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Cowboy Poetry


alive and well

in Wyoming America

Do Buses to Wyoming Stop Here? Hey Mister do buses to Wyoming stop here? I need to dip my sinker fly into a swift mountain stream I need to ride my horse flat out across the flats I need to see just how fast time can slow down I want to ride on the range I want to ride in the rodeo I want to go to a Wild West Show and pull my gun on Billy the Kid’s sister Hey Mister do buses to Wyoming stop here?

Lane Luttrell currently resides in Prairieville, Louisiana. In the 1960’s and early 1970’s, Lane had the privilege of working on three family ranches in south central Wyoming: Lee McQuay’s place, the Diamond Ranch and Howard & Audrey Brokaw’s 3 Circle Ranch. The 3 Circle is where Lane worked the longest, starting out working in the hay fields. Through the patience and tutelage of those Lane worked for, especially Howard Brokaw and his foreman Del Esquibel, he progressed to being a cowboy/ranch hand. Even in his youth, Lane knew that the Arlington-McFadden, Wyoming area, called “The Valley,” was a special place. He did not know then how much the people there would forever affect how he would live his life. “The Valley” is a beacon that over 30 years later, still shines out to Lane.

30 Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine | August 2010

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when I stood in the prairie nothing was taller only I saw the full yellow arc of the sun connecting the circle to the pale white moon only I heard the birdsong cricket sounds of the endless prairie wind and sky flew by me as I raced across the mesa and skimmed the floor of an ancient sea I ran with the thunder of the power of the emptiness through the strong silence of the prairie when I could run no longer my breath steaming my chest foamed my legs weak I stood still and still I saw endless prairie tidal winds ebbed and flowed over the grass land where I grazed I lifted my head to the windsound of the wolf howling to the vastness an exuberant song of the sanctity of the loneliness of the endless prairie when I stood in the prairie nothing was taller I was the Buffalo

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