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vision statement Wynberg Girls’ High School is a value-based, eco and socially conscious learning environment encouraging the development of confident and unique women who strive for excellence.

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values INTEGRITY | Integriteit | Isidima We conduct ourselves in all areas of our lives with honesty, honour and trustworthiness.

INCLUSIVITY Inklusiwiteit | Ukuzibandakanya We accept and include people who are different from us and make an effort to create a school in which all feel that they belong.

COURAGE | Moed | Inkuthazo We strive to do the right thing and, through innovation and a pioneering spirit, challenge our boundaries and never give up.

ACCOUNTABILITY ToerekenbaarheiD Ukuthath’uxanduvA We are responsible citizens and remain true to our commitments in all spheres of our lives.

RESPECT | Respek | IntloniphO We value ourselves and other people by recognising their rights and dignity. We value the environment. We take responsibility for our behaviour.

EMPATHY | Empatie | Uvelwano We try to put ourselves in the shoes of others, to understand people, and respond with compassion, kindness and consideration.

WYNBERG GIRLS’ HIGH SCHOOL Aliwal Road, Wynberg, 7800 t: 021 764 2200 f: 021 764 2250 e: w:

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Sjaene van Wyk

One of the reasons I love working on the annual school magazine is that it allows me an opportunity to delve into the activities and events of our school over the past year. It is an exercise that always leaves me a little surprised (“It really happened THIS year?”), very much in awe of the amazing people that make up our school family, and extremely grateful to be doing the job I love right here at WGHS. Life is often compared to a roller coaster ride, but that amusement park activity just seems a bit too predictable to truly reflect this journey we are on. In January 2018 we had no idea that polony was going to try and kill us, the Parkland USA shooting would happen, Zuma would step down as president, Black Panther would become a Marvel hit, we would lose people like Stephen Hawking, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, Avicii, Aretha Franklin and Stan Lee, Day Zero would silently disappear, or that the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements would envelop the globe. Maybe life is more like a mountain bike race: a little scary, somewhat unpredictable, with treacherous twists and turns that, when navigated successfully, reward you with breathtaking views and an exhilarating sense of achievement. Scrapes and bruises heal. The camaraderie and memories are lasting. The young women of Wynberg Girls’ High completed the 2018 race in a way that shows how they have embraced our newly-introduced values. Unapologetically crusading for a healthier planet, our school is now proudly plastic shopping bag and balloon free. The Q&A (Queers and Allies) Society was introduced in the third term, simultaneously creating another safe space and raising awareness. There were extraordinary triumphs in sport, culture and academics, both individually and together. Both integrity and commitment were shown by all those who might not be the best in their field, but made us proud by doing their personal best. Excellent standards were maintained in our core business, academics, with the girls achieving remarkable results in all their internal and external exams. The Wynberg Girls’ High community makes our world a better, happier, more understanding, more aware, more ‘woke’ place. Enjoy your stroll (or scroll) down the 2018 memory lane. Re-live our race with us.

principal’s message

SHIRLEY HARDING School Principal

A year in the life of a school, especially one which is 134 years old, can be seen as insignificant in the full history of the school. However, for those involved in the school in 2018, it was filled with events in all the pillars, successes on many fronts and important changes to the way things are done at school. Wynberg Girls’ High School has committed itself to a journey of transformation and, after hours of discussion, the new school values were introduced. High on that list is the value of inclusivity and we worked hard to ensure that all Wynberg girls feel that they have a safe space at the school. The LGBTQIA+ Society started, and the FemSoc and Current Affairs societies debated topics to help us better understand important issues. Our value of courage, embodied in our badge with the lion, encouraged the school and learners to take steps in this journey, sometimes needing to change traditional thinking and replace it with that of the world of the modern young adult. Integrity, accountability, respect and empathy – the other school values were also highlighted and embraced and this led to a greater sisterhood being developed between the learners. Staff members also grappled with difficult topics in staff development sessions so that we, too, could further develop empathy to understand the lives, cultures and differences of the diverse learners who are part of this wonderful South African school. This magazine highlights the many activities of the outstanding young women of Wynberg. The exceptional level of success depends on a committed staff, and learners who set their goals high in the activities of the four foundation pillars of the school – Academic, Culture, Service and Sport. Thank you to everyone – teachers; admin and support staff; parents, guardians and caregivers; and, most importantly, the Wynberg girls. In our history, 2018 will never be “just another year” – it was a great Wynberg year celebrating what we stand for and who we are!

THANK YOU There are many people who contribute to a publication such as this one, and my heartfelt thanks go to each one who was so generous with their photographs, words, time, expertise and support. A special word of gratitude to Ms Pat Orpen, Mr Andrew Hunter, Ms Nici Bjorkman, Mr David Burrell, Mr Mike Dallas (from Mike Dallas Design), the school council, and the girls of the Photography Society. MRS SHIRLEY HARDING AT THE WCED AWARDS CEREMONY






Governing Body Chairperson

Chairperson – Wynberg Old Girls’ Union

Wynberg Old Girls’ Union (WOGU)

2018 flew past! It has been a busy year for the school and all its role players. The year started with the Governing Body Elections, with the whole governing body being re-elected for a new 3-year stint. It was gratifying to see so many parents make themselves available for election, keen to be part of the school’s governance. Similarly, staff, both teaching and non-teaching, also stepped up to be part of the Governing Body team, committing to 3 years of involvement, on top of their already busy schedules in their day-to-day school lives. The third arm of the governing body is the learner representation, and again, thank you to our learners for getting involved, staying late at school for meetings and helping us with their input in our decision making. The school is an extremely busy place as evidenced by this annual magazine, each page a testament to the work done by the girls and the staff across all four of our pillars. Their achievements add to Wynberg Girls’ High School’s reputation and keep it a school of choice for parents and girls. After 5 years of life in the school, with exposure to not just academic life, but also strong encouragement to get involved in the Service, Cultural and Sport pillars, a Wynberg girl should be able to leave the school, ready to tackle her next steps. It has been a great pleasure to be a part of the school’s life during the past year. We have worked closely as a team of governors, and it is a pity that we lose Hilary Mills, the non-educator staff member who has been on the governing body for many years as our very valuable secretary. Thank you for your hard work, and good luck in your new ventures. Good luck, also, to the matrics of 2018. All the very best for the next phase of your lives.

2018 has been a busy year for the committee of the Wynberg Old Girls’ Union. As always we had a super response from our past pupils to so willingly give of their time and assist on our committee. To the wonderful women of worth – Ann Coltham (Vice Chairperson), Hilary Mills (Treasurer and invaluable school liaison), Tracy Mills (Secretary and official sponsorship collector), Saarah Holmes (nee Coenraad) and Andrea das Neves who returned to serve this year, Tracy Stallard, Rona le Roux, Bev Edwards, Ruth Chalmers, Sandy Smith, Carole Fallows, Mignonne Schafer and Amy Wilkinson, also a new member with a strong school connection – a very special thank you! We meet, we laugh, discuss and plan, and we achieve our goals. This year we decided to treat both the matrics about to write their June exams as well as the Grade 7s embarking on their steps into the big world of High School. The girls were presented with fabulous goody bags at special assemblies. Careers Connect proved very motivational as we had past pupils from various disciplines meeting up with Grades 10 and 11 to discuss their interests in career choices for the future! Mentorship is one of the key aims of our Union. We also ran a most inspiring self defence workshop for past pupils. This will be repeated as it is an essential skill we all need to have. Our social responsibility program, Wool for Wonders, continued very successfully over the winter months. Well done girls of Wynberg and all the grannies, moms and past pupils who once again ensured that many little children and babies were warmly clad for the chill! The annual Founders’ Day week was the perfect place to catch up on past friends, colleagues and educators. We also had the first get-together of Wynberg Old Boys and Girls at Stellenbosch campus. We look forward to meeting new members and many more involved alumnae.




Nicki Stock Chair & Transformation Richard Brown Vice-chair, Discipline & Legal matters Roger Behrens HR Thoko de la Hunt Hostel Ashley de Wet IT Rafiq Ebrahiem Treasurer Mike Taberner Marketing, PR & Fundraising Shirley Harding Principal & Transformation David Burrell Academic matters Amy Wilkinson Transformation Hilary Mills Secretary & Buildings/ Maintenance Rabecca Rooy Learner representative Kayla Barnes Learner representative Co-opted Julie de Villiers Finance committee Melissa McCarthy Discipline Zainab Noor Discipline

a special occasion for Mrs Shirley Harding to wish past pupil (Matric class of 1936) - Elizabeth (Nesta) Theron, nee Delport (left), a happy birthday on behalf of the Old Girl’s Union as she celebrated her 100th birthday!

Members of the class of 1988 celebrate 30 years since they matriculated.

school spirit



4 |



Back row: Ms Willene Paulse, Ms Andrea Derrocks, Ms Nadine Wessels, Ms Stephanie Pienaar, Mr Peter Bodenstein, Mr John Roberts, Mrs Debby Saporetti,

Ms Bridget Patel, Ms Kaelin Stemmet, Ms Dayna Pearce

FOuRTH ROW: Ms Lucille Damon, Ms Elke Hill, Mev Vanessa Muller, Ms Trenell Sewraj, Ms Jackie Morton, Ms Cheryl Witthuhn, Ms Tremaine Sewraj, Ms Yvette Marais,

Ms Megan Verster, Ms Sue Rushton Ms Rashieda Badroodien, Ms Ntombekaya Didiza, Ms Rosa Marchesini, Ms Clivene Richards, Ms Leila Emdon, Ms Amy Wilkinson, Ms Chelsea Simmonds, Ms Kathryn Stranex, Ms Sam Furstenburg, Ms Suretha van Bergen, Ms Nazeeba Moerat SECOND ROW: Ms Liezel Bam, Ms Shireen Amien, Ms Octavia Ahmed, Ms Pat McEwan, Ms Lydia Kim, Mrs Kerry Hermans, Ms Noeline Faller, Ms Melissa Abrahams, Ms Ché Marneweck, Ms Nicita Singh, Mrs Jola Nel, Mrs Jackie Badenhorst Front ROW: Mr Jasper Saayman, Ms Pat Orpen, Ms Jennifer Paverd, Mrs Alison Smith, Ms Melissa McCarthy, Mrs Shirley Harding, Mr David Burrell, Ms Sjaene Van Wyk, Ms Michele Lawrence, Mrs Ingrid Adolph, Mr Andrew Hunter THIRD ROW:



The winning bowls team

Ms Ché Marneweck

Ms Trenell Sewraj

Ms Michele Lawrence

Mrs Shirley HardinG

Ms Pat McEwan and Ms Ntombekaya Didiza

Ms Melissa McCarthy and Mrs Kerry Hermans

Mr Jasper Saayman and Mr Andrew Hunter

Ms Nazeeba Moerat

Ms Dayna Pearce


COUNsELLING STAFF Ms Jawaahier Petersen, Ms Allison Eakin


MRS Liesl Maart

MRS Marlene Glover

Mrs Luella Gcweka, Mrs Noluvuyo Nonyongo, Mrs Monica Roberts, Mrs Fundiswa Zondela

SECURITY STAFF Mr Christopher Naku, Mr Zikisa Nhose, Mr Shaun Parenzee


Back ROW: Mr Malusi Tyose, Mr Terrence Damane, Mr Clint Leak, Mr Roy Bonus Front ROW: Mr Bennet Moyikwa, Mr Craig Leak, Mr Bryan Wood, Mr Sbongile Gqada

ADMIN STAFF RIGHT: Ms Marileen Smith, Mrs Lynn Theunissen

BELOW: Ms Nici Bjorkman, Ms Jeanette Stokell, Ms Britt Williams, Ms Julie de Villiers

ABOVE: Mrs Monica Roberts, Mrs Liesl Maart and Mrs Nduvuyo Nomyongo with their computer skills qualifications

Mr Roy Bonus and Mr Craig Leak

Mr Terrence Damane

| 5

MS Cheslyn de Wet

MR Enver Hassim

MS Hilary Mills

MRS Kathryn Manners

MS Lesley-Ann de Wet


6 |


FAREWELLS Suretha Van Bergen

Leila Emdon Leila Emdon arrived to do her 5 week stint as a student teacher, and ended up staying for the rest of the year as an intern in the History and English Departments. She led both her classroom and FemSoc with her unique and quirky style. Leila has kept our stomachs full with her amazing baking skills as well as our minds with her incredible compassion for social justice issues.

Paige Du Plessis Paige Du Plessis started at WGHS in 2003. During her time at Wynberg she has been involved in teaching many subjects such as Creative Arts (Art) and Consumer Studies. She became a stalwart in both the Technology and Life Orientation Departments. Her students loved the passion she brought to her teaching. She was involved in many other aspects of school and was part of the athletics team and netball management. Here she always made sure to keep the girls in high spirits on and off the court and track. She also served as the Assistant Pillar Head for Service and headed up the Occasions Team. Sadly we said goodbye to Mrs Du Plessis at the start of this year as she chose to pursue her interests outside of teaching. She has been missed by all who knew her for her bubbly, fun-loving personality.

Jackie Morton (Kunze) After several years teaching in the U.K, Jackie Morton has spent the past 13 years teaching English at Wynberg Girls’ High School. A new marriage, relocation and a burgeoning family life are taking her away from us. Whether in the classroom, as head of GET English, running the debating society or on the tennis court encouraging a love for the game among the social tennis students, Jackie has carried herself with grace and good humour. Her students have appreciated the care and creativity that go into her lessons and her colleagues have appreciated her efficiency, competency and warmth. Wynberg wishes Jackie all the best for her new life. We hope it will prove exciting and fulfilling.

Suretha Van Bergen joined the music department firstly as a part time vocal teacher and then in a full time capacity. An experienced and committed teacher, she has always approached her teaching with the greatest sense of professionalism. She has a kind, gentle and caring temperament. She has always been willing to go the extra mile, giving selflessly of her time to our school in order for her pupils to excel. During her time at Wynberg she has taught aural, theory and history of music, individual voice and piano lessons, vocal ensemble and choir. Under her baton the choir and vocal ensemble have won numerous awards at the Cape Town and Afrikaans Eisteddfods, as have her voice students, many of whom have gone on to study music at the Universities of Cape Town or Stellenbosch and have become accomplished performers, touring South Africa and abroad. Her vocal ensembles have also been winners at the All Girls’ Festival on numerous occasions, including 2018. Our music department has been truly blessed to have someone with her passion for music, her exceptional teaching skills,and her inimitable knowledge of her subject from which many have benefited over the years. It is with great sadness that we bid farewell to such a wonderful teacher, friend and colleague. She will be sorely missed. We wish her well in her future endeavours.

Bridget Patel Bridget Patel joined the English and Life Orientation departments in 2008 and has been an integral member of both departments ever since, teaching Grades 8 through to 12 over the years. An experienced and enthusiastic teacher, she has always approached her lessons and her numerous other responsibilities with passion and professionalism, with her classes enjoying a comfortable and enjoyable classroom environment. During her time at Wynberg, Ms Patel was a Constantia tutor and more recently head of Grade 12, a job which she embraced with great fervour. It is most likely though through her development of the Wynberg Careers Evening into the major annual event that it is now where she most leaves her mark. It is with great sadness that we bid farewell to such a wonderful teacher, friend and colleague but we wish her well for this new season of her life.

Nathan Lewis It has been a pleasure to teach with Nathan Lewis. He was a tower of strength and knowledge. We thank him for his support, guidance and encouragement that he diligently provided to his students. We wish him well in his future singing career and hope to see him on stage when we visit Artscape.

staff Janice Hudson-Windsor As a fun-loving past pupil, Janice Hudson-Windsor returned to her Alma Mater to take up the position of Head of Sport at the beginning of 2013. Never one to do anything in a half-hearted manner, she stepped in and put her own stamp on sport at WGHS. Although not a strict disciplinarian, her requirement of learners to do the right thing led to commitment, a team mentality and lots of fun. A particular passion was that learners looked good in their sports uniform, and many earned demerits for this offence! Success is not always immediate but sticking to the plan was something which endeared her to coaches and teachers. Not one to panic because of a setback, she would offer encouragement and coaching to remedy the game plan and, in her tenure at Wynberg, we saw many young women achieve provincial status and some who went on to represent South Africa, particularly in Ms HudsonWindsor’s favourite sport, hockey. Janice has a wonderful sense of humour which was enjoyed by staff members. She is unfailingly honest and was willing to challenge traditions when necessary. An absolute team-player, she was a wonderful member of the school management team and would always offer to give time and help to others. A positive approach to life, integrity, respect for others, initiative, problem-solver and reliability are words which easily describe her. Janice and her wife, Mandy, (and the dogs) moved to Scotland in July 2018 where Janice is coaching hockey and hoping to travel and enjoy new places. We wish them well in their new life and trust that Ms Hudson-Windsor will visit Wynberg again with a Scottish touring team. However, we suspect she will have divided loyalties as she will always be a “Wynberg” girl!

| 7

Sarah Ferguson-Brown Sarah Ferguson-Brown epitomized the term ‘Dynamite comes in small packages’. She began her teaching career in 2012 at Wynberg Girls’ in the Maths department. Her passion for Art moved her toward the Creative Arts and Visual Arts department. She motivated for the purchase of a printing press in 2015 and initiated the Printing Club, allowing girls to experiment with a variety of printing methods. Lino and collagraphs have been incorporated into the Creative Arts programme and many girls have subsequently used printing as their medium of choice for their Grade 12 Art PATS, allowing WGHS to showcase a variety of visual arts skills in their final exhibition. As a special surprise, she created beautiful invitations for the Matric Dance of 2016. Sarah headed the Grade 9 team and was an enthusiastic Wellesley House co-ordinator. Life is full of unexpected surprises and opportunities: whilst on holiday in Vietnam, she was approached and accepted an offer to head up an Art Department at a private school in the country. We miss her dynamic approach to teaching, problem solving, and her bubbly and compassionate personality. We have a beautiful, original Sarah Ferguson-Brown etching of a Protea hanging in the school to remind us of her time and contribution to WGHS. Thank you and bon voyage Sarah.

Lindsay Wills Nazeeba Moerat Nazeeba Moerat arrived at WGHS in 2007 to take up a position in the Maths department. However, it was not long before she moved to the Physical Sciences department where she taught Grades 10-12 for more than 10 years. Nazeeba resigned at the end of 2018 from her permanent position but she will be doing some parttime teaching here in 2019 and so we will still benefit from all her experience in the subject. Nazeeba will always be remembered as a dedicated teacher who set high standards for the students she taught and who has helped launch many girls on their Science careers!

Anya O’Hagan Anya O’Hagan joined the staff as the Marketing Manager in January 2016. She brought to the position a creative flair and new ideas, and was an important part of the school team in the design of the new website. New opportunities and possible further study in her other passion, Psychology, saw her leave us in March 2018. We wish her well in the future.

Lindsay Wills left Wynberg at the end of the first term in 2018 to pursue other forms of online tuition and teacher training with the goal of beginning studies for her doctorate at some time in the future. She did return in the third term to teach our Grade 10s and 11s. Lindsay threw herself wholeheartedly into whatever she tackled. Employed primarily as a Grade 8-12 History teacher, she also taught English and significantly involved herself in the cultural pillar. Dynamic, transformative, passionate and inspirational, she was entirely committed to the education of young women. She brought enormous intelligence, a searching questioning and an integrity that inspired. She took a sabbatical in 2016, when she was awarded a scholarship to complete a Masters degree in Gender Studies at York University (for which she obtained a distinction). She was an exceptional scholar and a role-model of lifelong learning. Apart from her significant contribution to the classroom, her introduction of FemSoc in the Cultural Pillar has had an extraordinarily valuable impact on the school. This society particularly has informed much of the practice of our value of inclusivity in the school. She challenged oppressive binary gender constructs and paved the way for the inclusion of those left out of mainstream narrative - especially those without the social or cultural capital to demand some space. She brought the same commitment and creative energy to the Major Productions that she was involved in. Working alongside Keenan Oliphant as assistant director in Thoroughly Modern Millie and then as director of The Crucible, she revealed an ability to be an outstanding team player and a leader. We will follow her career path with interest, and will always value the immense contribution she made to our school.

