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Literatura Publishing House

For almost 30 years Literatura has been publishing the best of modern Polish writers and illustators. In our offer you will find books for younger children and teenagers, to laugh and to share few tears. Many of our books were acknowledged by literature critics and received Polish and foreign awards. If you’re intrested in purchaising rights, please contact: Aleksandra Różanek-Andrzejczak Literatura Publishing House ul. Srebrna 41, 91-334 Łódź e-mail: ph +48 42 630 23 81 (21)


Summary Books for 5–10 years olds .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Books for 8–12 years olds .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8   History for children .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15    The Exceptionals: biographies for children .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16    Grownup wars – children’s stories: World War II .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17    Grownup wars – children’s stories: Presentday Conflicts . . . . . . . . . 23 Books for teenagers (12–18 years olds) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25   Historical novels for teenagers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 The Upper Floor – books for adults . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30

Books for

5–10 years olds

Kingdom as Many Others author: Katarzyna Wasilkowska illustrator: Nikola Kucharska Meet the Merciful Highness and his royal family: the queen mother and her pug Pusio, king’s wife, who probably used to have some name, but everyone called her Merciful Lady, and his daugther – beautiful, smart pricess Tuberoza. They live in a kingdom as many others, same as you live in. You know what I mean, those great and small monarchies, with their treasures, ups and downs. Usually we call them “families”. ________________________________________ pp. 80 | hardback | 195x254 mm | 1st edition: 2016

Baltazar is Coming Home author: Katarzyna Wasilkowska illustrator: Marta Kurczewska In the village life goes by slowly from one rumour to another. Unexpectedly some stranger moves into the cottage in the middle of the forest. Where he comes from? Why is he here? For bored children it’s a perfect occasion to mess with grownups. This story tells us that different doesn’t mean bad, and that a lie will come out faster than little goats can run. ________________________________________ pp. 64 | hardback | 195x254 mm | 1st edition: 2017

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The Mischief Makers author: Paweł Beręsewicz illustrator: Nikola Kucharska Every day inventors around the world work hard, so new generations of killjoy’s have new stuff to spoil. Smartphones, tablets, laptops are a treat for skilled fingers of today’s killjoys. But what (and how) could spoil our parents, grandparents and greatgrandparents? What kind of inventions will be spoiled in future? You can read it here – we don’t want to spoil the fun. _________________________________________ pp. 64 | hardback | 195x254 mm | 1st edition: 2016

Top Secret author: Paweł Beręsewicz illustrator: Maciej Szymanowicz Everyone who came to this world has to leave it, eventually. But what they had been doing before they came, and what will they do after they leave? That’s, unfortunately, a secret. How many brainiacs tried to solve this mystery! None of them succeeded. Why don’t you read this book and find out if there finally is an explanation to what has been kept top secret for so long. _________________________________________ pp. 48 | hardback | 168x220 mm | 1st edition: 2018

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Lutek and Aunt Józefina author: Danuta Parlak illustrator: Jona Jung Lutek and Unka are neighbours. He always looks for the bright side, she’s grumpy and complains about everything. Meanwhile, some bug – wirlus hideosus – is ruining their beautiful garden. The only person that can help them with the pest is the one they’re most afraid of – aunt Józefina. _________________________________________ pp. 80 | hardback | 168x220 mm | 1st edition: 2018

Tutu. A Piglet that Dreamed about Paradise Island author: Barbara Gawryluk illustrator: Elżbieta Śmietanka Tutu is different from the others in her pigsty. She has dots and spots and no one but her mum and little Basia like her. One day Basia told Tutu about a beautiful tropical island, where pigs live – they lie on the beach, swim in the ocean and tourists come to feed them. And they look just like Tutu! From now on Tutu will do everything to get to this island. Will she make it? _________________________________________ pp. 96 | hardback | 168x220 mm | 1st edition: 2018

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Casperiade author: Grzegorz Kasdepke illustrator: Piotr Rychel Have you ever rushed to the kindergarden so badly, that you forgot to take your child with you? Or maybe you had an impression that your offspring completely lost their hearing (until you mentioned ice-creams)? If your answer was „yes”, you – and your child – will love this book. _________________________________________ pp. 80 | hardback 168x220 mm 1st edition: 2001 rights sold: Serbia

If you already know Casperiade, you can also purchase rights for second tome: Casper from the Drawer

