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West Side YMCA 2011 Summer Membership & Program Guide

Citywide Membership Take advantage of the Citywide Membership plan and you may use any YMCA in New York City. Current members may adjust their monthly rate to match the Citywide fee (see inside back cover for rates). Methods of Payment Our annual membership can be paid in full or in monthly drafts from one of the following: credit card, checking account or savings account. New members and renewing members (renewal in over 30‐days after cancellation) are required to pay initiation fee. This does not apply to Youth and Teen Memberships. Guest Pass The West Side YMCA also offers 1‐Day Passes for visitors. Adults (over 18) pay $25; Teens (11–17) pay $15; and youth (below 11, must be accompanied by an adult) pay only $10. Guest Pass Policy !"#$%&'()"*+%,-".(,,/"01%2%"3,"("+,(4%"5363-" of three (3) free daily guest passes allowed per calendar year for any one individual !"01%",(5%"78"8%%&9(,%:":()";(,,%,"-7"(:+5-," ages 18 and over is limited to six (6) per year per person. All visitors using guest or day ;(,,%,"6+,-";2%,%$-";27;%2";17-7"3:%$-3<=(‐ tion from an authorized agency in order to +,%"($)">?@A"8(=353-)B".27;%2"3:%$-3<=(-37$" includes a valid state‐issued driver’s license or passport. In addition, all guest/day pass visitors must complete a liability waiver form before using the YMCA facilities.

Freeze of Membership Membership may be frozen for 1 to 3 months in a calendar year. Membership ID card must be submitted to the Membership Desk for the time of freeze. When freezing a draft membership the following must apply: !"?%69%2,13;"3,"3$"477:",-($:3$4 !"C2%%D%"2%E+%,-"8726"3,"=76;5%-%:"3$"FG" days prior to the draft date of the 1st or 15th !"HFG"82%%D%"=1(24%"(;;53%,"%(=1"67$-1"7$" the scheduled draft date. (Does not apply to Youth and Teen Membership. They cannot be frozen.) !"01%"2%4+5(2":2(8-"(67+$-"(+-76(-3=(55)" resumes when the freeze period is over Members who paid in full will have their memberships extended for the time of their absence. They are also required to submit their Membership ID cards to the membership desk for the time of freeze and pay $15 fee for each month. Members and program participants are advised to consult with a physician prior to starting any physical activity routine or program.

West Side Membership Rates 2011 Membership Type

Monthly Dues

Citywide Monthly

Joiner’s Fee

Youth (under 11)

$216 (Annual)



Teen (12‐17)

$336 (Annual)







Adult (18‐64)




Older Adult (65+)




Family I**




Family II***




FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE. Please see page 61. * Students need to bring their current student ID and proof of 12 credits or more to the Front Desk in order to receive a discount, and also when renewing. ** One adult and all children under 18 residing at the same address *** Two adults and all children under 18


Adult Programs |18 yrs.+


Floor Directory Staff Directory

4 5

Arts The Writer’s Voice Artworks Healthy Lifestyles Personal Fitness Program Etiquette Group Exercise Classes Healthy Lifestyles Programs Personal Training Massage Therapy Pilates Older Adult Program Aquatics Private Lessons Pool Rules & Regulations

22 23 25 28 29 29 30 31 33 33 34 35 37 38 39

Family Programs and Services 6 Aquatics Diabetes Prevention Program Birthday Parties

6 8 8

Summer Camp Programs


Kinder Camp Day Camp Sports Camp Summer Arts Camp Teen Camp

11 11 12 12 13

Early Childhood | 6 mo – 5.5 yrs.


Tender Care Early Childhood Aquatics Busy Bodies

14 15 16

The Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater 40 Now Playing


Grosvenor Neighborhood House Y


Youth Programs |5.5 ‐ 12 yrs. 17

Programs and Services


Youth Aquatics Kid’s Company

17 19

Guest Rooms


Teen Programs |13 ‐ 18 yrs.


Membership Information

Teen Aquatics 21 Teen Healthy Lifestyles Programs and Services 21

Table of Contents Branch Information

About the West Side YMCA

Membership Info, Inside Front Cover Registration Info 44 Annual Payment Options 45 Program Guidelines 46 Membership Application 47‐48 Room Rentals, Inside Back Cover Facility Hours, Inside Back Cover Registration Schedule, Inside Back Cover


GREETINGS FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Dear Friends, After a long winter, the beautiful summer season is <$(55)"+;7$"+,I We here at the West Side YMCA are dedicated to helping you stay cool and providing you and your family with the training that you need in order to stay safe and enjoy water activities this summer. Whether you are spending the summer in the city or vacationing else‐ where, we offer a variety of programs that will help swimmers learn J(-%2",(8%-)"($:":%K%57;"=7$<:%$=%"3$"($:"(27+$:"-1%"J(-%2"3$" preparation for the summer months. Here at the Y, we are so thankful for your support that allows us to open our doors to those who need our help. From providing kids with the opportunity to attend this years’ summer camps, to providing a safe and constructive place for teens to meet and learn, your dollars are used to make a difference in the lives of thousands of New Yorkers each day. 01($L")7+"872"9%3$4";(2-"78"-1%"M%,-"N3:%">?@A"($:"1(K%"(",(8%",+66%2I Warm regards, Eileen O’Connor Vice President, Operations Executive Director, West Side YMCA

JOIN US IN HELPING EACH OTHER! The West Side YMCAs Strong Kids Campaign relies on the generous support of its donors every year to ensure that its programs and facilities are accessible to all and of unsurpassed quality. Our commitment is that every person can be a member of the Y regardless of economic circumstance. We hope you will join us in calling on fellow YMCA members, friends and colleagues seeking their support for our Strong Kids @(6;(34$"-1(-",+;;72-,"<$($=3(5"(3:"872"6%69%2,13;"O"=(6;P" subsidies, and program initiatives. Get in‐touch with Wyndy Sloan to join in on the fun of helping each other, 212‐912‐2611 or 01($L")7+I 2


YMCAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S DIABETES PREVENTION PROGRAM Reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes with the YMCAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Diabetes Prevention Program (YDPP). If you are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes, The YMCAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Diabetes Prevention Program can help you adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles that will help you reduce your chances of developing diabetes. Over the course of 16 weekly one-hour sessions, a trained lifestyle coach will help you learn about healthy eating, getting started with physical activity, overcoming stress, staying motivated and other behavior changes, all in a comfortable classroom setting. PROGRAM GOALS: >)(8')&2(;:)-+,7&; >1'5)%6)3,;6-'%/%'7-9-7;72 0-1:.

Call Judy Ouziel at 212-912-2524, visit or ask the membership desk to see how to qualify and for more information. The YMCA is committed to helping prevent chronic disease by giving individuals of all ages tools for healthy living.

GET YOUR YMCA STRONG KIDS CARD! If you are registered in any YMCA youth or teen program, are between 5-17 years old and are not a current member sign up for your FREE Strong Kids Card! Once you have your Strong Kids Card, come to the YMCA during specific times and participate in activities that are healthy and fun. Ask a Member Services Representative for details.



Lower Level

8-13th s


Residence and Guest Rooms

STAFF DIRECTORY Main Number, (212) 912‐2600 Customer Service Center, Dorothy Claborn

Business Manager Maria Rocha, (212) 912‐2614 Assistant Business Manager Jessie Martinez, (212) 912‐2615 Human Resources Coordinator Carolina Chavez, (212) 912‐2616 Director, Fund Development & Comm. Wyndy Wilder Sloan, (212) 912‐2611 Director of Fund Development Roxana Morgenstern, (212) 912‐2613 Communication and Events Manager Aleksandra Nadolski, (212) 912‐2617 Director of Building & Properties Kisha James, (212) 912‐2680 Director of Security Ramon Mejia, (212) 912‐2684 RESERVATIONS AND SALES CENTER Regional Director of Guest Rooms Gary Villaverde, (212) 912‐2620 Director of Marketing & Sales Valerie Henry, (212) 912‐2625 RSC Business Coordinator Carol Pimentel, (212) 912‐2627 CSC/Guest Rooms Supervisor Francisca Infante, (212) 912‐2621

Director of Aquatics Eric Klimowich, (212) 912‐2675 Director of Community Arts and MSD Little Theater Programming Steven McIntosh, (212) 912‐2633 Arts Coordinator Erin Coulter, (212) 912‐2635 ArtWorks Coordinator Kate Missett, (212) 912‐2638 Senior Director of Early Childhood Shannon Cussen, (212) 912‐2650 Associate Director of Early Childhood Abbey Robarge, (212) 912‐2651 Early Childhood Coordinator Bridget Sieling, (212) 912‐2652 Director of Healthy Lifestyles Tamara Heisler, (212) 912‐2670 Group Exercise/Pilates Coordinator Jonathan Wood, (212) 912‐2671 Senior Director of Youth and Family Kathryn Irizarry‐Wright, (212) 912‐2640 Teen Director Cassandra St. Vil, (212) 912‐2665 After School Coordinator Nigel Bristol, (212) 912‐2666 Grosvenor Neighborhood House YMCA (212) 749‐8500 Early Childhood Director Jane Rosenthal Program Coordinator Grace Rochford

PROGRAMS Director of Membership Lisa Renaud, (212) 912‐2604

Room Rentals Kisha James, (212) 912‐2680

Hours of Operation

Member Registration

Monday – Friday Saturday Sunday

5:00 AM – 10:45 PM 8:00 AM – 7:45 PM 8:00 AM – 7:45 PM

Branch Information

ADMINISTRATION Executive Director Eileen O’Connor, (212) 912‐2610 Associate Executive Director Jasmin Cardona, (212) 912‐2612 Special Projects Director Marjorie Jean‐Jacques, (212) 912‐2618 Executive Assistant Jenny Chon, (212) 912‐2619

Customer Service Specialists Aaisha Joseph, (212) 912‐2601 Jeffrey De La Cruz, (212) 912‐2602 Ray Vasquez, (212) 912‐2603 Zaheeda Hafeez, (212) 912‐2607

Daily 6:00 AM ‐ 11:00 PM

Note: locker‐rooms will stay open until 11:00pm weekdays and 8:00pm weekends


FAMILY PROGRAMS AND SERVICES AQUATICS The YMCA is the pioneer in swimming lessons and water safety. We offer a variety of ;2742%,,3K%"(E+(-3=,";2742(6,"872"(55"(4%,"($:"<-$%,,"5%K%5,B">?@A"NJ36"3$,-2+=-37$"3," delivered in a student‐centered, caring atmosphere with well‐trained instructors who give personalized attention. Lessons are designed to be developmentally appropriate, and to quickly and effectively teach skills and encourages students to develop a lifelong interest in aquatics. All fee‐ based programs are subject to change or cancellation based on enrollment. Makeup sessions are available only when approved by Aquatics Director. Medical documentation will be required. For more information, please Eric Klimowich, Aquatics Director at 212‐912‐2675 or at Summer Session A: June 27th – July 24th, 2011 Summer Session B: July 25th – August 21st , 2011 4 Week Classes

(Tuesday ‐ Friday)

Members Fee

Program Participant Fee



3 Week Classes

(Saturday ‐ Monday)*

Members Fee

Program Participant Fee



*No Classes 4th of July Weekend 7/2 ‐ 7/4

AQUATICS FOR FAMILIES See prices and session dates above. Parent or guardian must be able to participate with child in the water. Participants must wear swim caps. PARENT‐CHILD | For infants and toddlers, 6 mo. ‐ 3 yrs. The primary objective is to get both the parent and child comfortable in the water. The child will become aware of the differences between moving through water and on dry land, while the parent will become aware of how to teach his or her child to be safer in and around the water. Classes are designed to allow the child to have fun in the water while the parent guides him or her to learn aquatic skills. The child will be exposed to games that use basic movements in the water such as kicking, arm strokes, and breath control. Activities are based on the developmental abilities of the child. The Parent‐Child program has four levels, all determined by age. Classes meet once per week. Shrimp (6 ‐ 12 mo.) Babies start to become comfortable in the water and curious about blowing bubbles. Songs incorporate gestures that encourage them to scoop. Tuesday 9:00 – 9:30 AM Saturday 10:30 – 11:00 AM Thursday 8:00 – 8:30 AM Sunday 10:30 – 11:00 AM Kipper (12 ‐ 28 mo.) This class is a sheer treat for little ones. Tots start to blow bubbles scoop the water, and L3=LB"01%)"(2%"%$=7+2(4%"-7"Q7(-"7$"-1%32"9(=L,"($:":7";+,1"788,B Tuesday 9:00 – 9:30 AM Saturday 10:30 – 11:00 AM Thursday 8:00 – 8:30 AM Sunday 10:30 – 11:00 AM


Inia (20 ‐ 36 mo.) This class helps children develop stronger kicks, increase arm motion and coordinate arm and leg action. Children are encouraged to practice blowing bubbles and learn face dips. Tuesday 8:30 – 9:00 AM Saturday 11:00 – 11:30 AM Thursday 8:30 – 9:00 AM Sunday 11:00 – 11:30 AM Please Note: 1. All participants must wear a swim cap. 2. All children must wear a swim diaper if not fully toilet trained. 3. Please do not feed children 30 minutes prior to entering class. 4. Make‐ups are only given to those with medical or family emergencies (documentation required). 5. Only one make‐up class per session if slot is available. They must be approved and scheduled with Aquatics Director in advance.

PIRANHAS SWIM TEAM The Piranhas swim team is a competitive, age group team, but also a fun group. Work‐ outs include endurance, speed, and drill technique. The Piranhas practice 3 times a week for one hour and 30 minutes each practice and dry land twice a week. Lead by Head Coach Hugo Salhuana the Piranhas compete with other Ys, clubs and attend other invita‐ tional every month. The Piranhas have attended the NY State YMCA Championships every year since 1999 and YMCA Nationals 3 times. To try out for the Piranhas Swim Team, you 6+,-",=1%:+5%"($"(;;73$-6%$-"J3-1"-1%"AE+(-3=,"#8<=%B"R(=1"(;;53=($-"J355"$%%:"(",J36" test, medical and approval to be on the team.

