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Broad spectrum peracetic acid disinfectant with rapid kill Non-foaming and Non-tainting Easily degraded to harmless by-products Ideal for cluster dipping

Pack Size [Product Code] 25Kg [28300], 200Kg [52699] &1000Kg IBC [53473]

Application Use HPPA after every milking to prevent any build up of scale, kill bacteria remaining after washing and help ensure rinse water is within E.U. regulations. Descale plant thoroughly prior to using HPPA. 1. Rinse milking plant with water and circulate your detergent solution as normal for required time. 2. Thoroughly rinse plant with cold water. Allow 15 Litres (3 gallon) per unit to drain. 3. Remove suction hose from rinse tank and add HPPA to the rinse tank at the rate of 60ml per 45 Litre (10 gallon) of cold water. NOTE: Where rinse water is soft (no lime residues on heated surfaces) the volume of HPPA used in the evening milking can be halved. 4. Replace suction hose and FLUSH the HPPA solution through milking plant to drain. (Where numbers of units are high, it is advisable to circulate this solution for 1-2 minutes to ensure all the milking plant is wetted). 5. Switch off all milking plant and allow all water to drain from the plant. 6. Rinse the plant through with clean water and drain. 7. Prior to milking, close all drain valves. Allow any remaining water in plant to drain before allowing milk into bulk tank. FOR CLUSTER DIPPING OF DAIRY CATTLE: Use at a rate of 75ml HPPA in 15L water (1:200). Change solution regularly as soiling takes place. Make up new solution every 24 hours. NOTE: NOT TO BE USED AS A TEAT DIPPING OR SPRAY SOLUTION. Avoid contact with mild steel or galvanised equipment or utensils and soft metals such as brass and copper. Aluminium alloys are not attacked by dilute working solutions. On all systems seals (including rubber) should be checked regularly. HPPA must be used at the correct dilution rates. Caustic residues from pre-cleaning should be removed to avoid loss of efficacy.

Storage Store in a cool, dark, well ventilated place away from alkalis. Keep lid firmly attached.

Shelf Life 1 year from date of manufacture FOR HEALTH & SAFETY INFORMATION, REFER TO THE SAFETY DATA SHEET Wynnstay Group PLC. Eagle House, Llansantffraid, Powys, SY22 6AQ TEL: 01691 828512 Fax: 01691 828690 Company no 2704051 Registered in England and Wales

VAT no 159 1866 30

Wynnstay HPPA PI  
Wynnstay HPPA PI