Myths for children author: Grzegorz Kasdepke illustrator: Ewa Poklewska-Koziełło Thanks to author’s sense of humour Myths for children not only teach, but also amuse children, despite many brutal scenes. _________________________________________ pp. 200 | hardback | 168x220 mm | 1st edition: 2013 rights sold: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus

Savoir-vivre for children author: Grzegorz Kasdepke illustrator: Ewa Poklewska-Koziełło Savoir-vivre is a knowledge how a well-behaved man should act in certain situation. Sounds boring, right? Not when you learn about it with Kuba and Buba funniest (and naughtiest!) twins in the world! _________________________________________ pp. 112 | hardback | 168x220 mm | 1st edition: 2001 rights sold: Ukraine


Everything, what child should know, to play safely at home author: Grzegorz Kasdepke illustrator: Artur Gulewicz It’s said that children are most likely to hurt themselves at home. Can we do something about it? Yes! They have to be sensitized. Sharp objects, hot fluids, toxic substances – it can be dangerous. But to sensitize doesn’t mean to scare. We should talk with children, joke and laugh while reading this book. And that will be enough. _________________________________________ pp. 64 | hardback | 168x220 mm | 1st edition: 2011 rights sold: Ukraine

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Books for

8-12 years olds Granny’s Herbalist author: Barbara Kosmowska illustrator: Emilia Dziubak Eryk hasn’t spent much time with “Little Grandma” so far, but he’s looking forward to her moving in with him. Because no one else can listen to his problems and talk about faraway journeys. And – most important – no one gets the boy like she does. But sometimes things don’t go the way we wanted. Suddenly Eryk’s life becomes empty and everything that used to make him happy is causing enormous pain, from which he can’t escape even to his tree house. But does he have to escape? Isn’t the gift of wisdom Little Grandma gave him enough to find self-esteem, new friends and bright side of growing up? A beautiful, heart-warming story about searching and finding the greatest treasure of childhood – believing in yourself and respecting others. __________________________________________ pp. 104 | hardback | 168x220 mm | 1st edition: 2016

My Sister’s Island author: Katarzyna Ryrych cover: Ewa Beniak-Haremska Marysia is a younger-older sister of Pippi. Younger, because she was born few years later. Older, because Pippi has Down Syndrome, and in many ways she’s still acting like a child. Thanks to Marysia we can undersand Pippi’s world, where words always have only one meaning and pushing someone is always bullying, not a joke. _________________________________________ pp. 88 | hardback | 168x220 mm | 1st edition: 2017

8 |

Chocolate’s Day author: Anna Onichimowska illustrator: Emilia Dziubak A story about the time when everything changes, about fears, dreams, longing, but most important – about love. Dawid and Monika – two 7 years olds – are facing problems too big for their age. To deal with them, they add some magic to reality. _________________________________________ pp. 56 | hardback | 168x220 mm | 1st edition: 2015

| 9

Cobra author: Katarzyna Wasilkowska illustrator: Katarzyna Kołodziej After a car crash Tomek’s family has to jump back into everyday reality. When it seemed that the boy got used to new situation, it turns out that fate has yet another surprise for him. Tomek goes to a Mazovian village to visit a grandma he had no idea of, and there, far away from home and without his friends’ support, he discovers his family’s secret and faces his worst fear. Thrilling adventures, nameless graves, secrets and funny discoveries, new friends and one (or even two) mysterious avengers. And a moose. _______________________________________ pp. 88 | hardback | 145x205 mm | 1st edition: 2018

Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities

About Stephen Hawking, Black Hole and Underfloor Mice author: Katarzyna Ryrych cover: Elżbieta Chojna So far Piotrek was only Lil’brother – Stefan’s younger brother. It was Stefan, who – immobilized by misterious disease – taught him everything about life. But now Piotrek starts to have his own secrets, fights in school and new friends. He’s no longer Lil’brother, he’s Piotrek. Someone important, with own opinion, independent. This transformation is surprising and… truly wonderful! _________________________________________ pp. 160 | hardback | 145x205 mm | 1st edition: 2014 | rights sold: Ukraine, Russia

10 |

Good Dog’s Diary authors: Wojciech Cesarz & Katarzyna Terechowicz illustrator: Joanna Rusinek It’s a must read not only for dog lovers, but for everyone who enjoys warm and valuable lecture. Narrator is a young alaskan malamut called Winter, for whom nothing is impossible. His motto is „fun in the first place!”. Turned out tables and chairs, chrewed shoes, broken dinner set, cyclist in the sewer – no one and nothing is able to stop him in enjoying life! Even dog behaviourist. _________________________________________ pp. 200 | hardback | 145x205 mm | 1st edition: 2010

Readers loved Winter so much that Wojciech Cesarz and Katarzyna Terechowicz decided to write four more books about him: 2) Good Dog’s New Adventures (pp. 176 | 1st edition: 2013); 3) Good Dog’s Summer (pp. 160 | 1st edition: 2014); 4) Good Dog’s Cat Troubles (pp. 160 | 1st edition: 2016); 5) Good Dog in Love (pp. 160 | 1st edition: 2019).

