr. and Atty. William J. Thede Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Vojtko Mr. and Mrs. Charles Youngman

Blue & White Club

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Allen Ms. Colleen Ayers Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hess Ms. Mary Innes Dr. and Mrs. Anatoli Ivanov Mrs. Lisa Klee Mr. Gregory McLucas Attys. John and Janet Wiles Mrs. Olga Zimlin

Grade 10 - 2012 Participation – 36%

Donchess Society

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Romanowski

President’s Anniversary Circle

Dr. Zeinulla Kakimzhanov and Mrs. Mierkue Kundauletova Attys. Neil and Catherine O’Donnell

President’s Cabinet

Atty. and Mrs. Sidney D. May Ms. Kellie McDougal

Grade 9 - 2013 Participation – 41%

Mr. Chin-Feng Lin and Mrs. Shin-Yu Liao

Donchess Society

The Founder’s Society

President’s Anniversary Circle

Mr. Kiseung Lee and Mrs. Ock-Kyung Chu Dr. Michael Rupp Mrs. Shanta Syal

Nelson Tower Associates Mr. Sheng-Ju Chang and Mrs. Hsiu-Mei Tseng Dr. Chung-Cheng Cheng and Mrs. Li-Wen Chu Mr. Won Jae Jeong and Mrs. Maria Park Dr. and Mrs. David Kolessar Mr. Jin Shik Shin and Mrs. Min Ja An Atty. and Mrs. Gregg Spath

Levi Sprague Fellows

Dr. and Mrs. Rony A. Adam Mr. and Mrs. Scott P. Parkhurst Mr. Ke Huan Wen and Mrs. Shaojun Zhang

1844 Club

Ms. Kimberly Domiano Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Henry Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Shick

Dean’s Society

Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Berger Mr. Anthony Grosek, III Dr. Rebecca Kimpel Ms. Monica LaSalle Mr. and Mrs. Scott Linde Mr. Teng-Yu Liu and Mrs. Hsiao-Tzu Liu Wan Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nardone Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Reiser Mr. Perry Venson Dr. Pugazhendhi Vijayaraman and Dr. Vasanthi

Blue & White Club

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Bilodeau Mr. and Mrs. George A. Blom Dr. and Mrs. James P. Dolhon Drs. Ned Fetcher and Janice Voltzow Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Fiske Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gildein Mr. and Mrs. Terry Karg, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Mericle

Drs. Sumit and Martha Ghosh

Nelson Tower Associates Richard Goldberg, Esq. and Mrs. Rosemary Chromey

Levi Sprague Fellows

Mr. and Mrs. John Dowd Mr. Steven Dressler Mr. Andrew Pace and Mrs. Barbara Warren-Pace Mr. and Mrs. Ben Schall Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Schukraft Mr. Charles Schwartzapfel Mr. Qianru Yu and Mrs. Liping Fan

1844 Club

Atty. Peggy Engle Mr. and Mrs. Laning J. Harvey Dr. and Mrs. Todd Holmes Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kwiatek Dr. Sang Mo Park and Mrs. Wan Sook Kang Mr. and Mrs. David A. Reppert Drs. Henry and Catherine Smith

Dean’s Society

Mr. Kenneth Coulter Dr. and Mrs. John J. Curtis Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. DiPippa Mr. and Mrs. Seth Gollhardt Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Hubbard Mr. and Mrs. Francis Joanlanne Mr. Gary KornfeldDr. Carolann Littzi Mr. and Mrs. John G. McMullan Mr. Michael Molitoris and Dr. Sandra Pensieri-Molitoris Mr. and Mrs. William C. Obeid Mr. and Atty. William J. Thede Mr. and Mrs. David Williams Mr. Richard Williams and Ms. Linda Casey

Blue & White Club

Atty. and Atty. Frank J. Brier Ms. Valerie Crowe Ms. Susan Norris Mr. and Mrs. Persopio J. Pinto Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Jason Thatcher

Lower School Parent Fundraising Committee:

C.J. and Maureen Bufalino, Chairs, Carlo and Doreen De Luna, Bobby and Jackie Soper, Paula Chaiken and Joe Krause, Anne Nieh Hou and Timothy Hou, Joseph and Beth Ridilla, Sean and Tina Smith, Bob Tuttle and Margarita Rose

Grade 8 - 2014 Participation – 34%

President’s Cabinet

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Doggett

Levi Sprague Fellows

Mr. and Mrs. John Dowd Mr. and Mrs. H. Scott Edmunds Mr. Joseph Reilly and Ms. Kelly O’Dwyer

1844 Club

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Barilla Mr. John and Dr. Claire Hornung Drs. Gerald and Diane Levandoski Dr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Saidman

Dean’s Society

Attys. Matthew and Marion Cartwright Mr. Eric Durst and Mrs. Christina Rodis-Durst Mr. and Mrs. Eric Goldstein Mr. Anthony Grosek, III Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kilyanek Dr. Prahlad and Ms. Vani Murthy Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nardone Drs. Robert Tuttle and Margarita Rose

Blue & White Club

Ms. Lynn Dobrowolski Mr. and Mrs. William Reznak Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stevens

Grade 7 - 2015

Levi Sprague Fellows

Mr. Steven Dressler Mr. and Mrs. H. Scott Edmunds

1844 Club

Mr. and Mrs. Aminderjeet Aulakh Mr. and Mrs. James Rogers, III Mr. and Mrs. Sean P. Smith

Dean’s Society

Mr. and Mrs. George G. Conyngham, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Joanlanne Mr. Borys Krawczeniuk and Ms. Karen Jeremy Mr. Lee McCarthy, III Mr. Edward Plaksa

Blue & White Club

Atty. Gerald Idec and Dr. Marian Hiester Idec Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Jason Thatcher

Grade 6 - 2016 Participation – 33%

Donchess Society

Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Mericle

President’s Anniversary Circle Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Meuser

President’s Cabinet

Dr. and Mrs. Loren J. Grossman

Nelson Tower Associates

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Hughes, III Dr. and Mrs. David Kolessar

Levi Sprague Fellows

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Cuddy Mr. and Mrs. Ben Schall

Dean’s Society

Mr. Stephen Boyd and Atty. Pia Taggart Mr. Anthony Grosek, III Mr. Lee McCarthy, III Dr. Prahlad and Ms. Vani Murthy

Participation – 33%

Blue & White Club

President’s Anniversary Circle

Grade 5 - 2017

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Quick

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Karg, Jr.

Participation – 31%

The Founder’s Society

Donchess Society

Nelson Tower Associates

President’s Anniversary Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Casey Mr. and Mrs. Mario P. Nardone Ms. Melanie Maslow Lumia

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Romanowski

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Straub


Nelson Tower Associates Mr. and Mrs. David J. Nape Mr. Lawrence Stirewalt and Dr. Penny Mericle

Levi Sprague Fellows

Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Schukraft

1844 Club

Mr. and Mrs. John Fletcher

Dean’s Society

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Adler Mr. and Mrs. George G. Conyngham, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mark McCormick

Blue & White Club

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Hartman Mr. and Mrs. William Reznak

Grade 4 - 2018 Participation – 39%

Donchess Society

Mr. Scott Meuser and Mrs. Susan Talbot-Meuser

President’s Anniversary Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Straub

President’s Cabinet

Atty. and Mrs. C.J. Bufalino, III

Nelson Tower Associates Ms. Melanie Maslow Lumia

Levi Sprague Fellows Mr. Steven Dressler

1844 Club

Mr. John and Dr. Claire Hornung Dr. Joseph Kraus and Ms. Paula Chaiken

Dean’s Society

Mr. Shekhar Melkote and Dr. Bharati Eshwar Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Sims Mr. Perry Venson Dr. Pugazhendhi Vijayaraman and Dr. Vasanthi

Blue & White Club

Atty. Gerald Idec and Dr. Marian Hiester Idec Ms. Lori Rider

Grade 3 – 2019 Participation – 26%

President’s Cabinet

Atty. and Mrs. C.J. Bufalino, III

The Founder’s Society

Mr. and Mrs. Mario P. Nardone

Nelson Tower Associates Mr. and Mrs. Paul Burg

Levi Sprague Fellows

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Connor Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Sullivan

1844 Club

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Barilla

Dean’s Society

Mr. and Mrs. Benson Bartron Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kilyanek

Blue & White Club

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Iskra

Grade 2 – 2020 Participation – 32%

Donchess Society

Mr. Scott Meuser and Mrs. Susan Talbot-Meuser


President’s Anniversary Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Meuser

The Founder’s Society Mr. Robert Friedman

Dean’s Society

Mr. and Mrs. William Davis Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hackett Dr. and Dr. Robert Panzik Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Stretanski

Levi Sprague Fellows

Blue & White Club

1844 Club

Pre-School – 2024

Dr. and Mrs. Hanna G. Kaspar

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Iskra

Dr. Timothy Hou and Ms. Anne Nieh Hou

Participation – 39%

Dean’s Society

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Popple Mr. and Mrs. William E. Sordoni

Mr. and Mrs. Mark McCormick Mr. Robert Tarud

Blue & White Club

Mrs. Gina Tarud Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Williams

Grade 1 - 2021 Participation – 40%

Donchess Society

Mr. Scott Meuser and Mrs. Susan Talbot-Meuser

President’s Cabinet

Atty. and Mrs. C.J. Bufalino, III

Nelson Tower Associates Mr. and Mrs. Paul Burg Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Swanson

Levi Sprague Fellows

Rev. and Mrs. Charles Carrick

1844 Club

Mr. John and Dr. Claire Hornung Dr. Joseph Kraus and Ms. Paula Chaiken

Dean’s Society

Mr. and Mrs. John O. Coates Erik Kruger, M.D. and Vanessa Ferber-Kruger, Esq. Ms. Marla Parente Mr. Frank Sgarlat Drs. Glen and Cari Tellis

Blue & White Club Dr. and Mrs. Ming Lew

Kindergarten – 2022 Participation – 29%

Levi Sprague Fellows Dean’s Society

Mr. and Mrs. John O. Coates

Blue & White Club

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Carlisle Dr. and Mrs. Devon Poesnecker

Parents of Alumni (Non-Alumni) Mary Agnes Kratz, Chair

Donchess Society Mrs. Ruth Hosey

President’s Anniversary Circle

Dr. and Mrs. James Bruno

President’s Cabinet

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Grosek, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. HiYoung Chung Mr. and Mrs. John Eidam, Sr. Rev. and Mrs. Charles F. Gommer Mr. Richard Maslow Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Parente

The Founder’s Society

Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. Albert Mrs. Mary Jule McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Pearsall Mr. James Revie and Ms. Susan Powell Mrs. Nancy Shafer

Nelson Tower Associates

Mr. and Mrs. John Dowd Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Mihalick

Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Holtzman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen I. Morris Mr. and Mrs. James C. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Ross Mrs. Irene Santarelli Dr. Wallace Stettler

1844 Club

Levi Sprague Fellows

The Founder’s Society Mr. Robert Friedman

Levi Sprague Fellows

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Barilla

Dean’s Society

Mr. and Mrs. Benson Bartron Dr. William Irwin and Dr. Megan Lloyd Erik Kruger, M.D. and Vanessa Ferber-Kruger, Esq. Mrs. Ivy Miller

Blue & White Club

Mr. Adam Ruderman and Ms. Catherine Callahan Mr. and Mrs. Adam Carlisle Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Cawley Dr. and Mrs. Devon Poesnecker

Pre-Kindergarten – 2023 Participation – 30%

Levi Sprague Fellows Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Popple

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Conway Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Costello Mr. and Mrs. David Davies Dr. Steven Kafrissen Dr. and Mrs. C. Warren Koehl Mr. and Mrs. Sandor Rudin Atty. Sheila Saidman Mr. and Mrs. Brian Thomas

1844 Club

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Blaum Dr. and Mrs. Fredric Brown Mr. Clifford Fay Dr. and Mrs. John Gaudio Drs. Thomas and Margaret Hogan Mr. and Mrs. John D. Jeremy Mr. and Mrs. N. John Maza Mrs. Mary Meltzer Mr. and Mrs. Mark Molitoris Mr. Raleigh Myers Ms. Linda Schreiber Mr. and Mrs. William Smulowitz

Dean’s Society

Mrs. Deborah Amato Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Antinnes Mr. and Mrs. George Barnard Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Benson Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Brown Dr. and Mrs. William L. Bryan Mr. John Burbank Mr. and Mrs. Rick B. Burkey Mr. Jerome Campbell and Ms. Nancy Sanderson Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Conant Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Davis Dr. and Mrs. John Dickinson Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Doyle Mr. and Mrs. Allen W. Erwine Mr. and Mrs. Paul Eyerman Mr. and Mrs. Alan Finlay Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Foran Dr. and Mrs. James N. Frangos Mr. Michael and Dr. Andrea Frantz Mr. and Mrs. Gus Genetti Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Golumbeski Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gonchar Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Gover Mrs. Sally Graham Sprankle Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Harding Dr. and Mrs. John H. Hepp Mr. and Mrs. George Isaacs Mr. and Mrs. D. James Kersey Dr. and Mrs. Nikola Knego Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Krasavage Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kresge Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Langdon Dr. and Mrs. William B. Lawrence Drs. Chia-Hsiang Lin and Mongkon Lertburapa Mr. and Mrs. O. Charles Lull Mr. and Mrs. William Mainwaring Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McGinley Mr. and Mrs. Clifford K. Melberger Mr. and Mrs. David Morgan Mr. and Mrs. John T. Morris Dr. and Mrs. Gary Nataupsky Mr. and Mrs. Spencer G. Nauman Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. O’Hara Mr. and Mrs. Paul Olsen Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Paciotti Dr. H. Jeremy Packard and Atty. Ingrid Cronin Mrs. Ann Parkhurst Dr. and Mrs. Satish D. Patel Mr. and Mrs. William F. Paule Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Piccone Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Picker

Mr. and Mrs. William Reimer Dr. and Mrs. John Rothschild Dr. Azra Sehic Mrs. Jane Slaff Dr. and Mrs. Thyagarajan Srinivasan Mrs. Linda Stallone Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stankus Mrs. Jeanne Sviatko Mrs. Liela Taggart Mrs. Susan Trynoski Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Wall Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zinkavich Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Zug

Blue & White Club

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Adams Ms. Joan Alles Mr. and Mrs. George C. Anderson Mrs. Jasmine Barnes Mrs. Irene Blum Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bourque Dr. and Mrs. David Bradbury Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gleim Atty. and Mrs. J. Lawrence Brown Mr. James Bullock Dr. and Mrs. William Burak Mr. and Mrs. Edward Coons Mrs. Mary Lee Cuscela Mr. and Mrs. Frank DeViva Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Dombroski Mr. and Mrs. John G. Doyle Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Dymond Reverend and Mrs. Henry Fairman Mr. Allan and Atty. Ann Farias Mr. and Mrs. Michael John Fedak Mr. and Mrs. Donald Flick Mr. and Mrs. Glenn H. Frank Mr. John Furgele Mrs. Gabriella Gahagan Mrs. Mary Gale Mrs. Jeanette Garber Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gardner Ms. Adrienne Gerhard Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Gover Dr. and Mrs. David Greenwald Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Halloran Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hartwell Mr. Thomas Isenberg and Mrs. Tamatha Corwin Isenberg Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Johns Ms. Jeanne Kerridge Dr. and Mrs. Bradford Kinney Mr. William Klaips Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Knight Mr. Theodore Kosenak and Dr. Catherine Kosenak

Grandparents Mary Jule McCarthy, Chair

Donchess Society

Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Henry Mrs. Ruth Hosey

President’s Anniversary Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Chaiken Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Simms

President’s Cabinet

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Grosek, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John R. Eidam, Sr. Mr. Richard Maslow Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Parente Mr. and Mrs. William B. Sordoni

The Founder’s Society Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. Albert Mr. and Mrs. David Granger Mrs. Mary Jule McCarthy

Nelson Tower Associates Mr. and Mrs. Norman Dressler Mrs. Phyllis Eckman Mrs. Ann Levandoski Mr. and Mrs. James C. Rogers Mrs. Lillian Thalenfeld

Levi Sprague Fellows

Dr. and Mrs. Ira Brecher Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Colangelo Dr. and Mrs. C. Warren Koehl Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Kuharchik

1844 Club

Mr. and Mrs. Domenick Avallone Mr. and Mrs. Francis Baker Mr. and Mrs. Robert Durst Mr. and Mrs. John D. Jeremy Mr. and Mrs. Larry Smith Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Stauffer Mr. and Mrs. John Touey

Dean’s Society

Ms. Marie Belasco Ms. Madeline Berry

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Biggs Mr. and Mrs. David Buran Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Caiazzo Dr. and Mrs. William F. Calhoun Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Curtis Ms. Fran Durst Mr. Thomas Engle Mrs. Bernice Fierman Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. William Howell Mr. and Mrs. Barry Iscovitz Mr. Ronald Leas Mrs. Sandra Lefkowitz Mr. and Mrs. Clifford K. Melberger Mr. and Mrs. John Metz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morrell Mrs. Ann Parkhurst Mr. and Mrs. Ethan Petersen Mrs. Letitia Pupa Mr. and Mrs. William J. Romanow Mrs. Theresa Shibley Dr. Henry Smith, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Swoboda Mrs. Liela Taggart Mrs. Lily Venson

Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation, Inc.