Family Programs and Services

Perch (30 mo. ‐ 4 yrs) In this class children are taught additional swimming techniques. The emphasis is on correct body position and progressive independent swimming. Tuesday 8:30 – 9:00 AM Saturday 11:00 – 11:30 AM Thursday 8:30 – 9:00 AM Sunday 11:00 – 11:30 AM

.5%(,%"=(55"-1%"AE+(-3=,"#8<=%"(-"SFS&TFS&SUVG"872"672%"3$8726(-37$B Dates: September 2011 – June 2012 Practice Time: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4:00 – 5:30 PM Fee: $1,945 Ages: 6 to 18


YMCA’S DIABETES PREVENTION PROGRAM You can reduce your diabetes risk and gain tools for healthy living through the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program. If you are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes, The YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program can help you adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles that will help you reduce your chances of developing diabetes. The program is based on research funded by the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which showed that by eating healthier, increasing physical activity and losing a small amount of weight, a person with pre‐ diabetes can prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes by 58%.

The program is held in a classroom setting, a trained lifestyle coach will help you change your lifestyle by learning about healthy eating, physical activity and other behavior changes over the course of 16 one hour sessions. After the initial 16 core sessions, you will meet monthly for added support to help maintain your progress. Program goals: !!!"!#$%&'$!()%*!+$,-./!(*!7% !!!"!!01'2$34$!5.*4,'36!3'/,7,/*! to

If you qualify for the program, it is FREE of charge for YMCA members AND non‐members.

150 minutes per week

For more information about the program or to see if you qualify, please contact Judy Ouziel 212.912.2524 or

BIRTHDAY PARTIES Roof Top Parties | Ages 3 ‐ 6 Family Member $300 Youth Member $400 Adult Member $350 Non‐Member $500 One of the newest playgrounds in town is built on top of the West Side YMCA. With ma‐ jestic buildings and trees that line the East and South sides of Central Park, the view is simply spectacular. However, if the view does not impress you, the slide and the spongy surface of the roof‐top playground surely will. With new and safe equipment to climb on in fresh air and plenty of sunshine, having your child’s party at the West Side YMCA’s Roof Top playground will be a unique and memorable occasion. Prices above are based on a maximum of 20 participants on the playground, and accompanying parents or guardians count towards your total participants. For more information and availability, please call the Early Childhood Department at 212‐912‐2650.

Pool Parties | Ages 5 yrs. and up Saturday or Sunday: 1:30 ‐ 4:00 PM (in pool from 1:30 ‐ 2:30 PM) Member $450; Non‐Member $700 Enjoy an hour of swimming in our heated pool with family and friends. Pool parties include 2 hours in a party room. Prices above based upon 25 participants in the water. Up to 10 additional participants require extra lifeguard at $35 each. Children unable to ,J36"3$:%;%$:%$-5)"3$=5+:3$4"-17,%"-1(-"2%E+32%"(,,3,-($=%"8276"Q7(-(-37$":%K3=%,"6+,-" be accompanied in the water by a parent or guardian. This will count toward your total ;(2-3=3;($-,B"C72"3$E+323%,P";5%(,%"=7$-(=-"-1%"AE+(-3=,"#8<=%"(-"SFS&TFS&SUVGB


Non‐Member: $350 Member: $250 Ask a teen what would make up the coolest birthday party and the answer would be access to a pool table, Playstation 2 and Game Cube, cool music, cake and their best friends. The Teen Center is what you need to make this come true. Prices above are two hour parties for a max of 15 participants. Limited to weekends and evenings only. For all party space rentals, renter is responsible for all decorations, paper goods, food, cake and beverages. We are unable to provide refrigeration.

The Early Exploration Play Center Co‐Op Nursery and Tender Care Playtime Mon. – Fri. 9:00 AM ‐ 5:30 PM Playtime Parties Sat. 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM 01%"R(25)"RW;572(-37$".5()"@%$-%2"3,"<55%:"J3-1"(55",72-,"78"8+$"(=-3K3-3%,":+23$4"(55"L3$:," of weather. The room is designed for children ages 1 to 6 years old. With its vibrant =7572,"($:"=+,137$%:"Q772P"L3:,"J355"%$X7)"-1%"3$:772"-2%%"17+,%P"=53693$4"J(55P";+DD5%,P" games, sliding board, and pirate’s plank. The Early Exploration Play Center is also avail‐ able for Playtime Parties. (Please call in advance; space is limited). For more information (97+-"-1%"3$:772";5()",;(=%"($:"3-,"(K(35(9353-)P";5%(,%"=(55"-1%"R(25)"@135:177:"#8<=%"(-" 212‐912‐2652.

Drama Birthday Parties

Family Programs and Services

Rent the Teen Center for a Party

Members: $600 Non‐members: $800 Offer your child a vivid journey through the imagination for their birthday. We provide the space, you provide the inspiration, and together we create a fantastic party based around a one hour drama, musical theater, or visual arts workshop, tailored to your =173=%"78"-1%6%"($:"(2-,":3,=3;53$%I".23=%"3,",%-"872"Y"17+2"2776"7==+;($=)Z"3$=5+:3$4",%-" up time and one hour arts class, entertainment with two instructors and a maximum of 20 children. Renter is responsible for all decorations, paper goods, food, cake and bever‐ ages. We are unable to provide refrigeration.

Sports Party | Ages 5 ‐ 12 yrs. Sundays Includes use of our gymnasium in which themed parties can be designed in Soccer, Basketball, T‐ball, Sports Training or a Combo, depending on the participant’s prefer‐ ence. Instructors will lead non‐competitive games and give basic sport instruction. For more information and package options please contact Tamara Heisler at 212‐912‐2670 or

Dance Party | Ages 5 ‐ 12 yrs. Sundays Includes use of dance space and several dance options to choose from. Professional Dance instructors teach basic techniques and a dance routine. For more information and pack‐ age options please contact Tamara Heisler at 212‐912‐2670 or


SUMMER DAY CAMP PROGRAMS Summer Camp programs at the West Side YMCA & GNHY are as unique as the campers themselves. We focus on developing the whole child through programs that support children’s social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual development. We do this by designing programs that help youth develop communication skills, engage in problem solving, learn through critical thinking and contribute to designing the programs they participate in each day. The West Side YMCA & GNHY also aims to build self‐esteem and a young person’s Developmental Assets through our camp programs by focusing children on their strengths. Regardless of age, every camper will go on trips, participate in swim 6$44)148!563*!45)2/48!%,4')7$2!/.$!,95)2/31'$!):!6,7,1-!3!6,:$!:&66!):!;/1$44!31%!1&/2,/,)18! learn about values and good character and leave with lasting memories and new friends.

Registration You can register in person for any of our fee‐based 2011 Summer Camps after January 2, S[FFB"\%43,-2(-37$"3,"<2,-"=76%"<2,-",%2K%P",7"J%"%$=7+2(4%")7+"-7"2%43,-%2"(,"%(25)"(," possible. We have had to close out certain weeks to ensure that proper ratios and safety of (55"7+2";(2-3=3;($-,"J(,"6(3$-(3$%:P",7"2%43,-%2"%(25)I

Ages The West Side YMCA and Grosvenor Neighborhood House YMCA offer camping programs for young people as young as 3 ½ years old, and as old as 16 years of age. Each camp is uniquely designed to ensure that developmentally appropriate practices occur at all times for the age the camp is centered around.

Your Choice of Session The West Side YMCA Summer Day Camp is an eight 1/2 ‐week program that runs from June 29th—August 26th. Our camps, with the exception of Kinder Camp, start at 9:00am and end at 5:00pm. There are early and late drop off hours that start as early as 8:00am and end as late as 6:00pm for an additional fee. In most cases our camps run in 2‐week sessions (Kinder Camp is the exception). This design is to help facilitate the different schedules and needs of the families we serve. You can choose the weeks that you want to sign‐up and miss the ones when you will out of town or have other plans.

Financial Assistance The YMCA of Greater New York awards scholarships to campers based on a parent or a family’s annual income. Families awarded scholarships will receive a payment plan schedule. Please note that we require proof of income and expenses in order to process a scholarship application. Applications with no documentation provided will result in your scholarship application being decline. All payment plans and deadlines must be followed to ensure that there is no disruption to your child’s camping experience. Be sure to pick up the West Side YMCA and Grosvenor Neighborhood House YMCA 2011 Summer Camp Guide for a full description of all our programs and prices. You can also download 2011 Summer Camp Guide at



Kinder Camp Sessions Pre Camp I Pre Camp II Weeks 1‐4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8

June 13th – June 17th June 20th – June 24th June 27th – July 22nd * July 25th – July 29th Aug 1st – Aug 5th Aug 8th – Aug 12th Aug 15th – Aug 19th

*Please note these weeks may not be separated

Designed with a shorter day, smaller group sizes, trips that are closer to home, and a less :%6($:3$4",=1%:+5%P"]3$:%2"@(6;"3,"-1%";%28%=-"<2,-"=(6;"%W;%23%$=%"872";2%,=1775%2,"($:" kindergartners. Camp is operated in the beautiful West Side YMCA’s Co‐Op Nursery School classrooms. Activities are organized in one‐to‐two week themes designed by the head counselors. Favorite themes include; Outer Space, Home, Science & Nature, Animals, Myself, and Our Neighborhood. Campers swim three times a week and enjoy storytelling, 6+,3=P",;72-,P"4(6%,"($:"("J%%L5)"<%5:"-23;B"013,"=(6;"<55,"+;"%K%2)")%(2",7"J%"%$=7+2(4%" you to register as soon as possible. This camp is the exception to the weekly session design seen in other camps. Registration for the month of July is only available for the full month. All participants must by fully potty trained before attending this camp.

Summer Camp Programs

June 13 ‐ August 19, 2011 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM Extended AM and PM Care Available

Price: $425 per week Ages: 3.6 – 5.5 For more information contact Shannon Cussen,

DAY CAMP June 29 ‐ August 26, 2011 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Extended AM and PM Care Available The traditional all‐inclusive YMCA summer camp experience at West Side YMCA is our Day Camp program. Our program allows the children to explore their creative, social and intellectual skills through activities such as swimming, arts & crafts, dancing, drama, sports and chess. The children will make new friends and lasting memories. Price: $350 per week Ages: 5 ‐ 11 For more information contact Nigel Bristol,


SPORTS CAMP June 29 ‐ August 26, 2011 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Extended AM and PM Care Available Not all kids want to do arts and crafts, play or read in the summer – these kids usually want to run, sweat and push themselves to new limits. Campers will follow a stimulating rotation of sports which include basketball, soccer, running games and swimming on a daily basis. N78-9(55^9(,%9(55P"5(=27,,%P"K755%)9(55"P:7:4%"9(55"($:"1($:9(55P"-2(=L"($:"<%5:"($:"7-1%2" <%5:",;72-,"(2%"3$-27:+=%:",%K%2(5"-36%,"-127+417+-"-1%",%,,37$B"A55"(=-3K3-3%,"(2%":%,34$%:" to be fun, instructional and skill‐building while at the same time helping campers develop =7$<:%$=%P"%$-1+,3(,6"($:"("4%$+3$%"57K%"78",;72-,B"01%">?@A"N;72-,"@(6;";2742(6"(5,7" places a high level of focus on sportsmanship, team play, individual learning styles, hands on play and safety at all times. Each day includes stretching and conditioning as well as talks about living a healthy life including nutrition and exercise. Price: $350 per week Ages: 8 ‐ 14 For more information contact Nigel Bristol,

SUMMER ARTS CAMP June 29 ‐ August 26, 2011 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Extended Am and PM Care Available Inspire the Artist Within Your Child! The West Side YMCA’s Summer Arts Camp allows all young people, regardless of previous ability, to learn to paint, write, sing, and act. Using the amazing artistic resources found in New York City, the YMCA partners with local artists, museums, theaters and artistic groups to 788%2"("7$%"78"("L3$:",+66%2"(2-,"%W;%23%$=%I" Experience the Arts: Participants take two classes each week in art disciplines like drama, dance, visual arts, and music. Each afternoon they rehearse as an ensemble to put the arts training into practice. Participants also get to choose a fun afternoon arts elective like improvisation, arts and crafts, and creative movement. Special Workshops, Performances, and Field Trips: Each week includes a special arts‐ 87=+,%:"<%5:"-23;P";%28726($=%P"72"J72L,17;B""013,")%(2"J%_2%"473$4"-7";5(=%,"53L%"-1%"N7$)" Wonder Museum, The Cloisters Museum and Gardens, and the Socrates Scupture Garden. Performances and workshops will be provided by a circus artist and a performer from the Blue Man Group. Weekly Family Shares: Every week we invite families to join our campers and staff to receive a glimpse of what’s been going on at camp. Shares have included a camper concert, coffee house reading, family ceramics, dance recital and the Peanut Gallery. End‐of‐Summer Show Spectacular: Our exciting end‐of‐summer show in 2011 will be a camper‐written musical theater adaptation of the beloved Dr. Seuss’ book If I Ran the Circus. Price: $425 per week Ages: 6 ‐ 14 For more information contact Erin Coulter,



Recognizing that teens want to socialize and have “time to hang” with their friends, we offer special activities with teens in mind. Our summer camp program is designed to help -%%$(4%2,"4(3$";%2,7$(5";7J%2P"9+35:",%58&"=7$<:%$=%"($:",%58&%,-%%6"J135%":%K%57;3$4":%%;" and lasting friendships. Teen participants will be directly engaged to help plan trips, workshops, outings and experiences that interest them. Teen Camp is also about fun, connection, self‐exploration and self‐expression and is designed to give teens more independence in a creative and relaxed atmosphere. Price: $350 Ages: 11 ‐ 14 Contact Kathryn Wright at (212) 912‐2640 for more information.

'( $%& # !"

