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WYNNSAN TOPSPEC AM / DX LIQUID  Concentrated formulation  Phosphate free  Can be used with hot or cold water  Available chlorine on manufacture 3.5% w/v

Pack Size [Product Code] 25L [55666], 200L [55667] &1000L IBC [55668]


Daily circulation cleaning


1. Wash outside of clusters and attach to jetters 2. Rinse system well - 15 litres water per unit 36°C 3. Prepare wash solution by adding the correct amount of 500ml (0.5%) 1000ml (1%) product to 100 litres water 77-82°C 4. Circulate through the machine for 7 minutes 5. Rinse - 15 litres COLD water per unit 6. Repeat after each milking PLEASE NOTE: If used cold, the product must be used in hot water once per week

DX BULK TANK CLEANING : After milk has been collected, turn off the refrigeration system and connect the washer to the tank outlet. Use Product as per tank manufacturer’s instructions or at 0.5% dilution (e.g. a 10,000 Litre tank may require 100 Litres of water plus 500 ml product).

Storage Store in original container in a dry area away from direct sunlight and sources of heat.

Shelf Life 1 year from date of manufacture

FOR HEALTH & SAFETY INFORMATION, REFER TO THE SAFETY DATA SHEET Wynnstay Group PLC. Eagle House, Llansantffraid, Powys, SY22 6AQ TEL: 01691 828512 Fax: 01691 828690 Company no 2704051 Registered in England and Wales

VAT no 159 1866 30

Wynnstay Topspec Circulation Powder PI  
Wynnstay Topspec Circulation Powder PI