Blue & White Club

Donchess Society

Mrs. Bernardine Borinski Mr. and Mrs. George W. Burgess Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Cooper Ms. Gloria Eastwood Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Ertley Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grieten Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hiester Mr. and Mrs. John Hojnowski Mrs. Marion Kasko Mr. and Mrs. C. Martin Kelly Mrs. Kenney Mrs. Mary Kilyanek Mr. Mark Kornfeld and Mrs. Sandra Goldman Mrs. Frieda Kurzweil Mrs. Ruth Lacek Mrs. Rosemary Lloyd Ms. Regina Paglia Mr. and Mrs. Michael Plaksa Mrs. Lydia Reppert Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rupp Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Jusuf Salam Mr. Angelo Tullo Ms. Corina Walker Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Warriner

Matching Gift Companies The Founder’s Society Barclays Freddie Mac Foundation

Nelson Tower Associates Northrop Grumman Foundation The Spencer Foundation Thomson Reuters Verizon Foundation

Levi Sprague Fellows

Guard Insurance Group Merrill Lynch & Company, Inc. Motorola Foundation The Wachovia Foundation

1844 Club

Berwind Corporation New York Times Company Foundation, Inc. Norfolk Southern Foundation

Dean’s Society

Bank of America Matching Gifts Program Campbell Soup Company Intel Foundation J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation Merck Partnership for Giving Microsoft Pfizer Foundation Prudential Foundation Raytheon Company Sprint Foundation Vanguard Group, Inc.

Eastern Pennsylvania Supply Company Fino’s Pharmacy Mark J. Sobeck Roof Consulting, Inc. Nahas & Donahue Orthodontics Pendragon Center Penn Security Bank & Trust Co. Pennsylvania Paper & Supply Service Electric Company T&F Tire Supply

Blue & White Club

AGIA, Inc. Huntsville Golf Club Ligus Electric Service Medical Oncology Associates

Blue & White Club

Foundations/ Organizations


Donchess Society

Aetna Foundation, Inc. GE Foundation Unilever Home & Personal Care USA

Chris Hackett, Chair

Benco Dental Company First Liberty Bank and Trust Frontier Communications Medico Industries Mericle Properties

President’s Anniversary Circle

Almo Corporation First National Community Bank KNBT Luzerne Bank Martz Group Medico Rental, Inc. National Penn Bank Pride Mobility Products Corp. Sordoni Construction Services, Inc. Straub Metal International

President’s Cabinet

Citi Smith Barney Datar Corporation Diamond Manufacturing Company Janet Flack Interiors, Inc. Lackawanna Casualty Company Masonry Preservation Services, Inc. North Star Consulting, Inc. Petroleum Service Company

The Bergman Foundation Charitable Gift Fund Degenstein Foundation F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc. LACE Foundation The Lenfest Foundation, Inc. The Luzerne Foundation McCole Foundation, Inc. The Paul D. Wasserott Foundation The Wight Foundation, Inc.

President’s Anniversary Circle

Black Horse Foundation The Merritt L. Harding Educational Trust The Nabi Foundation National Philanthropic Trust The Philadelphia Foundation

President’s Cabinet Acorn Hill Foundation

The Founder’s Society M.S. Grumbacher Foundation

Nelson Tower Associates Bell Foundation, Inc. Davidowitz Foundation

Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund John and Marjorie Passan Foundation Schwab Charitable Fund Scranton Area Foundation The Walter L. Schautz Foundation The Shoval Foundation The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation The Tambur Family Foundation Trust Wilkes-Barre Law and Library Association

Levi Sprague Fellows

Community Foundation of New Jersey Communities Foundation of Texas Jewish Community Endowment Foundation of Stamford, Inc. Pasadena Community Foundation Stahller Family Foundation The Salvation Army – Scranton United Way of the National Capital Area

1844 Club

Combined Jewish Philanthropies Isabel Francis Smith & Ralph Lawrence Smith Foundation North Branch Friends Meeting Patty Foresman Foundation United Way of Wyoming Valley

Dean’s Society

Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland United Way of King County United Way of Lackawanna County

Blue & White Club

Wyo-Val West School Employees Federal Credit Union

Class Reports 1929 Dean’s Society W. Curtis Montz

Photo: Michael Touey

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Koslosky Ms. Divna Kostic Mrs. Anne Lynch Ms. Sandra Madl Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Matysczak Ms. Ruth McAdams Mr. J. Llewellyn Miller and Dr. Linda Ledford-Miller Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Milligan Mrs. J. Lenore Morgan Mrs. Betty Hopkins Moses Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Nardone, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Nogi Mr. and Mrs. Richard Novack Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Orlando Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Orlando Mr. and Mrs. Persopio J. Pinto Mrs. Susan Price Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Rifkin Hope Riley Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Ris Atty. and Mrs. Eugene Roth Dr. and Dr. Rainer Matthias Ruckteschler Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Savitz Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Shadie Mrs. Ephraim Troy Mr. and Mrs. David Volodarsky Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Walsh Dr. Stephen Wartella Dr. and Mrs. Michael Weiss Mrs. Carol Wilcox Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. York

The Founder’s Society Bloomsburg Metal, Co. SKM Industries, Inc.

Nelson Tower Associates

Brennan Electric Incorporated Centris Consulting, Inc. Diamond Consolidated Industries, Inc. Hemmler Camayd Architects Llewellyn & McKane, Inc. ParenteBeard LLC Penn State Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Woodlands Inn and Resort

Levi Sprague Fellows

Frontier Communications General Mills Golden Business Machines Inc.

1844 Club

Kronick, Kalada, Berdy & Co. Photography by Andy TARGET UGI Energy Services Inc.

Dean’s Society

Eastern Insurance Group


President’s Anniversary Circle Alfred G. Gross

Class Agent: Daniel Sneberger Participation - 44%

Dean’s Society

Daniel F. Sneberger

Marjorie Taite Austin Elizabeth Jane Chipman Coker Bruce E. Ross Barbara Wiener Smith Constance Keller Tingley

Photo: Michael Kudelski

Blue & White Club

Class Agent for the 1930’s Roman Ulans ’32

Dean’s Society Roman I. Ulans

1933 Blue & White Club

Alice Davies Cadwallader Edward G. Chapin, Jr. Virginia Price Faux Margaret Schall Johnson Stanley D. Morrett Edna Price Schott


Class Agent: Stanley Davies Participation - 64%

The Founder’s Society

President’s Cabinet Stanley S. Davies

Ruth Dattner Swan Eva Ignatovig Townley

Dean’s Society

Robert S. Tippett

1934 Blue & White Club

Blue & White Club

Jerrold S. Trumbower

Clark W. Hunt


Participation - 100%

Nelson Tower Associates Elizabeth Stevens Walter

Levi Sprague Fellows Edythe Dickover Tessen G. Henry Turrell

Dean’s Society Frank A. Dix Harold L. Golubock


Participation - 45%

Levi Sprague Fellows

Robert R. Ross

Emmajean Ellsworth Pittman Archer C. Puddington Shirley Eaton Wirsing


Participation - 39%

President’s Cabinet Alexander M. Williams

Nelson Tower Associates Leonard L. Silverstein

1844 Club

Ralph G. Beane

Dean’s Society

Allan M. Kluger

Marilyn Coughlin Rudolph Thelma Kaftan Zerfoss Clara Kerrick Alves Miriam Nelson Fleischman Thomas P. Roan Margaret Dewitt Willis

Blue & White Club

Blue & White Club


Dean’s Society

Harold F. Symons

Helen Allen Smith Rowena Davis Watson

Class Agent: Grace White Whidden Participation - 39%

Dean’s Society


Edward C. Brewster

Robert S. Laubach

Blue & White Club

Class Agent: Robert Slaff Participation - 45%

Doris Smiles Firestine Catherine Hann Morgan Daniel F. Weisberger

Levi Sprague Fellows


Ellen Gregory Crispell Ettore J. Lippi James C. Lurba Thomas J. McDonnell

Participation - 71%

Dean’s Society

Gertrude H. Schumaker Besancon William H. Dendle Charles M. Epstein Henry C. Johnson

Blue & White Club

Barbara Rosenthal Casper


Participation - 89%

Donchess Society Justin Bergman, Jr.


Mary Jeter Traurig

Dean’s Society

Blue & White Club Florence I. Austin Ruth Brooks Chapin Louise Traher Cochrane Joseph A. Fiske Jo Ann Wilson Rose


Class Agent: Bruce Ross Participation - 72%

Blue & White Club

Levi Sprague Fellows

Marcella McCormick Fay John Patten

Robert Vandenberg

Helen Lewis Cackener William L. Evans Daniel D. Olszewski Thomas C. Pollock Gloria Rothstein Whitesman

Class Agents: Allan Kluger Participation - 37%

William O. Ashton Elizabeth Abbott Dawson Donald McElroy Charlotte Benjamin Morris Edward N. Pollock Irwin Sagenkahn

1844 Club

Dean’s Society


Nelson Tower Associates E. Parker Colborn

Charlotte Muschlitz Arbogast Barbara Matz Bliss Robert C. Buckingham Jacqueline Anderson Kepler Susan Louise Sayes McGhee H. Alexander Smith, Jr. Stephen H. Wolf

Nelson Tower Associates

Cordelia Trethaway Bergman

Levi Sprague Fellows

1844 Club

Joseph P. Flanagan, Jr. Mary Elizabeth Mayock Flanagan

President’s Anniversary Circle Harry W. Croop, Jr.

President’s Cabinet

Arthur H. Andrews Ruth Betty Bloch Baltimore Nancy Abbott Cohen Alvin L. Dattner Nancy Cohen Judd Mary Burnside Mangelsdorf Beverly Rittenberg Sims Henry Tuck

Donchess Society Frederick Rudolph


Levi Sprague Fellows Richard J. Miller


Elizabeth Pettit Varner

President’s Cabinet Nelson Tower Associates Paul D. Griesmer Beverley Davies Kolb M. Grace White Whidden

Levi Sprague Fellows John Conyngham, III Wesley R. Crompton

Donchess Society President’s Anniversary Circle Nelson Tower Associates Betsy Bell Condron

Levi Sprague Fellows Joseph Baicker

1844 Club

Donald J. Eagen Nancy Randall Gwilliam Herbert M. Weiss

Dean’s Society

James P. Bailey Marjory Popky Blacher Eddie Lou Brownlee Bush Lois Arbegast Schweitzer

Blue & White Club

Judith Nelson Getzels Elizabeth Luetzel Lacy Katharine Lamme Stevens


Class Agent: Ed Berninger Participation - 44%

The Founder’s Society

1844 Club

John K. Davies

Charles Strome, Jr. Margaret Strayer Strome Levi Sprague Fellows Edward B. Berninger

Dean’s Society

1844 Club

Frank E. Dietrick James P. Harris, Jr. Marion Stephens Heiss Joan Kastor Kesselman Richard Rushmore Carl J. Schmitt

Blue & White Club Gertrude Marvin Burke

George J. Leacacos Leo R. Maestripieri Ruth Merwin Moser

Blue & White Club Barbara Smith Bollman Carolyn A. Clark George P. Heffernan, Jr. Robert E. Post, Sr. Rita Malyndziak Sandor Jean Foley Wahlstrom Charlotte Davis Wentz


Class Agents: Georgia Johnson Besecker and Beverly Slocum Bougher Participation - 33%

Donchess Society Ann Mueller Coughlin

Nelson Tower Associates Mary Berninger Allan Judith Raub Klein John L. Sampson

Levi Sprague Fellows J. Louis Bush

1844 Club

Karl F. Arbogast, Jr. Stanley C. Lange, Jr. John C. Machun

Dean’s Society

William L. Allan Jane Ackerson Cleaver Gladys Daniels Johnston James A. Mack D. Wade Smith Maxwell B. Spoont

Blue & White Club

Georgia Johnson Besecker Beverly Slocum Brougher Phillip C. Fisher, Jr. Edward W. Hartman Robert W. Havens Lucille Ichter Horsefield Murray Milkman Carrie Lamoreaux Murray Elizabeth Brownlee Sherk Nancy Heffernan Valtin


Class Agent: Rebecca Nicholson Malkemes Participation - 60%

Donchess Society

Harold C. Buckingham, Jr. Frank C. Carlucci, III

President’s Anniversary Circle Max Bartikowsky Stanley A. Nabi

President’s Cabinet Nancy Jackson Hartman Robert S. Hartman Jean Robbins Hughes

The Founder’s Society Sandra R. Lloyd James A. Long

Eleanor Nettleship Bowersox Irwin E. Lecker Marilyn Malkemes Sharpe

Nelson Tower Associates

Dean’s Society

William E. Evans, III Marilyn Isely Everett Patricia Heffernan Ferenbach Lila Garrahan Pollock

Irving S. Bravman William H. Cole Bernice Perloff Fierman

Mary Eagen McDonald

Levi Sprague Fellows

1844 Club

Ellen Davis Bender Elaine Barnett Espey Natalie Isaac Henkelman Joan Everett Hoffman Collette Touey Kean George E. Lehman

Dean’s Society

Virginia Harris Barrett Lewis P. Bush William J. Donovan John M. Fear Louis F. Goeringer George Graveson William Isaacs M. Evelyn Letham Keating John H. Klein Lawrence O. Kline Rebekah Nicholson Malkemes Elizabeth Reynolds Metzger Charles F. Mueller George Rose John E. Todd

Blue & White Club

Joseph P. Bonchonsky Jane Treat Cable George J. Cardone Arthur H. Chasin Joan Wieand Thomas Dixon Albert C. Fosko Joy Baltimore Greenwald Frank S. Kapral Elizabeth Lugg Kneeream Richard J. Laulor Miriam Thomas Noussair Florence Gill Prociak Joan Libenson Scheinholtz June Johnson Stevens C. Merle Tischler Peter L. Ward Anthony F. Zabicki

Blue & White Club

Edna Price Bailey George T. Bell Nancy Luetzel Boyea Walter W. Buckingham Hans C. Dreher Constance Perloff Green Marilou Croop Kaye Myra Kornzweig Smulyan Constance Tremayne Temple Lois Kiefer Trowbridge Lois Agnew Zadilka


Class Agents: Don Bush, Anne Cook Dickerson, Nancy Brader Gibson, Frank Henry, Susie Long, and Barbara Dykins Von Dran Participation - 48%

Donchess Society Quincy S. Abbot Frank M. Henry J. Benjamin Reinoehl

Nelson Tower Associates Donald P. Bush, Jr. John D. Dixon Miriam Davis Dunham R. James Dunham Susan Long

Levi Sprague Fellows John P. Cossa Jacob A. Crellin William C. Morgan

1844 Club

Maxwell E. Davison Anne Cook Dickerson Nancy Brader Gibson Kenneth W. Hitchner, Jr.

Dean’s Society

Hervey D. Ahlborn Marian Berk Barr Harvey S. Klein

Sally Eisen Basch Leonard F. Benzi Beverly Balliett Brooks Joel B. Goldstein Barry J. Iscovitz Glenn E. Jacoby Auvo I. Kemppinen Nancy Weiss Klein Natalie Cattanach Lewis Priscilla Judge Merek Richard G. Murphy Barbara Baicker Reisenbach Barbara Miller Scheuer Margery Hutter Silver Barbara Dykins Von Dran Sally Landau Zinman

Levi Sprague Fellows

Blue & White Club


Class Agent: Howard Beane Participation - 50%

Donchess Society Howard C. Beane Joan Powell Nusbaum Paul D. Wasserott

President’s Cabinet Charles S. Holman, Jr.

Nelson Tower Associates

M. Clark Conlon Thomas F. Ferguson Keith O. Malkemes John D. Platt Raymond P. Wilson, Jr.

1844 Club

Rita Kilgallon Conlon

Dean’s Society

Shaela Netzel Cahill Donald F. Dembert Joseph A. Eagen Bayonne Ward Gowan John A. Kastor Lewis J. Kleinrock Sondra Gevanthor Pickelny Joan Friedman Rittenberg Margery Goldstein Rosenberg Rodion J. Russin Harriet Feinberg Segal Sally Strayer Smith Ann Peterson Zablocki

Levi Sprague Fellows Richard D. Rivers

1844 Club

Norman A. Clemens Donald O. Coughlin

Dean’s Society

Harold C. W. Birth Emilie Davis Casey Vincent E. Dioguardi William D. Golightly Kathryn Netzel Grausz Sherry Howell Hatch E. Bowman McLean Arlene Krieger Minott Richard N. Neuman Stephen J. Paradise Robert L. Ransavage John T. Stevens

Blue & White Club

Joseph John Barbacci Claire Nachlis Berger Howard A. Berman Elizabeth Isaacs Cooper Anne Robertson Spencer William E. Streater Paul Ulshafer


Class Agents: Claire Conlon Evans and John Magagna Participation - 51%

Donchess Society Paul L. Beane John D. Mueller

President’s Cabinet John F. Magagna

The Founder’s Society Rosemary Waverka Long James E. Lord

Nelson Tower Associates Claire Conlon Evans Marvin E. Metzgar Stuart Z. Uran Orville Wright, Jr.