)( *%" ) (

)0.1 /%&/ . , +)*

Summer Camp Programs

June 29 ‐ August 26, 2011 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Extended AM and PM Care Available


#4()%567%8)%#4427 9):;)%<4=%>4'*!?12')%@1,,%=4%&'(()*%A'63% B-)%!"#$%.,%=-)%0442),=%/210)%=4%+)%=-.,%,'(()*%C.=-%0442%021,,),D%0442%/442,D%0442%)E)*0.,)% (10-.6),%16F%0442%/)4/2)777$GG%AHI%HJK%LIK$B%@I5#K3%$,M%4'*%")(+)*%&)*;.0),%N),M%1+4'=% 13 4'*%&O""KI%"K"8KI&P5@%&@K#5$G%16F%<)=%0466)0=)F%C.=-%!%@KI&HJ$G%A5BJK&&3

EARLY CHILDHOOD | 6 mo. ‐ 5 yrs.

TENDER CARE Tender Care, our extended day program for children 6 months through 5 years of age, was %,-(953,1%:"3$"FT`U"(-"-1%"M%,-"N3:%">?@A"-7";27K3:%"("Q%W395%"=135:"=(2%"7;-37$"872"J72L3$4" parents. Approximately 75 percent of the children attend the center on a full‐time basis, leaving openings in each classroom for families needing part‐time care. Parents can choice from a 5, 3, or 2 day program and have the option from 9‐3 or 8‐6. The children in the Tender Care program are divided into three age groups with the following options and pricing:

Tender Care I 6 mo. – 2 yrs.

8AM‐ 6PM

9AM‐ 3PM

Tender Care II & III 2 ‐ 3.6 yrs. 3.6 – 4 yrs.

8AM‐ 6PM

9AM‐ 3PM

2 days



2 days



3 days



3 days



5 days



5 days



Tender Care is committed to providing a safe, supportive living and learning environment for young children. It offers a nurturing, yet challenging program for children who are enrolled on a full‐time basis, as well as an early group experience for children who attend part‐time. Teachers create a warm and loving atmosphere while offering a developmentally‐based, engaging curriculum, where children can play, discover and learn.


Tender Care values each child’s unique personality and temperament. The development of independence, trust and initiative is fostered through a balanced program of free play and structure, quiet and active play, and group and individual time. Learning centers in each room include science, dramatic play, block building, library, art, music and manipulative materials. The children in Tender Care go outdoors each day and take advantage of the many play spaces in Central Park. In addition, there are special classes in swimming, science music and gym. Application Fee: $65

EARLY CHILDHOOD AQUATICS PRE‐SCHOOL SWIM | 3 ‐ 5 yrs. 013,"3,"("=135:_,"<2,-"%W;%23%$=%"3$"-1%";775"J3-17+-";(2%$-(5"(,,3,-($=%B"01%"=135:2%$"(2%" taught the basic skills that are the building blocks of swimming. They also learn about pool ,(8%-)P"97(-3$4",(8%-)P"($:"-1%"+,%"78";%2,7$(5"Q7-(-37$":%K3=%,B"@135:2%$"(2%"(,,34$%:"-7" classes according to their ability. All classes meet once per week. Makeup sessions are available only when approved by Aquatics Director. Medical documen‐ tation will be required. For more information, please Eric Klimowich, Aquatics Director at 212‐912‐2675 or at

Early Childhood

Tender Care Admissions: Parents may call or stop by the YMCA for an application and to schedule a small group tour (there are periods throughout the year when applications will not be distributed because of the length of the waiting list). Once an application and fee has been submitted, your child’s name will be placed on a waiting list and every effort will be made to enroll your child as soon as a space becomes available.

Summer Session IV (A): June 27th – July 24th, 2011 Summer Session IV (B): July 25th – August 21st , 2011 4 Week Classes

(Tuesday ‐ Friday)

Members Fee

Program Participant Fee



3 Week Classes

(Saturday ‐ Monday)*

Members Fee

Program Participant Fee



*No Classes 4th of July Weekend 7/2 ‐ 7/4

Pikes And Eels At this level, children usually begin attending classes without their parents. This level helps children develop safe pool behavior, adjust to the water, and develop independent movement in the water. It is designed for new swimmers, teaching basic paddle stroke and kicking skills, pool safety, and comfort in holding their faces in the water while blowing bubbles and swimming. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday Sunday

5:00 – 5:30 PM 8:00 – 8:30 AM 9:00 – 9:30 AM 9:00 – 9:30 AM 11:30 – 12:00 PM 11:30 – 12:00 PM


Rays At this level children review previous skills, improve stroke skills, build endurance by swimming on their front and back, and learn to tread water and perform more progressive diving skills. Children can swim across the pool on their front and back without assistance by the end of this level. Monday Saturday Sunday

5:00 – 5:30 PM 1:00 – 11:30 PM 1:00 – 1:30 PM

Please Note: 1. All participants must wear a swim cap. 2. All children must wear a swim diaper if not fully toilet trained. 3. Please do not feed children 30 minutes prior to entering class. 4. Make‐ups are only given to those with medical or family emergencies (documentation required). 5. Only one make‐up class per session if slot is available. They must be approved and scheduled with Aquatics Director in advance.

BUSY BODIES a+,)"a7:3%,"3,"("=135:_,"<2,-"4)6"=5(,,B"b-"%6;1(,3D%,"7$"5(24%"67-72"427+;,B"A8-%2"(",172-",7$4" and stretch time, children burn off energy on the equipment under the supervision of a grown up. The instructor works with each child’s individual strength. Class also features parachute time, singing with props and movement games. Children are welcome to explore the room, participate in circle time and discover themselves. Family Members receive 50% discount. Session IV: June 27th – August 21st Fee: $280 Family Members receive 50% discount


12 ‐ 23 mo. Thursday

10:30 ‐ 11:15 AM

12 ‐ 36 mo. Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

10:30 ‐ 11:15 AM 10:30 ‐ 11:15 AM 9:30 ‐ 10:15 AM

24 ‐ 36 mo. Tuesday

9:30 ‐ 10:15 AM

2 ‐ 4 yrs. Wednesday

9:30 ‐ 10:15 AM

YOUTH PROGRAMS | 6 ‐ 12 yrs.

The YMCA is the pioneer in swimming lessons and water safety. We offer a variety of youth ,J36"=5(,,%,"872"(55"(4%,"($:"<-$%,,"5%K%5,B"A-"-1%">?@A"J%"%$X7)"-%(=13$4",J3663$4"($:" water safety for several reasons. First, swim lessons serve as an avenue for building character. The YMCA Swim Lessons Program incorporates discussion about and draws attention to four core values – caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. Program activities are designed to help children accept and demonstrate these positive values. Second, YMCA Swim instruction is delivered in a student‐centered, caring atmosphere with well trained instructors who give personalized attention. Lessons are developmentally appropriate and designed to quickly and effectively teach skills. Finally, safety is a high priority. All fee‐based programs are subject to change or cancellation based on enrollment. For more information, please Eric Klimowich, Aquatics Director at 212‐912‐2675 or at For information about joining the YMCA Piranhas Swim Team, please see page 7.

Youth Programs | 6 ‐ 12 yrs.


Summer Session A: June 27th – July 24th, 2011 Summer Session B: July 25th – August 21st , 2011 4 Week Classes

(Tuesday ‐ Friday)

Members Fee

Program Participant Fee



3 Week Classes

(Saturday ‐ Monday)*

Members Fee

Program Participant Fee



*No Classes 4th of July Weekend 7/2 ‐ 7/4

Polliwog I This is the beginning level for school‐age children. It gets children acquainted with the ;775P"($:"827$-"($:"9(=L"Q7(-3$4B"a)"-1%"%$:"78"-13,"5%K%5P"-1%)",17+5:"L$7J"-1%"827$-" paddle stroke, side and back paddle, and some synchronized swimming and wet‐ball movements. Monday Saturday Sunday

4:05 – 4:55 PM 12:05 – 12:55 PM 12:05 – 12:55 PM


Guppy The children continue to practice and build upon basic skills, now performing more skills J3-17+-"-1%"(3:"78"("Q7-(-37$":%K3=%B"01%)"(2%"3$-27:+=%:"-7"5%(:&+;",-27L%,"-7"-1%"827$-" and back crawl, sidestroke, breaststroke, and elementary backstroke. Monday Saturday Sunday

4:05 – 4:55 PM 12:05 – 12:55 PM 12:05 – 12:55 PM

Minnow 013,"3,"-1%"3$3-3(5"3$-%26%:3(-%",L355B"01%"=135:2%$"8+2-1%2"2%<$%"-1%"5%(:&+;",-27L%,"-1%)" have learned as their skills become more like those normally used in swimming. Wednesday

4:05 – 4:55 PM

Fish At this point, students work to perform the crawl stroke, elementary backstroke, back =2(J5",-27L%P"($:",3:%,-27L%P"J3-1"-+2$,B"01%)"(2%"3$-27:+=%:"-7"-1%"9+--%2Q)",-27L%B Wednesday

4:05 – 4:55 PM

PLEASE NOTE: THE FOLLOWING CLASSES WILL BE BACK IN THE FALL. Flying Fish A-"-13,"(:K($=%:"5%K%5P",-+:%$-,"J72L"7$"2%<$3$4"-1%32",-27L%,"($:"3$=2%(,3$4"-1%32" endurance. Shark The students at this level continue to improve their strokes, with starts and turns, and are introduced to the inverted breaststroke, the crawl, and the over‐arm sidestroke. Porpoise Club | 6 ‐ 16 yrs. The most advanced level of swimming for strong swimmers, mature enough to handle extended swimming workouts. Students will begin preparation for Swim Team, including doing workouts using the pace clock. Registration for this class is by invitation only.

Please Note: 1. All participants must wear a swim cap. 2. All children must wear a swim diaper if not fully toilet trained. 3. Please do not feed children 30 minutes prior to entering class. 4. Make‐ups are only given to those with medical or family emergencies (documentation required). 5. Only one make‐up class per session if slot is available. They must be approved and scheduled with Aquatics Director in advance.


KIDS COMPANY This Spring, KIDS COMPANY and TEEN TECH CREW will be proud to present

Director: Erin Coulter Music Director: John T. Prestianni Choreographer: Alana Marie Urda Audition Dates*: Sunday, June 16th 4:30 ‐ 6:30 PM Thursday, August 11th 4:30 ‐ 6:30 PM Performance Dates*: November 17th– 20th, 2011 *Dates Subject to Change

Please contact Erin Coulter for additional information: 212‐912‐2635. New York City’s newest youth performing arts company, Kids Company, provides young people of all backgrounds and experience levels the opportunity to work with industry musical theater professionals to develop skills in singing, acting, and choreography. Kids Company is made up of children and teens ages 6 through 14 who will learn and grow together as an ensemble to create fully realized musical productions performed in the Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater. Kids Company auditions are open to all NYC children ages 6 to 14. Prior experience in musical theater is not a requirement. All interested participants must attend one of the audition dates to be considered for the program. Attending an audition does not guarantee a place in Kids Company. All accepted members will be invited to register for the program to participate in the program prior to its start. Financial assistance is available for families who qualify.

Youth Programs | 6 ‐ 12 yrs.

Annie Jr.


!"#$$#%& !#%&#%& !$#'#%&()*(+,-. YMCA Camp. It’s what kids want for summer. Our YMCA Day Camps across NYC incorporate swimming, arts and crafts, recreation and sports, field trips, literacy initiatives, character development and offer kids positive developmental experiences while having fun.

YMCA Sleepaway Camps, McAlister and Talcott (ages 6-15) introduce kids to a whole new world of adventurous learning and exciting experiences, just 90 miles northwest of New York City.

IT’S NOT TOO EARLY TO REGISTER. BUT SPACE IS FILLING FAST! Take advantage of our 10% Early Bird and Sibling Registration Discounts.



TEEN HEALTHY LIFESTYLES PROGRAMS AND SERVICES Fitness Orientations Are you new to the facility or need a change in your routine? The West Side YMCA offers a =76;536%$-(2)"<-$%,,"723%$-(-37$"J3-1"7$%"78"7+2"<-$%,,"3$,-2+=-72,"-7"(55"$%J"($:"%W3,-3$4" members. Become familiar with all our strength and cardiovascular equipment and learn about programs offered through our department. Appointments are scheduled at the 3rd Q772"@+,-76%2"N%2K3=%"@%$-%2B"@76%":2%,,%:"3$"J72L7+-"(--32%"($:"6%%-")7+2"<-$%,," instructor here. TEEN FITNESS 101 AND 201 0%%$,"(4%,"FS&FV"(2%"2%E+32%:"-7"1(K%"($"723%$-(-37$";2372"-7"+,3$4"-1%"<-$%,,"8(=353-)B"01%" M%,-"N3:%">?@A"788%2,"-J7"=76;536%$-(2)"<-$%,,"723%$-(-37$,"J3-1"7$%"78"7+2"<-$%,," instructors to learn the safety, etiquette, and proper use of all cardiovascular and strength equipment. Appointments are scheduled at the 3rd Floor Customer Service Center. Come :2%,,%:"3$"J72L7+-"(--32%"($:"6%%-")7+2"<-$%,,"3$,-2+=-72"1%2%B

Teen Programs | 13 ‐ 18 yrs.

For summer aquatic programs, please turn to Adult Aquatics on page 37. For information about joining the YMCA Piranhas Swim Team, please see page 7.

Teen Fitness 101 013,"=7+2,%"J355"3$-27:+=%"-%%$,"-7"-1%"<-$%,,"8(=353-)B"0%%$,"J355"5%(2$";27;%2"4)6"%-3E+%--%P" safety and proper use of all cardiovascular equipment and strength machines in the circuit room. Successful completion of this course allows access to these rooms as well as the gymnasium. Teen Fitness 201 This course will introduce teens to the free weight room. Teens will learn proper free‐weight room etiquette, safety and basic lift techniques using various forms of free weights and cable machines. Successful completion of this course allows access to the free weight room.