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How to Get Elf author: Marcin Pałasz illustrator: Katarzyna Kołodziej Great, hilarious series about uncoditional love between dog and its owners. Elf (Extraordinary Life Form) is a dog loved by all children who know him. In every book they (Elf and his owners – Big one and Kid) find and solve a detective riddle, that even Sherlock Holmes wouldn’t be ashamed of. _________________________________________ pp. 160 | hardback | 145x205 mm | 1st edition: 2017 rights sold: Ukraine

Elf’s adventures continue: 2) Elf, Where Are You? (pp. 160 | 1st edition: 2018 | rights sold: Ukraine); 3) Elf Almighty (pp. 176 | 1st edition: 2017 | rights sold: Ukraine); 5) Elf and Uncle Leon’s treasure (pp. 160 | 1st edition: 2018 | rights sold: Ukraine); 6) Elf and the House of Demons (pp. 200 | 1st edition: 2018 | rights sold: Ukraine).

In Elf, Where Are You? Elf got lost in woods and got trapped in a cage by some bad people. Luckily, Big one and Kid are as good in tracking as Elf himself! Elf Almighty is a summer story – Elf and his owners finally go to the seaside. When they arrive it turns out someone stole their… boarding house! How is that even possible?! Elf, Big one and Kid are ready to solve this mystery!

12 |

Nosecovers author: Paweł Beręsewicz illustrator: Katarzyna Kołodziej Zuzia is dreaming about an original, beautifully smelling nosecover – Jackson Beever has it, the coolest gang in her school… it’s all the rage. When she gets it for Christmas, she’s over the moon – finally everyone will notice her! But in the meantime Zuzia is noticing something very surprising… _________________________________________ pp. 64 | hardback | 145x205 mm | 1st edition: 2013

Adventure butter author: Barbara Stenka illustrator: Olga Reszelska Kasia, an inteligent and talkative hypochondriac, spends every day on making world a better place and fighting unjustice. She fights school bullies, helps Eliza (home violence victim) and educates her peers about ecology and rare, endangered species. Meanwhile she viciously checks her temperature, to find out about any disease as soon as possible. __________________________________________ pp. 232 | hardback | 145x205 mm | 1st edition: 2011

More than a Club author: Paweł Beręsewicz cover: Elżbieta Chojna Messi and Ronaldo in one team?! Yes, there is such a football club. It’s called: a) Real Madrit b) FC Barcelona c) Frutex Pięknogóra The right answer is hidden somewhere between first and last page of this book. Get ready for some great sport emotions! __________________________________________ pp. 272 | hardback | 145x205 mm | 1st edition: 2016

| 13

Flying Aunts’ Club author: Rafał Witek illustrator: Katarzyna Kołodziej Emil is not excited about summer break. Two months in the middle of nowhere with an old aunt and his smarty-pants cousin Sonia seem to be intolerable. The hordes of mosquitoes and bike with no gears won’t make it any better. Luckily, it turns out the cousin is very nice and pretty, and in nearby forest they find a desolated tower – Sonia and Emil can’t wait to find out what’s inside! From now on their summer break becomes a great adventure – they get to meet citizens of the town and find out about their fascinating youth, renew the balloon and – finally – fly to the sky! _________________________________________ pp. 144 | hardback | 145x205 mm | 1st edition: 2013 rights sold: Serbia

Ada Judytka and the Lost Tallith author: Agnieszka Suchowierska illustrator: Dorota Łoskot-Cichocka Ada Judytka just turned 10 years old and lives with her parents in Białystok. They are getting ready for Rosh Hashanah, which gives Ada Judytka an opportunity to talk with her classmates about their New Years’ traditions. Unfortunately, one day the girl loses her mom’s beautiful tallith and… Wait, you don’t know what Rosh Hashanah and tallith are? Read this book and find out! _________________________________________ pp. 72 | hardback | 145x205 mm | 1st edition: 2017

