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LEARN GROW THRIVE SEE WHAT’S INSIDE WEST SIDE Y 2011 - 2012 WEST SIDE Y 5 West 63rd Street New York, NY 10023 P 212-912-2600




Nurturing the potential of every child and teen We believe that all kids deserve the opportunity to discover who they are and what they can achieve. That’s why, through the YMCA, millions of youth today are cultivating the values, skills and relationships that lead to positive behaviors, better health and educational achievement.

Improving our community’s health and well-being In neighborhoods across the five boroughs, the YMCA is a leading voice on health and well-being. The Y brings families closer together, encourages good health and fosters connections through fitness, sports, fun and shared interests. As a result, nearly 400,000 youth, adults and families are receiving the support, guidance and resources needed to achieve greater health and well-being for their spirit, mind and body.

Giving back and providing support to our neighbors The YMCA has been listening and responding to New York City’s most critical social needs for 160 years. Whether developing skills or emotional well-being through education and training, welcoming and connecting diverse demographic populations through global services, or preventing chronic disease and building healthier communities through collaborations with policymakers, the Y fosters the care and respect all people need and deserve.

We’re Here for Good. It’s been the signature phrase of New York City’s YMCA since early 2008, and it describes the Y’s commitment to building the foundations of—and strengthening—our communities, through nurturing the potential of every child and teen, improving community health and well-being and providing opportunities to give back and support neighbors. We’re here for you and your family. We’re here for the community. We’re here for good.


GET ENGAGED We know firsthand how difficult it can be to find balance in life. That’s why we’re here with you every day, making sure that you, your family and our community have the resources and support needed to learn, grow and thrive. With a focus on developing the potential of kids, improving health and well-being, and giving back and supporting our neighbors, your participation will not just bring about meaningful change in yourself, but in your community too. Here are some of the ways you can get involved. MEMBERSHIP Join the West Side Y and become part of a community committed to helping you and your kids learn, grow and thrive. Y members receive full access to the facility’s Fitness Center, Gym and Lockerrooms; priority registration for classes and programs; discounts on classes and programs with a fee; and six guest passes each year to share with friends. The option for a Citywide membership allows you to use any of the other YMCAs in the boroughs, each of which offers quality facilities and programs... and a swimming pool.

CHILD WATCH Do you need someone to look after your child (ages 1-7) while you work out? We’re here for you! You may bring your child (for a maximum of two hours per day) to the YMCA Child Watch Program. Kids will enjoy creative play in a fun, safe environment with responsible YMCA staff members. This is a free service available to members only. Please register at the Member Services Desk in advance.

FEES Membership Types

West Side Y


Youth (up to 11)*




Teen (12 - 17)








Adult (18 - 64)




Senior (65+)




Family I***




Family II (2 Adults & kids)****




Joiner’s Fee

*Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult when using the facility **Any age, full time, 12+ credits, must bring copy of transcript ***1 Adult and kids under 18 years, living in the same household ****2 Adults and kids under 18 years, living in the same household

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES When you volunteer at the Y, you take an active role in bringing about meaningful, enduring change right in your own neighborhood. As a program volunteer, board member or Strong Kids Campaign fundraiser, you can make a difference for our Y and the community as a whole.

JOB OPPORTUNITIES Visit for open positions in our staff family at the YMCA or at one of more than 100 sites throughout the five boroughs and at our New York YMCA Camp upstate.



We’re proud to ensure that the YMCA is accessible to everyone, and we never want anyone to be turned away for an inability to pay. Don’t hesitate to ask about financial assistance for programs or membership. We’re happy to help. We’re able to open our doors to all thanks to a community of generous supporters of our annual Strong Kids Campaign. Contributions to Strong Kids enable us to offer a number of our programs and services at low or no cost, and to make assistance available to make participation affordable. The Y is more than a membership card. We’re bigger than the programs we offer in our facility or around the community. Will you help us as a donor or volunteer fund-raiser to ensure that everyone can be a part of the Y? To donate to the West Side YMCA Strong Kids Campaign or to get more information, please contact Wyndy Sloan at 212-912-2611 or


WEST SIDE Y INFORMATION The West Side YMCA has friendly and courteous staff, committed to providing excellent service while making your stay an enjoyable experience.


