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WYNNSAN CIRCALK AM / DX CLEANER  For cleaning Direct Expansion tanks  Caustic/chlorine based cleaner  For use in hard or soft water areas  Contains unique blend of sequestrants and soil suspending agents  Effectively cleans and sanitises all internal surfaces of the direct expansion tank Pack Size [Product Code] 25L [28284], 200L [28393] & 1000L IBC [56564]

Application FOR AUTOMATIC CLEANING OF BULK MILK DIRECT EXPANSION TANKS 1. After milk has been collected, turn off the refrigeration system and connect to the tank outlet. 2. Use product as per tank manufacturer's instructions or 0.5% dilution eg. a 10,000 litre bulk tank may require 100 litres water plus 500 ml product. 3. Hypochlorite or Peracetic acid may be used in the final rinse water at 100ml in 100 litres water. FOR CIRCULATION OF MILKING MACHINES Use product at 0.5% dilution eg. 500 ml product in 100 litres water. Circulate through the system for 7 minutes. Rinse system well using 15 litres per unit of cold water. AVAILABLE CHLORINE 3.0% W/V ON MANUFACTURE

Storage Store in a dry area away from sources of heat or ignition and above freezing

Shelf Life 1 year from date of manufacture

FOR HEALTH & SAFETY INFORMATION, REFER TO THE SAFETY DATA SHEET Wynnstay Group PLC. Eagle House, Llansantffraid, Powys, SY22 6AQ TEL: 01691 828512 Fax: 01691 828690 Company no 2704051 Registered in England and Wales

VAT no 159 1866 30

Wynnstay Circalk AM-DX Cleaner PI  
Wynnstay Circalk AM-DX Cleaner PI