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for children

Scrambled Egg of Columbus. Stories about Great Conquerors author: Paweł Wakuła illustrator: Mikołaj Kamler Kuba and his family loves to discuss about history. This time they’ve decided to learn all about great conquerors, beginning with ancient Phoenicians and Greeks and ending on nowadays travellers. Learn about freezing Ultima Thule, fertile Vinland, mysterious El Dorado and unexplored Terra Australis Incognita. Find out that great geographic discoveries were caused not only by curiosity, but also greed, politics and… coincidence! __________________________________________ pp. 240 | hardback | 168x220 mm | 1st edition: 2018

| 15

The Exceptionals Biographies of remarkable people.

Searching for Light

Story about Maria Skłodowska-Curie author: Anna Czerwińska-Rydel illustrator: Dorota Łoskot-Cichocka Many thought that she’s too serious, but she was just focused on her job. In her times women couldn’t study in Poland, so she raised enough money and went to Paris to study in Sorbonne. Meet Maria Skłodowska-Curie and find out more about her incredible life. _________________________________________ pp. 136 | hardback | 165x235 mm | 1st edition: 2017

A Path to the Stars

Story about Nikolaus Copernicus authors: Katarzyna Ziemnicka & Paweł Ziemnicki illustrator: Ewa Beniak-Haremska Nikolaus Copernicus is like… a tomato soup! Just like every cook adds something extra to this dish, every Copernicus’ researcher discovers new facts about his biography every now and then. One of the facts is that Nikolaus wasn’t actually the youngest sibling. We call him an astronomer, but do we know that he actually made a living as a doctor? Had he really fought with Teutonic Knights? And what does „He stopped the Sun and moved the Earth” actually mean? Join us in a journey to the 15th-century Toruń! _________________________________________ pp. 96 | hardback | 165x235 mm | 1st edition: 2018

16 |

Grownup Wars – Children’s Stories: II World War

All of My Mums author: Renata Piątkowska illustrator: Maciej Szymanowicz Szymon is afraid to live in a walled ghetto and he doesn’t want to wear the Star of Dawid on his arm. He misses his house, the radio with a green eye, his dad… One day, sister Jolanta knocks on their door and urges his mum to give Szymon away, so that he may be safe on the other side of the wall. Years later, Szymon Bauman learns that sister Jolanta’s real name is Irena Sendler and that many other Jewish children were saved from genocide. Could evil be resisted in a more beautiful way? _________________________________________ pp. 48 | hardback | 165x235 mm | 1st edition: 2013 rights sold: Italy Irena Sendler, with the help of trusted and devoted couriers, rescued 2,500 children from the depths of the Warsaw Ghetto. In her book, All of My Mums, Renata Piątkowska tells the story of one of them – young Szymon, who after being led by Mrs. Sendler out of ghetto, had to become first Staś, then Maciek… Irena is a model of goodness and love, a precious jewel in the humanity crown. Children reading this book will no doubt remember and love her as she loved every one of them. Lili Pohlmann, a community and cultural activist for Polish-Jewish rapprochement

| 17

Lists in a Bottle

Story about Irena Sendler author: Anna Czerwińska-Rydel illustrator: Maciej Szymanowicz One day in 1941 nurse Jolanta realised, that what she does for friends locked up in Warsaw ghetto is not enough to save them. ‘I have to help them no matter what!’, she decided and despite risking her and many other lives, who were helping her, she saved few children from ghetto every day. A list of their names, put into a milk bottle and burried under apple tree by her, counts… almost two and a half thousand children! __________________________________________ pp. 120 | hardback | 165x235 mm | 1st edition: 2018

If you see a person drowning, you must help them. Even if you can’t swim, there’s always another way. My daddy taught me that.