8 |


FAREWELLS (continued)

farewell from the sports department


Halfway through the year, and halfway through the hockey season, we bade farewell to Ms Janice Hudson-Windsor (Ms Winds to the girls), when she left our shores on her Scottish adventure with Mandy and the fur-children. Janice was our Head of Sport, Head of Hockey and one of the first team coaches for a number of years. And in WP circles, she embodied WP School Girls’ Hockey. She brought humour – and a little craziness – into every situation. This was a ‘tot weersiens’ or ‘till we meet again’ to a mentor, a friend and an inspiration. The first of the farewell events was our last fixture with Ms Winds in charge - fittingly against Rustenburg Girls’ High, whose first team is coached by Andi Bernstein, Janice’s coach when she was a WGHS pupil, and a dear friend. All the Wynberg players and coaches wore yellow ribbons with #thisonesforyou. Ryan Pillay said it beautifully: “When you play for something and in this case, someone, the result becomes irrelevant. The heart takes over, and the team unites for a set or planned outcome. Today, that was all for you.” The first team clash was the final match of the day. It was a hard-fought battle of wonderful hockey, with a team desperate to win their last match with Ms Winds. The outcome was not certain until the last moment, and when the final whistle sealed a Wynberg victory there was no holding back the emotions. It was a time for celebration, heartache, tears, love, and for enormous pride. What better way to end off than to sing the school song? Hundreds of people conspired to keep the last farewell event a surprise for Ms Winds. Believing there was a touring team from Johannesburg we were playing that afternoon, it was really a tournament with teams made up of current and past Wynberg players and coaches. The final game was an exhibition match with two teams of WGHS First Team, Western Province and Protea players, all connected to Wynberg Girls’ High, in a fabulous display of excellent hockey and great camaraderie. A potluck dinner gave the hockey families the opportunity to say goodbye to the HudsonWindsors.

A guard of honour for the guest of honour

Celebrating a great victory, and mourning the departure of one of our own

Ms Janice Hudson-Windsor with just a few of the people who made the farewell possible

Celebrating a great victory, and mourning the departure of one of our own

All the players who participated in the farewell tournament

MIDDLE AND above : Saying goodbye to a much-loved coach and mentor

The crowd was entertained to an exhibition match featuring Protea players, Western Province players, WGHS players, coaches and managers



| 9



Mr and Ms Rolf and Nadine Wessels

Mrs and Mr Jackie and Andrew Morton

The Team of the Decade volleyball game was a wonderful initiative by the School Council

Ms Allison Eakin

Ms Noeline Faller and Ms Amy Wilkinson

Mrs Jola NeL

The cheerleading team


Mr Yoveen Hunuman and Ms Trenell Sewraj celebrate their engagement Mrs Alison Smith

Ms Megan Verster

Ms Amy Wilkinson and Ms Kathryn Stranex

Mr anD Mrs Ryno and Megan Verster

Ms Noeline Faller

Ms Kaelin Stemmet


Mrs Kathryn Manners and her granddaughter, Sophie

Ms Carynn Underhill and Mr Gareth Nortjé with baby Max

10 |

student leaders by

Aqilah Regal Head of School

“I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re doing something.” - Neil Gaiman Throughout my year in office as Head of School, I was frequently asked how I was able to juggle my duties, school work and social life so efficiently. My answer was simple: TEAMWORK. The School Council, RCL, teachers and other student leaders all worked together successfully to make 2018 an amazing year filled with memories that I am sure we will cherish forever. This year was filled with many challenges, ranging from dealing with bulk orders of plastic roses to co-ordinating dance rehearsals for assemblies. It was definitely a maze we had to navigate and we could have easily given up at every dead end, but we all decided to persevere and continued trying to find the solutions to our

problems. We used our motto for 2018, “Spirit, Unity and Pride,” and our new set of Wynberg Values to ground us and inspire us to take risks, make mistakes and be drivers of change. This year has allowed us to grow and gain so many different experiences and skills that will definitely influence us in the new journey we are about to take. I always said leadership was never merely about wearing the badge. It is more about the impact that you have on the people following you and upholding the motto “Honour Before Honours”. The end of 2018 really gave me the opportunity to reflect on the year and see all the changes that have taken place within the school. I believe our biggest achievement was creating a more positive atmosphere at school. The aim of the Student Council was to make all our events as much fun as possible in the hope of lessening the stress that school work usually causes. We wanted Wynberg Girls to believe as strongly in our motto as we did, and at the end of the year we were rewarded with the laughter, smiles and the support that these girls showed each other. I want to thank all the learners, leaders and staff for making this year so phenomenal. It would not have been such a success without everyone’s input and support! Lastly, I wish the Student Leaders of 2019 ‘Good Luck’ for their year in office. I hope that you can build on this year’s legacy and continue the process of change and growth at Wynberg Girls’ High School.


Back Row: Abby Anderton, Bhavika Kalan, Jenna Grey, Ashara Pather, Jessica Austin Middle Row: Maree Petersen, Bella Draper, Peighton Barth, Yumna Ederies, Chelsea van Heerden, Tamiya Safodien Front Row: Rethabile Makoetlane, Saarah Abrahams, Aqilah Regal, Mrs Shirley Harding, Jade de Villiers, Kendra Petersen, Sibongile Mtegha

Leaders at Gr 8 Orientation

Tamiya, Yumna and Saarah

Having fun at the ‘Team of the Decade’ Challenge against the staff Jade and Abby


Tamiya and Aqilah

Chelsea and Layla

Downtime for THE School Council

student leaders by

Jade de Villiers RCL Chairperson

RCL Report What an adventure 2018 has been. We kick started this year with very clear goals in mind: to have an even stronger connection between the leadership of the student council and RCL, to improve communication between students in the broader community and most importantly, we made it our top priority to build on the foundation of sisterhood that had already been laid within our school. WynCon 2018 was a massive success. The RCLs of WGHS and WBHS collaborated and hosted the annual WynCon Conference at the WBHS Clegg Hall on February 24th. The interactive morning was filled with informative speakers and challenging group games designed for the networking of learners and leaders attending schools around the southern suburbs. The discussions and talks touched on issues experienced within many privileged and advantaged South African schools, and the conference allowed the space for practical solutions to be made from the minds of the


Back Row:

Angel Brink, Taylor Letellier, Aqilah Regal Hannah Davids, Margarita Charitou, Mia Grace, Almaas Bailey, Pollyanne Carlos, Faith April Front Row: Erin Harris, Jenna Grey, Ms Melissa McCarthy, Jade de Villiers, Mrs Shirley Harding, Rabecca Rooy, Kayla Barnes Middle Row:


Summa Heald, Sinazo Kwatsha Khanya Lujabe, Alive Somaguda, Sibongile Mtegha, Stacey Mboyana, Rebecca Francklin Front Row:

| 11

very leaders who will cause ripples of change in their journey forth. There were many “surface” changes that the RCL successfully initiated through the suggestions route, but a deeper message we aimed to promote was not necessarily a change that was physically tangible. This was a message of female empowerment. It was a message directed to every single woman making a change and wanting to be advocates for social justice and wanting to make a meaningful difference in our lives within and outside our school walls. One area where that fight was evident was in the change the RCL had undergone in the few years I had been honoured to serve my grade and then, this school. The RCL I walked into vs the RCL I will be leaving brings me a great sense of pride. The transition from a shopping list council with materialistic wants and demands into the more thoughtful, insightful and transformation-inducing suggestions that we now receive is owed to the girls making a concerted effort for change – those wanting to right the wrongs of the society they see themselves being brought up in. Continue to be the independent and strong advocates for change that I have known you to be. Through this, all of you who have been part of the system that has tried to make WGHS a better place for everyone – a place where everyone feels they have a voice- we honour and recognise your efforts. We need to continue to march forward as women before us have done, as individuals in a broader and much bigger female community. And the change should continue here, in our very own school.

12 |


ACADEMIC PILLAR COLOURS Protea Colours GRADE 12 Na-eela Coleman Juliet Killick Aneesa Rawat GRADE 11 Kaley Appleton Nicola van Tellingen

Full Colours GRADE 12

Full Colours CONTINUED

GRADE 10 Erin Coetzee Imogen Cupido Qailah Daniels Hannah Dunlop Nura Fakir Tanith Fester Mia Grace Jade Irvine-Smith Mia Lewis Juliette Lindup

Saarah Abrahams

Lara Mills

Abby Anderton

Lieschen Natus

Jessica Austin

Sage Seef

Malikah Gaibi

Jennifer Vine-Soanes

Isabelle Hayes

Jade Yardin

Jamie Hull Jane Imrie Julia Krantz Drew MacArthur Laila Manie Ishwarya Ramklass Aqilah Regal Chelsea van Heerden Helena Veysey Jesse Vosloo GRADE 11 Jordan Abrahamse Lara Berry Ciara Birch Margareta Bosch Robyn Brown Kristina Burge Amina Castineira Jenna Currie Nishaat Davids Aaminah Domingo Mia du Plessis Jasmine Kennedy Hannah Müller Stephanie Newman Lindsay Noland Kyra Ormond Joanna Roodt Mu’minah Salie Naomi Simpson Inge Tripod Jessica Venter

Half Colours GRADE 12 Haaniem Armadien Luyanda Bennie Jade de Villiers Caris Gertzen Caitlin Johnson Sarah Lee Kayla Morgan



Full Colours

Full Colours

Micaela Aries - Music

Grace Cochrane - Hockey

Chéyenne Britten

Aaliah Dollie - Hockey

- Photography Kezra Cairns - Music Bella Draper - Music and Drama Aaliyah Haron - Music Jasmine Kennedy

- Public Speaking Juliette Lindup - Dance Mikaela Meyer - Photography Hannah Müller - Music Naomi Simpson - Music Nicola van Tellingen - Public Speaking

Half Colours Amber Abrahams - Music Margareta Bosch -


Alexandra de Rose - Photography Lara Mills - Music Jade Yardin - Music Ji-Eun Park - Music Joanna Roodt - Photography Maria Stock - Music Mu’minah Salie - Photography Kayla Welsh - Music

Naeelah Parker Amarah Sadan Jemma Welz GRADE 11 Frances Barrow Chéyenne Britten Megan Farquhar Nabeelah Jacobs Nonelela Madubedube Amy Muller Alex Nicholson Aasiyah Saffodien Asmaa Solomon Jodi Swartz Kayla Welsh Yashoda Yengopal GRADE 10 Robyn Adams Aster Horne Lara Marais Engracia McTavish Erin Natus Lauren Rübler Amy Tasten


Aaminah Domingo - Hockey Jenna Grey - Hockey Jade Hartnick - Netball Raniya Khan - Hockey Aliya Lewis - Hockey Kayla Morgan - Hockey Jessica Petersen - Netball Karen Roodman

Half Colours Samantha Chambers - Netball Sarah-Jane Deary

- Cross Country

Megan de Beer - Waterpolo Rachel du Plessis - Hockey Beth Goode - Cross Country Aaliyah Haron - Netball Maree Petersen - Hockey Mieka Roebert - Cross Country Rabecca Rooy - Hockey Ashleigh Timms - Netball Inge Tripod - Squash

JUNIOR CERTIFICATES GradeS 8 & 9 Aakifah Abrahams Grade 8

- WP U14 South Hockey

Full Colours Abby Anderton - Service Head,

Amaal Ceres Grade 9

Bhavika Kalan - Enviro Club,

Pearl Gungu Grade 9

Sarah Lee - Enviro Club

Kelly Johnson Grade 9

Peer Guides

Laila Manie - Tech Team Naeelah Parker - First Aid Kendra Petersen - Interact,

Occasions Team, Peer Guides Aashiqah Regal - Library

Half Colours Francis Barrow - Enviro Club Joy Espach - First Aid Nawaal Jacobs - Interact,

Tech Team, Computer Monitor

Sasha Petersen - Interact Ishwarya Ramklass - Tech Team Amarah Sadan - Interact Zoë Sasman - Interact

Kaley Appleton

Keightley Walsh - Hockey

Shannon Carr Grade 8

Peer Guides

Ruby Behrens

- Cross Country Haanim Samaai - Hockey

- WP U14 South Hockey - WP U16 South Hockey - WP U16 B Squash - WP U16A Hockey

Amy Jonathan Grade 8

- WP U14 South Hockey Yusrah Khan Grade 9 - WP U16 South Hockey

Laila Manie Inge Tripod


| 13

Top Academic Achievers Adriana Verster (centre) won gold for South Africa at the KSi World Championships

TOP 3 POSITIONS GRADE 12 1st – Na-eela Coleman (L) 2nd – Juliet Killick (M) 3rd – Aneesa Rawat (R)







1st – Nicola van Tellingen (L) 2nd – Kaley Appleton (M) 3rd – Joanna Roodt (R)


1st – Jade Irvine-Smith (L) 2nd – Lieschen Natus (m) 3rd – Hannah Dunlop (R)

Caris Gertzen

1st – Jenna Ryklief (l) 2nd – Ashleigh Mingo (m) 3rd – Zara Allie (R)

Amber Abrahams

Hannah Müller

Zoë Grigor

Kendra Petersen

Abby Anderton

1st – Amy Scholtz (L) 2nd – Olivia Behrens (CL) 3rd – Aishah Sibda (CR) & Tyla Lottering (R)

Bella Draper

14 |


SPECIAL AWARDS Amber Abrahams Saarah Abrahams Layla Adams Abby Anderton Kaley Appleton Alicia Arends Jessica Austin Almaas Bailey Okwethu Banisi Kayla Barnes Olivia Behrens Ruby Behrens Aniqah Brenner Kristina Burge Kezra Cairns Cavanagh Amaal Ceres Rachel Carstens Grace Cochrane Na-eela Coleman

Emma Curry

Emma Curry & Kelly Blake Hannah Daniels Sarah-Jane Deary Jade de Villiers Aaliah Dollie Aaminah Domingo Bella Draper Mia du Plessis Rachel du Plessis Joy Espach Daina Fox Caris Gertzen Beth Goode Jenna Grey Zoë Grigor Pearl Gungu Cayleigh Hanekom Erin Harris

Trofeo Flautista - Excellence in Flute Past Pupils’ Bursary Alan Footman Trophy - Most Improved Waterpolo Player Lander Prize - Service to the School Vos Prize - General Knowledge - Senior / Lotz Trophy Excellence in the Sciences - Grades 10 & 11 Grade 9 Peer Award - Epitomising the Values of WGHS Courtney Clarke Cup - Courtesy and Deportment / W.O.B.U. Centenary Trophy - All-Round Achievement Main Trophy - The Best All-Rounder in Grade 9 WGHS Xhosa Society Trophy - Promotion of Cultural Harmony Grade 11 Peer Award - Epitomising the Values of WGHS Johnson Trophy - Best Junior Field Athlete Trophy - The Best U16 Netball Player John Cup - Best Computer Applications Technology project in Grade 12 Nan Melville Cup - Best Actress Irish Cup - Style in Piano Pat McEwen Trophy - Interhouse Academic Competition 1961 Matric Junior Copenhagen Trophy - Sportsmanship Grades 8 & 9 Borrill Trophy - General Knowledge - Junior Ryan Pillay Trophy - Hockey Player of the Year Abdurahman Cup - Excellence in the Sciences in Grade 12 / Brey Trophy - Excellence in Mathematics / Price Waterhouse Coopers Book Award - Accounting and Mathematics / Margaretha van der Spuy Prize - Top position in Grade 12 in the September examinations / Phillips Prize - First Position in Grade 12 - Dux Pupil / Annie Rees Bursary Grade 10 Peer Award - Epitomising the Values of WGHS Bryce Trophy - Service and Commitment to the School and Community - Grade 10 Mozart Cup - The Most Deserving Junior Music Pupil / Gerald Lea Cup - Enthusiastic Participation in Extramurals - Grade 9 Illse Davids Trophy - Most Outstanding Sportswoman Grade Twelve Peer Award - Epitomising the Values of Wynberg Girls’ High School / Andrea Meyer Trophy Most valuable contribution to RCL McCue Floating Trophy - Most Improved Indoor Hockey Player Cavalier Indoor Cup - Best Indoor Hockey Player Gilda Green Trophy - Excellence in Drama / Mingay Cup - Music - in an instrument other than Piano / Suttle Trophy - Service to the Cultural Pillar R Adams Trophy - The Most Original and Creative Art Work - Grades 9 to 11 Ellen and Sara Goldstone Cup - Achievement under difficult circumstances - Grades 8 to 11 Nanda Keerodhur Cup - Academic Progress over three years McIntosh Trophy - Excellence in Dance / Victor and Katherine de Villiers Memorial Prize - Perseverance Gail Astwood Literary Award Gray Trophy - Excellence in Cross Country (Gr 8-11) Constantia Cup - Most Improved Hockey Player Carol Shapiro-Dodds Trophy - Outstanding Achievement in Dance Studies Belinda White Trophy - The Most Improved Squash Player Anderson Trophy - Most Enthusiastic Waterpolo Player Trophy - Tennis Player of the Year

Isabelle Hayes

Helen Slater Trophy - Best Clarinetist or Saxophonist Duffell-Canham Trophy - The Highest Mark in the English Language Paper in Grade 10 / Book Prize English Creative Writing - Grade 10 Amy Jonathan Johnson Trophy - Best Junior Track Athlete Kelly Johnson 1989 Auxiliaries Cup - The Best U16 Hockey Player Lara Johnson Johnson Trophy - Best Senior Track Athlete Bhavika Kalan Sue Gow Floating Trophy - Service to the School / Hartmann Trophy - Passionate Enthusiasm That Makes A Difference / Rotary Good Fellowship Award Sadie Kennedy Book Prize - English Creative Writing - Grade 9 Juliet Killick Second position in Grade 12 / Rupert Pfeiffer Bursary Kara Lefson 1982 Matric Trophy - Outstanding Service to the Community - Grade 8 Hajira Lockhat Copenhagen Cup - Sportsmanship Farah Manie Le Coctier - Grade 8 Learner Who shows Promise and Ability in French SAL Tsholofelo Mangadi 1987 Auxiliaries Trophy - Participation and Enthusiasm / E B Lyon Prize Lara Mills Brey Trophy - For excellence in Mathematics examinations and competitions Khanyisa Mnyanda Suretha Bouwer Trophy - Most Promising Vocalist Lilitha Njobe Mabel Fanana-Mpambo Trophy - Highest Mark in isiXhosa Literature in Grade 12 Buyisile Nqubelani Louw Cup - Good Fellowship - Grade 9 Lilitha Ontjies Bluff Trophy - The Highest Mark in the English Language Paper in Grade 8 Jessica Petersen Johnson Trophy - Best Senior Field Athlete Kendra Petersen Harewood Cup - Service / Wynberg Old Girls’ Union Prize - Service and Fellowship Maree Petersen Hester Baartman Trophy - Most Outstanding Senior Hockey Player / 2001 Matric Cup - Spirit and Enthusiasm in School Activities Ella Pinkerton Book Prize - English Creative Writing - Grade 8 Shantel Ponda Trophy - Best Junior Netball Player Karen Roodman Wynberg Cup - Cross-country Aneesa Rawat Third position in Grade 12 AASHIQAH Regal Shena Wells Prize- Service to the Library / Caxton Books Award - Participation Aqilah Regal 1967 Std 10 Cup - Public Speaking / Picton Prize - Service to the School / Philllip Peche Trophy - Achievement under difficult circumstances Jenna Ryklief Roux-Louw Cup - Excellence in the Sciences - Grades 8 & 9 Tamiya Safodien Sforzando Trophy - Overall Contribution and Participation in the Music Department Mu’minah Salie 1961 Matric Trophy - Service and Commitment in Cultural Activities - Grades 10 & 11 Nihaad Sulaiman Trophy - Best Grade 8 Hockey Player Clemine Tal Zandberg Trophy - Most Improved Junior Netball Player Inge Tripod Thelland Squash Trophy - Player of the Year Josephine Turnbull Grade 8 Peer Award: - Epitomising the Values of WGHS Chelsea van Heerden Gladys Lazarus Memorial Prize - Careful Speech and Courteous Ways Nicola van Tellingen WGHS Cup for Debating - Excellence in Debating / Class of 1952 Honours Plate / Book Prize - English Creative Writing - Grade 11 / Daphne Jaaback Trophy - All-round Excellence in Physical Sciences in Grades 10 and 11 Olivia Walker Jill Cubie Trophy - All round achievement in Sport / Waterpolo Trophy - Most Outstanding Player Waterloo Suttle Trophy - Interhouse Singing / Interhouse Trophy Casey Williams Wynberg Cup - Synchronised Swimming Jade Irvine-Smith

awards Prize giving

| 15




We had two Prize Giving events: the Grade 8 & 9 ceremony in the morning, and the Grade 10 & 11 in the evening. On both occasions, the hall was filled with excitement and pride as educators and parents celebrated the achievements of our learners in 2018. Our guest speaker in the morning was Illse Davids – a past pupil of Wynberg, who achieved great things at school, in her field of study and as an Olympic sportswoman. She commented that many of the lessons needed for her success could be traced back to the opportunities offered and taken at Wynberg. In the evening, our guest speaker was past pupil Rehana Odendaal. Rehana, from a very young age, has been committed to social justice and making South Africa a better space for all. She talked about the importance of celebrating the achievements of young women, reminding us of how very important it is not only to do so when an award or certificate is given, but for the many achievements along the way - when significant courage was needed just to pick oneself up. After two very inspiring and successful ceremonies, it is hoped that our learners will find in the words spoken, and the experiences lived, clear points from which to chart their course.