ADULT PROGRAMS |18 yrs. and up ARTS Arts Offerings At The West Side YMCA Known as the best place to learn how to do the breast stroke or make a jump shot, the West Side YMCA is also focused on enriching your creative side too. Arts at the Y have long been a staple in the Upper West Side community, starting with the popular reading rooms in the late 1800s. Founded in 1929, the Little Theater has long helped artists such as Tennessee Williams, Kirk Douglas, Etta James, Blake Edwards and Bob Hope, among many others, hone their crafts. Our Writer’s Voice and ArtWorks programs founded here in the 1980’s, have nourished authors and artists of all levels, from beginners to professionals, giving them the opportunity to develop, exhibit, and read their works. These days our programs welcome artists of all levels and from all walks of life. Creativity is valued and freedom of expression encouraged. ARTS DEPARTMENT POLICIES PAYMENTS ARE DUE IN FULL PRIOR TO THE START OF THE 1ST CLASS Class Cancellation Policy Classes must meet set enrollment minimums to run. If a class has not reached minimum enrollment by its start date, it may be cancelled. Please check with the appropriate Arts Department Coordinator to see if your class is running. Credits for future classes will be processed for classes cancelled due to enrollment shortage. Refund/Credit Policy \%8+$:,"(2%"(K(35(95%"7$5)"(8-%2"-1%"<2,-"=5(,,"6%%-3$4B".27&2(-%:"=5(,,"=2%:3-,"J355"9%"788%2%:" 87557J3$4"-1%"<2,-"=5(,,"6%%-3$4"7$5)B"A55"2%8+$:,"(2%"(-"-1%":3,=2%-37$"78"-1%".2742(6" @772:3$(-72,"($:"A2-,"'32%=-72"($:"6+,-"9%"-+2$%:"3$"J3-13$"-1%"<2,-"87+2"J%%L,"78"-1%" session. Please see the program coordinator regarding refunds/ credits. Please plan for 6‐12 weeks for refund processing. Pro‐Rating Policy Pro‐rating is not granted for any students joining a class late or leaving a class early. Make‐up classes will be provided for any classes cancelled due to holidays. Financial Aid C72"-17,%"J17"8%%5"-1%)"=($$7-"(8872:"-7";()"-1%"8+55";23=%"78"=5(,,%,P"J%":7"788%2"<$($=3(5" assistance up to 50% of program cost. The decision on the aid is based on need as determined by income. To be considered, please complete a Financial Assistance application and submit it with the required documentation at least 3‐6 weeks prior to the start of the session. The Y will accept Financial Assistance applications until we are unable to give away more assistance, but you will have a better chance the earlier you submit.


“We have to think of new, lasting link‐ups for books and readers and writers. This is what the YMCA Writer’s Voice is doing across America. And it is unprecedented, crucial, !"#$%&'"()*'+,("%--.(&'/.*+0#11+&'$.+&'#+2"/.*+)3+(4+15.$31#1+/.+&'#+.$&/(.$0+6/.789+ ‐‐ E.L. Doctorow, Chair Emeritus The West Side YMCA Writer’s Voice is one of New York City’s longest‐running and well‐respected writing programs. Writer’s Voice continues to nurture writers of introductory ($:"(:K($=%:"5%K%5,"3$"4%$2%,",+=1"(,"<=-37$P"$7$&<=-37$P"6%6732P"($:"J23-3$4"872"-1%",-(4%" and screen. Each class provides opportunities for participants to generate new or hone existing material, give and receive constructive feedback, and cultivate new writing peers in ,+;;72-3K%P",6(55"427+;"%$K327$6%$-,"J3-1"13415)"E+(53<%:"3$,-2+=-72,B"


Registration Members Registration Non‐Members Class Dates

Summer I

Summer II

June 13th

June 13th

June 20th

June 20th

June 27th – July 22nd

July 25th – August 19th

Adult Programs | 18 yrs. and up


Holidays: Monday, July 4th Independence Day There will be no classes on dates listed as holidays. 4 Week Classes Members Fee

Program Participant Fee


$200 8 Week Classes

Members Fee

Program Participant Fee



All listings are subject to change. Classes will run only when registration minimums are met. Please see Arts Department class cancellation policy. FINANCIAL AID FOR THE WRITER’S VOICE IS AVAILABLE! .5%(,%"=7$-(=-"-1%"A2-,"#8<=%"872"8+55"J23-3$4",(6;5%",+963,,37$"4+3:%53$%,B


FICTION Storyteller’s Voice Marcia Golub Summer II Thursday 6:45 ‐ 8:45 PM The workshop is for writers who have written stories and novel chapters, and now feel ready -7"-(L%"-1%"$%W-",-%;&&<$:"7+-"38"J1(-"-1%)"J%2%"-2)3$4"-7",()"3,"J1(-"-1%)_K%"3$"8(=-",(3:B"b$" a supportive, collegial environment, fellow writers critique one another’s work and discuss craft. This workshop is for people who are serious about writing, reading, and analyzing stories. Intro to Fiction Beth Bauman Summer I & II (8 Week Course) Tuesday 6:45 ‐ 8:45 PM M23-%2,"5%(2$"-1%"9(,3=,"78"<=-37$"J23-3$4B""M%"2%(:"($:":3,=+,,",%K%2(5",172-",-723%,P" examining the use of craft. Short assignments teach students how to write vividly, create a =1(2(=-%2P",%-"+;"("=7$Q3=-P"%-=B""N-+:%$-"J72L"3,",1(2%:"($:":3,=+,,%:"3$"("J(26"($:" supportive atmosphere. Filling the Well Beth Bauman Summer I & II (8 Week Course) Wednesday 6:45 ‐ 8:45 PM In this class, the goal is to feed your imagination in order to create good, raw material. Through writing exercises and weekly missions, you play with words and possibilities. Writing exercises provide fun and challenging prompts. The class works well for both beginning and more experienced writer. MEMOIR Memoir and Non‐Fiction: Intermediate/Advanced Mindy Lewis Summer I Tuesday 6:30 ‐ 8:30 PM A"J72L,17;"872"-17,%"J23-3$4";%2,7$(5"$(22(-3K%"3$"($)"8726/"6%6732P"=2%(-3K%"$7$<=-37$"($:" personal essay. Through insightful critique and stimulating, supportive discussion, we hone the tools of strong writing: distinctive voice, precise language, resonant imagery, vivid sensory description, dramatic scene and dialogue, inventive form. Each student will submit one piece for critique. *Writing sample or permission of instructor required

Advanced Memoir and Non‐Fiction Mindy Lewis Summer I Wednesday 6:45 ‐ 8:45 PM A"J72L,17;"872"-17,%"(52%(:)"J23-3$4"6%6732P"=2%(-3K%"$7$<=-37$"($:";%2,7$(5"%,,()B"0127+41" insightful critique and stimulating, supportive discussion, we address issues of voice, style, characterization, structure, pacing, story arc, and thematic focus. Students share new or revised chapters or stand‐alone pieces; we also work on book proposals and query letters, chapter outlines and book structure. Each student will submit one piece for critique. *Writing sample or permission of instructor required


@76%"X73$"("42%(-"=766+$3-)"78";%7;5%"%W;5723$4"-1%32"=2%(-3K3-)I""01%"A2-M72L,";2742(6" offers a variety of classes in the visual arts, including stained glass, drawing, and water‐color. ArtWorks is well known for its ceramics program and the diversity of classes includes all levels of handbuilding and wheel ceramics as well as photo ceramics, majolica and other special‐ ized techniques. This is a friendly, supportive studio with ample open time for you to practice as well as learn from others. Practicing a craft is focusing for the body, calming for the mind, and enriching for the spirit… all part of our mission. Summer Session: July 11th – August 20th Members Registration

June 13th

Non‐Members Registration

June 20th





Program fees for all ceramics classes include access to Open Studio whenever there is not a class in session. Students are required to leave one half hour before a class begins. There will be a Summer Open Studio Session from August 21st through September 9th for students who were enrolled in the summer session at an additional cost of $75 for members and $115 for non‐members. Registration requires permission from the Artworks Coordinator.

Adult Programs | 18 yrs. and up


For information or questions, please call Kate Missett, Artworks Coordinator at (212) 912‐2638. Please check out our monthly exhibits in the lobby in our 2‐D and 3‐D cases, which feature the work of our own talented YMCA of Greater NY artists, or come by the studio on our basement level any time for a tour of our facilities.

WRITER’S VOICE SUMMER FACULTY Beth Ann Bauman is the author of the short story collection Beautiful Girls (MacAdam/Cage) and a young‐adult novel Rosie and Skate (Random House), which was selected for the New York Times Editors’ Choice list and Booklist’s 2009 Top Ten First Novels for Youth. Ms. Bauman has received fellowships from the Jerome Foundation and the New York Foundation for the Arts. Marcia Golub has published two novels, Secret Correspondence and Wishbone, a book on writing, I’d Rather Be Writing, and has had poetry and stories appear in Contemporary Rhyme, Ars Medica, Blueline, Caution Horse, and Narrative Design: A Writer’s Guide to Structure. Her work has twice been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and was a PEN/Nelson A542%$"AJ(2:"<$(53,-B" Mindy Lewis is the author of LIFE INSIDE: A Memoir (Washington Square Press 2003) and the editor of DIRT: The Quirks, Habits and Passions of Keeping House (Seal Press 2009). Her essays have appeared in Newsweek, Lilith, Poets & Writers, and Body & Soul. She also teaches at Brooklyn College and the Hudson Valley Writers’ Center.


INTRO TO DRAWING & WATERCOLOR Beth Bailis Thursday 6:30 ‐ 9:00 PM This class will be an introduction to the various elements of drawing such as line, value and perspective. Students will learn to render by working from still life. No experience necessary. Members: $150 Non‐Members: $215

STAINED GLASS Ron Beckett Wednesday 1:00 ‐ 5:00 PM Learn to create beautiful glass objects using this ancient craft. Students learn to create patterns, cut, foil, and solder stained glass into a variety of useful and sculptural forms. Ample individual assistance enables each person to pursue his/her individual projects. Class time includes an hour of open studio.

CERAMICS Intro To Handbuilding And Wheel TBD Thursday 6:30 ‐ 8:30 PM This is an introduction to all the various techniques for working in clay for beginners only. We will learn about the various clays and surface possibilities such as slips, underglaze and glazes as well as the basics of construction both for handbuilding, and sculpture as well as a basic experience of throwing on the wheel.

HANDBUILDING Intermediate/Advanced Handbuilding Sheryl Zachariah Tuesday 6:30 ‐ 9:00 PM Focus on advanced construction techniques for larger vessels and exploring colorfully patterned surfaces with the use of underglazes and slips.

26 26

Beginning/Intermediate Handbuilding Peter A. Davis Wednesday 6:30 – 9:00 PM Thursday 2:30 – 5:00 PM Expand your skills working with clay. Focusing on construction techniques, utilize slab and tile as well as assorted molds and sprigging methods. Also, develop stamped, hand painted, resist patterns and decora‐ tive techniques. Students will receive individual attention with ongoing projects. Beginners are welcome. Image Transfer On Clay: Layering Intermediate/Advanced Kate Missett Monday 6:30 ‐ 9:00 PM For those already familiar with silkscreen and transfer processes, we will work on layering of imagery as well as incorporating dimensional elements such as press molds and slip trailing into work containing transferred imagery. Intermediate/Advanced Handbuilding Kate Missett Monday 12:30 ‐ 3:00 PM For those who are skilled in working with clay. Students pursue their own individual projects with occasional class assignments, :%67$,-2(-37$,P",3:%,P"<56,"($:"<%5:"-23;,B

WHEEL THROWING Beginner/ Intermediate Wheel Outi Putkonen Monday 11:00AM ‐ 1:30 PM Tuesday 6:30 – 9:00 PM Julie Terestman Monday 7:00 ‐ 9:30 PM An introduction to basic aspects of throwing on the wheel and surface decoration. Intermediate students develop increased skills through more demanding projects exploring a variety of shape and glaze possibilities.

Intermediate/Advanced Wheel Janet Belden Saturday 11:00 AM ‐ 1:30 PM Outi Putkonen Tuesday 10:30 AM ‐ 1:00 PM and 6:30 ‐ 9:00 PM An excellent class to work on your own projects while watching advanced demos focused on furthering skills. Teachers may suggest projects aimed at learning more complex forms on the wheel, and exploring combinations of carving, using slips and our studio glazes.

Kate Missett MFA, Pratt Institute. Teaching: Greenwich House Pottery, Adjunct Professor, Kings‐ borough Community College. Artworks Pro‐ gram Director. Represented by Barnstone Gallery, Pa. Also exhibited at: Cheryl Ha‐ zan Gallery, Jane Hartsook Gallery, (NYC). Eubie Blake Cultural Center (Baltimore, MD) Drew Montgomery SUNY, New Paltz, Teaching: Earthworks, Greenwich House Pottery, Craft Students League, NYC. Exhibited: American Craft Museum, Made In Clay (NYC). Matt Nolen Teaching: Adjunct Professor of Art: NYU and Pratt Institute, Recipient of NYFAI Grant and NEA. Collections: Cooper‐ Hewitt Museum, (NYC) Everson Museum of Art (Newark, NJ) DeYoung Museum (San Francisco, Ca.).


Outi Putkonen BS, University of Helsinki, Co owner of Mugi Pottery, NYC.

Beth Bailis MFA, City College, BFA, Maryland Insti‐ tute. Teaching: Pratt Institute, La Guardia Community College. Exhibited: Thai Café Gallery, Brooklyn, Chelsea Art Museum, Brooklyn Waterfront Arts Coalition.

Sheryl Zacaria Teaching: Greenwich House Pottery, Old Church Art School, Demarest, NJ. Pub‐ lished in Handbuilt Tableware. Resident artist at Museum of Art and Design, Spring 2011.

Ron Beckett MFA, Columbia University. Member: Stained Glass Studio. Taught for many years with the NYC Board of Education.

Julie Terestman MFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art, BFA, Bos‐ ton University, Teaching: Greenwich House Pottery, Recipient: NJ State Council Fel‐ lowship Award Exhibited: American Craft Museum, NY Mint Museum, Pro‐Art Gallery.