18 |

Irena Sendler

Asiunia author: Joanna Papuzińska illustrator: Maciej Szymanowicz Story of little Asiunia, for whom World War 2 started right after her 5th birthday, when one night her mum was taken to Pawiak, and her home disapeard. She had to go and live with someone else’s house, where instead of mum was some strange lady, strange furnitures and she had to drink milk from someone else’s cup instead of hers. Asiunia is observing the world very carefully and tries to understand it, which is terribly difficult, since she’s just a little girl. _________________________________________ pp. 48 | hardback | 165x235 mm | 1st edition: 2011

Mr. Apoteker author&illustrator: Katarzyna Ryrych It’s a story about Tadeusz Pankiewicz, an apothecary who decided to stay in Cracow ghetto and help its residents during World War II. Thanks to him, the Eagle Pharmacy, nowadays turned into a museum, became a safe in those terrible times, an ark on which you can survive the flood. Little Bluma, her sister Dorina and their older brother Arik, find help and shelter there more than once. But how to explain what happens outside od pharmacy? Bluma escapes into a world of imagination, observes and tires to explain the reality. She also tires to live in a world, where only a mad man can feel happinnes. _________________________________________ pp. 120 | hardback | 165x235 mm | 1st edition: 2018

| 19

The Last Floor author: Irena Landau illustrator: Joanna Rusinek Usually kids love playing hide and seek. But when you have to hide for hours and neither tell your real name nor trust anyone – it’s not fun anymore. After escaping Warsaw ghetto, Cesia has to hide all the time, and be quiet as a mouse, so that no neighbour finds out that Mr. and Mrs. Różycki are hiding a girl in their apartment. __________________________________________ pp. 104 | 165x235 mm | hardback | 1st edition: 2015

The “W” Spell author: Michał Rusinek illustrator: Joanna Rusinek A story of Włodek, for whom one year, after summer break, there starts a war instead of classes. He’s not sure what exactly this „war” is, but since grownups start whispering when they talk about it, he figured out it must be some kind of a spell cast by an evil wizard. A spell that makes all colours dissapear and the world turns black&white. _________________________________________ pp. 48 | 165x235 mm | hardback | 1st edition: 2011

Jutka’s Insomnia author: Dorota Combrzyńska-Nogala illustrator: Joanna Rusinek Jutka lives with her aunt and grandfather in Litzmannstadt Ghetto and tries to be brave. Despite the terror around her, she tries to look on the bright side of life. Playing with other kids and her pet rook, listening to grandpa’s stories, and being friends with a Polish girl from the other side of the wall – it all gives her some breathing space. _________________________________________ pp. 84 | 165x235 mm | hardback | 1st edition: 2012

20 |

Let Me Tell You a Story about Janusz Korczak author: Beata Ostrowicka illustrator: Jolanta Richter-Magnuszewska There was a big, white building on 92 Krochmalna street with „Orphanage” plate on it. That’s where Frania saw Misterdoctor for the first time – he stood in front of it, waiting for children to greet them. ‘He was smiling at us. The moment I saw him, I knew that Misterdoctor is a good person’, she says. _________________________________________ pp. 64 | 165x235 mm | hardback | 1st edition: 2012

Chmurka’s Siberian Adventures author: Dorota Combrzyńska-Nogala illustrator: Maciej Szymanowicz Chmurka, a little Pole, doesn’t understand why she has to live in Siberia or what does it mean to be an evacuee. But that doesn’t matter – she has a friend Ilia, a beloved cat Katafiej and playing in snow. She loves poems she learns at school – they’re melodic and pretty – it’s hard to understand why grandma hates them so much and keeps talking about Poland. Will they ever come back? _________________________________________ pp. 72 | 165x235 mm | hardback | 1st edition: 2014

Is War for Girls? author: Paweł Beręsewicz illustrator: Olga Reszelska A story about Elka, who was one day surprised by World War II. Sand balls turned into bombs, Dad was summoned by some important matters, and Mom - who was a doctor – had been working all the time. Elka needs to take care of herself, stop crying, and keep the biggest secrets! But she’s still just a little girl who should not carry such a burden. _________________________________________ pp. 48 | 165x235 mm | hardback | 1st edition: 2010

| 21

Jadzia author: Izabella Klebańska illustrator: Maciej Szymanowicz Jadzia is a cheerful and energetic girl, whose imagination often puts her into troubles, but also helps going through rough times. And those just keep coming – World War II starts, there’s not enough food in Łódź, and gestapo arrests her family’s friends. Jadzia’s parents decide to send her to Zawichwost, where she can’t tell anyone, who she really is. _________________________________________ pp. 88 | 165x235 mm | hardback | 1st edition: 2018

Evacuees author: Dorota Combrzyńska-Nogala illustrator: Magdalena Kozieł-Nowak Kazia lives in Gródek Mazowiecki, near Lviv, where Poles, Ukrainians and Jews help each other, work and celebrate together. After World War II all of them have to move to Żarek in Poland, where they have to live among Germans. Kazia doesn’t always know how she should behave around them, so she observes a friendship between Staś Gałuszka and Brigida Klauss – they seem to know what is the most important. _________________________________________ pp. 80 | 165x235 mm | hardback | 1st edition: 2018