SESSION DATES: February 27, 2012 - April 29, 2012

Member: Non-Member:



SESSION DATES: September 6, 2011 - October 30, 2011

ADULT Monday - Friday: Saturday - Sunday:

5:00 AM - 10:45 PM 8:00 AM - 7:45 PM

TEENS (except school holiday & summer) Monday - Friday: Saturday - Sunday:

2:30 - 6:30 PM 8:00 AM - 7:45 PM

Note: locker-rooms will stay open until 11:00 PM weekdays and 8:00 PM weekends.

SESSION 5 REGISTRATION DATES August 22, 2011 August 29, 2011


October 17, 2011 October 24, 2011


Member: Non-Member:

April 16, 2012 April 23, 2012

SESSION DATES: April 30, 2012 - June 24, 2012


June 11, 2012 June 18, 2012

October 31, 2011 - December 23, 2011 No Program Classes: December 24, 2011 - January 1, 2012

SESSION DATES: June 25, 2012 - August 19, 2012



Member: Non-Member:

December 19, 2011 December 26, 2011

SESSION DATES: January 2, 2012 - February 26, 2012


February 13, 2012 February 20, 2012

Our swimming, wellness, aerobics and fitness classes are scheduled in eight-week sessions. Registration is on a first-come, first serve basis. Payment is due at time of registration. YMCA members enjoy the privilege of early registration (2 weeks before the session starts). Holidays and other schedule changes may apply. Note: All fee-based classes will be prorated in the event of holidays or other closings.

Contact Us Phone: 212-912-2600 | E-mail: | Web:

YOUTH AND FAMILY PROGRAMS...........................6-7 ADULT ARTS PROGRAMS........................................... 8 ADULT WELLNESS PROGRAMS...........................10-11 THE MARJORIE S. DEANE LITTLE THEATER.........14-15 GROSVENOR NEIGHBORHOOD HOUSE Y ................ 16 GUEST ROOMS ........................................................ 17 MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION.............................18-19 LOCATIONS..............................................................23



FAMILY/EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAMS The West Side YMCA creates meaningful experiences for every member of your family. Enjoy lower rates on all youth programs and activities and access to free special events with a family membership. Family fun for everyone! PLEASE PICK UP OUR YOUTH AND FAMILY GUIDES FOR CLASS INFORMATION, SCHEDULES AND RATES. FAMILY PROGRAMS

Busy Bodies Spanish Classes for Kids Now You’re Cooking Tunes for Tots Family Fun Fridays

Scientific Saturdays City Harvest Food Drive Boo Fest Parent’s Night Out Families for Families

Co-op Nursery School 2.4 - 6 yrs. Tender Care 6 mos. - 5 yrs.

EARLY CHILDHOOD ARTS In each class you will experience:

FAMILY AQUATICS The YMCA is the pioneer in swimming lessons and water safety. We offer a variety of progressive aquatics programs for all ages and fitness levels. YMCA Swim instruction is delivered in a student-centered, caring atmosphere with well-trained instructors who give personalized attention. PARENT - CHILD | 6 mos. - 3 yrs. Shrimp Kipper


Inia Perch

• • • •

Supportive instruction, participant-centered inquiry, and group reflection New, creative challenges An understanding and appreciation of different learning levels and capacities An attentive and experienced instructor

Movers and Shakers Sonic Explorers All the World’s a Stage

Art is Everywhere Rhythm and Rhymes Dynamic Dance

EARLY CHILDHOOD AQUATICS This is a child’s first experience in the pool without parental assistance. The children are taught the basic skills that are the building blocks of swimming. PRE-SCHOOL SWIM | 3 - 5 yrs. Pike Eel


Ray Starfish

YOUTH/TEEN PROGRAMS The West Side YMCA provides after school, day and weekend programming for youths ages 5 to 18 years. We offer a host of programs that promote healthy spirit, mind and body through intellectual, social and recreational activities. The programming objective is to provide tools and resources that enhance children’s individual skills and talents as well as teach young people cultural diversity, and understanding of all people. The YMCA is a safe haven for all youth.