Clemine Tal


Kara Lefson

Khanyisile Cotani

The Valedictory ceremony celebrates a culmination of twelve years of schooling, a recognition of development and success, and a final farewell to what has for many become more than a school, but a home. The Informal Valedictory Service was a joyous event. A delightfully entertaining video, created by the Memories Committee, tracked the WGHS journey of the Class of 2018. The Grade 11s sang Hall of Fame as a tribute to the matrics, the Staff members chose Firework with its affirming lyrics as their send-off, before the matric group ended the assembly with an emotional rendition of Wherever I go by Miley Cyrus. The Valedictory Service and Prize Giving was an inspirational affair - from the extraordinary speech of our Guest of Honour, Zimkhitha Peter, through the acknowledgement of the fantastic achievements of our matrics, to the touching performances by Isabelle Hayes on the saxophone and the choir. Mrs Harding addressed the assembly before Aqilah Regal, 2018 Head of School, addressed the Class of 2018 for a final time. CLOCKWISE FROM RIGHT: Mrs Shirley Harding with guest speaker Zimkhitha Peter; Okwethu Banisi; Yumna Ederies and her parents; Singing the School Song for the final time.



16 |


Saarah Abrahams

ACADEMIC PILLAR 2018 In one of the very first speeches I made in assembly, I spoke about time and the importance of making the most of every single second because we have so little of it. I made this speech at the beginning of my term as the Head of the Academic Pillar in Term 4 of 2017. I believe the Academic Committee and I have made the most of the time we had. Now my time as the head of this pillar has run out and it is time to say goodbye. Academics is a vital and important part of our school careers. In the words of the late Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” When I entered the position as the Head of the Academic Pillar, the Grade 12s were starting their preliminary examinations and would later complete their final examinations. Both of these exams are extremely important in the school career of a Grade 12 learner because how well she fares decides whether she stays in this chapter of her life or ventures into the next. Just to let them know that we were thinking of them, the Committee and I decided to give the matriculants good luck cards to wish them the very best. Term 4 is a stressful term for all of the learners. The Grade 8s write their first final high school exams. The Grade 9s use these exams to see if what they chose as their subjects for Grade 10 is what they really want to do. The Grade 10s write their first final exams for the subjects they chose and the Grade 11s use these results to apply to universities and colleges. In order to alleviate the stress, the Committee decided to put up a ‘Meme of the Week’ and a ‘Fact of the Week’ on our noticeboards. We also put up how many days there were left until exams started and until the end of the term. We set up a Google Drive folder for past papers that any learner could access. After the stress of exams, we had a Pillar Day where all the pillars offered an activity for the learners to do. The Academic Pillar decided to do something fun and we hosted a puzzle barter where each team had a puzzle to complete; however, they had to barter with the other teams in order to get their puzzle pieces. Term 1 of 2018 was definitely the busiest term for the pillar. With a new year comes a new set of fresh-faced Grade 8 learners. The Academic Pillar was allocated a slot during orientation and we decided to give a presentation describing the Academic Pillar and academic life at Wynberg Girls’ High School. We then played something similar to Trivial Pursuit with the Grade 8s. The learners had to guess what movie a quote was from, who the celebrities were and what the flags, logos and landmarks were. They also had to answer questions relating to world news.

Kayley Appleton

JADE Irvine-Smith

Na-eela Coleman

Joanna Roodt

In February, we held the annual Athena Games with Wynberg Boys’ High School. Learners, who had to enter in pairs, had to dress up as duos, such as Batman and Robin or a cheeseburger and fries. Groups participated in various subject-based games held by the Academic Committees of both schools. The night was a success and everyone enjoyed themselves. Something the Academic Pillar cannot miss is Pi Day, which takes place in March. The Grade 12s celebrated the day by taking a photo whilst sitting in the shape of the Pi symbol in the Honours Quad. The committee also held a Pi recital competition for the learners and teachers in order to see who could recite the most digits of Pi from memory. It was amazing to see how many digits the learners and teachers could actually recite. Something to mention from Term 2 was the video we made that was played before the June exams. In the video we gave the learners some tips on how to survive exams at Wynberg Girls’ High School. I am honoured to have led the Academic Pillar. It has been an amazing experience and learning opportunity. There are so many people to thank for the amazing success the Academic Pillar has had. Some of these people include the Academic Committee and the teachers in charge. I trust that the success of the pillar has made previous Wynberg girls proud and I have no doubt that future leaders will continue to do the same.

Academic Pillar COMMITTEE

Back Row: Malikah Gaibi, Farahana Smailovic, Aneesa Rawat Front Row:

Ishwarya Ramklass, Naima Bester, Saarah Abrahams, Mr David Burrell, Kiran Naicker, Jesse Vosloo, Na-eela Coleman

academic pillar MATRIC RESULTS

Jade, Jess, Joy and Rachelle celebrate their matric results

clockwise from ABOVE Left: Aneesa Rawat; Zoey van Rooyen and her mom; Karen Roodman and her sister, Kirsten; Mishka Ranchod and her mom; Bianca Smit and Farahana Smailovic

The WGHS Class of 2018 achieved outstanding results, and we are extremely proud of them! All 173 candidates passed, giving us a 100% pass rate. Arguably even more important is the fact that 168 of them qualify to attend university with a Bachelors Pass, while the remaining 5 are all able to enter other tertiary education institutions with their Diploma Passes. Wynberg Girls’ High School was announced as the top state school out of 65 schools in the Metro South Education District. The top three candidates at Wynberg in 2018 were Na-eela Coleman (93.6%), Juliet Killick (92.1%), and Aneesa Rawat (88.7%). These 3 young women were part of a group of 12 who obtained 7 distinctions each, with just under a quarter of our candidates achieving 4 or more distinctions. Eight girls are in the Top Twenty learners from state schools in the Metro South District: Na-eela Coleman, Juliet Killick, Aneesa Rawat, Jessica Austin, Isabelle Hayes, Saarah Abrahams, Abby Anderton and Malikah Gaibi. The subject results were equally impressive, with 387 individual distinctions obtained. Half of our 16 subjects achieved an average above 70%. Dance Studies (88%), History (86%) and Visual Arts (86%) obtained subject averages over 80%. Kayla Morgan, Ishwarya Ramklass, Juliet Killick and Lara Johnson all received 100% for History! Congratulations to every one of the matrics of 2018. We salute you and your phenomenal achievements. We wish you well for the future, and look forward to hearing about all the great things we know you will accomplish.


| 17

7 SUBJECT DISTINCTIONS Saarah Abrahams Drew MacArthur Jessica Austin Na-eela Coleman Malikah Gaibi Kiran Naicker Aneesa Rawat Aqilah Regal Isabelle Hayes Juliet Killick Chelsea van Heerden Jesse Vosloo

6 SUBJECT DISTINCTIONS Abby Anderton Naima Bester Jane Imrie Jamie Hull Laila Manie

5 SUBJECT DISTINCTIONS Haaniem Armadien Luyanda Bennie Jade de Villiers Caris Gertzen Summa Heald Julia Krantz Kelsey Lodewyk Maree Petersen Naeelah Parker Ishwarya Ramklass Amarah Sadan

Cambridge University AS Levels Results

Mikayla Schilder

WGHS is privileged to offer Cambridge AS LEVELS courses in both English and History in the Grade 11 year. In October/November, 20 of our Grade 11’s wrote the external examinations in English Language and Literature and 21 wrote the History exams. We are very proud of the Wynberg girls who took on this challenge. Their hard work has paid off as all of our candidates passed the exams. Particular congratulations go to the following who achieved distinctions: Kaley Appleton and Joanna Roodt (Distinctions in both English and History) Nicola van Tellingen (Distinction in History) Amina Castineira, Jasmine Kennedy and Mu’minah Salie (Distinction in English).

Helena Veysey

Farahana Smailovic Kayla Morgan


Ciara Wray

18 |

academic pillar AFRICAN DANCE WORKSHOP Indigenous Cross-cultural dance is part of the Dance Studies Curriculum, and this year we invited Elvis Sibeko to do a workshop with our Dance Studies girls. Elvis is an internationally acclaimed teacher of African Indigenous crosscultural dance forms such as gumboot dancing, pantsula and the more traditional dances such as the Zulu warrior dance, Umzanzi.


AFRIKAANS FIRST ADDITIONAL LANGUAGE ATKV SPELATHON Six of our learners received certificates for entering the Afrikaans Home Language ATKV Spelathon. This competition is held in grade groups: Grades 8 and 9, and then Grades 10 - 12.

Nawaal Jacobs, Margarita Charitou and Nabeelah Jacobs Nawaal Jacobs, Amy Tasten and Kayla Steenkamp

AFRIKAANS EISTEDDFOD On the 14 May, inspired by Ms Marais, 4 learners went to Herschel High School and participated in the Kaapse Afrikaans Eisteddfod - one of the oldest Afrikaans eisteddfods in South Africa. Nawaal Jacobs and Kayla Steenkamp entered the poetry section for which they received Honourable Mention and Praise respectively, while Amy Tasten entered the prose section and received a Highest Praise certificate for her work.

Ashleigh Stevens, Danelle Marsh and Margareta Bosch

MATRIC ART EXHIBITION Our matric art students displayed their year’s work at the annual Matric Art Exhibition in October. The evening was officially opened by Liesl Hartmann, Head of the Education Programme at Zeitz Mocaa. The themes of Baggage/ Burdens were interpreted in a multitude of different ways, showing the imagination and creativity of our learners.

Amy van Zyl and the painting she made of her sister

ABOVE: Drew MacArthur RIGHT: Anja Volschenk (see more art on pages 78-80)

academic pillar

| 19

ATHENA GAMES The Athena Games, organised by the academic committees of Wynberg Boys’ and Girls’ High, had 22 participating teams putting their minds to the test while having fun with games and challenges. There was something for everyone, not just the “academically inclined.” Games ranged from Pictionary, to Biology in 30 Seconds, and even a dance-off.



This year, our Bridge Building team designed a truss-arch bridge in the 5 hours they were given. Their bridge was proudly painted in the school colours, and was able to withstand 60kg. This effort placed them ninth out of 36 schools, and top amongst the all-girls’ schools.

CAREER connect The Careers Connect evening, organised by WOGU, has become a wonderful opportunity for the Wynberg girls to find out more about careers our past pupils have gone into over the years. This year, speakers at the event ranged from Photographers and Youtubers to Anthropologists and Marine Biologists.

Jenna and Saarah

WGHS Alumnae who gave our girls insight into their careers

Our budding Master Chefs: ABOVE: KatelIn, Zandi, Kim, Adrianne and Trystan. RIGHT: Erin Forster

CONSUMERS STUDIES The Consumers Studies girls are consistently encouraged to create Masterchef-quality dishes. In order to get top marks these learners have to master a variety of skills pertaining to many different cuisines and genres.

Our graceful dancers; ABOVE: Daina Fox, Zoë Grigor, Naima Bester and Jesse Vosloo. RIGHT: Hannah DEschamps, Luyanda Bennie and Ihmaan Truebody


Our Dance Studies Matrics performed their final Dance Practical in August.

20 |

academic pillar

DISCOVERY WEEK Introduced with the aim of allowing Grade 8 learners to develop 21st Century skills, Discovery Week once again pushed the girls to display the 9 core objectives: Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, Functional Digital Skills, Curating Information, Cultural and Social Understanding, Learning Independence, and E-Safety.

FROM FAR LEFT: Quanita Harris and Amy Lee Scholtz; Mariam Abrahams and Pollyanne Carlos; Taylor Yardin and Angel Brink

ENGLISH: A VISIT BY EDYTH BULBRING It was a rare treat for the Grade 10s and their English teachers to engage in a delightfully witty, entertaining and inter-active discussion with Edyth Bulbring, author of the literary work, The Mark.

Edyth Bulbring AND Kelly Blake


MEMBERS OF TH HISTORY DEPARTMENT WITH Prof Amanda Esterhuysen (Ms Lindsay Wills, Ms Gill Sutton, Ms Amy Wilkinson, Prof Amanda Esterhuysen, Ms Sjaene van Wyk)


Prof Amanda Esterhuysen, renowned archaeologist and Associate Professor at Wits University, presented a talk on Contested Histories: Excavating the site of the Siege of Mugombane. WGHS hosted the event and History teachers from all around Cape Town attended.




The Grade 10 History learners played Mancala, arguably the oldest board game in the world. There is evidence of the game being played in Africa and Asia for thousands of years.

Introducing the topic of Southern Africa’s Long Past, the Grade 10 History girls were challenged to see which group could build a puzzle of Africa in the shortest time - testing their knowledge of the continent we live on.

academic pillar

| 21

SAARAH ABRAHAMS, SARAH LEE AND KIRAN NAICKER Robyn, Grace, Malikah and Kuhle dissecting a heart

HEART DISSECTIONS The practical components of the Life Sciences syllabus are always much anticipated. The Grade 10 learners learnt about the heart through dissections, and did blood pressure tests on each other.

MGENAFRICA GENOMICS The field of genomics was introduced to learners from all over Cape Town by the University of Cape Town (UCT) in a workshop in August. Sponsored by the pan-African bioinformatics network H3ABioNet Consortium, the day included quizzes, Q&A sessions with UCT researchers, a career corner and online competitions.


ABOVE: Emma, Palesa, Tarryn and ZaakiraH busy with heart dissections LEFT: Nuhaa Majiet having her blood pressure tested

Demonstrating the solution to a riddle during Maths Enrichment

Some of our participants at the WBHS InterSchools Maths Challenge

ABOVE: Rachel and Yashoda doing a taste test. ABOVE RIGHT: Aaminah and Aasiyah

PHYSICAL SCIENCES EXPERIMENT THE ICE CREAM LAB The Ice Cream Lab visited WGHS to demonstrate their use of liquid nitrogen to make ice cream to the Grade 11 Physical Sciences classes. The girl were able to taste two of their many extravagant flavours: Vanilla and Nutella. Not only were they fed delicious ice cream, but they were also able to play around with liquid nitrogen.

Grade 8 subject music pupils with their Marimba teachers

MUSIC - MARIMBAS In 2018, the Music Department introduced Marimbas as an instrument of choice in the academic syllabus. Grade 8 subject music pupils took part in a concert at Springfield Convent School.

22 |

academic pillar

Peer Tutors Back Row:

Kiah Martin, Lara Berry, Saarah Samie, Sarah Lee Middle Row: Saarah Jeffery, Stephanie Newman, Danielle Hendricks, Nura Fakir, Nicola van Tellingen, Nishaat Davids, Lindsay Noland, Kaley Appleton Front Row: Caris Gertzen, Aaminah Domingo, Frances Barrow, Asmaa Solomon, Ms Octavia Ahmed, Farahana Smailovic, Aimée Cawood, Mu’minah Salie, Naeelah Parker

The peer tutors provide curriculum-related assistance to learners from all grades: whether someone is struggling after missing school, or battling with a tricky concept, these girls are always willing to help.

Pi DAY In celebration of Pi day on 14 March, the Academic Committee hosted the Pi recital challenge. Contestants had to recite as many digits of Pi that they could remember, with only seven seconds hesitation allowed in between the citing of any number. Ms Kim could recite a grand total of 73 digits, and Aashiqah Regal was able to recite a whopping total of 120 digits of Pi!


Juliet Killick, Isabelle Hayes and Aneesa Rawat

ROYAL SOCIETY SCIENCE ESSAY COMPETITION Three of our learners won prizes in the 2018 Royal Society of South Africa National School Science Essay Competition. In the category ‘Cutting edge of gene editing’, Aneesa Rawat won a 2nd prize of R4 000 and Isabelle Hayes won a merit prize of R1 000. In the category ‘Water is the new gold’, Juliet Killick won a merit prize of R1 000.


SAIIA (SA INSTITUTE FOR INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS) Natasha Mtila, Nonelela Madubedube, Mu’minah Salie and Nicola van Tellingen participated in a quiz relating to international politics, economics and philanthropy in an eventful evening in which much was learnt.

academic pillar


| 23

Lara Mills won the Brey Trophy for Excellence in Mathematics Examinations and Competitions

Back Row:

Aneeqah Carelse, Saarah Stanford, Imaan Salie, Zayaan Jardien, Jessie Manshon, Ashleigh Mingo, Imrah Lodewyk Front Row: Naeelah Parker, Julia Krantz, Jane Imrie, Ms Ché Marneweck, Caris Gertzen, Drew MacArthur, Imaan Parker

Mathematics Olympiad Back Row:

Emily Shuman, Pollyanne Carlos, Amy Scholtz, Teva Shuman Middle Row: Kaley Appleton, Olivia Joseph, Nicola van Tellingen, Robyn Brown, Zahra Gamiet, Courtney Jacobs Front Row: Margareta Bosch, Mr John Roberts, Lara Mills, Ms Lydia Kim, Mu’minah Salie

Senior English Olympiad Back Row:

Jasmine Kennedy Front Row: Isabelle Meyer, Ilhám Choonara, Ms Noeline Faller, Frances Barrow, Olivia Joseph

Afrikaans Olympiad

Back Row: Chéyenne Britten, Faith April, Naeelah Parker Middle Row: Nawaal Jacobs, Kaley Appleton, Nicola van Tellingen, Margareta Bosch, Mu’minah Salie, Nabeelah Jacobs Front Row: Jasmine Kennedy, Aaminah Domingo, Mrs Ingrid Adolph, Robyn Brown, Aaliyah Haron

Jade Irvine-Smith won the book prize for English Creative Writing in Gr 10

Lilitha Ontjies won the Bluff Trophy for the highest mark in the English language paper in Gr 8

24 |

academic pillar

OUTINGS AFRIKAANS Fifteen learners attended the Woordfees in Stellenbosch where two theatrical productions were on the cards for them: “Cry our beloved country” (a combination of Afrikaans and some English poems) and “Liewe Heksie en die sirkus”.

Wynberg Girls at Woordfees

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: The Geography girls at Koeberg Nuclear Power Station; Investigations at Mouille Point; Cycling for power at Koeberg; The syllabus made practical on Signal Hill


The Grade 10 Geography girls went on an outing around Cape Town which allowed them to explore our city’s geomorphology, comparing rock types, and examining the effects of erosion. The Grade 11s visited the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station on their excursion, where they were treated to a presentation on exactly how nuclear energy works.