Janet Belden BFA, Louisville School of Art. Exhibiting member of Piedmont Craftsmen. Exhibited at the Smithsonian, The Clay Pot (Brook‐ lyn), Renwick Gallery (D.C.) and Gallery I/O (New Orleans).

Adult Programs |Adult 18 yrs. and up Programs

Intermediate Wheel Janet Belden Wednesday 11:00 AM ‐ 1:30 PM Wednesday 6:30 – 9:00 PM Drew Montgomery Friday 10:30 AM ‐ 1:00 PM Develop wheel skills while focusing on sub‐ -5%"(,;%=-,"78"8726"($:"8+$=-37$B"\%<$%‐ ment of techniques for making functional ware as well as increasing sophistication with an assortment of surface techniques.

Peter A. Davis Cooper Union, NYC. Teaching: Greenwich House Pottery, Art School of the Aegean, Samos, Greece. Exhibited: Jane Hartsook Gallery, Media Loft Gallery, New Rochelle, NY, All Fired Up.

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HEALTHY LIFESTYLES Hours of Operation Adult Healthy Lifestyles Facility Hours Monday – Friday: 5:00 AM – 10:45 PM Saturday – Sunday: 8:00 AM – 7:45 PM Note: locker‐rooms will stay open until 11:00 PM weekdays and 8:00 PM weekends. General Facility !"S";775,"&"VG_"W"SG_"5(;";775"($:"U[_"W"S[_" small pool !"a(,L%-9(55"=7+2!"?3$:&a7:)"N-+:37"^"*27+;"RW%2=3,%"N-+:37 !"U"1($:9(55^2(=E+%-9(55^,E+(,1"=7+2-, !"b$:772"2+$$3$4"-2(=L !"SPc[[",E+(2%&877-"82%%"J%341-"=%$-%2" de;42(:%:"3$"A+4+,-"S[F[If !"N-2%-=13$4"2776 !"C+$=-37$(5"02(3$3$4"($:"(9:763$(5"(2%(" !"a7W3$4"2776 !"?(2-3(5"(2-,"2776 !"Y"?(,,(4%"01%2(;)"2776, !"?%:3-(-37$",-+:37"872"3$:3K3:+(5")74("($:" meditation practice !".23K(-%".35(-%,"O".%2,7$(5"02(3$3$4"N-+:37,/" work one‐on‐one with your trainer in a private setting while achieving your goals !"N6(55"*27+;"02(3$3$4"($:"?+5-3&;+2;7,%" studio

Member Lounge Meet friends and relax in our newly renovated Member Lounge located outside -1%"g7=L%2"\776,"7$"-1%"-132:"Q772B Cardiovascular Center 60+ pieces of state‐of‐the‐art cardiovascu‐ lar equipment. Fully integrated touch screen machines allows each user to interface with TV, iPod, and multiple workout options. Full Line of Strength Training Equipment The Circuit Training Room is home to over 25 pieces of circuit equipment. Spin Studio Our new state‐of‐the‐art spin studio features new bikes by Star Trac that are (:X+,-(95%"872")7+2"97:)"-);%"($:"<-$%,," 5%K%5P"($:"("8(9+57+,",7+$:",),-%6I Meditation Studio Renovated in summer 2010, this space will allow for private meditation and personal yoga practice.


The Historic Tile Project was conceived and created by handbuilding instructor Peter A Davis. The exciting new project will recreate architectural tile elements of the West Side YMCA facade and be available for sale to the general public. Peter has worked extensively on precise recreations of each tile by studying photographs of the building and painstakingly creating individual molds. These new molds capture not only the spirit of our historic YMCA but the attention to detail in each and every piece. Currently, Mr. Davis is working on 14 of the original tile designs and 4 new designs representing various programs currently offered at the Y. The Historic Tiles will be faithful reproductions of the YMCA building and a reminder of our focus on healthy spirits, minds, and bodies. Soon you will be able to own these lush handmade ceramic tiles by making a donation to the YMCA. This is an evergreen effort to enhance funding for both the Strong Kids Campaign and the Artworks Program here at West Side. Each tile is handmade by our ArtWorks participants. Suggested Donations $75 ‐ Large 9 ¾ x 6 ½ $55 ‐ Medium 6 ½ x 5 ¾ $45 ‐ Small 4½x6½ Tile size varies slightly by design. Order Forms are located at the Customer Service Center, :"&1+;42<#=+$.7+>#"$6/<1+?&)7/(8 For more information please contact: Kate Missett 212‐912‐2638


.%2,7$(5"<-$%,,"=%$-%2"J3-1"g38%C3-$%,,",-2%$4-1"-2(3$3$4"%E+3;6%$-"($:"C3-53$WW",),-%6"872" beginner exercisers. The YMCA Personal Fitness Program is an individualized program :%,34$%:",;%=3<=(55)"872"(:+5-,"J17"(2%"$%J"72"2%-+2$3$4"%W%2=3,%2,B"0127+41"(";%2,7$(5" empowerment approach, the program will help you develop a life‐long commitment to physical activity. You will be assigned a Personal Fitness Coach who conducts four one‐on‐one appointments during the 12‐week program. Most importantly, this program is FREE for all 6%69%2,"78"-1%"M%,-"N3:%">?@AB"C72"672%"3$8726(-37$"72"-7",=1%:+5%")7+2"<2,-"=7(=13$4" session, please call 212‐912‐2673 or e‐mail Erica Lyon at

ETIQUETTE Please remember and practice the YMCA Values of Respect, Responsibility, Caring and Honesty.

Adult Programs | 18 yrs. and up


A;;27;23(-%"<-$%,,"(--32%"3,"2%E+32%:/ !" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" !"

Athletic Shoes (Tennis, Jogging, Walking, Aerobic, etc.) required Shirts required (please, no half shirts, sports bras, short shorts or midriff tops) Athletic or Jogging shorts, sweats, warm ups or leotards b$(;;27;23(-%"=57-13$4"3$=5+:%,P"9+-"3,"$7-"5363-%:"-7",($:(5,P"Q3;&Q7;,P"X%($,P",-2%%-" clothes, suggestive clothing and clothing with offensive language and/or graphics All personal belongings are to be kept in the locker‐room. Valuables should be placed in a kit locker @%55";17$%,"(2%";271393-%:"3$"57=L%2&2776,"($:"(55"<-$%,,"(2%(,B".5%(,%"47"-7"("1(55J()P" the main lobby or outside the Y When you have completed your workout, please wipe down equipment Place used towels in the towel bin Allow other members to work in between your sets Work with only one piece of equipment at a time; do not save equipmen t with towels Return equipment to its original location (dumbbells, plates, cable attachments, balls, mats) Always work with a spotter Discard all water or sports drink bottles When utilizing the pools, a swim cap is required at all times No scooters or skateboards All Healthy Lifestyle Center participants will adhere to the YMCA Code of Conduct and Values

Thank You for Your Cooperation & Being a Member/Guest of the West Side YMCA.


GROUP EXERCISE CLASSES Choreographed Cardio Zumba® ‐ ZUMBA is a fusion of Latin and International music, utilizing dance themes that create a dynamic, exciting, effective <-$%,,";2742(6B"01%"27+-3$%,"8%(-+2%" aerobic interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. Cardio Salsa ‐ A cardiovascular workout which combines the rhythm and footwork of Latin dance in a traditional aerobic class format. Hip Hop Aerobics – A cardiovascular workout using urban upbeat Hip Hop music. The class teaches step by step movements with fun choreography, so you can get your feet moving and your heart pumping. Cardio Strength Circuit Training ‐ A$"%8<=3%$-"($:"=1(55%$4‐ ing form of conditioning which develops ,-2%$4-1P"%$:+2($=%P"Q%W39353-)P"($:" coordination utilizing a variety of exercises and workout stations. Interval Training ‐ N+;%2=1(24%")7+2"<-$%,," with this challenging class of high speed, high intensity work alternated with recovery periods of low intensity. Kettlebells – This is a total body workout that blends strength and cardio. The class helps establish proper technique to execute dead lifts, swings, grinds and more while using the kettlebells. Power Rowing – Using the Concept II rowing machines, this class offers a total body workout designed to improve cardio respiratory endurance and muscle strength. Total Body Conditioning – A full body workout designed to strengthen and tone the upper and lower body using hand‐held weights. Athletic Cardio Boot Camp ‐ A$"%8<=3%$-"=32=+3-"-2(3$3$4" workout that challenges your entire body, utilizing calisthenics such as pushups, jumping jacks, crunches and other body weight exercises.


Spinning® ‐ A great cardio workout of simulated road bike riding to energizing 6+,3=P"(;;27;23(-%"872"(55"<-$%,,"5%K%5,B" You can adjust your workout to match your personal level. The instructors will lead you 7$"("23:%":%,34$%:"-7"36;27K%")7+2"<-$%,," on a variety of levels. Train Like an Athlete ‐ Athletes are the %;3-76%"78";1),3=(5"<-$%,,B"013,"$%J"=5(,," will help improve your physical and cardio endurance through explosive movement, sports skill work, and pushing past your current athletic goals. Mind‐Body Hatha Yoga – A yoga class that integrates postures, breathing exercises, relaxation, and meditation to stretch, strengthen, and condition. All levels are welcome. Feldenkrais Method ‐ This class focuses on developing body awareness through slow, gentle movements while lying, sitting or standing. Vinyasa Yoga ‐ Flowing sequences of yoga poses linked together by an emphasis on breathing technique. Kundalini Yoga ‐ A system of yoga exercise and meditation that promotes health, happiness, and spiritual awareness, combining breathing, movement, stretching, and sound. Iyengar Yoga – A form of yoga known for precision, alignment and a focus on individual postures and their therapeutic 9%$%<-,B"b)%$4(2")74(";2767-%,"(" quiet, inward focus, and a heightened consciousness. M.E.L.T. ‐ The M.E.L.T. method is a revolutionary approach to pain‐free living that will change the way you take care of )7+2"97:)B"013,"3,"-1%"<2,-"<-$%,,";2742(6" to focus on the connective tissues by using rollers and special balls for the hands and feet. This class is appropriate for all ages ($:"<-$%,,"5%K%5,B NIA – A"82%%&Q7J3$4"67K%6%$-"=5(,,"-7" stimulating music that combines elements of tai‐chi, yoga and dance. Individual

%W;2%,,37$"3,"%$=7+2(4%:"-7"(=13%K%";1),3=(5P"6%$-(5P"%67-37$(5P"($:",;323-+(5"<-$%,,"($:" well being.

FLEXIBILITY/BALANCE/CORE Core Training ‐ This class focuses on abdominal, back and core muscle training and stabilization to improve the body’s overall functional strength. Stretching ‐ b,"($"%,,%$-3(5"=76;7$%$-"78"<-$%,,"-1(-"3,"78-%$"$%45%=-%:"72"5%8-"7+-" in preference for developing other areas 78"<-$%,,B"013,"=5(,,"+,%,"("K(23%-)"78",-2%-=13$4"6%-17:,"-7"42(:+(55)"3$=2%(,%"6+,=5%" strength and extend the range of movement at the joints. This may help prevent injury and improve performance of health and sports related activities. Mat Pilates ‐ Based on original Pilates techniques, this class is designed to restore muscular 9(5($=%P"36;27K%";7,-+2%P"1%5;,";2%K%$-"3$X+2)"($:"9+35:",-2%$4-1"($:"Q%W39353-)B"A55"5%K%5," welcome. DANCE Afro Jazz ‐ A fun and energetic mix of African, Jazz and Modern Dance. Masala Bhangra Workout ‐ Dance your J()"-7"<-$%,,I"013,"J72L7+-"95%$:,"-1%"-2(:3-37$(5"1341"%$%24)"b$:3($":($=%"J3-1"-1%" exhilaration of the Bollywood movies. This unique dance mixes cardio vascular with fun and is suitable for all levels.

Adult Programs | 18 yrs. and up

Tai Chi – An ancient form of mind body exercise that uses purposeful, slow movements in a form of meditative exercise for relaxation, health and self defense.

Belly Dancing and SharQui Belly Dance Workout– A dance movement class that focuses on the core muscles, emphasizing muscular isolations. Dance to Middle Eastern rhythms while learning traditional movements and combinations. MARTIAL ARTS Capoeira® – This exciting Brazilian martial arts class combines music, dance, and traditional 67K%6%$-,B"01%"47(5"3,"-7"3$=2%(,%"Q%W39353-)P"9(5($=%P"(4353-)"($:"7K%2(55"=772:3$(-37$"($:" strengthen mental and physical concentration. Seido Karate – A form of karate to develop physical conditioning, mental awareness and self‐defense strategies. Students will learn to develop speed, power, focus and balance.

HEALTHY LIFESTYLES PROGRAMS Fitness Orientations Are you new to the facility or need a change in your routine? The West Side YMCA offers a =76;536%$-(2)"<-$%,,"723%$-(-37$"J3-1"7$%"78"7+2"<-$%,,"3$,-2+=-72,"-7"(55" new and existing members. Become familiar with all our strength and cardiovascular equipment and learn about programs offered through our department. Appointments are ,=1%:+5%:"(-"-1%"Y2:"Q772"@+,-76%2"N%2K3=%"@%$-%2B"@76%":2%,,%:" 3$"J72L7+-"(--32%"($:"6%%-")7+2"<-$%,,"3$,-2+=-72"1%2%B Teen Fitness For Teen Fitness, please see page 21.