YOUTH PROGRAMS | 6 - 12 yrs.*

TEEN PROGRAMS | 13 - 18 yrs.*

Y After School

Teen Center West Side Y Recreation Teen Center Leaders Club Youth and Government Future Works Teens Take the City Living the Life

School Recess Camp

YOUTH ARTS Drawing and Painting

Kids Company

YOUTH SPORTS Quickstart Tennis New! Zumbatomic Soccer and Basketball Gymnastics

Karate New! WSY Road Runners New! Yoga for Kids

TEEN ARTS Teen Tech Crew

TEEN SPORTS YOUTH AQUATICS The YMCA Swim Lessons Program incorporates discussion about and draws attention to four core values – caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. Program activities are designed to help children accept and demonstrate these positive values. Polliwog Fish Guppy Flying Fish Minnow Shark

Fitness Orientation Teen Fitness 101 Teen Fitness 102

TEEN AQUATICS Teens and adults have a united aquatics program. Teen is considered to be 12 years old and up. Teen & Adult | Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

PIRANHAS SWIM TEAM | 6 - 18 yrs. The Piranhas swim team is a competitive, age group team, but also a fun group. Work¬outs include endurance, speed, and drill technique. The Piranhas practice 3 times a week for one hour and 30 minutes each practice and dry land twice a week. Lead by Head Coach Hugo Salhuana the Piranhas compete with other Ys, clubs and attend other invita¬tional every month. The Piranhas have attended the NY State YMCA Championships every year since 1999 and YMCA Nationals 3 times. To try out for the Piranhas Swim Team, you must schedule an appointment with the Aquatics Office. Each applicant will need a swim test, medical and approval to be on the team. Please call the Aquatics Office at 212-912-2675 for more information. Dates September 2011 – June 2012 Practice Time Monday, Wednesday and Friday 4:00 – 5:30 PM Fee: $1,945

* Ages may vary slightly. Please check the Youth and Family Program Guide. WEST SIDE Y FALL 2011 | 7


PLEASE REFER TO THE ADULT ARTS PROGRAM GUIDE FOR INFORMATION, SCHEDULES AND RATES. Welcome to Community Arts at the West Side YMCA. The West Side YMCA has a long history of nurturing artists of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities in a variety of art disciplines. Whether you are interested in acting out a scene, writing a short story, or sculpting clay, we have an array of exciting choices with professional instructors who will inspire your creativity. Take a look. THEATER ARTS FOR OLDER ADULTS In each class you will experience: • • • • • •

Small class sizes to nurture an ensemble of peers An atmosphere of lively, theatre-centered discussion Insightful and stimulating feedback New, creative challenges An understanding and appreciation of a range of theatrical writing An attentive and experienced instructor

Reader’s Theater I

Reader’s Theater II: Scene Work

THE WRITER’S VOICE: NEW DIRECTIONS In each Writer’s Voice class you will experience: • • • • •

Small class size that nurtures an ensemble of peers An atmosphere of lively, supportive discussion Insightful and stimulating feedback Writing/reading activities that nurture individual growth An attentive and accomplished faculty member

NON-FICTION Life Stories Shaping the Stories

Works in Progress Memoir and Creative

WRITING FOR STAGE AND SCREEN Screenwriting/Playwriting FICTION Fiction 101 The Creative Writer Filling the Well

The Writer Within Going Deeper The Writer’s Workout



ARTWORKS The ArtWorks program offers a variety of classes in the visual arts, including stained glass, drawing, water-color, and photography. We have been offering craft classes to the Upper West Side community for over 30 years. WATERCOLOR Drawing & Watercolor



Fused Glass

JEWELRY Beaded Jewelry CERAMICS Intro to Handbuilding and Wheel Image Transfer in Clay Focus on Tiles Handbuilding Wheel Exploring Surface and Form Sources of Inspiration SPECIAL WORKSHOPS Ikebana Workshop

COMMUNITY ARTS DEPARTMENT STAFF Steven McIntosh Director of Community Arts / 212-912-2633 Kate Missett Visual Arts Coordinator / 212-912-2638



ADULT/OLDER ADULT WELLNESS PROGRAMS How do you define wellness? Whatever your goals, the Y is ready to support you on your journey toward improved health. PLEASE PICK UP OUT ADULT/OLDER ADULT WELLNESS GUIDES FOR CLASS INFORMATION, SCHEDULES AND RATES. Fitness Orientation

Group Exercise Classes

New to the Y? We offer a complimentary fitness orientation with one of our staff for all new members as an introduction to our cardiovascular and strength training equipment. Appointments can be scheduled at the Member Services Desk.