Haanim, Lana, Raniya, Danielle, Hannah and Aaminah at Woordfees

Matrics in a cell at Robben Island

HISTORY Our first outing for the year was to two exhibits: Deadly Medicine at the CTHC, and Derek Bauer’s political cartoons at the SA Museum. The Grade 9 classes visited District Six on their outing, which focused on providing a deeper understanding of the long-term causes of Apartheid and how this led up to the displacement of the people of District 6. The objective for the Grade 10 History girls on their outing to the Slave Lodge and Prestwich Memorial was to learn more about part of South Africa’s very dark history - the slaves and marginalised people who helped build this city. Robben Island was once again the destination for the Matric History excursion. The girls went on a tour around the island before being guided around the prison complex by an ex-political prisoner, who was willing to share many personal stories of his time on the island.

District Six

Matrics on their Robben Island outing

Mimosa, Shreya and Sabine at the Deadly Medicine Exhibition Naledi Lehoke and Siba Tokwe at the District Six Museum

District Six Workshop

Outside the South African Museum after visiting the Derek Bauer Exhibition

academic pillar

The art girls in front of Ruby Swinney’s work at MOCAA


Art inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s Bicycle

The Grade 9 and 10 Art students went to Stellenbosch for an outing which included a visit to the Stellenbosch University Museum and the Rupert Museum. They learnt about artists such as Christo Coetzee and Willie Bester. It was a rare treat to see the Rupert collection of paintings by Irma Stern and J.H Pierneef, and a special exhibitation of Walter Battiss art. There was another excursion to the South African Museum.

Gr 9 and 10 Art girls in the Stellenbosch University Art Museum

On a boat trip around the canal at Century City

| 25

gr 9 outing to Intaka Island

Aqeelah Hassan being adventurous on the Gr 9 outing

NATURAL SCIENCES The Grade 9s enjoyed a morning at Intaka Island, Century City observing the natural habitat of the bird life in the Wetland.

LIFE SCIENCES The Grade 11 and 12 Life Science students went on outings to Stellenbosch University’s Division of Clinical Anatomy. The girls observed an embalmed cadaver, and were allowed to examine the cadaver’s organs. They were also taken on a tour of the Division’s Medical Morphology Museum where they saw preserved human and some animal remains. Making learning fun at the Science Centre


The Life Sciences girls at Stellenbosch University

The Grade 12 Physical Sciences students got to see and experience Science in action through the many interactive exhibits, puzzles and astronautical paraphernalia on display at the Cape Town Science Centre.

Nuriyah Pahad at the Science Centre

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Cultural Pillar 2018 2018 has been a remarkable year for the Cultural Pillar: one filled with growth, passion, creativity and unity. The Cultural Pillar hosted a number of events throughout the year including the spectacular Dance Showcase “This is Me!” directed by Mrs Badenhorst, the annual choir and orchestral campus concerts, the dramatic production of Caryl Churchill’s “Love and Information” directed by Ms Penelope Glover, and most recently the Cultural Evening organised by our Ubuntu Society. A huge event that took place was this year’s major production “Shrek, The Musical!” directed by Ms Krystle Kustanovich; a powerful collaboration between the talented thespians of both Wynberg Girls’ and Wynberg Boys’ High Schools resulting in a magical musical performance. 2018 also brought some changes and the introduction of new events. The Photography Committee organised their first ever online photography exhibition which allowed girls from Grades 8 – 12 to exhibit their work; Culture X (formerly known as Cultural Exchange) was established to engage, embrace and connect those of different cultures nationally and internationally; Christian Union introduced live worship sessions organised by members of their committee and the Muslim Students Association hosted their first ever “Samoosa Eating Competition” to raise money for charity as well as for their annual Iftaar. The Wynberg Campus of Schools also introduced the “Wynberg Spotlight Competition” which learners from all 4 Wynberg schools could enter to showcase their talents. Throughout the year, many of the Cultural societies took part in various competitions and received outstanding results. Our Vocal Ensemble attended the National All Girls’ Festival in East London where they triumphantly came joint first. The Dance Sport girls won the trophy at Interschools held in March and thirteen of the Dance Sport girls were selected to represent the Province at the National Tournament that took place in Durban. Six of our girls were selected for the National Team. Our Flute Ensemble, as well as some of our Marimba bands took part in the FACETS competition held at Sans Souci in April where they received outstanding results. Under Ms Pearce’s direction, the Jazz Band performed at the annual Band Slam competition and, although the performance fell on a school night, our girls and teachers did not fail to turn up in

Amarachi Vazidlule

micaela aries

Kristina Burge

Hannah MülleR

their black and gold to support the Jazz Band. The Jazz Band’s performance was incredible and the amount of support that they received led to their winning the Spirit Award for the 4th time. The Cultural Pillar is full of stars, but we have to make special mention of a few girls who have done exceptionally well this year. Kristina Burge (Grade 11) was given the lead role of Tracy in the wellknown musical “Hairspray” which will be performed at Artscape next year, Micaela Arries (Grade 10) was chosen as one of 8 violinists to perform at the Nelson Mandela Centenary Celebrations and Phoebe Andrews (Grade 9) performed with the South African Youth Choir at the State of the Nation Address in February. In August, Jenna Koopman (Grade 10), Zoë Koeries (Grade 9) and Tara Roos (Grade 8) danced at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, and Juliette Lindup (Grade 10) and Kayla Anderson (Grade 10) took part in the New Prague Dance Festival where their dance school came 3rd overall for Classical ballet. All in all, this has been an extremely exciting and eventful year for the Cultural Pillar, and we thank the teachers and the students for the huge amount of work, passion and dedication that they put into the Cultural Pillar of 2017/2018.


Back Row: Caryn Ryklief, Kudzaishe Hove, Aaliyah Haron, Ciara Birch, Bhavika Kalan, Kayla Welsh, Jasmine Kennedy, Hannah Müller, Jessica Austin Middle Row: Caitlin Johnson, Ilhám Choonara, Kristina Burge, Aashiqah Regal, Tamiya Safodien, Adrianne Fisher, Courtney Jacobs, Mu’minah Salie, Kayla Barnes,

Tanyaradzwa Ngandu Front Row: Rebecca Daniels, Tsholofelo Mangadi, Amarachi Vazidlule, Ms Shireen Amien, Ms Pat Orpen, Bella Draper, Kezra Cairns, Aqilah Regal, Isabelle Hayes

cultural pillar

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Art Committee Back Row:

Olivia Joseph, Zahra Gamiet, Savanna Boughwan Middle Row: Aimée Cawood, Geenah Philander, Jade Carlos, Mia du Plessis, Imogen Cupido, Megan Rutherford Front Row: Azrah van der Schyff, Joey Gordon, Mrs Debby Saporetti, Tanyaradzwa Ngandu, Ashna Ramjee This past year has been an eventful and exciting one for the art committee. We were honored to have well known artist, Hasan Essop, as a guest speaker. Throughout the year termly art exhibitions were set up to showcase the students’ artistic talents. In term three we worked hard to frame and set up artworks depicting powerful women in honour of Women’s Month. Towards the end of the year the art committee helped the matrics frame their work and set up the matric exhibition. We have worked hard to promote art, educate the general public about the art that is in their community, and create a support system for the artists in our school through the termly exhibitions, keeping the art room clean and having guest speakers talk to students to inspire and educate.

PrintMaking CLUB

ABOVE: Sasha Petersen and Bridget Smith at the Irma Stern Museum LEFT: The art girls listening intently on their outing

This year in print club there have been many changes and all of them were taken well by our girls. With the addition of a new teacher and different themes or mediums our girls adapted well and made the most of their situation. In print club we experimented with different forms of print in each term. In term 1 we made stamps out of lino and wood offcuts which allowed girls to make their own name or initial stamp. In term 2 we made some monoprints using water based ink. We also had to say goodbye to our teacher Ms Ferguson-Brown. Ms Ox joined us in term 3, and the girls embraced her expressive and fun nature which was evident in their prints. We learnt to do another style of monoprints which allowed us to express ourselves in a more free manner. There was a group of girls who consistently attended throughout the year and came to print club with a passion for learning the art form. All in all 2018 was a great year! Back Row:

Nina Basson, Ciara Birch, Megan Speedy Caitlin Joseph, Courtney Jacobs (Head), Ms Nina Ox, Mu’minah Salie, Ashna Ramjee Front Row:

Ms Sarah Ferguson-Brown demonstrating A technique to the Print Club girls

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cultural pillar

photoS: Mike Leresche


The wedding scene from Shrek, The Musical

Drama The WGHS Drama Department put on the funny, endearing, thought-provoking, dreadfully sad and profoundly moving production of Caryl Churchill’s “Love and Understanding”. Ms Penelope Glover did an outstanding job in her direction of this play. She and her cast vividly revealed a fast-paced world that is at once connected and disconnected, virtual and immediate. The anxieties of our age and the fragmentation of our lives were powerfully communicated. The major production, and our annual collaboration with WBHS, was “Shrek the Musical”, directed by Ms Krystle Kustanovich. From a land far, far away, came a story almost as old as time itself, brought to the stage by the talented thespians of Wynberg Boys’ & Girls’ High Schools. A comedy-musical with a live band, actors, singers, dancers, and crew all drawn from the scholars of our two schools, it starred Kristina Burge as Fiona. It started with Shrek as a baby, Donkey providing the laughs (as always), and Lord Farquaad scheming his way to the throne until Princess Fiona took her true form. The show was truly intriguing, funny, and very, very magical.

Drama Society

Back Row: Zuki Cook, Ashleigh Arendse, Casey Williams, Shakeerah Meyer, Zarah Noordien, Roxie Munton, Stella Raine, Rebecca Espin Middle Row: Hannah Bleekers, Jordyn Ferrier, Jessi Solomon, Sage Seef, Ivanka Marais, Anati Green, Kya Adriaan, Mariam Abrahams Front Row: Hannah Scott-Gaertner, Bella Draper, Kristina Burge, Ms Pat Orpen, Kudzaishe Hove, Luana Lima, Corina Austin

Shrek the Musical

photoS: Mike Leresche

Cast photo: Reuven Kustanovich

Love and Information

Clockwise from top: The cast of Shrek, The Musical; Ocean, Hannah and Mia as the Duloc Dolls; Palesa, Hluma, Engracia and Corina as the Pied Piper’s Rats; Ivanka, Hluma and Ashleigh as the Three Blind Mice; Kristina Burge as Princess Fiona.

Through vignettes portraying the reality of life, the cast of Love and Information explored the theme of love in a world where we are bombarded by information. BOTTOM RIGHT: The cast of Love and Information.

cultural pillar

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DANCE Dance Society

Back Row: Alyssa Isaacs, Jada Paulse,

Alexandra Kandralides, Jenna Koopman Middle Row: Zoë Koeries, Robyn Adams, Aster Horne, Chelsea van der Ross, Kya Adriaan, Mia Paulsen Front Row: Melissa Hull, Jesse Vosloo, Tsholofelo Mangadi, Mrs Jackie Badenhorst, Jamie Hull, Kezra Cairns, Nabeelah Jacobs Dance Society is for people who share a love of dance, and want to showcase it. The dancers range from trained dancers, to freestylers, to anyone who wants to just dance. This year’s Dance Showcase, “This is Me!”, directed by Mrs Jackie Badenhorst, was vibrant, slick, varied and highly entertaining. It was an event that left audiences regretting that the run of the show was not a little longer. Performers came from all of the dance groups in the school: our Dance Studies girls, those who are members of DanceSport and the Dance Society. The cast of This is Me!

Olivia Watson and Rachel Carstens

Hluma Shoko

Juliette Lindup

RIGHT: Mrs Jackie Badenhorst, Tsholofelo Mangadi, Kezra Cairns and Jamie Hull

Dance Sport

Back Row: Amber Abrahams,

Ashleigh Turner, Lilitha Langeni, Kathryn Neumann, Alyssa Starck Third Row: Qira Matthews, Gita Urion, Amarachi Vazidlule, Kezia Floris, Tsholofelo Mangadi, Alyssa Isaacs, Gugulethu Ndubela, Caitlin Braga Second Row: Celeste Ficks, Aaniquah Dicks, Jenna Koopman, Cayla Heldsinger, Tiero van Niekerk, Lana Fouten, Anati Green, Teagan Europa Front Row: Jessica Petersen, Rachel Kendon, Tamia Geldenhuys, Adrianne Fisher, Ms Willene Paulse, Jamie Fisher, Eunice Kabongo Kantu, Tebogo Simanga, Megan Wolmarans

The WGHS Dance Sport Western Province representatives

Aaniquah Dicks

Jessica Petersen

Jady Baumann

Our Dance Sport girls had another superb season in the second year of the Dance Sport School League. A number of our dancers were selected to represent Western Province at the Inter-Provincial Tournament held in KwaZulu Natal, with Celeste Ficks, Gita Urion, Ashleigh Turner, Amber Abrahams, Jamie Fisher and Adrianne Fisher earning their National Colours! Dance Sport was also introduced to the masses with a highly entertaining House Challenge at the end of the year.

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cultural pillar

MUSIC MUSIC DEPARTMENT The last few years have seen the WGHS music department grow from strength to strength. 2018 has seen our flute, vocal, jazz and marimba ensembles, choir and combined Boys’ and Girls’ High concert band performing at various eisteddfods and competitions in and around Cape Town with success. Our pupils have also achieved excellent results in the external music exams. Amber Abrahams, Amisha Dhaya, Bella Draper and Kezra Cairns achieved over 80% in their Grade 6 external exams. Micaela Arries and Hannah Müller passed their Grade 8 violin exams with merit.



The Jazz Band took part in the V&A Waterfront Annual Band Slam against 11 other schools. Once again, we were exceptionally proud of our girls both on and off the stage. The musicians and singers were wonderful, and the supporters took our breath away with their spirit. ABOVE: Wynberg spirit. RIGHT: Khanyisa Mnyanda, one of our Jazz Band soloists

ensemble concert


Kendra and Celine enjoying the promotion of the Concert in the Quad

Photo: Tania Robbertze

Photo: Tania Robbertze

The combined Jazz Bands, Concert Bands, String Ensembles, Wind Bands and Orchestras of the four Campus Schools performed at the annual Ensemble Concert in August. The conductors were drawn from all four schools, and teachers joined their students in what was a marvellous making of music.

TOP AND ABOVE: The Ensemble Orchestra of the four Campus Schools

cultural pillar

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CHOIR Back Row:

Sage Seef, Erynne Dickson-Hall, Farahana Smailovic, Bella Draper, Tamiya Safodien, Phoebe Andrews, Jessi Solomon Fourth Row: Raniya Khan, Rethabile Makoetlane, Hayley Wentzel, Happiness Walter, Ashleigh Turner, Chuma Tatana, Kuhle Mbiza, Lilitha Langeni, Hannah Lakey, Hannah Davids, Akhona Mangesana Third Row: Kate Murtagh, Zion Mangadi, Hannah Smith, Margareta Bosch, Holly-Jane Bovill, Gabriella Von Alten-Reuss, Tessa Burge, Ashleigh Arendse, Zomthi Zibi, Emma Maratos, Nishaat Davids Second Row: Lisakhanya Macanda, Kaydi Le Grange, Alexandra Hartog, Keera Kirsten, Kamva Yozi, Asanele Magxiva, Faith April, Haaniya Carelse, Akhona Nolokwe, Christinah Augustino Front Row: Onesimo Nikelo, Rachel McIntyre, Zoë Ellis, Ms Yvette Marais, Lara Berry, Ms Suretha van Bergen, Kezra Cairns, Ms Chelsea Simmonds, Andrea de Kock, Nicole Mutsekwa, Nur Haroun

Flute Ensemble

Back Row: Naomi Simpson, Corina Austin, Elisabeth Bosch, Erica Schrick, Amisha Dhaya, Lara Mills Front Row: Hannah Daniels, Jade Yardin, Aaliyah Haron, Ms Chelsea Simmonds, Kayla Welsh, Chéyenne Britten, Amber Abrahams

Guitar Ensemble

Back Row: Saarah Stanford, Amy Scholtz,

Tessa Burge, Bethany Toohey, Robyn Boltman Front Row: S’thembile Gumede, Kamva Yozi, Aashiqah Regal, Mrs Vanessa Brink, Si Connolly, Jessica Bailey, Lana Fouten

Various choir performances throughout the year, including the All Girls Choir Festival at St George’s Cathedral

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cultural pillar

Jazz Band

Back Row: Saarah Stanford, Tamiya Safodien, Frances Collopy, Imaan Salie, Hannah Müller, Isabelle Hayes, Danielle Hendricks, Stephanie Newman, Maria Stock Middle Row: Celine Bailey, Caitlin Johnson, Rethabile Makoetlane, Aashiqah Regal, Kezra Cairns, Alexandra Johnson, Stacey Mboyana, Amber Abrahams Front Row: Jade Yardin, Kayla Arendse, Ashleigh Roode, Caryn Ryklief, Ms Dayna Pearce, Rebecca Daniels, Emilie Walters, Khanyisa Mnyanda, Kirsten Hendricks

ABOVE: Jordan Baker at Bandslam RIGHT: The Jazz Band performs at the V&A WATERFRONT

Marimba JAM

Marimba SOCIETY Back Row:

Alex Nicholson, Hannah Davids, Kaley Appleton, Kayla Barnes, Calleigh Africa Front Row: Chelsea van Heerden, Naima Bester, Jessica Austin, Bella Draper, Athraah bint Abdulla Soeker

The third annual Marimba Jam Festival this year was the largest one yet. Over three hundred marimba players congregated at the Hugo Lambrechts Music Center to entertain a crowd of four hundred - a sold out festival. On Thursday, 9 August (Women’s Day), over 250 girls of all ages gathered together in Tygervalley Mall to break a World Record. Organised by Marimba Jam, the aim was to break the record for the biggest marimba ensemble, a record previously set by an Australian group with 180 people. Marimba Jam decided to break the record with only women in honour of Women’s Day and because Marimba Jam was established solely by women. A number of our Wynberg Marimba Bands performed extremely well at the Marimba Jam Eisteddfod. Wynberg bands did exceptionally well with most bands achieving distinctions. The Rumblebees, a Grade Ten band, achieved 84%, and the Senior Grade Eleven band achieved 86% in the senior section. Dynamics, a junior band, achieved an outstanding 95% for their performance, making them one of the top performing bands in their age category. Ms Kiara Ramklass came to the school to award the “Winning School” Trophy which the school won.

CLOCKWISE FROM ABOVE: The Marimba Jam Festival; Ms Kiara Ramklass and some of the members of our Marimba bands with the ‘Winning School’ trophy; Relaxing before another performance.

cultural pillar

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It is generally a week to ten days before the Matric Music students are due to play their Music Practical Examinations that a concert is held for parents, staff and friends. This year the programme included a single performance of one of the pieces from their repertoire on which they would be examined at the end of the year. A rich and varied programme of pianists, guitarists, flautists and vocalists from the classics to the contemporary entertained the audience. Adding to this special night, we were very lucky to have Mrs Wendy Ackerman in the audience. Mrs Ackerman, one of our Alumnae, was responsible for the donation of our new grand piano, as well as a financial donation enabling us to transform what was formerly an art room into a small concert venue. It was an honour to have her there and we are very grateful for her contribution to the music department.

