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Lyle Lovett, known globally for his crooning, bluesy voice and his eclectic mix of jazz, bluegrass, big-band swing, and country music, has been writing and performing music since the early ’80s. He has recorded 14 albums and has been awarded four Grammy Awards and scores of other music accolades. He’s enjoyed an equally impressive acting career, appearing in 13 feature films and numerous television shows. He is currently a cast member on the chilling drama series, The Bridge. He is also an accomplished reiner, an ultimate horseman, and a sentimental Texas cowboy.



t was one of those classic summer days of south

Southwest Equestrian Center, a vast 70-acre, multi-

Texas when the temperature and humidity lev-

arena venue. He was in town for the week to compete

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breeze seemed to hinge on the whim of nature. We met Lyle Lovett in Katy, Texas—an emerging suburb just west of Houston and home to the Great

rity, a reining competition for 3-year-olds sponsored by Tim and Colleen McQuay of McQuay Stables (see The Reining First Family on page 62.)

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Equestrian Quarterly, Vol 2. Issue 4  

The Winter Edition of Equestrian Quarterly, featuring Lyle Lovett and reining in Texas.