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A note from Dustin and Lorena


WyoFile staff


WyoFile board of directors


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WyoFile’s commitment to readers in 2015


Thank you to our supporters

To donors, readers & subscribers It has been a banner year for Wyoming’s premier online news organization and the staff and board here would like to thank you for making it all possible. Your donations have allowed us to increase our staffing, intensify our coverage and improve the website and newsletter that carry news to your inbox. This year, we published more stories than ever in our history, including: Publication of the Two Elk Saga, a powerful investigation into the mishandling of millions of dollars in state and federal funds. Insightful coverage of faculty unrest and administrative turmoil at the University of Wyoming. A statewide perspective on the breaking news that same-sex couples can legally wed in the state. We expanded our staff, adding a veteran natural resources reporter to the news team. We also hired an experienced executive director to ensure that WyoFile is a sustainable business and a quality workplace for all of our employees. We’ve invested in making the important news concerning the people, places and policies that drive Wyoming clear, timely and easy for you to access. We’ve been able to make those investments because you invested in us. We hope that you see your support at work in the pages of this year in review.


Thank you — WyoFile’s Board of Directors

A note from Dustin & Lorena Dear readers and supporters,

Dustin and Lorena make up WyoFile’s management team. Dustin is charged with WyoFile’s editorial direction and Lorena sets the pace for Wyofile’s business development.

WyoFile had an impressive 2014. We grew our staff to provide you with better service, set out to improve our website which now makes navigation even easier, and we increased our number of readers and donors. Without you, the staff, contractors, board, and regular contributors including Kelsey Dayton and Kerry Drake, WyoFile would not be as successful as we are today. The following pages offer a glimpse of our 2014 successes, how we have grown, and gives you some insight into how we operate and where we spend the hard-earned dollars you entrust in us. Thank you for your support and for your dedication to quality and fearless journalism in Wyoming. Lorena Garcia, executive director Dustin Bleizeffer, editor-in-chief


WyoFile staff Executive director

Lorena Garcia - Oversees the implementation of the strategic plan. She secures necessary resources for WyoFile and oversees the promotion, and expansion through on-the-ground tactics, online methods and everything between.

Editor-in-chief Dustin Bleizeffer - Develops and implements the editorial strategy. He spends hours at his desk, on the phone and on the road ensuring that our readership receives the most accurate, well-researched news in Wyoming. Author of Power to the People.

Operations manager Guy V. Padgett III - He takes care of the details that make us run. He oversees our financials, administrative and business operations. He has his finger on WyoFile’s pulse, in the small things and in the larger vision.

Policy reporter

Gregory Nickerson - You may have seen him on TV or heard him on the radio, and of course you have read his unprecedented reporting on the happenings under the capitol dome. He is also WyoFile’s main contributor to Cheyennigans.

Natural resources reporter Angus M. Thuermer Jr. - With 35 years experience as a Wyoming journalist, he brings an extensive background in natural resources through life and reporting experience. Can’t get enough of his news


stories? Be sure to check out his blog: Wide-open Wyoming

WyoFile board of directors Anne MacKinnon

Patrick Larvie

Board chair, brings a wealth

Board vice chair, a self-

of knowledge and guidance

described news-junkie, he’s

through her experience

most passionate about making

working in journalism and

public life more transparent,

natural resources. Anne lives in

the political process more


approachable, and to encourage civic participation.

Anne Ladd

Gary Scott Board treasurer, brings

Board secretary, offers

diverse experience in

WyoFile his legal expertise

community service, business,

to ensure that our practices

health and journalism that

are inline with the highest

provides a different perspective

operating standards as well

needed to ensure WyoFile’s

as brings the perspective as a


news consumer.

Nadia White

Gene Ruckman

Member-at-large, a veteran

Member-at-large, a

reporter and editor, is an

graduate from the University

associate professor at the

of Wyoming, knows the

University of Montana School

news industry inside and

of Journalism where she

out and brings marketing

teaches old-school journalism

and campaign development

in the new media model.

expertise to WyoFile.


WyoFile provides in-depth news, analysis, and commentary written and edited by leading local journalists at no charge to all segments of the state. WyoFile shares its content with all Wyoming media for free to help ensure

photo by: Greg Nickerson

those local papers and broadcast stations can provide in-depth information to their readers and listeners. It covers the state’s critical public issues with an independent, autonomous editorial voice.

photo by: Angus M. Thuermer Jr.

photo by: Lorena Garcia

photo by: Angus M. Thuermer Jr.