Blood Pressure and Body Fat screenings Once a month the Healthy Lifestyles Department helps our members assess their cardiovascular disease risk by offering a screening for blood pressure and a body fat analysis. Check the monthly calendar for dates and times. Meet the Staff Nights #+2"E+(53<%:"<-$%,,"3$,-2+=-72,"(2%" (K(35(95%"-7"($,J%2")7+2"1%(5-1"($:"<-$%,," questions and start you on a path to healthier living. Pilates equipment and ,6(55"427+;"<-$%,,":%67,"(K(35(95%B"@1%=L" the monthly calendar for dates and times. Member Workshop Series Looking to add some new exercises to your workout routine, or want to learn cutting %:4%"3$8726(-37$"3$"-1%"1%(5-1"($:"<-$%,," industry? Our Personal Training and Group Exercise staff hosts member workshops to keep you ahead of trends. All levels welcome. Check the calendar for dates and times. ADULT SPORTS Volleyball | 18 yrs. and up Join us for a fun and friendly game of co‐ed volleyball (all levels welcome). Learn the basics (instruction available) or play competitively. Free for members and guests. Wednesdays 7:00 ‐ 8:30 PM Beginner 8:30 ‐ 10:30 PM Intermediate/Advanced Tournament will be held in the spring. For more information contact Tamara Heisler, Healthy Lifestyles Director, at 212‐912‐2670 or Open Court Basketball Play half court or full court. Play is :%-%263$%:"7$"("<2,-"=76%"<2,-",%2K%:" basis. Emphasis is placed on participation, fun, and meeting new friends. So take your best shot and check the gym schedule for open court times. Racquetball, Handball, and Squash Courts Four air‐conditioned racquetball and handball courts and two squash courts are available to members. Squash Round Robin every Wednesday Night, 6pm ‐ 8pm. No =7+2-"+,(4%"8%%I"07"2%,%2K%"("=7+2-P";5%(,%" =(55"dSFS"fTFS&SU[V"72",-7;"9)"-1%"Y2:"Q772" Member Service Desk.


Seido Karate Seido Karate is a form of Karate designed to develop physical conditioning, mental awareness and self‐discipline. Although the YMCA’s Seido Karate program is physically demanding, it is taught in a structured environment within which anyone, at any level, can participate fully within their own abilities. Instructor: Jun Shihan (Junior Master) Mel Ramsey, nominated for the 2005 & 2007 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame is a 6th Degree Black Belt with over 30‐years experience in martial arts. The added strength to our program is the 16 well trained Black Belts who assist in all beginners and advanced classes. West Side Y Road Runner Club The West Side Y Road Runner Club meets in the lobby of the West Side YMCA and goes for group runs in Central Park. EVERYONE is welcome regardless of your pace, experience level, or training goals. We are recognized by the New York Road Runners Club and our racing team represents the West Side YMCA in NYRR club competition. WSYRRC is open to both members and non‐members, so feel free to bring friends ($:"X73$"+,"-7"4%-"<-I"RK%2)"?7$:()"($:" Wednesday @ 6:30 PM *FREE* No registration needed—just show +;I"@7$-(=-"-1%"<-$%,,"78<=%"SFS&TFS&SUVc" or check out this week’s workouts on Train Like an Athlete A-15%-%,"(2%"-1%"%;3-76%"78";1),3=(5"<-$%,,B" This new class will help improve your physical and cardio endurance through explosive movement, sports skill work, and pushing past your current athletic goals. Check group exercise schedule for days and times.

The West Side YMCA offers a variety of private training package options. Our Personal -2(3$3$4",-(88"%3-1%2"175:"(=(:%63=":%42%%,"3$"2%5(-%:"<%5:,"($:^72"(2%"=%2-3<%:"9)"(" nationally recognized accredited agency, including ACSM (American Council on Sports Medicine), NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association), NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), ACE (American Council on Exercise). Our staff will help tailor a ;%2,7$(53D%:"<-$%,,";2742(6"-7"<-")7+2"$%%:,B"07",%-"+;"($"(;;73$-6%$-P";5%(,%"=(55" 212â&#x20AC;?912â&#x20AC;?2670. Packages will expire 6 months from date of purchase.

Adult Programs | 18 yrs. and up


Packages Bronze

1 Hour Session



5 (1 Hr) Sessions



10 (1 Hr) Sessions



20 (1 Hr) Sessions


MASSAGE THERAPY The West Side YMCA features therapeutic massage therapy at affordable rates. Far beyond 8%%53$4"477:P"6(,,(4%"1(,"($"36;2%,,3K%"2($4%"78":7=+6%$-%:"1%(5-1"9%$%<-,B"M3-1"(" K(23%-)"78"6%-17:,"(K(35(95%P"("53=%$,%:"($:"=%2-3<%:"6(,,(4%"-1%2(;3,-"$7-"7$5)",-2%-=1%," ($:"577,%$,"6+,=5%"($:"=7$$%=-3K%"-3,,+%P"9+-"(5,7"42%(-5)"36;27K%,"9577:"Q7JB"N%$,72)" receptors in the skin and muscles are heightened, bringing new awareness to areas that have felt cut off by chronic tension patterns. The release of muscular tension also helps to +$957=L"($:"9(5($=%"-1%"7K%2(55"Q7J"78"538%"%$%24)"-127+417+-"-1%"97:)B".(=L(4%,"%W;32%"U" 67$-1,"8276":(-%"78";+2=1(,%B"@(55"-7"977L")7+2"<2,-"(;;73$-6%$-"(-"SFS&TFS&SUVS"72" L=(9(55%27h)6=($)=B724B"02%(-")7+2,%58"-7"-1%"9%$%<-,"78"6(,,(4%"-7:()I Rates

30 min

60 min

90 min

Single Session (1 session)




Silver (5 sessions)




Gold (10 sessions)




Platinum (20 sessions)





PILATES (one‐on‐one private studio)

Practiced faithfully, Pilates yields numerous 9%$%<-,B"b$=2%(,%:"5+$4"=(;(=3-)"($:" circulation through deep, healthy breathing 3,"(";236(2)"87=+,B"N-2%$4-1"($:"Q%W39353-)P" particularly of the abdomen and back muscles, coordination, both muscular and mental, are key components in effective Pilates programs. Posture, balance and core strength are all heartily increased. Bone density and joint health improve, and many experience positive body awareness for the <2,-"-36%B".35(-%,"-%(=1%,"9(5($=%"($:" control of the body, and that capacity spills over into other areas of one’s life. To set up an appointment, please call (212) 912‐2671. Packages expire 6 months from date of purchase.

SESSION IV: June 27 ‐ August 21 One 55‐minute class per week for 8 weeks. No class on July 4th. $120/ members & $160/non‐members Small Group Personal Training Do you want more individualized attention J3-17+-",(=23<=3$4"-1%"=(6(2(:%23%")7+"<$:" 3$"427+;"<-$%,,"J72L7+-,i"01%$"-2)"7$%"78" 7+2"N6(55"*27+;".%2,7$(5"02(3$3$4"=5(,,%,I" You will be able to get a more progressive and individualized approach by enrolling in a small, high energy class led by a $(-37$(55)"=%2-3<%:".%2,7$(5"02(3$%2B"C72" more information contact Tamara Heisler, Healthy Lifestyles Director, at 212‐912‐2670 or SESSION IV: One 55‐minute class per week for 8 weeks $240 Monday Tuesday Thursday

Rates Bronze (1 session) $89 Silver (5 sessions) $420 Gold (10 sessions) $800 Platinum (20 sessions) $1,525 PILATES DUETS With a Pilates Duet session, 2 people share the rate for a 1‐hour Pilates session. We recommend both participants are at the same level of Pilates. Package expires 6 months from date of purchase. Semi‐Private (Duet) Rates 1 session $70 5 sessions $310 MVe Peak Pilates Chair A new equipment‐based class uniting Pilates and group exercise. This workout combines strength, balance, endurance and core stability while working on the Pilates MVe (Maximum Versatility exercise) chair. These workouts are fun, energetic and produce great results. Monday at 9:30 AM with Melissa (Class 1) Tuesday at 6:30 PM with Mike (Class 2) Wednesday at 12:15 PM with Felice (Class 3) Wednesday at 6:30 PM with Paolina (Class 4) Friday at 12:00 PM with Candace (Class 5)


12:30 PM 7:00 AM 7:00 AM


TRX Small Group Training Sessions TRX will change the way you train. By combining strength and cardio training into specialized, challenging small group‐oriented workouts, you will do more work, burn more calories and push *)&2!;/1$44!/)!1$+!6$7$64<!0/=4!1)/!>&4/! about training harder, it’s about training 4932/$2<!?3'.!+)2@)&/!,4!45$',;'366*! sequenced to safely and effectively challenge you for real results. For more info on TRX, contact Jonathan Wood at 212.912.2671 or


GROUP EXERCISE CLASSES Older Adult Basic Body Conditioning A light exercise regimen, including aerobics and strength training, designed to gently 3$=2%(,%"<-$%,,"5%K%5B Older Adult Low Impact Aerobics Includes a low‐impact aerobic segment, strength training, and cool down. Older Adult Stretching b,"($"%,,%$-3(5"=76;7$%$-"78"<-$%,,"-1(-"3,"78-%$"$%45%=-%:"72"5%8-"7+-"3$";2%8%2%$=%"872" :%K%57;3$4"7-1%2"(2%(,"78"<-$%,,B"013,"=5(,,"+,%,"("K(23%-)"78",-2%-=13$4"6%-17:," to gradually increase muscle strength and extend the range of movement at the joints. This may help prevent injury and improve performance of health.

Adult Programs | 18 yrs. and up

01%"M%,-"N3:%">?@A"-(L%,";23:%"3$"5%(:3$4"7+2"6%69%2,":7J$"("8+5<553$4";(-1"-7"J%55$%,," where they can focus not only on the body but the mind as well. Our goal is to offer the 1341%,-"5%K%5"78"7;;72-+$3-3%,"872"#5:%2"A:+5-,"-7"923$4"8+5<556%$-"3$-7"-1%32"53K%,B"M1%-1%2" it be one of our well attended Group Exercise classes or one of the many events we offer, YMCA programs strengthen the whole person. Socializing and keeping active have proven to produce positive effects on the health of older adults, and exercise has proven to promote mental agility, in addition to longevity and good health. For more information please contact Tamara Heisler at 212‐912‐2670 or

Older Adult Sit & Sculpt Upper, lower & core conditioning while utilizing a chair for support.


OLDER ADULT PROGRAM (CON’T) MIND/BODY CLASSES Tai Chi Chuan b$-%$:%:"-7"3$=2%(,%",-2%$4-1"($:"Q%W3935‐ ity, enhance energy, improve balance, and reduce stress. Stress Relief with Yoga: Relax and renew through guided meditation, yoga poses, and techniques. M.E.L.T. 013,"3,"-1%"<2,-"<-$%,,";2742(6"-7"87=+,"7$" the connective tissues by using rollers and special balls for the hands and feet.

BROWN BAG LUNCH SERIES Several times throughout the year we invite you to bring your lunch and participate in an open forum with community experts on topics 2%5%K($-"-7")7+B"07;3=,"2($4%"8276"<$($=3(5" planning, to nutrition, to education.

Feldenkrais Method This class focuses on developing body awareness through slow, gentle movements while lying, sitting or standing. For more information contact the Group Exercise/Pilates Coordinator, Jonathan Wood, at 212‐912‐2671 or

GROUP TRIPS Socialize with others and make new friends when you register for a West Side YMCA Group Trip. Throughout the year our group will receive exclusive tours and exquisite meals at sites both in NYC and the greater NY area.

AQUATICS CLASSES ]$7J$"872"3-,"9%$%<-,"3$"2%,-723$4"67-37$" and strength, the aquatics program has included classes targeted for older adults.

OTHER SERVICES We also provide a variety of individual services and programs: Personal Training, Massage Therapy, One‐on‐One Pilates, Swimming Lessons, Writing Workshops, & Art Classes.

Arthritis Foundation YMCA Aquatics Pro‐ gram (AFYAP) Program includes a range of motions designed to help maintain normal joint movement, relieve stiffness, and restore Q%W39353-)"($:"67K%6%$-B"b$,-2+=-72"5%(:" classes. FREE: Members Only


Aqua Aerobics A low‐impact aerobics class held in the shal‐ low and deep end of the pool. This class utilizes the resistance and buoyancy of the water to tone the muscles while protecting -1%"X73$-,B"*2%(-"872"(55"(4%,I


Summer Session A: June 27th ‐ July 24th, 2011 Summer Session B: July 25th ‐ August 21st, 2011 4 Week Classes

(Tuesday ‐ Friday)

Members Fee

Program Participant Fee



3 Week Classes

(Saturday ‐ Monday)*

Members Fee

Program Participant Fee



No Classes 4th of July Weekend 7/2 ‐ 7/4

Arthritis Foundation Ymca Aquatics Program (AFYAP) Program includes a range of motions designed to help maintain normal joint movement, 2%53%K%",-388$%,,P"($:"2%,-72%"Q%W39353-)"($:"67K%6%$-B"b$,-2+=-72"5%(:"=5(,,%,B" FREE to Members Tuesday 8:10 – 9:00 AM Thursday 8:10 – 9:00 AM

Tuesday 12:35 – 1:25 PM Thursday 12:35 – 1:25 PM Friday 12:35 – 1:25 PM

Aqua Aerobics A low‐impact aerobics class held in the shallow and deep end of the pool. This class utilizes the resistance and buoyancy of the water to tone the muscles while protecting the joints. *2%(-"872"(55"(4%,I Purchase of sessions permits for one class a week. FREE to Members Session IV (A&B): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6:00 ‐ 7:00 PM

Adult Programs | 18 yrs. and up

]$7J$"872"3-,"9%$%<-,"3$"2%,-723$4"67-37$"($:",-2%$4-1P"-1%"(E+(-3=,";2742(6"1(,"3$=5+:%:" classes targeted for older adults.

Teen*/Adult Beginner 1 For the absolute non‐swimmer that is afraid and uncomfortable in water. We will start in the shallow end of the pool with the very basics, such as putting your face in the water and blowing bubbles. Monday 7:00 – 8:00 PM Teen*/Adult Beginner 2 If you are not afraid and are willing to learn more than the very basics of swimming. Learn 17J"-7"Q7(-"($:";27;%5")7+2,%58"3$"J(-%2"($:":3,=7K%2"-1%"%$X7)6%$-"78"5%(2$3$4",76%-13$4" new. Tuesday 7:00 – 8:00 PM Teen*/Adult Advanced Beginner In this class students are able to swim the full length of the small pool and are comfortable in deep water. You will improve the front crawl and other strokes. Thursday 7:00 – 8:00 PM Large Pool Teen*/Adult Intermediate Students are ready to swim laps. The class is geared toward stroke development and =7$:3-37$3$4B"@5(,,%,"=7$,3,-"78"J(26&+;P":2355,P"-%=1$3E+%P"3$-%2K(5,P"Q3;"-+2$,"($:":3K3$4B" Discover the enjoyment of a great workout. Wednesday 7:00 – 8:00 PM Large Pool * Teen is 13 years‐old and up.


