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Wyatt Ohse

Design Portfolio M.Arch University of Kansas

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Wyatt Ohse Education

2900 Oxford Rd, Lawrence, KS 66049 785 764 8784 University of Kansas Master of Architecture, Master of Construction Management August 2013 - May 2018


Rees Masolinas Turley Architecture

Architectural Intern

June 2016 - August 2015

Collaborated with staff to develop building models, plans, and renderings for client approval Utilized 3D and 2D modeling software to create construction documents for sprint offices Used knowledge of Autodesk Revit to develop a building model to aid in staff software training

A-Team Home Improvement

Internship / Architectural Assistant

May 2015 - February 2016 Worked with customer design sketches, converting them to architectural plans and renderings Calculated floor plan square footage and material costs for home remodel projects

Hedges Real Estate

Architectural / Video Consultant

December 2015 - April 2016 Collaborated with Realtor Sean Williams to create renderings of a home remodel for potential customers using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator Used video footage to create a virtual tour of a finished remodeled home for potential buyers online using Adobe Premiere Pro

Softvu Marketing

Web Data Extractor

June 2016 - August 2016

Remotely collaborating with a team to collect data from websites, used for customer management, and database management

Involvement / Volunteer Work

Rock Chalk Review Cast Member

Spring 2015, Spring 2016

Family Promise Community Outreach Big Brothers Big Sisters

Professional Skills

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

3D Modeling / Drafting Revit


3DS Max




Detailing / Rendering Photoshop





Premiere Pro

Unreal Game Engine

After Effects

Background: Throughout my education in architecture I have had interests in large scale projects. I have worked through the past few years to advance my skills in all aspects of the design process, with hopes to become versitile in any task at hand in an architecture office. In this portfolio I will show in each project the thought and process that was undertaken for each design scheme.

Contents of Architectural Sample Projects Chicago Lyric Opera

7 - 19

NYC Aquarium Competition

20 - 29

Urban Grocery / Futsol Pavilion

30 - 39

Chicago Lyric Opera Architecture Studio Fall 2016

Purpose: To design a modern

Opera House that provides a comfortable experience for the local guests, while utilizing architectural elements to contribute to the existing Chicago Architecture.

Additional Group Members: Max Cantu-Lima, Noah Mediavilla

8 architecture portfolio wyatt ohse

Our building site was located on a small peninsula on the Chicago coast line of lake Michigan. We chose to make the surrounding space on our site into a terraced plaza space for opera goers to occupy before and after shows.

Our building site was located on a small peninsula on the Chicago coast line of lake Michigan. We chose to make the surrounding space on our site into a terraced plaza space for opera goers to occupy before and after shows.

9 chicago lyric opera

10 architecture portfolio wyatt ohse

11 chicago lyric opera

12 architecture portfolio wyatt ohse

Practice Rooms Rehearsal Space

Rehearsal Space WC


Stage House



Light Room

Solo Dressing Rms

4 Man Suite

Conductor Dressing Rm Orchestra Manager Chief Tech

BackStage Ofces



Stage Manager

Visiting Manager

N Green Room

Practice Rooms

VIP Parking

Sky-Walk Stage Door

Chorus Dressing Room

Orchestra Lounge

Chorus Dressing Room


Chorus Dressing Room

Loading Entrance

Plenum Space

Coat Check

4 Man Suite

Orchestra Pit


VIP Lounge and Bar Instrument/ Extra Storage

Green Room II

Cafe Kitchen

Costume Shop

Wardrobe Room

Prop Shop

Sky Lobby

Cafe Wig Shop



13 chicago lyric opera

Sound Considerations: To successfully achieve our goal of achieving the goal of a legitimate opera house we needed our audience to be able to hear the individual singers without any electrical equipment. As shown on the left we chose to use a matte plastic sound reflecting ceiling system to reflect the sound of the singers to the farthest back audience members.