photo by: Leine Stikkel

photo by: Gregory Nickerson

WyoFile reporting impact WyoFile’s successes in 2014 include the groundbreaking online investigative series The Two Elk Saga (which was also compiled into an eBook); our continued examination of health care issues and policies; and fearless reporting on the aftershocks of the University of Wyoming’s tumultuous Sternberg era of energy influence within the administration. WyoFile also teamed up with UW’s Communications and Journalism Department to host the 2014 Wyoming Watchdog Workshop, conducted by Investigative Reporters & Editors. By giving clarity, prominence, and context to these issues, WyoFile empowered readers and Wyoming residents to participate in civic matters and hold elected leaders accountable. WyoFile’s media colleagues in the state took notice, too, accepting WyoFile’s insistence that its focus on these topics are worthy of further reporting and examination by republishing our stories in print and online, and by joining WyoFile in their own efforts to cover these issues in detail. The year brought several key organizational successes as well. In March WyoFile hired Lorena Garcia as Executive Director, and in May WyoFile hired longtime Wyoming journalist Angus M. Thuermer Jr. as its natural resources reporter. Garcia made huge strides in setting WyoFile’s revenue and support networks on solid ground, while Thuermer’s reporting has brought clarity to just how much humans intervene in Wyoming’s complicated patchwork of land, water, air and wildlife.


Top stories from 2014 As WyoFile produced more content in 2014 it also experienced significant increases in reader traffic and engagement. Here are WyoFile’s top 5 most read stories of 2014.

Photographers sue to stop Grand Teton elk hunt Action in D.C. court says elk feeding is cause of hunt that killed one grizzly bear and could kill four more.

Q&A: Al Simpson on same-sex marriage in the Equality State Al Simpson on same-sex marriage in the Equality State: “Regardless of what happens in this case, we will have gay marriage in Wyoming this year.”

Study: Non-hunters contribute most to wildlife While hunters generate funds for state agencies, federal lands in the West are the essential foundation.

Ancient Life in the High Tetons New archaeological finds suggest prehistoric people lived above 9,000 feet in what is now Grand Teton National Park.

America’s longest mule deer migration discovered in Wyoming The discovery of America’s longest mule deer migration by Wyoming scientists adds to a burgeoning awareness of where animals move and why they move.


WyoFile finances

2014 Income

Foundations Ethics & Excellence in Journalism Foundation

$ 50,000.00

George B. Storer Foundation

$ 120,000.00

Miami Community Foundation

$ 37,500.00

Dragicevich Wyoming Foundation

$ 540.00

Wyoming Community Foundation

$ 9,967.04

John S. & James L. Knight Foundation

$ 2,000.00

Investigative News Network

$ 724.27

Grand total

$ 220,731.31

Individual donors 433 Donors

Wyofile is a non-profit

283 New donors

organization. All donations

Grand Total

$ 141,272.22

We receive our funding from foundations, individual donors


and underwriting. It is our

Wyoming Medical Center

goal to increase our support

Wind River Hotel & Casino

from donors and underwriters in order to operate in a more

Wyoming Humanities Council Grand Total


received are tax deductible.

sustainable financial position. $ 6,070.50

WyoFile finances WyoFile income sources


$ 220,731.31

59 %


$ 141,272.22

38 %


$ 6,070.50



$ 1,090.00


Total income

$ 371,792.05

100 %

WyoFile spending percentages


$ 235,240.23

63.35 %


$ 47,882.15

12.89 %


$ 88,237.91

23.76 %

Total expense

$ 371,360.29

100 %


WyoFile commitment to readers Our readers, donors and subscribers have entrusted in us the challenge and opportunity to inform them on the issues most important to our great state. With this trust, we commit to quality journalism in 2015 that is rooted in the pursuit of truth, good storytelling and easy access through modern media.

WyoFile’s editorial staff will continue to search beyond the headlines to report what drives the decisions that help determine the quality of life in Wyoming communities and on its landscape. WyoFile will continue to provide accountability in government, broader and deeper understanding of health care, education and natural resource issues. WyoFile commits to making sure every corner of the state knows about us to support the growth of an informed and engaged citizenry in Wyoming.


Thank you to our supporters Nadia White Paul Klingenstein

Kristy Bleizeffer

Joe Albright

Lori Brand

Eric Barlow

Audrey Cotherman

Don Dorn

Claire Dunne

Dave Ebertz

Lorena Garcia

Megan Hayes

Edith Healy

John Heyneman

Katie Hogarty

Frosty Kepler

Maria Katherman

Anne Ladd

Dennis Knight

Patrick Larvie

Trailblazer Circle Major Donors $500+

Kenneth Lay Doreen McElvany W K Nelson Geoff O’Gara Anne Pendergast Lollie Plank John Schiffer Gary Scott John Vincent Lucy Waletzky Pete Williams Jazmyn McDonald Sandy & Miguel Leotta John Vincent The Lockwood Family

Arthur Kolis

Cornerstone Circle Recurring Donors

Anne MacKinnon Nathan Martin Tatiana Maxwell Jared Miller Amy Nagler Harry Ruckman Juliette Rule Cyndy Simer Shannon Smith Linda Stoval John Vincent Gregg Warnock Jill Welborn


photo by: Angus M. Thuermer Jr.

photo by: Joe Riis.

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Year in review 2014  

WyoFile's first annual report with a brief overview of our successes, financial information and our commitment to our readers and supporters...

Year in review 2014  

WyoFile's first annual report with a brief overview of our successes, financial information and our commitment to our readers and supporters...

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