PRIVATE LESSONS If you or your child is a little anxious around the water or just want to improve your ,J3663$4",L355,P"(">?@A"=%2-3<%:"NJ36"b$,-2+=-72"=($"9%"X+,-"J1(-")7+"$%%:"-7"4%-" comfortable in the water or help you achieve your swimming goals. Your swim instructor J355"=(-%2"-1%"5%,,7$,"-7",;%=3<=(55)"6%%-")7+2"$%%:,"($:"1%5;")7+"-7":%K%57;"("538%57$4" interest in aquatics. For more information contact Eric Kilmowich, Aquatics Director, at 212‐912‐2675. Sessions are nontransferable and nonrefundable. All packages will expire one‐year (12 months) from date of purchase. 24‐hour Cancellation Policy: 24‐hour notice of cancellation with the instructor is required to avoid being charged for the full session (ages 3 and up). Private Lessons (All session are 1/2 hour) Members Only 1 half‐hour Lesson 6 half‐hour lessons 12 half‐hour lessons 24 half‐hour lessons

Semi‐Private Swim Lessons (All session are 1/2 hour) 1 half‐hour Lesson $48 6 half‐hour lessons $275 12 half‐hour lessons $520 24 half‐hour lessons $985 Prices for Semi‐Private Lessons are for each participant of the lesson.

$62 $353 $670 $1265

Please note: For the safety and security of our members and program participants only West Side YMCA staff may instruct in our pools.

( '( & % #$ !"

0.1 %&/) / . *, (+) ) )*%"


#4()%567%8)%#4427 9):;)%<4=%>4'*!?12')%@1,,%=4%&'(()*%A'63% B-)%!"#$%.,%=-)%0442),=%/210)%=4%+)%=-.,%,'(()*%C.=-%0442%021,,),D%0442%/442,D%0442%)E)*0.,)% (10-.6),%16F%0442%/)4/2)777$GG%AHI%HJK%LIK$B%@I5#K3%$,M%4'*%")(+)*%&)*;.0),%N),M%1+4'=% 38 4'*%&O""KI%"K"8KI&P5@%&@K#5$G%16F%<)=%0466)0=)F%C.=-%!%@KI&HJ$G%A5BJK&&3


"! A ! )2!/.$!43:$/*!):!366!/.$!532/,',531/48!56$34$!%)!1)/!$1-3-$!6,:$-&32%4!,1!31*!')17$2‐ sations. "! !B32$1/4!9&4/!2$93,1!)1!)2!1$32!%$'@!:)2!4+,99$24!&1%$2!CD!*$324E)6%!%&2,1-! classes. "! !01!3'')2%31'$!+,/.!FGH!31%!I/3/$!')%$48!4.)+$24!32$!2$J&,2$%!($:)2$!$1/$2,1-!/.$! pool. Showers must be taken in the locker‐room or off the pool deck. "! 01!3'')2%31'$!+,/.!FGH!31%!I/3/$!')%$48!4/2$$/!4.)$4!32$!52).,(,/$%!)1!/.$!5))6!%$'@< "! !K))4$!.31-,1-!>$+$62*8!9$/36!.3,2!'6,548!5,148!(322$//$4!9&4/!($!2$9)7$%!($:)2$! entering the pool. "! !L552)52,3/$!4+,9!3//,2$!9&4/!($!+)21<!I/2$$/!'6)/.$4!M,<$<8!'&/)::48!9,%2,::E/)548! t‐shirts, or underwear) are prohibited in the pool. "! N)!$14&2$!-))%!431,/32*!')1%,/,)148!366!4+,99$24!9&4/!+$32!3!(3/.,1-!'35< "! !O,7,1-!)2!>&95,1-!,4!52).,(,/$%!:2)9!31*!4.366)+!32$3!)1!/.$!5))6!%$'@<!O,7,1-!)2! jumping is allowed only in the deep end during class lessons. Lifeguards will use their discretion during Family, Youth, or Recreational swim times. "! ?1/2*!,1/)!/.$!5))6!9&4/!($!:2)9!/.$!IPLKKQR!$1%!)16*< "! #&11,1-8!4@,55,1-8!5&4.,1-8!)2!31*!/*5$!):!.)24$!563*!,4!52).,(,/$%< "! !A))%!):!31*!@,1%8!,1'6&%,1-!-&9!31%!'31%*!,4!52).,(,/$%!,1!/.$!5))6!32$3<!O2,1@4!9&4/! be in a non‐breakable plastic bottle with cap. Glass containers are prohibited on the pool deck. "! P31-,1-!)1!631$!6,1$4!)2!43:$/*!2)5$4!,4!52).,(,/$%< "! !K31$!2&6$4!32$!5)4/$%!,1!/.$!4.366)+!$1%!):!$3'.!631$<!N.$4$!2&6$4!9&4/!($!:)66)+$%! at all times. Hand paddles are prohibited in the slow lanes if there are 8 or more swimmers. "! !01!3'')2%31'$!+,/.!FGH!31%!I/3/$!')%$48!5$24)14!+,/.!4)2$!)2!,1S39$%!$*$48!134368! or ear discharge, cysts, boils, or other evident skin or bodily infections will not be permitted to enter the pool. "! !01!3'')2%31'$!+,/.!FGH!31%!I/3/$!')%$48!&2,13/,1-8!%,4'.32-$!):!:$'36!93//$28! expectorating or blowing of the nose is prohibited in the pool. "! !GTHL!5))6!$J&,59$1/U+3/$2!/)*4!32$!52).,(,/$%!%&2,1-!A39,6*!V!G)&/.!4+,9!/,9$4<! Only participants working with Y staff are allowed to use the equipment. "! !A39,6*!T$9($24.,5!/,9$4!32$!:)2!9$9($24!+,/.!'&22$1/!A39,6*!T$9($24.,5!4/3/&4! )16*<!G)&!+,66!1)/!($!366)+$%!/)!4+,9!+,/.!)&/!4.)+,1-!52)5$2!,%$1/,;'3/,)1<!A39,6*! Members must bring their ID cards to the pool deck to ensure entry during Family Membership times. "! !01!3'')2%31'$!+,/.!FGH!31%!I/3/$!')%$48!4.)+$24!32$!2$J&,2$%!($:)2$!$1/$2,1-!/.$! pool. Showers must be taken in the locker‐room or off the pool deck. "! !01!3'')2%31'$!+,/.!FGH!31%!I/3/$!')%$48!5$24)14!+,/.!4)2$!)2!,1S39$%!$*$48!134368! or ear discharge, cysts, boils, or other evident skin or bodily infections will not be permitted to enter the pool. "! !For the safety and security of our members and program participants only West Side YMCA staff may instruct in our pools.

Adult Programs | 18 yrs. and up

To ensure your safety and convenience, please observe the following:

SMALL POOL CAPACITY "! !T3W,9&9!X!):!YZ!5$24)14!5$29,//$%!,1!/.$!49366!5))6!32$3!3/!366!/,9$4!M,1!+3/$2!31%! on pool deck). LARGE POOL CAPACITY "! !T3W,9&9!X!):![[!5$24)14!5$29,//$%!,1!/.$!49366!5))6!32$3!3/!366!/,9$4!M,1!+3/$2!31%! on pool deck).


THE MARJORIE S. DEANE LITTLE THEATER The Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater is the jewel of the West Side YMCA. Our recently renovated 145‐seat theater serves to nurture the potential of new and developing artists and companies. Our performances, which range from plays to concerts to readings and more, give the you the opportunity enjoy the enriching experience of the arts right in your own neighborhood. THE MARJORIE S. DEANE LITTLE THEATER MISSION STATEMENT The Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater at the M%,-"N3:%">?@A"3,"("$7$&872&;27<-P" independent, Off‐Broadway Theater which exists to: !"R$=7+2(4%"-1%"=2%(-3K%",;323-"3$")7+$4" people. !"R6;7J%2P"%:+=(-%P"($:"6(W363D%"-1%";7‐ tential of the young people and emerging artists. !"N%2K%"7+2"=766+$3-)"9)";27K3:3$4"(8872:‐ able and high quality professional arts performances, programming, training, education. !"@2%(-%"($:"5(+$=1"$%J"($:"3$$7K(-3K%" J72L,"-1(-"3$,;32%P"%$-%2-(3$P"($:"2%Q%=-" our diverse community. !"C+2-1%2"-1%">?@A"78"*2%(-%2"j%J">72L_," mission of building healthy bodies, healthy minds, and healthy spirits.

How We Build: Healthy bodies‐ We develop bodies and voices through participation in arts programs that build and strengthen community. We teach self‐expression through dramatic movement, dance, and the performing arts. Healthy minds‐ We support arts education and literacy efforts, providing opportunities through the development of innovative partnerships, programming, and theater resource services. We explore ideas and culture. We involve young people in the entire creative and technical process and development of productions. We empower maximize the potential of our youth by providing professional performing arts training, workshops, connections, and performance opportunities. Healthy spirits‐ M%":%K%57;"=7$<:%$=%P" imagination, a sense of self, teamwork, discipline, integrity, and other life skills through the teaching of stage skills. We provide a safe place to be passionate an creative, and inspire a desire for learning. We use the arts as a dynamic and progres‐ sive tool to teach effective ways to listen and communicate. We provide a creative forum for young people to express their concerns and ideas.

For rental inquires please contact: Steven McIntosh, Community Arts and Theater Director 212‐912‐2633 or

01%"97W"78<=%"3,"7;%$"Y"17+2,";2372"-7",17J"-36%,B ?(2X723%"NB"'%($%"g3--5%"01%(-%2"a7W"#8<=% (212) 643‐4075


Carolyn Rossi Copeland, Robert Stillman, and Jack Thomas present The Barrington Stage Company Production Of

FREUD’S LAST SESSION By Mark St. Germain Suggested by “The Question of God” By Dr. Armand M. Nicholi, Jr. Starring MARK H. DOLD MARTIN RAYNER Eight Performances Weekly Freud’s Last Session centers on legendary psychiatrist Dr. Sigmund Freud, who invites a young, little‐known professor, C.S. Lewis, to his home in London. Lewis, expecting to be called on the =(2;%-"872",(-323D3$4"C2%+:"3$"("2%=%$-"977LP",77$"2%(53D%,"C2%+:"1(,"("6+=1"672%",34$3<=($-" agenda. On the day England enters World War II, Freud and Lewis clash on the existence of God, love and the meaning of life ‐ only two weeks before Freud chooses to take his own. Last Show: October 28th, 2011 Tickets available at N.$!T32>)2,$!I<!O$31$!K,//6$!N.$3/$2!\)W!Q:;'$!,4!)5$1!]!.)&24!52,)2!/)!$3'.!5$2:)2931'$<!

The Majorie S. Deane Little Theater


To get on our email list, please email Erin Coulter, Arts Coordinator, at


GROSVENOR NEIGHBORHOOD HOUSE Y An operating center of the West Side YMCA 176 West 105th Street New York, NY 10025

Phone: (212) 749‐8500 FAX: (212) 749‐4060

*27,K%$72"j%341972177:"k7+,%">"3,"("$7$&;27<-"724($3D(-37$":%:3=(-%:"-7"3$=2%(,3$4"-1%" %=7$763="($:";%2,7$(5",%58&,+8<=3%$=)"78"=135:2%$P")7+-1"($:"-1%32"8(6353%,B"g7=(-%:"7$"-1%" Upper West Side, GNHY provides community residents with year‐round, meaningful and effective educational, career‐readiness, cultural, recreational, and counseling services.

SUMMER CAMP AT GROSVENOR HOUSE YMCA June 29 ‐ August 26, 2011 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Extended AM and PM Care Availability

Grosvenor House

Y Summer Day Camp is designed to provide a positive camp experience, in a safe and (==%;-3$4"%$K327$6%$-B"M%55&-2(3$%:P"E+(53<%:",-(88",%2K%"(,";7,3-3K%"275%"67:%5,"872" =(6;%2,B">"N+66%2"'()"@(6;"%$1($=%,"=(6;%2_,",%58&=7$<:%$=%P",%58&%,-%%6"($:" leadership skills through well planned fun activities. Campers develop a true understanding of diversity in an atmosphere of acceptance and approval through the uniqueness of others. Campers are motivated to be creative, expressive and learn new skills. Y Day Camp strives to address Summer Learning through theme based curriculum that includes key academic components. Campers will learn appreciation of the environment and learn ways to take an active role in protecting and conserving it. There will be a focus on social development and teamwork. This summer our camps will be exploring the theme of fairy tales and myths over the course of our eight week camp curriculum. Each week every age group will have the opportunity to experience a story or myth through a variety of activities. The week’s arts, science, recreational games, and creative reading and writing activities will all tie back to the weekly theme so that campers of all learning styles will feel engaged and connected with each story. Our Summer Day Camp enrollment is rolling, if at any point throughout the summer you would like to join in the fun please contact Grace Rochford, Program Coordinator at 212‐749‐8500 or via email at Price: $300 per week

Ages: 5 ‐ 12

WEST AFRICAN DANCE This class introduces traditional dance, drumming and songs from various ethnic groups of Ghana, focusing on movement while also including a historical context for Ghanian dance. 01%"67K%6%$-"=7$-%$-"78"-1%"=7+2,%"3$=5+:%,"("J(26"+;"78",-2%$4-1%$3$4"($:"Q%W39353-)P"(," well as a focus on isolations and gaining a sense of groundedness. Some dances students may learn include but are not limited to Gahu, Kpanlogo, Kpatsa, Atsiagbeko, and Tokue. Class time will also be used to learn songs and some drumming or rhythm patterns. Class meets once a week. Meets Mondays 6:30 ‐ 7:30 PM $105 for 8 week session Look for our Grosvenor Neighborhood House Y program guide in late summer for more 3$8726(-37$"(97+-"8(55";2742(6,I


SAVE ON THE ROOM SPEND ON THE TOWN! Located just off Central Park West and steps from Lincoln Center, our Guest Rooms offer single and double rooms that provide a home away from home for nearly 40,000 international and domestic travelers each year. Our location allows guests to enjoy the beauty of Central Park, the energy of Times Square and world famous cultural institutions including Carnegie Hall, the Juilliard School of Music, the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Modern Art. As a guest at the West Side YMCA, you can enjoy cardiovascular and weight

-2(3$3$4"3$"7+2"UGP[[[&,E+(2%&877-"<-$%,," center, 2 swimming pools, more than 100 427+;"<-$%,,"=5(,,%,P",-%(6"2776,"($:" saunas, basketball, racquetball, handball & squash courts. We’re easily accessible to all public transportation— uptown, downtown, crosstown buses, and the 1, 9, A, C, E, B, D, N and R subway lines.