All Adult Exercise Classes are FREE for YMCA members!

Blood Pressure and Body Fat screenings Once a month the Healthy Lifestyles Department helps our members assess their cardiovascular disease risk by offering a screening for blood pressure and a body fat analysis. Check the monthly calendar for dates and times.

Facility Offerings At the West Side Y, we are committed to giving you the best wellness experience. That is why we offer a member lounge, a cardiovascular center, a full like of strength training equipment, a spin studio, and a meditation studio.

Adult Sports Volleyball Open Court Basketball Racquetball Handball Squash Seido Karate West Side Y Road Runners Club

10 | WEST SIDE Y FALL 2011

Zumba Cardio Salsa Hip Hop Aerobics Circuit Training Interval Training Kettlebells Power Rowing Total Body Conditioning Boot Camp Spinning Train like an Athlete Hatha Yoga Feldenkrais Method Vinyasa Yoga

Kundalini Yoga Iyengar Yoga M.E.L.T. NIA Tai Chi Core Training Stretching Mat Pilates Afro Jazz Masala Bhangra Workout Belly Dancing and SharQui Belly Dance Workout Capoeira Seido Karate

New Fitness Programming

Adult Aquatics

Please refer to out Adult/Older Adult Wellness guide for more information or ask the membership desk.

The YMCA is the pioneer in swimming lessons and water safety. We offer a variety of progressive aquatics programs for all ages and fitness levels. YMCA Swim instruction is delivered in a student-centered, caring atmosphere with well-trained instructors who give personalized attention.

TRX Small Group Training KettleBlast FIT TO EXCEL

Osteo Fighter Outdoor Running MMA Conditioning

Older Adult Programs The West Side YMCA takes pride in leading our members down a fulfilling path to wellness where they can focus not only on the body but the mind as well. Our goal is to offer the highest level of opportunities for Older Adults to bring fulfillment into their lives. Whether it be one of our well attended Group Exercise classes or one of the many events we offer, YMCA programs strengthen the whole person. Socializing and keeping active have proven to produce positive effects on the health of older adults, and exercise has proven to promote mental agility, in addition to longevity and good health. Basic Body Conditioning Low Impact Aerobics Stretching Sit & Sculpt Tai Chi Chuan

M.E.L.T. Feldenkrais Method Arthritis Foundation YMCA Aquatics Program Aqua Aerobics

Lessons are designed to be developmentally appropriate, and to quickly and effectively teach skills and encourages students to develop a lifelong interest in aquatics. Arthritis Foundation YMCA Aquatics Program Aqua Aerobics Teen/Adult Beginner

Teen/Adult Intermediate Teen/Adult Advanced Private Swim Lessons

Also, introducing WSY Masters Swimming where our members can compete with swimmers in their age group. See the Adult Wellness guide for more details.

Additional Offerings Personal Training | Duet and Single * New Packages Available Massage Therapy Pilates | One on One Private Studio MVe Peak Pilates Small Group Personal Training



YMCA’S DIABETES PREVENTION PROGRAM Reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes with the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program (YDPP). If you are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes, The YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program can help you adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles that will help you reduce your chances of developing diabetes. Over the course of 16 weekly one-hour sessions, a trained lifestyle coach will help you learn about healthy eating, getting started with physical activity, overcoming stress, staying motivated and other behavior changes, all in a comfortable classroom setting. PROGRAM GOALS: • Reduce body weight by 7% • Increase physical activity to 150 min/wk

Call Judy Ouziel at 212-912-2524, visit or ask the membership desk to see how to qualify and for more information. The YMCA is committed to helping prevent chronic disease by giving individuals of all ages tools for healthy living.