Wolfie author: Katarzyna Ryrych illustrator: Sylwia Szyrszeń December 13th 1981 – this one day changed the entire world for little Wiktor (called Wolfie). Because of a mysterious Crow, he wouldn’t watch „Telemorning” that he was waiting for, everyone was forbidden to leave the house and his stuffed dog was hurt. The time of students’ strikes is over, Dad disapeared, streets are filled with Grey Knights, and tanks drive through the city in the middle of the night. But wolfie is a son of a war hero and is not afraid of smoke, or even of the Crow. _________________________________________ pp. 56 | 165x235 mm | hardback | 1st edition: 2018

22 |

Grownup Wars – Children’s Stories:

Presentday Conflicts

Which one is Malala? author: Renata Piątkowska illustrator: Maciej Szymanowicz Smiley, eager to play and to sing hits by Justin Bieber – this is the Malala we meet. The only thing that distinguishes her from her friends is that she doesn’t cover her face with a scarf. Is that a good reason to shoot a teenage girl in the face? It soon becomes clear that Malala is no ordinary teenager, but a blogger who – by describing the state of education for girls in Pakistan – exposed herself to the Taliban. A touching story about the strength that lies dormant in each one od us and how we should fight to help those who are weaker than us. Malala has proven that just one brave person is enough to inspire multitudes. ____________________________________________________________ pp. 64 | hardback | 165x235 mm | 1st edition: 2015 | rights sold: Lithuania

Let us pick our books and pens. They are our most powerful weapons. One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the entire world. Taken from Malala Yousafzai’s speech to the UN in 2013

| 23

The Boy from Lampedusa author: Rafał Witek illustrator: Joanna Rusinek This story is made up. But a boy just like the one from this book is real. In February 2015 – among other refugees from Eritrea – Tanjin arrived to an Italian island, Lampedusa. He was 11 years old. When journalists asked him about his family, he replied: 'No mama, no papa. All alone.’ Because of those words I couldn’t stop thinking about Tanjin. And I wrote this story. Partly for him, and partly for other kids in his situation – forced to leave their countries, exposed to difficulties of wandering, travelling through the world alone in search for a safe home. The Author _________________________________________ pp. 80 | hardback | 165x235 mm | 1st edition: 2016

Karim’s Cat and Pictures

Ebony Heart

author: Liliana Bardijewska

illustrator: Maciej

illustrator: Anna Sędziwy

author: Renata Piątkowska Szymanowicz



pp. 88 | 165x235 mm

pp. 48 | 165x235 mm

hardback | 1st edition: 2016

hardback | 1st edition: 2016

24 |

This is Our Home Now author: Barbara Gawryluk illustrator: Maciej Szymanowicz ______________________ pp. 48 | 165x235 mm hardback | 1st edition: 2016

Books for Teenagers

(12–18 years olds)

The King author: Katarzyna Ryrych cover: Elżbieta Chojna After loosing all their money, Patryk’s family has to move from a beautiful house to a ghetto block. Unlike his parents, the boy quickly adapts in new enviroment. During summer break, when his father is taken to asylum and mother is too tired after work to take care of Patryk, he becomes friends with Celestyn – a homeless man, who teaches him everything about life. __________________________________________ pp. 152 | hardback | 145x205 mm | 1st edition: 2014 rights sold: Russia

Higher than High author: Katarzyna Ryrych cover: Elżbieta Chojna NO ENTRY is a Cracow group of young people, whose passion is climbing tower blocks, chimneys and bridges. „Those are Himalayas for them”, says Katarzyna Ryrych. They met in a trivial situation – keys locked inside writer’s flat and „only” first floor. That was the beginning of their friendship, which results in this book. In a journalist manner the Author describes their passion, together with all its consequences. __________________________________________ pp. 112 | hardback | 145x205 mm | 1st edition: 2019

| 25

Gilded Fish author: Barbara Kosmowska cover: Katarzyna Kołodziej Alicja is a spoiled only-child, whose parents are getting a divorce. She grows up somwhere between her fathers house and crazy mom’s flat. The day Fryderyk was born her life turned upsite-down. Little brother’s disease, first love and parent’s divorce force this teeneger to review her attitude and start asking some questions about life. __________________________________________ pp. 160 | hardback | 145x205 mm | 1st edition: 2012