Si, Rebecca and Kayla with the rose each matric received

Aashiqah, Aqilah, Tamiya and Ilhám at the Matric Music Concert

ABOVE: Isabelle Hayes performing her saxophone solo LEFT: Boitumelo MOlekwa and Tamiya Safodien


Back Row: Jessica Lee, Phoebe Andrews, Amisha Dhaya, Zuki Cook, Jessica Van Eck, Iman Sasman Third Row: Rebecca Daniels, Hannah Daniels, Aaliyah Haron, Erica Schrick, Gabriella Von Alten-Reuss, Hannah Müller, Yashoda Yengopal Second Row: Corina Austin, Lara Mills, Amber-Faye de Wet, Maria Stock, Jessie Manshon, Erin Bredekamp, Micaela Arries, Pollyanne Carlos Front Row: Chéyenne Britten, Hannah Lakey, Tamiya Safodien, Kayla Welsh (Leader), Hannah Dunlop, Naomi Simpson, Amber Abrahams

Kayla Welsh and Jade Yardin

Hannah Müller

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cultural pillar Sax Ensemble Back Row:

Kirsten Hendricks, Jessie Manshon, Imaan Salie, Danielle Hendricks, Saarah Stanford, Emilie Walters Front Row: Caryn Ryklief, Isabelle Hayes, Ms Dayna Pearce, Celine Bailey, Tamiya Safodien


String Ensemble

Back Row: Nthabiseng Mathayi, Pollyanne Carlos, Hannah Dunlop, Hannah Lakey Middle Row: Amber-Faye de Wet, Maria Stock, Yashoda Yengopal, Phoebe Andrews, Iman Sasman, Ashleigh Mingo Front Row: Taryn Ah Shene, Gabriella Von Alten-Reuss, Hannah Müller, Mr Jasper Saayman, Micaela Arries, Zuki Cook, Jessica Van Eck


Vocal Ensemble Back Row:

Farahana Smailovic, Kezra Cairns, Bella Draper Middle Row: Faith April, Akhona Mangesana, Phoebe Andrews, Kate Murtagh, Chuma Tatana, Kaydi Le Grange, Jessi Solomon Front Row: Rethabile Makoetlane, Zoë Ellis, Ms Suretha van Bergen, Khanyisa Mnyanda, Ms Chelsea Simmonds, Sage Seef, Tamiya Safodien


The Sunset Concert, featuring the Combined Concert Band, took place at the John Baxter Outdoor Theatre at WBHS. They performed five pieces of varying genres, before being joined by the Boys’ Junior School to play a further 4 pieces. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening to send off the matrics.

cultural pillar Ubuntu Society The Ubuntu Society is a cultural society that is made up of five subgroups: choir, umxhentso, umjaivo, poetry and hip-hop. Between March and September this year, cultural evenings were hosted at various schools. By participating in these cultural evenings, we were able to establish connections with Ubuntu Societies at other schools. The theme for our society this year was IMBEWU (the seed) and it signifies our growth throughout the year as a society. Our own cultural evening was a great success.

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The Marimba band welcomed our guests, the foyer and hall were tastefully bedecked with cultural decorations, and the students from different schools were dressed in their ethnic best, all setting the mood for the evening. Special guests such as the Sinezandi violinist group were invited to perform alongside our own Ubuntu Society and various groups from other schools, ensuring that our evening was memorable. We cannot end this summary without mentioning the commendable effort and meticulous planning of Ms Ntombekaya Didiza, Mrs Kerry Hermans and the Ubuntu Gr 11s.

Ubuntu Society Back Row:

Yonela Mdaka, Naledi Sesethu Lehoke, Jade de Villiers, Lihle Mosala, Palesa Segal, Stacey Godola, Sinazo Zelanga, Zomthi Zibi, Gugulethu Ndubela, Natasha Mtila, Okwethu Banisi, Peighton Barth Fifth Row: Chuma Tatana, Sisipho Ndoyana, Umange Xhego, Phoebe Andrews, Akhona Mangesana, Jady Baumann, Kuhle Mbiza, Leama Dunjana, Nomvelo Majola, Happiness Walter, Okuhle Stofile, Lupiwe Poswa, Akhona Nolokwe Fourth Row: Okwethu Mabusela, Nthabiseng Mathayi, Lisakhanya Macanda, Bongeka Tsiloane, Khanya Lujabe, Nicole Mutsekwa, Linathi Mpono, Pearl Gungu, Asanele Magxiva, Kuhle Matu Third Row: Khanyisile Cotani, Amohelang Rooiland, Swandle Mwezo, Boitumelo Molekwa, Abby Anderton, Buyisile Nqubelani, Samkelisiwe Khumalo, Sesethu Ngcayisa, Nonelela Madubedube, Jordyn Willenberg Second Row: Lilitha Langeni, Onesimo Nikelo, Calleigh Africa, Linda Mema, Mihle Mzamane, Winile Mazibuko, Kamva Yozi, Hluma Shoko, Emihle Nonyongo, Andisiwe Biko, Sipho-Esihle Tibini, Okuhle Ndwandwa Front Row: Alive Somaguda, Khanyisa Mnyanda, Esethu Mahlumba, Amarachi Vazidlule, Zandi Kwaza, Ms Ntombekaya Didiza, Rethabile Makoetlane, Lilitha Njobe, Entle Cebisa, Sinesipho Zimba, Stacey Mboyana

CLOCKWISE FROM ABOVE: OPENING THE EVENING’S PERFORMANCES; The Ubuntu Choir at the annual Cultural Evening; Amarachi and the Ubuntu choir


Natasha, Nicole and Nonelela

In celebration of International Cultural Diversity Day, an assembly was led by Culture X where we enjoyed a number of performances, including Ubuntu and the Hindu Dancers. We reflected on who we are, the impulses which shape us and draw us towards leading a more fulfilling intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual life.

Yashoda, Amisha and Ashna perform at the Culture X assembly

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cultural pillar


CAPSTONE The Christian Union girls went on a combined CU camp with Rustenburg, Rondebosch and Wynberg Boys’ High at the Rocklands campsite. Across the four schools, over 128 students attended the event. It was a weekend filled with exciting worship sessions, passionate speakers and loads of team spirit and games. The theme of the camp was “Warrior” and was particularly focused on the armour of God and being a warrior for God. We were blessed to have phenomenal speakers from Jubilee Church (Daryn, Tom, Ryan and Steve) who made their sessions captivating and relatable so that people could understand and grasp the importance of dressing ourselves in the armour of God.

On Heritage day the Enviro Club girls went on a hike through Cecilia Forest that ended with a picnic in Kirstenbosch. Much fun was had by all who attended

BRIDGE CLUB Four of our girls played in the Western Cape Bridge Union’s Schools Open Day Bridge Tournament at Western Province Cricket Club. Ashleigh Mingo and Andrea de Kock held onto the top spot for 2018. They received acknowledgement for the skill with which they played. While one normally needs a 60% winning streak to place, the pair won 76% of their games.

Back Row:

Ashleigh Roode Front Row: Kaley Appleton, Mrs Megan Verster, Kayla Barnes, Ms Kaelin Stemmet, Margareta Bosch

The Grade 10 dormitory on camp: Hannah Wyley, Aster Horne, Robyn Adams, Kayla Barnes (Head), Amy Scholtz, Erin Coetzee and Kayla Steenkamp


The Shuman twins, Teva and Emily, took first and third place in U15 Western Province Chess Trials

Chess Club Back Row:

Teva Shuman, Stacey Muzanya, Emily Shuman Front Row: Nicola van Tellingen, Ms Nazeeba Moerat, Mu’minah Salie, Ms Clivene Richards, Rachael Springorum

cultural pillar

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Craft Club

Back Row: Meghan Miles, Rebecca Beardwood, Emma Maratos, Kaylen Meiring Front Row: Caitlin Joseph, Tebogo Simanga, Courtney Jacobs (Head), Laaiqah Tasriet, Shazia Parker

Culinary ARTS Back Row:

Jessica Viljoen, Mickayla Reeks, Erin White, Zion Mangadi, Lily Von Alten-Reuss, Amy-Lea Mizen, Jodie Twiss Front Row: Emily Taberner, Karyn Bock, Jordan Mans, Ms Cheryl Witthuhn, Jenna-Morgan Mouton, Hannah Moses, Ashleigh Mingo

Ms Leila Emdon demonstrated cake decoration to the Culinary Arts girls

Current Affairs

Back Row:

Zaakirah Khan, Kyra Ormond, Aaliyah Hendricks, Saabirah Tofie Rebecca Espin, Aimée Cawood, Zarah Noordien, Isabella Land, Alienor Tanguy, Nicola van Tellingen, Amy Muller Second Row: Lailah Rasdien, Asmaa Solomon, Katelin Maggott, Iman Sasman, Zuki Cook, Micaela Arries, Kayla Barnes, Haaniya Carelse Front Row: Nur Haroun, Saarah Samie, Mu’minah Salie, Ms Nadine Wessels, Kimber Jacobs, Tanyaradzwa Ngandu, Naeelah Parker Third Row:

38 |

cultural pillar Debating SOCIETY Back Row:

Hluma Shoko, Stacey Muzanya, Luana Lima, Buyisile Nqubelani, Kuhle Mbiza, Nicole Mutsekwa, Carla Reinecke Front Row: Nicola van Tellingen, Ms Nicita Singh, Jasmine Kennedy, Ms Nadine Wessels, Frances Barrow

The FemSoc girls during a discussion

MOOT COURT Nicola van Tellingen (left) and Jasmine Kennedy (right) took part in the National Moot Court competition. Our girls made it through to the quarter-finals and were placed 10th in the country - the best Wynberg has done in the eight years since the competition was founded! Wynberg was also the highest ranking team from the Western Cape.


Back Row: Mickayla Reeks, Ivanka Marais, Nura Fakir, Isabella Land, Zarah Noordien, Jasmine Kennedy, Rebecca Espin Middle Row: Lailah Rasdien, Tyla Lottering, Micaela Arries, Luana Lima, Kristina Burge, Iman Sasman Front Row: Naeelah Parker, Mu’minah Salie (Co-Head), Ms Leila Emdon, Ciara Birch (Co-Head), Ms Pat Orpen, Morgan Lottering (Deputy), Ainsley Louw

International Studies PROGRAMME (ISP) Back Row:

Aaliyah Hendricks, Amber-Faye de Wet, Saarah Samie, Peighton Barth, Aimée Cawood, Lindsay Noland, Makulu Jael Mbay Middle Row: Chéyenne Britten, Mackenzie Chothia, Courtney Jacobs, Taskeen Devan, Lauren Poole, Phoebe Andrews, Asmaa Solomon, Zakiyah Salie Front Row: Caris Gertzen, Juliet Killick, Zoë Sasman, Caitlin Johnson, Ms Sjaene van Wyk, Alexandra Johnson, Lilitha Njobe, Sarah Williams, Ilhám Choonara

cultural pillar

| 39

MUSLIM STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATION (MSA) On Tuesday, 22 May 2018, Wynberg Girls’ High School’s Muslim Students’ Association hosted their annual Iftaar in the Aileen Currie Hall. The event was attended by many and featured an extensive programme, which consisted of a guest speaker, Zakkiyah Sablay, and spoken word poet, Kaamilah Cornelius. The special guests for the evening were the children from Beitun Nur, a home that is based in Schaapkraal as well as the children from Darun Naim, which is located in Wynberg. The children were given gifts which were generously provided by the MSA and other Muslim students from Wynberg Girls’ High. The evening was a great success and was one of the biggest annual dinners hosted thus far.

Back Row:

Razaan Green, Nishaat Davids, Zayaan Jardien, Aaliyah Haron, Nuhaa Majiet, Saabirah Tofie Haneen Eldawoody, Nadia Parker, Saarah Jeffery, Raniya Khan, Rafeeah Edwards, Basheerah Davids, Amaarah Dollie, Nadira Ebrahim Front Row: Aaliyah Hendricks, Aasiyah Saffodien, Aadielah Solomon, Ms Nazeeba Moerat, Zayyaan Esau, Ms Rashieda Badroodien, Aashiqah Regal, Ilhám Choonara, Aaminah Domingo Middle Row:

Haaneen, Haanim, Aaminah, Aasiyah, Aaliyah, Raniya, Nishaat and Rafeeah at the annual Iftaar

Zayaan and Aneesa with one of their guests at the Iftaar

Zayyaan, Aashiqah and Laila at the Iftaar

Photography SOCIETY Photography at Wynberg has become an integral part of the way we showcase our school and the talent of our girls. This year at the Cape Town Eisteddfod, several of our girls won prizes for their photography. In our weekly lessons, we experimented with various different types of photography, ranging from food photography, nature photography to even having practical lessons in class. Our photography committee this year also organized an Online Exhibition, showing off all our girls’ work from Grade 8 to Grade 12. This was a first for our society. Members of the Photography Society were invited to a photography workshop hosted by Orms. Five of our senior photography members spent the morning learning all about studio photography, dark room photography and cinematography. The professionals at Orms were most welcoming, and created a very friendly learning environment.

Back Row:

Margareta Bosch, Emma Press, Nusrat Hoosain, Leah Geldenhuys, Alexandra Kandralides Middle Row: Kristin Taft, Lauren Skippers, Ashleigh Arendse, Sarah Knox, Mikaela Meyer, Mu’minah Salie Front Row: Yumnah Suliman, Joanna Roodt, Tamiya Safodien, Ms Pat Orpen, Zoë Sasman, Teagan Europa, Chéyenne Britten Photographs taken by Margareta Bosch at the Orms Photography workshop

40 |


abby anderton

Service Pillar 2018 It has been a great honour to watch the service pillar expand and grow through yet another year of hard work by all of the Wynberg women. Each and every service pillar club and society has given back so much to both the school and community, through their drives, fundraisers and day to day acts of kindness. The school really came together this year to contribute to several drives such as the Winter Warmth drive in which, through collaboration with Rotary, the Wynberg girls donated many bags of clothing towards The Rainbow Dream Trust in Hout Bay, the Owl project bottle drive which gave Wynberg families a sustainable solution to the vast number of plastic water bottles collecting within their homes, the PlumPets pet food drive and last but not least the library book drive and fundraiser which was aimed at contributing funds and books towards education within St. George’s Home for girls. Through the annual ‘Wool for Wonders’ campaign, all of our girls were able to give back by knitting hundreds of warm woolly clothing items for children within our extended community. Many girls also took part in the Haven Night Shelter civvies day and the Blind Buddy awareness day.

The Service Pillar has their own informal service awards ceremony every year


Sarah Lee

Bhavika Kalan

Frances Barrow

The annual Rock of Ages concert proved to be a great success with girls from both the service and cultural pillar coming together to put on a concert for the elderly members of our community. Our school has made a concerted effort to give back to the environment through the ‘Rethink the Bag’ campaign, the banning of balloons and the overall vast reduction in water usage. Mandela Day this year also had an environmental focus as girls took part in a 67 minute litter clean-up at the Black River. Community service within houses was taken to even greater heights this year with weekly visits to children’s homes and hospitals, several beach cleanups and so much more. The sandwich drive has proven to be as successful as ever with girls bringing in hundreds of sandwiches each week. All in all, it has been a wonderful year to be part of the service pillar and, as the outgoing service representatives, we have great belief that the work done by all present and future Wynberg girls will continue to make us and the surrounding community proud.


Erin Harris, Aashiqah Regal, Rachelle Issa, Jade De Keijzer, Bhavika Kalan, Jessica Austin, Laila Manie, Jane Imrie Kendra Petersen, Kelsey Lodewyk, Abby Anderton, Ms Jennifer Paverd, Kayla Arendse, Ashna Ramjee, Naeelah Parker

Front Row:

service pillar

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Academic Outreach

Back Row: Asmaa Solomon, Peighton Barth, Boitumelo Molekwa, Kyra Ormond, Lilitha Njobe, Stacey Mboyana Front Row: Naeelah Parker, Abby Anderton, Mrs Ingrid Adolph, Kayla Barnes, Jessica Austin

Our Academic Outreach girls tutor about 50 girls from Langa’s Zimasa Community School on a weekly basis. This partnership has been in place for the past 9 years. Our school provides the transportation to allow the Zimasa girls to attend their English and Mathematics lessons every week.


Back Row: Athraah bint Abdulla Soeker Front Row: Gabriella Von Alten-Reuss, Saarah Abrahams, Kayla Arendse, Robyn Brown, Nawaal Jacobs

Wynberg girls regularly donate blood at the clinics held at school by the Western Province Blood Transfusion Services

Capricorn Primary Happy faces all around at Capricorn Primary School as families receive their Christmas parcels made up of donations from our learners and parents. Saving lives one donation at a time

COMPUTER MONITORS The computer monitors do duty in the Computer Labs, operating as a help-desk for their peers. Back Row: Kayla Barnes, Stacey Muzanya, Lauren Poole, Lieschen Natus, Nicola van Tellingen, Iman Soni, Ashleigh Mingo, Hope Ingabire Third Row: Rebecca Espin, Nonelela Madubedube, Ashara Pather, Bhavika Kalan, Gabriella Von Alten-Reuss, Aimée Cawood, Caitlin Links Second Row: Sarah Williams, Faith April, Imaan Parker, Jenna Roman, Nabeelah Jacobs, Cassidy Matthews, Gaby Young, Stacey Mboyana Front Row: Ji-Eun Park , Robyn Brown, Kelsey Lodewyk, Ms Ché Marneweck, Jane Imrie, Alexandra Johnson, Chéyenne Britten

42 |

service pillar

COMMUNITY SERVICE BY HOUSES All of our Houses participate in community service projects throughout the year. Some of these projects for 2018 included Apsley’s partnership with Read to Rise, Cavanagh’s visits to Maitland Children’s Hospital, Constantia’s soup kitchen and Kirsten’s shelter clean-up. Every Thursday morning all the houses make sandwiches for the learners of Capricorn Primary.

The Apsley girls helping out in the garden

The Cavanagh girls at Maitland Cottage





Kirsten House doing a cleanup at a shelter

Constantia Soup Kitchen

ABOVE AND BELOW: Kayla, Aaminah and Gugu man the Constantia Soup Kitchen

Silverleans making sandwiches

Waterloo House doing their bit on a Thursday morning

service pillar


| 43

Back Row:

Tayla Gassert, Alexandra Figaji, Megan Farquhar, Basheerah Davids, Sasha Petersen, Leah Lombard, Daniella Leppan, Caitlin-Jade Brooks Andrea de Kock, Kira Lauts, Inge Tripod, Lara Berry, Beatrice Weeks, Andrea Bennett, Ashleigh Wyngaard Second Row: Imrah Lodewyk, Milla Lauts, Aneeqah Carelse, Aimée Benn, Phoebe Andrews, Summer Dreyden, Savannah Solomon, Zareena Ebrahim Front Row: Haaniem Armadien, Zayyaan Esau, Bhavika Kalan, Ms Trenell Sewraj, Frances Barrow, Nuriya Pahad, Sarah Lee Third Row:

Our Enviro Club was presented with numerous challenges and opportunities in 2017/18. With one of the worst droughts experienced in decades, the saving of water, and valuing it as one of the precious resources it is, became an incredible learning opportunity. Sustainability and eliminating the plastic shopping bags and balloons from our school (a campaign driven by Sarah Lee) were significant shifts achieved. The Cape Town Environmental Education trust works to support the preservation of Cape Town’s unique and biodiverse natural heritage through education, training and conservation initiatives. Their small grants facility supports and drives conservation initiatives in Cape Town. They have been supportive of our Enviro Club’s partnering with Capricorn Primary in Vrygrond to create a sustainable vegetable and fynbos garden, as well as to introduce eco-bricking into the school. Wynberg contributed to the treevolution as our Enviro Club handed over five filled boxes of eco bricks to the Greenpop Nursery in Woodstock. Having started this initiative in mid-2017, the Enviro Club has actively encouraged the involvement of the school in filling two litre bottles with non-biodegradable waste, transforming the school into “garbage warriors”. As a result of these efforts almost 300 eco bricks were delivered, which will be used in future construction projects at regional schools. The pinnacle of our year was when Wynberg Girls’ High School was awarded our Silver Eco-School Award from the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa. WESSA is an organisation of ‘People Caring for the Earth’ and is a national leader in, and supporter of, environmental education. To win the award the Enviro Club submitted a portfolio outlining all the eco-projects the school has been running this year and conducting an audit to show how we have developed in our ecoconsciousness since last year. This year our projects included the school’s epic water saving journey, the Grade 9 recycled plastic jewellery project, the Natural Science Department’s Term Three paperless experiment and all the Enviro Club led projects; Rethink the bag (see overleaf), paper recycling and the Fynbos and vegetable gardens.