12 | WEST SIDE Y FALL 2011

WEST SIDE Y FALL 2011 | 13


The Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater is the jewel of the West Side YMCA. Our recently renovated 145-seat theater serves to nurture the potential of new and developing artists and companies. Our performances, which range from plays to concerts to readings and more, give the you the opportunity enjoy the enriching experience of the arts right in your own neighborhood.

THE MARJORIE S. DEANE LITTLE THEATER MISSION STATEMENT The Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater at the West Side YMCA is a non-for-profit, independent, off-broadway theater which exists to: • • • • •

Encourage the creative spirit in young people. Empower, educate, and maximize the potential of the young people and emerging artists. Serve our community by providing affordable and high quality professional arts performances, programming, training, education. Create and launch new and innovative works that inspire, entertain, and reflect our diverse community. Further the YMCA of Greater New York’s mission of building healthy bodies, healthy minds, and healthy spirits.

HOW WE BUILD Healthy Bodies We develop bodies and voices through participation in arts programs that build and strengthen community. We teach selfexpression through dramatic movement, dance, and the performing arts. Healthy Minds We support arts education and literacy efforts, providing opportunities through the development of innovative partnerships, programming, and theater resource services. We explore ideas and culture. We involve young people in the entire creative and technical process and development of productions. We empower maximize the potential of our youth by providing professional performing arts training, workshops, connections, and performance opportunities. Healthy Spirits We develop confidence, imagination, a sense of self, teamwork, discipline, integrity, and other life skills through the teaching of stage skills. We provide a safe place to be passionate an creative, and inspire a desire for learning. We use the arts as a dynamic and progressive tool to teach effective ways to listen and communicate. We provide a creative forum for young people to express their concerns and ideas.

FOR RENTAL INQUIRES PLEASE CONTACT: Steven McIntosh, Community Arts and Theater Director 212-912-2633 or The box office is open 3 hours prior to show times. Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater Box Office 212-643-4075 14 | WEST SIDE Y FALL 2011

NOW PLAYING... Carolyn Rossi Copeland, Robert Stillman, and Jack Thomas present The Barrington Stage Company Production of

FREUD’S LAST SESSION By Mark St. Germain Suggested by “The Question of God” By Dr. Armand M. Nicholi, Jr. Starring: MARK H. DOLD & MARTIN RAYNER

Last Show: October 28, 2011 Tickets available at The Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater Box Office is open 3 hours prior to each performance. To get on our e-mail list, please email Steven McIntosh, Arts Director, at or 212-912-2633.

FEATURING KIDS COMPANY... This fall, Kids Company and Teen Tech Crew will be proud to present

ANNIE JR. Music Director: John T. Prestianni Choreographer: Alana Marie Urda

Performance Dates: November 17-20, 2011 To get on our e-mail list, please email Steven McIntosh, Arts Director, at or 212-912-2633.

WEST SIDE Y FALL 2011 | 15


AN OPERATING CENTER OF THE WEST SIDE YMCA Please refer to the Grosvenor Neighborhood House Y Guide for program information, schedual and pricing. 176 West 105th Street New York, NY 10025

Phone: 212-749-8500 Fax: 212-749-4060

Grosvenor Neighborhood House Y is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the economic and personal selfsufficiency of children, youth and their families. Located on the Upper West Side, GNHY provides community residents with year-round, meaningful and effective educational, career-readiness, cultural, recreational, and counseling services. Grosvenor Neighborhood House YMCA’s extensive program offerings include early childhood, family, after school, teen center, plus adult and weekend classes. See for yourself all of the wonderful programs we have to offer. EARLY CHILDHOOD Tendercare Grown-up and Me Classes Busy Bodies Music and Movement Ballet SCHOOL AGE PROGRAMS Y After School Holiday Camp Strong Kids Cards FAMILY PROGRAMS Parent’s Night Out Healthy Kids Day

Improv Theater Workshop Introduction to Art Visual Art II Ballet I Jazz and Hip Hop Karate I & II Indoor Soccer Fundamentals Super Science

BIRTHDAY PARTIES TEEN PROGRAMS Strong Brothers Strong Sisters Leader’s Club Spotlight on Performance Teens Take the City Youth and Government Future Works


Financial Assistance The Grosvenor Neighborhood House Y wants to make sure that no child is turned away for an inability to pay. For those families that feel they cannot afford to pay the full price of our programs, we do offer financial assistance. Please ask membership for an application.