Levi Sprague Fellows Barbara Northrup Lemmond Jerrold R. Williams

1844 Club

Madge Klein Benovitz Jean Schoch Griffith Robert C. Morgan Irving C. Rothstein Margaret Mitchell Wiemers

Dean’s Society

Lucy Theis Bergman Elizabeth Tesiny Bohstedt Edmund L. Dana, Jr. Helen Miller Davis Richard A. Ide Robert N. Levy Nancy VonArx Merrill Charles L. Mitri Sarah Tonrey Morelli Jacqueline Mulcey Sylvia Brown Nadel Barbara Bauman O’Hanlon Wallace L. Pelton Benjamin F. Phillips Frederick R. Trumbore

Blue & White Club

Nancy M. Wagner Banz Janice Lamb Beyrent Mildred Monchak Bilski C. Ruth Graeflin Dilts Warren M. Epstein Barbara Davey Fitzgerald Mary Lou Runstall Grontkowski John D. Husband Bernadine Malyndziak Jastrem Basia Mieszkowski Jaworski Harry S. Keller, III Sheldon Nelson Janet Ahlborn Roberts Margaret Dombroski Schmidt


Class Agent: Barbara Fassett Oski Beane Participation - 38%

Donchess Society

Barbara Fassett Oski Beane

Nelson Tower Associates Anonymous Dorothy Funke Perley

Levi Sprague Fellows William S. Assiff Jeanne Malkemes Hickman

1844 Club

John Aponick, Jr. Bettijane Long Eisenpreis Hilbert C. Lehman Marilyn Lundy Lehman Jack Sallada, Jr. Lillian Davis Smith

Dean’s Society

Flora Quint Bell Betta Steingart Clair Roger G. Clark Ruth Schulz Cottrell Jim Fisher R. Lawrence Fraze Marcia Turner Frey Alice Daw Heffernan Betsy Everett Hubinger Muriel Keller Jacoby Barbara Harter Koehl Harry F. Lee Harriet L. Epstein Maidenbaum Joseph F. Neary Albert A. Prushinski Elizabeth Morgan Salisbury Anne-Louise Strickland John J. Turner Liesel von Storch Hicks Sarah Cochran Warm

Blue & White Club

Samuel T. Buckman, Jr. Thomas L. P. Cook Thomas M. Dewitt Nancy Mains Ennulat Gaeton A. Long Edward J. Palanek Elena Horrigan English Parkhurst Roxie Daron Sanders


Class Agent: Elizabeth Hutcheson Fetter Participation - 30%

The Founder’s Society Audrey Radler Lord

Mary H. Besteder Maureen Shedleski Brady Samuel B. Dilcer, Jr. Ruth Bass Fiedler William C. Gutman Nancy Gillis Sheridan Mary Hileman Williams Ronald Wingerter


Class Agent: Richard Rivers Participation - 33%

President’s Anniversary Circle Ethel Evans Lipsitz

Nelson Tower Associates Esther Baum Davidowitz Thomas G. Evans John B. Fassett Thomas J. Mack, Jr.


Dean’s Society

Robert Q. Busch Aldo J. Casseri Lewis D. Dana Nancy Fern Constine H. Yahara Lewis Robert S. Meck Charlotte Perkins Schmucker Barbara Kurlancheek Shaffer Charles A. Shaffer Eric Stusnick Henry T. Wadzinski Durbin L. Wagner Francine Bernstein Wilson Joyce Schneider Zeluck

Blue & White Club

Nelson Tower Associates William J. Scott

Levi Sprague Fellows Elizabeth Hutcheson Fetter William S. Pierce Laura Semmer Sobol

1844 Club

Elsa Funke Bainer Robert S. Hartman John L. Higgins, Jr. C. Peter Speth Jean Cattanach Sziklas Thomas E. Watkins

Dean’s Society

Eileen Congdon Barranco Magdalen M. Benish Sarah Kear Braun Elizabeth Bloss Breisch Paula Heffernan Daley Gerald Donald Gunster Leonard R. Jaskol Larry E. Kaufman Sally Teller Lottick David E. Morgan Ernest H. Mukamal Shirley Baroody Myers Joan Patterson Sheil Sally Skinner-Sandford Catherine Howell Susanin

Blue & White Club

Margaret Lyon Allen Deborah S. Rosen Cohen Louise Engle Dove Ralph E. Dula Barbara Schwartzbach Felder Jan Helbig Jemison Ruth Gates Kelly Ida Kiefer McClary Donald H. Roeske


Class Agent: Mimi Highes Carroll, Ginny Baner Dewey, Dick Goldberg, Carl Hedden, and Sue Kline Kluger Participation - 29%

President’s Anniversary Circle Sue Kline Kluger

Nelson Tower Associates John J. Capone, Jr. Miriam Hughes Carroll Richard M. Goldberg

Levi Sprague Fellows Sylvia Kehoe Abrantes Marilyn Keefer Carter Louise Loucks Moore

1844 Club

Janet Silver Falk Carol Ann Hyman Levitin Constance Morgan Scanlon J. Thomas Williams, Jr.

Dean’s Society

Ida Ruth Baum Citron Mary W. Haas Carol Wywiorski Halliday Carl T. Hedden John S. Holden Donna Toledo Thomas Helen Tinsley Lynne Herskovitz Warshal Ralph Wetzel Sara Bierly Willoughby

Blue & White Club

David B. Clemens Virginia Baner Dewey Donna Jeanne Gay Kaplan Martha McLean Kelley Richard Carl Maurer David M. Micahnik George Murdock Joyce Roberts Murray Roslyn Nelson Sachs Eben Shaffer John T. Valenti, Jr.


Class Agent: Robert Smith Participation - 29%

President’s Anniversary Circle Ronald W. Simms

President’s Cabinet Faith Edwards Sarratt Arthur W. Sherwood Robert H. Smith

The Founder’s Society Kelly J. Mather

Nelson Tower Associates Judith Mills Mack Susanne Sunday Sanderson


Nelson Tower Associates Levi Sprague Fellows

The Founder’s Society

Adolf L. Herst

1844 Club

David E. Bravman John W. Charlton James F. Haas, III John E. Morris, III

Dean’s Society

Jean Gibbons Amick Rosemary Shea Caputo Margaret Doumaux DeFlavis Gail Hillard Elston Jay M. Elston Florence M. Moore Goeringer Edward D. Griffith, Jr. George B. Henne Barbara Tiffany Phillips Howell Mary Giffin Intlekofer John H. Perkins Judith Terry Smith George A. Thatcher Donna Levine Walker

Blue & White Club


Levi Sprague Fellows A. John Dimond

1844 Club

David L. Barr Walter E. Dean, Jr. Stark G. Jones Bertrand J. Reese

Dean’s Society

Rosalie N. Banks Arnold Dorothy Memolo Bheddah Bonny M. Cochran Joseph M. DiGiacomo, Jr. Judith A. Decker Geraets A. Michael Greenwald Diane Burnside Haddle Judith Schiffman Hollaender Burton Karmiel Virginia Margavitch Payne Carole Teplitz West

Blue & White Club

David W. Aston Donald K. Bogart Jane Muncy Campbell J. Thomas Engle Ellen Shaffer Meyer Lois Wasserstrom Morris Claire Trethaway Oldham Wilbur G. Person Herbert C. Thieme, Jr. Jo Ellen Lawson Wilson John A. Wood Dorothy J. Edwards Young


1844 Club

Donchess Society Charles W. Alexander Alex M. Steinbergh

G. Jonathan Greenwald

President’s Cabinet

Nelson Tower Associates Morgan R. Jones Robert K. Montgomery Sanford I. Padwe

President’s Anniversary Circle

James R. Edwards Linda Bryan Goss

Catherine Halloway G. Carl Roberts Michael Sumner

Levi Sprague Fellows Helen Hoffa Hughlett

Barbara S. Soyka

Class Agent: John Dimond Participation - 27%

Class Agents: Charles Alexander and Alex Steinbergh Participation - 26%

Edwin C. Curtis Rita Biscontini O’Donnell


Thomas B. Decker Frederick A. Farber Ellen Gerstein Hollands Robert P. Margie William R. Perry, Jr. John W. Pieplow Stuart I. Price Mary Hess Quarrier Donald W. Roberts Helen Schainuck Rubin Sandra Epstein Solomon David C. Teller Mary Jane Sunday Whelan

The Founder’s Society

Class Agent: David Lauderbaugh Participation - 29%

Donchess Society Sally Friedman Cohen

President’s Anniversary Circle Judith Casper Bohorad David M. Lauderbaugh

Nelson Tower Associates Bernhardt K. Wruble

1844 Club

Gerald P. Dwyer, Jr. Robert E. Jones Francine Stein Nancy K. Welker

Dean’s Society

George J. Behler Susan Eaton Calvert Arthur H. Darling Ann Popky Fisher Lynn Kurlancheek Gonchar Robert Hausmann Bettina Clark Murphy Samuel S. Pearlman Jacqueline Spencer Williams Robert L. Wood

Blue & White Club

Marilyn Hughes Brookhart Harriet Rudolph Davis Johanna Borowski Hendon Norman D. James Marian A. Stevens Michael Ufberg


Class Agent: Jonathan Greenwald, Ellen MacCartney Warren, and Jay Weinberg Participation - 28%

Jay N. Weinberg

Susan Grumbacher Gregory

Nelson Tower Associates Margaret Fischer McGroarty Richard S. Scott Ellen MacCartney Warren Edmund C. Wideman, III

Levi Sprague Fellows Michele Levine Hoffman Fred W. Ortman Daniel W. Rosenn

1844 Club

Charmaine Kanjorski Aponick Carol Cutting Pickering

Dean’s Society

Judith Fassett Aydelott Nelson Banks Irving Brand Stephen L. Brandwene Stephen A. Dana Ann Burnat Kellman William J. Kolb Joseph G. Montross, Jr. Jane M. Morris A. David Neiman Philip D. Thompson Murray Ufberg Lenore Wadzinski Yousef

Blue & White Club

Carol Androsky Platt Townend Arnold William L. Barney Susan Teller Goodman Lorraine Rowland Murdock Susan Yashan


Class Agent: Jane Charlton Huey Participation - 45%

The Founder’s Society Leon W. Bonner, Jr. Howard E. Gardner

Levi Sprague Fellows Judith Mullens Cohen

1844 Club

W. Kentley Jones Sheldon W. Lawrence

Dean’s Society

Raymond John Bolek Gerald M. Coopey Suzanne Hess Hazelton Anne Harvey Howell Jane Charlton Huey Peter K. Johnson Gary S. Kornfeld Asher S. Levitsky Dale H. Moses George Arnold Pahls Parker D. Roberts Elizabeth Greene Ross Sanford G. Thatcher Sandra Laidler Valenti Margaret Havard Vogelson

Blue & White Club Joseph G. Ashley Mary Jo Cronin Bassing Jane Cochran Chambers Thomas Chambers

David M. Closterman Susan A. Ertley Eikenberry Avery D. Gentle, Jr. Katherine Drapiewski Harrison Raymond Howard W. David Larmouth Thomas M. Mairs Virginia Johnson Maravilla Herbert M. Pickett Elizabeth Closterman Roberts James J. Shields Howard T. Watson, Jr. Lewis W. Wetzel Alan D. Wilcox

Skip Falbo Sara Kauffman Moss Terry Salsburg Nelson Karyne Miller Wilner

Levi Sprague Fellows


Dean’s Society


Marylee Bomboy

Class Agent: Al Thomas Participation - 26%

Nelson Tower Associates Frederick J. Graboske Kenneth W. Leyshon Alfred W. Thomas, III William W. Yoder

Levi Sprague Fellows Myrtis D. Funke Burns Peter H. Miller Harvey Rosenkrantz

1844 Club

John H. Hassler, Jr. Albert C. Molter, Jr. Simon S. Russin, III George Z. Wilson

Dean’s Society

M. Elizabeth Tribler Corrigan Michael G. DiNunzio Virginia Greenwood Dubbs Flora Franconi Ann Horlacher Murray Carol Silberman Nelson Dembert Rena Bergsmann Rutstein J. Richard Steidel

Blue & White Club Stephen M. Alinikoff Ruth Shaffer Chariton Barry L. Derolf Carole Schalm Ertley

Class Agent: Leslie Turrell Bullock Participation - 23%

President’s Cabinet Leslie Turrell Bullock William B. Sordoni

Nelson Tower Associates John E. Butts

Levi Sprague Fellows 1844 Club

Robert G. Dealaman Stephen R. Ingraham Norman H. Kresge

Dean’s Society

Margaret P. Perkins Beers John Johnson, Jr. Richard L. Kramer J. Ronald Seacord Susan L. Sgarlat John D. Sieminski William A. Unger

Blue & White Club

Mollie Harris Farmer Mary E. Gale Verna Pritchard Holman Karen Lichtig Harry B. Schooley, III Lon Youngquist Schooley Jill James Smith Sara Thomas Urisko Linda Renville Wardell John C. Wise


Class Agent: Patricia Klein Rosenthal Participation - 21%

Donchess Society George B. Sordoni

Peter Jay Smyrl

1844 Club

Susan Mason Horn Karen Carter Dreyfuss Robert Evans Ellen Steinberg Herring Edward Miller Samuel K. Mitchell, III Judith A. Robbins Patricia Klein Rosenthal George J. Sick Christina Shafer Zardecki

Blue & White Club A. Anthony Anzalone Roslyn Schor Fishman Gaard Hopkins Moses Myrtilla Abbott Squitieri Lawrence G. Stets W. Thomas Walker


Class Agents: Sally Sims Alinikoff, Caleb McKenzie, and Ronald Rittenmeyer Participation - 23%

Donchess Society Ronald A. Rittenmeyer

The Founder’s Society David J. Oblon

Nelson Tower Associates Estelle B. Andrews Howard Y. Harris, Jr. Reuben A. Munday

Levi Sprague Fellows Daniel J. Drapiewski Winifred W. Rowe

1844 Club

Camilla A. Ayers Helen M. Jones

Dean’s Society

Robert D. Anton Nancy Siegel Harris

Caleb Alexander McKenzie Kathryn Montz Miller William A. Newman Joanne C. Patton Richard W. Snowdon Gailey Chambers Teller

Blue & White Club

Sally Sims Alinikoff H. Pamela Bird Laurence M. Davidow Georgia A. Dzurica Donald E. Morreale Elliott S. Robinson, III Charles Shea Sally Lowe Shea P. Thomas Shouldice Marjorie Shaffer Victor Diane Giering Wasilewski


Class Agent: Marshall Rumbaugh Participation - 36%

President’s Anniversary Circle Steven Foldes

Levi Sprague Fellows Lucinda Wolfe Hughes Stephen B. Killian

1844 Club

Ann Helen Roberts Leonard J. Thacher

Dean’s Society

Sarah P. Carr Loren N. Crispell John F. Gager Barbara J. Hauck William C. Johnson David F. Lacy Meredith Hopkins Moses Maxwell Tedi Piken Najarian Ronald L. Post Susan Gottesman Rabkin Barbara L. Smith Ann Jones Weigle Susan C. Yelen

Blue & White Club

Richard H. Blum Allison I. Carter Martha McDowell Guerin Robert N. Klemow Mary E. Lawson Edward W. Lopatto, Jr. Sally Ann Brehm Martin Lawrence E. Putterman Robert Rosenkrantz Marshall D. Rumbaugh Jill Blum Sherman Mark C. Strobino William H. Vincent Anne Fisk Wilce


Class Agent: Janet Flack Participation - 25%

Nelson Tower Associates Philip J. Santarelli

1844 Club

Janet E. Flack Barbara Goldstein Kline Lewis E. Thayne Jeffery S. Thielen

Dean’s Society Ira M. Goldstein Jeffrey L. Grogan Jackson Koffman Susan Pool Moses

John Olaynick Howard J. Patton James R. Weiss Marcia Roeder Wright

Blue & White Club

Ellen Francis Bolar Shelley Rosen Chamberlain Ralph B. Edwards Gerald T. McLaughlin Deborah E. Patton Susan J. Salsburg


Class Agent: Susan Tippett House Annual Giving Total - $3,420 Donors - 20 Participation - 20%

Levi Sprague Fellows Christopher F. Harris Susan Tippett House Carlo H. Santarelli, Jr.