Doing a little cleaning up of Surfers’ Corner on Muizenberg Beach

An Eco Brick table

Geena Philander and Phoebe Andrews on the Enviro Club Camp

The Enviro Club camp at the Sunbird Centre at Silvermine aimed to teach the girls more about sustainability LEFT: head of the Enviro Club, Bhavika Kalan

44 |

service pillar

RETHINK THE BAG One of the major environmental projects in 2018 was to make Wynberg Girls’ High School a plastic shopping bag free zone. Embracing the principle of being advocates for change as a plastic shopping bag free school, we are encouraged to eliminate plastic shopping bags not only from our premises, but to encourage our students’ families and the broader community to elect to use multi-use shopping bags as well. One of the ways that we could do this, was to give some of the bags that we designed to another school in Cape Town. Members of the Enviro Club thought it an ideal opportunity to be champions of that change by giving reusable bags to all of the Matrics at Intsebenziswano High School. A note wishing them luck for their final exams was also attached.

ABOVE: Mrs Shirley Harding and the principal of Intsebenziswano High School LEFT: Lara Berry and Frances Barrow with samples of the bags donated to Intsebenziswano High School


A number of Wynberg girls were involved in the Dancers Love Dogs show performed at the Artscape Opera House on 25 October. This is an annual show in which dancers collaborate for mass sterilisation of animals in need. The cost of a seat pays for the sterilisation of one dog. Tehya du Toit, Lara Marais, Kiara Bassett, Kayla Anderson, Melissa Hull and Kaitlyn Wilson from different studios participated in the show.

FemSoc members at their end-of-year party

FEMSOC Alexandra Kausch facilitated and led discussions about body positivity, boundaries and the importance of knowing our bodies. All of the three workshops, whose topics were a FemSoc and Peer Guide collaboration, were well attended by students and teachers.


Kayla, Melissa, Tehya, Lara and Kiara participated in Dancers Love Dogs

Dancers from Jacqui Pells School of Ballet

service pillar

First Aid Team Back Row:

Kyra Ormond, Andrea Bennett, ZĂŠnelle Vermeulen, Robyn Brown, Lara Berry, Amina Castineira, Ashleigh Wyngaard Middle Row: Aaliyah Hendricks, Saabirah Tofie, Zaakirah Khan, Joy Espach, Emma Curry, Jessica Venter, Asmaa Solomon, Jodi Yotikul Front Row: Mishka Ranchod, Danielle Jacobs, Naeelah Parker, Mrs Alison Smith, Clarissa Cronje, Kayla Barnes, Jodi Swartz First Aiders dutifully assisting the injured on the astro turf


Back Row: Emma Curry, Sasha Petersen, Kelly Blake, Hannah Moses Front Row: ZoĂŤ Sasman, Kendra Petersen, Ms Amy Wilkinson, Amarah Sadan, Nabeelah Jacobs

In one of our initiatives for the year our Interact Club volunteered at the Adaptive Surfing Day held by Surf Emporium. This is a wonderfully rewarding experience which allows volunteers to assist as part of a team facilitating surfing lessons for individuals with disabilities. Another Interact event was the annual Sisanda Funday held in conjunction with the Sisanda Foundation. The vision of the Foundation is to create a world in which all children can experience the joy of being children and have the chance to laugh, run, jump and play. Volunteers from both WGHS and WBHS Interact societies contributed to this programme by organising an event for Grade 3 Capricorn Learners.

ABOVE AND RIGHT: Having fun on Sisanda Funday

Milla, Kira, Mia and Kelly at the Interact Adaptive Surfing Day

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46 |

service pillar


Amarachi Vazidlule, Aisha Zouheir, Jennifer Vine-Soanes, Saarah Samie, Robyn Brown, Margareta Bosch, Kelly Blake, Kyra Ormond Third Row: Savanna Boughwan, Tebogo Simanga, Rachel Kendon, Phoebe Andrews, Jessica Van Eck, Kimber Jacobs, Julia Machanik, Umange Xhego, Jessica Lee, Michaela Geland, Gaby Young Second Row: Mia Davids, Safiyah Khan, Zareena Ebrahim, Cassidy Matthews, Hope Ingabire, Jade Yardin, Chéyenne Britten, Zakiyah Salie, Megan Petersen, Tyla Lottering Front Row: Mu’minah Salie, Chelsea van Heerden, Kezra Cairns, Caitlan Dyck, Aashiqah Regal, Ms Kathryn Manners, Aqilah Regal, Bella Draper, Jane Imrie, Caris Gertzen, Kiran Naicker Quidditch played Wynberg-style

quidditch In honour of World Book Week, the sports pillar hosted Wynberg’s very first Quidditch tournament. Girls were allowed to sign-up for their favourite Hogwarts house: Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. Most of the participants were die-hard Harry Potter fans which created the fun-intense atmosphere on the day. The teams dressed up in the colours of their Hogwarts houses. Gryffindor played the strongest game, as they made quick turnovers which they turned into goals. A lot of passes were made, and the beaters did a great job disrupting their opponents’ play.

Hluma on the attack for Ravenclaw

Hannah about to score for Hufflepuff


Jess Virgin as Mary Poppins

Eryn van Rooyen as Newt

Amy Scholtz and Alexa Loxton as Thing 1 & Thing 2

Caroline Solz as Gretel

23rd April is World Book day, aimed at celebrating the power of books and the enjoyment of reading, and this year it marked the start of our celebration of International Book Week. The school was invited to dress up as their favourite characters. In assembly Aashiqah Regal (Head of the Library) talked a little about the power of books, and invited some of our Public Speakers to read excerpts from books they have loved.

service pillar SWIMATHON The School Council offered their support for the Boys’ High #SwimForChange endurance swim to raise awareness that mental health issues are a continuous struggle for many people and cannot be switched off when one is tired. We gathered enormous support for the event - so much so that we outnumbered the boys! From 6am to 6pm there was a constant stream of girls who arrived to support the event, resulting in us swimming just short of 1 000 laps. There was ongoing encouragement from the girls on the stands throughout the day. Aqilah doing her bit during the Swimathon

The Occasions Team served snacks and beverages to the patrons of the Matric Art Exhibition


Back Row:

The Occasions Team girls - always ready to be of service

Razaan Grainger, Jordhin Lesch, Qailah Daniels, Zayaan Jardien, Aaliyah Haron, Natheerah Noor Third Row: Aleah Jacobs, Iman Soni, Lara Mills, Razaan Green, Nicola van Tellingen, Raniya Khan, Hannah Davids, Kayla Barnes, Loren Trerise Second Row: ChĂŠyenne Britten, Alex Nicholson, Jodi Swartz, Engracia Mc Tavish, Christan Gonsalves, Haanim Samaai, Maya-Simone du Plessis, Erin Pastor Front Row: Aasiyah Saffodien, Caitlin Johnson, Kelsey Lodewyk, Kendra Petersen, Ms Shireen Amien, Kayla Arendse, Selena Pereira, Alexandra Johnson, Nadia Parker

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48 |

service pillar PEER GUIDES Back Row:

Lauren Poole, Kristina Burge, Alex Nicholson Middle Row: Amarachi Vazidlule, Jasmine Kennedy, Bhavika Kalan, Joanna Roodt, Ciara Birch, Aqilah Regal Front Row: Ashleigh Cozett, Kendra Petersen, Rachelle Issa (Head), Ms Allison Eakin, Aniqah Brenner, Selena Pereira, Zoey van Reenen 2018 was a busy and eventful year for the Peer Guides. Starting off, the Peer Guides met with the Gr 8s during orientation. We connected with them and discussed any fears of coming into high school. Throughout the first 2 terms we facilitated the ‘Big sister, Little sister’ programme where we connected with and mentored chosen learners from WGJS. Bonds were made and it became a time of growth and learning for all. One initiative we launched at WGHS was the ‘100 Acts of Kindness’ campaign. This was a way to spread love and cultivate kindness both within and outside the school. During the third term we launched a workshop in collaboration with FemSoc titled ‘Body Talk’. 2018 truly was a year in which the Peer Guides began to blossom.


Technical Team Back Row:

Emily Taberner, Zion Mangadi, Mikaela Meyer, Zayaan Jardien, Qailah Daniels, Jaime Lodewyk Middle Row: Danielle Jacobs, Imaan Parker, Aakifah Abrahams, Taryn Ah Shene, Pema de Wet, Pollyanne Carlos, Caroline Solz, Gaby Young Front Row: Nabeelah Jacobs, Ishwarya Ramklass, Laila Manie, Mr Peter Bodenstein, Helena Veysey, Grace Lang, Nawaal Jacobs

service pillar

| 49


Kelly Blake, Qailah Daniels, Andrea Bennett Middle Row:

Nicole Mutsekwa, Rebecca Espin, Emma Curry, Mikaela Meyer, Lara Mills, Rabia Jaffer Front Row:

Kayla Welsh, Yonela Mdaka, Ashna Ramjee, Ms Stephanie Pienaar, Nicola van Tellingen, Aaliyah Haron, Erin Harris


Back Row:

Zahra Gamiet, Lara Berry, Bhavika Kalan, Nicola van Tellingen, Aaminah Domingo Zoey van Reenen, Kayla Barnes, Jade De Keijzer (Head), Mrs Chantel Muller, Zayaan Jardien, Haaniem Armadien, Ashna Ramjee

Front Row:

WOOL FOR WONDERS The Wynberg Old Girls’ Union, together with the junior and high schools, ran their eighth Wool for Wonders campaign this year. This campaign is truly a project that involves our whole community, with the girls, family members and friends contributing by donating wool, knitting items or sewing together blankets. We also held a special assembly to celebrate the culmination of the campaign, where we were joined by both participants and some of the beneficiaries of it. In this very special assembly, Bud Higgins from Tinmugs Africa Trust received some of the garments provided by the schools and the broader community on behalf of the organisation. It is through Tinmugs Africa Trust that the blankets and garments were distributed.

This is why we knit!

50 |


maree petersen Head of Sport 2018

Sports Pillar 2018 This year saw many cries of victory, spirited team huddles and losses learnt from. However, one loss in particular was too great to comprehend – one that can never be replaced. The players, sports committee, coaches and managers have worked tirelessly to make 2017/2018 a fun, successful season in the Sport Pillar. The year kicked off with the annual interhouse netball, soccer and hockey that took place on Friday, 22 September 2017. This is an event that the students look forward to, as it marks the end of the winter season and is a day where everyone can have fun and join in the camaraderie. Two days later, the 1st Team Waterpolo girls took part in the annual tournament hosted by Reddam College and turned many heads by making it into the plate semi-final, a first for WGHS. Over the September holidays, the 1st Team Hockey girls toured Holland and Belgium for ten days, playing some of their best teams and exploring beautiful sites. This was the first overseas tour since 2008 and a once in a lifetime experience for both the players and staff. The fourth term was mainly used by summer sport codes to prepare for their leagues that would commence in the first term of the New Year. We ended the busy year with two days of fun in the sun. The first consisted of games and relaxing around the pool. New elements were introduced to the event, as girls could sign up for various activities from all four pillars that took place throughout the day. We hosted the interhouse waterpolo, table-tennis tournament, beach ball and handball (four-court) competition. The next day, we held Innit To Winnit around the Honours Quad where tensions ran high between the twenty teams who participated in a series of eight challenges. Both days exceeded all of our expectations, allowing us to end the school year in a memorable way. 2018 began with new teams being formed along with new goals that wanted to be achieved. The summer codes ran over the first quarter, with most teams competing in their leagues. The Athletics Team broke nine records at the very first Super A Section on 20 February and in addition won the medley relays. Unfortunately,

Olivia Behrens

Sarah-Jane Deary

Aaminah Domingo

Bilqees Abrahams

due to water restrictions most water sports could not continue. Nevertheless the 2nd Team Waterpolo still competed in the Knysna Oakhill Tournament and the 1st Team attended the St Peters Waterpolo Tournament. History was made in April as Quidditch was played on the Wynberg Astroturf for the first time in celebration of World Book Week. The sports committee planned and ran this mini tournament, including simplifying the game based on the American version of this fictional sport. Later in the second term the school council challenged the teachers to a game of volleyball in honour of spirit week. It was a fun-filled match from both sides; however the teachers brought a little extra resulting in them winning the game. The winter terms were busy as ever. All four codes competed competitively in their leagues during the second and third terms, each ending with their interschool tournaments. The 1st Squash Team achieved the best result at their tournament, winning silver. Before the June holidays we sadly said goodbye to our Head of Sport, Ms Janice HudsonWindsor, who moved overseas. It was an emotional two weeks in which we hosted a tournament and dinner in her honour, to say thank you for all she has done for the Sport Pillar. She was the key aspect of our Sport Pillar and will be greatly missed. To witness the greatness flow within the Sport Pillar has been a privilege and a memory that will remain with me forever. Thank you to all those who have helped make these memories ones that will never be forgotten. On behalf of the matriculant sportswomen of 2018, it has been an honour to play for our badge. We wish the Sport Pillar, under the new leadership of sPORTS Pillar COMMITTEE Aaminah Domingo, all the best – may it continue to thrive. Back Row: Inge Tripod, Karen Roodman, Ashley Timms, Sarah Williams, Kayla Welsh, Olivia Walker Front Row:

Aaliah Dollie, Na-eela Coleman, Kayla Morgan, Maree Petersen, Sarah-Jane Deary, Okwethu Banisi, Joy Espach

sports pillar Athletics

Back Row:

Qailah Daniels, Lara Berry, Chido Mukondiwa, Imrah Mia, Geenah Philander, Jade Gericke, Karen Roodman, Gemma Hoskins Nicole Boland, Demi Fester, Kawthar Gameeldien, Courtney Joshua, Chloe Botha, Michaela Edwards, Peighton Barth, Amaal Ceres Third Row: Hannah Schröder, Ella Pinkerton, Shakeelah Williams, Aaliah Dollie, Kelly Mchelm, Aaminah Domingo, Jessica Le Brun, Teva Shuman, Nuhaa Hendricks Second Row: Cuba Arendse, Jemma Arendse, Christinah Augustino, Amy Jonathan, Madison Blows, Akhona Nolokwe, Inéz Marthinus, Morgan Orgill Front Row: Lara Johnson, Beth Goode, Olivia Behrens, Sarah-Jane Deary, Ms Sakeena Williams, Gina Walker, Ruby Behrens, Michelle Boshoff, Jessica Petersen Fourth Row:




Olivia Behrens


PHOTO: Brakkies Sport Foto

Our athletes achieved success early in the season, breaking an incredible nine records at the very first Super A Section Interschools’ competition. To top it off, Wynberg also won the medley relay on the day. This led to 23 qualifying to take part in the Southern Zone Championships. There were stellar performances by many of our athletes, including first places for Olivia Behrens (high jump), Amy Jonathan (300m), Imrah Mia (200m), Courtney Joshua (shot put), Beth Goode (1500m and 3000m), Ruby Behrens (long jump and triple jump), Lara Johnson (100m and 200m), Jordan Louis (long jump) and Jessica Petersen (triple jump and 400m). They were among the 17 WGHS athletes who were selected to participate in the WP Athletics Champs. Following their performances at the Western Province Champs, Ruby Behrens, Olivia Behrens, Lara Johnson, Gina Walker and Jessica Petersen were selected for the WP Athletics team, and participated in the Western Cape Champs in Paarl. Indisputably, the highlight of the weekend was Olivia Behrens’ - a Grade 8 learner - becoming number one in Western Cape in the High Jump event with a jump of 1.61m. In achieving this, she also beat her personal best. Lara Johnson, the best sprinter our school has had for a very long time, won a bronze medal in the 100m and 200m races. Olivia went on to represent the Province at the National Competition in Potchefstroom in March. Lara was also chosen by Western Province Clubs and opted to participate in the Club National competition which took place in Paarl in April.

| 51

52 |

sports pillar

Cross Country

Back Row:

Mia Grace, Ashleigh Arendse, Qailah Daniels, Lara Berry, Mia du Plessis, Gemma Hoskins, Rebecca Beardwood, Jordyn Willenberg, Caitlin-Jade Brooks Zahra Khan, Ella Pinkerton, Kristin van Reenen, Cailyn Walker, Yumnah Suliman, Jenna Ryklief, Erin Natus Front Row: Sarah-Jane Deary, Kelsey Lodewyk, Mr Peter Bodenstein, Karen Roodman, Ms Rashieda Badroodien, Mieka Roebert, Beth Goode Middle Row:

Cross Country Several Cross Country League races took place, including one at Rondebosch Boys’ High, a particularly challenging, sandy and hilly race along the canal at Pinelands High, and the SACS race where participants were even running up and down some sets of stairs. Beth Goode and Karen Roodman both placed in the top 10 at the SACS race. The PGSGU Interschools Cross Country event took place at Rustenburg at the end of the season.




Trinity Damast, Kira Hofmeyer, Nicole Boland, Mia Isaacs, Qaylah Conrad Amy Muller, Jessica Lee, Kayla Welsh, Ms Amy Wilkinson, Jessica Venter, Margareta Bosch, Jade Irvine-Smith



sports pillar


Back Row: Ms Samantha Furstenburg Front Row: Mieka Roebert, Nicola van Tellingen, Jasmine Kennedy, Aaliyah Haron, Jenna Ryklief

SQUASH The Squash girls placed second in the Interschools Squash Tournament at the WPCC. Inge Tripod and Pearl Gungu were selected to represent Western Province at the Interprovincial Tournament (IPT) during the June Holidays.

Squash Interschools Team BACK ROW:

Roxie Mutton FRONT ROW: Pema de Wet, Inge Tripod, Ms Sam Furstenburg, Pearl Gungu, Chelsea Peters

Inge Tripod (SECOND LEFT) and the Western Province U19 Squash Team at IPT

Pearl, Chelsea, Pema, Inge and RoXie at Interschools

| 53

54 |

sports pillar

HOCKEY WGHS had 9 teams entered into the Hockey League in 2018, allowing many girls the opportunity to play one of the most popular sports in our school and keeping our astros abuzz with activity. Wynberg also continues to be a favoured opponent for many touring teams, and we hosted visiting teams from England, Scotland and the Netherlands. Our first team girls travelled to Knysna to take part in the Oakhill Tournament, and the U16A team took part in the Bloemhof tournament. This is a season that will be remembered not only for some spectacular games (including epic First Team victories over Springfield and Rustenburg), but also for


the emotional farewell to our very own Ms Janice Hudson-Windsor. The fantastic number of provincial players we produced this year stands testament to the high standards of hockey coached and played at Wynberg Girls’ High. At the inter-provincial tournament the WP U18a team (with Aaminah Domingo as player and Ryan Pillay as assistant coach) won the gold medal! Special mention must be made of 3 players who were selected for National Hockey sides: Grace Cochrane and Kelly Johnson were selected for the South African U16 High Performance Squad, and Aaminah Domingo was selected for the South African U18 High Performance Squad.

Back Row:

Kelly Johnson, Haanim Samaai, Aaminah Domingo, Rachel du Plessis Aliya Lewis, Michelle Boshoff, Amaal Ceres, Olivia Walker, Grace Cochrane, Raniya Khan Front Row: Keightley Walsh, Maree Petersen, Aaliah Dollie, Ms Sjaene van Wyk (Manager), Kayla Morgan, Hajira Lockhat, Jenna Grey Middle Row:

Spar Tournament

Aaminah Domingo

Maree Petersen

Jenna Grey and Yusrah Khan

Celebrating a goal

The U16 team defends their goals against Rustenburg

Dutch Premier Class player, Joelle Ketting, giving advice during our match against Bellville

Jade Yardin in action for the U16A team against Rustenburg

Onesimo playing for the U14s against Stellenberg

sports pillar

Our First and U16 Teams both took part in the Spar Tournament

The U14 Team at the PGSGU tournament

Azra on the attack for the U14 team

Our First Team played against a touring side from Kent

| 55

The new girls in the First Team dressed up on the way to the Oakhill Tournament

Rachel (WGHS Most Valuable Player) and Grace (Goalkeeper of the Tournament) with their coach, Mr Ryan Pillay, at the Oakhill Tournament



Back Row: Haanim Samaai, Grace Cochrane, Aaminah Domingo Front Row: Maree Petersen, Aaliah Dollie, Ms Sjaene van Wyk (Manager), Kayla Morgan, Raniya Khan

At the Bellville Velodrome for a pre-season tournament

Aaminah Domingo rushes to defend our goals

Wren September and Nihaad Sulaiman were selected for the Sharks U14 All Star Indoor Team for A tournament at UCT

Goalkeeper Grace Cochrane successfully defends a short corner

Our Indoor Hockey teams had another enjoyable and competitive season. This year we also took part in a pre-season tournament held at the Bellville Velodrome. Nihaad Sulaiman, Grace Cochrane, Kayleigh Rogerson and Keightley Walsh were selected for Pro Series Indoor Hockey Teams, participating in the National Tournament in Cape Town in December.