16 | WEST SIDE Y FALL 2011

ADULT PROGRAMS Hatha Yoga Vinyasa Yoga West African Dance Partner Dance Intro to Drawing and Watercolor Zumba

HOME AWAY FROM HOME WEST SIDE Y GUEST ROOMS Located just off Central Park West and steps from Lincoln Center, our Guest Rooms offer single and double rooms that provide a home away from home for nearly 40,000 international and domestic travelers each year. Our location allows guests to enjoy the beauty of Central Park, the energy of Times Square and world famous cultural institutions including Carnegie Hall, the Juilliard School of Music, the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Modern Art. As a guest at the West Side YMCA, you can enjoy cardiovascular and weight training in our 65,000-square-foot fitness center, 2 swimming pools, more than 100 group fitness classes, steam rooms and saunas, basketball, racquetball, handball & squash courts. We’re easily accessible to all public transportation— uptown, downtown, crosstown buses, and the 1, 9, A, C, E, B, D, N and R subway lines. To reserve a room, please contact the Reservation Sales Center at 212-912-2622 Hours of operation: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday - Friday

WEST SIDE Y FALL 2011 | 17



The YMCA of Greater New York is a community service organization that promotes positive values through programs that build spirit, mind and body, welcoming all people with a focus on youth.

Cancellation of membership requires a fifteen (15) day written notice prior to the monthly draft date.

POLICY OF NON-DISCRIMINATION YMCA membership is available to all persons regardless of race, religion, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or financial circumstances. The YMCA welcomes families and persons of all ages, income levels, and physical conditions with an emphasis on responsibility and self-improvement.

MEMBERSHIP GUARANTEE Membership in the YMCA is fully guaranteed. Members who are not completely satisfied with their YMCA membership are entitled to a refund of any unused portion of their membership.


MEMBERSHIP CARD The Branch membership card must be presented and scanned in order to gain access into a YMCA facility.

PROGRAM CARDS Program members will be issued a card granting them YMCA access for their program. This card must be presented and scanned for access into the YMCA facility and/or a specific program.

LOST CARDS Please let us know if your card is lost or stolen. There is a fee to issue a replacement card.

18 | WEST SIDE Y FALL 2011

MEMBERSHIP TRANSFER Membership and program privileges are not transferable from one person to another.

MEMBERSHIP HOLDS Members may put their membership on hold for 1 - 3 months during any calendar year. A monthly hold fee will be charged and all membership privileges will be suspended while your membership is on hold.

PAYMENT OPTIONS & INFORMATION • Membership dues must be up-to-date in order to use facility. • Rates and schedules are subject to change. • Membership may be paid in full by cash, personal checks, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover cards. • Monthly payments are payable by credit card or bank draft only (excluding Discover). There is no cash option for monthly payments. • If a check or an automatic back draft is returned for insufficient funds a service fee of $15.00 will be added to the payment amount.




All YMCA members are given 6 complimentary guest passes per year to help introduce the Y to friends and associates. Branch members are welcome to visit other YMCA locations within NYC 10 times per year at no charge. Day passes are available to purchase.

• Lockers are available for daily use. Please bring your own lock and secure your belongings when using the facility.

CAMERA POLICY For the privacy and security of all—especially our kids and teens—we do not allow any photo or video recording without permission from the Executive Director.

• Our family-friendly locker room is a good alternative for parents who wish to accompany their child that is over the age of five and of the opposite gender.

YMCA “AWAY” POLICY AWAY (Always Welcome at the YMCA) As a YMCA member, you have access to YMCAs across the country and around the world. You must present a valid YMCA ID to be eligible to use AWAY privileges. Call ahead to check on individual branch policies.

