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he second and third volumes in a five-part series of children’s Bible storybooks have recently been published in Hutterisch, the mother tongue in daily use by North America’s Hutterites. )VUUFSJTDIB#JCM5TDIJDIUMFO 2 & 3 are coloured picture books with written Hutterisch text and accompanying narration on CD. Volume 2 includes more Old Testament stories. Volume 3 switches to the New Testament, with stories about Mary and the Angel, Christ’s birth, Jesus’ temptation, and three of His miracles. Hutterite children, parents and teachers alike love the stories, says Kenny Wollmann of the Hutterian Brethren Book Centre in Manitoba. The Centre is the publisher and distributor of the books ( “We have a resource our children can identify with and thoroughly enjoy,” says Wollmann. “I am pleased that our people have enjoyed the fruits of our labour.”

Hutterites Get More Bible Storybooks in Hutterisch

Linda Maendel, a resident and teacher’s assistant at the Elm River Colony in Southern Manitoba, is the main translator of the stories. Wycliffe’s Dick Mueller, a linguistic/translation consultant, is assisting her (see Word Alive, Fall 2008). Wollmann is hopeful that the remaining two books, which have already been translated into Hutterisch, will be published in time for the International Conference for Hutterite Educators in August. The conference is attended by Hutterite educators from across North America. About 45,000 Hutterites live communally on 475 colonies in Canada and the U.S.

Bible Translation Marches on in India


ranslation of God’s Word into India’s many languages continues to progress at a good pace. Wycliffe India reported that at the end of August 2009, the Bible translation fraternity in India was working on 113 translations. India has complete Bibles in 70 languages and New Testaments in 60 languages. Considerable work still remains. There is a definite need for full or partial translation in 90 languages. Fifty-two languages still need survey research to determine their need for translation. The Bible translation effort (including Wycliffe India as an organization) must grow an estimated 300 per cent in order to begin work in all remaining languages needing translation by 2025, a Wycliffe International goal. The country’s population speaks about 460 different languages.






ible translators and storytellers, working in six languages of Papua New Guinea (PNG), participated in a Bible storytelling course this past summer. During the course, 16 or more participants (such as Sineina Gela, pictured below), who serve with the Bible Translation Association in PNG, studied the life of David. They also collected cultural stories told in their languages that had similar themes to the David stories. Hearing these cultural stories told by good storytellers helped them discover the characteristics and techniques of a well-told tale. With this background, Wycliffe’s Jim and Janet Stahl then coached them to tell six stories about the Old Testament king. These new skills will equip the participants to use Bible storytelling to reach speakers of some of the hundreds of unwritten languages in PNG. Bible storytelling is a presentation of the Bible’s message in an oral form. For further information on Bible storytelling, visit <>.

Papua New Guineans Train for Bible Storytelling

Major Bible Translation Conference Draws Hundreds


bout 250 people from 30 different Bible agencies gathered in Dallas, Tex., this past October for a major international conference on developing theory and practice in Bible translation. Coming from more than 50 countries, the participants heard and discussed nearly 50 papers. They included topics in three major themes: Bible translation in culture, Bible translation and Scripture engagement, and Bible translation theory and practice. The five-day forum was co-sponsored by SIL International, Wycliffe’s key partner agency, and the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics.

Word Alive Magazine - Spring 2010  

From adventure racing in the Rockies to Vision Trips in South Asia, Wycliffe Canada engages young adults in the Bible translation movement.

Word Alive Magazine - Spring 2010  

From adventure racing in the Rockies to Vision Trips in South Asia, Wycliffe Canada engages young adults in the Bible translation movement.