Raniya Khan leading the charge against St Cyprian’s

Hajira Lockhat in action for the First Indoor Hockey Team

Aaliah Dollie, captain of the First Indoor Hockey Team

56 |

sports pillar

NETBALL There were many highlights in the 2018 Netball season, including participation in the u16A Netball Champions Cup (where we won the Plate Final), matches against touring teams from, amongst others, Dubai, and the PGSGU tournament. Our teams participated in the CTSNF (Cape Town Schools’ Netball Finals), where they faced the other winners from all around the city. Four of our netball teams remained at the top of their section within the 1st League Southern Zone. These teams are our U14B, U14C, U16B and U16C teams.

Special mention must be made of Jade Hartnick (U16) and Jessica Petersen (U17) who were selected to compete in the Inter-District Tournament in Wellington. To mark the end of the Netball season and to celebrate the achievements of the players, the annual Netball Dinner was held in the Aileen Currie Hall. It was also an occasion in which the matric players, the coaches and managers were thanked for their support, encouragement, commitment and leadership.

Netball Under 19 Interschools Team Back Row:

Jade de Villiers, Jenna Currie, Kayla Welsh, Aaliyah Haron, Lupiwe Poswa Front Row:

Ashley Timms, Mrs Alison Smith (Manager), Okwethu Banisi, Ms Robynne van Rooyen (Coach), Jessica Petersen

Our netball teams at the PGSGU tournament

With players from Repton, the touring team from DubaI

The U16A Team at the Rustenburg Champions Cup

PGSGU Netball is a blast for the U19As!

sports pillar

Jade, Sam and Kayla at the Netball Dinner Celebrating their season at the Netball Dinner

Shantel Ponda in the game against Repton

Samantha Springorum, goal shooter for the U14A Team

Coaches and matrics at the Netball Dinner

Chido Mukondiwa in a game against Springfield

Jade Gericke shoots at goal

The U14A Team

Ruby Behrens defends a pass at the U16 Netball Championships

Taylor Letellier, goal shooter of the U14 Team

Sam McMaster looks for a pass

Netball tournament at Rustenburg

| 57

58 |

sports pillar


In an effort to conserve water owing to the drought, there was very little swimming done in 2018.

SWIMMING 1st TEAM Back row:

Inez Martinez, Kristin van Reenen, Megan Africa, Sarah Williams, Jade Carlos, Casey Williams, Tatum Leibrandt, Emma Curry, Jade Yardin Layla Adams, Bilqees Abrahams, Joy Espach, Mrs Kerry Hermans, Maria Stock, Nishaat Davids, Jenna Roman

Front row:



SYNCHRONISED SWIMMING There were outstanding achievements from our Synchronised Swimmers in 2018. Ten girls were selected to participate in the Grade 1 Synchronised Swimming Assessment Day in February, working exceptionally hard to master the skills required. Sarah and Casey Williams took part in the SSA Level 3 Synchronised Swimming Competition in Port Elizabeth in April. Apart from being part of the winning synchronised swimming team for the sixth consecutive year, these two girls were also selected for national squads. The teams will be competing at the FINA World Championships in Korea in July 2019, and the FINA Youth Championships which take place in Slovakia in September 2019.


BACK ROW: Kyla Peters FRONT ROW: Hannah Scott-Gaertner, Casey Williams, Ms Elke Hill, Sarah Williams, Kya Adriaan

sports pillar

| 59

TOUCH RUGBY Touch Rugby has taken off in a big way at Wynberg Girls’ High School. Two teams were entered to play their first tournament at the end of the year. Despite being very nervous, they impressed parents and officials alike with their quick learning and understanding of the game. Touch Rugby was even included in the Inter -house sports day, where girls were taught the basics of the game before the competition began. We are excited about the future of this sport! Our enthusiastic new Touch Rugby squad

Touch Rugby was introduced as an Interhouse competition this year

MVPs of the 2018 Touch Rugby Tournament: Emmah Herbert, Logan Crous, Cuba Arendse and Amaal Ceres with Mrs Kerry Hermans

TENNIS The Wynberg Girls’ First Team enjoyed a mixed season in 2018 winning 6 and losing 3 matches in the 2nd league. The girls played in a positive manner and were committed in all their matches. The 1st team consisted of Kian Green, Erin Harris (c), Inge Tripod, Megan Farquhar and Jessi Springorum. The second tennis team had a strong season and dominated their league. Regular team members were: Kayleigh Henderson, Na-eela Coleman, Jenna Grey, Zaakirah Khan and Ashleigh Moyce.


BACK ROW: Megan Farquhar FRONT ROW: Erin Harris, Mr Andrew Hunter (Manager), Inge Tripod




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sports pillar

WATERPOLO The year 2018 was an eventful one for the Wynberg Girls’ waterpolo teams. WGHS hosted its first ever U14 tournament, allowing the new girls to get some game experience and connect as a team. Their next challenge was the annual Dave Pitcairn Cup which took place at Reddam during February. Our girls played some fantastic waterpolo, making history for Wynberg U14 waterpolo by finishing in third place. The Second Team went on their annual tour to Knysna to compete in the Oakhill tournament. The U19A team travelled to


Back Row:

Bilqees Abrahams, Camryn Ducroq, Tatum Leibrandt, Jenna Currie, Maria Stock, Layla Adams Caleigh Hanekom, Olivia Walker, Mr Chad Gabriels (Coach), Joy Espach, Karen Roodman

Front Row:

The Second Waterpolo Team at the Oakhill Tournament in Knysna

Olivia Walker, flanked by her proud parents, celebrates her 100th Cap for the WGHS First Waterpolo Team

Johannesburg to compete in the St Peter’s tournament. Limits were pushed, boundaries were broken and memories were made. The girls fought through the exhausting 3 days and managed to exceed their goals by winning the plate final! This was the first time in many years that the girls came home with some silverware. The last challenge for our U16A and U19A teams this year was the Waller Cup where our girls reached the semi-finals. All in all, and notwithstanding the curtailed fixtures owing to the water crisis, it was an exciting year of waterpolo.

The First Team with Ms Gabrielle Johannes-Swanson

The First Team won the Plate Final at the OLD Petrian’s (ST PETER’S) Tournament

The U14 Waterpolo Team

Jade Yardin shoots at goal

Lara Mills, goalkeeper for the Second Waterpolo Team

Wynberg Girls’ High is proud to recognise and honour the sports achievements of our coaches, staff and learners, all of whom have excelled in their various sporting codes and been selected to represent their province and, some, their country.

Alicia Arends (Dance Sport) SECOND ROW:  Haanim Samaai (Hockey), Rachel du Plessis (Hockey), Bilqees Abrahams (Waterpolo), Amber Abrahams (Dance Sport), Amy Jonathan (Hockey), Anati Green (Dance Sport), Layla Adams (Waterpolo), Pearl Gungu (Squash) Front Row: Lana Fouten (Dance Sport), Grace Cochrane (Hockey), Beth Goode (Athletics), Tatum Leibrandt (Waterpolo), Aaminah Domingo (Hockey), Jessica Petersen (Netball & Athletics), Aaliah Dollie (Hockey), Adrianne Fisher (Dance Sport), Aliya Lewis (Hockey)

THIRD ROW: Inge Tripod (Squash), Courtney Joshua (Waterpolo), Kaitlin Pearse (Waterpolo), Gina Walker (Athletics), Olivia Walker (Waterpolo), Lara Johnson (Athletics),

Raniya Khan (Hockey), Almaas Bailey (Waterpolo)

Back Row: Kayla Morgan (Hockey), Ashleigh Turner (Dance Sport), Gita Urion (Dance Sport), Jamie Fisher (Dance Sport), Jenna Grey (Hockey), Jessica Forbay (Waterpolo),


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communications by

Tamiya Safodien

Head of Communications 2018

Communications 2018 Wynberg’s communication over the last year has developed into a vibrant and exciting medium for young girls to showcase their photographic and videography skills. This year we introduced the communications “team” who marketed the school in various ways across our social media platforms. These girls were selected on the basis of their skills and talent and I have honestly been blown away by their professionalism and creativity. On our Instagram we started our “Humans of Wynberg” campaign which highlighted the great things at our school across the various pillars. Our podcasts have also taken a new direction in the form of video podcasts whereby the parties involved have an onscreen discussion which could also include visuals and promotional content for upcoming events. Other videos that have been produced ranged from various outings to “behind the scenes” footage from our matric ball. In February we also produced a video for Valentine’s Day which featured many of our teachers lip syncing along to Dua Lipa’s New Rules. I have been extremely impressed by the talent of our school and I know that the communications team will continue to do amazing things in the years to come.


Chelsea van Heerden, Yumna Ederies, Jessica Austin, Bhavika Kalan, Jenna Grey, Abby Anderton, Jade de Villiers, Bella Draper Front Row: Kendra Petersen, Saarah Abrahams, Tamiya Safodien, Ms Pat Orpen, Aqilah Regal, Kayla Arendse, Maree Petersen

Wynpress Back Row:

Kimber Jacobs, Nicola van Tellingen, Jasmine Kennedy, Jade De Keijzer, Robyn Brown, Ciara Birch, Margareta Bosch Front Row: Amarachi Vazidlule, Ilhám Choonara, Aqilah Regal, Ms Michele Lawrence, Mu’minah Salie, Zayyaan Esau, Chéyenne Britten We are very proud of the Wynpress committee because, during our term in office, we were able to achieve many of our goals set out at the beginning of the year. We were able to increase our target audience, evidenced by seeing more learners reading the Wynpress which even became a common topic of discussion. We constantly advertised it on social media and sent out a termly email. We often dealt with controversial topics as well as topics to which girls could easily relate. We believe we were able to spark many discussions with these articles. Each edition also dealt with a central theme and incredible articles were written each

time: our first edition said farewell to the matrics of 2017 as well as to a few of our teachers; the second dealt with the different types of love and what love truly is; our third edition was about the beautiful world in which we live and aspects of the world about which we don’t typically talk. We also created a new creative sub-committee who helped make the Wynpress more aesthetically pleasing by using more pictures taken by the photography society or just pictures sent along with the articles. This has definitely led to more people being interested in reading the Wynpress and one can see the improvement from our first to our third edition.


In Front: Rebecca Francklin, Samkelisiwe Khumalo, Boitumelo Molekwa, Isabelle Hayes, Bianca Smit, Alicia Latchman

Ms Bridget Patel (Gr 12 Head), Tamiya Safodien, Rethabile Makoetlane, Peighton Barth, Kendra Petersen, Bella Draper, Chelsea van Heerden, Maree Petersen, Saarah Abrahams

Front Row: Jenna Grey, Bhavika Kalan, Ashara Pather, Abby Anderton, Yumna Ederies, Jessica Austin, Sibongile Mtegha, Jade de Villiers (Head of RCL), Mrs Shirley Harding (Principal), Aqilah Regal (Head of School),

Khanyisa Mnyanda, Clarissa Cronje, Naeelah Parker, Aniqah Brenner, Ishwarya Ramklass

Row 2: Ihmaan Truebody, Sipho-Esihle Tibini, Ketra Boer, Zeta Gertson, Amarah Sadan, Alive Somaguda, Nicole Smith, Lauren Bailey, Caitlin Meyer, Celine Bailey, Ilhám Choonara, Kelsey Lodewyk, Morgan Wesson,

Sarah Williams, Winile Mazibuko, Lauren van Tonder, Rosanna Picken, Aneesa Rawat, Imrah Israel

Row 3: Na-eela Coleman, Tapiwa Manda, Esethu Mahlumba, Hannah Deschamps, Zoë Poole, Sabine Ellis, Caris Gertzen, Zoë Sasman, Mikayla Schilder, Aadielah Solomon, Khanya Lujabe, Juliet Killick, Julia Krantz,

Aaliah Dollie, Kouthar Basadien, Entle Cebisa, Lupiwe Poswa, Sarah van Zyl, Zoë Grigor

Row 4: Nina Peters, Anja Volschenk, Tanyaradzwa Ngandu, Stacey Mboyana, Kuhle Matu, Thameenah Abrahams, Mishka Ranchod, Alexandra Johnson, Sarah-Jane Deary, Kezra Cairns, Zoey van Reenen, Ashleigh Cozett,

Ashleigh Frier, Christine Botha, Emily Jack, Ciara Wray, Keightley Walsh, Okwethu Banisi

Row 5: Malikah Gaibi, Kiran Naicker, Nuriya Pahad, Abigail Lawrence, Jessica Virgin, Kayleigh Henderson, Aashiqah Regal, Zoe Benson, Jamie-Lee Crowie, Laurelle Bailey, Ashleigh Roode, Kayla Morgan, Daina Fox,

Chelsey Parker, Jesse Vosloo, Lauren Van Der Spuy, Caitlin Johnson, Haaniem Armadien

Row 6: Amy Masella, Tylah Segers, Summa Heald, Zayyaan Esau, Jodi Yotikul, Naima Bester, Selena Pereira, Caryn Ryklief, Joey Gordon, Okwetu Mabusela, Ji-Eun Park , Hajira Lockhat, Rebecca Daniels, Isabelle Meyer,

Kawthar Gameeldien, Laila Zouheir, Siphosethu Stofile, Kayla Faulmann, Emma Raaff, Farahana Smailovic, Luyanda Bennie, Laila Manie, Gcina Arosi

Row 7: Simone Swanich, Jane Imrie, Lilitha Njobe, Shaunique August, Hannah Jenkins, Athraah bint Abdulla Soeker, Demi Fester, Caleigh Hanekom, Mimosa Mguqulwa, Areej Hendricks, Giorgia Johns, Joy Espach,

Ashley Timms, Tyla Collings, Lehela Gutteridge, Olivia Walker, Amy Dallas, Tyla-Rae Hogan

Row 8: Rachelle Issa, Lara Johnson, Tasneem Du Toit, Karen Roodman, Emily Hansen, Jamie Hull, Cerys Raine, Amy van Zyl, Chelsea Dallas, Helena Veysey, Coral Hedley, Jade De Keijzer, Megan-Andi De Beer, Jemma Welz,

Drew MacArthur, Sesethu Ngcayisa, Sinesipho Zimba

Back Row: Kayla Arendse, Thimna Zondani, Teasha Singh, Tsholofelo Mangadi, Sarah Lee, Hannah Vermeulen, Si Connolly, Caitlan Dyck, Shreya Panday, Wensley Smith, Sinazo Kwatsha, Kaylin Cloete, Yusrah Lutta,


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grade 12 news

GRADE 12 The matric year is synonymous with a whirlwind of activity and 2018 was no exception. From the excitement of the Matric Sleepover in the school hall, to the elegance of the Matric Dance and Matric Fashion Show, the festivity of 40 Days celebrations, and the decorum of Valedictory, this year’s Grade 12s took full advantage of the opportunities offered to them to bond as a grade and celebrate their last year of school together. The final act of the matrics of 2018, after finishing their last exam, was to donate their school shoes to charity. This marked a fitting end to high school careers characterized by service and putting the welfare of others first. We are proud of the stellar young women this year’s matrics have grown into and wish them all the best for their futures outside the walls of Wynberg Girls’ High School. May they make the most of it. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

Matric 40 Days Committee

Back Row: Ms Jackie Morton Front Row: Tyla Collings, Sinazo Kwatsha, Khanya Lujabe, Olivia Walker, Laurelle Bailey

Amy, Emily, Ciara and Chelsea celebrate 40 Days


Jodi Yotikul, Joey Gordon, Jamie Hull, Wensley Smith, Ciara Wray, Entle Cebisa Front Row: Na-eela Coleman, Ms Shireen Amien, Lara Johnson, Mrs Kerry Hermans, Sabine Ellis

Matric Sleepover Committee

Back Row: Abigail Lawrence, Si Connolly, Lilitha Njobe, Kayla Morgan Front Row: Sarah-Jane Deary, Luyanda Bennie, Ms Bridget Patel, Caleigh Hanekom,


Zeta Gertson

Chelsey and Lehela at 40 Days

Spending time with friends at the Matric Sleepover

The spectacular Matric Fashion Show

Tsholofelo Mangadi

Imrah, Kauthar and Demi

Ilhám Choonara

Trying out the new Matric Tops

Matrics donating their shoes

grade 12 news

Matric Dance

Matric Fashion Show Committee Back Row:

Caitlin Johnson, Simone Swanich, Caryn Ryklief, Chelsea Dallas, Sarah Lee, Daina Fox, Nuriya Pahad Front Row: Mrs Jackie Badenhorst (Choreographer), Selena Pereira, Ms Shireen Amien, Lupiwe Poswa, Ms Nadine Wessels

Tyla, Okwethu, Tapiwe and Lehela

Matric Memories Committee Back Row:

Zoe Benson, Bianca Smit, Jane Imrie Front Row: Clarissa Cronje, Kiran Naicker, Ms ChĂŠ Marneweck, Jesse Vosloo, Mishka Ranchod

Khanyisa, Sinesipho, Thimna and Tanya

Dressed up for Informal Valedictory

Ms Dayna Pearce and the Jazz Band Matrics

Olivia and Lehela

Maree and Saarah

Jemma and her partner

Caris and Kezra

The 2017 World Challenge girls reunite at their Matric Dance

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grade 11 news

GRADE 11 The Grade 11s had quite a fun-filled year with various outings and a three day camp. Before going to Rocklands, they participated enthusiastically in a drumming session. This set the spirit for the rest of the camp. At Rocklands, they took part in a number of sessions such as Conflict Management and finding out what type of personality they are. Their leadership skills were tested on the obstacle course and the dance floor where they had to work together to achieve their goals. There was a lot of free time for bonding and getting to know each other. During the year, they went on outings such as the Geography outing to the Koeberg nuclear power station and the Life Sciences excursion to the Department of Anatomy of the University of Stellenbosch. The Learner Leadership activities were completed without too much stress. By doing these activities they learn about teamwork and meeting deadlines.

Haanim, Calleigh, Hannah and Lana at Woordfees The new pillar heads after their induction as leaders

Jo, Luca, Aimee, Alienor and Sasha doing their Consumer Studies Practical

The Matric Dance Committee



Gugulethu, Margareta and Kelsey

Kudzai and Tehya




Carrying Jemma across the obstacle

The entire Grade 11 group at camp

Lana negotiates the obstacle course

Rachel, Zoë, Razaan and Leilah

Matric Dance Committee

Back Row: Nawaal Jacobs, Margareta Bosch, Ashna Ramjee Middle Row: Nabeelah Jacobs, Mu’minah Salie, Yashoda Yengopal, Zayaan Jardien, Aimée Cawood, Alex Nicholson Front Row: Aaminah Domingo, Chéyenne Britten, Nadia Parker, Ms Shireen Amien, Kayla Barnes, Aasiyah Saffodien, Ainsley Louw

grade 10 news

| 67

GRADE 10 2018 was a busy year for Grade 10. Starting off the year with a bang, the Grade 10s settled into their subject choices. During the camp days in March, they participated in an Amazing Race on the first day - running through the school, following clues and learning about the history of the school. On the second day, they participated in sustainability and green matters run by Plant the Seed and on the third day, the Grade 10s devoted their energies to doing good for Mandela Day by making puzzles, sleeping bags for the homeless and cards for an old age home. In June, after working hard for their exams, the Grade 10s relaxed and enjoyed a grade bonding session with a Pizza and Movie night. Term 3 saw them starting their Learner Leadership projects in preparation for leadership applications in Grade 11. Overall it has been a fun-filled and successful year.

gr 10 history outing to the prestwich memorial and slave lodge



GRADE 10 Group 17 teaching skills to gRADE 9s


Making activity books for Mandela Day

heart dissections

PLANT THE SEED The Plant the Seed programme was initiated by the Life Sciences department, in place of their Kirstenbosch excursion. They collaborated with the Geography department for a cross-curricular venture. However, as knowledge of and caring for the environment is such a universally important topic, it was felt that ALL the Grade 10s would benefit from this programme. Therefore, Ms Stephanie Pienaar as head of Grade 10 also came on board and the programme was run during the ‘summer school’ period when the Grade 9s and 11s were at camp.