WEST SIDE Y FALL 2011 | 19


Executive Director Eileen O’Connor x 2610 Associate Executive Director Jasmin Cardona x 2612 Special Projects Director Marjorie Jean-Jacques x 2618 Executive Assistant Jenny Chon x 2619 Business Manager Maria Rocha x 2614 Assistant Business Manager Jessie Martinez x 2615 Human Resources Coordinator Carolina Chavez x 2616 Director, Fund Development & Comm. Wyndy Wilder Sloan x 2611 Communication and Events Manager Aleksandra Nadolski x 2617 Director of Building & Properties Kisha James x 2680 Director of Security Ramon Mejia x 2684


Director of Membership Lisa Renaud x 2604 Membership/Sales Coordinator Jess Prewitt x 2641 Front Desk Supervisor Bharathi Iyer x 2605 Office Manager (Main) Dorothy Claborn x 2600 Customer Service Specialists Aaisha Joseph x 2601 Jeffrey De La Cruz x 2602 Ray Vasquez x 2603 Zaheeda Hafeez x 2607 Director of Community Arts and MSD Little Theater Programming Steven McIntosh x 2633 ArtWorks Coordinator Kate Missett x 2638 Director of Aquatics Eric Klimowich x 2675

Senior Director of Early Childhood Shannon Cussen x 2650 Associate Director of Early Childhood Abbey Robarge x 2651 Early Childhood Coordinator Bridget Sieling x 2652 Director of Healthy Lifestyles Tamara Heisler x 2670 Group Exercise/Pilates Coordinator Jonathan Wood x 2671 Senior Director of Youth and Family Kathryn Irizarry-Wright x 2640 After School Coordinator Nigel Bristol x 2666


Regional Director of Guest Rooms Gary Villaverde x 2620 Director of Marketing & Sales Valerie Henry x 2625 RSC Business Coordinator Carol Pimentel x 2627 CSC/Guest Rooms Supervisor Francisca Infante x 2621

GROSVENOR NEIGHBORHOOD HOUSE YMCA 212-749-8500 Early Childhood Director Jane Rosenthal Program Coordinator Grace Rochford

YMCA New AMeriCANs welCoMe CeNters Our multilingual resource and referral centers provide immigrant families with a wide array of instructional, vocational, recreational, family support, and social services including: • • • • • • •

English as a Second Language Cultural Orientation Citizenship Preparation Job Readiness Computer Literacy Adult Literacy GED Preparation

registrAtioN/Pre-testiNg & ClAss sChedule FAll CYCle registration/Pre-testing: Week of Sept. 26th Class schedule: Mon., Oct. 3 – Sat., Dec. 24, 2011 Post-testing during last week: Week of Dec. 19th For more information contact:

Bronx Chinatown Flushing

917-673-8688 212-219-8393 718-961-6880

Harlem Prospect Park Staten Island

212-690-4024 212-912-2375 718-981-4382


1 2 3 4 5 6


Floor Floor Floor Floor

Teen Center Classrooms D, E & F Youth, Family & Teen Offices King Alfonso Room Ceramic Studio

Stained Glass and Painting Studio Theater Dressing Room

Customer Service Center The Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater 63Bites Cafe Meeting Rooms George Washington Room Parkside Lounge Fireside Lounge Map Room

Community Arts Office Co-op Classrooms Welcome Center Restrooms Early Childhood Office Theater Box Office

Boys and Girls Locker Room Lap (Large) Pool Program (Small) Pool Tender Care Classrooms

Executive & Business Offices International YMCA Domestic Initiatives Restrooms

Service Desk/ Member Check-in Member Lounge Men’s and Women’s Sauna and Steam Rooms Safe Deposit Boxes

Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms Men’s and Women’s Massage Rooms Child Watch

Healthy Lifestyles Offices Gymnasium Group Exercise Studio Mind Body Studio Spin Studio Free Weight Center Stretching Room

Strength Circuit Center Cardiovascular Center Personal Fitness Program Center Private Pilates Studio Massage Room Restrooms

Running Track Meditation Studio Boxing Room Abdominal Training Area New Wing:

Writer’s Voice Classrooms After-School Classrooms Indoor Playspace

6 Handball/ Racquetball/ Squash Courts Martial Arts Training Room



Residence and Guest Rooms


WEST SIDE Y FALL 2011 | 21


While you’re improving your life, help others grow strong too. We ask you to follow the Y Code of Conduct and exhibit the values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility while you’re here. 1. Get oriented. Not sure how to use the equipment or what you should be doing? Orientations are free for all members! 2. Just ask. We’re here to help! 3.