Game Over author: Anna Onichimowska cover: Sylwia Szyrszeń 17 years old Alek is slowly becoming a grown man and starts noticing that he’s different than his friends – he’s more into boys than girls. He trie’s to find out, who he really is and finally decides to come out. __________________________________________ pp. 208 | hardback | 145x205 mm | 1st edition: 2016

Ten Quarters of the World author: Anna Onichimowska cover: Elżbieta Chojna What does it mean to be a “typical teenager”? Does it mean the same in Poland, USA, India or Senegal? Anna Onichimowska gives us ten different stories about teenagers around the world. __________________________________________ pp. 184 | hardback | 145x205 mm | 1st edition: 2016

26 |

Tetrus author: Kazimierz Szymeczko cover: Elżbieta Chojna After a car crash Michał is fated to stay on a wheelchair. A rehab and a company of other cripples staying in Caritas, where Michał is forced to live now, help him recover. Guys like to laugh and make some pranks, they show that it’s better to get some perspective – that’s a great relief for Michał’s mind. He starts playing rugby and realises that his new life – life of tetraplegic – is meaningful and worth living. __________________________________________ pp. 440 | hardback | 145x205 mm | 1st edition: 2015

16.10 to Bergamo author: Piotr Rowicki cover: Elżbieta Chojna Lidka’s mom works in Bergamo, Italy. Every few months she leaves in a bus at 16.10, and Lidka has to stay in Cebulówka. One day her grandfather, her only guardian, is taken to the hospital. When a social welfare Witch and a policeofficer wonder what to do with this euro-orphan, Lidka decides to run away and somehow get to Bergamo. She’s looking for her mother. __________________________________________ pp. 152 | hardback | 145x205 mm | 1st edition: 2017

The Tuner author: Tomasz Trojanowski cover: Elżbieta Chojna ‘Only you can save the world from doom. Only you can defeat the evil that had ruled the world for ages. Only you…’ These words sound like an introduction for a computer game. What would you do if it turned out to be true? That this is not a dream? When you discover the truth about yourself? An extraordinary book about modern, imperfect world, and the necessity to save it. __________________________________________ pp. 128 | hardback | 145x205 mm | 1st edition: 2014

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Historical novels for teenagers

Bjørn – Son of Storm author: Paweł Wakuła cover: Marcin Minor Ruins of monastery on Lindisfarne island have a dangerous secret. King Cnut the Great sends a  few monks to live there and soon sends a mysterious prisoner to this Holy Island. Abbot Brandon faces difficult challenges – unriddling mystery worth Odin himself, protecting fellow brothers from danger, and the prisoner from people, who want to kill him. Bjørn – Son of Storm is a story about beginning of Polans’ country and heroes known from Norse sagas. Fates of Sigrid Storråda, Bolesław I the Brave, and Bjørn Stenskalle were bined together forever. Yarns tangled by Norns can only be cut with sword. __________________________________________ pp. 408 | hardback | 145x205 mm | 1st edition: 2018

Jadwiga by the Grace of God, King of Poland author: Zuzanna Orlińska cover: Sylwie Szyrszeń Once upon a time there was a princess, who lived in a castle guarded by a dragon… And that would probably the end of the story, if it was a fairy tale. But this story is real, and it’s much more fascinating than any tale. Because no writter would make up a story about a 10-years-old girl, who became a king of Poland, neither that, instead of prince charming, she married a wild pagan… A well-written story that shows us an incredible life of Jadwiga, King of Poland. We meet her a few days before the coronation and leave at the day of marrying Jogaila. The author demythologized Jadwiga of Poland – instead of a saint and solemn queen, we get to know a girl, lost in a new reality, growing up to this new, great, entrusted role. __________________________________________ pp. 376 | hardback | 145x205 mm | 1st edition: 2017

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Queen Bona’s Maids – Guarding Love author: Kalina Jerzykowska cover: Sylwia Szyrszeń It’s 1530, Cracow. Queen Bona’s maids are well educated, they sing, paint and speak foreign languages – as women in the Renaissance should. They’re also brave, honest, clever and loyal in friendship. Instead of waiting for men to decide about their lives, they prefer to make decidions on their own. They also help the oldest daughter of Sigismund I to avoid an unwanted marriage, since she’s in love with as common courtier… _________________________________________ pp. 64 | 165x235 mm | hardback | 1st edition: 2012