Ivanka and Michaela finding another answer


Sarah-Jane and Hannah with newspaper sleeping bags

ABOVE: Jenna, Sarah and Zahrah LEFT:Hluma and Nikah Making sleeping bags for the homeless for Mandela Day

Grade 10s on the Amazing Race

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grade 9 news GRADE 9

Enjoying a light-hearted moment at Gr 9 Camp

The beautiful Back2Basics Campsite in Grabouw

The Grade 9s had an adventure-filled year. Their Back2Basics camp tested limits, built resilience and helped the girls discover the strength inherent in good teamwork. It was a time to get to know your peers through a range of activities, from crawling through stagnant, muddy water to singing and dancing in the evenings. In their DMT classes, the Grade 9s used Adobe Spark to introduce a friend to the class. Some unknown talents were discovered and celebrated in this process. Through these introductions they discovered dancers, models, photographers, selfie queens and chefs amongst the amazingly talented Grade 9s. Another Grade 9 projects at Wynberg is a community service project, in which the girls were inventive and worked tirelessly to help others. One example of this was 9B’s efforts to support the St Michael’s Home for Girls. The home provides emotional support to enable young women to deal with the devastating effects of abuse. The Grade 9s also had the privilege to go on academic outings to Intaka Island and District Six, bringing the syllabus to life. Good luck to all the Grade 9s as they embark on the FET phase of their education.

Negotiating the obstacle course

Gemma conquers the mud

The camp counsellors leading a discussion

Asanda is helped over the obstacle

Getting to know each other in DMT lessons

ALL ABOVE: GR 9B Community Service projects

Bonding time at camp

grade 8 news PLEDGE

GRADE 8 January 2018 saw Wynberg Girls’ High School welcome our new intake of Grade 8s. As the first Grade 8 cohort to start their WGHS journey with the new school values Inclusivity, Integrity, Courage, Accountability, Respect and Empathy – we trust that these young girls will develop a new community of inspiring, fearless and committed ladies working in our communities and even globally. The Grade 8s of 2018 have proven to be a fearless group, ready to take on any challenges that come their way. May their continued journey prove them to be proud warrior women of Wynberg.


Mrs Kerry Hermans welcomes Elona to WGHS

Ms Jackie Aproskie and her daughter, Sarah

Jordan is congratulated by her mom

Welcome to Wynberg Girls’ High, class of 2022!


Lilitha Langeni, Pollyanne Carlos and Amy Scholtz

Olwethu Macanda, Jenna Jacobs and Alexandra Hartog

| 69

ABOVE: The Cavanagh leaders and grade 8s

Apsley Grade 8s and Kayla ArendsE help out in the garden

BELOW: Hannah, Amy and Zehara

OnEsimo, Wren, Lisakhanya and Celine

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waterloo hostel by

Sibongile Mtegha Head of Hostel 2018

WATERLOO HOSTEL 2018 Hostel is a place that is home away from home, a place of warmth and comfort. A place where you grow, flourish and strive to be the best that you can be independently as a young lady going out into the big world. It honestly has been an amazing 5 year journey with ups and downs along the way but the best part was that there was always a friend, a sister to help you back up. There is always a buzz in the hostel, there is always something going on. The staff at Waterloo house are amazing people, they are always there for you whenever you need them. Never hesitant to lend an ear or

helping with homework and going the extra mile to make our stay even more enjoyable! My term in office was testing but yet full of growth. I am so grateful to the team that was working alongside me. I truly appreciate the faith and the trust that they had in me, it allowed me to lead them the best way I could. That is what contributed to making 2018 such an amazing year. Thank you to everyone and especially to my fellow hostel matriculants for making this year as wonderful as it has been.

Waterloo Hostel Family

Back Row: Khanyisile Cotani, Nonelela Madubedube, Swandle Mwezo, Sinazo Zelanga, Surika Snyman, Palesa Segal, Gugulethu Ndubela Fifth Row: Ivanka Marais, Okuhle Maqhubu, Grace Cochrane, Margarita Charitou, Lihle Mosala, Happiness Walter, Liyema Mgca, Kuhle Mbiza, Nthabiseng Mathayi Fourth Row: Gia Pienaar, Linda Mema, Nicole Mutsekwa, Jady Baumann, Rethabile Makoetlane, Umange Xhego, Pearl Gungu, Asanele Magxiva, Esethu Mahlumba Third Row: Asanda Noludwe, Rebecca Francklin, Jasmine Kennedy, Alienor Tanguy, Coral Hedley, Mia du Plessis, S’thembile (Tash) Gumede, Amy Dallas, Chido Mukondiwa Second Row: Summa Heald, Sage Seef, Cassidy Matthews, Stacey-Lee Heynes, Gcina Arosi, Asemahle Diza, Winile Mazibuko, Christinah Augustino, Mihle Mzamane, Isabella Mülller Front Row: Caitlan Dyck, Faith April, Hluma Shoko, Sipho-Esihle Tibini, Khanya Lujabe, Sibongile Mtegha, Stacey Mboyana, Alive Somaguda, Chéyenne Britten, Caitlyn Thomas, Megan Frost

Chéyenne Britten

Danelle Marsh

waterloo hostel

| 71

Waterloo Hostel - Matric Farewell Dinner The theme for the annual Waterloo Hostel Farewell Dinner was ‘Hollywood’. The Grade 11s hosted a fabulous evening where the matrics and their ‘dates’ (a member of staff invited by each matriculant) were treated like stars.

Downtime at Waterloo Hostel

All dressed up for the Hostel Matric Farewell

The Gr 11s welcome the matrics to the Hostel Farewell

Jady and Gugu

Ms Florence Cull and Coral Hedley

Sibongile Mtegha and Ms Bridget Patel

ABOVE AND BELOW: Valentine’s Day Picnic

Amy Dallas, Rebecca Francklin and Jade de Villiers

Ms Dayna Pearce and Stacey Mboyana

72 |



Apsley leaders at the Gr 8 luau welcome party

Back Row: Summa Heald, Caris Gertzen Front Row: Peighton Barth, Mrs Ingrid Adolph,

Alexandra Johnson

Our year started off by welcoming the new Gr 8s who all worked together and showed lots of teamwork and enthusiasm with all the activities they were given. Annually Apsley completes their service hours by covering books for children and it was really amazing to see the determination the girls have to help those in need. Term 2 held a number of exciting challenges. Apsley came first in Kirsten’s Disney challenge. We also came second in Term 2. “Everything changes but one thing is true: there’s no doubt we’ll always be more than a house.”

Okuhle, Amy, UmangE, Cuba, Taylor, Mia and Leilah


Back Row: Tsholofelo Mangadi Front Row: Juliet Killick, Jessica Austin, Ms Sjaene van Wyk, Jessica Virgin, Zoë Sasman

2018 was an amazing year for Cavanagh. We focused on strengthening our internal bonds as a house which resulted in achieving outside of the house. A great emphasis was put on helping others, and this was achieved by focusing on sandwich making every week and starting a weekly visit to Maitland Cottage, an orthopedic children’s hospital. This also brought the house together as we could all experience the amazing feeling of improving the lives of others. Our consistent teamwork throughout the year managed to land us in third place at the end of the

Cavanagh spirit at Interhouse

2018 leadership term, conquering our goal of finishing in the top 3. The house also won the interhouse academics trophy thanks to the contributions of the girls in personal and group endeavors. For the leaders, it was inspiring to see the love and passion that was brought out of the Cavanagh girls this year and we are certain they will continue to exhibit these qualities in other areas in their current and future lives. It was an honour to lead such an amazing group of young women in 2018 and I am confident they will continue to make themselves and Wynberg proud.

Alex and Jenna

Hannah and Abigail



Back Row: Aashiqah Regal Front Row: Sibongile Mtegha, Chelsea van Heerden, Mr Jasper Saayman, Ketra Boer, Laurelle Bailey

The year of 2018 has flown by! Constantia has spread the love in so many ways amongst their peers, the support staff, the men during “Movember”, the teachers and most importantly, amongst each other. On numerous occasions, interhouse challenges were completed with so much willingness, enthusiasm and spirit. We were ecstatic to win the House Trophy at the end of the 2nd term which made us feel proud of all the work and effort we have put in during the term. Constantia has sang, built sculptures, danced, laughed

and even knitted together. The year was full of fun and excitement and the true essence of friendship and sisterhood was unlocked. May Constantia continue to be more than just a house. May it be a home, a family. Thank you Constantia for being spectacular in every single way. “It’s not what we have, but who we have.” - Winnie the Pooh

ABOVE: The Constantia Hockey team RIGHT: Nuhaa

Constantia leaders ready for Interhouse


Celebrating Copie magic!

Back Row: Kezra Cairns Front Row: Isabelle Meyer, Kendra Petersen, Ms Noeline Faller,

Caitlin Meyer, Karen Roodman

Copenhagen had a very exciting 2018! Although in some ways we had a slow start, we eventually achieved our primary goal of moving our house flag to the other side of the school hall by placing in the top four houses for a term. It was a colourful year, filled with plenty of fun house challenges where we placed well. Another highlight was our annual singing competition, where our hard work at harmonising paid off for us! It was a year defined by growth and development as a group. We worked hard and had fun - Copenhagen has such potential, and I know that the house will continue achieving their goals.

The Copenhagen Hockey team

| 73

74 |


Back Row: Bella Draper Front Row: Ashleigh Cozett, Rethabile Makoetlane,

Mrs Alison Smith, Hajira Lockhat, ZoĂŤ Poole

The Kirsten Pandas had a super year in 2018. We played, danced, acted and participated in everything with great enthusiasm and spirit. From the Grade 8 Orientation and Pool Party to tutor group bonding, sandwich-making, Wool for Wonders knitting, our Maynardville Park clean-up and all the challenges, we had fun, supporting each other and making as much noise as possible. Our Disney Knowledge Interhouse Quiz was a roaring success, with teams squealing with excitement. We grew closer and made some special memories together. Go, Kirsten!!

The Kirsten girls at Interhouse

Teagan and Aaliyah


Silverlea The Silverlea Hockey team

ABOVE: Supporting their Silverlean housemates

Back Row: Farahana Smailovic Front Row: Kelsey Lodewyk, Bhavika Kalan, Ms Michele Lawrence, Helena Veysey, Celine Bailey

When Silverleans set their minds to important matters, they exude confidence and commitment. This makes us a formidable force. At the start of the year the Grade 8s of Silverlea were warmly welcomed into our Silverlea family with a fun-filled orientation week. The girls were then introduced into their tutor groups, which became their home away from home. Together with our new Grade 8s, Silverlea has undoubtedly been a challenging competitor this year. Silverlea has showcased its talents and spirit when

participating in our interhouse challenges. Our house has also had a successful and incredible year in the service of others. Silverlea placed within the top 3 in the photography challenge, Cavanagh sculpture challenge, interhouse singing competition, sandwich making and bread tag challenges. We also committed ourselves to many hours of community service which involved visiting the Murambi house, spending time with children at Maitland Cottage, making

Isabella, Samara and Amber

biscuits for a children’s home, collecting dog and cat food for a shelter, attending beach clean-ups and making decorated biscuits for the support staff. Our Silverleans showed their generous and good-spirited nature by completing many hours of individual community service and random acts of kindness throughout the year. This year has been jam-packed with fun opportunities and events where Silverlea has supported one another as a family and truly proved to be royal and purpleblooded and a house which stands as a formidable force ready to conquer any challenge gracefully, following in the footsteps of our mascot, the trusty heffalump!


| 75


The Waterloo Hockey team

Back Row: Laila Manie Front Row: Sarah Williams, Yumna Ederies, Mr Andrew Hunter, Jenna Grey, Amarah Sadan

The words of our Genie definitely rang true this year “MAKING WATERLOO WISHES COME TRUE”. This year has been both a vibrant and fun-filled one for our house. As the Waterloo team, we rubbed the Genie’s lamp many times and achieved some wonderful success stories. Waterloo won the house trophy in both Term 1 and Term 3 and went on to win the overall house competition for 2018. The kind and compassionate nature of our house ensured that we brought the most sandwiches each term to assist Capricorn

Primary School. Waterloo’s determination and passion drove us to win the choir and vocal ensemble categories and thereby achieve first place overall in the interhouse singing challenge. We have truly had an unforgettable year together and, as a house, we have learned that in order for a family to achieve its goal we need to work together. Well done to all the Waterloo girls for playing their part this year. The dedication and commitment from Yumna Ederies and the Matric Leaders, Amarah Sadan, Jenna

Proud Waterloo leaders with Mr Andrew Hunter after winning the Interhouse Trophy for 2018

Grey, Laila Manie and Sarah Williams was incredible. Our House Co-ordinator, Mr Andrew Hunter, always encouraged and motivated us to achieve the vision we set ourselves when our year began and we thank him for guiding us this year. “Winning isn’t everything but the taste of victory is sweet”.


The Wellesley Hockey team

Back Row: Okwetu Mabusela Front Row: Zayyaan Esau, Ashara Pather, Ms Elke Hill, Jade De Keijzer, Joy Espach

This year has been a rollercoaster ride for Wellesley, from welcoming the new Grade 8s to our family, to winning the annual house plays with Copenhagen. 2018 has been the year of experiencing change and unity, and Wellesley did just that. We bonded within our tutor groups, building stronger relationships between grades and promoting integration. We used our strong skills and well-driven spirit to enjoy every moment of every event. We had much help and support from our Wellesley teachers who influenced our

successes and even though we had many farewells, they all helped play a small part in inspiring the Wellesley girls to enjoy this year as a whole. Amazingly we had many individual achievements that Wellesley acknowledges and is extremely proud of, as it showed each person’s skills that helped build Wellesley this year. Describing this year as a rollercoaster includes the fact that we had good and bad experiences as a house. But we never allowed the bad to affect the good, which helped us to achieve what we did this year.

ABOVE: Go Wellesley! RIGHT: Inge

Our achievements such as winning our own house challenge, our vocal ensemble placing second for the Singing challenge, donating bread every Thursday without fail and even winning the House Plays, are evidence to how Wellesley grew as a house with pride and unity. Days filled with laughter, exceptional girls and memorable experiences made 2018 the year for Wellesley to shine, living up to our house’s honour of wearing yellow as gold.

76 |


INTERHOUSE CHALLENGES The house challenges once again provided opportunities for the girls to build house spirit, enjoy themselves, provide entertainment, and showcase their talents. Two fun-filled sports days were held once each for summer and winter sports. The house play challenge provided expanded dramatic opportunities to our students. The singing challenge was the jubilant and entertaining affair we have come to expect. The themes for this year were “Musicals” and “Making a Change”.

In the Cavanagh challenge the contestants made sculptures representing Africa from recycled materials

Adjudicators of the Singing Competition, Amy Campbell and Rachel Suttle, with the heads of the top 3 houses in the vocal ensemble category: Ashara (WELLESLEY), Yumna (WATERLOO) and Rethabile (KIRSTEN)

The Dance Sport Challenge was a highlight on a fun-filled summer sports day at the end of the year

Wellesley and Copenhagen were the winners of the House Play challenge

Shakeerah and Mia in “Rideshare Overshare”

Three of the entries into Silverlea’s Cultural Diversity Photography challenge: Stunning in saris; The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety; The rawness of South African beauty

events Achievers’ Dinner

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Valentine’s Day

Jade, Joy, Sarah and Keightley

The First Girls’ Hockey Team at the Achievers’ Dinner

The Achievers’ Dinner is an event that is held to celebrate the achievements of our senior students in the four pillars of Wynberg Girls’ High School. This year the event was held at Moyo, Kirstenbosch. Our guest speaker was a former Head of the RCL, Yeukai Chamba, and she spoke of the importance of standing up for your beliefs and following your dreams - even if it means making sacrifices to do so. Afterwards, the announcement of the 125th Past Pupils’ Pillar Awards took place. Congratulations to the winners of these prestigious trophies for 2018: Na-eela Coleman (Academics), Bella Draper (Culture), Kendra Petersen (Service) and Aaminah Domingo (Sport).

Kyra Ormond

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Jaime, Emily, Ashleigh, Karyn and Andrea Nabeelah, Kendra and Nawaal with guest speaker, Ms Yeukai Chamba

Malikah, Nuhaa, Zahra, Sarah and Chelsea

Zoey, Tamiya, Ashleigh and Aqilah


Left to right: Robyn and Lara; Lula and Jo; Yusrah

14 September marked the occasion of our 134th birthday. Traditionally, this day is celebrated by inviting past pupils to join us for tea as well as for a special assembly. This year Kiara Ramklass (Head of Culture in the Class of 2012), was one of our guest speakers. In the words of Grade 11 learner Mu’minah Salie: “It was one of the best - and most heartfelt - speeches Wynberg has ever heard. My friend and I (both students of colour) sat on the edge of our seats, hands clutching each other’s and eyes teary. Inspiration flowed through us, and in that moment we truly believed that we could change lives. We were able to acknowledge all the women who had come before us, and fought to give us the opportunities we have today.”

Open Day

The Day of Love was enjoyed by the Wynberg girls in the usual spirited and fun way. Flowers, cards and chocolates were exchanged with friends near and far, and the special Valentine’s Day assembly was a celebration of colour and music. Mrs Shirley Harding with alumnae who attended Founders’ Day

A Gr 1 girl and a Gr 11 girl light the candles at the Founders’ Day assembly

The choir performs at Open Day

Wynberg Girls’ High opened its doors to prospective learners and parents at our two Open Days, with a wonderful display of Wynberg Pride.

CLOCKWISE FROM ABOVE: Welcoming the Gr 7s to WGHS; Juliet Lindup; The Marimba band ; Sibongile, Nicole, Aleah and Razaan

Amarachi VaZidlule

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creativity | art

Classic and contemporary Imogen Cupido - Gr10

Baroque Inspired Tea Party Alexandra Figaji - Gr9 Self-portrait

Alexa Loxton - Gr8

For the Brown Skin Girls Alexandra Johnson - Gr12

Shadows Self-portrait in mixed media Charlotte Gumunyu - Gr10

Hannah Jenkins - Gr12


Kawthar Gameeldien - Gr12

The Sacrifice

Aasiyah Saffodien - Gr11 Landscape

Gemma Hoskins - Gr9

creativity | art

Hotel Food

Geenah Philander - Gr11


Drew MacArthur - Gr12 LEFT: Self Portrait in mixed media Hope Ingabire - Gr11

I AM WOMAN | Tanya

Ngandu - Gr12

My Mom

Raia Pillay Gr11


Drew MacArthur - Gr12

Burden (detail)

Laila Manie - Gr12

Portrait of a stranger Mikayla Schilder - Gr12

Up Close and Personal

Amy van Zyl - Gr12


Jasmine Kennedy - Gr11

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creativity | art

Baroque inspired Tea Party Jenna Ryklief - Gr9

Famous Personality

Lara Webb - Gr10

Self Portrait

Asanda Noludwe - Gr8

Bowl of Fruit

Quanita Wise - Gr8

I am Woman

Jemma Welz - Gr12

Up Close and Personal Mikayla Schilder - Gr12 Self portrait in mixed media Stella Raine - Gr10

Self portrait in mixed media Rabecca Rooy - Gr10


Tanya Ngandu - Gr12


Drew MacArthur - Gr12

creativity | photography

Joanna Roodt

Margareta Bosch

Alexandra Kandralides

Alexandra de Rose Drew MacArthur

Mikaela Meyer

Mikaela Meyer

ChĂŠyenne Britten Margareta Bosch

Alexandra de Rose

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2018 Magazine  

Highlights of the year 2018 at Wynberg Girls' High School

2018 Magazine  

Highlights of the year 2018 at Wynberg Girls' High School

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