1844 Club

Jonathan L. Levy Ann Kolesar Wood

Dean’s Society

Henry Horbaczewski Bruce G. Logan Atlee Robinson Mia Sieminski Lynn Levey Weiss

Blue & White Club

Cathy Rudolph Breish Robert S. Dolph Cynthia A. Garman Linda Jeter Harris Trisha Johnson Reece Catherine J. Cannon Kosenak Kenneth MacArthur Mariana Heim Moore Helen MacLellan Simon Jayne Bourke Steeg


Class Agent: John Lopatto, III Participation - 28%

Nelson Tower Associates Alexis S. Iszard John S. Lopatto, III

Levi Sprague Fellows Kathryn Perkins O’Fee

1844 Club

Richard P. Abramowitz Pauline A. Thomas

Dean’s Society

Nancy E. Barnes Alisa Berger Cotter Robert G. Edgerton, Jr. M. Elizabeth Hibbard Alan S. Hollander Stephen K. Nelson Lori Simon Panzer S. Kerr Smith Sara Parkhurst Van Why Larry VanScoy Joseph J. Waiter Richard C. Weiss

Blue & White Club

Robert C. Bothwell Joseph W. Harpster K. Christine Hibbard Nettie Hourigan Maguire Robert J. McFann, Jr. Denise Goobic Meck Lloyd J. Miller Jack Monick Mary McGlynn O’Karma



Class Agents: Esther Gray Peacock and Jill Jeter Tallman Participation - 24%

President’s Cabinet Susan Weiss Shoval

Nelson Tower Associates Ellen Brenton McAllister

Levi Sprague Fellows Margot Meeks Hennings

1844 Club

Gary L. Bushelli Kathy Isaacs Miller

Dean’s Society

Jonathan Blum Erika Funke Pamela Pethick Gale Randall G. Gale Megan Thomas Goeller Robert L. Klein Christina Graham Ouellette Sanford H. Pahk Irving F. Rivera Elaine Izenberg Ufberg Susan Kelly Wagner

Blue & White Club Frank E.P. Conyngham Stanton G. Finkelstein Marion Barnard Finn Lisa A. Harris Joel W. Lidz Liza Roos Lucy Stephen F. Stettler

James Guyll Ann L. Carey Harding Joel H. Hollander Stephen L. Johns Kent S. Jones Alan B. Langrall David E. Lopatto Vincent F. Perdeus Ellen Firestine Rebert Mary Ann K. Plevel Yenason


Class Agent: Robert Clements Participation - 28%

Donchess Society

Earl W. Phillips, Jr. Frederick M. Shortz John W. Siegal Gary Wattie Sandra Kabeschat Wytoshek

Blue & White Club Alan D. Harris


Class Agent: Ed Doblix Participation - 30%

Donchess Society Jonathan P. Hosey

Nelson Tower Associates

Charles D. Flack, Jr. Mary Ann Lopatto

Jeffrey S. Klein

President’s Anniversary Circle

Edward F. Doblix Patricia McCarthy Last Debra Turner Reinhardt

Patrick M. Loftus

Nelson Tower Associates Jaye Ellen Hindin Lewis

Levi Sprague Fellows Robert D. Clements, Jr.

1844 Club

Elliott R. Miller Polly Mitchell

Dean’s Society

Jack W. Frey Gary C. Klein Susan Edwards Rivera Barry A. Schub Joseph F. Shedlawski Bradley P. Wartella Madelyn Newman Wolf

Blue & White Club

Levi Sprague Fellows Photo: Michael Kudelski

Philip D. Reid Norma Thomas Ruckno Diana T. Watlington Daniel W. Wheeler, Jr. Ellen Schmaltz Young

Dean’s Society

Jane Benovitz Feinstein Anthony J. Grosek, III Margaret S. Hall Frank R. Hughes Robert A. Piccone Jenni M. Rodda Charles E. Scott George A. Spohrer, Jr. David B. Stettler

Blue & White Club Gary Baker Nancy Hughes Cline Janet Yuscavage Harris Robert S. Lewis Keith A. Newman David P. Rittenberg Anthony J. Shipula, II Ronald P. Sweeda Clinton H. Walker

Jan Morris Whelan Deirdre Beckwith Wrenn


Class Agent: Howard Baird Participation - 20%

Nelson Tower Associates Janet E. Murray

1844 Club

Howard Baird, Jr. Scott E. Henry David I. Kluger Katherine Yohe Linneman Donna Jackson Patterson Bruce H. Saidman

David P. Hourigan

John C. Carothers, III Jane A. Duvall Regina Engel Rodney L. Kaiser Patricia Hauck Kline Robin DeYoung Newman Robert L. Rosenberg Brian R. Schlier Sandy L. Singer Samuel L. Stettler Richard J. Thomas Gail W. Vonderheid

President’s Cabinet


The Founder’s Society

Cornelia Conyngham Romanowski Edward S. Romanowski

Thomas E. Heffernan John A. Licata Amy Hollander Veloric Janet Hughes Wiles Richard N. Yelen

President’s Anniversary Circle

Nelson Tower Associates



Class Agent: Michael Flowers Participation - 30%

Donchess Society Carl J. Grivner

President’s Anniversary Circle Thomas M. Price

Nelson Tower Associates Phillip W. Roth John H. Shafer

Levi Sprague Fellows Michael J. Keough

1844 Club

Hope Berger Rubin Debra Brown Siglin

Dean’s Society

David J. Abelson Thomas E. Dickinson Lee R. Epstein Jack Evans Mary Jane Griesmer Evans Michael E. Flowers Lee R. Kessler-Salvato Robert E. Maloney, Jr. Jack Daniel Miller Susan Wise Powell

Blue & White Club

Sharan Jacqueline Baran Elizabeth Reid Beebe R. Bruce Birnbaum Carol Wasnick Domsky


Class Agent: Robert Friedman Participation - 21%

Jeffrey A. Weiss

The Founder’s Society Robert C. Friedman

Nelson Tower Associates Anthony L. Berger Frank P. Maguire

Levi Sprague Fellows James J. Rosenthal Barbara Samuel Loftus

1844 Club

Robert D. Seeley Elizabeth Deering Wilkinson

Dean’s Society

Nancy Bravman Ruth Graham Conaghan Brian L. Davis James P. Harris, III Debra Fainberg Hollander Alan J. Klein Janet Malkemes


Class Agents: Karl Arbogast, III, Catherine Evans Berger, Tim Evans, Pearl Ann Butera Fulton, Robert Greenwald, Clare McCarthy Parkhurst, Ed Romanoski and Cornelia Conyngham Romanoski, and Joe Yuscavage Participation - 24%

Catherine Evans Berger Terrence Casey Tim A. Evans

Levi Sprague Fellows Clare McCarthy Parkhurst Mary Pavia Rolla

1844 Club

Dean’s Society

Bruce C. Buckle David W. McIlwaine Pamela A. Collins Rhodes Barbara Klein Windham

Blue & White Club

Class Agent: Jeannie McCarthy Clements Participation - 26%

The Founder’s Society Jeanne T. Lopatto

Levi Sprague Fellows

Robert D. Santarelli Mary Shafer Wakeman

Scott H. Beyer Jeannie McCarthy Clements Kathleen Fairman

Dean’s Society

1844 Club

George G. Conyngham, Jr. Robert M. Greenwald April Krajeski Daun Rose Margin Roberta Bravman Marks Jed Pearsall

Blue & White Club Karl F. Arbogast, III D. Andrew Hogoboom Carolyn P. Spohrer Marleen A. Troy

Dale P. Hoover Barbara Lumia Rogers James Coulter Rogers, III

Dean’s Society

Barbra Ann Berley-Mellits Timothy S. Evans Jon R. Hallingstad Raymond A. Kresge Deborah Ann Brandwene Lese Marjorie Henkelman Minnich Robert J. Wise, Jr.

Blue & White Club

Kathy Jo Abraham Adonizio Amy Prashker Cohen Nina Slomowitz Davidowitz Weinberg Peter K. Hunt Charles M. Isaacs Timothy Moran Joan P. Schooley Robert C. Williams, Jr.


Class Agent: Cathy McHugh Participation - 26%

President’s Anniversary Circle

Marjorie Henry Marquart

President’s Cabinet Charles J. Bufalino, III

Nelson Tower Associates Mei L. Castor Marc L. Holtzman

Levi Sprague Fellows Scott P. Parkhurst

1844 Club

Nancy Neary Baird Robert D. Gallager

Dean’s Society

Stephen J. Boyer S. William Goidell Dana L. Griffith Robert A. Grosek Harry K. Hiestand, Jr. Joan Morris Hipp John Dale Hogoboom Timothy J. Jordan Nancy Lynn Repa Toker

Blue & White Club Kurt D. Lettow Gerald R. Mowry L. Mark Nelson Charles W. Umphred John Weinberg Karen Backer Young


Class Agent: Rebecca Smith Participation - 23%

Donchess Society Charles H. Parkhurst

Richard M. Hughes, III Margy Simms

Levi Sprague Fellows James E. Hoyes Mark A. Weinberger

1844 Club

John B. Horrigan Julie Goldstone Marcley Philip J. Powlick

Dean’s Society

William E. Burak, Jr. Elizabeth Kluger Cooper Russell L. Darr Donald Flick, Jr. Mary Frances Donley Forcier Regina Germain Nan Slomowitz Greenwald John P. Hendrzak Norman F. Lyons Rebecca Ferguson Smith Lester S. Smulowitz

Blue & White Club Judith Dunham Shaal


Class Agents: Patricia Mack Grosek, Blair Jennings, Richard Johnson, and Ross Macarty Participation - 22%

Nelson Tower Associates Richard S. Johnson Hilary Maslow Naud David E. Schwager

Levi Sprague Fellows Maria Agati Edmunds Tamara L. Pearsall

1844 Club

Dean’s Society

Anonymous (Dawn Llewellyn Washo) Joann S. Gonchar Robina MacIntyre Marshall Maria L. Motto Julie McCarthy Strzeletz

Blue & White Club Douglas C. Burak Jennifer F. Davis Lowell B. Meltzer Philip G. Weatherly


Class Agent: Kimberly Albert Boackle Participation - 18%

President’s Cabinet William W. Hinko

Nelson Tower Associates Joseph E. Kluger Melanie Maslow Lumia

Levi Sprague Fellows

Marissa Menn Linder Amy Beth Llewellyn Willisa Y. Roland Caroline McCarthy Youngman


Blue & White Club

Robert H. Eggleston, Jr.

Christopher S. Briggi Joseph R. Nardone, II

Nelson Tower Associates

Dean’s Society

Gerald D. Gunster

Levi Sprague Fellows Andrea J. Hendrzak

1844 Club

Victoria M. Baran Liesl Ann Harder-Kelp Emma Simms Kluger

Dean’s Society

1844 Club

Blue & White Club

Christine Mohr Grenier Gaye C. Gustitus Christopher J. Hall Paul M. Kotch Jocelyn E. Piccone Amy Schall

Blue & White Club Elizabeth Post McKelvey Jessica A. Oski

Christopher Berry

1844 Club

Neale M. Dougherty

Dean’s Society

David C. Grosek

Dean’s Society

Blue & White Club

Blue & White Club

Christopher C. Dankmyer Garth A. Myers

Christopher L. Barrett Margaret M. Csala Paul R. Ryneski



Class Agent: Joseph Torsella Participation - 21%

Donchess Society Virginia Simms Rose

President’s Cabinet

Class Agent: John Morris Participation - 12%

1844 Club

Lauralie Chapin Cook Karen A. Jeremy Gregory D. Lull Pia Taggart Ellen Daley Wagner

Ian Ferguson Marianne E. Horrigan

John V. Calce Barbara Albert Cuddy

Class Agent: Tara Mugford Wilson Participation - 13%

Levi Sprague Fellows 1844 Club

Nelson Tower Associates

Thomas A. Lull

Levi Sprague Fellows

Lori E. Blue Christopher J. Kersey

Catherine DePasquale Mihalick Tara Mugford Wilson Dominic P. Fino, Jr. Scott G. Kerridge Matthew J. Lehman Marla Parente

Blue & White Club

Michael C. Averna Nicole Romano Borland Catherine Callahan Deborah Rothberg Covitz Robert M. Nelson


Class Agent: Scott Cooper Participation - 15%

Nelson Tower Associates David J. Bujnowski

1844 Club

Stephanie Ruckno Bartley Kristen E. Farmer-Vonderheid

Dean’s Society

Blue & White Club

Mary Ann Gaska Cameron Joanna Garbush DuPriest Jane R. Goldberg Samantha M. Ireson Carrie Rampp Ann E. Semwanga Ronni Racusin Stuart Jennifer S. Leonard van der Veen


Class Agent: Gretchen Vanderburg Niggel Participation - 12%

Nelson Tower Associates Robert S. Tamburro

1844 Club

Thomas A. Lawrence Laura W. Owens Skinner

Dean’s Society

Cynthia Ruckno Anderson Christie Meyers Potera

A. Richard Caputo, Jr. Charles F. Cohen

Levi Sprague Fellows

1844 Club


Donchess Society

Nelson Tower Associates Steven C. Dressler Margaret Brown Tregurtha

Lisa A. Cameron Hyunah Choi Roberta Tunila Hyland Audrey Lilly Kenjura

Class Agent: Marissa Menn Linder Participation - 18%

Nelson Tower Associates

Levi Sprague Fellows

Blue & White Club

Blue & White Club

Frank C. Carlucci, IV William B. Evans, Jr. James K. Levey Joseph M. Torsella

Lisa Marie Kosenak Ayers Amy John Kehner Sylvia Bain Moran

Yoon-Mi Chang Chang-Turbitt Scott C. Cooper Robert F. Eagen Jennifer A. Ivers Anthony K. Tama Jennie A. York


Erin Moore Axton


Levi Sprague Fellows

Dean’s Society

Blue & White Club

Dean’s Society

Class Agent: Christopher Berry Participation - 17%

Jennifer Butler Sokolowski Jennifer Wideman-Green

Class Agents: Jane Goldberg, Christopher Kersey, Thomas Lull Participation - 14%

Melissa A. Gaudio Ann Marie Hendrzak Jennifer L. Pearce Donna Zavada Wilkinson

Madhu Alagiri Louis J. Butera Patricia Mack Grosek Randall W. King William C. Lamoreaux John B. McCarthy Lee J. McCarthy, III Daryl Goldberg Simon

Dean’s Society


Eric M. Cohen Kim Gramlich Heller Laurie J. Nelson Karen A. Lottick Perry Jennifer Banks Santo

Donald A. Reiff

Clifford K. Booth Rebecca Gilliand Booth Terrell D. Smith Juth Robert P. Koons, Jr. Shelly Kalins Lutz Tammy J. Perkins-Mack Christopher E. Weiler Bradley W. Yoder

Laning J. Harvey Blair S. Jennings Robert A. Kaslander, Jr. Donald M. Robbins John D. Wartella

1844 Club

Class Agents: Gerald Gunster and Liesl Ann Harder-Kelp Participation - 13%

Anthony P. Andrews John C. Evans

Dean’s Society

Nelson Tower Associates Paul E. Bartley, III Margaret Bevevino Cramton Michael J. Cramton Christian C. Hampel Todd A. Vonderheid


Lisa Caputo Morris

Arthur Berry, III Margaret Nichols Hutchins Susan Dantona Jolley Basil J. Musnuff Mark C. Williard

Class Agent: Todd Vonderheid Participation - 13%

Photo: Edwin A. Davis Photography

Nelson Tower Associates

Susan Cuscela Carlson Leslie Dymond Marks Neil J. Neveras

1844 Club

Kayanne Vanderburg Barilla Jennifer Mack Jennings Christine Brown Teal

Dean’s Society

R. Scott Cresko Sarah Yohe Hathaway


Dean’s Society

Melissa N. Barber Hrvoje Benko Jason Yale Cohen Christian Hanisch Masato Kawashima Matthew A. Trosan


Class Agents: Jesse Renee Mermell and Michael Packard Participation - 11%

1844 Club

Maria Mullarkey Burakiewicz Jesse Renee Mermell Jaron L. Stern

Blue & White Club A. Jeffrey Dimond Joanna Siegel Gover Matthew N. Klank Shelley Stahl Parnell


Class Agent: Jennifer Riddle Harding Participation - 9%

1844 Club

Heath T. Bates

Dean’s Society

Sarah Fried Clay Tonya E. Drewniak DuBois Jennifer Riddle Harding Ginger R. Hale Quinn Edward J. Stankus, III

Blue & White Club Danielle Rudin Del Po S. David DePasquale

Stacey Kutish John M. Sarmento Penny Ann Treas Schade


Class Agents: Margaret Rose Lombardo, Jennifer Savage Matyczak, and Jonathan Tennenbaum Participation - 10%

Nelson Tower Associates

1844 Club

Jennifer E. Bradley Stewart

Dean’s Society

David Paul Bonita Thomas Chang Liza Tambur-Rolland Irina Vinitsker Vinin

Blue & White Club Melanie J. Evans Jeffrey J. Malak R. Dwayne Myers


Margaret Rose Lombardo Jackie G. Taylor Meier

Blue & White Club

Dean’s Society

Blue & White Club


Manuel Billups Jonathan Bradbury Michael Thomas C. Packard Michelle Pushefski Joseph Walsh, III Charlene Aquilina Michael Meadows Carolina Schinke