14 architecture portfolio wyatt ohse

15 chicago lyric opera

Designing Monumentality:

After some research on the surrounding architecture of Chicago, we decided that we wanted to mimic the monumental scale of the nearby buildings in Downtown Chicago. We then decided to use the ideas of the Art Deco movement to give our building elements that would solidify its architectural existence in the Chicago skyline. The monumental fin structures we chose as one of the main factors of this design philosophy is shown in the left side rendering.

16 architecture portfolio wyatt ohse

17 chicago lyric opera

I chose to volunteer in our group as the designer of the interior auditorium space, the job of designing the auditorium required a large amount of patience and technical ability so I thought I would be well equipped to take it on. The design was a collaborative effort, but I was in charge of all of the modeling and changes that were made. We decided to contrast the square metal exterior with a more organic wood based auditorium. We also chose to make all of the lighting inside the auditorium recessed, as to make sure that none of the lighting elements were distracting to the performance.

18 architecture portfolio wyatt ohse

19 chicago lyric opera

New York City


Studio Design Competition Spring 2016

Purpose: To architecturally

submerse visiting and local communities of New York into an experience raising their knowledge of sea-ife, and ocean endangerment.

22 architecture portfolio wyatt ohse

Local inspirations: Located on the shore of queens across the river facing Manhattan island, our site was located on a connecting path through several similar park spaces, our group researched these spaces and worked collaboratively to use them as examples to incorporate pathways and green space into our site.

23 nyc aquarium design compition

Shown above is an image of the final site planning model that our group established for the rest of the course. We all then separated into individual building projects.

24 architecture portfolio wyatt ohse

Introduction of central axis: A core building design idea for the development of my aquarium model was the idea of a transitional space to lead the patrons through distinct aquatic zones. The diagram shown on the right illustrates how I chose to shape the masses of my building according to this philosophy.

25 nyc aquarium design compition

Intoduction of central axial transitional space

Addition of aquarium exhibit spaces, seperated into seperate zones

Submergance of building form into topography, blending building with site

Mass created to blend building form with site, allowing for pedestrian park space on building.

Overarching atrium spac added to central axis

Mirrored entrance structures added to both ends of building for dual access.

26 architecture portfolio wyatt ohse

Shown in these diagrams is a section cut horizontally through the length of the aquarium. It is showing the use of the green roofing system, as well as the central transitional space.

architecture portfolio wyatt ohse

27 nyc aquarium design compition

nyc aquarium design compition

architecture portfolio wyatt ohse

nyc aquarium design compition

Big Eleven Lake

Urban Oasis

Design Studio Spring 2014

Purpose: To architecturally address

the surrounding food desert of Kansas City Kansas by making locally grown healthy foods more appealing and accessible to the local communities.

32 architecture portfolio wyatt ohse

Urban Context : Surrounding Food Desert Kansas city Kansas, specifically Wyandotte county is currently rated as the worst county in Kansas for health. Part of the reason for this statistic is due to the lack of healthy food options , specifically groceries stores consistently through out the county. Our project was an attempt to challenge this unhealthy environment by offering a health orientated groceries easily noticed and accessible to the local community.

33 big eleven lake urban oasis

Program Development: I chose to stretch my building form so that It would reach both ends of my site, then used the steep topography to lower a second floor that would be used specifically for a health orientated education and cafe space.

34 architecture portfolio wyatt ohse

35 Big Eleven Lake Urban Oasis

Structural Axonometric:

36 architecture portfolio wyatt ohse

37 big eleven lake urban oasis

In the rendering shown on the left is a view from the top level of the grocery, I used windows to draw attention to the large view of the lake at the tail end of the building as well as to get exposure to the futsol pavilion implemented on the north side of the building.

Shown to the left is the space on the bottom floor that was designed to be used for education, as well as a cafe space that would draw customers in and get locals more interested in healthy eating options.

38 architecture portfolio wyatt ohse

The perspective section shown on the right details demonstrates how locals in the area could enter the grocery from either end of the building, and how curtain wall systems were used to invite people into the educational space on the bottom floor.

The rendering on the right shows how the futsol pavilion could also be used for local farmers market events, and how the street traffic could be invited in to encounter the cafe and educational space.

39 big eleven lake urban oasis

Thank You

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