If there’s a problem with any of the equipment or the facility, please let a staff person know. If there’s an incident or accident, contact a uniformed staff person immediately.


6. Be safe. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear. (Open-toed shoes, over-restrictive or street clothes are not allowed.) Have a spotter help you with free 7. weights. Warm up before and cool down after exercise. Make sure you’ve had enough to eat and drink before exercising to prevent dizziness or

4. light-headedness. If you are experiencing dizziness, pain or unusual discomfort at any time, stop the exercise and ask staff for help.

Help us keep the Y clean. Wipe off equipment after each use. Return all equipment when finished with it. Take your personal items with you. Remove the plates from lifting bars when you’re done. Don’t bring food, open containers or coffee cups into the center. Give others a turn. The equipment is here for everyone to use. Please respect the 30-minute time limit on cardio equipment if others are waiting, and follow any posted sign-up procedures. Storing your stuff. Lockers in the center are only meant for your personal items while you are in the Y. Items may not be left overnight.

8. Youth are welcome after completing an orientation and submitting a signed parental consent form. (ages 12-17) 9. Get personal. Personal trainers are available. Ask a staff person for more information. 10. Hang it up. For your safety and in consideration for others, please refrain from cell phone use while in the fitness facilities.

The YMCA of Greater New York is a community service organization which promotes positive values through programs that build spirit, mind and body, welcoming all people, with a focus on youth.

22 | WEST SIDE Y FALL 2011

LOCATIONS MANHATTAN BRANCHES Chinatown YMCA 273 Bowery New York, NY 10002 212-912-2460

BROOKLYN BRANCHES Bedford-Stuyvesant YMCA 1121 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11216 718-789-1497

QUEENS BRANCHES Cross Island YMCA 238-10 Hillside Avenue Bellerose, NY 11426 718-479-0505

STATEN ISLAND BRANCHES Broadway Center YMCA 651 Broadway Staten Island, NY 10310 718-981-4933

Grosvenor Neighborhood House YMCA 176 West 105th Street New York, NY 10025 212-749-8500

Dodge YMCA 225 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11201 718-625-3136

Flushing YMCA 138-46 Northern Blvd. Flushing, NY 11354 718-961-6880

Flatbush YMCA 1401 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11201 718-469-8100

Jamaica YMCA 89-25 Parsons Blvd. New York, NY 11423 718-739-6600

North Shore Center YMCA/ Counseling Service 285 Vanderbilt Avenue Staten Island, NY 10304 718-981-4382

Greenpoint YMCA 99 Meserole Avenue New York, NY 11222 718-389-3700

Long Island City YMCA 32-33 Queens Blvd. Long Island City, NY 11101 718-392-7932

North Brooklyn YMCA 570 Jamaica Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11208 718-277-1600

Ridgewood YMCA 69-02 64th Street Ridgewood, NY 11385 212-912-2180

Prospect Park YMCA 357 Ninth Street New York, NY 11215 718-768-7100

BRONX BRANCH Bronx YMCA 2 Castle Hill Avenue Bronx, NY 10473 718-792-9736

Harlem YMCA 180 West 135th Street New York, NY 10030 212-912-2100 International YMCA 5 West 63rd Street New York, NY 10023 212-727-8800 McBurney YMCA 125 West 14th Street New York, NY 10011 212-912-2300 Vanderbilt YMCA 224 east 47th Street New York, NY 10017 212-912-2500 West Side YMCA 5 West 63rd Street New York, NY 10023 212-912-2600

Park Slope Armory YMCA 361 15th Street Brooklyn, NY 11215 212-912-2580

South Shore Center YMCA 3939 Richmond Avenue Staten Island, NY 10312 718-227-3200 HUGUENOT, NY New York YMCA Camp Big Pond Road Huguenot, NY 12746 845-858-2200 ASSOCIATION OFFICE 5 West 63rd Street New York, NY 10023 212-630-9600

WEST SIDE Y FALL 2011 | 23

WEST SIDE Y 5 West 63rd Street New York, NY 10023 P 212-912-2600 E W



West Side YMCA Master Guide for the 2011-2012 year.