Class Agents: Nate Davis and Robert Sherwood Participation - 13%

Levi Sprague Fellows Margaret B. Sordoni Morris

Narada Edmund Campbell Catherine A. Conyngham Kyle A. Droppers Brooke M. Schuler Sciuto

Blue & White Club

Sarah Sordoni Bruno

1844 Club


Class Agent: Jeremy Dombroski Participation - 18%

Nelson Tower Associates Christopher J. Moon

Dean’s Society

Douglas Bruno Robert J. Ciaruffoli, III Megan J. Dimond Alida Kuhn Jelena Todorovic Meisel Carlo H. Santarelli, III Amy E. Archavage Trapasso

Blue & White Club

Class Agent: Doug Sherwood Participation - 11%

Class Agents: R. Clements Glover, Dennis Packard, Taylor Wielage, Jaclyn Walkowiak Moser, and Lisa Wisnewski Participation - 9%

1844 Club

Joshua E. Karoly

Dean’s Society

Dean’s Society Daniel W. Volpetti

Blue & White Club


Levi Sprague Fellows

Dean’s Society

Elizabeth A. Murphy John S. McLaughlin

Grace Marie Amico Matthew Brown Naveen Dasa Peter J. DeMarco Xinran Deng Leah Eyerman Daniel A. Hollander Luka Korica Ekaphan Kraichak Christopher Molitoris Harry T. Shafer


Class Agents: Bridget Bunton, Elizabeth Clements, Alex Flack, Ali Kornfeld, and Harrison Russin Participation - 10%

Levi Sprague Fellows Ali Brennan Kornfeld

Blue & White Club

James Ask R. Clements Gover Barret M. Katuna Jaclyn Walkowiak Moser Dennis Malcolm C. Packard

Blue & White Club

1844 Club

Blue & White Club

Blue & White Club

Jennifer Eidam Davis Joseph Giovannini, III Holly E. Zug

David Wallace

Class Agent: Peter DeMarco Participation - 10%

Dean’s Society

Class Agents: Patricia Rado and Karlina Zikor Participation - 5%


Class Agent: Rebecca Saidman-Krauss Participation - 7%

Melissa J. Sviatko Gordon M. Weightman

President’s Cabinet

Natalya Sharp Cherry Michele Crecca Glassic Kristen Kasulke Hamp

Blue & White Club Mary Jane Gover Ask Courtney R. Dombroski Kurt D. Hoffmann Courtney Klaips Liqian Ma George H. Shafer

Beth Coplan Thomas J. Graham, III Andrew Hollander A. Randall Lawrence Hilary Ann Koehl Riedemann Kathryn Sieminski Michael Volodarsky


Dean’s Society

Robert D. Isaacs Lauren Melissa Toczylowski


Nelson Tower Associates Matthew Bruno

Dean’s Society

Dean’s Society

Amy C. Valli Bennett

President’s Cabinet

Nicholas Sordoni

Dean’s Society

Wendy E. Taylor Bradbury Katherine A. Gale Kristy Kozlek Colleen Conyngham Mazin Melissa Stuckey

Class Agent: Amy Valli Bennett Participation - 13%

1844 Club

Michael Messersmith

Sheila M. Flanagan-Sheils


William E. Sordoni

Class Agent: Courtney Dombroski Participation - 9%

1844 Club

The Founder’s Society Levi Sprague Fellows


1844 Club


Stephen Rosenthal

Edward C. Price Madhan K. Srinivasan Andrew G. Volpetti Karlina A. Zikor

Christopher H. Boyle Jennifer E. Campbell Geoffrey P. Cutler Eric Feinstein Allison B. Handman Matthew V. Kerns Jordan B. Koslosky

Sandra Davis Chrisholm James Matysczak Jennifer Savage Matysczak Matthew Sordoni

Sandra Davis Chisholm Holly Naugle Eaton Jonathan Tenenbaum

Class Agent: Steve Rosenthal Participation - 13%

Blue & White Club

Charles D. Flack, III Trenton A. Miller

Alex E. Flack

Elizabeth Clements Catherine K. Gibbons Maria E. Insalaco Madeline I. Kropp Jason Michael Reck Adam J. Rifkin Sara Lynne Rosenberg Harrison Basil Russin Nadan Sehic Robert Urban David Phillip Vorozilchak


Class Agent: Laura Rose Musheno Participation - 8%

Blue & White Club Nora Christine Benedict Sara Brown Ross Nathan Feinstein Frano Knego Jillian L. Nataupsky Mary Elise Novack Lindsay M. Stevens Alison Thatcher Sarah Veneski


Participation - 11%

Blue & White Club

Christina M. Brown Phillip Joseph Kachmar Corey Michael Konycki Megan Fleming Messersmith Jack Lawrence Morton Douglas John Rosnick R. Dylan Seeley Alexander Ullin Shick Justin Smith Kaitlyn Louise Snyder Jacqueline Thomas Benson Ho Pan Yu


Participation - 8%

Dean’s Society

Richard A. Rose, III Kathleen Curran Sharkey

Blue & White Club

Rachel Elisabeth Ackerman Paul Michael Anderson Jonathan Doblix Ashley Rae Fedak Casey C. Klaips Ashley Rosemary Pavill Christina Marie Podrasky Linda Prihanti Thompson


Participation - 11%

1844 Club

James Cory Bennett Samantha Pinto

Dean’s Society

Michael John Hirthler

Blue & White Club Sean Dickinson Maria Emily Fiske Rebecca Grinaway Katherine Levandoski Julia Livit Tyger Scott McGuiggan Joseph John McMullan Ashley Nichols Neil Philip O’Donnell Emily Grace Ruopp

Honor/ Memorial

It is a privilege for the School to remember those many alumni and friends in whose names gifts are made for various purposes throughout the year. From July 2009 through June 2010, memorial gifts

were contributed to the Annual Fund, existing endowment funds or to special purpose funds for the following people: In Honor of Joyce Ashley Dr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Saidman In Honor of Lisa Bailey Wyoming Seminary Lower School Faculty In Honor of Alxis Boyle-Rodis ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Durst Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Durst In Honor of Winthrop C. Collins Miss Carrie Rampp Mr. and Mrs. Stefan Schade Mr. and Mrs. Donald Toker In Honor of Andrew Costello Mr. and Mrs. John Sciuto In Honor of Marsha Costello Atty. and Mrs. Sidney D. May Mr. and Mrs. John Sciuto In Honor of Charles D. Flack ’72 Dr. Steven Kafrissen Atty. Sheila Saidman In Honor of Richard M. Goldberg ’55 Dr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Saidman In Honor of Daniel Gordon Dr. and Mrs. Gary Nataupsky In Honor of John & Gina Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Samuel K. Mitchell Dr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Saidman Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Thayne In Honor of M. Elizabeth Hibbard ’69 Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Clements, Jr. In Honor of Mary Ann Hopkins Miss Jennifer Campbell Mr. Harrison Russin Mr. and Mrs. John Sciuto Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Trapasso In Honor of the Hornung Family Mr. and Mrs. Larry Smith In Honor of Jean Robbins Hughes ’48 Mr. and Mrs. B. William Isaacs Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rosenthal In Honor of Billie Kinney Dr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Saidman In Honor of Karen Klassner Miss Andrea Hendrzak In Honor of Janet Leyshon Mr. Kenneth Leyshon In Honor of Dianne May Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rosenthal In Honor of Daryl Moriarity Dr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Saidman In Honor of Benjamin Moses ’30 Mr. and Mrs. James Maxwell In Honor of Harry Nageli Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Buckle Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Romanowski Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Whelan In Honor of Mary Therese Pitcavage Mr. Jonathan Riddle and Dr. Jennifer Harding In Honor of Philip Post Mr. and Mrs. Donald Toker In Honor of Joseph Pupa Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Insalaco Dr. and Mrs. Michael Weiss In Honor of Herbert Quick Drs. Gerald and Karen Dreyfuss Mr. and Mrs. Donald Toker

In Honor of William S. Robbins ’52 Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Hughes, III In Honor of Stephen Rosenthal ’93 Rabbi and Mrs. Arthur F. Starr In Honor of Jonathan Siff Mr. Richard Counts In Honor of Wallace F. Stettler Ms. Mei Castor and Mr. Daniel Bryant Dr. and Mrs. David Greenwald Dr. Steven Kafrissen Mr. and Mrs. O. Charles Lull Dr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Saidman Atty. Sheila Saidman In Honor of Nicholas Strzeletz ’10 Mr. James Bennett In Honor of Timothy Swanson Mrs. Nancy Cline Mr. Randall King Mr. and Mrs. John F. Magagna Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Romanowski Dr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Saidman In Honor of Susan Trynoski Dr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Saidman Mrs. Charlotte Wentz In Honor of Sally Thomas Urisko ’63 Mr. Randall King Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Kramer Dr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Saidman In Honor of John M. Vaida Mr. and Mrs. Donald Toker In Honor of Lubomira Wilczewska-Torbin Mr. and Mrs. Erik Covitz Mr. and Mrs. Harris Cutler In Honor of the Wyoming Seminary Lower School Faculty and Staff Mr. John and Dr. Claire Hornung In Memory of Donna Ames Dr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Saidman In Memory of Sherman Banta Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Hughes, III In Memory of Phyllis Barnes ’79 Mrs. Jasmine Barnes In Memory of Justin Bergman ’38 Dr. and Mrs. Jorge Abrantes Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bohorad Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Buckingham, Jr. Mrs. Betsy Condron Mr. and Mrs. John Conyngham, III Mrs. Mary Lee Cuscela Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Dietrick Mrs. Marcella Fay Mr. and Mrs. Alan Finlay Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Foran Mr. and Mrs. Allan Kluger Mr. and Mrs. John F. Magagna Mr. Richard Maslow Ms. Kathleen McGrann Ms. Christina Ouellette Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Rose, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Ross Mr. and Mrs. John H. Shafer Mrs. Nancy Shafer Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Simms Mr. Robert Tippett In Memory of Bradley C. Birth ’76 Maj. and Mrs. Harold C. W. Birth In Memory of Joseph B. Bittenbender ’47 Mr. and Mrs. Spencer G. Nauman

In Memory of Dominique Alice Blakely Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rifkin In Memory of Hildegarde G. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rosenthal In Memory of Charles J. Bufalino ’48 Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Buckingham, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Falzone Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Flack, Jr. Mrs. Jean Hughes Mrs. Rebekah Malkemes Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rosenthal In Memory of Carla Chapin Mr. Robert Tippett In Memory of Ronald A. Cohen ’52 Mrs. Dorothy Cohen In Memory of Charlene Chung ’87 Dr. and Mrs. HiYoung Chung Mr. and Mrs. Bubba Eggleston, Jr. In Memory of James B. Davies, II ’39 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Traurig In Memory of Peter J. Drapiewski ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Dick Steeg In Memory of Boyd Earl Mr. and Mrs. James Michael Kopec In Memory of Dorothy Edwards Mr. Kenneth Leyshon In Memory of Charles M. Epstein ’37 Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Hughes, III In Memory of Christopher Conlon Evans ’83 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Berger Mrs. Claire C. Evans Mr. and Mrs. John C. Evans Mr. Timothy S. Evans Mr. and Mrs. William B. Evans, Jr. In Memory of William B. Evans ’44 Dr. and Mrs. Jorge Abrantes Mr. Steven Adam Mr. and Mrs. George Barnard Mr. and Mrs. Paul Beane Dr. and Mrs. Burton Benovitz Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Berger Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bohorad Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Buckingham, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. William Burak The Honorable and Mrs. A. Richard Caputo Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Clements, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Clark Conlon Mrs. Patricia Conlon Mrs. Ann Coughlin Mrs. Ellen Crispell Mrs. Paula Daley Dr. and Mrs. Robert Dewey Mr. and Mrs. A. John Dimond Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Disney Mr. and Mrs. Norman Dressler Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Eagen Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ehret Mrs. Ann Evans Mrs. Claire C. Evans Mr. and Mrs. John C. Evans Mr. Tim Evans and Ms. Margy Simms Mr. Timothy Evans Mr. and Mrs. William B. Evans, Jr. Mrs. Patricia Ferenbach Mr. and Mrs. Alan Finlay Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Foran Mrs. Howard Y. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Laning J. Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Henry

Ms. Joan Huber Mrs. Jean Hughes Huntsville Golf Club Dr. and Mrs. Richard Kaufer Mrs. Collette Kean Atty. and Mrs. Stephen B. Killian Mr. and Mrs. Allan Kluger Dr. and Mrs. C. Warren Koehl Mr. Hank Krok and Ms. Marge Weller Mr. and Mrs. W. Michael Last Mr. and Mrs. Hilary Lipsitz Mr. and Mrs. O. Charles Lull Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Mack, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Magagna Mrs. Rebekah Malkemes Mr. Richard Maslow Mrs. Mary Jule McCarthy Mrs. Herbert McDonald Medical Oncology Associates Mr. and Mrs. John Metz Mrs. Louise Moore Mrs. Elena Parkhurst Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Pearsall Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Rose, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Rosengrant Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Ross Atty. and Mrs. Eugene Roth Mr. and Mrs. Steven Rubin Mrs. Marilyn Rudolph Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sallada Mr. and Mrs. John H. Shafer Mrs. Nancy Shafer Mrs. Susan Simione Mr. Tim Evans and Ms. Margy Simms Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Simms Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sneberger Mr. and Mrs. John Storb Mr. and Mrs. Charles Strome Mrs. Julie McCarthy Strzeletz Mr. and Mrs. Andy Susanin Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tuck Mrs. Charlotte Wentz Ms. A. Kay Young In Memory of Kenneth L. Everett ’48 Mrs. Kenneth Everett In Memory of Margaret Fay Mrs. Howard Y. Harris In Memory of Buell Flaherty Mr. Simon S. Russin, III In Memory of Verna Fedorchak Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Ashley Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Foran

In Memory of Theresa Fedorczak Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Ashley Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Foran Mr. and Mrs. James Michael Kopec In Memory of Frank J. Franconi ’69 Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Bushelli In Memory of Robert F. Franklin ’49 Mrs. Dona Franklin In Memory of Nevin Gerges ’16 Mr. Wayne Clements In Memory of Geraldine Graham Wyoming Seminary Lower School Faculty In Memory of John V. Gregson ’43 Mr. and Mrs. John Conyngham, III Mrs. Ann Coughlin Mr. and Mrs. Stanley S. Davies Mrs. Marilyn Rudolph In Memory of Theodore J. Hazinski Mrs. Helen Hazinski In Memory of Ruth Garber Hosey Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Berger Dr. Jonathan Hosey and Dr. Linda Famiglio Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Flack, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Grosek, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Magagna In Memory of J. Theodore Hughes ’24 Mr. and Mrs. Philip Carroll Mrs. Sara Bierly Willoughby In Memory of Arthur H. James Mrs. Dorothy Sinon In Memory of Willard L. Johns ’33 Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Buckingham, Jr. In Memory of Elliott Lewis Katuna Miss Barret Katuna In Memory of Paul Kafrissen ’88 Dr. Steven Kafrissen Atty. Sheila Saidman In Memory of Roslyn Celia Goldstein Kleinman Mr. and Mrs. James Michael Kopec Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lawrence Dr. and Mrs. Devon Poesnecker Ms. Patricia Rindgen Dr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Saidman Mrs. Julie McCarthy Strzeletz Mrs. Susan Trynoski Wyoming Seminary Lower School Faculty In Memory of Charlotte Levy Mr. Harry Nageli


Photo: Michael Kudelski

In Memory of Nancy Dembert Stahller ’45 Stahller Family Foundation In Memory of Mary Tribler Mr. and Mrs. Donald Toker In Memory of Teresa Urban ’89 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sokolowski In Memory of Daniel J. Woehrle ’59 Mr. and Mrs. Bernhardt K. Wruble In Memory of Rita Goldstein Wolberg ’45 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley S. Davies Mrs. Jeanette Garber Mrs. Nancy Gwilliam Mrs. Jean Hughes Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Lennon

In Memory of Anne Stenach Lopatto Mr. and Mrs. Stanley S. Davies In Memory of B. Everett and Edna I. Lord Mr. and Mrs. James E. Lord Ms. Lynne Lord In Memory of Theo Lumia Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rosenthal In Memory of Cornelia E. MacDermott ’33 Mr. James and Dr. Terry Smith In Memory of Lee J. McCarthy ’44 Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Clements, Jr. Dr. Paul D. Griesmer Mr. and Mrs. W. Michael Last Mr. and Mrs. John B. McCarthy Mr. Lee McCarthy, III Mrs. Mary Jule McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Scott P. Parkhurst Mrs. Julie McCarthy Strzeletz Mr. and Mrs. Charles Youngman In Memory of Susan Louise Sayes McGhee ’44 Mr. and Mrs. Al Battaglino Mr. and Mrs. Stanley E. Fleming Mr. Joel Gardiner Mr. Ralph Greco Mr. R. Titus Leo Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Richard Spotts In Memory of Thomas McHale ’82 Mr. Alan Crocker In Memory of Jack H. Meeks Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hennings Mr. and Mrs. O. Charles Lull In Memory of Margaret Mitchell Mr. Guthrie Mitchell In Memory of Julia Sheets Moore Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Barilla Mr. and Mrs. Mark McCormick Mr. and Mrs. Sandor Rudin Mrs. Jane Slaff In Memory of Gregory Parker ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Dick Steeg


In Memory of Horace & Martha Parker Mrs. Jean Griffith In Memory of William I. and Marion Pentecost Ms. Elizabeth Hughes Ms. Kathryn F. Hughes Mr. Allan Hughes and Mrs. Polly Pentecost Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Stringfellow Ms. Ann P. Woodland In Memory of Robert Pollock ’48 Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Buckingham, Jr. Mrs. Rebekah Malkemes In Memory of J. Tal Richards Mr. Christopher Moon In Memory of Blanche Ris Wyoming Seminary Upper School Faculty In Memory of Charles M. Robbins Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rosenthal In Memory of Walter L. Royall Mrs. Richard L. Kramer In Memory of Louis Saccone Mrs. Susan Trynoski In Memory of Sesto Santarelli Mrs. Irene Santarelli Mr. Philip Santarelli In Memory of Edward A. Shafer ’36 Mr. and Mrs. Ben Schall Mr. George Shafer Mr. Harry Shafer Mr. and Mrs. John H. Shafer Mrs. Nancy Shafer In Memory of Vernon Shepard Mr. Kenneth Leyshon In Memory of Robert N. Smith ’44 Mrs. Phyllis Smith Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sneberger Captain and Mrs. D. Wade Smith Mr. Bill Plante and Ms. Robin Smith In Memory of Louis Spallone Dr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Saidman In Memory of Anthony J. Stallone ’86 Mrs. Linda Stallone

Endowment Funds and Awards

The following is a description and report of Wyoming Seminary’s endowed funds and awards. As of June 30, 2010, the market value of the School’s endowment funds was $40 million. Additions to the principal of a fund may be made by any donor at any time. To establish an endowment fund at Wyoming Seminary, please contact your attorney and either the School’s Development Office at (570) 2702140 or the President’s Office at (570) 270-2150. Every effort has been made to report and define all funds accurately in the following list. If you detect an oversight or inaccuracy, please accept our apologies and inform the Development Office.