For Your Eyes Only author: Katarzyna Ryrych cover: Sylwia Szyrszeń It’s the end of XVI century. Father of Jakub, a 12 years old cripple, loses his son in dicing. Avius – his new carer – sees that boy is smart and hungry for knowledge. He teaches him everything – reading and writing, but also how politics work. Soon Jakub finds out, that Avius isn’t just a wandering juggler, but a spy, working for most powerful people and proving his identity with mysterious 007 sign… _________________________________________ pp. 72 | 165x235 mm | hardback | 1st edition: 2014

Call Me Bezprym author: Grażyna Bąkiewicz illustrator: Mikołaj Kamler Bezprym was the oldest son of the first Polish king – Bolesław I the Brave, but father pointed to Bezprym’s younger brother, Mieszko II, as his successor. Why? That is a mystery. But with a little bit of patience, you can find a lot about him in chronicles, especially about the time when he was a teenager. _________________________________________ pp. 48 | 165x235 mm | hardback | 1st edition: 2010

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For those, who were brought up reading our books and grew up, we prepared a new brand: The Upper Floor Literature.

Cat’s Point of View author: Anna Onichimowska Summer in Tuscany. For a few weeks a beautiful residence becomes a shared seat for an attractive painter and a married couple from Firenze. Despite many differences, they would have a chance to work it out, if it wasn’t for cat Albert, who considers himself the only righteous owner of the residence. The „invaders” are on lost position… __________________________________________ pp. 296 | hardback | 145x205 mm | 1st edition: 2018

The Blue Bus author: Barbara Kosmowska Misia have had a hard time ever since she was born. Lonely childhood in a house full of people, shyness and fear of being in a happy relationship. She can rely on herself only, that’s for sure. The blue bus is like time vehicule – it brings her to home town, where sweet memories from childhood combines with bitterness of every-day reality. Will she fight for her own happiness when she comes back? __________________________________________ pp. 288 | hardback | 145x205 mm | 1st edition: 2018

The Widows’ Hill author: Katarzyna Ryrych A bitter-sweet story about our memory, youth that gives strength for old age, staying faithful to one’s dreams and about love that’s not always easy. It’s a wild story that takes place somewhere between dreams and reality, builted by past and present. It shows the world, where the dead are not truly dead and the old age is more fullfilling than youth. It’s a story about forgiveness and hope, about humanity that makes you forget about all diverseness. __________________________________________ pp. 272 | hardback | 145x205 mm | 1st edition: 2018

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Dragons of Imagination author: Paweł Wakuła illustrations: Piotr Fąfrowicz ‛I’m warning you, though. This book may change you!’, said Pukis Aitvaras. ‛Into a dragon?’, I joked. ‛Not possible, I don’t like virgins nor lamb!’ We all know dragons from fairy tales of our childhood: ruthless beasts breathing with fire, kidnapping virgins and stealing lambs. Bloodthirsty creatures whose slaughtering by a rightfull knight ends the story. What if it’s not the entire truth? What if there are also dragons that are shy, lonely, self-concious, helpless and lost in a surrounding world? Those who forever stay big children, old bachelors or bitter mizantrophists.And finally: what if they’re worth our sympathy, yet still remain monsters? And don’t all of us have a dragon inside? “Dragons of Imagination” answers all those questions during an unhurried train travel, in the rhythm of wheels’ clatter and lanscapes passing by the window. __________________________________________ pp. 184 | hardback | 145x205 mm | 1st edition: 2018

A Provincial Trio author: Katarzyna Ryrych A hobo, who’s not really a hobo, a mechanic drinking tokaj, an Easter breakfast with a would-be murderer – and me, Troy. (…) Fall of Troy. A retired history teacher, who decided to start entirely different life, away from everyone and everything, what used to be her reality. A would-be murderer, who doesn’t know what remorse is. A non-drinking alcoholic, who never became a priest. A little town, which sucks out people like a vampire, divided to those who are „pro” and those who are „against”. Here you can only give up… or survive. __________________________________________ pp. 184 | hardback | 145x205 mm | 1st edition: 2018

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Rights Catalogue 2019 - Wydawnictwo Literatura  

For almost 30 years Literatura has been publishing the best of modern Polish writers and illustators. In our offer you will find books for y...

Rights Catalogue 2019 - Wydawnictwo Literatura  

For almost 30 years Literatura has been publishing the best of modern Polish writers and illustators. In our offer you will find books for y...