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Style Ask any style blogger and they will tell you their favorite part of the job is connecting with designers and brands from around the globe. For equestrian-style blogger, MOLLY KNOTT, the excitement doubles when she discovers incredible items for rider and horse.


n email arrives. From the extension in the address, I can tell it’s from Europe. “Please take a look at our new collection,” or some variation is how these messages usually read. “Rich deerskin leather appliques, intricately hand-woven fabrics, an exquisitely flattering fit.” Is this describing something from the runways of fashion week? I scan further… Decidedly, no. 26 | E Q U E S T R I A N Q UA RTERLY | SUMMER | 2013

From the epicenter of fashion, Manifattura Valor creates couture-quality horsewear imbued with the traditional crafts and materials of the Italian Alps. In fact, Valor may be the only collection of horse blankets, saddle pads, and halters in the world to posses such a distinctive “terroir” of their handcrafted origin. Valor’s wool comes from small, sustainablyraised and free-roaming flocks of alpine sheep. Left untreated and spun to different weights and patterns, the blankets range from a

slightly-spun peacock texture all the way up to sharply-spun smooth herringbones worthy of a custom Italian suit. It is gorgeous, and fashion, of course, can afford to be a statement-only affair on the street or the red carpet. We’ve all sacrificed comfort to look good. But, for a horse, it must absolutely function in the stable, too. As the editor of Dappled Grey, I’m always seeking this fashion/function balance. Valor Continued on page 94

Equestrian Quarterly, Vol 2 Issue 2  

The Summer 2013 Edition of Equestrian Quarterly, the premier magazine of the equestrian lifestyle.

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