Endowment Funds

Theodore S. Abbot Endowment Fund – established in 1989 in recognition of Professor Theodore Abbot’s distinguished 42-year teaching career at Wyoming Seminary. The fund was augmented in 1993 by a matching gift challenge from the Edward E. Ford Foundation and a gift from his son Quincy S. Abbot ’50 and an anonymous friend. Income from the fund underwrites a one-term sabbatical for a faculty member. Elizabeth Albert/Marie Anderson Scholarship Fund – established in 1989 by Elizabeth Albert, a long-time friend of Marie Anderson, mother of Jacqueline Anderson Kepler ’44. The fund supports scholarship awards. Alumni Council Opportunities Fund Endowment – established in 2008 with a gift from the Wyoming Seminary Alumni Council to provide resources for needs at the Upper and/or Lower Schools not provided in the operating budget.

Alumni Scholarship Fund – established in 1986 with a gift from the Wyoming Seminary Alumni Association to provide scholarship aid to children and grandchildren of Wyoming Seminary graduates. Helen L. Anderson Endowment Fund – established in 2005 with a bequest from Helen L. Anderson ’30. Income from the fund provides support for the art department. Marvin Antinnes Athletic Endowment Fund – established in 1991 by former players and friends of Marvin Antinnes in recognition of his 25-year tenure as head football coach at Wyoming Seminary. A. Anthony and Barbara W. Anzalone Fund – established in 1993 by A. Anthony Anzalone ’64 and his wife, Barbara, to provide support for the Middle School football and creative arts programs. Bessie Garcelon Atwood Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 2007 by Charles Laycock ’35 in recognition of and appreciation for Miss Atwood and all she meant so many graduates of the Academy, Institute and Day School. The income from the fund will be used to provide assistance to academically talented students who otherwise would not be able to afford a Wyoming Seminary Lower School education. Olive B. Barr Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 2007 by a bequest from the estate of Olive Barr ’37 to provide scholarship aid. Sarah S. Barr Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 2007 by a bequest from the estate of Sarah Barr ’34 to provide scholarship aid. Bernard B. Baschkin and Herman and Anne W. Auerbach Memorial Scholarship Fund – established in 1991 by Millicent Auerbach Baschkin ’51 in memory of her husband, Bernard B. Baschkin, and her parents, Herman and Anne W. Auerbach, to provide scholarship aid. The fund’s name changed in 2001 to include Mr. Baschkin and acknowledge his bequest to the endowment. Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Beaver Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 2002 with a bequest from Helen Beaver Platten ’37 and named in memory of her parents. Income from the endowment provides scholarship aid. Randolph and Margaret Lazarus Bennett Memorial Fund – established in 1961 by the estate of Dr. Clarence Elmer Bennett to help underwrite the salary of a biology teacher.

Helen Berryman Endowment Fund – established in 2005 by a bequest from the estate of Helen Berryman to support the general purposes of the School. Bird Sanctuary Fund – established in 1997 by Robert E.’46 and Ruth Wood Post ’44. The endowed fund serves to maintain, improve and make use of the bird sanctuary property of Wyoming Seminary (formerly the Wycoff property), located on Center Hill Road, Dallas for the students of Wyoming Seminary, as well as anyone who gains permission from Wyoming Seminary to attract birds and wildlife. Joseph Bittenbender Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 2001 by a bequest from Walter Vorbleski to provide scholarship aid and honor Mr. Vorbleski’s dear friend, Dr. Joseph Bittenbender’47. Frank Bonstein Fund – established in 1927 by the estate of Frank Bonstein to provide scholarship aid. Helen L. Brown Scholarship – established in 1981 by Wyoming Seminary alumni and friends to honor Helen L. Brown ’18 and provide scholarship aid. Buckingham President’s Discretionary Fund – established in 1973 by Robert ’44, Harold ’48, Walter ’49 and Barbara to honor their parents, Dorothy and Harold Buckingham. Memorial gifts augmented the fund in 1983 upon Mrs. Buckingham’s death and again in 1992 following the death of Dr. Buckingham ’19, Wyoming Seminary’s eighth president. The fund’s revenues are used at the discretion of Seminary’s president. Ernest Buckman Endowment Fund – established in 2002 upon the death of Ernest Buckman ’43. He earlier had made a gift to the Wyoming Seminary Pooled Income Fund and the endowment will support the general purposes of the School. C. H. Burgess Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 1997 by the estate of Adaline Burgess. Income from the fund provides financial assistance to academically talented students who otherwise would not be able to afford a Wyoming Seminary education. Preference may be weighted for qualified students who reside in Luzerne County. Robert L. Casper Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 1996 by Robert L. Casper ’30 with a gift to the 150th Anniversary Campaign to provide scholarship aid.

Edward G. Chapin Sr. and Eleanor Jones Chapin Memorial Endowment Fund – established in 1990 by Edward G. Chapin Jr.’41 in memory of his parents. Charlene Lisa Chung Scholarship Fund – established in 1989 by family and friends in memory of Charlene Chung ’87 to provide scholarship aid. Class of 2002 Senior Parents and Grandparents Endowment Fund – established in 2002 by parents and grandparents to pay tribute to their graduating seniors. The purpose of the endowment fund is to enhance intercultural understanding and cooperation. The genesis of this Fund were the catastrophic events that took place on 9/11/01 during the class’ senior year. Coughlin Family Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 2000 by Ann Mueller Coughlin’47 in honor of Coughlin family members who attended Wyoming Seminary. The fund provides financial assistance to academically talented students who otherwise would not be able to afford a Wyoming Seminary education. Robert B. Currie Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 1996 by Robert B. Currie ’53 with a gift to the 150th Anniversary Campaign to provide scholarship aid. Patricia S. and Stanley S. Davies Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 1999 by Anne Davies Newman ’68, Peter B. Davies ’72, Gordon S. Davies ’77 and Molly P. Davies ’79 in honor of the 50th wedding anniversary of their parents, Patricia S. and Stanley S. Davies ’42. The fund underwrites scholarships for students from Northeastern Pennsylvania who otherwise would not be able to afford Wyoming Seminary, who show promise of benefiting from a quality education and are likely to contribute to the life of the School. Anne Louise Greene Davenport Scholarship – established in 1925 by Hon. Frederick M. Davenport

1885 and Ernest W. Davenport 1890, and increased in 1957 by a gift from Frederick Davenport’s widow. The fund provides scholarship aid. David L. Davis Endowment Fund – established in 2000 by a bequest from the estate of David Davis ’33 to support the general purposes of the School. Arthur R. and Russell W. Edgar Scholarship Fund – established in 1985 by Mrs. Margaret B. Edgar in honor of her husband, Russell Edgar ’24, and in memory of her son, Arthur Edgar ’59, to provide scholarship aid. Endowment for Faculty Salaries and Benefits – established in 1976 with gifts from alumni, parents and friends, to be used for faculty salaries and benefits. Myrddyn and Marjorie Evans Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 2003 by Hilary and Ethel Evans Lipsitz ’51 in memory of Ethel’s father and in honor of her mother, to provide scholarship aid. Faculty Development Fund – established in 1988 by alumni, parents and friends as a result of a challenge grant from the Edward E. Ford Foundation. The fund provides faculty with professional experiences which enables them to remain current in their disciplines and rejuvenated in new and different opportunities. Fassett Family Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 1994 by the Fassett family in recognition of their five generations of association with Wyoming Seminary. This scholarship award is to be made annually to a deserving student who demonstrates financial need and academic excellence, possesses high quality of character, and gives evidence of positive contribution to society. Joseph P. Flanagan Scholarship Fund – established in 1993 by Joseph P. Flanagan Jr. ’42 and Mary Elizabeth Mayock Flanagan ’42 in honor of Joseph P. Flanagan, Class of 1903 at Harry Hillman Academy and later a student at Wyoming Seminary. Joseph P. Flanagan,

an orphan who relied on his own initiative for basic subsistence, was educated in part through financial assistance by Harry Hillman Academy and Wyoming Seminary. The fund is dedicated to the support of intelligent and ambitious young men and women at Wyoming Seminary. Wilbur H. and Evelyn H. Fleck Fund – established in 1961 by Wilbur and Evelyn Fleck to endow a chair for the academic dean. Fortinsky/Schwartz Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 1996 by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fortinsky and Mr. and Mrs. John Schwartz with a gift to the 150th Anniversary Campaign to provide scholarship aid. Greenwald Family Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 1993 by Henry ’26, Sylvia, Michael ’57 and Jonathan ’60 to provide scholarship aid. Joseph C. Haldiman Kirby Library Collection Fund – established in 1988 by Craig Rozen ’68 in honor of his good friend Joseph Haldiman, to purchase books for the Kirby Library. Merritt L. Harding Endowment Fund – established in 1987 by Merritt L. Harding ’34 in honor of his parents, Professor Merritt L. and Sarah J. Harding, a teacher of Latin and French, 1903 to 1911. The fund provides scholarship assistance to the descendents of United Methodist ordained clergy. Howard Y. Harris Scholarship Endowment Fund – established initially in 1989 and then significantly augmented by Mrs. Howard Y. Harris and family in 2005 in memory of Dr. Howard Y. Harris ’20. The fund provides scholarship assistance to talented students in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Ruby Thompson Harris and Burton L. Harris Endowment Fund – established in 1998 by Doris Harris Hamilton ’35. Income from the fund underwrites resource materials for the Kirby Library and the Upper School’s history department. Harvey/Barney Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 1997 by Mr. and Mrs. Laning

Harvey III, Mr. and Mrs. Laning J. Harvey ’80, and the W. J. Barney Foundation. The fund generates revenue for material goods, not covered in the budget, that furnish curricular and co-curricular items and benefit a cross section of the School population. Beginning with the 1999-2000 fiscal year and continuing with all fiscal years ending in even numbers, the income from the fund will be divided equally between the Upper and Lower School libraries. In alternate years, the income will be directed to the Dean’s discretionary fund at each division.

Dorothy S. Jones Fund – established in 1971 by the estate of Dorothy S. Jones for the acquisition of books for the Lower School Library.

W. Gano and Grace A. Hazen Memorial Fund – established in 1959 by the estate of Grace A. Hazen to provide scholarship aid.

Allan P. Kirby/Lafayette College Scholarship Fund – established in 1949 by Allan P. Kirby for the purpose of providing scholarship aid.

Hugh G. and Edith Henderson Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 1995 by a bequest from the estate of Jessie T. Henderson to provide scholarship aid annually for a deserving day student who resides in the Wyoming Valley. C. Emlyn and Mary S. Hughes Scholarship – established in 1979 by C. Emlyn Hughes ’31 and his wife to provide scholarship aid. Frank M. Henry Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 1996 by the Wyoming Seminary Board of Trustees in honor of the distinguished tenure of Frank M. Henry ’50, a trustee from 1967 to 1996, and to recognize the inspirational leadership he provided as national chairman of the 150th Anniversary Campaign. Income from the fund provides financial assistance to students from northeastern Pennsylvania. J. Theodore Hughes Library Endowment Fund – established in 2001 by Miriam Hughes Carroll ’55 in memory of her father, J. Theodore Hughes, a 1924 graduate of Wyoming Seminary who joined the faculty in 1931 and served as Dean from 1950 to 1965. The fund perpetuates the Hughes Fund which Nancy Quin Davis ’55 and her classmates initiated in honor of Dean Hughes at their 45th reunion in 1990. It provides an annual income for the Kirby Library to purchase information materials, i.e., books, computerized research products, software, fees to access internet search engines, and other present and future inventions of the Information Age. Lea Hunt Fund – established in 1951 by the estate of Kathleen M. Hunt to honor her husband, Lea Hunt, by providing scholarship aid. Governor Arthur H. James Scholarship Fund – established in 1984 by the estate of Emily R. James to honor her husband, Arthur H. James, and provide scholarship aid.

Collette Touey Kean Scholarship Fund – established in 1991 by Dr. Ben H. Kean in honor of his wife, Collette Touey Kean ’48, to provide scholarship aid. Marie Welker Kennedy Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 2003 by a bequest from the estate of Marie Welker Kennedy ’36 for the purpose of providing scholarship aid.

Fred M. Kirby Fund – established in 1921 by Fred Morgan Kirby for the purpose of supporting classroom instruction. Maurice Kluger and Barbara Kluger Weinberg Library Endowment Fund – established in 1990 by Ruth F. Kluger in memory of her husband, Maurice, and her daughter, Barbara Kluger Weinberg ’57, for the acquisition of books for the Kirby Library. William P. Kocher Endowment Fund – established in 1984 by William P. Kocher ’27 to provide an endowment fund for general purposes. Kopen Family Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 2004 by Dan and Kathy Kopen for the purpose of providing scholarship aid. Korean Parents and Alumni Association Endowment Fund – established in 2003 by the Wyoming Seminary Korean Parents and Alumni Association. Income from the fund is to be used to honor the longstanding relationship between Wyoming Seminary and Korea, to further Asian studies and support of the English as a Second Language (ESL) program. Laycock House Endowment Fund – established in 2002 by Dr. Charles F. Laycock ’35. Income from the fund is used to maintain and support the property at 243 North Maple Ave., the current president’s residence. The property was the Laycock family residence from 1922 to 1953. Esther Bennett LeGrand Endowment Fund – established in 1993 by family and friends in memory of Esther Bennett LeGrand, a 1939 graduate of the Dean School of Business. Income from the fund is used for the acquisition of books for the Kirby Library. Alice Kleinrock Levey Scholarship Fund – established in 1982 by Merle Levey in memory


helped to establish with gifts during her lifetime.