Guest Rooms


To reserve a room, please contact the Reservation Sales Center at 1‐917‐441‐8800 Hours of operation: 9:00 AM ‐ 5:00 PM (Mon. ‐ Fri.) or go to


MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION REGISTRATION INFORMATION Registration Hours: Monday to Friday 6:00 AM ‐11:00 PM Saturday ‐ Sunday 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM !"?%69%2"($:"=+22%$-"=5(,,";(2-3=3;($-," 1(K%"<2,-";23723-)"872"2%43,-2(-37$B"A55"-1(-" you need is your member number. !"R(25)"2%43,-2(-37$"3,",-27$45)"2%=766%$:‐ ed, since classes quickly close out. !">7+"6+,-"9%"(==%;-%:"3$-7"("la)" Instructor Approval” workshop before you can register (pay). !"\%43,-2(-37$":(-%,"(2%"4%$%2(55)"1%5:"7$%" 67$-1";2372"-7"-1%"<2,-"=5(,,"6%%-3$4B !">7+"6()"2%43,-%2"3$&;%2,7$"72"7$53$%"872" all programs. !"C(W"($:";17$%"2%43,-2(-37$,"(2%"$7-" accepted. !".5%(,%"3$=5+:%")7+2"%&6(35"(::2%,,"7$"(55" correspondence so we can update our database. A youth membership is required to register for children’s programs. Please visit the Customer Service Center during registration hours listed above to purchase a new one for a 1st time participant or renew an expired one online. This is a non‐refundable fee which must be paid in full. Register Online... Online Member Services Now Available: !"A==%,,")7+2"(==7+$-",-(-+,Z"2%K3%J")7+2" activities and make membership payments. !"N%(2=1"872";2742(6"788%23$4,P"927J,%"7+2" catalog.


!"\%43,-%2"872";2742(6,"7$53$%B">7+2"(==7+$-" is automatically updated and a receipt issued. !"?(L%"(":7$(-37$"-7"7+2"A$$+(5"N+;;72-" Campaign. Registering Online 1. Have your member number ready. Your member # appears on the lower right hand corner of your membership card above the barcode. If you do not have your card handy, then we can e‐mail it to you in step number 3, or you can call the Customer Service Center at 212‐912‐2600. 2. Go to on the internet. 3. Select Online Registration on the left of the page. The log‐in page will appear. If you have forgotten your password, you may reset it here. 4. Enter your member number and password. 5. Select the branch and class category that you would like to register for. 6. Select the class that you would like to register yourself and/or your family member(s) for and add them to the shopping cart. 7. Click the check out button on the upper right hand side of the screen. 8. Edit your selections if necessary. 9. Enter Credit card payment information. If there is a credit available in your account, it will automatically be applied to your balance. 10. Please click the Submit button only once to prevent multiple charges.


Bank Draft Annual memberships can be paid in equal monthly payments directly to the YMCA from your bank account. For cancellation, the West Side YMCA must receive a 15‐day written notice. If membership is not renewed within 30 days following expiration date, the initiation fee must be paid. Note: There is no cash option for monthly payment. !"a23$4"3$"("=($=%55%:"72"K73:%:"=1%=LB !"01%2%"3,"("HFG"1($:53$4"8%%"872"9($L":2(8-" refusals. !"a%";2%;(2%:"-7";()"872"7$%"67$-1_,":+%," and initiation fee. Initiation Fee 013,"3,"=1(24%:"872"%K%2)"<2,-&-36%"6%69%2" and any member who rejoins after 30 days of absence. Automatic Membership Renewal If your payment is automatically drafted, membership renewal is automatic. Member‐ ship types will automatically upgrade by age. Each year members receive a letter listing new membership fees for the following year. If you wish to renew your membership, no reply is needed. If you pay your membership in full annually, you will receive a reminder 45 days before your expiration date. At this time you may choose to renew or cancel your member‐ ship with 15 days written notice. Freeze You may freeze your membership for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 3 consecutive months for a $15 monthly fee by providing 15 days written notice prior to the 1st or the 15th of the month to Customer Service Center. You can also call the main line, (212) 912‐2600.

If you are unsure of your draft date, contact the Customer Service Center. You cannot freeze youth/teen membership fees. Membership Cancellations Cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to the Customer Service Center 15‐days prior to your billing date. Forms are available 3$"-1%"<2,-"Q772"@+,-76%2"N%2K3=%"@%$-%2B" Refunds will be made for any unused portion of paid‐in‐full memberships. Please note: It is a member’s responsibility to notify the Customer Service Center in writing of any change in the account information provided. (If failure to do so results in failure to collect, a $15 penalty will be assessed). You can also contact Bharathi Iyer at 212‐912‐2605 or bIyer@ Branch Transfers Within the YMCA of Greater New York, you may transfer without paying a new initiation fee within 30 days. We will issue a credit for any unused portion of your membership. Then, you must contact the new branch and complete their membership application paperwork. The new branch will contact West Side YMCA to request a change in the “home branch” by fax 72"%&6(35B"M%"J355"-1%$"=7$<26"-1(-"-1%" change has been made. Policies may differ for other YMCAs outside of our association. You can also contact Ursula Post at 212‐912‐2606 or email her at

Program & Membership Info

Credit Card/Debit Card Draft YMCA makes monthly charges to member’s credit/debit card (MasterCard, Visa, AMEX and Discover) for annual dues. Members must notify the Customer Service Center of expiration or =1($4%"78"3$8726(-37$"<K%":(),";2372"-7"93553$4" date. !"a%";2%;(2%:"-7";()"872"7$%"67$-1_,":+%," and initiation fee. !"01%2%"3,"("HFG"1($:53$4"8%%"872"=2%:3-" card refusals. !">7+"J355"9%":2(8-%:"7$"-1%"F,-"72"-1%"FG-1"78" each month.

Financial Assistance Program The YMCA is committed to making our programs and services available to all. After a review of the applicant’s eligibility, the YMCA offers direct aid in the form of a co‐payment plan and indirect assistance in the form of reduced 8%%,B"#+2">?@A_,"<$($=3(5"(,,3,-($=%";5($"($:" policy is based on the self‐respecting concept of “personal investment” whereby all participants are expected to pay part of the fee (in programs which are fee‐based) even if only a token amount. Forms need to be submitted to program departments a month prior to registering before each session. Financial assistance Program forms are available online at and the Customer Service Center desk. You can also contact Bharathi Iyer at 212‐912‐2605 or email her at


PROGRAM GUIDELINES Refunds The following are refundable: !"@5(,,"8%%,"J3-1"7$%&J%%L_,"J23--%$"$7-3=%" before session begins. !"@5(,,"8%%,"872"($)"=5(,,%,"=($=%55%:"9)" West Side YMCA. !".5%(,%"(557J"`&FS"J%%L,"872"2%8+$:";27‐ cessing. !"A55"=5(,,%,"2%8+$:"92%(L:7J$"3,"(,"87557J," to receive: 100% refund‐written requests must be re‐ =%3K%:"F"J%%L";2372"-7"-1%"<2,-",=1%:+5%:" class session. 75% refund‐written requests must be received 2 days prior to the second sched‐ uled class session. 50% refund‐written requests must be re‐ ceived 2 days prior to the third scheduled class session. !".(3:"3$"C+55"($$+(5"(:+5-P"8(635)P"72"75:%2" adult membership fees (pro‐rated) !">7+-1"6%69%2,13;"G[m"2%8+$:(95%"J3-13$" above stated guidelines. Please write all refund requests on forms provided by the Customer Service Center. Membership refunds are prorated on a monthly basis. Refunds will be issued in the same form paid. Cash payments are refunded via check. The following are not refundable: !".%2,7$(5"-2(3$3$4P";23K(-%",J36"5%,,7$," and massage fees. (All packages expire one year from date of purchase.) !"]3$:%2"@(6;P"'()"@(6;P"A2-,"@(6;P" and Sports Camp Fees (25% deposit) !"b8"2%43,-%23$4"5(-%P"+;"-7"-1%"<2,-"J%%L" will be prorated and one class can be made up !"N;%=3(5"6%69%2,13;"8%%,"d3B%B"7$%":()" guest passes, summer memberships) !"b$3-3(-37$"8%%, !"?%69%2,13;,"($:"57=L%2,"(2%"$7-"-2($,8%2‐ able to another individual. !"\%8+$:,"J355"$7-"9%"42($-%:"(8-%2"-1%" third scheduled class session, but can be discounted on a case by case basis Credit Policy Your West Side YMCA account will be credited for the following: !"?%:3=(5"=7$:3-37$"J3-1":7=+6%$-(-37$" from physician !"@2%:3-,"J355"9%"(;;53%:"8276":(-%"78" written request


!"A55"2%E+%,-,"6+,-"9%"3$"J23-3$4"d8726,"(2%" available in the Customer Service Center). !".5%(,%"(557J"`&FS"J%%L,"872";27=%,,3$4B Cancellation Policy Personal training, private swim cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance or members will be charged the applicable fee. !"07"=($=%5";%2,7$(5"-2(3$3$4"($:"6(,,(4%" call 212‐912‐2607. !"07"=($=%5";23K(-%",J36"=(55"SFS&TFS&SUVGB Make‐up Policy The West Side YMCA cannot be responsible for providing make‐ups or issuing credits or refunds for programs missed as a result of ,=1%:+53$4"=7$Q3=-,P"355$%,,P"%6%24%$=3%,P" or other events beyond our control. We will allow up to one make‐up within the same session but you are responsible for scheduling it with the appropriate department. All make‐ups must be approved prior to schedualing. !"F"6(L%&+;",%,,37$"3,"(557J%:";%2",%,,37$" for youth classes, if space is available. !"?(L%&+;"=5(,,%,"=($"9%",=1%:+5%:"7$5)" after classes are missed. !"?(L%&+;"=5(,,%,"6+,-"9%"=76;5%-%:" within the session that they are missed. !"?(L%&+;"=5(,,%,"=($$7-"9%",=1%:+5%:"3$" -1%"<2,-"-J7"J%%L,"72"-1%"5(,-"J%%L"78" class. !"e$+,%:"6(L%&+;"=5(,,%,"(2%"$7$&2%8+$:‐ able, non‐creditable. Locker Rental The West Side offers locker at a low yearly cost of $100.00 for the Men’s and Women’s locker Room. The Squash Locker Rentals for $150.00 per year. All locker fees are paid in full. Program Changes Policy The West Side YMCA reserves the right to change programs (i.e., instructor, class type, times, days, fees, etc.) as needed. The YMCA reserves the right to cancel classes due to low enrollment. Every attempt will be made to reach those registered to inform them of the cancella‐ tion. Cancelled classes will be issued a refund or credit as deemed appropriate. All credits will be good for one year only and must be mentioned when applying to any service at the YMCA.



WEST SIDE YMCA MEMBERSHIP AND FACILITY The West Side YMCA has friendly and courteous staff, committed to providing excellent service while making your stay an enjoyable experience.

^,:/!H$2/,;'3/$4 j7-"E+3-%"=%2-(3$"(97+-"-1%";%28%=-"438-i"*3K%"-1%6"(">"*38-"@%2-3<=(-%I">7+2"823%$:,"=($" choose from an array of our services including personal training, private swim lessons or massage. Available at the 1st FL Customer Service Center. Facility Hours ‐ Adults Monday ‐ Friday 5:00 AM – 10:45 PM Saturday ‐ Sunday 8:00 AM – 7:45 PM Note: locker‐rooms will stay open until 11:00pm weekdays and 8:00pm weekends. Facility Hours – Teens (except school holiday & summer) Monday ‐ Friday 2:30 – 6:30 PM Saturday ‐ Sunday 8:00 AM – 7:45 PM Note: locker‐rooms will stay open until 11:00pm weekdays and 8:00pm weekends.

Branch WestInformation Side YMCA

Room Rentals Are you looking for a place to host your next meeting, birthday party or event? The West Side YMCA and Grosvenor House have meeting rooms available at very reasonable rates. We can accommodate a short‐term, full‐day, or extended event. For more informa‐ tion, please call 212‐912‐2680.

Registration for Program Session #+2",J3663$4P"J%55$%,,P"(%2793=,"($:"<-$%,,"=5(,,%,"(2%",=1%:+5%:"3$"%341-&J%%L",%,,37$,B" \%43,-2(-37$"3,"7$"("<2,-&=76%P"<2,-",%2K%"9(,3,B".()6%$-"3,":+%"(-"-36%"78"2%43,-2(-37$B" YMCA members enjoy the privilege of early registration (2 weeks before the session starts). Holidays and other schedule changes may apply. Note: All fee‐based classes will be prorated in the event of holidays or other closings.

REGISTRATION SCHEDULE Summer Session Dates 2011


Non Members

Session IV: June 27th until August 21st

Starts on June 13th

Starts on June 20th

Session IV (A): Session IV (B):

June 27th until July 24th July 25th until August 21st


West Side YMCA 2011 Summer Program Guide  

Summer 2011 Program Guide for the West Side YMCA, 5 West 63rd St., NY, NY 10023

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