Photo: Michael Touey

Helen L. Pringle Moore Memorial Scholarship – established in 1983 by George E. Moore ’31 in memory of his wife, Helen L. Pringle Moore ’31, to provide scholarships.

of his wife, Alice Kleinrock Levey ’51, to generate revenue for scholarships. Levey Family Endowment Fund – established in 1999 by James Levey ’81. The fund provides financial assistance in the form of a scholarship to academically talented students who otherwise would not be able to afford a Wyoming Seminary education. Dorothy I. Lewis Memorial Scholarship Fund – established in 1982 by the estate of Dorothy I. Lewis ’28 to fund scholarships at Wyoming Seminary. Jack R. Linsky Foundation – Lynda Rosenthal Library Endowment Fund – established in 2002 by the Linsky Foundation in honor of Lynda Rosenthal ’63. Income from the fund is for the exclusive use of the Upper School Library. B. Everett and Edna I. Lord Memorial Endowment Fund – established in 2005 by family members in memory of Edna and B. Everett Lord, teacher of science at Wyoming Seminary from 1943 to 1965. Income from this fund is to be used to support the School’s physics and chemistry programs. Lottman Family Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 1998 by Ann Lottman in memory of her husband, Irving Lottman ’30, and their daughter, Shelly Beth, who tragically died at age 5. Income from the fund provides scholarships for academically talented students who otherwise could not afford a Wyoming Seminary education. Howard B. and Dagmar A. Matthews Endowment Fund – established in 1981 by Howard Matthews ’24 to purchase books for the Kirby Library. Lee J. McCarthy Jr. Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 2002 by family and friends of Lee J. McCarthy ’44 who died in March 2000. Lee McCarthy’s children–Tish ’74, Claire ’75, Jeannie ’77, Lee ’80, John ’80, Julie ’81 and Caroline ’84–all graduated from Seminary. The fund provides financial assistance to a resident of Luzerne 68

County who is “an all-around good person”, meets the admission requirements of the School, and is likely to be active in sports and school activities. John McCole Endowed Teaching Chair in Mathematics – established in 1995 by family and friends of John McCole ’46 in recognition of his dedicated service to and lifelong association with Wyoming Seminary. This endowed teaching chair recognizes excellence in the teaching of mathematics. Jack H. Meeks Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 1993 by Patrick Loftus ’72 and Tom Person ’72 to recognize the distinguished tenure of Jack Meeks, Seminary’s first director of development. Income from the fund provides scholarship assistance to an Upper School student. Teresa Jordan and Frank J. Mehm II Scholarship Fund – established in 1985 by Paul R. Mehm ’28 to provide scholarship aid. Paul R. Mehm Kirby Library Acquisitions Fund – established in 1985 by Paul R. Mehm ’28 for the acquisition of books for the Kirby Library. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Moat Technology Endowment Fund – established in 2003 by a bequest of Harry E. Moat ’30 in memory of his parents to provide monies for the purchase of technological enhancements for the Upper School program. Stella Miner Moat Library Endowment Fund – established in 2007 by a bequest from the estate of Stella Miner Moat, a 1930 graduate of the Wilkes-Barre Institute. This fund supports acquisition of books and other materials for the Lower School Library. Mary Harris Montgomery Endowment Fund – established in 1996 by a bequest from the estate of Mary Harris Montgomery ’31. Income from the fund pays for maintenance and furnishings for the Victorian Room in Swetland Hall, which Mrs. Montgomery

Morgan Family Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 1999 with a bequest from Charles K. “Red” Morgan ’38. A gift from Walter Morgan’16 WBA, Red’s uncle, made during the 150th Anniversary Campaign in honor of his receiving the Distinguished Service Award, was added later. Also, bequests from Dorothy Morgan’17 WBI, Walter’s sister, who died in February, 1992, and Jessie Lovett Morgan, Dorothy and Walter’s sister, a graduate of the Institute who passed away in June, 1996, were included. The endowment provides financial assistance to academically talented students who otherwise would not be able to afford a Wyoming Seminary education. Samuel O. Morreale Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in November 1994 by Samuel O. Morreale ’31 for the purpose of scholarship aid. John and Marion Harvey Morton Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in January 2008 by John and Lisa Harvey Morton in honor of the outstanding academic and athletic experience they both had at Wyoming Seminary (the school where they met) and also to honor Lisa’s family members, some who were early leaders and benefactors, and those who have attended Sem for generations. The income from the fund will be used to provide financial assistance to academically and athletically talented students who have an interest in attending the Naval Academy or West Point after graduating from Sem. Ben and Betty Hopkins Moses Library Endowment Fund – established in 1982 by Dale ’61, Gaard ’64 and Meredith ’66 Moses to honor their parents. The fund supports the acquisition of books for the Kirby Library. Lydia Stark Mosier Memorial Fund – established in 1927 by Frank C. Mosier to provide scholarship aid. Harry White Moyer Endowment Fund – established in 2006 by a distribution from the Wyoming Seminary Pooled Income Fund upon the deaths of both Mary Sigafoos Harshbarger ’39 and her husband, Laurence. This Fund honors Mrs. Harshbarger’s grandmother and is to support the general purposes of the School.

Nesbitt - Orr Endowment Fund – established in 2003 upon the death of William Orr. Geraldine Nesbitt Orr earlier had made a gift to a charitable remainder trust in honor of her husband and the endowment will support the general purposes of the School. Harry Phineas Packard Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in November 1995 by H. Jeremy Packard with a gift to the 150th Anniversary Campaign, given in memory of his grandfather and implemented to provide scholarship aid. Horace S. and Martha I. Parker Library Endowment Fund – established in 2002 by Robert S. Parker ’52 and Cynthia Parker De Puy ’50 in memory of their parents, Horace S. Parker, a distinguished member of Wyoming Seminary’s faculty from 1929 to 1972, and Martha I. Parker. The fund provides annual income for the exclusive use of the Kirby Library for the twofold purpose of purchasing works of literary criticism, as well as appropriate fiction for young adults. Philip B. Parsons Memorial Scholarship – established in 1981 by Dorothe B. Parsons in memory of her husband, Philip B. Parsons ’30, to provide scholarship aid. Doris L. Patrick Fund for the Arts – established by Doris L. Patrick in 1978 for the support of the arts. Doris Patrick Endowed Teaching Chair for Fine Arts – established in 1998 by the estate of Doris Patrick. This endowed teaching chair recognizes excellence in the teaching of fine arts. Betsy Albert Price Endowment Fund – established in 2005 by a bequest from the estate of Betsy Price ’41 to support the general purposes of the School. John W. and Lula S. Price Scholarship Fund – established in 1988 by the estate of Ruth E. Price Rammling ’13 in memory of her parents. The fund underwrites scholarship aid. Stella Purvin Memorial Scholarship Fund – established in 1991 by family and friends in memory of Stella Golomb Purvin ’17 for the purpose of funding scholarship aid. E. R. Quesada Fund – established in 1987 by Elwood R. Quesada ’24 to endow a chair in the history department. Linda Kinney Reiser Memorial Library Endowment Fund – established in 1992 by family and friends in memory of Linda Kinney Reiser for the acquisition of books at the Sordoni Library.

Harold and Shirley Rittenmeyer Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 1998 by Ronald A. Rittenmeyer ’65 in memory of his parents. Income from the fund provides financial assistance to academically talented students who otherwise would not be able to afford a Wyoming Seminary education. Daniel C. Roberts Scholarship Fund – established in 1934 by Daniel C. Roberts for the purpose of funding scholarship aid. Diane Travis Rose Library Fund – established in 1990 by Thomas Rose in memory of his wife, Diane Travis Rose ’47, for the purchase of books for the Kirby Library. Adrian Ross Family Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 2002 by Adrian Ross ’30 to provide financial assistance to academically talented students who otherwise would not be able to afford a Wyoming Seminary education. Saidman Family Endowment for Religious Studies – established in 1993 by Dr. Lester Saidman in memory of his wife Bertha to enhance serious academic study of religion, specifically to provide Judaic studies on a mature level open to all students. Sesto P. Santarelli Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 1998 by family and friends of Sesto P. Santarelli, father of Philip J. Santarelli ’67 and Sylvia Santarelli Kropp’71, and grandfather of Gianna Santarelli ’90, Paul Santarelli ’01, Alexis Kropp ’99, Madeline Kropp ’05, and Caroline Kropp ’09. The scholarship fund provides financial assistance to academically talented students who otherwise would not be able to afford a Wyoming Seminary education. First preference is given to students who achieve in the classroom while excelling on the football field. Schautz Scholarship Fund – established in 1990 by Walter Schautz ’53 and his mother, Madalene Schautz, for the purpose of scholarship aid. Rachel Van Gasken Schrider Scholarship Endowment – established in 1999 by Rachel Van Gasken Schrider ’25 in appreciation of the education she received at the Dean School of Business. The scholarship provides financial assistance to academically talented students who otherwise would not be able to afford a Wyoming Seminary education. Renee Manjin-Sherwood Senior Prom Endowment Fund – established in 1999 by Renee Manjin-Sherwood to provide financial assistance to senior

Sun-Nye Shin Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 2004 by a gift from General Jin Kyu Kim in memory of his mother, Sun-Nye Shin. The income from this fund is to be used to provide a scholarship to a deserving sophomore or junior student for outstanding citizenship. Slattery Family Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 1998 by Frank P. Slattery Jr.’55 in honor of his mother, Marguerite Goebel Slattery, a 1924 graduate of the Wyoming Seminary Dean School of Business, and his wife, Mollie Devaney Slattery. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to academically talented students who otherwise would not be able to afford a Wyoming Seminary education. Robert Smith Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 1998 by family, classmates and friends of Colonel Robert N. Smith ’44, who was killed in action in Vietnam in 1969. This scholarship fund was created as the Class of 1944 celebrated their 55th reunion. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to academically talented students who otherwise would not be able to afford a Wyoming Seminary education. Wallace F. and Sue B. Stettler Scholarship Fund – established in 1990 with an initial gift by the Wyoming Seminary Upper School Parents’ Association in honor of the ninth president and his wife for the purpose of scholarship aid. Wallace F. Stettler Lower School Scholarship Fund – established in 1969 with gifts from parents and friends to be used for scholarship aid at the Lower School. The fund was named in honor of Dr. Stettler in May 1990.

Stewart Drake Scholarship Fund – established in November 1994 by the estate of Sarah Stewart Peirce ’20. This scholarship fund was established by Mrs. Peirce in memory of her mother, Caroline (Caddie) Drake Stewart, an 1888 Seminary graduate, and numerous other relatives from the Drake and Stewart families who attended Wyoming Seminary.

Vandermark in memory of her daughter, Tracey Vandermark ’81. Income from this fund will be used to provide a scholarship to a freshman or sophomore student who excels in biology.

Warren Tischler Endowment Fund – established in 2004 by a bequest from the estate of Warren Tischler ’38 to support the general purposes of the School.

Esther Wainstein Faculty Development Fund – established in 2003 by family members and friends in memory of Esther Wainstein, teacher of Spanish at Wyoming Seminary from 1953 to 1975. Income from the fund is to be used provide continuing educational opportunities for the faculty, especially in the area of summer enrichment study-travel.

Trustee Scholarship Fund – established by the Trustees of Wyoming Seminary in 1982 for the purpose of granting two scholarships to students who excel in a competitive academic examination. William and Alethea Jones Ulerich Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 1991 by Alethea Jones Ulerich ’31 to provide scholarship aid. Stuart Z. Uram Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 2002 by Stuart Z. Uram ’52 in honor of his 50th Reunion to provide scholarship aid. John M. Vaida Choral Music Endowment Fund – established in 1986 by alumni, parents and friends in tribute of John M. Vaida, chairman of the fine arts department, and to provide funds for the choral program. Gary J. Vanderburg Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 2001 by former players of Coach Gary Vanderburg and their parents. Vanderburg coached basketball at Wyoming Seminary from 1971 to 1999. The purpose of this fund is to provide financial assistance to an academically talented student who has an interest in basketball. Tracey Leigh Vandermark Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 2006 by a bequest from the estate of Ethel

Robert Weller Endowment Fund – established in 1995 by the estate of Robert Weller ’32 to establish an unrestricted endowment fund to be used at the discretion of the School.

Walter F. and Florence C. Vorbleski Scholarship Fund – established in 1988 by Walter and Florence Vorbleski to provide scholarship aid.

Emory H. Westlake Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 1996 by the estate of Emory H. Westlake 1896 for the purpose of scholarship aid to a deserving male student. Williams Family Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 1996 by William and Marion Pentecost in memory of John H. Williams (1883) and Rachel Williams Williams (1882) and their sons, Roy Neath Williams and Ralph Bradford Williams. John and Rachel Williams were the paternal grandparents of Mrs. Pentecost. Income from the fund provides financial assistance to academically talented students.

Nan D. Wallis Fund – established in 1960 by the estate of Nan D. Wallis to maintain and equip the furniture and furnishings of the Wallis Room.

Thomas K. Williams Endowment Fund – established in 2006 by a bequest from the estate of Thomas Williams ’31 to support the general purposes of the School.

Anna Weeks Endowment Fund – established in 2008 by a bequest from the estate of Anna Weeks ’21 to support the general purposes of the School.

Rose Williamson Scholarship Fund – established in 1950 by the estate of Rose Williamson to provide scholarship aid.

Isabel C. Weeks Scholarship Endowment Fund – established in 1999 by a bequest from the estate of Isabel C. Weeks ’24 to provide scholarship aid.

Endowed Awards

Zelda Klein Weiss Endowment for the Performing Arts – established in 2005 by family and friends in memory of Zelda Klein Weiss ’45. Income from the fund is to be used to support the performing arts program of the school.

V. Helen Anderson Art Award – established in 1961 by the Wyoming Seminary Faculty Wives Club to honor V. Helen Anderson, a teacher at Wyoming Seminary from 1931 to 1958. Awarded to an Upper School student who has done the best sustained work in art.

James C. Weissman Memorial Fund – established in 1988 by Charlotte Smulyan Weissman Lewis ’36 in memory of her son James Weissman ’65 to purchase books for the Kirby Library.

Photo: Michael Touey

students, in particular, international senior students, who otherwise would not be able to attend the junior-senior prom.

Bessie G. Atwood Fund – established in 1982 from memorial gifts received from friends and relatives of Bessie G. Atwood, beloved teacher and assistant to the headmaster at Wilkes-Barre Academy and Wyoming Seminary Day School for 42 years. Awarded to an eighth-grade student at the Lower School with a positive interest in English. W. Austin Bishop and Mary J. Muldoon Award – established in 1980 by Lenox M. Muldoon ’35 in honor of his mother and wrestling coach, W. Austin Bishop. Awarded to a male scholar-athlete at the Upper School. Leroy Bugbee Prize – established in 1970 by Elizabeth Sickler Lampp ’33 in honor of Leroy Bugbee, a teacher of history from 1926 to 1972. Awarded to the student who submits the best research paper in a competitive contest.

Parker H. Burt Prize – established in 1951 by an anonymous alumnus to honor Parker H. Burt, a member of the French faculty from 1919-1954, and awarded to the member of the graduating class who has attained the highest average in French. It was permanently endowed in 2001 by Mrs. Kenneth Lee in memory of her husband, Kenneth Freeman Lee’51, who died in 2000; he was the anonymous donor who had sponsored the award for 50 years. Harold and Mollie Cruikshank Award – established in 1951 by Mr. and Mrs. J. Blanchard Carr in honor of Harold and Mollie Cruikshank, headmaster and directress at the Lower School from 1940 to 1947. Awarded to an eighth-grade student at the Lower School who has done the most for the School. Fern Poole Davies Art Award – established in 2002 by family and friends of Fern Poole Davies ’43, a graduate of the Dean School of Business. Presented to the student artist whose work is chosen in a competition open to all Upper School students. The winning work of art becomes part of the School’s permanent art collection and is displayed on the campus. Willis L. Dean Citizenship Prizes – established in 1943 by Mrs. George W. Carey in memory of her father, Willis L. Dean, teacher and director of the business school from 1875 to 1942. Awarded to the senior male and senior female at the Upper School who most closely approach the ideal Wyoming Seminary graduate. W. Carver Collins and Louise Loucks Moore Drama Award – established in 1992 by Charlotte and Herbert Levy in honor of Carver Collins and Louise Moore, veteran teachers of drama at Wyoming Seminary. Awarded to a student who makes significant contributions to the drama department. Jane Pfifferling Dimond Award – established in 1965 by friends and family of Jane Dimond. Awarded to an eighth-grade girl at the Lower School for excellence in athletics. Peter Drapiewski Memorial Prize – established in 1975 by Roman and Antoinette Drapiewski Chapa in memory of Peter Drapiewski ’67. Awarded to an eighth-grade student at the Lower School whose academic and extracurricular performance reveal qualities of integrity, versatility and friendliness. Michael Ellis Drama Prize – established in 1993 by Michael Ellis ’35. Awarded to a student who excels in dramatic productions.


Edward M. Griffith Memorial Spanish Award – established in 1989 by William ’31 and Helen Griffith Brenton ’35 in memory of Edward Griffith ’39 at the time of Mr. Griffith’s 50th reunion. Awarded to the member of the Spanish IV class who has most consistently demonstrated interest and excellence in the Spanish language, literature and culture. Eugene Goldstein Community Service Award – established in 1986 by family and friends in memory of Eugene Goldstein. Awarded to the student who has demonstrated outstanding initiative and commitment in providing volunteer service to the community. Holman Religious Leadership Award – established in 1957 by Dr. C. S. Holman in honor of his wife and son, both of whom graduated from Wyoming Seminary. This award was permanently endowed in 1986 by Charles S. Holman Jr. ’49. It is awarded annually to that member of the graduating class most likely to assume religious leadership, irrespective of church affiliation or the attachments of faith. John D. Hughes Memorial Mathematics Award – established in 1982 by family and friends of John D. Hughes, assistant headmaster at the Lower School from 1961 to 1965 and headmaster from 1965 to 1968. Awarded to a Lower School student for excellence in mathematics. Jerry A. and Edith K. Iscovitz Memorial Good Sportsmanship Award – anonymously established in 1975 in the name of Betsy and Nina Iscovitz in memory of their father, Jerry A. Iscovitz ’46, and their mother, Edith Kleinrock Iscovitz ’45. Awarded to a male and a female student at the Upper School who exhibit the spirit of sportsmanship.

Frances and Louis Maslow Award – established in 1978 by the estate of Fay Maslow. The award is presented to a member of the faculty who has demonstrated effective teaching and support of the program and ideals of the School.

Charles B. Kanarr, Jr. Music Award – established in 1990 by family and friends in memory of Charles Kanarr, a former trustee, who had a great love for music. Awarded to a member or members of the graduating class who have demonstrated exceptional music growth and development during their career at Wyoming Seminary.

Mazzitelli Memorial Music Leadership Award – established in 1978 by Dr. and Mrs. Edward Nork in memory of Mary Mazzitelli, a music teacher at the Lower School from 1964 to 1978. Awarded to a student at the Lower School who has demonstrated excellence in musical performance and scholarship.

Bradford Stuart Kline Award – established in 1968 by the family and friends of Bradford Stuart Kline ’65. Awarded to a senior student at the Upper School showing promise in the field of biological sciences.

Frank J. Mehm Memorial Award – established in 1983 by Paul R. Mehm ’28 in honor of his brother who died in 1931 during his freshman year at Wyoming Seminary. Awarded to a senior student who most nearly represents the ideal Wyoming Seminary student.

Sheldon H. Kluger Memorial Science Award – established in 1970 by family and friends of Dr. Sheldon H. Kluger. Awarded to a seventh or eighth grade student at the Lower School who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in science.

Anna M. Olcott Awards – established in 1952 and awarded to a male and a female student in the eighth-grade at the Lower School who are outstanding in both scholarship and citizenship.

Wesley A. Kuhn Prize – established in 1946 by alumni and friends in memory of Wesley A. Kuhn, teacher in the Business School from 1883 to 1927. Awarded to an Upper School student who excels in economics.

Horace S. Parker Prize – established in 1979 by Elizabeth Sickler Lampp ’33 in honor of Horace S. Parker, a teacher of English from 1929 to 1972. Awarded to a senior student at the Upper School who has demonstrated superior command of the English language.

Charles Harold Laycock Latin Prize – established in 2005 by Charles F. Laycock ’35 n memory of his father, Charles Harold Laycock ’11. Awarded to an Upper School student who excels in Latin.

Charles Pfifferling Sr. Memorial Prize – established in 1956 by friends and relatives of Charles Pfifferling Sr. Awarded to the best all-around student in the seventh grade at the Lower School.

Lyavdansky Russian Language Award – established in 2006 by Konstantin Lyavdansky, teacher of Russian at Sem since 1992. Awarded to an Upper School student who excels in Russian.

Dr. William Schuler Pierce Award – established in 1989 by Doris S. and William H. Pierce ’30 in honor of their son, Dr. William S. Pierce ’54. Awarded to a member of the graduating class who has excelled in chemistry and physics.

Kenneth and Suzanne MacArthur Award – established in 1968 by loyal supporters of Kenneth MacArthur, headmaster at the Day School from 1959 to 1967, and his wife. Awarded to a male student in the eighth grade at the Lower School for excellence in athletics.

Samuel Stephen Popky Leadership Award – established in 1972 by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lebowitz and Mrs. Roslyn Burnat Kerber in memory of Samuel Stephen Popky ’55. Awarded to a senior at the Upper School who is a student leader.

Photo: Edwin A. Davis Photography

Adelade Jeffers Prize – established in 1956 by a bequest from Adelade Jeffers 1897. Awarded to a junior at the Upper School who has achieved excellent scholarship during her school career.

Paul Kafrissen Memorial Computer Award – established in 1991 by family and friends in memory of Paul Kafrissen ’88. Awarded to a student at the Upper and Lower Schools for creativity and excellence in computer studies.


William M. Powell Prize – established in 1951 by Mrs. William M. Powell in memory of her husband, William M. Powell. Awarded to a Lower School student who best exemplifies traits of loyalty and school spirit. Quay-Adams Award – established in 1959 by Joseph C. Donchess ’26 in honor of Ernest E. Quay and James A. Adams. Awarded to a senior at the Upper School who is a male scholar-athlete.

Irving Robin Memorial Prize – established in 1950 by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Robin in memory of Irving Robin ’46. Awarded to a senior at the Upper School who shows promise for constructive leadership in society. James A. Ross Memorial Award – established in 1977 by Elizabeth Ross in memory of her husband, James A. Ross. Awarded to a senior at the Upper School who has achieved high scholarship in religious studies. Harry W. Ruggles Award – established in 1953 by friends of Harry W. Ruggles 1899. Awarded to the outstanding graduate at the Upper School. John G. Ruggles III Memorial Prize – established in 1982 by family and friends of John G. Ruggles III ’82 whose untimely death occurred during his senior year at Wyoming Seminary. Awarded to a Lower and an Upper School student for creative writing. Marjorie Harvey Smith Awards – established in 1979 by Harrison H. Smith ’35 in memory of his mother, Marjorie Harvey Smith. Awarded to a male and a female on the Blue and White Teams at the Lower School whose citizenship was outstanding throughout the year. Charlotte M. Sours Academic Achievement Award – established in 1997 by Charlotte M. Sours. The award is presented annually to a seventh-grade student who faculty deem has exhibited outstanding academic achievement in scholarship for the entire year. Seventh-grade teachers consider grade average and intellectual curiosity and success in representing the School in academic competitions in determining the recipient, Almeda Ruth Cushman Spencer Prize – established in 1947 by John Oakley Spencer 1879 in memory of Almeda Spencer 1877. Awarded to a senior student at the Upper School who has shown genuine interest in religion courses.

Margaret M. Stack Memorial Award – established in 1974 by family and friends of Margaret Stack, a teacher of foreign languages at the Lower School from 1947 to 1972. Awarded to a Lower School student for excellence in foreign languages. Mary M. Tribler Memorial Award – established in 1981 by family, alumni and friends of Mary Tribler, a teacher of mathematics at Wyoming Seminary from 1946 to 1978. Awarded to an Upper School student who has made significant progress in the study of mathematics. Jennie Hess Wandell Scholarship Awards – established in 1979 by the estate of Sterling Wandell to provide three scholarships for young women pursuing their education at an accredited college or university. Mabel Scott Wandell and Sterling Leroy Wandell Scholarship Awards – established in 1979 by the estate of Sterling Wandell to provide three scholarships for young men pursuing their education at an accredited college or university. Lindsley M. Washburn Prize – established in 1962 by Mrs. Lindsley M. Washburn in memory of her husband, a member of the Class of 1921, and permanently endowed in 2001 by their son, William B. Washburn. The prize is awarded annually to the member of the graduating class, who in the opinion of the faculty demonstrates outstanding interest and ability in mathematics. Wilkes-Barre Day School Trustees Prize – established in 1952 and awarded to an eighth-grade student at the Lower School who has the best scholastic performance for the year. Charles Wood Mathematics Prize – established in 1955 by W. Emory Wood ’26, Edgar H. Wood ’29 and Walter C. Wood in memory of their uncle, Charles Wood. Awarded to a senior student at the Upper School who has excelled in mathematics.

The Westlake Society The Westlake Society recognizes those alumni and friends of Wyoming Seminary who have indicated that they have made provisions for a gift to the School in their estate plans, or through membership in The Living Endowment Society. This recognition society was previously known as The Planned Giving Honor Roll, but was renamed in memory of Emory H. Westlake Class of 1896 in recognition of and with appreciation of his generous bequest to the School in 1996 at the time of the 150th Anniversary Campaign. Mr. Westlake creatively planned his estate in order to maximize his giving to those charities most important to him. Within a few months of the 100th anniversary of his graduation, Mr. Westlake’s bequest created the Westlake Scholarship Endowment Fund at Wyoming Seminary. The School feels his wise use of charitable and estate gift planning is an example for others to emulate. In addition to the names that follow, there are others who have included Wyoming Seminary in their estate plans, but at their request, their names are not listed.





Frank Dix Edythe Dickover Tessen David M. Parke


Marcella McCormick Fay Robert Vandenberg


Frank Sklaris Allan Slaff


Stanley S. Davies Joseph P. Flanagan Jr. Mary E. Mayock Flanagan Charlotte Benjamin Morris Robert S. Tippett


John K. Davies


Howard C. Beane Charles S. Holman Jr. Quincy S. Abbot Anne Cook Dickerson Frank M. Henry


John T. Stevens


Sylvia Brown Nadel Stuart Z. Uram Jerrold Williams


Ronald Del Duca Jeanne Malkemes Hickman Joanne Torbert Seifried


Thomas E. Watkins

Helen Lewis Cackener Nancy Abbott Cohen

1955 Richard M. Goldberg Benjamin R. Jones III



James P. Bailey Betsy Bell Condron


Edward Berninger Irwin E. Lecker


Harold C. Buckingham Jr. Barbara Clark Butler Frank C. Carlucci Nancy Jackson Hartman Robert S. Hartman Geraldine Ruddy Hourigan Collette Touey Kean Sandra R. Lloyd Mary Eagen McDonald Elizabeth Reynolds Metzger

Virginia Miller Schmidt


Linda Myers German Sandy Padwe Robert J. Siegel Alice Robinson Thompson



Leon Bonner Raymond S. Howard Peter K. Johnson W. Kentley Jones V. Paul Zanecki


Stephen M. Alinikoff Mildred Kaiser Fleetwood Peter Foldes Alfred W. Thomas III William W. Yoder


Leslie Turrell Bullock Robert Dealaman John Morton III Lisa Harvey Morton David C. Sanford


R. Scott Hummel


Estelle Andrews Elliott S. Robinson III


Steven Foldes Paul R. Freeman Barbara Hauck Stephen B. Killian Leonard J. Thacher


Bruce Logan Crawford C. Smith

Bruce Ambrose 1968 Gerald Dwyer W. Edward Conklin Jr. Robert E. Jones Robert R. James Jackiann Beattie Smith-McKernan Bernhardt K. Wruble


Jennifer Bailey MacPherson Jay N. Weinberg


Joseph W. Harpster M. Elizabeth Hibbard James W. Hunt Alexis S. C. Iszard John S. Lopatto III Robert J. McFann Jr. Pauline Rodgers Moon Steven Russell John P. Sgarlat Joseph J. Waiter


George P. Droelle Margot Meeks Hennings Donald R. Murray


Anthony C. Adonizio David P. Hourigan Robert Maloney Jr. Phillip Roth John H. Shafer Richard C. Stauffer


Jonathan J. Balester John Ciocca Deborah Kapral Gary C. Klein Patrick M. Loftus Elliot Miller Thomas Person Robert L. Rosenberg Marian E. Spohrer Samuel L. Stettler


Charles Baltimore Brian L. Davis


Shelley Freeman David I. Kluger John A. Licata Dana Pearce Lyons Janet Murray William Wolf


Kathryn Reynolds-Bellas Jodie Lyons Elyachar Jon Hallingstad Jason Kurchner C. Thomas Shannon Robert J. Wise


Marc L. Holtzman


Louis J. Butera Robert S. Tippett Jr.


Susan Dantona Jolley


John N. Conyngham III Anthony J. Grosek Jr. William Mainwaring Richard Maslow Charles E. Parente Richard Pearsall Patricia Rummage Natalie Solfanelli Wallace F. Stettler Laroy Ziegler


Anthony J. Grosek III Frank M. Henry Jr. Jeffrey Klein


George G. Conyngham Jr.


2009 - 10 Wyoming Seminary Volunteers Wyoming Seminary Board of Trustees Barbara Fassett Oski Beane ’53, Life Trustee

Permanent Voting Members

(Past Presidents) of Alumni Council Charlotte Muschlitz Arbogast ’44

Philip J. Santarelli ’67

Frank M. Henry ’50

Scott P. Parkhurst ’78

Megan Erwine ’00

M. Elizabeth Hibbard ’69

Janet Flack ’67

Jonathan Spohrer ’78

David Johns ’94

Gary C. Boam

Claire Conlon Evans ’52

Harold C. Buckingham, Jr. ’48, Life Trustee

Stephen B. Killian ’66

Frank C. Carlucci, IV ‘81 Rev. Wesley R. Crompton ’43, Life Trustee

Patricia Klein Rosenthal ’64 Samuel M. Wolfe, III ’64 Louise Loucks Moore ’55

David Schwager ’80 Ross Macarty ’80 Tara Mugford Wilson ’88

Charles D. Flack, Jr. ‘72, Chairman Richard M. Goldberg ‘55 Charles Gommer Carl Grivner ‘71 Anthony Grosek, Jr., Life Trustee Christopher Hackett Frank M. Henry ’50, Honorary Trustee Jonathan P. Hosey ‘74 Richard M. Hughes, III ‘79 Leonard Insalaco, Treasurer Collette Touey Kean ’48, Life Trustee Stephen B. Killian ‘66 Joseph Kluger ‘82 Sue Kline Kluger, Emerita Trustee Harry F. Lee ’53, Life Trustee Charles D. Lemmond, Jr. Life Trustee Mary Lopatto ‘72 John F. Magagna ’52, Life Trustee Dorothy Darling Mangelsdorf ‘68 Marjorie Henry Marquart ‘78, Secretary Scott Meuser John D. Mueller ‘52, Vice Chairman Janet Murray ‘76 Gregory C. Myers Charles Parkhurst ‘79 Richard L. Pearsall, Life Trustee Cornelia Conyngham Romanowski ‘75 Erica M. Romanowski

Jennifer Eidam Davis ’94 Steve Dressler ’81

Susan Dantona Jolley ’82 Jami Layaou ’96 Patrick Lenahan III ’88 Guy Llewellyn ’86 Debbie Maseychik ’83, Secretary

Elena Horrigan Parkhurst ’53

Cathy Fields McHugh ’78, President Trent Miller ’01

Stanley S. Davies ’42, Life Trustee A. John Dimond ‘57

Jason Cohen ’97

Robert D. Clements, Jr.’72

John E. Morris, III ’58

Leslie Turrell Bullock ‘63

Alana Anzalone ’00

Robert S. Tippett ’42

Anthony Berger ‘73

Charles J. Bufalino, III ‘78

Alumni Council

Upper School Lower School Parents Council Parents Council

Rob Nelson ’88 Joe Perfilio ’91, Vice President Danielle Rudin Del Po ‘92 Kristyn Kelleher Polishan ‘99

Joanne Brady

Paula Chaiken, President

Sean Robbins ’88

Ann Brennan

Deborah Connor

Bob Sherwood ’99

Claire Brier

Maureen Conyngham

Bob Tamburro ’91, Treasurer

Marion Munley Cartwright

Doreen DeLuna, Secretary

Jonathan Tenenbaum ’95

Lydia Charney

Ann Nieh Hou, Treasurer

Corine Leoni Treslar ’85

Rosemary Chromey

Kathryn Hughes

Caroline McCarthy Youngman ’84

Tricia Considine

Jill Nardone, Vice President

Karlina Zikor ’01

Sharon Hourigan

Melissa Parente

Lita Insalaco, Vice President

Avalyn Quick

Becky Kimpel

Beth Ridilla

Paul Lumia

Jackie Soper

Jennifer Lynett

Pia Taggart

John McHugh

JoAnn Zack

Kim Mericle Shelly Meuser Cindy Olenwine Cathy O’Donnell, Secretary Clare Parkhurst Cathy Reppert Erica Romanowski Barbara Santarelli Joanne Santarelli, President John Simon Lois Spath Mary Thede Mindy Zafrany

Richard Rose Arthur W. Sherwood ‘56 Robert H. Smith ‘56 George B. Sordoni Kip P. Nygren, Ex-officio Trustee President, Wyoming Seminary Paula Chaiken, Ex-officio Trustee Lower School Parents Board Joanne Santarelli, Ex-officio Trustee 72

Lopatto siblings Mary ‘72, John ‘69 and Gigi ‘77 were the 2009-10 Annual Fund Chairs.

Thank you for your unwavering service to our school!


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Athletic Department

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Parents Weekend/ Homecoming US Campus

Friday, November 5

Business School luncheon

Wednesday, November 3

Binghamton, N.Y.

Tuesday, November 9

Boston, Mass.

Wednesday, November 10

Hartford, Conn.

Tuesday, November 16

Harrisburg, Pa.

Wednesday, December 1

Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

2011 Thursday, February 24

Washington, D.C.

Monday, February 28

Palm Beach/Miami, Fla.

Tuesday, March 1

Orlando, Fla.

Wednesday, March 2

Sarasota, Fla.

Thursday, March 3

Naples, Fla.

Thursday, March 24

New York, N.Y.

April 29 - May 1

Alumni Weekend

Wyoming Seminary Journal, Fall 2010